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bradb_kikoX: hey dude12:34
bradb_got your message the other night, but not until the next morning12:35
bradb_where are you now?12:35
kikoXin NH12:36
kikoXhow's it going12:37
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bradb_not bad...an apparently nasty email machinery bug over the weekend that caused a ton of dups to be filed12:38
kikoXhey mpt12:38
bradb_apparently if the db connection doesn't close cleanly, the message doesn't get removed from the processing queue, and was getting reprocessed every time the cron script ran again12:39
bradb_so, siretart sent two emails, which created about 20-30 bugs in Malone :)12:39
bradb_i think BjornT had submitted the patch to pqm, but not having checked my mail in a bit, i'm not sure if it's in12:40
kikoXI see12:40
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bradb_looks like it's in. BjornT, Rev 2825 is the one that should be cherry picked then, i take it?12:42
kikoXhow's montreal 12:43
bradb_windy today12:43
bradb_there was a huge xmas parade on st-cath on saturday12:44
bradb_and...i got a new cell phone!12:44
bradb_a nice one too, an ericsson, Z520a12:44
bradb_it's more complex than it needs to be though. my mobile does *not* need a dedicated side button for the camera.12:45
lifelessbradb_: its in12:49
bradb_lifeless: did BjornT ask for it to be cherry picked?12:51
kikoXcool. does it have bluetooth?12:53
lifelessbradb_: oh, no.12:53
bradb_kikoX: yep12:53
bradb_lifeless: can you cherry pick, or should i ask stub?12:54
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kikoXI envy you bradb12:56
kikoXI might get one for me this year12:57
dholbach_good night everybody12:59
kikoXthe 77O needs one12:59
bradb_i might take this one back though. there's some bright pixels in the bottom left corner of the screen.12:59
=== bradb_ returned his other ericsson three times, first powerbook once, returned two canon digital cams before getting the sony, and returned a Tungsten T5 not long ago. gadgets suck.
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jordikikoX: hey02:39
jordidude I am in Boston at mako's02:39
jordiif you're around do pop up because we're having party02:39
=== jamesh wonders if paramiko does compression
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kikojordi, I will only be in boston tomorrow evening04:34
kikojordi, will you have split?04:34
kikojordi, my phone doesn't work in VT or NH04:35
kikoit's fucked04:35
kikodoes mako have a phone?04:36
jameshso bzr's sftp impl doesn't support compression04:50
jameshso downloading the inventory weave takes 13MB rather than 2MB04:50
spivThat's a shame.  Shouldn't be too hard to fix.04:59
spivI seem to recall Conch can do it.04:59
jamesh"* support compression" is on the missing features list in the paramiko README05:01
jamesh"sftp pipelining" is also on that list05:02
elmowhy not just spawn sftp(1) again?05:02
jameshdon't ask me05:02
jameshgnome-vfs spawns ssh and implements the SFTP protocol itself05:03
jameshwhich is another option05:03
bob2is lp using bzr now?05:03
jameshbob2: yeah05:03
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lifelessbob2: read bazaar-ng, see the pie, news @ 11.06:10
\shhmm...how do I get a buglist in xml != xhtml from LP, e.g. all bugs reported or assigned to a LP member/team? or retrieve an xml doc of a specific bug search query?06:14
jamesh\sh: I don't think we have that yet.06:14
\shjamesh: k...so I have to find another way of getting some lists out of malone06:17
stub\sh: You might want to file a bug stating what queries you want, and if XML-RPC is a good interface or if you need plain old HTTP GET. They were working on the remote API for this stuff at UBZ06:18
kiko\sh, what sort of list do you need?06:18
jordioh kiko is online06:18
kikoso I am06:18
\shkiko: actually buglists like https://launchpad.net/people/shermann/+assignedbugs but only in a good xml notation  06:19
kiko\sh, XML format would indeed be sweet. shouldn't be hard to do06:20
\shor better xmlrpc interface 06:20
\shi'm writing on this glpbugs tiny tool06:21
\shwhich will be a mixture of reportbugs and kbugbuster ,) 06:21
kikoyou said k06:21
\shonly better and for launchpad06:22
\shkiko: k as in "an example" of programm....and please see "Glpbugs" ,)06:22
kikookay just this once06:22
\shbtw...when I'm the bug reporter and the reported bug is set to pending upload..the bug is removed from the reported bugs list ... that reminds me to search for it in malone and/or file a bug against malone...06:25
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stublifeless: I'm getting the 'success' and 'failure' messages from pqm. I'm getting log output from successful merges that other people land. However, I'm not receiving the test output from failed merges I submit, nor log output from successful merges I submit.06:36
