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dholbach_good night everybody12:58
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mdkeman bugzilla is slow right now01:07
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ogradaniels, ping01:20
danielsogra: pong01:21
ogradaniels, i'm trying to preseed some xorg values for ltsp clients ....01:21
ogranamely i want to force 16 bit as default colordepth01:22
ograin the setup script mdz calls dpkg-reconfigure -fnoninteractive $xserver_package (where $xserver_package == xserver-xorg)01:23
danielsi don't think that's preseedable at the moment01:23
ograoh, ok01:23
danielsactually, no01:23
ograi tried to put preseed $xserver_package $xserver_package/config/display/default_depth "16" above ... nbut if the package doesntr recognize it anyway, nevermind...01:23
danielsjust preseed xserver-xorg/cponfig/display/default_depth ... oh01:23
danielsit should only be resetting it if the seen flag is false, afaict01:24
daniels  db_fget xserver-xorg/config/display/default_depth seen01:24
daniels  if [ "$RET" = "false" ] ; then01:24
daniels    db_set xserver-xorg/config/display/default_depth $DEFAULT_DEPTH01:24
daniels  fi01:24
danielsalthough, right, it's reset if we're calling -reconfigure01:24
ogracat you change that in one of the future versions ? its important for low end clients ..01:25
danielsnot really01:25
ograso what should i do ? 01:26
danielsi mean, I don't think that will get called if you preseed autodetect_display=false01:26
danielsbut then you, well, lose all the display autodetection01:26
danielsi have a hard requirement that dpkg-reconfigure reset everything and do what people expect, from mdz01:26
danielsi could stick in an XORG_FORCE_DEPTH=16 variable if you liked01:26
ograyeah, that'd be enough01:27
ograthe original ltsp does that by default ... i'm trying to find out why we need more than twice as much memory 01:27
ograand this seems to be one of the hogs...01:28
danielsit should be making a total of 4mb difference on 1600x120001:29
ograthats much ...01:29
danielsand about 1.5MB difference on 1024x76801:29
ograi'm fighting for every MB currently01:29
danielsactually, wait, that's comparing to 8bpp01:29
daniels786kb on 1024x76801:29
ograthe lowest footprint i could get it working with is 40MB ... ltsp uses 3201:30
danielsalmost 2MB on 16x1201:30
ograso i still have to loose 8 meg01:30
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wasabi_Hmm. Trying to get X to work with a 1920x1600 monitor01:41
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uenyiohacould someone explain to me what this "special" gcc function call does _dl_allocate_tls...?04:32
=== Jimb0b [n=jcape@c-67-175-222-235.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
uenyiohaanyone knows what it does....im reading through linuxthreads code and came across it...i'd appreciate the help 04:36
bob2linuxthreads is poking tls stuff?04:37
uenyiohasay bob2: thanks...but could you explain more 04:37
uenyiohasay bob2: or at least point to a URL04:37
uenyiohasay bob2: i know it seems to be some sort of memory allocation at the least...04:38
bob2uh, your irc client seems to be broken04:38
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uenyiohabob2: i know it seems to be some sort of memory allocation at the least...04:39
uenyiohabob2: sorry missed the slash04:39
bob2I have no idea what it does or what it is04:39
uenyiohabob2: ok thanks...i dunno....the most i can tell now is that it seems to be some sort of special gcc call...04:40
uenyiohaok..i see it now....its a linux call to allocate memory that is local to a thread04:44
desrtKinnison; ?04:49
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viviersfdoko : ping07:41
dokoviviersf: just ask07:42
viviersfjust making sure you in07:42
viviersfthere has been in a problem in OO 2 since beta07:43
viviersfif i open a big document 07:43
viviersfits just dies07:43
bob2have you filed a bug?07:43
dokoyes, there are some bug reports ...07:43
viviersfbob2, the bugzilla told me that my bug report does not have enough data07:44
viviersfi really dont know where the problem is07:44
viviersfbut i could propably get you a doc that makes it crash if that would help07:44
dokoviviersf: yes, if you have such a document, it would be nice to attach it07:45
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ctd17:43 < stuporglue> I'm from Provo, UT, USA where Jeff Waugh was supposed to 07:50
ctd                    speak tomorrow.07:50
ctd17:44 < stuporglue> I'm hearing roumors that he's canceled his trip, and I was 07:50
ctd                    wondering if there were anyone that could help me get ahold 07:50
ctd                    of his wife for confirmation, or that knows if this is true.07:50
ctdanyone heard anything 'bout this?07:50
=== robitaille [n=robitail@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-devel
crimsunctd: he flew out of RDU on Saturday07:57
crimsunctd: I don't know his current itinerary07:57
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Burgundavialamont-away, ping08:19
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JaneWhas everyone seen this review yet? It's very good and echos exactly how I feel about Breezy - I love it cos it just WORKS :) http://www.tectonic.co.za/view.php?id=64509:26
BurgundaviaJaneW, tectonic might as well work for canonical with the reviews they write09:27
Burgundavianot that that is a bad thing...09:27
TreenaksJaneW: There's an article in a Dutch computer magazine, giving it 9 points out of 10 (SuSE 10 gets 8), and they say "it's ready to take on windows, if enough people install it"09:28
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@213-202-166-21.bas503.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
JaneWTreenaks: awesome09:28
=== JaneW would totally recommend it to friends and family, whereas I hesitated with Hoary reckoning they'd need quite a lot of support and hand holding with it...
TreenaksJaneW: now imagine Dapper09:29
JaneWBurgundavia: yes I gather they do like Ubuntu (the idea of it) as well as the product09:29
JaneWTreenaks: indeed!09:29
robitailleJaneW,  of course we have seen that tectonic article. It was on the Fridge a little while back :)09:30
JaneWTreenaks: I hope your flight was good, I managed to NOT buy anything in MOntreal airport, but did some damage to my visa card in Schipol airport - that place just shouts BUY ME! ;)09:30
JaneWrobitaille: good, sorry I am just slow then ;)09:30
TreenaksJaneW: I only bought batteries for my MP3-player :)09:31
MithrandirJaneW: no, is shouts "DRR, BUY, FLY" :-)09:31
JaneWTreenaks: and I tried purfumes until the shop assistant gave me a dirty look ;) So I 'smelled like a girl' like jdub does ;)09:31
TreenaksJaneW: LOL09:32
BurgundaviaJaneW, ouch09:32
JaneWMithrandir: hehe so it does - well it worked!09:32
BurgundaviaJaneW, I'm hearing roumors that he's(Jeff Waugh) canceled his trip. This true?09:32
JaneWBurgundavia: he does! cvd bought him a women's deodorant ;)09:32
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JaneWBurgundavia: I heard an hour so so back that he is in Sydney, I don;t know anything else, or even if he is back sooner than expected...09:33
TreenaksIf he's back now, that's much sooner than expected09:33
JaneWoic, wonder what happened then...09:41
robitailleit seems he was coming home a week early:  http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2005-November/013043.html09:44
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Mithrandirwhat's up with bugzilla?  It's amazingly slow.09:55
=== JaneW is trying to install dotproject (I really don't want to ever have to boot into windows again), I need to set up a web server to get dotproject to work properly, can anyone give me some pointers on how to do this?
Mithrandirany web server?  Just install the apache2 package10:01
JaneWMithrandir: ok, will do10:02
sivangmorning all10:02
pittiHi sivang 10:03
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BurgundaviaJaneW, you played with planner?10:08
sivangpitti: hey Martin10:09
JaneWBurgundavia: no, do you recommend it?10:10
=== enrico [n=enrico@debian/developer/enrico] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BurgundaviaJaneW, I heard it is not all full featured as  MS Project but nicer to use10:11
BurgundaviaJaneW, and it a gnome app, no need for a webserver and nasty PHP10:11
JaneWBurgundavia: sounds good to me! I will check it out :)10:11
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Burgundavianight all10:13
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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seb128is bugzilla slow for other people too?10:30
Treenaksseb128: yes, I saw someone complain earlier10:31
Treenaks09:54 <  Mithrandir> what's up with bugzilla?  It's amazingly slow.10:31
Treenaks01:07 <        mdke> man bugzilla is slow right now10:31
seb128so that's not only me :)10:31
mvoseb128: yep, for me too10:31
seb128yeah, after a few min I got the start page10:32
seb128let's search for a bug now :p10:32
=== Valandil [n=chrys@dslb-084-056-067-202.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirseb128: it's mostly changing stuff which is slow for me.  Other things are just bugzilla-slow.10:33
seb128Mithrandir: here it's "take 2 min to load a page" slow10:33
Mithrandiryeah, but it seems to only be for stuff which changes bugzilla for me.10:33
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Mithrandiranyway, I'm looking at the Merge Of Doom, so I don't mind ATM.10:34
seb128do we have some ftpmaster of buildd admin today?10:34
=== JaneW [n=JaneW@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128I need syncs and to get some builds kicked10:34
=== slomo_ [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== marilize [n=marilize@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirseb128: infinity should be back home, so I think so, yes10:36
=== olemke [n=olemke@iup.physik.uni-bremen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Mithrandiruhm, dpkg-statoverride shouldn't be called from maintainer scripts, should it?10:43
=== chmj [n=chmj@wbs-146-191-41.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionseb128: I can kick some builds for you ...10:50
Mithrandirmorning, Colin10:50
seb128Kamion: hi. Giving a retry to libwpd would be nice, it's required to build abiword/gnumeric10:52
=== Jimb0b [n=jcape@c-67-175-222-235.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shwho is able to sync, when elmo is not around? 10:53
Kamionseb128: done10:53
seb128Kamion: thanks10:54
Kamion\sh: mdz or I technically, but the state of the sync directory is currently weirding me out, so I'm refusing for the moment10:54
seb128elmo should be back today no?10:54
Kamionoh, hang on, the sync directory is saner now10:54
Kamionseb128: I should think so10:54
Kamiongo ahead with any urgent syncs, I think I can manage them10:54
\shok...so i'm waiting for elmo...10:54
slomo_Kamion: while you're at it... can you give-back gtksourceview-sharp, gtksourceview-sharp2 and seahorse if it's not too much of a problem? ;)10:54
seb128Kamion: I've some sync but that can wait for elmo, I'll ping you later if he's still not around10:55
=== lorenzod [n=lorenzod@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionslomo_: done10:56
slomo_Kamion: thanks :)10:56
