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zulthe new system of a down is gooooood..01:39
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zulLinux bart 2.6.15-1-686 #1 SMP Sun Nov 13 11:44:52 EST 2005 i686 GNU/Linux02:22
zulcouple of hardware regressions on my laptop though02:23
zulipw2200 couldnt load the firmware and usplash didnt work02:23
BenCusplash worked for me on my laptop and G402:28
BenCis that the buildd build?02:28
zulmy own build02:29
BenCfrom my git?02:29
zulmy git02:29
BenCbut I mean does it have all the stuff from my git tree?02:29
zulno wait...hmm...just a sec..02:29
zulyours and mine02:30
BenCany messages in kern.log about unresolved symbols in any modules?02:35
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fabbionehmm how do you cherry pick with git?07:40
fabbionemjg59: ping?08:51
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mjg59fabbione: Hi?12:23
fabbionemjg59: i was looking at one commit Ben did on .1212:24
fabbioneafter breezy release12:24
fabbione  * external-arch-i386-kernel-reboot_reboot-thru-bios: Remove12:24
fabbionei assume this was coming from you12:24
mjg59We added a DMI patch to only do it on the machines that needed it12:24
fabbioneis it a whishlist for dapper or something absolutely important for breezy?12:25
mjg59Some machines in Breezy don't reboot12:25
mjg59Dropping that patch would probably fix them12:25
fabbioneok so it is not even sure it will fix the problem, right?12:25
mjg59I don't have any of the hardware concerned12:26
fabbionethan i will kill the change12:26
fabbioneif it was sure and important i would have snicked in for -security12:27
fabbionebut given the status i will keep it as it is from breezy12:27
fabbionethere might be a -update for breezy anyway12:27
Mithrandirmjg59: iirc, Karianne's laptop (HP something) doesn't reboot cleanly, so I guess I can have her test it.12:28
mjg59Mithrandir: No, that one works now12:29
Mithrandirmjg59: oh, ok12:30
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zulBenC: sorry my wife was in a pissy mood last night and decided to take it out on me03:33
BenCthat's what wives are for03:33
zulyeah so uspalsh doesnt work for me on my laptop03:34
BenCany messages about vga16fb loading?03:51
zuldidnt see..03:55
zulill have to check tonight when my laptop is powered back up03:56
jbaileyIs the git in dapper useful for upstream kernel trees now?04:17
zulwell it was announced on lkml04:20
jbaileyWhich it, sorry?04:22
jbaileyI don't follow lkml all the time.04:23
BenCjbailey: 0.99.x is suggested04:25
BenC0.99.8 is what I have04:25
BenC0.99.9 something or other is latest04:25
BenCI don't use cogito though, so I can't answer any questions about that :)04:25
jbaileyOh?  What do you use/04:26
BenCjust the git-* commands04:30
jbaileyBut not packaged?04:30
BenCfabbione: ping04:32
BenCjbailey: not sure, but I don't think so04:33
=== jbailey wonders if its worth packaging.
BenCfabbione said he was going to do it04:34
BenCcogito contains the git commands, so maybe he was just going to update that04:34
jbaileyfabbione: Didja, didja, didja?  huh huh huh?04:35
jbaileyBenC: The linux-libc-header guys have been using a separate svn for their 'user abi' headers.  I'm going to try and push them into using git and also keep that tree available.04:36
jbaileyEasier to merge the pieces that probably actually ought to be, and easier to track new changes.04:36
BenCyeah, would make things a lot easier04:37
zuljbailey: im trying to package it04:58
jbaileyzul: Cool.  Do you need help?04:58
jbailey"GIT 0.99.9i aka 1.0rc2 is found at usual places."05:06
jbaileyIs a stupid line to have at the top of an announcement mail.05:06
fabbioneBenC: pong05:06
BenCfabbione: re the reboot patch, it was tested by users05:06
fabbioneBenC: ok.. it will wait -updates if we will ever do one05:07
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | New git tree for dapper: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide | 2.6.15-rc1-ubuntu2 uploaded (should build for x86, amd64, and ppc)
zuljbailey: not really its my first real debian package so its best that i learn how to do it and get you to look over it 05:09
BenCzul: did you use debmake? :)05:09
fabbioneBenC: did you actually uploaded k-p too?05:10
=== BenC remembers those days
BenCfabbione: yeah, and build-dep's on it05:10