kikowhat do you get instead stub?06:37
stubkiko: Did you get a commit message from my landing yesterday? Probably r2822?06:38
kikolemme see06:39
kiko  [r=SteveA]  Database adapter features06:39
stubHmm... so it got to the mailing list06:39
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stubOh... take that back. I did get output from the test suite. Just no output from that successful merge. Maybe the log message was tooo biig and got blocked somewhere?06:43
stubyer - I have a bounce score :-/06:44
stubI wonder if it is because I'm subscribed with my canonical.com email address? I think my primary account has a 10MB limit or something so that shouldn't be the issue06:47
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Burgundavialifeless, piong08:19
lifelessBurgundavia: pong08:21
Burgundavialifeless, I realized I don't have an email for you. I wanted to add you in linkedin08:22
jameshBurgundavia: firstname.lastname@canonical.com or @ubuntu.com works for pretty much all Canonical employees08:23
Burgundaviajamesh, ok08:24
robitailleBurgundavia,  https://launchpad.net/people/lifeless08:24
=== jamesh has only received one linkedin spam, and it was from some stranger
=== lbm [n=lbm@cpe.atm4-0-1301006.0x50a0824e.vgnxx6.customer.tele.dk] has joined #launchpad
Burgundaviaalso, anybody got a current email for lamont.08:27
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bob2Burgundavia: lamont has had the same email address for about 20 years08:30
robitailleBurgundavia,  https://launchpad.net/people/lamont08:31
=== jamesh wonders when someone will add social networking features to Launchpad
Burgundaviabob2, that is about 3 years less than I have been alive, and about 19 more than I have known him08:34
Burgundavianot long now08:34
Burgundaviahmm, when did LP get suppport for irc/jabber ids?08:37
robitailleBurgundavia,  months ago...08:37
robitailleI think it has always been around in your profile08:38
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robitailleis there a way to remove a remote bug watch from a Malone bug report?  Someone added 3 Bugzilla bug watches to bug #2051, and they have nothing to do with that Malone bug...09:28
UbugtuMalone bug #2051: player (Ubuntu) - flashplugin-nonfree and flash-player contain the same files Fix req. for: flash-player (Ubuntu), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: MOTU, Status: New http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/205109:28
Burgundaviarobitaille, what do you think of listing in the bug watches inline with the bugs in LP?09:31
Burgundaviaie, create a line above the "flash-player (Ubuntu)"09:32
SteveArobitaille: no.  there is no way to do it other than asking the DBA to do so.  i just checked the database security config, and these things can't be deleted.09:32
SteveArobitaille: however, there ought to be some way to do it, whether this is deleting the watch, or saying that it no longer applies.09:32
SteveArobitaille: maybe you can file a bug for bradb?09:32
robitailleSteveA,  I'm about to file one09:33
robitailleBurgundavia,  actually I like the bug watches in that box on the right-hand side.09:33
Burgundaviarobitaille, why do you like them seperate from the bug listings? (just asking)09:34
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jameshBurgundavia: you can link a bug watch to a bug task09:35
=== Nafallo is now known as Nafallo_away
Burgundaviajamesh, I am confused by your statement09:35
jameshBurgundavia: see https://staging.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/1296209:35
jameshthe "metacity (upstream)" task is linked to a bug watch09:36
Burgundaviawhy are not all the bug watches listed like that?09:36
jameshwhen the bug watch sync scripts run, the task status and severity get updated to match the remote bug tracker09:36
BurgundaviaI am talking about the UI09:37
BurgundaviaI wonder why all the bug watches are not listed up there with the actual bug report09:37
Burgundaviait seems odd to relegate them to a portlet09:37
jameshthere is a bunch of information in portlets that arguably should be in the main content area09:45
jameshany reason for bug watches in particular?09:45
Burgundaviajust thinking about it on my walk to work this morning09:46
BjornTstub: did my fix for bug 4396 make it into production yet?09:49
UbugtuError: I cannot access this bug09:49
stubBjornT: No09:50
=== stub looks up the bug report
stubBjornT: It will go out in the next production rollout, either tomorrow or Thursday. We have only seen the issue happen once (?), so it isn't urgent09:53
SteveAbug 439609:53
