khermansogra, after readin through your suggestions -- i am still confused12:06
khermanswhat if all machines have different network cards?12:06
ograyou need different isos12:07
ograif you have spare disks in the clients, you could even follow the .zhd method and install a bootimage to disssk12:09
khermansogra, if they already have Ubuntu Breezy  installed, cant I just login using XDCMP ?12:09
khermansif I have the Edubuntu server setup12:09
khermansim a little confused how this all works12:10
ograubuntu/edubuntu ltsp doesnt use xdmcp12:10
ograa minimal environment (kernel, Xserver and loginmanager) is loaded via netbooting and nfs mounting...12:11
khermansinto memory?12:11
ograif you log in with the loginmanager, it establishes a ssh tunnel to the server and starts a X session for you there12:11
khermanswell then, couldnt i just install the ltsp client package on the existing Ubuntu machines or no?12:12
ograno xdmcp involved, everything encrypted12:12
khermansheh, weird12:12
khermansogra, is there no auto-detect network card ISO image that I can boot from then?12:12
ograthe ltsp-client package is for the chroot environment on the server from which the clients boot12:12
ograyou need to know the network card, right12:13
khermansthat will enable me to use the same CD on multiple machines to boot the client environment, and then login to the server?12:13
ograif the machines all have the same network card, yes12:13
khermansweird, you would think that the CD could detect the card12:13
ograits a minimal CD ... 12:14
khermansi dont see what information needs to be known ahead of time, knoppix finds your module on the fly12:14
khermansi see12:14
ograthis image is built to fit in a bootrom, so it only carrys the minimal stuff12:14
khermansogra, it just becomes difficult when you have a whole bunch of random puters trhown together for a lan12:14
ograi know ...12:15
ograbut there is nothing else you could do...12:15
khermanswould be nice to have a more maximal "atuo-detecting" boot CD-Rom12:15
ogradid you use a ltsp solution before ? 12:16
ograactually i think installing ltsp-client on the clients could work ... but you need to disable some stuff12:19
ograand make sure there is no other display manager installed ...12:20
ograif you want to try this, make sure to remove gdm and remove the link /etc/rcS.d/S32ltsp-client-setup after installing the package ... but note, nobody has ever tested this12:22
ograyou'll probably have to create a lts.conf file to set the SERVER variable12:23
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magnonogra: the student control panel logo is ugly! :P03:29
=== Yagisan [n=jamie@60-240-77-39-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #edubuntu
MMondedubuntu comes default with gnome, eh03:31
MMondThere's no . . . kedubuntu? =(03:31
magnonMMond: It does, yes, but a replacement is fairly simple03:31
magnonwell, it's just a matter of installing kubuntu-desktop on top, and you're good03:31
MMondDo forgive my ignorance -- I want GNOME, and all that is offered in the KDE Edutainment Project [ http://edu.kde.org/ ]  -- do I make sense?03:32
Yagisanyeah, you could do that03:33
magnonI think most of the kdeedu stuff is already installed by edubuntu03:33
MMondI will be trying Linux the first time . . . will I have to play around a bit?03:33
neurogeekYagisan, how are you doing?03:33
MMondAs to tweak things, that require strict knowledge towards certain things03:33
Yagisanneurogeek: not bad, quite sore - I've decided to "fire" my uni and pick another one, and the baby still isn't out03:34
magnonMMond: as long as your hardware is compatible, I don't think you will find installing edubuntu workstation difficult at all.03:34
magnonor ubuntu proper, for that matter03:35
neurogeekYagisan, too bad.. 03:35
Yagisanneurogeek: which one ? :)03:35
neurogeekYagisan, both.. :)03:36
YagisanMMond: after installing edubuntu, use synaptic to install kdeedu03:36
MMondOh, cool . . . just bought a junk PC to play around with this (it's not that junky though, should work with everything without many problems) - anyhow, one last question - if I was to choose Fluxbox as the window manager and I still wanted all that is offered from the KDE Edutainment Project, would ths be "doable?"03:36
YagisanMMond: yes, it's quite doable03:37
YagisanMMond: eg, my desktop is gnome, but I like k3b (kde's cdburning application), so that's what I use03:37
MMondOh, I never knew it was that easy.. or doable, for that matter03:37
neurogeekMMond, you just need some libs from gnome and KDE03:38
neurogeeki use enlightenment and I can use whatever i want from both03:38
YagisanMMond: which automatically install when you install any application that needs them (you may need an internet connection)03:38
MMondWhen doing it from Synaptic only though, right?03:39
