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morphineinducedhey is there a forum for this distro..... or do they only help in the irc02:27
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gctaylorAnybody in here?03:13
gctaylorCan anyone tell me how to force a ltsp client to use a specific resolution?  What I want is not listed in the dropdown.03:14
gctaylorEditing /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't seem to help.  I see checksum or timestamp errors when the client is booting.03:15
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blt4mudhas anyone got edubuntu runing on laptop using wireless?03:48
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TOZTWOIs there any software in edubuntu that teaches people to read?06:01
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JaneWhi all09:30
Burglaptopsalut JaneW09:33
JaneWhi Burglaptop 09:33
JaneWBurglaptop: I was caned yesterday for leaking info to you! ;)09:34
BurglaptopJaneW: I see. By whom?09:35
BurglaptopI don't intend to blog about it, if that is a concern09:35
JaneWBurglaptop: by jdub - so it was kinda fun...09:35
Burglaptopwhat did he say?09:36
JaneWyes said he heard I had been leaking out info of the UWC09:36
JaneWI told him our e-mail didn't say it was confidential so there :P09:37
Burglaptopwell I did email jdub and ask him straight up for sponsorship to Barcelona09:40
BurglaptopI figured that I should go big or go home09:41
BurglaptopJaneW: bon nuit09:47
Burglaptopbonne nuit, even09:48
JaneWnight :)09:48
=== Burglaptop is losing his French, piece by piece
spaceywhats Burgworks name again?09:52
spaceycan't associate the nickname09:52
jsgotangcoCorey Burger10:00
spaceyi that then his nick was burgundia or something10:02
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spaceyi guess this is the short version10:03
jsgotangcoits probably his computer at work10:04
JaneWspacey: it was Burgundavia (Or something like that)10:23
spaceytoo difficult10:23
JaneWguys we have a national public holidat tomorrow, for our Municipal Elections10:24
JaneWholiday even10:24
spaceythats nice10:24
JaneWcan someone else volunteer to run the weekly meeting?10:24
JaneWI am voting, to hopefully improve on our municupal services, like POWER!10:24
spaceylong waiting line?10:25
spaceyagenda is already there?10:25
jsgotangcoi can do it10:26
jsgotangcousual edubuntu meetings are just 8pm on my side10:27
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spaceyhow can i block certain users of using X11:55
spaceyread thinclient11:55
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m1ckeyknoxgood morning folks!02:24
m1ckeyknoxcould anybody say if the i386 download on edubuntu.org is a live cd or an installation?02:25
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ogram1ckeyknox, the breezy version only has a install iso 02:26
m1ckeyknoxis there a live cd available someplace?02:26
ografor dapper (the april release) there is a liveCd ... but its still in development ...02:26
m1ckeyknoxI see. so... in a few more months you think?02:27
ograif you want to test it :)02:27
ogranote that the liveCD innstaller on this CD is in its early stages ...02:27
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m1ckeyknoxmyself... I'd love to... but I was hoping to be able to give the cd to my wife to have her try with a 5 yr old that she is watching for a friend.02:28
m1ckeyknoxWe have a 3mo old son... and I'm looking forward to software like this progressing02:28
m1ckeyknoxfigured we could use somebody else's kid as a guniea pig!02:28
zakameevening Edubunteros! :D02:28
ograhey zakame 02:28
zakamehello ogra! :-)02:29
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JaneWspacey: nice lab :))02:44
spaceywell actually its the whole school02:47
spaceylab itself its quite small02:47
spaceythere are pc's in every classroom02:55
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JaneWnice :)03:02
JaneWwhat ages are the children?03:02
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bobulatordoes anyone know how i can copy my whole home directory and keep the ownership and permissons in tact?05:10
m1ckeyknoxalright folks... I think I'm gonna stop idling in here... be back some other time. ;-)05:39
