tolgamok ! I found it !12:08
tolgamsorry :p12:08
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lifelesspqm is back01:32
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [r=jamesh]  reformat all bug listings to a two-column layout. reformat the advanced search and move it to a separate page. (r3202: Brad Bollenbach)01:59
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mpt_Goooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!03:01
cprovmpt_: morning03:02
mpt_cprov, why are you awake? :-)03:02
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
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cprovmpt: working on AU TZ, with infinity 03:03
=== nmsa [n=alcatel@] has joined #launchpad
cprovmpt: not that I have a horrible insomnia or something like that ;) 03:17
stubSo did neither of you want a 30 hour flight to visit the other in person? Or just not worth doing the trip for a short period.03:21
cprovstub: uhm .. I'd prefer some nights at office than 30 hour flight and yes, it canbe done with these short (2 days) sprints03:24
cprovwe are trying, let's see 03:25
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mptlifeless, ping04:59
mptbzr: ERROR: Error in processing weave: inconsistent texts for version {Arch-1:rocketfuel@canonical.com%soyuz--devel--0--base-0} when joining weaves05:04
dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [trivial]  Fixes bug 5555 (add branch form has confusing english). (r3203: Matthew Paul Thomas)05:05
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irvinhi all! one quick question... how does rosetta handle merges for translations, e.g., user A downloads the .po, user B uses rosetta to translate then user A uploads the .po later.. will the work done by user B be overwritten?05:17
mptirvin, I *think* it's "last person to upload a translation wins"05:22
mptso B's work will be overwritten only if A made translations of the same string05:22
mptFor a more definite answer, you'll need to ask carlos or jordi when they're around in about 8 hours time.05:23
irvinhmm... methinks loco groups need to organize translation work so we don05:24
irvinbummer... we don't overwrite someone else's work05:24
lifelessmpt: #bzr for that sort of thing please05:25
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cprovstub: what about the rollout today ? target to r3200 ?07:57
=== stub checks his notes
stubcprov: Yes. r320008:03
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
cprovstub: when are you planning to switch ?08:08
stubwhenever. Should we do it now?08:08
cprovmdke: hi, did you confirm the fix og bug # 32721 ?08:09
cprovstub: uhm, if you can wait, let's half hour, would be fine08:09
stubSure. 08:10
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@219-89-148-138.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
cprovstub: fine, thanks08:13
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #launchpad
Mezis something fscked up ?08:23
MezReinstallation of katapult is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.08:24
sabdflhey launchpadders08:25
sabdflstub: to create the database, has the process changed since i moved on from lp hacking?08:25
sabdflcd database/schema; make08:25
sabdflpsql:trusted.sql:15: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "$" at character 15608:25
sabdflthis is with pg 7.4, have we moved on?08:25
stubsabdfl: We have moved on08:26
sabdfl8.0? 8.1?08:26
stubsabdfl: You need 8.008:26
stub(I havn't tested 8.1 yet - next on my agenda)08:26
sabdflhmm... the lp dependencies do not appear to have been updated08:26
stubDo you have both 7.4 and 8.0 installed? You might just need some configuration changes to make 8.0 the default08:27
Mezmorning mark08:27
Mezlong time no speak08:27
sabdflodd, i can't find the lp-dependencies package08:27
sabdflhey Mez!08:27
Mezsabdfl, you're no longer LP hacking? what are you up to now then ?08:28
sabdflMez: playing albatross and free software advocate08:28
Mezsabdfl, albatross? 08:29
sabdflflying long bloody distances eating fish08:29
sabdfland other weird things that come mostly from the sea08:30
Mezah - but fish is gooed for your health :D08:30
