Riddellany breezy users around?12:11
Riddell3.5 rc1 uploaded12:11
Riddelljeroenvrp: ping12:13
jeroenvrpRiddell: pong12:13
jeroenvrpyes great I saw that you we're busy12:14
jeroenvrplet's check12:14
Riddelljeroenvrp: if you could install 3.5 rc1 to test that would be great12:14
jeroenvrpRiddell: great, one thing missing though :-(12:14
jeroenvrpkdewebdev/  12:15
jeroenvrpRiddell: Off course I will install it12:15
jeroenvrpand will let you know12:15
jeroenvrpbut kdewebdev is missing?12:15
Riddelljeroenvrp: yeah, kdesdk is waiting on a subversion updates, blocks kdewebdev and kdevelop Im' afraid12:15
jeroenvrpok, hopefully there we be no problem to have 3.4.3 of those available12:16
jeroenvrpRiddell: synaptic wants to remove some packages12:20
jeroenvrplike akode12:20
jeroenvrpok I see, different names12:20
jeroenvrplet's do it :-)12:20
Riddelljeroenvrp: akode -> libakode212:24
jeroenvrpRiddell: yes I saw that,  "different names" :-)12:25
Diablo-D3sf.net is back to normal12:27
jeroenvrpRiddell: it complains about kmenu.png , that is in kicker, but also in kdelibs-data > the latter one wants to overwrite it12:41
jeroenvrphow do I set --force-rpm in Synaptic?12:41
jeroenvrpoeps I mean --force12:41
=== lamont-away [n=lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddelljeroenvrp: can you paste the exact error?12:43
jeroenvrpRiddell: it is in dutch12:43
jeroenvrpbut here it goes12:43
jeroenvrpE: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.5-rc1-0ubuntu0breezy1_all.deb: poging tot overschrijven van `/usr/share/icons/crystalsvg/22x22/apps/kmenu.png', wat ook in pakket kicker zit12:43
jeroenvrpin synaptic (popup)12:43
Riddelljeroenvrp: ok, I'll fix that, thanks12:46
Riddelldpkg --force-overwrite --install /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.5-rc1-0ubuntu0breezy1_all.deb12:46
jeroenvrpRiddell: how can I continue12:46
Riddellshould do it12:46
jeroenvrpok, but I'm in synaptic right now12:46
Riddelldo it on the command line12:46
jeroenvrpok I try12:46
jeroenvrpRiddell: ok, no back to synaptic12:47
jeroenvrpRiddell: another error12:52
jeroenvrpRiddell: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdepim-kresources_4%3a3.5-rc1-1ubuntu0breezy1_i386.deb: poging tot overschrijven van `/usr/share/services/kresources/kcal/blogging.desktop', wat ook in pakket libkcal2a zit12:52
jeroenvrpsame kind of error12:52
Riddellhmm, thought I'd fixed that one12:53
jeroenvrpi will continue using dpkg12:53
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jeroenvrpRiddell: how forcing ignoring deps12:54
Riddellplease tell me any problems here12:55
jeroenvrpwith dpkg12:55
Riddelljeroenvrp: what's the deps problems?01:01
jeroenvrpRiddell: dpkg was complaining about missing deps01:01
jeroenvrpbut I resolved it with apt-get -f install01:01
jeroenvrpsynapric is now running again01:01
jeroenvrpRiddell: error again01:05
jeroenvrp2 errors01:05
jeroenvrpE: /var/cache/apt/archives/kttsd_4%3a3.5-rc1-1ubuntu0breezy1_i386.deb: poging tot overschrijven van `/usr/lib/libKTTSD_Lib.so.0.0.1', wat ook in pakket ksayit zit01:06
jeroenvrpE: /var/cache/apt/archives/kmouth_4%3a3.5-rc1-1ubuntu0breezy1_i386.deb: conflicterende pakketten - kmouth wordt niet genstalleerd01:06
jeroenvrpRiddell: do you understand the errors01:06
Riddellwhat's the second one?01:06
jeroenvrpconflicting packages - kmouth will not be installed01:06
alleejeroenvrp: LC_ALL=en_US make ;)01:07
jeroenvrpallee: yeah yeah01:07
jeroenvrpalmost ready01:07
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jeroenvrpRiddell: another problem01:12
jeroenvrpE: kdeedu-doc-html: subproces post-installation script gaf een foutwaarde 2 terug01:12
jeroenvrpE: kdepim-doc: subproces post-installation script gaf een foutwaarde 2 terug01:12
jeroenvrpthis is during the configure process, somewhere on the end01:12
jeroenvrptrans.: subprocess post-installation script gave a error 2 back01:13
jeroenvrpbut installation is complete01:13
Riddellgrr, the old .dhelp problem01:14
Riddellthanks much jeroenvrp, I'll try and get those tidied up01:14
jeroenvrpRiddell: I don't thnink that last error was very trivial01:14