fabbioneif i can get somebody to build a breezy ppc d-i for me05:10
fabbionei might even get my powerbook to install05:10
BenCI'm trying to convince my wife to let me dual-boot ubuntu on her g5 so I can some extra testing there05:11
zulBenC: i bought a new hard drive for my wife on condition that she dual boots05:11
fabbioneBenC: you have a ppc or two, rigth?05:11
BenCI need to get an amd64 machine so I can test boot that...I hate just saying "it built"05:11
jbaileyzul: Fair 'nuff.05:11
jbaileyzul: Are you updating cogito or just doing git?05:11
BenCfabbione: two G4's (one my desktop) and a G505:11
fabbioneBenC: you just offered volunteer to do a d-i build for me05:12
fabbionebecause i can't believe in 36 hours into my ppc experience and i still can't install linux :)05:13
BenCyou can't install breezy?05:13
fabbioneBenC: are you running breezy?05:13
fabbioneBenC: no05:13
fabbioneapple did change PCI IDs on the latest powerbooks05:13
BenCyeah, breezy with dapper kernel (oooh, aaah, bad)05:13
fabbioneso now on davis05:13
fabbionei have a .12 with the patch 05:13
dokoBenC: can silo be built with something newer than gcc-2.95?05:14
fabbionethe kernel and udebs are already built05:14
fabbionedoko: silo is already building with gcc-4.005:14
fabbioneBenC: i need to build d-oi05:14
BenCdoko: not last I checked05:14
fabbionebut davis has no B-D05:14
fabbioneand nobody around that can install them05:14
BenCnot sure I can do that in a reasonable time frame05:15
fabbioneBenC: so would it be possible for you to build it for me?05:15
dokofabbione, BenC: *lol*05:15
BenCoh, it only breaks on sparc32 with newer gcc, so ubuntu can do that :)05:15
fabbionere: silo has been fixed to build with gcc-4.0 by David05:15
BenCfabbione: oh, right, I need to merge that patch into silo05:16
fabbioneBenC: the d-i build takes like 15 minutes.. please05:16
=== BenC has been a bad upstream for silo for like 4 months now
fabbionei really really want to try to install this machine05:16
dokook, thanks, one compiler less ...05:16
BenCfabbionne: it's not the build, it's all the stuff I have to download :)05:16
fabbioneBenC: it's 3 udebs05:16
BenCemail me the specifics of what I need05:17
BenCI'm used to the old installer build I guess, where it needed a mostly complete base mirror05:18
fabbioneit downloads some stuff from the net05:20
fabbionebut not much05:20
fabbioneBenC: you got mail05:22
fabbionedude if you can get that done asap, i am going to put one portrait of you in my personal "Heros of my life" section in the temple05:23
zuljbailey: just git05:31
jbaileyzul: git itself appears to have debian packaging already in it.05:35
BenCfabbione: ok, as long as it's atleast an 8x10 portrait05:36
fabbioneBenC: ehhehe05:39
BenCsweet, kernel-package is built, so 2.6.15-2.2 should follow soon05:43
BenCfabbione: at the very least, if I can get my e3k up this weekend, I can atleast do some builds for 2.6.15 kernels05:44
BenCthe builds go pretty fast when you can through 6 cpu's and 6gigs of ram at it05:45
fabbioneeheh i know05:48
fabbionei have been building security kernels on a 2 x dual core amd64 with 8GB of ram today05:49
fabbionepretty fast05:49
zuljbailey: yeah i know fabbione said it sucked05:51
zulfabbione: pretty fast?!?!05:52
zulthats a bit of an understatement05:52
fabbioneas everything else that has a debian/ dir upstream05:52
fabbionezul: it did start swapping approx 512MB with make -j75005:52
fabbione= the sucks05:52
fabbionewith -j500 was okish05:52
zulheh...can i give you my ssh key ;)05:53
fabbionegive it to Mithrandir 05:53
fabbioneit's his playtoy05:54
zulim off to lunch05:55
jbaileyLunch sounds like a lovely idea.05:55
zulwith meat ;)06:05
fabbionethai vegetarian ++06:06
fabbionejbailey: that resturant was really nice..06:06
fabbionei wouldn't mind to go there again06:07
fabbioneBenC: you can stop build d-i (if you started)06:43
BenCyou have it?06:53
fabbionei got Znarl to install b-d on davis06:53
BenCok, cool06:55
jbaileyBenC: Got a moment for a stream of git questions?07:01
jbaileyI'm looking at putting lkh into git.  What I've noticed others have done is have a working branch and then a branch marked "for-linus" or some such for merging back in.07:02
jbaileyAre those truly just branches in the same .git file?07:02
jbaileyOr do they turn into multiple repositories that get merged back and forth?07:02
BenCsame .git/07:05