sabdfl'tis certainly goooey sometimes08:30
=== Mez isnt too find of seafood
Mezthe furthest I stretch is haddock and chips08:31
MezMark: will you be appearing at LRL again this year?08:34
sabdflMez: hopefully but the dates aren't so good08:36
sabdflstub: worked a treat, thanks, DatabaseSetup is spot on08:36
Mezsabdfl: same with jdub, well if you're there I'll say hi08:37
Mezif not I'll stick to annoying^Whelping Riddell08:37
sabdflok. am trying to make it. helicopter may be required >:-)08:38
cprovstub: soyuz in place for rollout, ping me before start, need to stop cron(s)08:39
stubsabdfl: Elmo mentioned you wanted some benchmarks of Launchpad running on the new hardware. I'm not 100% sure if you were interestde in Launchpad, the  database backend, or both being benchmarked. And also what to compare it against (staging isn't terribly useful due to the single CPU and little RAM, and production will require downtime)08:39
Mezsabdfl: lol - that'd be rather cool :D lol - I'd love a "ride" lol - havent been in a helicopter for ages08:40
Mezactually last time was my 18th birthday08:40
sabdflMez: where are you based08:41
Mezsabdfl, Birmingham08:41
sabdfloh, bollocks, stub it died08:41
sabdflwhat's the rsync option to delete local files that don't exist on the server?08:42
sabdfli have a messed up LP from rsyncing badly08:42
sabdflso i have patch-25-foo and patch-40-foo08:42
stubrsync -a --delete-after08:42
mdkecprov, yeah the package came through yesterday, thanks!08:49
cprovmdke: very good, thank you for the precise feedback.08:51
mdkecprov, np, thanks for fixing it so quick08:53
cprovmdke: no problem from this side too08:54
dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [trivial]  Fixes bug 1647 (Product series vs. branches confusion in menu), and adds permissions to product menu (r3204: Matthew Paul Thomas)09:04
stubcprov: Ok if I schedule the shutdown for 15 mins time?09:04
cprovstub: ok, will switch things off now09:06
stubLaunchpad is going down in 15 minutes time, which will also put the wikis into read only mode. Estimated down time is 10 minutes.09:08
=== carlos [n=carlos@] has joined #launchpad
cprovcarlos: morning dude09:14
carloscprov: hi09:14
jordihi dudes09:17
stubcprov: all done. You can restart the soyuz stuff.09:33
cprovstub: okay, thanks09:35
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dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [trivial]  Librarian config updates (r3205: Stuart Bishop)10:16
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ddaaGood morning.10:28
LarstiQmoin ddaa 10:33
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dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [trivial]  Makes bug listing CSS consistent with the rest of Launchpad (r3206: Matthew Paul Thomas)10:44
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jordicarlos: ok, so things are developing pretty quickly here.11:17
jordicarlos: it looks like I'll be all week there.11:17
jordican't confirm yet11:17
carlosjordi: ok11:18
carlosjordi: you should confirm it as soon as possible to get plane tickets and hotel...11:18
jordiI know11:18
jordiI'm on it11:18
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slomo_cprov: pong... yes i already noticed it, sorry... anyway, i'll just upload the next version 1.0.6 in some hours11:20
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
cprovslomo_: don't need to be sorry, It's normal, just in case you didn't get the error concept.11:23
slomo_cprov: ok, thanks for telling me :)11:25
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KeybukThere are 1  problems with the information you entered. Please fix them and try again. 11:46
Keybukthat's like11:46
Keybuk"An error occurred. [ OK ] "11:46
Keybuk"Please fix the error. [ OK ] "11:46
Kamionlp_archive@drescher:~$ python /srv/launchpad.net/codelines/current/scripts/ftpmaster-tools/change-override.py -c universe gtk-sharp-gapi11:48
Kamionthat's hanging; strace shows it's stuck in poll()11:48
Kamioncan anyone help?11:48
BjornTKeybuk: which page is that?11:50
KeybukBjornT: on the +editstatus page11:50