=== olemke [n=olemke@iup.physik.uni-bremen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shseb128: btw...I updated to dapper yesterday evening...and now xchat doesn't show small tabs anymore..but it's enabled...is it more a font issue (bitstream sans mono) or can it be an xchat problem?10:57
MithrandirKamion: I guess looking at the merge bugs in the "PENDINGUPLOAD" state would be a good list for stuff to sync.10:57
KamionMithrandir: I'm not going to go out proactively looking for them, for the moment10:57
MithrandirKamion: but then, no idea what's urgent about it, so I guess we can just wait for elmo10:57
Kamionfeel free to ping me with urgent ones, but otherwise I have other things to do. :)10:58
Mithrandirand .. which of them ...10:58
Mithrandiryup, I know. :-)10:58
seb128\sh: hum, why a font issue? I would say that's an xchat issue. Feel free to ping dholbach when he's around, he has worked on this update10:58
\shseb128: because I found a font issue in gnome-terminal...the font is not displayed as it was in breezy that's why I'm asking10:59
sivangis bugzillla dead? :)10:59
mvosivang: not quite, but very slowish11:00
sivangmvo: ok, thanks11:00
chmjI can't access is either 11:00
=== chmj gives up
=== cain_ [n=cain@rrba-146-120-32.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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\shdholbach: good morning..11:05
dholbachhellas! :)11:05
dholbachhi \sh 11:05
\shdholbach: I'll paste u my former statement to seb128 ... 11:06
\shdholbach: \sh seb128: btw...I updated to dapper yesterday evening...and now xchat doesn't show small tabs anymore..but it's enabled...is it more a font issue (bitstream sans mono) or can it be an xchat problem?11:06
Nafallo\sh: I can reproduce :-P11:06
dholbach\sh: no idea, will investigate11:06
\shNafallo: ah good to know :)11:07
sivanghmm p.u.c also doesn't respond. nice11:07
\shdholbach: thx :)11:07
\shdholbach: and gnome-terminal looks as well strange with this font issue11:07
dholbach\sh: i think it's rather freetype11:08
\shdholbach: gnarf...11:08
dokochmj: pong11:10
chmjdoko: hi, about the java packaging, where do I get info on that 11:11
dokoshould be in the wiki, JavaRoadmap11:12
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[-Jarod-] hi everybody !11:17
=== raphink [n=raphink@gra86-1-82-239-88-236.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
[-Jarod-] i'm a 3rd year student in a french engineering school and I currently manage an open source project aiming to control dynamic lights for show11:18
[-Jarod-] i work with c / c++ / glade11:18
[-Jarod-] but I'm a complete beginner in c11:18
[-Jarod-] i've installed gcc / g++ with apt11:18
Nafallo[-Jarod-] : you are better of by installing build-essential11:19
Mithrandir[-Jarod-] : this channel is for developing ubuntu, not for developing applications.  and what Nafallo says.11:19
[-Jarod-] and a piece of open source code found on the net call a .h called "vlc.h" and i cannot found it11:19
[-Jarod-] i know Mithrandir i know11:19
Mithrandir[-Jarod-] : it's a user question; #ubuntu, but I think you're just missing libvlc0-dev11:19
Mithrandirapt-cache search vlc dev shows you relevant info11:20
[-Jarod-] thank you11:20
[-Jarod-] that's all i need11:20
[-Jarod-] sorry for disturbing you11:20
=== trulux [n=lorenzo@unaffiliated/trulux] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamioncould somebody look at preparing main inclusion reports for gdome2 and gmetadom? they're (build-)dependencies of gtkmathview, which was recently added to the archive for (iirc) abiword11:30
dholbachKamion: i can do that11:31
=== Jimb0b [n=jcape@c-67-175-222-235.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityKamion : Thanks for driving wanna-build for sb.  I'm in and out, alternately mucking with initramfs (yay, rebooting and no IRC), and trying to get over the cold/flu I seem to have developped from travelling.11:43
=== dredg [n=nsherida@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi infinity 11:49
pittiinfinity: seems that everybody's health suffered from UBZ at some point :/11:50
infinitypitti : I was fine during the conference, it was the flight home that seems to have killed me.11:50
infinitypitti : Or maybe it was the climate change when I got here.  I dunno.11:50
sivangpitti: yes, I think the germs has also had  a mini conf over UBZ....11:59
sivanginfinity: take vitamine C pills, they really help11:59
sivanginfinity: that's how I got over my flu11:59
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Kinnisondesrt: I was, unsurprisingly, asleep at 03:4912:17
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zyga_minicarlos: ping12:36
carloszyga_mini, pong12:37
zyga_minicarlos: is there any progress with adding support for multiple templates per package (rosetta)12:38
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carloszyga_mini, we already support multiple templates per package since long ago12:39
carloszyga_mini, what do you want/need?12:39
zyga_minicarlos: we do?12:41
zyga_minicarlos: since when!? 12:41
carloszyga, since the first days12:42
carloszyga, take a look to gtk+ 12:42
zyga_minithis is great news :)12:43
=== zyga_mini thought otherwise
zyga_minicarlos: care to show a url?12:44
zyga_minicarlos: I see that there are two versions 1.2 and 2.012:44
zyga_minibut I don't see multiple templates12:44
carloszyga, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/breezy/+source/gtk+2.0/+translations12:45
zyga_minithanks I'll look into this12:46
zyga_minicarlos: and any (non distro) product can have multiple templates?12:47
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carloszyga, yes, it's the same12:47
zyga_minithanks, sorry to bother you with inexistent problems :-)12:47
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Kamionisolinux is giving me a headache. for some reason I can't get current dapper i386 CDs to boot, even though I undid all the isolinux fiddling I experimentally tried12:54
dholbachKamion: did those inclusion reports... gmetadom wanted to have findlib as build-dep too, so 3 reports :)12:55
dholbachgtkmathview fun! :)12:55
Kamiondholbach: pitti will need to approve them12:55
dholbachKamion: sure12:55
Kamionhm, but these images boot fine in qemu. WTF12:55
pittiyes, I'll process the queue again today12:55
=== Mithrandir read that as gmetadon and went wtf?
pittiBenC: *sigh* when can we test the 2.6.15 crack? :)12:57
dholbachMithrandir: hahaha :)12:57
Mithrandirdholbach: would be a nice name for a tool which removed crack, but not much else, really.12:58
Kamionpitti: well, it failed to build ...12:59
pittiright, that's what I meant12:59
pitti(just tickling)12:59
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pittiajmitch_: just uploaded a merged cron with SELinux support :)01:02
Kamiondamnit, I've just wasted four hours on what turned out to be something like a dirty DVD drive :(01:07
=== Kamion bangs head on desk
=== dholbach comforts Kamion and gives him a tea
=== fabbione hugs Kamion
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pittihardware just sucks.01:09
pittiHey jbailey 01:09
Mithrandiremulate it all in software01:09
pittiMithrandir: in the matrix?01:09
jbaileyHeya Martin, Tollef & everyone else.01:09
Mithrandirhiya Jeff01:09
fabbionehey jbailey 01:12
jbaileyHeya Fabio01:13
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Kamionchmj: why did you merge aalib rather than requesting a sync? the version in Ubuntu was identical to the base version in Debian01:23
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Kamion(and I noted that in the changelog for the benefit of whoever next looked at it)01:23
chmjKamion: didn't notice that 01:24
Kamionchmj: please be more careful; now we have to wait for the next Debian upload before we can come back into sync01:25
Kamionwhich is annoying because the Debian maintainer of aalib is one who occasionally goes through Ubuntu changes and remarks on them publicly in his blog01:25
chmjKamion: ok 01:26
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seb128hey Keybuk01:43
fabbionebella Scott01:43
MithrandirKeybuk: I don't think I've told you before, but mom's a godsend.01:44
Keybukheh, did it get a merge right?01:45
seb128Keybuk: do you know what modprobe does to take such a long time on boot? http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/dapper-20051112-1.png01:46
=== Lathiat laughs
pittiHi Keybuk 01:46
seb128Keybuk: or that's usplash?01:46
Keybuknot sure, it could be the modprobe of everything on the PCI bus01:47
Keybukor it could be the modprobe of framebuffer things01:47
KeybukI'd guess from its location that it's the former01:47
mjg59Framebuffer modprobing doesn't take anywhere near that long01:47
mjg59That'll be stuff being loaded in the initramfs. No idea why it's taking so long, though01:47
Kamioninteresting ski-slope up at the top there01:47
Lathiatyeh i was thinking that01:48
mjg59seb128: Is your usplash exiting before init starts?01:48
=== Lathiat looks at his
KeybukKamion: isn't it ... I have one of those later in the boot sequence01:48
pittiseb128: you could try booting in single mode, then you will see a detailed output01:48
Lathiathrm my modprobe is pretty quick there01:48
KamionKeybuk: does udev use 'modprobe --quiet' anywhere (as opposed to 'modprobe -q')? if so, it'll need the same change that I made to hotplug yesterday01:48
Lathiatliek 2-3 s01:48
Kamion(I know hotplug is dying, but I want to make d-i work)01:49
seb128mjg59: yep01:49
mjg59I wonder if the ski-slope thing is an artifact of the logger01:49
KeybukKamion: udev doesn't use modprobe yet, though it'll have to I guess; what change did you have to make?01:49
seb128mjg59: I thought it was going to timeout or something01:49
KamionKeybuk: s/--quiet/-q/g01:49
Kamioner - what loads modules in the NWO then?01:49
Keybukheh, it should've been -Q01:49
mjg59seb128: It times out after 15 seconds of not getting any messages. And it's not getting any messages from that modprobe01:49
Keybuk"NWO" ?01:49
MithrandirKeybuk: it usually makes my work a lot less painful.  Does it now save the Debian versions, so we won't be affected if snapshot.d.n dies again?01:49
Kamionnew world order01:49
Keybukudev will do01:50
KamionKeybuk: busybox modprobe doesn't support -Q01:50
Kamionwhat does -Q do? it's not documented in modprobe(8) here01:50
chmjelmo: procps sync please, ubuntu override ok 01:50
mjg59On the bright side, once init starts we seem to be in pretty constant io blockage01:50
KeybukKamion: it's one our patches to module-init-tools to make it silent01:50
KamionI'm also not convinced that busybox modprobe does aliases usefully, so I might have to switch back to module-init-tools for the moment01:51
Keybukyeah I strongly suspect busybox modprobe won't cut it01:51
Keybukit'll need both alias and blacklist support01:51
Kamionit does seem to have some alias support, by grep01:52
Kamionnot blacklist though unless it won't match grep -i blacklist01:53
Keybuk"by grep" ?! :)01:53
Kamionas in, 'grep -i alias' in the source suggests it has some alias support01:53
Keybukso it wouldn't handle an alias like "pci:d*s*..." then??01:54
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Keybukoops, bit of baz-finger on the ? there01:54
KamionKeybuk: no, it doesn't use grep internally01:54
KamionI meant *I* was using grep01:54
Kamionrather than actually reading and understanding the source01:54
Keybukdoes it look like it supports the blacklist keyword?01:55
=== ogra cruses gnome-screensaver uptream for reinventing the wheel ...