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bobulatorrarggh, and can smeone please tell me how i can set the max resolution for thin clients? i just cant remeber what file it is...06:35
ograset HORIZ_SYNC and VERT_REFRESH in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf06:36
ograsee the exact params here: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuLtsConfParams06:38
bobulatorsorry, i meant bit depth06:38
bobulatorah thanks!06:38
ogracolor depth is only implemented in dapper ...06:38
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bobulatoryeha im on dapper06:39
knightyou on dapper06:39
knightquestion 06:39
knightI have a thin client running tuxtype06:40
knightbut it runs choppy 06:40
knightI was told to compress the network connection but I still have a problem06:41
bobulatorhmm, im sure you got me to set the bit depth before.  because laods of these graphics cards dont support 24 bit...06:42
bobulatori definately edited some file that put it down to 8 bit :p06:44
knightok how do I do that06:46
bobulatorhaha hang on, you need ogra not me06:46
knightok 06:46
knightthanks bobulator06:47
knightlisten how is the experience on dapper06:47
bobulatori like it06:51
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TOZTWOIs there any software in edubuntu that teaches people to read?07:00
ogra_gcompris ?07:03
knighthow doo I make tuxtype work smoothly in a thin client07:05
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stendhalyou use edubuntu lol ?07:07
ogra_why lol ?07:09
knightI am using edubuntu 07:10
=== TOZTWO uses edubuntu
knightthe version for the tuxtype software is 1.007:10
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knightany helo07:16
knighthelp with the choppy graphics for tuxtype07:16
TOZTWOI think that tuxtypes choppiness comes from too much network traffic......07:18
TOZTWOBut I've been told that I was wrong about that....07:19
knightok 07:19
knightso 07:19
TOZTWOIf tuxtype has music, try turning it off.07:20
knightno music at all07:20
knightno sound on thin clients07:20
TOZTWOI thought that tuxtype might be a good candidate for localapps, because of all the keyboard events, timimg, and screen updates.07:22
ogra_its also very cpu intensive ...07:23
knightok 07:23
knightI have 512 ram in the client07:23
knightand 400 mhz pentium II processor07:24
ogra_that should be plenty for normal apps, i'm not sure what makes tuxtype so power hungry, but its a fact that it behaves this way ... i'll try to track that for the dapper release07:25
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TOZTWOYou can always track it yourself.08:06
knighttrack it myself??08:19
TOZTWOYup. It's Open Source. I'd track it, but I lack skillz.08:20
=== TOZTWO is now known as TOZAFK
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singyhi, doese anyone if there is a reason that there is no edubuntu live?09:12
ogra_yes, i didnt have time to make more than whats there in breezy, we started very late in the develpment cycle ...09:13
ogra_this changed for the upcoming release :)09:14
ogra_here is an alpha release of the upcoming april version of edubuntu, including a live CD09:14
singyAh thanks, I think its very important for edubuntu, tu show it in schools ........09:15
juliuxogra_, evening09:16
ogra_hey juliux 09:16
juliuxogra_, it is possible that you send ous for the linuxtag in wiesbaden some thinclients so we can show that you can use every kind of thinclient?09:17
ograjuliux, i'm pretty sure i'll be there anyway :)09:17
juliuxthe idea is to have a little lab there on the booth09:17
juliuxthat is great09:18
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roy_Anyone here?09:35
Burgworknope, not really09:35
roy_Could you answer a couple of questions?09:36
Burgworkroy_, sure09:39
roy_Will sound work on the clients09:40
roy_And I noticed that only one session of firefox can be opened at one time09:41
roy_I have a 64bit edubuntu server with the 32bit client installed09:42
roy_I am using flight 409:42
ograsound should work if you enable it in the lts.conf file 09:44
ograjust set SOUND=Y or SOUND=True there 09:44
roy_gotcha just like k12ltsp09:45
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roy_There is no lts.conf in the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc directory. Do I create it there based on the /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/doc/ltsp-client/examples/lts.conf09:51