UbugtuError: I cannot access this bug09:53
BjornTstub: if you're happy with that, sure09:54
SteveAewww... the text formatter for bug messages doesn't understand the leading ">" email convention09:55
stubAfter discussions at UBZ we determined we should only be cherry picking 'urgent' fixes into production to avoid daily rollouts.09:55
SteveAit's like italian sheet music publishers09:57
SteveAno idea what they do now, but in the days before computer typesetting, they had a policy of never issuing corrections09:57
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SteveAbecause it was more likely to cause more harm than good.  so you had to make do with what was published, until there was a whole new edition.09:58
sivangmorning all10:02
stubI vote for a sniffer that detects Firefox and IE and uses <pre style="white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; white-space: -o-pre-wrap; word-wrap: break-word;"> because I've yet to see any indication that formatting them correctly is possible10:02
jameshwe should probably force a newline if we see a ">" in fmt:text-to-html10:02
stubWithout using the non-standard CSS10:03
jameshstub: if you include "white-space: pre-wrap" in there too, it will work with browsers that support CSS3 too10:03
stubBut how do you test it ;)10:04
SteveAeasy when unit testing10:05
SteveAdifficult for a large scale functional test10:05
stubI meant that pre-wrap renders things correctly, since there are no CSS3 capable browsers yet (?)10:07
jameshother than the ">" quote issue, are there any other major problems with the current formatting?10:14
SteveAstub: so, we'd write a test that ensures that pre-wrap appears in a style that affects the pre element we care about, and write that CSS3 says that is what we want.10:21
SteveAjamesh: it is hard to tell without the ">" being fixed ;-)10:21
stubSteveA: My point is that until there is a CSS3 capable browser, we have no empirical evidence that it does what it is supposed to. For all we know a developer might stuff up and it renders as <blink> in Firefox 3.5. I was picking on CSS3 and its current non-existance, not being serious10:25
SteveAwe could do CSS3 in launchpad; make it render areas of pages as .png files10:26
stubjamesh: We seem to be finding new ones regularly although I'm still happy to be proven wrong ;)10:26
stubSteveA: Bitmaps? Are you crazy? Output as XML-FO and use client side XSL transformation to convert it to what the user wants. Bitmaps aren't accessible.10:27
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StevenKThere seems to be a little problem with Launchpad - I'm currently listed as "Ubuntero: Yes" and my Karma is 435 -- it wasn't yesterday, and the list on my karma is a whole bunch of Rosetta stuff that I didn't do ...12:29
KinnisonWhat is your person name?12:30
KinnisonHmm, so it does12:30
KinnisonUnfortunately our dba headed to the gym 5 minutes ago12:31
StevenKHeh, whee.12:31
Kinnisonstub: upon your return, can you please check out stevenk's problem ^^ ?12:31
Kinnisonhe'll have that in his scrollback on his return now12:31
SteveAStevenK: are you asking about just the karma thing, or about the 'ubuntero' thing too?12:31
StevenKSteveA: Both.12:32
SteveAStevenK: did you sign the code of conduct?12:32
SteveAso, that'll explain the 'ubuntero' thing12:32
StevenKAhhh, okay.12:32
SteveAan ubuntero is someone who has agreed to behave according to the code of conduct12:32
StevenKWell, I'm helping people on IRC and looking at the wiki, so I thought I'd be nice and sign it.12:33
=== carlos checks for the karma thing
StevenKWell, I don't mind having a karma of 435, but I didn't do it. :-)12:33
KinnisonThat is a bit odd12:33
=== SteveA -> lunch
carlosStevenK, did you translate anything for GNOME, KDE or any other free software we have in launchpad?12:34
StevenKcarlos: I barely speak English well, so no. :-)12:35
carlosStevenK, and did you upload any .po file for any product we have ?12:35
StevenKcarlos: Not to Rosetta, I do maintain a product you potiently have - Linda, the Debian package checker.12:36
carlosok, we need our DBA12:38
StevenKOkay, I just thought I should actually let someone know, if I've managed to get someone else's karma or something.12:39
KinnisonYour karma events show up as happening last wednesday12:39
StevenKKinnison: I don't remember learning a new language last Wednesday ...12:40
carlosKinnison, did you see it on staging?12:40
carlosif it was done on Wednesday I can do the checks myself12:40
StevenKKinnison: I didn't know you were a Ubuntu person, btw ...12:40
=== carlos goes there
KinnisonStevenK: well, for now, I'm a launchpad person :-)12:40
StevenKKinnison: :-)12:40
=== StevenK remebers speaking to bob2 about launchpad.