Treenaksogra: which wheel?01:55
KamionKeybuk: no01:55
seb128chmj: you could have asked a sync for aalib01:55
Kamionseb128: I mentioned that to him above01:55
KeybukKamion: example: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist01:55
seb128Keybuk: anything I can try to reduce the modprobe blocker so?01:55
Keybukseb128: find out what it's doing :)01:55
Keybukmake it log with timings to a file in /dev01:56
seb128Kamion: k. I've asked a sync 3 days ago but since no elmo around ... :)01:56
KamionKeybuk: the word "blacklist" doesn't appear anywhere in the source. Anything else I should be looking for?01:56
seb128Keybuk: is there an easy way to do get this log?01:56
MithrandirTreenaks: a square one, probably.01:56
ograTreenaks, if you want to see the xscreensaver hacks in gnome screensaver you have to create a .desktop file for the config and description ... it should just use the available xml file for that ... its ahell lot of work to adapt all the configs01:56
Keybukseb128: edit /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/functions and make it log :)01:56
Treenaksogra: ouch01:56
KeybukKamion: the word would be sufficient as it's a config keyword01:56
seb128Keybuk: thanks01:57
ograand there is no visible advantag in this scheme anywhere... i dont knwo what they think they'll gain with this ..01:57
Keybukogra: probably an fd.o "how to register a screensaver" spec01:58
ograKeybuk, but you still need additional configs, it only holds name, description (which is not shown anywhere in the gui) and the command to run...01:59
Treenaksogra: not the different options etc.?01:59
KeybukI read that gss aren't planning to have options-per-hack01:59
Keybukbut instead if you want different options, you make a new description file for it01:59
seb128nop, that's a point of the FAQ02:00
ograanyway, i'm done with converting the ubuntu default set for now02:00
TreenaksKeybuk: urgh...02:00
mvoogra: did you send him a mail asking about it?02:00
ogramvo, i will ... for now i just wanted to have the hacks working, so we have screensavers to get bugs for02:00
seb128pitti: 20050713/totem_1.1.2-0ubuntu6_translations.tar.gz ... what the heck?02:02
seb128pitti: current archive version is 0ubuntu3, how can the translation be 0ubuntu6?02:02
pittitotem | 1.2.0-0ubuntu3 | http://de.archive.ubuntu.com dapper/main Packages02:02
seb128pitti: ups, 1.1.2 is not 2.002:03
pittiseb128: 1.1.2 is ages old02:03
seb128pitti: yeah, but that's the data rosetta has02:03
seb128carlos: continue here with pitti :p02:03
pittiwell, then this is carlos' problem :) 02:04
seb128I got a bug saying that 5.10 has no translation for "Sidebar"02:04
seb128and the 1.2.0 tarball has it02:04
seb128rosetta mention 1.1.2-0ubuntu602:04
carlospitti, people's tarball say that latest is the ubuntu602:04
carlosseb128, wait....02:05
carlosseb128, is it 1.1.2 vs 1.2?02:05
carlosthen it's my fault02:05
carlosI got confused02:05
seb128carlos: yep02:05
seb128carlos: page says 1.1.2 but current is 1.2.002:06
carlosseb128, please file a bug and I will look into it this week02:06
seb128k, thanks02:06
seb128carlos: another point, rosetta refuse to send me mails, is that a known issue? I've asked for a po some hours ago and no mail, my email works fine02:07
BenCpitti: re: 2.6.15, for some reason there was a build failure for 2.6.15-1.1, and the build log doesn't even explain why, just something about zddevlist.h generation02:07
BenCpitti: looking into it now02:07
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carlosseb128, I got an email for a download request an hour ago or so....02:08
BenCit built fine in the breezy chroot, so I'm wondering if it's dapper related02:08
carlosseb128, so no, it's not a know bug02:08
carlosseb128, would be possible a problem with spamassassin?02:08
seb128carlos: should I ping some launchpad guy about this?02:08
seb128carlos: I doubt so, let me look02:09
fabbioneBenC: be careful that the buildd go for make -jN02:09
fabbioneBenC: so perhaps the error is way before the end02:09
BenCfabbione: no, it's zddevlist.h, make shows error for that target02:09
BenCfor i386 and amd64 builds02:09
fabbioneah ok02:09
carlosseb128, anyway, ask stub, I'm not able to debug that02:09
fabbioneBenC: well if you plan an upload, it would be wise to pre-upload k-p with your ppc patches and bump the build-deps02:10
seb128carlos: hum, sorry, it got redirected to an another of my mailbox02:10
BenCis awk something I can expect by default?02:10
fabbioneBenC: at least we can get ppc to02:10
seb128carlos: I'll just fill the totem outdated bug for today so02:10
BenCyeah, I can do that02:10
seb128carlos: thanks :)02:10
fabbioneBenC: iirc mawk is installed, but not gawk02:10
BenCmaybe it doesn't like mawk02:10
carlosseb128, ;-)02:10
siretartBenC: will the next linux-restricted-modules upload include the 'new' madwifi driver? is anyone already working on that (I want to avoid work duplication)02:11
BenCI can't touch l-r-m02:11
fabbionesiretart: -> infinity 02:11
siretartoh. thanks for pointer02:12
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seb128carlos: #448602:12
siretartinfinity: will the next linux-restricted-modules upload include the 'new' madwifi driver? is anyone already working on that (I want to avoid work duplication)02:12
carlosseb128, thanks02:12
BenCyep, it's mawk02:14
mjg59There's a close to working open atheros driver02:14
BenCdoesn't like the awk script that generates zddevlist.h for zd1211 driver02:14
mjg59The zd1211 driver is on so much crack02:14
BenCI've cleaned it up a bit to get it compiled02:14
siretartmjg59: could you give me pointers to this 'close to working open driver'? is it based on madwifi?02:15
mjg59Oh, do we actually ship the zd1211 firmware?02:15
mjg59siretart: Yes02:15
pittiKeybuk: do you want to merge hdparm yourself to take the new udev changes into account?02:15
fabbioneBenC: is there any reason why we need to generate that include at build time?02:15
pittiKeybuk: otherwise I assign it to me and wait for the new udev02:15
siretartso it's rather an open hal for madwifi02:15
mjg59siretart: Yeah02:15
Keybukpitti: yeah, I'll do that one02:15
pittiKeybuk: k, I assign it to you then, thansk02:15
siretartmjg59: my concern/problem with madwifi atm is that the driver in breezy does not support background scanning, which I find very painful.02:16
siretartmjg59: the 'new' madwifi codebase is supposed to support that02:16
siretartthats why I'm asking02:16
BenCfabbione: does hppa have gcc-4.0?02:16
mjg59http://lists.gnumonks.org/pipermail/ath-driver-devel/2005-November/000053.html is kind of promising02:17
BenCmjg59: I think we do ship the firmware02:17
MithrandirKeybuk: could you make MOM put something in the signature line which would cause dpkg-buildpackage to fail to build?  I'm annoyed at myself for uploading as you so often. :-)02:17
siretartmjg59: so whats the mid-term plan concerning madwifi in dapper?02:17
KeybukMithrandir: yeah, I've considered not including a valid tail line to the changelog02:18
Keybukthe trouble there is that both dch and emacs consider different things invalid02:18
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MithrandirKeybuk: don't put in a tail at all?  Or does that cause one of them to fall over?02:18
MithrandirKeybuk: make it not syntactically valid so dpkg barfs on it when running dpkg-genchanges?02:19
fabbioneBenC: yes, but i am not 100% sure it can build the kernel02:19
Keybukmakes them both fall over02:19
Keybukdch seems to fall over in all situations that dpkg itself falls over02:19
Keybukwhich strikes me as somewhat silly02:19
BenCfabbione: no reason to do it at build time other than consistency... I don't want someone doing an update to zddevlist and not getting an updated zddevlist.h (ran into this with ndiswrapper and it's generated files when we did zmd64)02:19
mjg59siretart: http://www.ath-driver.org/02:19
fabbioneBenC: ok..02:20
BenCfabbione: ok, I'll leave the build dep there, but it isn't enforced at the moment (no hppa patches in the tree yet)02:20
Treenaksno background scanning? that explains corey's problems with network manager at UBZ :)02:20
Keybukyeah, network manager flat out doesn't work with atheros cards02:21
Keybukthough I've never had a problem getting my atheros to scan, in the background or foreground02:22
fabbioneBenC: hppa is FTBFS anyway because of the missing configs02:22
Keybukit seems to continually scan anyway02:22
fabbioneBenC: so i wouldn't worry too much about it02:22
fabbioneBenC: i had rather get sparc up and running and show the world that sparc > hppa :P02:22
siretartmjg59: I'm a bit confused about that ath-driver.org. They seem to reimplement the complete madwifi driver02:22
BenCKamion: ping02:22
siretarthaving a glance at the files in their tarball02:22
Keybuksiretart: yeah, it is02:22
KamionBenC: hi02:22
Keybuksiretart: ie. they implement both the open source and closed source bits of the madwifi driver02:23
Keybukbut both as open source02:23
BenCKamion: will you be around in about 1-2 hours to process a NEW for linux-source-2.6.15?02:23
siretartKeybuk: why that? madwifi is gpl. why not forking madwifi?!02:23
KamionBenC: should be, yes02:23
BenCKamion: cool, thanks02:23
Keybuksiretart: mafwifi isn't gpl02:23
Keybuk90% of madwifi is closed source02:23
BenCthen I'll be /away till it's done02:24
siretartKeybuk: only a quite small hal module is closed, most of the driver is gpl, afair02:24
Keybuksiretart: the other way around, all the interesting driver stuff is in the closed HAL02:24
Keybukthe driver is mostly just talking to the HAL02:24
siretarthm. i see02:25
siretartthen i'll help testing ath-driver02:25
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KeybukI played with ath-driver a bit, and it worked ok02:25
BenCfabbione: BTW, I have 54g antennas ready so I can run network out to the second building where I live...so hopefully the e3k will be up this weekend02:26
Keybukdidn't seem to support as many modes as madwifi though, so I bookmarked it with "look at again later"02:26
fabbioneBenC: ah cool02:26
siretartKeybuk: do they support background scanning? *g*02:26
fabbioneBenC: my sparc is catching up on dapper backlog02:26
Keybuksiretart: I've no idea what "background scanning" is02:26
fabbioneBenC: and the queue is still deep02:26
BenChopefully I can help knock it out02:26
siretartKeybuk: with madwifi, everytime you do a 'iwlist ath0 scan', your connection to the AP dies02:27
Keybukmadwifi supports sending a scan request, and picking up the results later02:27
Keybukno it doesn't02:27
siretartokay. then it supports :)02:27
fabbioneBenC: yeah but i am not sure it's worth to put online another buildd... specially if we are going to switch to LP. We won't be able to run buildd and upload for a while02:27
Keybukthat's a bug in network-manager02:28
Keybukit deliberately drops off the AP before scanning02:28
Keybukor, if you prefer, it's a bug in the wireless API for not having a consistent method of asking cards to scan :)02:28
TreenaksKeybuk: yay kernel :)02:29
mjg59siretart: My guess would be that some of the code has been altered to deal with their hal setup02:29
KeybukI've yet to investigate what network-manager is doing wrong02:30
Keybukbut I know it is doing something wrong, because I wrote an equivalent some time ago which works fine on my card (shockingly :p)02:30
siretartKeybuk: I'm experiencing the problem not only in network-manager, but also with wpa-supplicant02:30
Keybukone of the supplicants doesn't work for me either02:30
KeybukI thought it was xsupplicant that didn't work, and wpa_supplicant that worked fine02:31
siretartKeybuk: as well when I do manually a 'iwlist ath0 scan'. This lack of 'background scanning' was admitted on madwifi-users mailing list by one of the developers02:31
siretarthave to look up the name02:31
siretartwpa_supplicant works fine02:31
Keybuksiretart: do you see it drop off the AP with iwevent?02:31
siretartbut every few minutes, I loose connection for about 30seks02:31
siretartKeybuk: I do02:31
siretartas after a few seks, a reassociating event02:32
Keybukahh, and you do it as root?02:32
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybuksorry, I understand now02:32
Keybukyes, the atheros does leap off the AP when you do that02:32
Keybukthe trick is _not_ to do that, but just tell the card to continually scan02:32