BjornTKeybuk: right, that's bug 3683.11:52
Ubugtumalone bug 3683 in malone "Input validation error reported, but problem not indicated" [Normal,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/368311:52
Keybukwhy isn't it fixed? :)11:53
Keybukit was filed months ago11:53
BjornTgood question :) i'll talk with matsubara about it later, it's actually quite easy to fix.11:58
Kamionah, there, it finally got out of bed11:58
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Kamion"Launchpad Upload and Queue system does not use Malone as its bug tracker."12:10
KamionI would just like to say "!"12:10
BjornTKamion: fixed now12:11
Kamionah, thanks, I was just about to file a bug12:12
dafcarlos: yo12:14
carlosdaf: hi12:14
dafqu tal?12:15
carlosbien, gracias12:16
BjornTthe problem is that you can specify whether a product uses malone or not, but previously we didn't use that information, expect for displaying it in a tiny portlet, so people usually didn't bother specifying it. now we've started to use that information, so you can't file bugs on products that don't use malone.12:16
carlosdaf: working on the import queue :-)12:16
dafqu haces hoy?12:16
dafy despus?12:17
carlosdaf: I think it's going to take my whole day12:18
carlosdaf: anyway, I need to do some minor changes for the #1881 fix after steve's answer so that's what I want  to finish later12:18
dafest cerca completo, no?12:19
=== carlos workraves
carlosdaf: do you need anything else?12:20
dafluego, pregunto sobre las OOPS Rosetta12:21
dafpero ahora, nada12:21
carlosdaf: ok12:21
=== carlos workraves
BjornTdaf: could you please change so that dilys uses malone officially? https://launchpad.net/products/dilys/+launchpad12:23
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carlosdaf: it's better to say 'hecho' than 'acabado'12:53
dafporqu? :)12:54
=== raptoid [n=raptoid@] has joined #launchpad
dafstub: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/30442 -- it's Fix Committed; presumably the fix has been released by now12:57
Ubugtumalone bug 30442 in launchpad "Timeout error on +specs page" [Normal,Fix committed]  12:57
dafsame for https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/3030612:58
Ubugtumalone bug 30306 in launchpad "Emblems should be inheritable" [Wishlist,Fix committed]  12:58
dafspiv: around?12:58
carlosdaf: it sounds better :-)01:02
ddaaduh... you know your code is nearing maturing when you start getting lost in your own test suite01:02
dafcarlos: heh, ok01:03
sabdflmpt: ping01:03
sabdflstub: what's the process to publish code for review now?01:07
sabdflpush a branch to a particular place? register it for review?01:07
=== slomo_ [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #launchpad
slomo_hi... tomboy is showed as "failed to build" although it built fine and the buildlog even says "Built successfully"01:08
Kinnisonslomo_: url to build log?01:09
stubsabdfl: Review queues are at https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/PendingReviews . Stick it under General or whichever reviewer you think is best for your code.01:09
slomo_Kinnison: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+source/tomboy/0.3.5-0ubuntu101:09
slomo_Kinnison: http://librarian.launchpad.net/1598329/buildlog_ubuntu-dapper-i386.tomboy_0.3.5-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:09
slomo_Kinnison: http://librarian.launchpad.net/1598337/buildlog_ubuntu-dapper-amd64.tomboy_0.3.5-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:09
stubsabdfl: The branch you reference should be one you have pushed to your area on chinstrap01:10
slomo_Kinnison: the same for other packages... for example http://librarian.launchpad.net/1598157/buildlog_ubuntu-dapper-powerpc.gaim_1%3A1.5.0%2B1.5.1cvs20051015-1ubuntu4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:11
Kinnisonslomo_: woah woah, one at a time dude01:11
=== Kinnison goes to look on a buildd
Kinnison2006/02/28 12:05 GMT [-]  Iterating with success flag 3 against stage SBUILD01:12
siretarthttp://librarian.launchpad.net/1598354/buildlog_ubuntu-dapper-i386.gdm_2.13.0.9-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz this one as well01:12