Yagisanneurogeek: enlightenment was nice, but I couldn't get it to work with Japanese when I tried03:39
YagisanMMond: Synaptic or aptitude, yes03:39
Yagisanneurogeek: my uni is getting "fired" for several reasons. I'm a DE student03:41
MMondAh, alright. Well, I got pleasant answers here . . . and thank you indeed for them. I am off for some work, thanks again - and good night03:41
Yagisanneurogeek: hence the uni forums are supposed to be my classroom03:41
Yagisanneurogeek: I got punished for trying to use them as a classroom :( ie trying to discuss the subject03:42
Yagisanneurogeek: And the uni never answered my phone calls or emails or faxes - so time to find a new one.03:43
neurogeekYagisan, Well thats right.. you can't just wait or do whatever they like you to do.. good point and good luck03:44
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mhzhi all03:49
neurogeekmhz, hey!! how are you doing??03:51
mhzneurogeek: nice to see ya03:51
mhzneurogeek: i'm fine03:51
neurogeekmhz, same here03:51
neurogeekmhz, glad to hear that03:51
mhzi just had a very long meeting that ended 3 ours ago and lasted about 403:51
neurogeeksay what?? thats exhausting.. i hope it brings good things at least03:52
mhzneurogeek: in the meeting, one of the core points was the Maracaibo event03:52
mhzDo you think we (Tecnocimiento) should make this effort to get there (I mean, spending money that could be spent on cd's or marketing edubuntu in Chile, etc.)?03:53
mhzneurogeek: ping03:53
mhzneurogeek: ping03:58
mhzneurogeek: ping03:58
mhzneurogeek: ping04:00
neurogeekmhz, sorry.. i was reading emails. jeje04:01
mhzjejeje, np04:02
neurogeekmhz, depending on what you are promoting.. 04:02
mhzit's just that this week is gonna be very hard. I am trying to motivate a very important Chilean medium company to help Tecnocimiento and work together04:03
neurogeekit could be interesnting though.. mainly because big enterprises are going to be there.. 04:03
neurogeekprobably this enterprises could start something here.. they are very interested in education.. so called <<misiones>> here04:04
mhzThey have biz relantionships with many (about 1000) schools here. Tecnocimiento is working (mostly volunteer work) hard to make a biz model model out of social insertion with ITC.04:05
mhzWill be able to talk (at least 30 mins each?)04:05
neurogeekcould be possible.. could you send me an email with the topic?? i'll pass it to some people here to see if they can fit you in04:06
mhzI mean, if I get funds to get there, can I tell my 'mecenas': Sure, we'll have some time to show and do Public Relations, and maybe even get interesting ideas and feedback.04:06
mhzneurogeek: I can do that04:07
neurogeekmhz, yes.. send me that email.. and i'll forward it asap to see what they can do04:08
mhzneurogeek: any 'technical data sheet' about the event I can read and sum up for my mecenas?04:08
mhzI know they'll be interested on # of atendees, speakers, objectives, etc04:09
neurogeekmhz, yeap.. here: http://tecnologialibre.org/04:09
neurogeeknumbers of attendees im not sure.. but the rest is there04:09
mhzBTW, how's the project going?04:10
neurogeekif you check the program.. you'll still see spots to be covered.. 04:10
neurogeekWell.. its going great.. just about an hour ago i found out our speech at PyCon2006 was accepted.. so we are going to be at it next year04:11
mhzit feels great LA is impacting positively on IT areas. Usually, we've been more passive04:12
=== skvidal [n=skvidal@fedora/skvidal] has joined #edubuntu
skvidalneurogeek: ping04:13
neurogeekyes.. is because of the OpenSource model.. it helps nacions to be more self-aware of new and better technologies04:13
mhzneurogeek: skvidal is moin user04:13
mhzneurogeek: exactly04:14
neurogeekskvidal, hello04:14
skvidalneurogeek: mhz from #moin suggested you might know something about docbook rendering problems in moin?04:14
skvidalneurogeek: I'm getting an error I'm not familiar with04:14
skvidalAttributeErrorXsltRoot instance has no attribute 'outputParams'04:14
skvidalwhen trying to enable the docbook format renderer in moin04:14
skvidalI'm not terribly familiar with docbook or 4Suite so I'm having a bit of trouble debugging this04:15
neurogeekskvidal, Can you do a dir() on that class?? 04:15
neurogeekneither do I with docbook.. i've used 4Suite for xslt-xml transformations04:16
skvidalhmm - I think I know where I should start looking04:17
skvidalI'll move along from here04:17
skvidalmhz: thanks for the reference!04:17
=== skvidal [n=skvidal@fedora/skvidal] has left #edubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
mhzYagisan: how's family and wife holding?04:18
Yagisanmhz: bub still not out04:18
Yagisanmhz: yourself ?04:19
mhztired but fine04:19
neurogeekWell, im gone.. see you guys04:20
Yagisanmhz: sorry no email yet. I've been off the pc for a few days04:20