jeroenvrpI will package the dutch language pack now first and after that I kill the X-server and hopefully I will be back soon :-)01:15
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jeroenvrpRiddell: can't install nl-language01:33
jeroenvrpit is saying: no english docs found in /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/common/01:34
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jeroenvrpRiddell: I? back 01:46
jeroenvrp3.5 :-)01:46
jeroenvrpwithouy the new dutch language-file01:51
jeroenvrpRiddell: thanks a lot01:51
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LeeJunFanI don't suppose anyone here has tried to compile the newest sim1.0 svn against qt4? Seems the qt4 dev in breezy univ is missing a file.04:49
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freeflyingIs kde3.5rc1 ready for dapper now ? 02:58
jjesseyesterday i asked the same question and you can use the breezy build on dapper03:04
jjessewhich is what i'm using03:04
jjessei just added the breezy source for kde3.5rc1 to my dapper sources03:05
freeflyingjjesse: dose this work on dapper well?03:05
jjessei upgraded from breezy to dapper then updated to kde3.5rc103:06
freeflyingjjesse: works smoothly?03:07
jjessethe upgrade was a little slow, but it works fine03:07
freeflyingdare not to do so 03:10
jjessefreeflying: i've been using it since yesterday afternoon w/ no issues :)03:13
freeflyingthere maybe problems ?03:14
freeflyingand warning message gives 03:15
jjessedid you install riddell's key?03:16
jjesseafk helping out someone at work03:16
jjesseif you didn't install his key then it will give you warnings but you can still install03:16
freeflyingjjesse: yeah , i import Riddell's key 03:17
jjessefreeflying: did you get it installed?03:35
freeflyingjjesse:have not yet 03:35
freeflyingjjesse: when I do aptitude upgrade ,many packages of kde3.5rc1 can not be upgrade03:58
Riddellfreeflying: which ones?04:00
freeflyingReading extended state information04:01
freeflyingInitializing package states... 04:01
freeflyingThe following packages have been kept back:04:01
freeflying  akregator ark arts artsbuilder gwenview imagemagick initramfs-tools04:01
freeflying  kaddressbook kamera kappfinder karm kate kaudiocreator kcontrol kcron04:01
freeflying  kdeadmin-kfile-plugins kdebase-bin kdebase-kio-plugins04:01
freeflying  kdegraphics-kfile-plugins kdelibs-bin kdelibs4-dev kdelibs4c204:01
Tm_Taerh, can't get Kopete compiled at all now04:01
freeflying  kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins kdemultimedia-kio-plugins04:01
freeflying  kdenetwork-filesharing kdenetwork-kfile-plugins kdepasswd04:01
freeflying  kdepim-kio-plugins kdepim-wizards kdeprint kdesktop kdm kfind kget04:01
Tm_Tnot iwth gcc 4 or 3.404:01
freeflying  kghostview kgpg khelpcenter kicker klaptopdaemon kleopatra klipper kmail04:01
freeflying  kmenuedit kmilo kmix knetworkconf knotes konqueror konqueror-nsplugins04:01
freeflying  konsole kontact kooka kopete korganizer kpdf kpf kpilot kppp krfb kscd04:01
freeflying  kscreensaver ksim ksmserver ksnapshot ksplash ksvg ksync ksysguard04:01
freeflying  ksysguardd kuser kwalletmanager kweather kwifimanager kwin libarts1-dev04:02
freeflying  libarts1-xine libarts1c2 libartsc0 libartsc0-dev libkcddb1 libkonq404:02
freeflying  libkpimexchange1 libkpimidentities1 libkscan1 libksieve0 libktnef104:02
Tm_Tflood :/04:04
freeflyingRiddell: have you got it ?04:04
jjessehmm i don't remember if i had any issues like that, i just did a apt-update apt-get dist-upgrade04:04
RiddellTm_T: amd64?04:04
Tm_TRiddell: nope04:04
Tm_TI'm not that rich ;)04:05
Riddellmy amd64 was stupidly cheap04:05
Tm_Twell, motherboard was the issue when I bought my pc04:05
Tm_TRiddell: everything else do compile just fine(?)04:07
RiddellI had no problems with kdenetwork, except on amd6404:07
Tm_Twell, I compiled Kopete just fine in Breezy :)04:09
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Riddellinstalling "kubunto"05:58
Tm_TI don't understand why it's so hard to write correct06:00
Tm_Tthey are not real kubunteros, amigo06:00
Riddellhe gets it right the second time06:00