=== Kinnison nods
=== Kinnison whoops with joy: https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/file9yx2X1.html
=== Kinnison 's throat wishes he just hadn't
=== StevenK awwws at the 401
Kinnisonit's just some output from a test12:50
KinnisonI wouldn't be so upset if I were you :-)12:50
StevenKKinnison: :-) At the moment, I'm trying to avoid studying for an exam, so *any* distraction is welcome.12:50
=== StevenK races mirrors, instead.
LarstiQStevenK: for a distraction, looked at bzr yet? ;)12:53
StevenKActually, I just got so annoyed at tla-buildpackage that I ripped everything over to SVN, so I'm quite happy with my VCS at the moment.12:56
StevenKIf I knew my wife wouldn't notice, I'd install Ubuntu on this machine.12:57
LarstiQheh, what is it running atm?12:57
=== StevenK is moving over to the Dark Side.
carlosStevenK, hmmm, ok, I see why you got karma 01:00
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StevenKcarlos: Cool. Should I have?01:00
carlosStevenK, I think  the pl.po and en.po for linda have your name as the last translator01:01
carlosStevenK, could you confirm me it, please?01:01
StevenKAh, yes, that is the case.01:01
carlosStevenK, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+source/linda/+pots/linda/01:02
StevenKLinda is a little strange - I use PO files to lookup strings from tags.01:02
carlosStevenK, that's still a bug because you should not get karma in that case01:02
=== Kinnison didn't think we ascribed karma for uploaded PO files
carlosKinnison, I think that I finally found the path that gives you it (I fixed some other cases)01:03
Kinnisoncarlos: cool01:03
StevenKIt's a neat bug, in any case - I haven't done anything, and already have karma > 400. :-)01:04
carlosStevenK, about the Ubuntero status.. no idea01:04
StevenKcarlos: Ah, SteveA answered that.01:05
StevenKcarlos: It's due to me signing the Code of Conduct.01:05
carlosoh, you did? I didn't see it, sorry :-P01:05
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cprovjordi: ping01:28
StevenKcarlos: Will my ill-gotten karma be ripped away?01:30
carlosStevenK, the karma is reduced if you don't do new translations01:31
KinnisonThe atrophy of cosmic energy01:33
StevenKcarlos: ... but I will ... since I'll upload new versions of Linda.01:34
=== StevenK sods off outside in the dark for about 30 minutes.