mhzneurogeek: I am reading04:20
Yagisanneurogeek: bye04:20
mhzonce i finish, I'll send you email04:20
neurogeekmhz, send me the email as soon as you can04:20
mhzdo i have yours?04:20
neurogeekYagisan, nice seeing you again04:20
mhzsi po!04:20
neurogeekmhz, jrivero@latinux.org04:20
neurogeekperfect-.. i'll be expecting it04:21
mhzYagisan: I had a very important meeting today04:21
Yagisanmhz: ?04:22
mhzabout education and ICT04:22
mhztomorrow, meeting continues04:22
Yagisanmhz: sounds interesting - any leads ?04:22
mhzand if all goes well, on Wednesday, we'll know if TC gets some funds to do what we want/need in Chile04:22
Yagisanmhz: good luck for Wednesday04:23
mhzI don't wanna have expectations but I can't help it :)04:23
mhzdo you know what the sex of the baby is?04:24
Yagisanmhz: I think it may be a boy, but no we don't know. baby wouldn't hold still for the ultrasound04:24
mhzmy daughter either04:25
mhzmy daughter didn't either04:25
Yagisanmhz: typical children. Never hold still when you want them too04:26
mhzhehehe, well, Women never do what we want04:26
mhzmaybe thats a hint04:26
Yagisanmhz: no they don't. It's like "What do you know, you're a man! Do it yourself"04:28
Yagisanmhz: then you go to do it yourself "What do you think you are doing ? You idiot ! Give it to me, I'll do it. Useless"04:29
mhzweeee! student control panel (a.k.a ubuntu TeacherTool) source available04:29
mhzit same old story everywhere around the world????????04:30
YagisanI believe so.04:31
Yagisancrap - my monthly I&E reports are late04:32
mhzwe have no future04:32
YagisanIncome and Expenditure04:32
mhzthey tell you how your money/savings go down?04:33
Yagisanyes, exactly - for 4 straight months now04:33
=== Yagisan sighs - this isn't looking to good
mhzYagisan: I am truly sorry.04:38
mhzYagisan: are you part of the ubuntu server team?04:38
mhzI'm sure your help/experience may be very interesting04:39
Yagisanmhz: No I'm not04:39
Yagisanmhz: I didn't know there was a server team04:39
mhzI guess there is04:40
mhzor at least, work for ubuntu servers is being done04:40
Yagisanmhz: I'll look into it when I have time.04:43
Yagisanhmm - I lost less money this month compared to last month, but I made no sales ?!?04:44
mhzhmm, how did it go with your banks and other important referrals?04:45
Yagisanmhz: that meeting is in 15 days04:45
Yagisanah, I know why I lost less money04:46
Yagisantransport cost is down, as I spent more time taking wife to and from hospital, rather then seeing customers04:46
mhzoh, that explains it04:47
Yagisannow, how to put a positive spin on that, I did offload a ton of business cards there - that could be classed as advertising :)04:48
=== Yagisan hates jumping through government hoops
YagisanDecember should be better - baby will be out by then04:49
mhzYagisan: in Chile, we say that all babies bring some good luck with them04:50
Yagisanmhz: cool, I hope so. Last months loss was $152.83 - that's rather good considering what some months looked like04:51
mhzI like your positivism04:52
Yagisanmhz: I need to be optimistic, otherwise the stress would kill me04:53
mhzhow's your arm/hand?04:55
Yagisanmhz: very sore - I tried resting it over the last few days04:56
Yagisanmhz: kids never let you rest04:57
mhzneither do wives04:58
Yagisanmhz: I'm so happy I only have 1 then :)04:59
=== mhz is separated and 'living' with current woman for about 6 years now
mhzso, I can say she's my wife05:00
mhzand former wife wants money all the time05:00
Yagisanmhz: I'm sure you suggested she could get a job right ?05:01
mhzyup, and she does have one but still wants money from me05:02
mhzwhy is that when marriage ends, women take the kids and sue for money05:02
Yagisanmhz: me personal opinion, I see nothing wrong with paying for kids, but to pay for someone that can work - I have a problem with that05:03
mhzmee too05:03
mhzbut being sued just to give money is stupid05:04
Yagisanmhz: I hope you can see your kids (perhaps suing her for emotional distress ?)05:04
mhza father/mother will always want the best for their kids05:04
mhzi now can, but the first 2 years were unberable05:05
Yagisanmhz: I agree, but often they disagree on how to do what is best05:05
mhzanyways, we were talkng about your money, not wives05:06
Yagisanmhz: yep, I'm faxing my I&E into the government, in an effort to avoid seeing them and having to "discuss" why I missed my target05:07
Yagisanfor the first quater05:07
mhzyou got to specify 'targets'?05:09
Yagisanmhz: yes, I feel I was overly optimistic with mine - I need to revise them down a bit05:09
Yagisanback soon - off to have lunch05:12
=== mhz is off to bed
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highvoltagecoolio_za: you are quiet :)07:46
JaneWhello highvoltage and coolio_za 07:47
=== JaneW waves across the garden...