BenCyou can merge from head to a branch, and branch to head07:06
BenCall in the same repo07:06
jbaileyOkay, cool.07:06
BenCso you can cherry-pick commits from head, into the branch, and do a pull request to linus, or whatever07:06
jbaileyWhen doing commits, is it hard to go back afterwards and break things into better changesets?07:07
jbaileyAt this point I need to just get it done, but I'd like to go back afterwards and start to split things up into changes that I think would be accepts back upstream, and changes that haven't a hope of going in.07:08
BenCwell, let's say you do a large commit, then later you want break it down into smaller ones...07:08
BenCfirst you'd rebase the commit to the head (make the chageset against the latest code, instead of your older branch point)07:08
BenCthen you could pull the diff, and revert the changeset07:09
BenCand re-apply into changesets as needed07:09
BenCit's not very straight forward, but it is possible07:09
jbaileyOkay, so it does understand the concept of "take this changeset out".  Cool.07:09
BenCbut if you have commits that depend on the large one, it gets ugly fast07:09
jbaileySince it's just futzing with include files, it shouldn't be too bad for now.07:10
BenCthe commit still shows in the log, but the revert does too07:10
jbaileyI'm sure they're probably used to that from folks new with the tool. =)07:10
BenCyeah, I have a few reverted commits in the ubuntu tree :)07:11
jbaileyArgh, I think I'm still confused.07:16
jbaileySo for my code that is never intended for Linux, I can just commit this to my checkout, yes?07:16
jbaileyThen when it comes time to hand changesets back, do I make a new branch then?07:17
BenCyou can make a branch at any time07:19
BenCbest to pull things into the branch just after you check them into the head07:19
zuldont do what i did07:23
=== jbailey wonders what zul did...
jbaileyDoes that include getting up this morning?07:39
jbaileyI could've avoided that easily enough.07:39
BenCI tried to avoid it, but the rest of the house wasn't having it07:54
dilingeri managed to put it off for a few hours07:59
dilingerlooks like we're skipping breezy on our desktop systems at work :/08:08
BenCgoing straight to dapper? :)08:11
dilingerthe problem is, we're running sarge on our servers, and dealing w/ the differences between gcc-3.3 and gcc-4.0 is a pain08:12
dilingerw/ our in house software08:12
dilingeroh well08:12
zuljbailey: i didnt branch and that probably fucked things up08:19
zulactually i dont remember what i did08:20
jbaileydilinger: Is that going straight to dapper in 6 months, or is that, "Whee, let's ride the rollercoaster" on the way there?08:21
dilingerjbailey: ooh, rollercoaster?08:24
jbaileydilinger: Minor C++ abi transition, kernel update.  glibc update, you know.  The little things.08:29
dilingergoing straight to dapper in 6mo08:29
dilingersticking w/ the same gcc/libc6 for now08:29
dilingermy boss was actually talking about "breezy for sarge"08:30
dilingerrecompiling most of breezy against the older gcc/libc608:30
jbaileyMight not work in the case of the C++ bits.08:32
jbaileySounds like what you might want is a breezy server with a sarge chroot for now.08:32
dilingeri recommended the chroot08:32
dilingerbut it's just easier to stick w/ hoary for now08:32
dilingerthan to change how people work08:33
jbaileyIt's all good.08:40
jbaileyThe whole point of the long support cycle is to let you choose when to upgrade.08:41
jbaileyYou're only in trouble if you're still running warty and can't upgrade soonish.08:41
jbaileyDo oldworld macs use PCI?  I thoguht they did.08:42
jbaileyThe only thing I think that the "SCSI drivers built into kernel" guy on u-d should need is to set his /etc/mkinitramfs/initramfs.conf to MODULES=dep08:42
jbaileyinfinity: ^^08:42
jbaileyinfinity: I'll let you take that so that I actually can start pretending like initramfs-tools isn't mine anymore. =)08:42
dilingerjbailey: the main problem is all the backporting i'm going to have to keep doing08:45
jbaileydilinger: Hmm.  The automatic backports and stuff aren't enabled for Hoary?08:47
dilingerthere's automatic backports?08:47
dilingeri remember mako talking about the idea at UDU, but..08:48
jbaileyI thought that it got done.  I might be mistaken, though.08:49
jbaileyI know that there's supposed to be something crazy with backports going on/.08:49