KinnisonI think this is a bug in the recently rolled out slave package01:13
=== Kinnison stops the buildd scanner
KinnisonInfinity recently changed the buildd slave software01:14
carlosstub: hi, around ?01:15
=== Kinnison is looking
sabdflstub: bzr push to chinstrap looks like its going to take a very long time01:20
sabdflis there a faster way?01:20
Kinnisonsabdfl: You're using rsync?01:23
sabdflKinnison: bzr push sftp...01:25
Kinnisonsabdfl: use rsync01:25
dafif you do cp -a rocketfuel/launchpad/devel sabdfl/launchpad/<branchname> on chinstrap, then bzr push --overwrite, that caqn speed it up01:25
Kinnisonit's less "correct" but it's way faster01:25
daf(push --overwrite just invokes rsync IIRC)01:26
sabdfloh, that's pretty cool01:26
sabdflthanks daf, Kinnison01:26
Kinnisondaf: only if the push target is formatted right, and you have bzrtools installed01:26
Kinnisonyou do01:26
Kinnisondo the cp01:26
Kinnisonthen do bzr push chinstrap:/home/warthogs/archives/......01:26
dafKinnison: oh, that's a bit icky01:27
dafI only use the host:path syntax because it's faster to type :)01:27
Kinnisonit's also the rsync format01:27
dafwell, I'm sure bzr will Do The Right Thing in the long term01:28
=== Kinnison goes to lunch. Upon my return I'll try and fix the buildds before getting on with my packages
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ddaaaccording to lifeless, knit should land within a week01:41
ddaathis is the new archive format that enables faster pulls and pushes01:42
dafdoes that include pipelining?01:42
ddaaalso, shared repositories should not be very far anymore, which makes it even less of an issue01:42
ddaadaf: I do not think so. Pipelining is a different sort of issue.01:43
dafI can't see how the archive format will help the first-time push, though01:43
dafbut the repository stuff will help that, I imagine01:43
sabdfldaf: shared storage means your first time push can be just the delta from some existing branch, iirc01:44
ddaaanyhow, even with pipelining, you can only push stuff so fast... launchpad is large, and most of us have relatively little uplink,.01:44
dafsabdfl: yeah, that will rock01:45
ddaait's actually something Arch supported all along ;)01:45
dafwhat's Arch?01:45
sabdflshould do, though i'm curious how on earth bzr will know where the storage is shared, if you are working locally as well as pushing to a supermirror, say01:46
ddaaAIUI, a branch will hold the URL of its repository01:46
ddaaor have a self-contained repository01:46
ddaathen, there is nothing magical about sharedness, it's just that the repo will turn out to already contain data...01:47
ddaaThe specifics of how the repository URL is assigned to the branch still eludes me (I cannot keep up with the mailing list).01:48
sabdfldaf: should this push be pushing a working directory as well?01:48
sabdfland should it have deleted a bunch of stuff?01:48
dafI'm pretty sure it doesn't need to push the working copy01:49
dafso, it's a bug01:49
carlosdaf: the rsync method does it, the sftp one doesn't01:50
daffixing it is presumably a matter of getting it to invoke rsync more intelligently01:50
dafcarlos: ok, so a bzrtools bug01:50
carlosdaf: I think it's not a bug but I'm not sure, you need to check with lifeless. I remember that he talked already about that but I don't remember the details01:51
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sabdflcarlos: is sftp smart if you push to an existing repo?01:58
dafyes, it only pushes new revisions01:58
carlosdaf: but it's still slow01:58
dafright, hence the move to knits01:59
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Kinnisonslomo_: the buildds ahve been updated and the failed builds given back to be retried02:08
slomo_Kinnison: thanks02:08
slomo_Kinnison: which builds did you give back? all failed since the last buildd update?02:10
Kinnison52 to be exact02:11
slomo_uh... that's much :) thanks again02:11
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stubcarlos: yes02:50
carlosstub: hi02:50
carlosstub: I'm working on a patch that is going to add new DB fields to one table and remove some fields from another one02:50