=== JaneW was wondering if we should get some edubuntu merchandising through cafe press... it seems a little pricey though... http://www.cafepress.com/ubuntushop
coolio_zahiya Jane 07:53
highvoltageJaneW: ~))))07:53
highvoltage(tidal wave)07:53
highvoltagecafepress is expensive, not because they're expensive, but because they have a built-in markup.07:57
highvoltagei was thinking of ordering through them too, but if you're going large-scale, it will be cheaper to use another company.07:58
JaneWhighvoltage: yes thought so, but what about distribution?08:01
JaneWcoolio_za: congrats for the award!!!08:01
JaneWhighvoltage: you too obviously 08:02
JaneWand everyone else involved08:02
JaneWhighvoltage: are you guys actually using edubuntu yet?08:02
JaneWhighvoltage: LOL at tidal wave (now that I figured it out) ;)08:02
highvoltageJaneW: thanks08:03
highvoltageJaneW: no, we'll be starting using edubuntu about a month after the dapper release.08:03
coolio_zaJaneW: thanx this was a great team effort and it feels fantastic being recognised externally on national TV08:06
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grace_hey there09:13
grace_i know moodle is available in synaptic but has anyone used or actually know that its there09:14
grace_anyone here ever use moodle09:14
grace_for a course of some kind09:14
JaneWcoolio_za: indeed, it's great acknowledgement and recognition for you all - well done and keep it up.09:19
JaneWhighvoltage: only after Dapper, pour quoi (why)?09:19
highvoltagegrace_: yep, http://learnlinux.tsf.org.za/moodle09:19
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highvoltageJaneW: current edubuntu isn't quite ready for us yet, we're not ready for it either.09:20
JaneWhighvoltage: fair enough09:20
highvoltageJaneW: sound and even simple local device access (such as floppy access) is important for us09:20
JaneWhighvoltage: did you see we have sound sorted on LTSP now :))09:20
highvoltageedubuntu has no support for that atm.09:20
highvoltagethat's in dapper, though :)09:21
JaneWhighvoltage: yes local storage is the other thing we are sorting09:21
highvoltagedapper will be real nice for the tuxlabs.09:21
=== JaneW is very impressed with Breezy on the whole though, the improvements are great. I am running the edubuntu desktop now as well and am really enjoying it
highvoltageit will make our lices much easier on this side.09:22
JaneWyou have lice?09:22
highvoltagelives :)09:22
=== JaneW will stay away from that side of 12 Plein street
highvoltagehehe. well, your side has a funny smell, especially upstairs.09:23
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juliuxJaneW, hi11:13
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mhzhi all04:21
zakamehey mhz 04:21
mhzhi zakame 04:21
=== ajmitch_ [n=ajmitch@port161-157.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagehi there04:22
mhzyahoo highvoltage 04:22
highvoltagegoogle mhz04:22
mhzaltavista Mr. Carter04:23
highvoltageexcite Mr. Hernandez04:24
zakamebeagle all04:25
mhzfor me Google is the only one ruling04:25
mhzhighvoltage: any easy and quick way to know the exact number of education oriented packages on current release?04:43
mhzI found a wiki url but I guess is very outdated04:44
highvoltagemhz: not that i can think of04:44
ogramhz, you mean the stuff edubuntu contains ? or all apps that ar available in ubuntu ?04:45
mhzogra: hmm, the edubuntu only stuff, and hopefully, only the educational stuff that is currently on breezy and the ones that will be for dapper04:48
mhzogra: I am preparing "training" for IT guys who may install and admin edubuntu on schools and a diff training for teachers who will use edubuntu04:49
ograthats the desktop software04:51
mhzogra: is it updated04:51
ograi just created it04:51
ograit wont change much for next release04:52
mhzhehehe, ok04:53
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mhzogra: last week I mentioned to JaneW that some teachers (esp. pitux) and I were planing to have some sort of respository for Edubuntu users. This rep. is aimed to provide excercises and educational contents for teachers/students to use with their edubuntu applications05:04