Riddell"pronounced kay-ubuntu" no it isn't06:00
Riddellmaybe I should add that to the FAQ06:00
Tm_Tsi si senr06:02
=== Tm_T really would like to compile Kopete
Tm_Twell, can't win every time06:03
=== JRe [n=jre@pai34-2-82-226-199-36.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tm_Tno luck06:17
Tm_TRiddell: what you think, should I try to compile g++-4 etc myself and see if it helps?06:27
Tm_Thmm, or..06:28
RiddellTm_T: eek, no06:29
RiddellTm_T: just wait a few days and it'll be in the archives?06:29
Tm_Tah, new g++ ?06:31
Tm_Ttried to force older version (from breezy) but synaptic crashed :p 06:32
Tm_TRiddell: ?06:34
Riddellwell I'll upload it to the archives06:34
Tm_Tg++ you mean, good06:34
Tm_Twell, that doesn't help me06:37
Tm_TI'm compiling dev-0.12 branch06:37
Tm_Tusing, testing06:37
Tm_Thmh, downgrading and testing more06:42
Tm_Tbah, nocando06:44
Tm_TRiddell: well, I keep on trying,will bother you if can/can't manage to sort it out ;)06:52
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jjesseis gimp the default image editor for kubuntu or would that be krita?07:31
Riddellkrita is07:32
Riddellalthough gimp is currently still better than krita for most uses07:32
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Tm_TRiddell: ah, forcing, cleaning, forcing, cleaning... ah, finally :)08:46
RiddellTm_T: woo08:47
Tm_TI tried 3 times from scracth...08:47
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@s64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tm_Tmaybe compiler was just having fun or something08:49
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author-psiRiddell: "[19:32]  <Riddell> although gimp is currently still better than krita for most uses" yes thats right, but krita is allredy for "image manipulation". Gimp is for expert painting ;)08:51
=== author-psi loves his KolourPaint :D
Riddellkrita from koffice 1.5 will rock08:52
=== author-psi looks for his version
author-psimhm my version is 1.4.108:53
author-psiwhat kind of new features are in version 1.508:54
Tm_TRiddell: true08:54
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
author-psioh realy nice things for 1.5 krita08:55
author-psii hope for the feature like gimp: you copy an image and click on "new -> new image" and then the image have the same propotions like the first08:56
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RiddellJRe, tvo: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=2951410:08
Riddellinteresting katapult alternative 10:08
Riddelluterly unusable but10:08
Tonio_Riddell: according to what I know it needs configuration10:09
Tonio_the advantage of katapult is that "it just works"10:09
Tonio_but there is a really anoying issue10:10
Riddellwell you could take that out10:10
Riddellthis thing needs the mouse as well as keyboard, and it doesn't have all the apps10:10
Tonio_it is not possible to switch between different possibilities10:10
Tonio_for example firefox has several bookmarks whose name start with firefox10:11
Diablo-D3Riddell: hows project get-kdesktop-working-right going?10:12
Tonio_when you want to launch firefox, you only get those annoying bookmarks.... switching with "tab" would be great ;)10:12
RiddellDiablo-D3: what's that?10:13
Diablo-D3Riddell: its the one where you're supposed to get kdesktop working right ;)10:13
Tonio_Riddell: would you like a kommando package for universe at least ? I have a few time, I can make one ;)10:14
tvoTonio_: if you're talking about katapult, this is already feature-requested (re:  it is not possible to switch between different possibilities)10:14
tvoand will be implemented pretty soon I guess10:14
Tonio_tvo: good news thanks ;)10:15
Diablo-D3Riddell: kdesktop keeps saying it recieves signal 1110:15
Diablo-D3Riddell: and then refreshes all the icons10:15
RiddellTonio_: sure10:15
Tonio_Riddell: let's go10:15
Diablo-D3happens anytime you interact with it in any meaningful way (such as hover over an icon, or drag a window over icons)10:15
RiddellDiablo-D3: which kubuntu version, what KDE packages?10:15
Diablo-D3Riddell: 3.5 rc1 from dapper10:15