carlosI need to migrate the data stored on the fields that I'm going to remove into the new fields I'm going to add02:51
sabdflcarlos: which table is that on?02:51
carlosand I don't know how to handle that so the migration script can use sqlobject to do it02:51
carlossabdfl: From POFile and POTemplate to TranslationImportEntry02:52
carlosstub: I cannot drop the old fields until the migration script is executed02:52
stubcarlos: ideally it would just be an SQL script.02:52
carlosstub: ok02:52
carlosWill try to do it that way then. I was not sure if there is any kind of policy about it02:53
stubIf you need to use SQLObject for the migration, you nede to add the columns in your patch but don't drop the old columns. Dropping the old columns needs to wait until the next rollout, and a different patch.02:53
=== stgraber [i=steph@xeon.stargate-server.com] has joined #launchpad
carlosstub: ok, that's what I thought. I will try to do it using SQL sentences02:54
stubI can help formulate the patch as SQL though if it is proving difficult.02:54
carlosstub: Hmmm, I think it should be doable, I will ping you if I get blocked on it. Thanks02:54
stubSQL patches can work on sets of rows, rather than one row at a time, so tend to be faster which is now getting to be important.02:55
=== carlos -> lunch
carlossee you later02:57
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ddaamh? What a pleasant feeling to make a test pass, and then think: "so next... hu... it's done"03:41
ddaaha no, I still need to do an integration test :)03:42
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sabdflwhat timezone is mpt in at the moment?04:01
=== lbm [n=lbm@x1-6-00-13-10-7a-d1-e4.k233.webspeed.dk] has joined #launchpad
sabdflelmo: ping04:13
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jameshbradb: did the ability to use an alternative sort order in bug listings get lost with your patch?04:29
bradbIt's temporarily disappeared from the UI, but bookmarks should still work. I intend to add it back as column-click, per kiko's recommendation, and assuming that we're able to show a reasonable number of bugs per page.04:31
bradbIt should be in before rollout, hopefully.04:32
dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [trivial]  Remove dangling symlink (r3207: Stuart Bishop)04:33
dafr3200 was rolled out; r3202 was the buglist patch04:33
bradbso by next Tuesday the CC sorting should be working in production04:35
jameshthen we can have people argue about whether an up arrow or a down arrow indicates ascending sort04:36
bradbi'll bring the paint brushes04:37
=== jamesh went through that discussion when adding column-header-click sorting to the file listing in viewcvs
LarstiQjamesh: ugh04:38
jameshI was mildly surprised to find that not everyone uses the same direction04:38
LarstiQboth viewpoints are valid, but I usually don't bother anyway, just look at how the data is sorted04:40
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kokewhy are there two "Spanish" fields at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+source/nautilus/+pots/nautilus/es/+translate?show=untranslated ??04:50
ddaayay! baz2bzr working!05:15
ddaadaf: spiv: the ball is on your side now05:16
ddaadaf: in particular, I am now looking at a superb oops on a productseries index page05:18
ddaadaf: you know what I mean :)05:18
ddaadaf: also, my branch depends on the database patch that's in optional-branch-title05:19
ddaadaf: so, if I can do anything to help you land both fixes, it's the right time to ask05:19
dafhmm, let's see05:21
dafo-b-t is merge-conditional05:21
dafI didn't get around to the productseries fix yesterday05:21
ddaadaf: unless you say "please do FOO" they are still both yours to land.05:25
ddaaI still have (less urgent) stuff to keep me busy05:25
dafok, swapped o-b-t in05:29
dafwhat's left:05:29
dafget the DB patch blessed05:29
dafstub: ping05:29
dafdon't allow setting the URL is the URL is None05:30
stubdaf: pong05:30
ddaastub: dba pee requested05:30
dafwhat ddaa said05:31
=== ddaa cannot believe the date on this fixme... 2005-11-30...