ograjust create one with the line:09:54
ogra[default]     SOUND=Y09:55
ograthat should do it09:55
roy_thanks : )  10:03
roy_How about the firefox issue? Does it have something to do with my server being 64bit?10:03
ograi havent heard about such an issue yet...10:04
ograyou are using different user accounts and the second one cant start firefox ?10:05
roy_As I sent it I realized my duh! Exactly I was trying it with the same account I am logged on the server with10:06
ograi'll look into that issue (multiple users with same account) for the next release, i want a kiosk mode with optional auto login for october ...10:08
roy_I have to admit I impressed so far. Very clean. Nice work. 10:09
roy_I just tried the audio and still no luck. Do I tweak the ltsfile like I did in K12?10:10
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trev0rWhere can I find more information about TeachersPet?  I think I'd like to help develop it10:13
ograroy_, there should be no further need for tweaks, it should work out of the box10:14
ogratrev0r, the initial attempt is in dapper, apt-get source student-control-panel10:14
trev0rDo you know if they are still using pygtk like the wiki says?10:14
trev0r(I'm not on a machine where I can check easily right now)10:15
Burgworktrev0r, the only developer of teacherspet is ogra10:15
ogratrev0r, yes, its still using pygtk 10:16
ograi also have a bzr archive of it, if you want to branch 10:16
trev0rCurrently I only have a Macintosh install at my home, so I'll test when I'm at school10:18
trev0rI'll give the source a looking over, though10:18
ograthere is a lot disabled code in the current release thats not mature enough yet ...10:19
trev0rSo Teacher's Pet probably won't be ready until Dapper+1?10:20
trev0r(Is that still the name?)10:20
ogranope, student-control-panel is the name, teachers pet is only the spec10:21
trev0rOh, ok10:21
ograthe current version can show logged in users, enables you to view their processes and to log them out ...10:22
ograsince we doint have any other app thats working with ubuntu ltsp yet, thats how it will go into dapper10:22
ograto give you at least the features that are available already10:23
trev0rI'm not even 100% sure that the Edubuntu install I have is going to work now.  I just pressed enter a few times and now that I am looking at InstallNotes wiki page, I think I needed to type workstation besides just hitting <enter> at boot10:24
trev0rI will see tomorrow morning.  I just left the install going and left10:25
ograif you want to work on s-c-p, a ltsp environment is quite handy to test your features :)10:25
trev0rBasically we have a ton of old old computers, just pentium with 64mb of ram and 6gb of disk space10:26
trev0rYea, so do I need to install server or workstation on another one now?10:26
trev0rBecause I guess I have a ltsp install going10:27
ograif you did the default install, you should just follow the install notes, edit your dhcpd.conf as advised there and then just boot a PXE driven thin client ...10:27
trev0rI'm not sure what PXE means10:27
ograshould work out of the box...10:27
ograPXE is the network bootprotocol we use by default10:28
ograits built in in most newer network cards10:28
trev0rSo the thin clients boot from a server?10:28
ograthe network card asks for an ip and for a kernel ... the server provides that kernel which then boots the workstation10:29
trev0rSo tomorrow I will do a server install10:29
ograduring boot the wrokstation mounts the filesystem from the server via the network10:29
trev0rProbably should have done that first10:29
ograthe default install is a server install10:29
trev0rOh, my terms I messed up, :)10:29
trev0rSo the workstation is the thin client?10:30
ograthe so called "server" install is sadly inherited from ubuntu, the appropriate name would be "minimal"10:30
ograit only installs a bare minimum system that can boot, no software at all10:30
trev0rAhh, ok10:30
ograthe workstation install is for standalone desktops10:30
ograand the default install is in fact a classroom ltsp server ...10:31
trev0rOk, I am going to need to put another network card in the server then, I think10:31
ograand for ltsp you dont need to install anything on the clients ... they netboot10:31