jjesseDiablo-D3: i'm not seeing any crashes on breezy kde 3.5 rc1or on dapper kde 3.5 rc110:16
Diablo-D3its not a crash10:16
RiddellDiablo-D3: probably need to rebuild arts at least without visibility10:16
Diablo-D3I think kdesktop is just on crack10:16
Diablo-D3Riddell: doesnt dapper's arts already do this?10:16
tvoseriously, ctrl+alt+H is the worst choice for a shortcut key ever...10:28
tvoit (kommando) could be useful if it's changed so that it responds to mouse click instead of kb shortcut,10:33
tvoso you can just drag the mouse with button(s) pressed to the right entry10:33
Riddellevery mouse click?  that might get in the way10:38
tvowell, it should be an option imho, so you can change for example middle click to show kommando menu10:39
tvo(such a thing for windows was included with my mouse drivers)10:40
Riddellwe should ask the guy to work on katapult10:41
jjessei love katapult, so much easier then k menu -> run or naviagting through the k menu10:42
tvosomething like a circular K menu could be pretty cool: you'd press mouse button on K, drag in certain direction, hold for a while, submenu pops up with center at mousepos, then you drag again etc..10:44
tvoiirc I read once that circular menus could be navigated faster than rectangular10:45
jjessetvo: i once had a mouse that had a programable button that activated a menu like that10:46
tvojjesse: included with the (win) drivers I assume, just like my mouse?  (mine without extra button tho..)10:49
jjessetvo: yeah with the win driver it was a button that was where my thumb was, i loved it but the mouse got lost in a move10:50
tvoif I _had_ a 4th button such a circular menu feature would be a good candidate to be assigned to that button10:51
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Verwilstback in kubuntu10:58
Verwilstwith kde 3.5 rc110:58
Verwilstlooks pretty damn sweet ;)10:58
Verwilstafter some tweaking ofcourse ;)10:58
RiddellVerwilst: what tweaking?11:00
=== tvo goes, bye
Verwilstgui stuffs11:10
Verwilstnuvola icons, other kdm theme, other background, konsole on taskbar, handles on taskbar invisible, plastik instead of lipstik, fontsize 911:11
Verwilstkde4ever as konqueror background11:11
Verwilstthat's about it :d11:11
Verwilsti'm glad to see dejavu is standard now  :d11:11
Verwilstcuz it's nice :p11:11
Verwilstit's like bitstream vera on steroids :p11:12
Diablo-D3I still dont get why dejavu is prefered over bitstream vera11:12
Diablo-D3I think its ugly11:12
Verwilstit looks the same, just has a lot more characters11:12
Verwilstunicode stuffs11:12
Verwilstdejavu is bitstream, but improved11:12
Diablo-D3not enough room between the z and the y ;)11:12
Verwilsti can live with that :p11:13
=== Diablo-D3 was making a joke, at any rate.
Diablo-D3I wish the defaults were a bit bigger11:13
Diablo-D310 is pretty small.11:14
Verwilst9 is perfect11:14
Verwilst19", 1280x102411:14
Verwilstaaaaaaaaaaanyways, bed, see ya!11:14
Diablo-D3not really.11:14
Verwilstit is for me :p11:14
Tonio_Riddell: kommando uploaded11:19
Tonio_to revu11:19
RiddellTonio_: cool, poke me if I don't review it soon11:21
Tonio_Riddell: no pb, there is no emergency ;)11:21
Riddelldid mateedit get packaged?11:22
Diablo-D3meatedit? what?11:23
Tonio_Riddell: apparently not11:23
Diablo-D3Riddell: btw11:23
RiddellTonio_: fancy doing that then? :)11:23
Tonio_I'll search for a debian package, and if there's not, I may make one also11:23
Tonio_let go ;)11:23
Riddellmez was going to, but I guess he never got round to it11:23
Diablo-D3Riddell: the fact kdelibs and base dont build is why the source is in dapper but no packages, isnt it?11:23
RiddellDiablo-D3: they only don't build because kdelibs has the wrong build-dep on arts.  I havn't fixed it because I'm waiting on the libstdc++ transition11:24
Diablo-D3yeah, thats pretty much it11:24
Diablo-D3hacking control fixes that11:24
Diablo-D3kdebase, however, dies on Xrender.h bullshit =/11:24
Diablo-D3copying Xrender.h to a better place fixes that ;)11:25
=== Tonio_ like .tar.bz2 sources, because dholbach can't check the md5sum hihi
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