siretartand the madwifi developers call this 'background scanning'02:33
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siretartextremly annoying, imo02:33
KeybukI remember now, I came across that when doing wifid02:33
Keybukit's because an explicit scan on the atheros is implemented as a "change your network" call02:34
Keybukwhich means it also drops your essid and key preferences02:34
Keybukwhereas the card itself continually updates its internal list of nearby APs02:34
Keybukwhich it uses for best-strength preferences02:35
siretartlets see if ath-driver.org does a better job02:36
mjg59It may not actually work yet02:36
mjg59And its card coverage isn't as good as madwifi02:36
mjg59But we should look into it - it's obviously more maintainable02:37
mjg59Obvious first step (when it works) is to use it for cards it supports, and fall back to madwifi for the others02:37
siretartmjg59: how do you want to package it? in an extra kernel-module package or integrate that into linux-source?02:37
mjg59siretart: Possibly keep it external for now - once it actually usefully works, merge it into linux-source02:38
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Keybukdoes anyone know, off-hand, of a format of changelog entry that dpkg will reject but dch won't?02:53
Keybukdch seems to refuse to edit badly formatted changelog entries, even if the kind of edit would fix it02:53
pittichmj: gmp is FTBFS, FYI02:56
fabbionewho has a breezy ppc chroot (other than davis) that could kindly use to build something for me?02:56
MithrandirKeybuk: add -MERGE to the package name?02:58
pittidarn, I upgraded my laptop to dapper two weeks ago02:58
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fabbionepitti: can you build a chroot there?02:59
KeybukMithrandir: dpkg doesn't reject that02:59
Keybukit'll just warn and upload anyway02:59
pittifabbione: do you want me to build a kernel on this poor iBook?02:59
Keybukyou'll hit NEW, of course, so you'd have to hope elmo had his coffee that morning02:59
MithrandirKeybuk: dpkg-source: error: source package has two conflicting values - kbd-chooser and kbd-chooser-MERGE02:59
fabbionepitti: no.. i have the kernel.. i need to build d-i02:59
fabbionepitti: with the custom kernel on davis03:00
KeybukMithrandir: oh, hmm03:00
fabbionepitti: problem is there are no d-i B-D on davis and nobody to install them03:00
MithrandirKeybuk: it's not pretty, but I can't make it fall over in any other case.03:00
pittifabbione: Znarl can't?03:00
fabbionepitti: he is not around03:00
MithrandirKeybuk: or just make the distribution "merge" or something.03:00
Keybukso far it's just been easier for me to get the accepteds, and send them to elmo for revoking of upload privileges when Tollef reaches 1003:00
Keybukuh, was that my out-loud voice?03:00
pittifabbione: it'll take a substantial amount of time, but I can do it if necessary03:01
MithrandirKeybuk: haha :-)03:01
fabbionepitti: nah.. ok.. i will wait i guess :/03:01
=== fabbione watches the counter dangerously increasing to 2 days and linux on ppc yet
Keybukanyway, that's a good idea03:02
=== Keybuk makes mom do that
KeybukBenC: btw, are you compiling our shiny new kernels with CONFIG_KOBJECT_UEVENT turned on?03:04
Keybukit's apparently disabled on alpha in Debian by accident03:04
Kamion'tar xzOf linux-source-2.6.15_2.6.15-1.1.tar.gz `tar tzf linux-source-2.6.15_2.6.15-1.1.tar.gz | grep '/config/.*/.'` | grep CONFIG_KOBJECT_UEVENT' says yes03:06
Keybukwhere did you get that from? :)03:07
Kamionget what from?03:07
BenCKeybuk: let me check03:07
BenCKeybuk: yep03:07
=== uenyioha [n=uenyioha@c-24-3-243-231.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
uenyiohahi guys03:08
Keybukoh, BenC uploaded it already03:08
uenyiohaplease is it possible to get the source code for the NPTL03:08
Keybukmy brain is stuck firmly in flappy-paddle gear today03:08
BenCyeah, mawk caused it to fail03:08
=== Keybuk hates red-eye flights
Kamionuenyioha: it's in the glibc source package03:08
uenyiohasay Kamion: it isn't called linuxthreads by any chance?03:09
uenyiohaKamion: it isn't called linuxthreads by any chance?03:09
Kamionuenyioha: linuxthreads is a different (earlier) threading implementation03:09
uenyiohaKamion: right03:10
Kamionuenyioha: 'apt-get source glibc', 'cd glibc-2.3.5', 'debian/rules unpack' and look in build-tree/glibc-2.3.5/nptl/03:10
uenyiohaKamion: thanks....i got the 2.3.6 tarball 03:12
Kamionif you're looking at the upstream tarball then just look in nptl/03:12
jbaileyIs nl.archive.ubuntu.com known to be broken in the same way that us.archive.ubuntu.com and ca.archive.ubuntu.com are?03:13
Treenaksjbailey: Haven't heard complaints yet, but in what way would that be?03:14
jbaileygpg error from apt-get update on the breezy repo.03:14
Treenaksno problem for me (nl.archive)03:14
=== uenyioha [n=uenyioha@c-24-3-243-231.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
Kamionnl.archive == archive03:15
mvojbailey: gpg errors on the archive again? hrm :/03:16
jbaileyTreenaks, Kamion: Thanks.03:16
pittichmj: ping03:19
mvojbailey: if you get these errors, can you please comment all sources out (all but offending one) and run "apt-get update -o Debug::Acquire::http=true" and put the result into a paste.ubuntulinux.nl?03:19
pittimvo: is #19232 (gksuui merge) obsolete now?03:25
=== netdur [n=adel@adsl196-220-85-206-196.adsl196-3.iam.net.ma] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@host-66-202-95-170.spr.choiceone.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvopitti: yes, is merged already03:26
pittimvo: so it can be closed?03:26
=== marilize [n=marilize@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvopitti: yes, will do that now 03:27
mvopitti: and check my other merges too03:27
MithrandirKamion: hmm, any idea why the kbd-chooser changes aren't merged upstream?03:32
dholbachi'm out for a walk... bbl03:41
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
chmjpitti: pong03:43
pittichmj: can you please fix this gmp FTBFS?03:44
chmjpitti: yes 03:44
mjg59Can we enable DHCP's dynamic DNS support by default?03:51
=== zyga_mini [n=zyga@2-mi2-1.acn.waw.pl] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
pittimjg59: you mean the 'send-hostname' option?03:52
pittithis was a great thing at ubz03:52
mjg59It's irritating having to manually configure it on every machine03:52
pittimjg59: I just set it manually, can it be told to use the `hostname -f` output?03:53
KamionMithrandir: most of them are specific to the keymapper thing smurf did and somewhat useless without it; I'm also not very convinced that their cdebconf handling is at all correct. fjp did some hacking recently which might let the translation handling be done better03:54
MithrandirKamion: hmm, ok.  I thought the keymapper thing was put in upstream as well?03:54
KamionMithrandir: not yet, no. I strongly think it should be turned into a cdebconf plugin before it goes upstream - at the moment it's a hack in cdebconf core03:55
Kamionbut we have to fix that for ubuntu-express anyway03:55
MithrandirKamion: point.  Anyway, It merged without any problems in kbd-chooser so I'll just upload that.03:56
mjg59pitti: Hm. It should just be registering the short name, not the FQDN03:56
pittimjg59: ok, makes sense03:57
mjg59At least, that's what Windows does03:57
KamionMithrandir: we really need to sort out cdebconf to let people do out-of-tree plugin builds soon03:57
MithrandirKamion: I can do that tomorrow instead of doing merges, I guess.03:58
ogramjg59, how does that behave if all machines in the network send the same name ? 03:58
ogramjg59, ltsp thin clients are all called ltsp03:58
mjg59ogra: Then you don't configure your DNS server to accept the updates03:59
KamionMithrandir: I'll love you forever, or at least buy you lots of beer at the distro sprint03:59
ogramjg59, what about dhclient ... doesnt it slow it down or something if it is blocked ? 04:00
MithrandirKamion: :-)04:00
siretartwhat about switching to dhcpcd by default?04:00
mjg59ogra: No - the hostname is sent in the request packet04:00
ograah, fine then :)04:00
mjg59It's dhcpd that passes on the update04:00
ograsiretart, ?04:01
ogra(oh missed the c :) nevermind)04:01
siretartmjg59: perhaps we can make the dhclient postinst script to provide a suitable 'send-hostname' line in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf04:03
mjg59siretart: Or we could add functionality to dhclient...04:04
siretartmjg59: what functionality exactly? to send-hostname the hostname by default if not disabled in the config file? or another commandline switch?04:05
pittiMithrandir: AFAICS we can sync krb4, but could you please have a second look onto the patch?04:07
Mithrandirpitti: will do04:07
mjg59siretart: One of those two, yeah04:08
=== neuralis [n=ike@83-131-75-108.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
siretartmjg59: I'd prefer the former, but since this is rather intrusive, I'd go for changing the postinst script due to lazyness04:09
siretarthi neuralis!04:09
mjg59siretart: But that fucks up if anyone changes the hostname04:09
neuralissiretart, hey!04:10
=== [-Jarod-] [n=jarod@lns-bzn-8-82-250-250-155.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
siretartmjg59: thats right. hmm04:11
pittiKamion: if you have the time, could you please NEW openssl, so that we can upload packages against 0.9.8?04:15
Kamionpitti: done04:18
Kamiondon't we need openssl097 now?04:18
pittiinfinity wanted to rebuild everything against 0.9.904:19
Kamionbut in the meantime ...04:19
pittiKamion: hm, but since our openssl now uses 0.9.8, why do we need it?04:19
Kamionbecause otherwise libssl0.9.7 will be removed RSN and lots of stuff will break?04:20
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@port161-157.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittioh, I thought debs remain in the archive until nothing depends onthem any more; I saw that for other libs04:21
Kamiononly if ftpmaster (a) uses the melanie flag to let them notice, (b) is feeling nice04:21
Kamionno, that behaviour is what testing is for, and we don't use that04:22
=== highvoltage [n=Jono@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
pittiKamion: ok; that means we need to sync openssl097 from debian for a while and remove it later?04:22
Kamionthat was my thought04:25
KamionI dunno, elmo might disagree, I just don't see the need to break things more than we have to04:25
=== sbalneav_ [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirpitti: seems to build for me at least, so let's try syncing it.04:27
pittiMithrandir: k, thanks04:28
pittiMithrandir: I updated the bug04:29
pittiI want to collect a few more syncs until I bother Colin again :)04:29
=== Simira [n=rpGirl@214.84-48-74.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Kamion: could you sync "pyorbit pxlib easytag (why is this one needed, that's -build2 version?) gazpacho goffice libgtkhtml2 (experimental) gnome-keyring (experimental)" please?04:33
=== janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-devel
janimosmurf ping04:34
=== koke [n=koke@ubuntu/member/koke] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiKamion: if you are at it, could you also sync br.ispell iproute krb4 shorewall unixodbc ?04:35
janimolibgnutls does not seem to install it's .pc file, is that intentional?04:35
janimoconfig scripts looking for it using pkg_config don;t detect it04:36
Kamionseb128: nothing to sync for easytag, it's already 1.99.9-1 in both sid and dapper04:36
seb128Kamion: hum right, it got updated since I've listed it, thanks04:36
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487F984.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionseb128:  [dpkg-source output:]  dpkg-source: error: file gazpacho_0.6.2.orig.tar.gz has size 433368 instead of expected 43830904:37
BenCKamion: ok, new kernel-package for ppc build was just ACCEPTED, how long should I wait on the new linux-source upload, since it needs that package to build?04:38
seb128k, thanks anyway (why people need to change the orig from upstream?)04:38
Kamionseb128: goffice pxlib pyorbit synced, overwriting Ubuntu changes04:39
seb128Kamion: thank you04:39
pittiBenC: to relieve some pain from Colin, I can tell you when the package goes into the archive04:40