carlosStevenK, well, when we fix the bug, you will not get new karma01:35
Kinnisonstub: upon your return, I could do with a blessing for https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/file9eWaU2.html01:37
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carlosStevenK, anyway... you should not put your name as last translator of those files if you are not really a translator01:47
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stubKinnison: Approved - I'll give you a number in a bit02:11
Kinnisonstub: thanks02:12
=== carlos -> lunch
carlossee you later02:17
=== Nafallo is now known as Nafallo_away
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Seveasis there/will there be a mailinglist like ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com (auto-subscribed to all bugs) for malone?02:54
=== bradb notes snow outside
bradb(first snowfall)++ # pretty02:58
bradb(20th snowfall)-- # IS IT SUMMER YET?02:58
=== Kinnison once again forgets his throat and whoops about https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileFINYRI.html
sivangbradb: lol, shame I'm not there to see it :)03:11
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Kinnisonstub: got a patch number for me yet?03:48
stubKinnison: patch-40-01-0.sql, assuming my landing lands03:51
Kinnisonstub: Right, okay03:51
=== Kinnison will wait for that landing 'cos it sounds like a merge would be prudent
stub1 hour 10 mins in pqm - should be any day now03:52
=== salgado [n=salgado@201-13-42-207.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveAhi salgado 03:59
SteveAhow's it going?03:59
kiko-zzzhey dudes04:01
KinnisonUrgh, forbidden attribute arse04:05
salgadohi SteveA, kiko 04:05
kikohow's it going salgado 04:06
kikomade it back in one piece?04:06
Kinnisonzope.security.interfaces.ForbiddenAttribute: ('section', <SourcePackageRelease at 0x-4953ad34>)04:06
Kinnisonanyone know why that'd happen when section is in the interface?04:06
kikothat's happened to me before04:06
=== kiko tries to remember why
kikowww or doctest?04:06
KinnisonI really don't need this. I'm feeling quite ill and I just want to finish this queue management script so I can rest04:08
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
kikoKinnison, so initzopeless?04:09
Kinnison    ztm = initZopeless(dbuser=config.uploadqueue.dbuser)04:09
kikowhy are you getting a security proxied instance?04:09
Kinnison    execute_zcml_for_scripts()04:09
Kinnison    distro = getUtility(IDistributionSet).getByName(options.distro)04:09
Kinnisonit all stems from there :-)04:09
=== Kinnison is a good boy and uses getUtility()
Kinnisonand zope spanks me for it :-(04:09
kikoso you get a distroset and when querying from it you get back packages with forbidden section?04:10
Kinnisonafter drilling through a few layers yes04:10
Kinnisondistro -> distrorelease -> queue -> queuesource -> sourcepackagerelease04:10
KinnisonI can read the sodding section04:10
Kinnisonjust not write to it04:11
Kinnisonand nothing I can find suggests it should be in the least bit readonly04:11
jordicprov-away: pong04:12
kikoyou need to write to section, then?04:12
kikohey jordi 04:12
kikohow's boston?04:12
Kinnisonkiko: yes, this is an override adjustment in the queue04:12
Kinnisonthis involves writing to the section/component/priority of things04:12
kikoI see.04:12
jordiKinnison: I haven't been in the city yet04:13
jordiI've been in Cambridge/MIT04:13
jorditoday is Boston and finally airport.04:13
kikoKinnison, I wonder. What user does your script run as -- not the dbuser, but the user.04:13
=== Kinnison hands jordi a tab completion key which works
Kinnisonkiko: me04:13
BjornTKinnison: iirc, <allow interface="..."> only specify read permissions. for write you need to specify <allow set_schema="..."> as well in sourcepackagerelease.zcml04:13
jordisorry daniel :)04:13
KinnisonBjornT: you what?!04:13
kikoKinnison, and you have launchpad.Edit on the SPR?04:13
BjornTKinnison: sorry, i'm tired atm :)04:13
Kinnisonkiko: I'm not logged in04:14
Kinnisonkiko: This is a script running on an appserver04:14
BjornTKinnison: look in sourcepackagerelease.zcml04:14
KinnisonBjornT: right?04:14
BjornTKinnison: you'll see a section <content class="...ISourcePackageRelease">04:14
Kinnisonwithout the I yes04:14
BjornTin that section you have <allow interface="...ISourcePackageRelease">04:15
BjornTKinnison: yes, withouth the I04:15
BjornTKinnison: that tells you that you allow reading, but since you haven't set up any write permissions, you're not allowed to set any attributes04:15
BjornTKinnison: so that first question is, who should be allowed to set attributes?04:16
KinnisonErm, in terms of the UI, probably only those people in a team not yet defined04:17
Kinnisonin terms of the scripts, it should just work goddamnit04:17