stubddaa: approved. patch-40-24-0.sql05:33
dafthanks stub05:33
ddaadaf: I know nothing about hacking forms05:34
dafddaa: #32117 looks like it should be simple enough05:34
ddaaUbugtu: bug 3211705:34
Ubugtumalone bug 32117 in launchpad "Template productseries-hctstatus-core.pt is wrongly calling getPackageName" [Normal,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3211705:34
dafI'd just like to make sure that this portlet is still actually useful05:34
ddaait's not used as a portlet05:35
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dafoh, right05:35
dafanyhow, it might be a case of codectomy rather than fixing it05:35
ddaamh... I guess maybe we should ask Keybuk. He should know what is still relevent...05:36
=== ddaa looks at the code
ddaathat's totally relevent05:37
ddaathe naming just sucks05:37
ddaait's the bit that displays the rcs-imports details on the productseries page05:37
sabdflgee whiskers, the whole product series menu system is totally screwed05:37
ddaas/menu system //05:37
sabdflbut, fixed in a branch05:38
ddaaproductseries things are wrong in so many way it's not funny, at all05:38
ddaabut getting better, slowly05:39
joustonI've got some usage model problem on Launchpad, where can I get help?05:41
joustondaf: !05:41
dafyou can ask questions here05:41
joustondaf: Why you know I can speak Chinese?05:41
daftelepathy :)05:42
=== jouston have no secret in this channel...
ddaadaf: please do the form thing on o-b-t. Also, do not forget to rm database/optional-branch-title.sql before merging (it's a script to update the sample data)05:42
ddaaI think I can deal with the productseries.branch thing05:43
dafok, sure05:43
dafby rm, don't you mean mv?05:43
ddaaI mean rm05:43
ddaathere are two sql patches05:43
ddaathe one stub just approved, that needs to mv'ed05:43
joustonI am main translator for jpilot. I suppose launchpad will have the most updated translation for zh-TW locale.05:44
joustonBut no.05:44
ddaaand database/optional-branch-title.sql which is a sampledata patch.05:44
joustonThen I upload my newest po to lauchpad, but nothing happened.05:44
ddaadaf: I will have to make it depend on o-b-t, so please, please make it land FAST.05:44
dafjouston: we are currently in the process of updating our translations from Dapper05:44
joustonHow can I do now?05:44
dafhowever, importing a PO file should have worked05:45
joustonthe version between mine and po in dapper is not 100% the same.05:45
dafwhen did you upload?05:45
joustondaf: last night I think.05:46
dafthat should be enough time05:46
joustondaf: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+source/jpilot/+pots/jpilot/zh_TW/+upload05:46
joustondaf: I use this URL to upload.05:46
dafthat looks good05:46
joustondaf: I upload twice I think. Not only once.05:47
dafthat shouldn't be a problem05:47
dafcarlos: any idea what might have happened?05:47
joustondaf: should I merge my work into dapper's PO then upload it or just upload?05:47
sabdflis stevea around?05:47
dafSteve is at Pycon05:47
dafhe was around intermittently yesterday05:48
dafbut hasn't been today05:48
dafthe brazilians are at carnaval05:48
dafor recovering from it; not sure wihch05:48
carlosdaf: Seems like there are some files that need manual review from a Rosetta Expert even when uploaded directly to an specific POFile05:51
carlosdaf: yes05:51
dafcan you file it?05:52
ddaadaf: also, you'll have to merge with rocketfuel, there's a trivial conflict with o-b-t in product.zcml05:52
carlosdaf: and as we don't have access to the import queue, we cannot handle it atm...05:52
dafddaa: I need to do that for the psycopg changes anyway05:52
carlosjouston: it should be imported in the next two days, sorry about that05:52
dafcarlos: fix that queue!05:52
joustoncarlos: No problem.05:52
AlinuxOScarlos, buenas dias bro :)05:53
carlosAlinuxOS: buenos dias!05:53
carlosdaf: doing that atm!05:53
ddaadaf: DOIT (please! SteveA is going to do me very unpleasant thing if bzr imports are not up next week)05:53
dafddaa: DOINIT05:54
dafcarlos: how's it going?05:55
dilysMerge to devel/launchpad/: [trivial]  allow for more concise +bugs search URLs, by not requiring the 'search' parameter (r3208: Brad Bollenbach)05:55
carlosdaf: all db changes done fixing now the UI form05:55
dafcarlos: great05:55
dafcarlos: let's aim to get it cherrypicked tomorrow05:56
