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blueyedThe styleguide linked on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiGuide is a 404..06:27
Madpilotblueyed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StyleGuide06:42
blueyedMadpilot: should the link be updated/fixed?06:50
Madpilotit should, but I'm not sure which URL to put there instead06:51
Madpilotbecause the URL I just provided isn't actually the Style Guide, it's about the thing...06:52
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BurgundaviaMadpilot, ping07:43
MadpilotBurgundavia: pong07:43
Burgundaviasomeone else responding asking if they could join us tomorrow night for the website redesign talk07:44
Madpilotfine with me07:44
Burgundaviayou got that google map linky?07:44
Madpilotgive them the usual Google Maps URL for directions, tell them 7:3007:44
MadpilotBurgundavia: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=975+Ridgeway+St,+Saanich+BC&iwloc=A&hl=en07:46
BurgundaviaI think we are only expecting one other person07:50
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Burgundavialooks like we are only expecting one other person to join us07:52
Burgundaviasalut robitaille 07:52
robitailleHi Burgundavia 07:52
Madpilothi robitaille07:53
robitailleHello Madpilot 07:53
robitailleso I guess you are stepping on some toes for the vlug web  site :)07:54
MadpilotI've actually finally joined that mailing list, just caught Corey's last reply to Andrew Willard07:54
Burgundaviarobitaille, no I am not07:55
BurgundaviaI am merely moving something forward07:55
BurgundaviaVLUG is about as active as a dead slug07:55
robitailletotally agree.  But it's interesting that suddently there is already a web redesign commitee after you suggest the idea.07:56
Burgundavialikely there has been a committee for a while07:56
Burgundaviabut they have done nothing07:56
robitailleand all the plans for an install fest were there, but not pubvlic until you suggested it07:56
Madpilotcommitees tend to hang around...07:56
Burgundaviatoo late for us to get into Monday, I might add07:56
BurgundaviaI tried today07:56
Madpilotrobitaille: one thing Burgundavia is good at, is sh*t disturbing... ;)07:57
robitailleI prefer the more polite " he is the guy with good ideas" :)07:57
Madpilotsame thing07:58
Burgundaviasometimes it has to be07:59
Burgundaviait all depends on how it is approched07:59
Madpilothmmm... the VLUG site front page and the "About VLUG" page are identical, except for their URLs...08:00
BurgundaviaI wonder if we can move the entire VLUG site to a mediawiki install08:02
Burgundaviaala Tango, go-mono, etc.08:02
Madpilotwho actually hosts it?08:03
Burgundaviawe have a server hosted in town08:03
BurgundaviaMadpilot, what did you think of my mad mediawiki idea?08:28
Madpilotfor VLUG?08:33
Madpilotmediawiki strikes me as overkill - there are simpler CMS/wiki systems08:35
Burgundaviabut we might want to look at something like that08:35
Madpilothttp://www.opensourcecms.com/ <-- live trials of a whole pile of CMS/wiki/blog packages08:36
rob1yeah that site is pretty good08:56
mdkeblueyed_, i'll fix that styleguide link later, sorry. in the meantime you can find it on help.ubuntu.com09:10
mdkeactually I'll fix it now09:12
blueyed_mdke: Thanks. Just wanted to mention it anyway and didn't know how to fix it myself.09:12
mdkeblueyed_, it should be working now09:12
rob1whats the go with the "online/offline application that helps the users according to answers to simple questions"? 09:13
rob1(was on the meeting agenda for this week)09:14
Madpilotrob1: added by "PierreSlamich" who has no wikipage...09:15
rob1oh hmm..09:15
rob1I think the effort would be better spent giving ubotu an acl09:16
mdkeseems to me that he's asking for a guide09:16
mdkewhich is already in Breezy09:16
rob1yeah people are blind, we really should market our docs better (although the comp might help towards that aim)09:17
mdkeyes we can do more marketing i suppose09:17
rob1but then, the documentation project is still young, so you can't expect heaps09:18
mdkewell we marketed on the forums, the fridge and all major mailing lists09:18
rob1I guess users are used to ignoring onboard help09:19
mdkemarketed in inverted commons09:19
mdkeand there is also a link on the frontpage of the wiki09:19
mdkethe only place we can do more is ubuntu.com09:19
rob1yeah I put that on there09:20
mdkeand that will change when the new website comes out09:20
rob1I was speaking to bob2 from #ubuntu a while back, he mentioned one thing that would help is if we had better anchors on the online versions so they could link to them better, maybe something to keep in mind for dapper09:21
mdkedon't the anchors work?09:22
rob1all we have to ensure is that we name our sections etc with easily understood names rather then the internal-style references we used09:22
mdkeah i see09:22
mdkefair enough09:22
rob1they do, but "fg-blah-blah-something" is ugly, it would better off just being "java09:22
mdkeyes i see that09:23
rob1maybe something that needs to be in the style guide?09:23
mdkecould be09:23
rob1<-- this Unix/Linux guy just got moved to a Windows helpdesk/sysadmin roll today09:24
Burgundaviayou poor bastard09:24
rob1I had someone teaching me a few windows command-line tricks today just to save my sanity09:25
=== mdke goes to work
rob1by 3pm I was nodding off09:25
rob1cya mdke 09:25
=== rob1 is off to watch the simpsons
bhuvanjust an off-topic question: how can we create a new channel in freenode.net ? 09:44
bhuvanlooking to create a new channel for my local linux user group09:44
robitaillejust join it09:44
bhuvanoh, ok. if it doesnt exist, it will be created ?09:45
robitailleI think so.09:45
bhuvanoh, ok09:45
Burgundaviato make it permanent, you need to contact freenode staff and get it registered09:45
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rob1bhuvan, no, you need to use chanserv to register it10:17
rob1then get on the freenode website and fill out the contact info etc forms10:17
rob1the forms are only just information for the freenode staff about your chan and yourself incase they have any problems or you want to set up hostmasks etc10:18
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bhuvanmdke, rob: ping12:59
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sladenhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeamTemplate?action=info  somebody here has deleted this Template 2 weeks ago and replaced it with a redirect to an old template, which they've then restored04:04
sladenare ther ebackups of what the template looked like before 2005-11-0204:04
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mdkehi dholbach 08:04
mdkesladen, someone deleted it and also managed to delete all its history, no idea how. Corey then restored it from another page I believe, and inserted a redirect08:05
sladenah.  they ended up the wrong way around08:12
sladen /Template should be dead08:12
sladenand Template should be the template08:13
sladenwonder if I can find a recent laptop entry and claw it back from that08:13
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mkdedholbach, still here?08:17
mkdei have some network issues08:17
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