ograif you dont have PXE capable network cards, you will need a bootfloppy or CD10:31
trev0rWell I will just see tomorrow if they are PXE capable :)10:32
trev0rPossibly, anyways.  Installs take forever on these machines10:32
ograas i said, you wont need to install anything on them 10:32
trev0rNot even "workstation" mode?10:33
trev0rAhh, ok10:33
trev0rI reread what you said10:33
trev0rSorry :)10:33
ograworkstation mode is for students that use edubuntu at home on a single computer 10:33
trev0rOk ok ok, gotcha now10:34
trev0rRight now my server has one network card which is getting internet access from a switch in the room10:34
trev0r90.0.0.140 is its IP10:35
trev0rShould I put another network card in it and then plug it into another switch and then run a cord from a switch to each "thin client"?10:35
ograthats a possible setup, yes10:36
ograhas some examples10:36
trev0rYea, the two network card setup is definitely the one I need to get going10:37
trev0rThat is the way all out computer laps are setup now10:38
trev0rThe are Windows machines, currently10:38
ograif you netboot, you can even leave the old windows on the disks ;) 10:40
trev0rCool, so I could just walk into a computer lab with a edubuntu server and get the whole lab going pretty quickly then?10:42
ograif the clients all have pxe capable network cards, its a no brainer, yes :)10:43
ograif not, you have to make bootfloppies/bootCDs for the clients first 10:43
ograto teach the cards to do network booting :)10:43
trev0rI guess I just tell the BIOS to boot from the network card, if possible, first?10:43
ograthats normally PXE 10:44
trev0rNeato, this is even easier than I thought it was going to be10:44
trev0rI guess the clients save files to something like an NFS volume on the server?10:44
trev0rWhere to then?10:45
ograthe clients mount their root fs via nfs from the server, start an X server and a login manager ...10:45
ograif you log in in that application, they simply do: ssh -X serverip10:45
ograwhich means you work directly on the server ...10:46
ograimagine the clients like additional mice keyboards and diaplays to one big computer (the server) where everybody does his work10:46
ograeverything ahppens centralized ...10:47
ograso you install an app only one time and its available for everyone ....10:47
ograyou only have to make backups of a single machine etc10:47
trev0rSo the server stores all the files for a thin client, so they can log in from any computer and still get their files?10:47
ogramake a difference between users and clients :)10:48
ograclients are only the keaboard/mouse/monitor device ...10:48
roy_ogra: The sound works on 2 pcs and not on 2 others. Can I tweak the lts.conf file by adding the mac and then the module perameters?10:48
trev0rOk, will s/thin client/user/10:48
ograusers log in on the server and have their files stored there ...10:48
ograroy_, try it, thats untested yet :)10:49
trev0rOk, thats my question :)10:49
trev0rDo most network cards from ~6-7 years ago have PXE?10:50
trev0rPossibly newer10:50
trev0rI think that is when we last replaced them10:50
ogramight be ... if ou have the networkboot bios option, its likely to be PXE 10:51
trev0rWell I'm not sure if it is there, I just figured it would be10:52
trev0rI'll be sure to come on tomorrow after I try10:52
ograany time you like :)10:53
trev0rNow I am getting sick at how many machines we have thrown away10:55
trev0rIs there a place I can see how well edubuntu runs on older machines?  Like other people's experiences?10:56
Burgworktrev0r, talk to me in six months I should be able to give you a good idea of it10:56
trev0rI'll try to remember10:57
Burgworkin a matter of weeks I should be starting to sell Edubuntu and Ubuntu preinstalled recycled computers10:57
ograBurgwork, really ? 10:57
Burgworkand give away, I might add10:58
Burgworksomething similiar to what whiprush is doing in detroit10:58
ograwe'll get a world network for donations :)10:59
roy_ogra_, I got another one to work I just changed the audio card. Can you direct me to any links on tweaking (tips and tricks) for Edubuntu (LTSP)?11:00
ograroy_, not yet, the code isnt even two months old yet :)11:00
ograi'm working on the docs for the release though11:01
trev0rDoes anyone know if there is a Linux "learn to type program"?  Because if there is a good one then I know we can replace a whole computer lab at my school11:01