Kinnisonat this rate, I'm gonna unwrap the proxy to just get on with it04:17
BjornTKinnison: so then you can use <require permission="launchpad.Edit" set_schema="...ISourcePackageRelease"> for now04:18
BjornTi think scripts are allowed to get/set attributes as long as a security declaration exists04:20
=== Kinnison tries
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@port161-157.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
KinnisonBjornT: didn't help04:21
KinnisonIt'd be really handy if it told you why it was forbidden04:22
=== Kinnison adds a huge XXX and gets on with life
kikosuch is life04:25
kikoI'm outta here04:25
kikostay safe loafers04:26
uwsI never dare to put XXX in my code04:27
=== Kinnison grins
Kinnisonwhy not?04:27
Kinnison    # XXX: dsilvers: 20051115: Should not need this, but until ZCML makes more04:28
Kinnison    # sense to me, it's quicker than fighting the security model.04:28
uwsI'm too scared a colleague trying to find porn on my machine will find it04:28
Kinnison    from zope.security.proxy import removeSecurityProxy04:28
=== Kinnison cackles
=== uws always uses FIXME or TODO
Kinnisonaah, FIXME and TODO mean different things04:28
uwsgrep -e TODO -i FIXME04:28
Kinnisoncodepaths which touch XXXs should warn04:28
Kinnisoncode which hits a FIXME should error04:29
Kinnisoncode which passes a TODO is an info04:29
uwsnot in my code :)04:29
=== Kinnison smiles
Kinnisonnot in my code either, but this is work, not play04:29
uwsHeh. that's the same her :P04:29
=== Kinnison grins
uwsI get paid to hack on a personal project ;)04:30
uws(which I use at work too)04:30
Kinnisonlucky you04:30
uwsnot really04:30
uws(my laptop battery is dying, if I don't respond you know why)04:30
=== Kinnison nods
uwsI'm the only linux user in a win32 company04:31
=== Kinnison ponders. Right, you can shift overrides in the queue and you can accept something
=== Kinnison writes action_REJECT
=== uws just a student desperately needing the money
LarstiQuws: aww04:34
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uwsLarstiQ: bear with me! :)04:35
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bradbBjornT: Hi. Are you interested in reviewing the X-Malone-Bug bit of the malone-initial-bug-contacts branch?07:10
BjornTbradb: how big is the diff?07:11
bradbBjornT: 7 files changed, 210 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-) approximately. (I haven't yet figured out how to get bzr to tell me what changes I've made from the "parent" branch.)07:12
stubbzr diff -r branch:/my/local/mirror/of/the/parent/branch07:13
stub(branch is a keyword)07:13
=== stub goes to bed
bradbah, that seems like a well hidden feature07:13
=== bradb wanted bzr diff /the/branch to just work
stubIndeed. I'm sure there is some even more obscure syntax lurking in there to diff against a particular revision too.07:14
stubI suspect that will be changed - enough people have found it to be 'non discoverable'07:15
Kinnisonstub: Happy for me to have 40-01-0 for my patch?07:15
stubKinnison: yes07:15
bradbi did bzr diff -r2821..2822, because at least that much was documented. branch: is not (in the place where i'm looking for it, which is 'bzr help diff'07:15
Kinnisonbradb: 'bzr diff /some/other/branch' is intended to work at some-future-time. See bzr-devel for more info07:16
stubIts kinda obvious what you mean if you specify a path name to a totally different working tree. Not sure what the issue is07:16
=== stub goes to bed for real this time
bradbKinnison: I'm as keen to follow bzr-devel as bzr developers are to follow LP development discussion, tbh. :)07:16
stub367 unread messages in there ;)07:17
=== Kinnison grins
bradbBjornT: So, it's 7 files changed, 224 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)07:17
Kinnisonbradb: the issue with diff /some/other/branch is what you mean if there are uncommitted changes over in the other branch07:17
BjornTbradb: sure, send it to me.07:18
bradbBjornT: sent07:24
=== bradb heads off for lunch
=== bradb & # bbl
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mdkei have a question about specs on LP08:06
mdkei wrote a spec recently and requested some feedback. the page now shows "no feedback requests outstanding", but I never received anything, despite being subscribed to the page, AND the wiki page. I _think_ the reviewer made a change to the status (Needs Discussion, Needs Guidance) but I have no way of telling, because I can't find any kind of comment history. What can I do?08:07
ddaamdke: ask the reviewer?08:16
ddaaoptionally, fill a bug about lack of status history :)08:17
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sivangddaa: I already filed a bug about lack of review emailing interface :)09:02
mdkedid I miss a reply to my question earlier?09:12
mdke(network issues)09:12
