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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | New git tree for dapper: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide | 2.6.15-rc1-ubuntu1 uploaded to dapper
BenCzul: ping04:40
zulBenC, pong04:40
BenCcan you email me your git url?04:41
zulwhats your email again?04:41
zuli kind of have an automated kernel build system going..well script at least 04:42
BenCare you synced to the latest git?04:43
zulim doing a build right now04:43
BenCx86 and amd64 are building right now, and ppc will build as soon as kernel-package gets fixed04:43
zuli had problems will building kernel-docs yesterday but that could have been me04:43
BenChaven't booted amd64, but the only problem I had with x86 was the rt2500pci driver not working anymore04:44
BenCnah, it is fixed now04:44
BenCll_rw_blk.c was moved, and DocBook parsed the old location04:44
zulthat is what i thought04:44
zuli did add the speakup stuff and the new kernel drivers to the .config yet either04:45
zulscarey 04:46
BenCpulling now04:48
zuli just did a pull with my stuff and doing a build04:49
zuli need to fix those copy_to_user warnings they are starting to bug me04:51
BenCthings like that need to be sent upstream04:55
zulyeah ill submit a patch to kj04:56
BenCI don't want to clutter out tree (especially since we aren't doing patches) with non-functional fixes04:56
BenCwhat are the changes for mips/Kconfig coming from?05:01
BenCit's a big conflict05:01
BenCwhat exactly is that?05:08
zullinux for blind users05:08
BenCalso, please make sure your diffs are clean, there's one file I pulled from you that had a change from if ( to if(05:08
BenCand nothing else, and there were a few white space changes in one driver, and actually a typo introduced aswell05:09
zuldamn it05:09
BenCok, I'll finish this merge when I get back05:10
BenCthanks dude05:10
zulno probs05:10
zulthanks for pulling05:10
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johAny backport to breezy?05:40
zulprobably not yet05:41
zulbreezy only gets security updates really05:42
zuland its 2.6.12 05:42
zulso no 2.6.14, dapper is oging to be 2.6.1505:43
johOk, I'll have to roll my own then ... :)05:50
johOne thing though, the KernelBuildpackageDetailedHowto on the wiki explains some, but not all. How are the ubuntu linux-headers generated? When I used the method from the wiki, the linux-headers package was incomplete and it was impossible to build anything against it. It was missing the headers (i.e. /lib/modules/.../build was pointing to the linux source tree, not any /usr/src/linux-headers-... as it is in the official ubuntu packages. Any hints?05:54
johIt seems that howto is a bit outdated :P05:55
johAlso, how do I convert a vanilla kernel tree to a debian/ubuntu tree with dpatches etc?05:58
johlinux-patch-ubuntu-2.6.12 perhaps...05:59
johor not :p05:59
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