roy_I love bleeding edge. Anything you would be willing to direct me to would be awesome. 11:01
Burgworktrev0r, there are two bundled with edubuntu. One as part of kdeedu and one called TuxType11:02
ograroy_, but if you want to learn to know the code, have a look in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/init.d/ltsp-client-setup /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/init.d/ltsp-client and /usr/sbin/ldm  11:03
trev0rBurgwork: Ok11:03
ograi think the kde one is ktype ...11:03
ogratuxtype is rather a game ...11:03
Burgworktrev0r, TuxType is more game like11:03
roy_On another subject do you know if Ubuntu (Edubuntu) supports software Raid5 yet?11:04
ograi run it on my personal server 11:04
Burgworkktouch, not ktype11:04
trev0rWell the one our keyboarding class uses now is a pretty serious program11:04
ograah, yes ktouch11:04
trev0rOld, but pretty well designed/written11:04
trev0rI'll check them both out11:05
ograsoftware raid1 with lvm on top ... runs like a charm, raid5 shouldnt be any problem as well11:05
trev0rThe main thing is that the teacher needs a way to check progress of all students and give grades easily11:05
roy_Excellent, thanks11:05
trev0rAlso have settings where the student can repeatedly try to get better grades on "tests" :)11:06
Burgworktrev0r, I don't either is network aware like that11:06
trev0rBurgwork: I didn't think they would be, but I was hoping11:06
Burgworka nice pygtk typing program that was network aware would be great11:06
trev0rPerhaps I will work on that and let ogra work on s-c-p11:07
Burgworktrev0r, ogra is the sole dev for edubuntu11:07
ograi'm not sure if gobby has a plugin mechanism, but that would be a perfect gobby plugin11:07
Burgworkgobby needs to be a plugin to gedit, to be honest11:08
ogratyping tests networked .... you can directly monitor every change a student does11:08
trev0rI think I'd like to eventually be a Edubuntu dev, but I have a lot to learn11:08
ograBurgwork, that too11:08
trev0rogra: My friend is a member of 0x539 dev team :)11:08
ogratrev0r, thats great to hear, dont hassle to ask if you have questions 11:08
Burgworkupstream turned down gobby for the desktop11:09
trev0rBurgwork: I think they initially used gedit as some sort of backend but then decided not to for their own reasons11:09
ograBurgwork, we had to drop it too ...11:09
Burgworkbut they liked the idea of libgobby11:09
ograupstream added a dependency on howl ...11:09
Burgworktrev0r, to a non-coder, it seems shortsighted11:09
ograthe last minute before UVF11:09
trev0rBurgwork: I'm sure they had good reasons, they are pretty capable developers11:10
Burgworktrev0r, I am certain they did, but still11:10
BurgworkI understand the gedit has a much nicer plugin system now, tht might have been it11:10
ograBurgwork, gedit needs all of gnome ... that isnt windows compatible yet ... gobby runs on win, osX and linux11:11
Burgworkto be fair, howl is only an issue for about half the linux distros11:12
trev0rWhat is the problem with howl?11:12
ogralicensing 11:13
Burgworkthe apsl is not considered free by debian et al11:13
ograwe cant put it in main 11:13
trev0rAhh, ok11:13
trev0rAnd Gobby depends on howl?11:13
Burgworkit can11:14
Burgworkavahi is an lgpl zeroconf framework, but it is fairly new11:14
trev0rhowl is pretty nifty.  I didn't realize it was APSL11:14
ograit depends on a howl compatibility laver in avahi ... which will get dropped soon by upstream11:14
Burgworktrev0r, avahi does the same thing, without the nasty licensing issues11:15
ograthats the reason we didnt include it at all in a release we have to support for 3 years11:15
trev0rI thought ubuntu has 18 months of support?11:15
ogra+not dapper11:16
ogradapper is the first release with 3 year support on the desktop and 5 year support on the server11:16
trev0rAhh, ok11:16
trev0rThats neat11:16
ograevery 3rd or fourth release will be like that 11:16
Burgworkhence why it is a great time to be starting to distribute computes with edubuntu and ubuntu one them11:18
trev0rAlright, I will report my experiences tomorrow around this time11:36
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rstoryhow much disk space is needed for an edubuntu install?12:05

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