=== bradb returns, jumps into X-Malone-Bug review
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
lifelessbradb: bzr log --help09:27
lifelessbradb: does that explain how to get the 'last 10' well enogh ?09:27
bradblifeless: As best I can see, it doesn't mention anything about getting the last N logs.09:28
lifeless'To request a range of logs, you can use the command -r begin..end09:29
lifeless-r revision requests a specific revision, -r ..end or -r begin.. are09:29
lifelessalso valid.09:29
bradbThe documentation for -r informs me enough to let me know that if my brain is willing to calculate this all, there is a way to show the last 10 revisions.09:29
ddaalifeless: hey09:43
ddaaI'd like your advice09:44
ddaawhat do you think would be the proper thing to do:09:44
ddaaharass you and niemeyer until you adress the review items I punted to you, or fix them myself so the branch can land this week?09:44
lifelessddaa: well, I have emailed the review list, ccd you I think, so you know exactly what my fixes would be.09:45
lifelessddaa: I did that email up with steve.09:45
lifelessin terms of proper, 'pragmatism beats purity'09:45
ddaaI'm not sure I can parse your last two messages09:48
lifelessSteve and I reviewed the review feedback on the code I wrote09:49
lifelessI did up an email saying how those points would be address which he was happy with.09:49
lifelessthats the first two lines.09:49
lifelessthe last line is a quote from the python Tao.09:49
lifelessby which I mean 'do it yourself is probably better'.09:50
ddaaApproximative quote.09:50
lifelessparaphrase then.09:50
ddaa"Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.09:50
ddaaAlthough practicality beats purity."09:50
ddaayeah, I got the gist of your misquote :)09:51
lifelessI've been trying to get to it since you mailed it to me09:51
lifelessbut had various mishaps09:51
lifelessgiven its your branch to land, and the changes needed to the code I wrote are miniscule, I think its better you do it.09:51
sivanglifeless: I didn't know python had a Tao :)09:51
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ddaalifeless: sure, sure... niemeyer has more things to fix. But most of it he wrote during the sprint and I should have reviewed anyway.09:52
niemeyerddaa: I'm aware about the changes, and may work on them ASAP if you want (e.g. tomorrow, today is holiday).09:52
niemeyerddaa: But you may choose not to wait for me to fix tab issues and the like.. :)09:53
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ddaaniemeyer: that would be real cool. I'm going to fix lifeless' stuff tomorrow. And I would really really like to have the branch merged by thursday. Launchpad meeting time is patch freeze for monday rollout.09:54
niemeyerddaa: I was going to fix them yesterday, but the branch took forever to sync.09:54
lifelessddaa: I'd like you to consider one further thing09:54
lifelessddaa: It might be better not to delete *all* the branches, rather to just nuke their referenced content but keep their current baz url. That way we keep the link from product to branch for the baz2bzr process.09:55
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ddaabaz url?09:56
ddaano provision for that in the new database09:56
ddaaand not needed IMO. We can associate baz branches to products using the productseries.targetarch* fields.09:57
lifelesswe *can*, but we dont *have to*.09:58
ddaabut maybe I do not understand what you mean.09:58
lifelesshttp://bazaar.ubuntu.com/$archive/$branch is the baz url for the current branches.09:58
ddaaCouple of things:09:58
lifelessthe problem with using the productseries fields is that a lot of them are not relevant because they have not managed to publish yet.09:58
ddaaWe need to do it anyway because we want to associate branches to productseries properly. Not just products.09:58
ddaalifeless: productseries.importstatus tells us what is relevent.09:59
lifelesssure. I'm just pointing out that a rush to production is not needed, it might be better to get these remaining things locked down, because once we delete the dbdata, its gone. Its much harder to recover from.10:00
ddaaWell. We can ask our beloved db to dump it. I can put it back if needed using importd superpowers.10:00
lifelessso the question is, is it easier to infer it again later, or record it explicitly now ?10:01
ddaaBut I do not think that's going to be needed, really. And that's a great occasion to get rid of plenty of ugly data. Like the archnamespace used as title...10:01
ddaaI do think it would be easier to clean it out. No data migration to worry about. Easy to infer. Need to infer anyway.10:02
=== BjornT -> bed
ddaamaybe get a word to jblack about an annoucement that imports for baz are going away within a couple of months.10:03
lifelessjblack: ^^10:03