BenCpitti: ok, thanks04:40
KamionBenC: cron.daily runs at :03 and :33; about ten minutes after that you can be pretty sure that the packages are usable by buildds04:40
Kamionseb128: libgtkhtml2 gnome-keyring done too04:41
BenCKamion: so even a _all.deb will be available to all buildd's after it's done?04:41
=== Keybuk wonders whether we should estimate time in Ubuntu Days
seb128cool, thanks04:41
KamionBenC: yes04:41
BenCcool, thanks04:41
KamionBenC: if you want to be safe, wait until you can see it on archive.ubuntu.com04:42
BenCI'll go ahead and upload 2.6.15-2.2 then, and ping you in about 30 minutes :)04:42
Kamionat worst you'll lose half an hour by doing that04:42
Kamionpitti: done, overwriting Ubuntu changes04:43
KamionBenC: I shouldn't need to NEW the source, only the binaries, which will arrive later04:43
=== pusakat [i=proxy@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCKamion: ah, correct, I'll hold off on the upload04:44
pittiKamion: thanks04:44
=== herzi [n=herzi@p54B14606.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zyga_ [n=zyga@2-mi2-1.acn.waw.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zyga_ is now known as zyga_mini
=== dereks- [n=dereks@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jbaileyWe need to add "Ubuntu" to all of our dictionaries. =)04:47
pittichmj: is #19021 still valid?04:52
ograand kubuntu and edubuntu too please :)04:52
ograand sabdfl04:52
Treenaksogra: let's start with ubuntu04:53
=== hunger_ [n=hunger@p54A63096.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== wasabi_ [n=wasabi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== koke [n=koke@ubuntu/member/koke] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== raphink [n=raphink@gra86-1-82-239-88-236.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== MagnusR [n=magru@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487F984.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
slomoelmo: please sync wavpack and gmime2.1 and libextractor from debian/unstable... ubuntu changes can be dropped05:40
KeybukKamion: yeah, we definitely need the real modprobe, not the busybox one05:41
Keybukor heavily patch the busybox one, and forever play catch-up05:41
=== zyga_mini [n=zyga@2-mi2-1.acn.waw.pl] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== mvo needs to run now, he has a appointment, bb in 2h
KamionKeybuk: I kind of hope modprobe will stabilise at *some* point05:44
pittiKamion: please sync ispell-fi and libpng; then I won't bother you any more today, promised :)05:45
pitti(not urgent, though)05:46
KeybukKamion: maybe, but it's only 20K :p05:46
Kamionpitti: E: libpng12-dev is in main but it's source (libpng) is not.05:46
KamionKeybuk: upstream d-i will take this pretty soon, and 20K really matters on the floppies05:47
pittiwhoops? ok, don't bother then, I'll look into that05:47
desrtKinnison; i realised that somewhat after the fact05:47
desrtKinnison; no matter05:47
Kinnisondesrt: :-)05:47
Kamionpitti: ispell-fi done05:47
Kinnisondesrt: was it anything you still need resolving?05:47
desrtno.  i was just going to poke you randomly05:47
KeybukKamion: so we should patch the busybox modprobe to support blacklisting?05:47
desrti can do it now if you like05:47
KamionKeybuk: I think so, yes05:47
Kamionor whatever we need in the installer05:48
slomoKamion: are you the one to ask for syncs atm? or only for really important stuff?05:48
KeybukI imagine the installer will need the same module blacklists as the ordinary userspace05:48
Kinnisondesrt: ill it be a pleasant random poke?05:48
Kinnisondesrt: or will it make me squeal like keybuk?05:48
=== desrt randomly pokes Kinnison, pleasantly
KeybukI don't squeal05:48
KeybukI moan appreciatively05:48
Kamionpitti: you sure you mean libpng? it only seems to build libpng2 and libpng10 in breezy05:48
KamionKeybuk: don't see why it'd need e.g. the alsa ones05:49
pittiKamion: I just took a look at the diff, and saw the MOM bug05:49
desrti taught mao to a couple of people 2 nights ago.  that was particularly interesting.05:49
pittiKamion: but libpng is a mess anyway, I'll figure that out later05:49
KeybukKamion: true, but we'd need the network card ones05:49
SimiraKamion, Kinnison: are Sundays a nice day to have beer in Cambridge?05:50
KamionE: wavpack: not found05:50
Kamionslomo: ^--05:50
=== elmo [n=james@83-216-156-21.jamest747.adsl.metronet.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionslomo: (i.e. wavpack is not in Debian; did it come from somewhere else?)05:51
slomoKamion: sorry, it's still in incoming :/05:51
Kamionslomo: gmime2.1 and libextractor done; I'd kind of rather not do syncs of new packages from incoming, since then we have to duplicate the manual checking that Debian does05:52
=== HiddenWolf [n=HiddenWo@136.118.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
slomoKamion: ok, np... isn't that important anyway :) but it's not NEW for us, we already have it in universe and the packaging only differs slightly... needed to change some small things for my sponsor05:54
=== sbalneav_ is now known as sbalneav
Kamionslomo: I know, but still05:55
Kamionthe Debian NEW queue is pretty quick these days, so we can sync it later05:56
slomoKamion: yes, sure... that's actually the reason why i asked for the sync ;) i thought it was already in as it was accepted last night05:57
Kamionoh, duh, I'm a moron, incoming == accepted not new05:57
Kamionall the same I don't know where to get the Sources file for incoming, so you'll have to wait anyway ...05:58
slomonp :)05:59
KeybukKamion: ah, I remember why I picked those statuses for Bugzilla now06:06
Keybukthere's a *shock* comment above the line of code06:06
Keybukit's the default set of statuses in a Bugzilla search06:06
Keybukmom-in-Bugzilla, that is06:06
Keybuk^ btw, randomly useful Search to Save06:14
fabbionethat's trunked06:14
Keybukno it's not06:15
fabbionetruncated even06:15
Keybukso isn't06:15
Keybukit's just hand-edited to not contain a billion keys06:15
fabbioneah ok06:15
fabbionethe last - was suspicious06:15
=== jk_ is now known as jk
=== LaserJock [n=LaserJoc@lambda.chem.unr.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograpitti, chmj, whats going on with coreutils ??06:17
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionogra: did you look at the diff against Debian in chmj's upload?06:17
KamionI suggest you do06:18
ograi just noted that i have a totally different version than others... and uniq is missing options used in some scripts06:18
Kamionthe only changes were a standards-version change and a versioned dependency on perl-base that the version of perl-base in warty matches06:18
pittiogra: we just synced it?06:18
ograoh, it didnt build yet ... 06:18
Kamion coreutils |     5.93-2 |        dapper | source, amd64, i386, powerpc06:19
dokoKeybuk: really announce the allocator change to -announce?06:19
ogranow i understand ... seems others already have 5.9306:19
Keybukdoko: sure, it's an "upcoming change" that somebody might go "ooooh, need to fix something" for06:19
seb128Keybuk: that's typically the kind of stuff the distro team want to read I guess06:19
Keybuk-devel-announce is the signal, CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL! :p06:20
=== Yvonne [n=justme@pdpc/supporter/active/Yvonne] has left #ubuntu-devel [""]
DizietBah, I suppose sabdfl will grumble if I `accidentally' break the Home/Desktop distinction in firefox by dropping this patch.06:21
smurfjanimo: 06:22
=== sfeehan_ [n=sfeehan@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionjbailey: you have syncs outstanding from pre-breezy; do you need to give them to other people?06:27
=== dereks- [n=dereks@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiogra: edubuntu-server is the only package that keeps postgresql-8.0 in main. I already updated the seeds a while ago, can you please update the metapackage?06:28
pittiogra: (updated for 8.1(06:28
ograpitti, oki06:28
janimosmurf, hey06:28
janimowhat does that mean?06:28
janimopong? :)06:28
KeybukKamion: btw, ~18900 is the first dapper merge06:29
smurfjanimo: You ping me, I pong you06:29
janimosee the two lines I wrote after the initial ping06:29
Kamion#18992 is the first open one06:29
janimolibgnutls vs pkg_config06:29
Keybuksmurf: that meant ping though, you wanted  for pong06:29
KeybukKamion: wow, I'm so good06:30
janimowhere does one learn this stuff?06:30
janimoI'd like to know what is the sign for please sync06:30
fabbioneKeybuk: what was the url to that bootchart thingy?06:30
Keybukfabbione: the package?  people.uc/~scott/packages06:30
smurfKeybuk: ?? ping is , according to gucharmap06:31
smurfjanimo: I'll have a look, thanks06:31
janimosmurf, thanks06:31
Keybuksmurf: maybe I'm confused then06:32
=== Yvonne [n=justme@pdpc/supporter/active/Yvonne] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukI always thought ping was \ and pong / ... but if gucharmap disagrees, it's probably right :p06:32
=== wasabi_ [n=wasabi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
wasabi_xscreensaver somehow does not work with PAM properly. =(06:32
ograwasabi_, xscreensaver will die06:33
wasabi_on breezy it's impossible for me to unlock it06:33
ograwe move to gnome-screensaver ...06:34
wasabi_Oh, gnome-screensaver has the same problem for me heh.06:34
ograhmm, but it has pam support compiled in ...06:34
wasabi_Yeah, but for whatever reason it fails auth, and only tries pam_unix.06:34
wasabi_My pam setup is a bit complicated.06:34
elmoDEAR *, THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: when your package is REJECTED, you need to actually CHANGE something before reuploading it.  THAT IS ALL.  KTHANKS.06:35
seb128hi elmo :)06:36
=== ogra looks for *
seb128elmo: nice to have you back :p06:36
dokoelmo is live again ;-P06:36
janimoogra, what were the probs with xscreensaver?(link) thanks06:38
ograjanimo, ?06:38
janimowhy is it being replaced I mean06:39
janimois gss in gnome core?06:39
ograjanimo, its not as good integrated with the desktop as g-s-s06:39
ograit requires a lot of patching to have a beatiful lock dialog06:39
ograthe code is ancient ...06:39
janimoright now it seems it looks ok to me06:40
ograit uses .xscreensaver files 06:40
Kamiondoko: some people have responsibilities that require them to be in other places than in front of a computer :P06:40
janimofor xubuntu I guess it will stay06:40
ograwhich makes it hard to integrate with the rest of the desktop which uses gconf ...06:40
ograjanimo, i think the main parts will move to universe ... only the hacks we ship will stay in main06:41
janimoisn;t it a single package?06:41
ogranope 06:41
ograits three currently ...06:42
dokoKamion: sure, that was just the nice "I'm back" message06:42
=== pitti_ [n=pitti@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograand it will become 506:42
ograyes :/06:42
jbaileyKamion: The pre-breezy syncs are generally ones that got assigned to me last minute when I was hacking on other things, so missed the deadline.  If others are idle, they're welcome to do them, otherwise they'll get done after the glibc/lkh update.  I'd expect them all to be done by mid next week.06:43
ograsabdfl request ... the hacks already split into gl and nongl packages ... plus the binary (daemon/client) 06:43
ograhe wants to have the hacks split into sipped and unshipped ...06:43
janimowhy do the hack remain in uni if g-s-s replaces x-s-s?06:43
Treenakssounds reasonable, if you have a shitload of hacks06:43
Treenaksor want "screensaver themepacks"06:44
janimocan g-s-s use some of x-s-s data?06:44
ograthe x-s-s-hacks-ship and x-s-s-gl-hacks-ship packages will go to main... the rest gets dropped06:44
Treenaksogra: not universe?06:44
ograthey will be tweaked so you can use them with g-s-s06:44
ograTreenaks, dropped into the big universe of packages :p06:45
Treenaksogra: ah *phew*06:45
janimohmm will that tweakage prevent x-s-s using them ?06:45
=== Treenaks can't live without his precious jumping cow
ograjanimo, nope06:45
janimook then06:45
ograjanimo, i just have to add a .desktop file foe every hack we ship...06:45
ograx-s-s will ignore that06:46
elmook, who merged lm-sensors?06:46
Kamionelmo: please sync mac-fdisk, perl06:47
fabbioneelmo: afaik Mithrandir 06:47
fabbionehi elmo06:47
=== Mithrandir turns down the elmo-volume-o-meter.