mhzogra: the idea, in the simplest way, is to 'package' this so you endup apt-get install math_primary_excercises.deb05:05
ogramath-primary-excercises-ch ?05:06
ograerr cl05:06
mhzyup, but in case of Sciences, I'd say they are language independant05:06
mhz(most of them)05:06
mhzbut, yes05:07
ograi think if there is some explanationary text you are lost :)05:07
mhzthe idea is in a mid-future we have those in diff language05:07
mhzhehee, indeed05:07
mhzfor instance, Keduca lets you use tests via http05:07
mhzI mean, they are located remotely05:08
mhzwith this repo. Teachers would gain some sort of 'contribution points'05:08
mhzand we could provide some incentives05:08
Katsumotothis might be a weird question to you but, is Edubuntu also suitable for home use...to learn how to work with it? or would you recommend the regular Ubuntu distribution?05:09
mhzKatsumoto: I use it instead ubuntu in my house05:09
mhzKatsumoto: my kids love it05:09
ograKatsumoto, it has a workstation install mode for home usage :)05:09
ograKatsumoto, http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuInstallNotes05:09
Katsumotoohk thank you :)05:09
mhzKatsumoto: although I installed server-mode (edubuntu potential) I rarely use it05:10
mhzbut it's good when other people want to give linux a try05:10
mhzogra: so JaneW asked to talk to you05:10
Katsumotoindeed...I want my parents+little brother to learn how to use it05:10
mhzogra: maybe because she feels you are the one to tell how possible this is to be implemented in edubuntu05:11
Katsumotothink I'll perform this network for a while in case I have any more q's :)05:11
ogramhz, i'm not sure we can provide a ton of content, but as long as it stays at a reasonable size thats fine05:11
mhzKatsumoto: if your 'server' is over 1GHz and 512 MB, they could even try it with their stations connected to yours05:12
mhzKatsumoto: my 'server' is a thin laptop we connect my wife's laptop with.05:12
Katsumotoohk cool :) might be an option indeed05:12
Katsumotothough, the machine I'm on now uses x640-bit windows version05:12
ogramhz, actually my initial idea was to have a library server providing teaching content, but mark wants to see a bigger community before even thinking about that05:13
mhzogra: we do not need to provide it in the CD releases, just have it available for apt-getting after install05:13
ogra...i guess05:13
Katsumotowill it work together? as in network settings and such05:13
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mhzKatsumoto: rephrase that, please05:13
Katsumotohmk, the machine I'm on now has win xp prof x64-bit running...05:14
Katsumotoso if I install edubuntu on the other pc that's connected to this one05:14
Katsumotowill it work together05:14
mhzogra: so, can we count on with some edubuntu resources? how could we start this?05:14
ograjust package it :)05:14
mhzKatsumoto: samba should do the trivk05:14
Katsumotoah yes oke :)05:14
ograprovide me access to the source package and i'll inspect it ...05:14
ogra... if its fine, i'll upload it05:15
mhzogra: ok, but lower level questions are: how do we do it? I mean, we create bunch of exercises (example) in each application specific format. Then what?05:16
KatsumotoI might even switch to Linux fully, since I find this windows x64-bit release a bit crappy.05:16
Katsumotolack of drivers and such05:16
mhzKatsumoto: windows will always be crappy05:16
Katsumototrue that :P05:16
mhzit's their development process that sucks05:16
mhzjust find out how many times they have said "Now, this is all fixed"05:17
mhzand problems still there05:17
Katsumotoand yet bring out another critical fix, yes05:17
mhzthat's my point05:17
ogramhz, fo kvoctrain addons, i'd just call the package kvoctrain-exercises-cl :)05:17
ograjust make a data package for each app...05:18
mhzPLUS, if I use a Personal Computer (hence PC), I want it to use it for whatever I want to, I do not want to have prohibitions of any kind.05:18
mhzPalladium will kill my liberty05:18
ograwe could put a edubuntu-content package on top...05:18
Katsumotolol, I wonder howmuch prohibitions there will be in windows vista05:18
mhzogra: aaaah05:18
=== Katsumoto hides