ddaaI should mail jblack about it myself, but the jetlag has got the best of me...10:04
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mptSteveA, was it you who fixed bug 3588?10:19
UbugtuMalone bug #3588: I'm told I have to log in, right after I've been logged in Fix req. for: launchpad (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Stuart Bishop, Status: Accepted http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/358810:19
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jblackddaa: ??11:05
lifelessjblack: the imports will become bzr only sooin11:06
jblackAnd I'l be happy to make that statement.11:08
jblackI haven't worked out the statement for the supermirror yet either. And people have been looking for info.11:08
jblacklifeless: I think we could use an intenal and external baz list/email alias 11:15
=== etnoy [n=etnoy@] has joined #launchpad
jblackBasically a ng version of team@bazaar.canonical.com and some sort of internal team@bazaar.canonical.com11:21
jblackThe internal one probably isn't necessary, but I think there's use for a team one.11:22
lifelessI don't consider them separate teams11:31
jblackIs mpool, abentley and jameinel on it? 11:31
lifelessAFAIK yes11:32
jblackOh, then that's great. =) 11:32
lifelesscertainly they could be if they aren't.11:32
bradbquestion about the email module's behaviour when folding headers:11:32
bradb    >>> msg.get_all("X-Malone-Bug")11:32
bradb    ['product=firefox; status=New; priority=None; assignee=None;', 'distribution=debian; sourcepackage=mozilla-firefox;\n\tcomponent=None; status=New; priority=None; assignee=None; '] 11:32
bradbThe folded header there (distribution=debian...etc) ends with an extra space. Anyone know what an extra space seems to get added to folded header values?11:33
bradbs/what an/why an/11:33
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mpthi bradb 11:54
bradbhey mpt 11:54
mptwe should sort out what New and Accepted mean, I think :-)11:55
=== gml [i=gml@dyn-83-156-7-10.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #launchpad
mpte.g. you marked bug 2633 as Accepted whie simultaneously asking what sort of fix was wanted11:55
UbugtuMalone bug #2633: Graphing &amp; reporting of bug activity Fix req. for: malone (upstream), Severity: Minor, Assigned to: Nobody, Status: Accepted http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/263311:55
mpt... Accepted by nobody, even!11:56
mptSo what do you think of the idea of having Unconfirmed, Confirmed, and Accepted?11:56
LarstiQthen, who can set it to confirmed, everybody, or only the maintainer?11:57
mptLarstiQ, I think any logged-in person would be able to change it from Unconfirmed to Confirmed, but only the assignee would be able to change it to Accepted11:58
mptbecause Accepted would mean "I'm working on this bug right now"11:58
bradbmpt: At the moment, Accepted means the opposite of Rejected. i.e. it's Accepted as a problem needing fixing. as per bug 971, I think they should just be Unconfirmed/Confirmed11:58
UbugtuMalone bug #971: New/Accepted task statuses might be better named Unconfirmed/Confirmed Fix req. for: malone (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Brad Bollenbach, Status: Accepted http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/97111:58
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mptbradb, I read bug 971 and commented, that's what I'm talking about.11:59
UbugtuMalone bug #971: New/Accepted task statuses might be better named Unconfirmed/Confirmed Fix req. for: malone (upstream), Severity: Normal, Assigned to: Brad Bollenbach, Status: Accepted http://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/97111:59
mptUbugtu, you shouldn't give details for the same bug more than once in five minutes.11:59
bradbmpt: Where did you write the comment?11:59
=== LarstiQ was just about to say that, but also mentioning #971
mptbradb, in both the bug report, and in #launchpad five minutes ago :-)12:00
bradbI don't see a comment from you in the bug report, despite refreshing several times12:00
mptor at least, I updated the description to mention the possible conflict12:00
bradbOh...that makes it harder to figure out what changed. :)12:01
mptSo implement BugHistory :-P12:02
bradbe.g. if I were looking at a "last updated" type bug listing, I'd expect that probably the last one or two comments shown on that page are related to whatever that recent change was12:02
mptYes, there should be a collapsed line at the bottom saying "Matthew Paul Thomas changed the description"12:02
mptwhich you can expand to see the diff12:03
mptWhat do you think about Unconfirmed + Confirmed + Accepted, bradb?12:03
mptor perhaps Unconfirmed + Confirmed + In Progress12:04
bradbI was thinking of something more like the latter12:04

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