=== camilotelles [n=Camilo@20132194128.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoMithrandir: dude, unscrew lm-sensors, and I'll quiten down06:48
Keybukwho uses lm-sensors anyway?06:48
Treenaksuh, doesn't mithrandir have a Thinkpad? Doesn't lm-sensors break on thinkpads?06:49
elmoMithrandir: specifically, it shouldn't be building 2.4.xx kernel modules ...06:50
MithrandirTreenaks: amazingly enough, I have other machines too.06:50
Mithrandirelmo: it doesn't build any 2.4 modules here.06:50
MithrandirI was pondering nuking that part from debian/rules, can do that though06:50
elmokatie@jackass:~/queue/new$ ls lm-sensors*06:50
elmolm-sensors-2.4.27-2-386_2.9.2-5ubuntu1_i386.deb      lm-sensors-2.4.27-2-k7-smp_2.9.2-5ubuntu1_i386.deb06:50
elmoit does on our buildds :-P06:51
Mithrandirsilly buildds. :-P06:51
MithrandirI'll fix it06:51
=== lbm [n=lbm@x1-6-00-13-10-7a-d1-e4.k233.webspeed.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoKamion: done06:53
=== kyncani [n=kyncani@lns-bzn-1-82-250-21-123.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneelmo: thanks for the sparc NEW love06:57
=== lionel_ [n=lionel@ip-128.net-82-216-65.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirelmo: ok, package with all traces of module building uploaded, though I have no idea how that happened.07:02
KamionMithrandir: hmm, localechooser's breaking on current CDs in qemu07:03
MithrandirKamion: oh joy.  Breaking how?07:03
Mithrandirelmo: can you please sync heimdal, ttf-indic-fonts, ttf-freefont, liboil?  Overriding ubuntu changes is ok.07:05
KamionMithrandir: I select "English", "United Kingdom", and localechooser exits 2007:07
elmoMithrandir: done07:07
MithrandirKamion: localechooser doesn't have an "exit 20" in it, though.07:10
MithrandirKamion: I might have screwed up languagelist when merging it; can you get a trace?07:11
KamionMithrandir: ah, it's "20 Incorrect number of arguments" from debconf, due to db_get without arguments07:11
KamionMithrandir: it's the "When running under oem-config" block ...07:12
KamionMithrandir: ok, I've got it, will fix07:13
MithrandirKamion: thanks.07:13
Mithrandirelmo: thanks a lot.07:15
seb128hi mdz07:18
seb128pitti: http://live.gnome.org/GStreamer_2fesd FYI07:18
slomoelmo: please sync balsa from debian/unstable... ubuntu changes can be dropped07:21
fabbionehey mdz07:22
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pittiseb128: thanks for the link07:27
pittiHi mdz!07:27
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pittielmo: can you please sync ocaml? (override ok, I tested the package locally)07:31
=== mae [n=mae@dpc674653178.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo: it has a NEW package, though07:32
slomoelmo: and please sync gnunet from debian/unstable... ubuntu changes can be dropped07:36
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SimiraNafallo: got your mail? I got one of yours in return07:48
pittimdz, Kamion: btw, I reviewed (and still reviewing) the anastacia output and I created a couple of reports07:49
pittiKamion: since you wanted to promote some packages soon07:49
NafalloSimira: ah, yes :-).07:50
NafalloSimira: have jenny sent the signatures to you yet?07:50
mdzpitti: anything ready to promote?07:52
pittimdz: yes, see the queue07:52
pittimdz: this should make at least abiword buildable07:53
pittimdz: I'm still digging through the plethora of perl modules that po4a introduces07:53
=== highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittibut several packages b-dep on po4a, so I hope to finish this today07:53
Keybukcooky, mom doesn't notice when a file is added differently on both sides08:03
BenCmdz: ping08:04
maetheres a lot of buzz on launchpad about dapper08:08
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slomoBenC: ping?08:18
HiddenWolfis the switch bugzilla -> malone still going ahead?08:19
Keybukso, err08:27
Keybukcould someone install BenC's shiny new kernel, and see if their machine will boot <g>08:27
TreenaksKeybuk: I think we have a volunteer in #ubuntu-nl08:28
Keybukdoes he knowingly know it might not boot? :p08:29
pittiKeybuk: -amd64 just hit accepted/08:30
pittiKeybuk: I'm eager to try it :)08:30
Nafallois it NEW'd? :-)08:32
sivangKeybuk: I wouldn't mind either , but I have to reach home before :)08:32
NafalloKeybuk: he told me he runned it on his laptop the whole ubz-week when I asked ;-)08:32
KeybukI'd be interested to know how he gets /dev08:33
Keybukin particular, /dev/input08:33
TreenaksKeybuk: yes08:38
TreenaksKeybuk: but anyway, I'm trying it on my _other_ laptop :)08:38
Treenaks(oh, and don't ever post photos of conferences on your site. you won't like the bandwidth bill)08:39
KeybukI don't pay for bandwidth :)08:39
pitti$ sudo dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.15-2-amd64-generic_2.6.15-2.2_amd64.deb - whoo!08:41
BenCslomo: pong08:41
BenCFYI, amd64 is _completely_ untested :)08:42
pittiBenC: then you will hear me screaming soon :)08:42
TreenaksBenC: I'm currently downloading .15-208:42
TreenaksKeybuk: I do, and it sucks :) but oh well :)08:42
BenCi386 and ppc I can say "works for me", and that you should get the same hw I have if it doesn't work :)08:43
BenCif this channel is empty after 30 minutes, I guess I'll have to go hide somewhere08:43
TreenaksBenC: Then a coordinated effort to hunt you down will begin, I guess08:44
KeybukBenC: and you have stuff in /dev/input? :p08:44
Keybukkooky too08:44
=== Diziet gets to the end of the firefox `files to merge list'. Excellent, I can spend tomorrow trying to get it to build.