mhzok, so all we need to start with is designing excercises and you'll take care of them?05:19
mhz.oO(it's ok but It seems TOO unfair you do all the job)05:19
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mhzKatsumoto: hehehe05:20
ogramhz, i can teach you the packaging stuff its very easy ...05:20
mhzogra: cool and more fair05:21
Katsumotook, thanks for the info..I'm off to school :)05:21
mhzbye Katsumoto 05:21
mhzogra: so, let me start with some exercises and get back to you when done so we can give it a test-try05:22
ograas you like :)05:23
mhzBTW, my friends stickers sucked05:23
mhzi need to give higher resolution and use a diff ink05:24
mhzor laser printer?05:24
mhzBTW, some teacher have asked me for simulators05:25
ograsimulators ?05:26
mhzlike children who need to know i.e. how fast could be "cell reproduction"05:28
mhzgiven certain parameters05:28
mhzhow much area would an atomic bomb cover05:29
mhzstuff like that05:29
mhzstuff you do not want to have a lab for05:29
mhzor based on many schools needs, they can't afford a LAb05:29
mhzso, a computer lab could do the trick05:30
mhzogra: also, some teachers hav asked me why so many KDE apps if default desktop is GNOME?05:31
mhzwhy not KDE instead05:31
ograbecause its way harder for me to maintain then ...05:32
ografeel free to develop a KDE based version05:32
ograwe dont have the amount of KDE developers in ubuntu to help along with stuff...05:33
ograin fact we only have one ... and he's busy with building kubuntu...05:33
ograadditionally i wouldnt want to work on a kde desktop... i'm hoping for someone to join if there is real demand...05:34
mhzI may talk with KDE chilean developers 05:34
mhz(i guess they're 3 or 4)05:34
ograthey are free to derive from edubuntu and make a kedubuntu :)05:35
mhzanyways, if it were my decision, I would use a very light desktop, considering LA hardware standard in schools05:35
mhzor even, Desktop-Independant05:35
ograbut the tweakage and changes are very gnome centric... and will get even more gnome centric in the next releases05:35
ogralocal device support will work through hal/dbus/gnome-volume-manager/ltspfs (so i can guarantte it works like in ubuntu) 05:37
ograsound support in dapper will be esound based and move to gstreamer transports in dapper+105:38
mhzhmm, so maybe a healthier way of installing would be to install but ommit GNOME desktop installation?05:40
ograthe right way would be to make KDE talking to these apps ;)05:41
ograthats actually what Riddell does (or tries to do ) for kubuntu05:41
ograso you only need to maintain one set of apps below the desktop05:41
mhzhow about other lighter desktops? will they talk (have they ever?) to those apps?05:42
ogranot sure what the xubuntu team plans in this direction05:42
ograbut xfce is able to talk to esound05:42
ograand if you use gnome-volume-manager and nautilus for xfce, you will have all the automounting magic for local devices05:43
mhzhehehe, I meant real lighter05:43
mhzWMaker or FvWM or fluxbox05:43
ograyou would provide something like that to kids ?05:44
mhzahahha, see what henrik has done: http://www.theopencd.org/files/moinmoin/1.3.4-2-MMDE/MMDE-install2.png05:44
mhzhmm, yes. I can commit to tweak those desktops in order to have them look esp. for kids05:44
mhzI can't fight the fact LA schools are very poor05:46
mhz.oO(well, in LA there are only opposites. So other school have LOTS of money)05:46
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janimodoes edubuntu not use gdm?08:27
janimoI saw a ldm which seemed to be a ltsp dm08:28
mhzjanimo: GDM is used on localhost (server)08:44
mhzLDM is LTSP Display Manager08:44
mhztherefore, clients use it08:44
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ogramagnon, hey 09:20
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ganhongsenhi how to make ln -s /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/modem permanent so I don't have to type it everytime I login?09:28
ganhongsenhi how to make ln -s /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/modem permanent so I don't have to type it everytime I login?09:32
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