fabbionedilinger: remembet also that we don't support hoary -> dapper upgrades. You might have to jump via breezy anyway09:03
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dilingerfabbione: given how badly the 2 hoary->breezy upgrades went for me, i'm not that concerned :)09:44
fabbionebadly? ;)09:45
fabbionebadly how?09:47
dilinger#19477, #1947809:47
dilingerthat was for my upgrade09:47
dilingera coworker did an upgrade that failed in various other places, but i couldn't file bugs because he needed his machine09:47
fabbione-ENOBUGZILLA atm09:48
dilingermisc packages that were missing conflicts/replaces09:49
fabbionefrom within main?09:50
fabbioneor from universe?09:50
dilingermain, i believe09:52
dilingeri'd have fixed them myself if i had some sort of upload privileges; they seem like easy fixes09:53
dilingerinstead i just fixed them in a local repository09:53
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BenCmjg59: ping11:08
BenCmjg59: just filed a bug report on usplash, it needs to load softcursor.ko first to work with 2.6.15, and the module path changed11:09
infinityBenC : It does?... I just upgraded to 2.6.15 here, and usplash worked.11:30
infinityBenC : Or is this PPC specific, perchance?11:31
BenCno, this was i38611:31
BenCit may "work", but it's broken early on11:31
infinityBenC : Also, if you're not yet aweare, the ipw2200 driver is looking for firmware named 'ipw-2.4-*', but we're shipping 'ipw-2.3-*'... A quick rename and my wireless worked again.11:31
BenCthe first load attempt in the usplash initramfs script doesn't work because fbcon.ko needs softcursor.ko11:32
BenCinfinity: yeah, that's next on my list11:32
infinityI'll look into the usplash issue.11:32
infinityWas this with vga16fb?11:32
infinityMaybe I dodged the bullet with vesafb.11:32
BenCdoesn't matter if it's vga16fb or vesa11:33
infinityOh, also, damn you.  You didn't switch to the New World Order of update-initramfs in your postinst.11:33
BenCI tried both11:33
infinityBut we can fix that on your next ABI bump.11:33
BenCheh, yeah, I forgot :)11:33
BenCalmost every upload between now and near 2.6.15 release will be an ABI bump11:33
infinityI assumed as much.11:34
BenCbut other than ipw2200 it worked ok for you?11:34
infinityWe'll have a ridiculously high ABI magic number in the package names.11:34
infinityOh well.11:34
infinityYeah, it's working okay right now.11:34
infinityToo early to say it's working "well", but it hasn't crashed yet.11:34
BenCit atleast booted, so that's promising11:34
infinityI guess today will have to be LRM day for me.11:35
BenCinifinty: oh, and damn you, I've been watching family guy every night since I got back, trying ot watch them all :)11:35
infinityEspecially if you want to update the linux-meta package.11:35
BenCproductivity killer11:35
infinityFamily Guy is good for the soul.11:35
BenCyeah, that would be nice11:35
BenCI have a machine that needs nvidia11:35
infinityLegacy or newskool?11:36
infinityI can always go for some testing.11:36
BenCfairly new11:36
infinityZofia's machine is a 6800GT, so it can use both drivers.  But I'd love a "legacy-only" machine to get some testing.11:36
BenC0000:02:04.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000 AGP 8x]  (rev c1)11:36
BenCnot sure what's considered legacy, but that may be it11:37
BenCit's a mame machine, so I can give it some good testing :)11:37
infinityNot quite legacy yet, no.11:37
Mithrandirnope, I think you need to have GF2MX or older.11:37
infinityMight be in another year.11:37
infinityBut your machine can run both drivers, so you can do some testing of that setup for me.11:38
=== infinity ponders.
infinityI wonder if I'm going to have to wait for jbailey's glibc/lkh upload, followed by the new X building correctly, before I can update the ATI shit to something shiny and new.11:38
infinityOh well, I can do nvidia at any rate, and build for the new kernel.11:39
BenCdefinitely, I'll test whatever I can11:41
infinityHrm, core hours start in 15 minutes.  Guess I should find some breakfats before I start working for real.11:45
infinityOr, some breakfast.11:45
dilingernice fatty bacon? :P11:46
infinityOr some fat breaks.11:48
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dilingerare those like beats?11:50
infinityWell, like breakbeats, sure.11:52

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