DizietThat'll make a nice change from reading huge and often incomprehensible diffs.08:44
=== Keybuk hugs smerge-mode
Diziet-1s/merge list'/merge' list/'08:44
BenCKeybuk: my G4 actually works ok, except that my gnome desktop will not accept that my cdrom is mounted (it is, but it wont open it)08:45
DizietThe real problem was that I had little idea what most of the changes did.  Luckily the vast majority seem generally irrelevant for 1.5beta.08:45
DizietNow, dinner !08:45
DizietTTFN all08:45
BenCmy i386 has problems with the new rt2500pci, but other than that, all the USB devices work (lots of joysticks and stuff, because it's a mame arcade machine)08:46
Keybukvarious people have sworn blind that old udev flat-out doesn't work08:46
pittimdz: can you please promote the lot in UbuntuMainInclusionQueue? This should clean up anastacia a lot08:47
BenCmy G4 shows three mice in /dev/input, which matches because I have a Logitech Internet Nav keyboard08:47
BenCand it shows three ts# devices...what are those?08:47
=== pitti tries 2.6.15 amd64, brb (hopefully)
=== BenC hopes pitti returns soon
TreenaksThis is why I have spare boxes to test on08:48
BenCyeah, removing tsdev removes those08:49
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=== magnon [n=co@photogeeks/magnon] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukBenC: udevinfo -a -p $(udevinfo -q path -n input/ts0)08:49
=== Treenaks fires up the reboot thingy
=== rob^^^ [n=rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TreenaksBenC: my framebuffer looks al weird now, but it seems to boot08:53
slomoBenC: do you plan to update libraw1394 to the newest upstream? it's needed by some packages08:53
TreenaksBenC: vertical stripes, with a hint of "something's scrolling here" in them08:54
BenCslomo: I currently have no way to do it in debian, if that's what you mean08:54
BenCTreenaks: weird, does console work after it boots to gdm?08:54
TreenaksBenC: *try*08:54
TreenaksBenC: yes, ctrl+alt+f1 is fine08:54
BenCvga16fb must be a bit broken then08:55
BenCusplash enabled?08:55
slomoBenC: can i update it and give it to you for review? (for ubuntu that is)08:55
BenCslomo: by all means, please08:55
=== Hirion [n=Hirion@p5487F984.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TreenaksBenC: usplash-enabled; vga16: yes08:55
BenCI need to do some more testing with usplash, my i386 here doesn't have it enabled08:56
TreenaksBenC: so vga16fb-brokenness could very well be08:56
slomoBenC: thanks... i'll do it later08:56
BenCTreenaks: other than that, sound working, networking?08:56
Treenakssound, yes08:56
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@tvwna-ip-a-3.princeton.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenaksnetwork (wired): seems to work08:57
Treenaksnetwork (wireless, ipw2200) looks broken08:57
BenCyeah, I had heard that it was08:57
BenCI wonder if it's the ieee80211 stack that's broken...my wireless rt2500pci was broken aswell08:57
Treenaksah firmware08:58
slomoelmo: please sync gnunet from debian/unstable... ubuntu changes can be dropped08:58
BenCoh yeah, that's what it was, firmware08:58
=== pitti_ [n=pitti@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenClet me mark that down for fixing08:58
pitti_wow, that was smooth08:58
pitti_Keybuk, BenC: apart from a totally broken usplash video mode, 2.6.15/amd64 boots and works fine here08:59
BenCdo you have wireless?08:59
pitti_Keybuk, BenC: X11, sound, usb hotplug, network work fine08:59
Treenakspitti_: usplash is broken for me too08:59
Treenakspitti_: or at least, the video mode08:59
pitti_BenC: only on my laptop08:59
BenCvga16fb is broken08:59
BenCusplash works on my G408:59
BenCpitti_: what wireless card?08:59
pitti_BenC: there is no signal in the corner of the room where my desktop stands08:59
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BenCI'm really interested in a lot of wireless feedback, since that's what most of our external drivers are related to09:00
NafalloBenC: rt2x00 beta drivers?09:00
pitti_BenC: once ppc kernel has built, I'll upgrade my ibook and test linux-wlan-ng09:00
BenCNafallo: yeah, 2.0.0-b209:00
pitti_BenC: I have another wireless card that 2.6.12 did not support OOTB09:00
NafalloBenC: scary :-P.09:00
pitti_BenC: however, lemme just plug it in and try09:00
BenCpitti_: my G4's Airport card seems to be working ok for almost 24 hours now09:00
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCnot Airport Extreme, just 11b09:01
pitti_BenC: I don't have an airport extreme for my ibook yet, but if it works, I'll buy one09:01
pitti_BenC: wil that work for ppc?09:01
BenCI don't expect Airport Extreme to work, my laptop's wireless used that dirver, and it just crashed09:01
pitti_[  755.669540]  prism2usb_init: prism2_usb.o: 0.2.2 Loaded09:02
pitti_[  755.669544]  prism2usb_init: dev_info is: prism2_usb09:02
pitti_[  755.675334]  usbcore: registered new driver prism2_usb09:02
pitti_[  755.707042]  wlan0 (WE) : Driver using old /proc/net/wireless support, please fix driver !09:02
BenCmy G5 has Airport Extreme, so I'm hoping to get some testing soon09:02
pitti_BenC: above is dmesg for my prism2 card which I normally use on my laptop09:02
slomopitti_: there's a driver in development... afaik it can already kismet but no sending ;) i'll test it when 2.6.15 for ppc is built09:02
Keybukpitti_: ok, that's good then09:02
BenCslomo: the bcm43xx driver?09:02
Treenaksoh yeah, mine complains about "pci driver ipw2200 has a struct device_driver shutdown method, please update!"09:03
magnonafaik the driver for airport extreme is being reverse engineered and they're making a spec 09:03
BenCerr, yeah09:03
magnonso there should be a driver soon09:03
slomoBenC: yes... someone on their ml wrote about using it with kismet09:03
BenCthat driver is in the 2.6.15-2.2 upload09:03
BenCyou can try it, but I doubt it works09:03
slomoBenC: oh, nice :) but i prefer trying svn every few days09:04
BenCthe checkout was from 11-09, so it's pretty recent09:04
BenCdefinitely let me know if it ever starts working09:04
pitti_BenC: iwconfig says 'no wireless extensions' here, but I never tested that prism2 thingy on my desktop09:04
BenCpitti_: weird09:04
Keybukmjg59, mdz, sabdfl: ping09:04
slomoBenC: sure, i'll yell at you :P when will we get 2.6.15 for ppc?09:04
pitti_BenC: hmm, maybe I should install the l-wlan-ng package :)09:05
BenCpitti_: can you see if there is another driver that supports it in your modules?09:05
BenCI recall that there was more than one driver that worked on prism209:05
BenCslomo: depends on how fast the buildd is, I suspect it is chugging on it right now09:05
KamionBenC: I already did the legwork to extract the firmware for my laptop's AE, so I'll try it out in not too long09:06
fabbioneBenC: my ppc is installing right now09:06
slomoBenC: fine, so i can start breaking my ibook soon :)09:06
BenCglad that so far everyone atleast can boot it09:06
fabbioneBenC: as soon as we can get all pieces together, i can test too09:06
BenCfabbione: nice09:06
fabbionei am not sure tho this version of the Airport is supported at all09:07
fabbionethe hw on the new powerbook is barely supported by linux :/09:07
fabbioneOlof said that the trackpad doesn't work.. and other stuff too.. but i don't have X yet09:07
Kamionfabbione: it'll be an Airport Extreme surely - Apple haven't shipped Airports with PowerBooks for years09:07
BenCif it's Extreme, which it probably is (11g) then no, if it's just an Airport, then it will work09:07
Kamionbut yours should have a PCMCIA slot09:07
BenCfabbione: track pad should work with out patches09:07
pitti_BenC: my Siemens Gigaset USB wireless is not recognized, but that required an external driver in 2.6.12, too09:07
fabbioneBenC: not according to Olof on the new serie09:08
pitti_BenC: that worked after a lot of fiddling and driver compilation09:08
BenCfabbione: ah, ok09:08
fabbioneKamion: yes, that doesn't bother me.. i am on cable here09:08
magnonfabbione: my trackpad works with the appletouch driver09:08
BenCpitti_: if you can track down the driver, we can include it09:08
fabbionemagnon: on the new serie?09:09
magnonis there another one?09:09
magnonmine is from may09:09
fabbionethere is a new one 09:09
fabbionefrom like a month ago09:09
pitti_BenC: that's the atmel driver09:09
fabbionemagnon: but there are also other problems on this new hw09:09
pitti_BenC: http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net09:09
fabbionelike sleep doesn't work09:09
fabbionebut benh is already working on getting it fixed09:10
BenCpitti_: thought we had that driver...guess I'll have to check09:10
pitti_BenC: I compiled it successfully (after some fiddling) against several kernels09:10
pitti_BenC: linux upstream does have atmel drivers, but not for the USB cards09:10
magnonfabbione: not surprising...09:10
BenCpitti_: can you try rmmod prism2(whatever the module is called) and modprobe hostap_cb?09:11
BenCI think that was the one that also supported prism2 cards09:11
pitti_BenC: for the netgear one? sure09:11
dholbachis everybody in #ubuntu-meeting? it's TB meeting :)09:11
TreenaksBenC: ooh, when I press the power button, it shuts down nicely09:11
TreenaksBenC: but at poweroff -> PANIC09:11
BenCTreenaks: hmm, email the panic to bcollins@u.c please?09:12
pitti_BenC: [ 1373.080276]  hostap_cs: 0.4.4-kernel (Jouni Malinen <jkmaline@cc.hut.fi>)09:12
pitti_BenC: however, no wireless card in iwconfig now09:12
TreenaksBenC: uh, no serial on that machine.. and I'm _not_ going to copy a screendump manually ;)09:12
pitti_BenC: and no other output09:12
BenCTreenaks: pictures work ok :)09:12
TreenaksBenC: oh DOH09:12
BenCpitti_: ok09:13
=== kmr [n=kevin@d.b9.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TreenaksBenC: the picture is 4MB; ok to mail? :)09:16
BenCTreenaks: hmm, guess it's worth a shot :)09:16
pitti_BenC: it seems that the hostap drivers are only for pcmcia and pci09:16
BenCoh, thought that had a usb one too09:17
=== Aegir [n=richard@d220-238-232-61.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== rob^^^ [n=rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TreenaksBenC: sending... :)09:19
TreenaksBenC: OK, sent09:21
mptKamion, ping09:22
Kamionmpt: hi; if you include the actual question with your pings we'll have fewer one-day round trip times :)09:27
mptKamion, I have a couple of questions to tidy up UbuntuExpress/PartitioningTool09:27
ogra hrm, is gksudo broken for anybody else ? 09:27
=== dr88dr88 [n=gerrit@e226029.upc-e.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Danten [n=danten@h142n3c1o1049.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #Ubuntu-devel
mdkeogra, yes09:28
ograah, ok, then i'm at least not alone :)09:28
Kamionmpt: ok, that might take a while and I'm giving up for the evening soon; can it be done by e-mail?09:28
mptKamion: first, how long will/might it take to scan all the disks and see how much space is available on each one?09:28
mptsure, no problem09:28
dholbachogra, mdke: should be fixed now09:28
dholbachogra, mdke: the new libgksuui will fix it09:29
Kamionmpt: it's quick enough that we already do it at the partman main menu in our existing installer09:29
ogradholbach, thanks :)09:29
Kamionnot instant, but pretty short09:29
neuralismdz, ping09:29
KamionBTW you know UbuntuExpress/PartitioningTool is already approved, right?09:29
mptit's approved, but I thought it might be incomplete09:30
ogrampt, the code is afaik09:30
Kamionogra: of course it is09:30
mptKamion, the other question was, what if a partition is so fragmented it can't be resized?09:30
Kamionmpt: libparted deals with that09:31
Kamionnon-prehistoric systems automatically defragment09:31
mptperhaps, but libparted doesn't have a gui of its own09:32
=== janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has left #ubuntu-devel []
mptI mean, where do we take the person if libparted comes back with an error09:32
Kamionmpt: it doesn't matter, libparted automatically restructures e.g. the FAT when resizing09:32
Kamionthere is no such thing as "so fragmented it can't be resized" AFAIK09:32
mptoh, great09:32
Kamionif libparted comes back with an error, we present the error, but that's not generally one of the cases where that will happen09:33
Kamionwe can do our best to avoid such situations happening, but partitioning is a complex subject and from time to time things will go wrong09:33
dilingeroh yea09:33
mptAll right, that's all I wanted to know09:33
mptthanks Kamion 09:33
dilingeri forgot to submit my parted patches09:33
Kamionok, cool09:33
Kamionno problem09:34
mptogra, "the code is ___________ afaik"?09:34
ogra<mpt> it's approved, but I thought it might be incomplete09:34
mptso the code is approved, or the code is incomplete? :-)09:35
ograthe latter one :)09:35
Kamionwe're talking about a spec, not the code09:35
mptthat's why I was confused :-)09:35
Kamiona week and a half after the conference I think it's obvious that the code will be incomplete ;)09:35
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-084-059-089-166.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograKamion, was this newly discussed at ubz ? i didnt know that...09:36
=== mvo [n=egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionogra: all of UE was re-discussed09:36
ograah, ok09:36
mptogra, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuExpress/PartitioningTool09:36
Keybukok ... either the hdparm maintainer is on crack, or I need to have coffee09:43
ogradid he implement the hdparm settings in gconf ? 09:43
Keybukno, but it looks like the upgrade stuff in postinst will do almost exactly the wrong thing09:44
ogrampt, looks cool ... 09:44
Riddellogra: what time is dapper dev meeting on thursday?09:44
Keybukpreinst, even09:45
KeybukRiddell: 080009:45
Riddellug, early09:45
ograRiddell, just stay up :)09:45
Riddellogra: given my current sleep pattern that's not unlikely09:45
=== xhaker banhoca
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nafallois it normal that usplash is screwed on the new kernel? ;-)09:57
=== dholbach [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/dholbach] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pitti_Nafallo: for me, too09:58
Nafallogood to not be alone :-)09:59
Nafallomy "mousewheel" moves my pointer up and down ;-)10:00
pittihm, works for me10:00
Nafallosynaptic touchpad?10:00
Nafallolooks like rt2500 still can scan atleast :-)10:02
BenCI think I figured out the usplash problem10:04
BenCand oddly enough it seems to be a usplash bug :)10:04
sladenfore soth, usplash doth have many corners10:05
sladenhave you tracked it down enough to file it?10:05
BenCit's not really a bug, I guess10:06
BenCjust the location of softcursor.ko changes (video/console/ instead of video/)10:06
BenCbut I can't understand why there isn't a modprobe in initramfs, so it didn't have to use insmod10:06
BenCwould solve the problem easily10:06
KamionBenC: looking back through irclogs, apparently the original reason was that modprobe would require an updated modules.dep in the initramfs10:09
BenCbut the initrd does in fact call depmod several times :)10:10
BenCatleast that's what I gathered from some of the BOF's at ubz10:10
Kamionyeah, but that's going to go away I think10:11
Kamionand the depmod would have to happen at run-time rather than initramfs-build-time because initramfses can be concatenated at boot10:11
=== slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenConly because modules.dep will be expected to be sane10:11
Kamionnear the bottom, there's a discussed10:11
Kamionthe conclusion seemed to be that modprobe --show-depends would help10:12
slomoBenC: 2.6.15 works fine here on my athlon... good work :)10:12
BenCslomo: good to hear, thanks10:12
BenCwell, seems the problem wasn't simply the softcursor module10:12
BenCwell, usplash isn't even showing up for me10:13
=== BenC spits out one more "well" for good measure
NafalloBenC: scrolling on my synaptics touchpad stopped working, except that it seems working :-)10:15
Nafallo(famous last words :-P)10:15
BenCyeah, I noticed the same with my synaptics too, but I can't test it anymore10:16
Nafallogood, only reproducible stuff yet then :-)10:16
BenCyeah, so far nothing deadly too10:16
xhakerbroken deps ;)10:18
=== xhaker back!
Mithrandirxhaker: please turn off public away10:21
xhakerMithrandir, sorry. i thought xchat did it only at the network i was in10:22
xhakerame seems to spawn at every network :S10:23
slomoelmo: please sync gnunet-gtk from debian/unstable... it's NEW10:25
fabbioneinfinity, lamont-away, elmo: is any of the ppc buildd munging the kernel?10:26
=== psusi [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoerr, "munging"?10:26
psusiso what's up with all the talk on the ml lately about init?  What's wrong with init that supposedly makes it slow?10:26
fabbioneelmo: did you ever use "munge" on amiga to do debugging?10:27
elmoI was an Atari person :P10:27
fabbioneelmo: it become a synonimous of "working hard" on something10:27
fabbionetsk ;)10:27
Keybukpsusi: nothing10:27
Keybukit's just one of those shiny things that everyone blames who hasn't actually bothered to find out what the problems really are10:28
Keybukit's the layman's -pipe10:28
MithrandirKeybuk: but -pipe -pipe -pipe is _even_ faster.10:29
crimsunelmo: please sync xsidplay, xmltv, xine-ui, xfstt, wmtv, wmsysmon, waili, and vpnc from Sid (ok to override ubuntu changes)10:29
psusiok... that's what I figured10:29
BenCanyone know why I wouldn't have a /dev/null in my initramfs?10:29
BenCusplash is failing because of that10:29
elmofabbione: no - it broke, given it back10:29
fabbioneelmo: thanks10:30
sladenBenC: /win 2210:30
KeybukBenC: weird, it's created right at the top of the initramfs init script10:30
psusiI need to give that boot profiler a try... I've timed my boot time at 27 secconds but I wonder what's going on in there... but first I need to finish working out the power management kinks in the sata_via driver10:31
Nafalloelmo: thanx for all syncs :-)10:31
=== steinpferd_ [n=chatzill@host-84-222-94-113.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionoh damn, helps to rebuild d-i after changing stuff in the initrd10:33
=== HiddenWolf [n=HiddenWo@136.118.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCwait, this is an old initramfs-tools10:34
=== HWolf [n=HiddenWo@136.118.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmocrimsun: done10:34
elmoslomo: no, it's marked as BROKEN in josie - I'll post about the BROKEN packages later10:35
bmonty_laptopelmo: did you get the sync requests I sent you via email?10:35
slomoelmo: josie?10:35
=== sistpoty [n=sistpoty@ubuntu/member/sistpoty] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmobmonty_laptop: not yet gotten to the sync email backlog10:36
elmoslomo: the program that does syncs10:36
bmonty_laptopelmo: ok, thanks10:36
slomoelmo: hmm, maybe broken because we didn't have a new enough gnunet until a few hours ago? or what are the possibilities why it detects something as broken?10:37
elmoslomo: as I said, I'll post about the broken packages later, kinda busy now, sorry10:37
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slomoelmo: np :) just curious10:38
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crimsunelmo: thanks!10:38
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shayaanyone know what this error is from10:43
shayaUndefined color: "#000000 " when trying to run emacs in dapper10:43
shayaxrdb issue?10:43
Hirionshaya: same here with vim10:45
seb128probably xrdb called with -nocpp where is should cpp10:45
seb128gnome-settings-daemon change maybe10:45
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Kamionit should be using mcpp in dapper10:47
seb128Kamion: it is10:48
Kamionok, you're scaring me. how did you see that?10:48
danielsbecause I am fucking ninja10:48
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danielsalso, good morning everyone10:48
seb128hi daniels10:48
Nafallomorning daniels :-)10:50
shayaso any way to fix it so I can get my emacs back? :)10:52
diemanso like, if ive got a really flipping annoying nfs bug in hoary and I can find the patch to fix it, is there a way to get it in someday as part of hoary slipped in with a security update? ;)10:53
diemanor 'just upgrade to breezy, damnit'10:53
danielsshaya: fix what?10:54
danielsi guess this has something to do with xrdb10:54
shaya$ emacs10:54
shayaUndefined color: "#000000 "10:54
Treenaksshaya: space at the end of your line10:54
shayame too10:54
Treenaksbad bad bad10:54
danielsshaya: that's not a problem with xrdb, that's you missing /etc/X11/rgb.txt or such10:55
danielsbut treenaks has a very good point10:55
shayano, I have it10:55
shaya-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 17371 2005-08-17 08:15 /etc/X11/rgb.txt10:55
Treenaksshaya: there's a space at the end of the relevant line in your xrdb input file10:55
sivangnight all10:56
Treenaksshaya: night sivan10:56
shayawhere's that input file10:56
Treenaksyou put it there ;)10:56
danielsshaya: maybe .Xdefaults, maybe .Xresources, who knows10:56
shayaI hvae none10:56
danielsgrep for '#000000 ' over /etc, but this is seriously #ubuntu territory10:56
shayathis came w/ an upgrade to dapper10:57
slomodaniels: i have the same problem ;)10:57
slomodaniels: "Warning: Color name "#efebe7 " is not defined" with vim10:57
shayaalso tk10:57
shayaApplication initialization failed: this isn't a Tk applicationinvalid color name "#efebe7 "10:58
danielsworks for me?10:58
shayaare you uptodate w/ dapper?10:58
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danielsi'm not just saying that for fun10:59
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shayaI just rgrep'd /etc and /home/spotter no matches10:59
seb128works for me too11:00
sistpotyshaya: do you have xrgb installed?11:00
shayadpkg --status xrgb | grep Status11:00
shayaStatus: install ok installed11:00
slomodaniels: xrgb uses mcpp now? is it maybe related to this error? http://pastebin.com/43093411:01
shayawhen I run xrdb by hand it hangs11:01
BenCok, usplash works for me now11:01
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shayaseems to wait for input11:02
shayactrl-d closes it11:02
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daniels... well, yes.11:02
danielsit doesn't magically just guess resources to merge for y.11:02
danielsslomo: don't worry about that error11:02
shayaanyways, the colors erroring on are no where to be found11:03
slomook, then i have no idea what causes this ;)11:03
slomoand it magically disappeared for me now... wtf11:04
ogradaniels, slomo, byciclerepair11:04
danielsogra: herbivoroushelicopter11:04
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danielsi can concatenate words together too! ;)11:05
danielsif you're saying that bicyclerepair makes things break, it's installed here11:05
ograno i mean the addon we had in hoary and breezy ... it keeps the vim63 directory undeleted ... 11:05
ograor kept11:05
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ogranot sure if it changed 11:05
danielswell, it's installed here, and still wfm.11:06
shayawonder if it has to do w/ xrgb 0.99.1-1 -> 0.99.2-0ubuntu11:06
ograi had this error too...11:06
Kamionshaya: note that daniels uploaded both of those11:06
=== ogra reboots to new kernel
shayadaniels: so to work around it, anyway I can set that resource?11:08
danielsshaya: i don't know man, so far I haven't seen any specific problem, or reproducible, just random apps complaining that they can't find colours11:09
shayaright, how can I fake it out11:09
shayaso that color is set11:09
shayauntil I can spend time investigating it11:09
danielspoke in /etc/X11/rgb.txt, but you probably need an X server restart for this11:09
NafalloKeybuk: you should s/Resynchronise/Merge/ for your own uploads or something :-). that's less to write anyway ;-).11:12
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KeybukNafallo: it's in the changelog from mom11:12
ograhmm, intresting, my mouse (touchpad) sensitivity has changed with the last upgrade ...11:13
Nafalloogra: same here :-)11:13
daniels'tis a kernel thing11:13
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shayafigured out why I think11:17
shayaspotter@dent:~$ xprop -root |grep RESOURCE11:18
shayaRESOURCE_MANAGER(STRING) = "*Box.background:\t#efebe7 \n*Box.foreground:\t#101010 \n......11:18
shayaany idea where that gets set from?11:18
shayaI'm also getting XKB errors on startup that led me in that direction11:18
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shayathe bug is in mcpp11:20
shayamv mcpp mcpp.bak ; cp cpp mcpp ; restart x ; no more bug11:20
shayaxprop -root |grep RESOURCE11:20
shayaRESOURCE_MANAGER(STRING) = "*Box.background:\t#efebe7\n*Box.foreground:\t#101010\n.......11:20
danielsif you can file a bug with a complete diff of exactly what changes between cpp and mcpp, that would be useful11:24
shayaall I can tell is my xprop output11:30
shayaI'll try to file a bug w/ that later11:30
shayaneed ot do some work right now, so dont wnat to restart X again11:30
danielsyour call11:31
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mdkemdz, around? We're waiting for a nod or shake of the head from you on http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1374611:45
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mdzmdke: I'm very, very far behind on email at the moment11:53
mdkemdz, heh, ok sorry11:53
mdzI just got home last night and will be working through the backlog this week11:53
mdkegood luck!11:53
mdkei can imagine11:54
mdkemdz, did you get over that illness ok?11:54
neuralismdz: have a sec?11:55
mdzmdke: yes, I'm feeling ok11:58
mdzneuralis: regarding what?11:58
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mdkemdz_, mdz, clone yourself just in case, good thinking11:59
neuralismdz, i suppose it doesn't need to be now -- when you get a chance, would you please look at the rewritten TestingServerHardware spec (high priority)?11:59
mdzmy laptop just resumed from hibernate and had a client running12:00
mdzneuralis: sure, an email reminder would be great as I won't get to it today12:00
neuralismdz, will send one now. thanks.12:00

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