carlosdaf: I have pending the migration script. I'm not completely sure how to do it. I will send later an email to stub to get some help for it05:56
dafstub offered to help earlier05:57
dafdon't be afraid to delegate05:57
carlosdaf: I know, that's why I'm going to ask him for help :-D05:58
dafstub: still awake?05:58
=== bradb & # lunch
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joustonhello abelcheung_ 06:04
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sabdflanybody feel very familiar with the menu system and willing to answer a few tricky questions?06:05
abelcheung_jouston: hello, I'm sending you message in #ubuntu-tw06:06
joustonabelcheung_: I saw your msg. But you point out a great topic to discuss.06:07
abelcheung_jouston: I'm not sure if rosetta people really plan to upload translations in rosetta to upstream at all06:09
dafsabdfl: I can try06:10
sabdfldaf: cool, thanks06:10
sabdfli'm working on the spec listings06:10
dafabelcheung_: we cannot upload translations to upstream, because there isn't a standard way to submit translations back upstream06:10
sabdfli want to have a flag that can be toggled, determining whether or not specs that are completed will be displayed06:11
sabdflso the url could look like .../sabdfl/+specs?show=all&category=feedback06:12
abelcheung_daf: yes, and translators are starting to be confused, which one should be done in rosetta, and which one should be submitted upstrewam06:12
sabdfli know how to make a menu item conditional06:12
sabdflwhat i don't know is if I can do some work in the __init__ of the menu, to determine the current state of those flags and set things up so the individual menu items can point to the right URL's06:12
dafbut not how to make the link conditional?06:12
dafyeah, I see06:13
carlosabelcheung_: by default, all translations must be sent upstream unless upstream is using Rosetta directly06:13
sabdflsometimes, the thing should be ...show=all, and sometimes it should not have the show piece06:13
sabdflso i can toggle between them06:13
carlosabelcheung_: the product overview notes if a product is not using Rosetta directly06:13
dafsabdfl: I imagine you can set an instance variable in __init__06:14
abelcheung_carlos: yes, however the point is: almost no newcomers know this fact, they think their work will be used upstream too06:14
carlosabelcheung_: Anyway, the problem is complex and any idea/suggestion to improve it is welcomed06:14
dafsabdfl: then have each menu link method look at it in order to work out whether to include the show parameter in the link or not06:14
sabdfldaf: that's what i planned, i just didn't want to do that work only to find there's some zope utility madness going on...06:15
abelcheung_carlos: highlighting which product is directly using rosetta can be a bit of improvement.... that's the immediate idea I can come up with06:15
carlosabelcheung_: that's why we changed our import policy to import only the products that upstream agreed to fetch translations from Rosetta06:15
jordicarlos: si tere any way I can (reasonably) work on the queue this week?06:15
carlosjordi: I'm trying to have it fixed tomorrow06:15
abelcheung_carlos: I'll be coming to localization sprint, so we can discuss about it more at that time06:15
jordicarlos: oh cool06:16
dafsabdfl: I'm guessing, but I'd think that the menus are instantiated once per request06:16
jordicarlos: you plan to cherrypick it?06:16
carlosjordi: it will depend on a code review and database migration so I suppose you will not be able to use it until Thursday 06:16
sabdfldaf: ok, will go ahead and see if this can work06:16
dafsabdfl: it's Steve who'd know for sure06:16
carlosjordi: yes, it's a critical thing06:16
jordiThursday. That's better than Teusday ;)06:16
carlosabelcheung_: sure!06:16
dafabelcheung_: cool06:16
jordicarlos: I have 3 new language team requests, so it's ok.06:16
jordihey abelcheung06:16
carlosabelcheung_: I'm not sure if I will be for the whole sprint but I will be around at least a couple of days06:17
jordiabelcheung_: oh, you'll be in London?06:17
jordicool, it's very possible that we'll meet06:17
abelcheung_jordi: yes, I'm coming, it's great oppotunity to see you guys06:17
dafddaa: interesting -- this merge from RF moves +addbranch to the overview facet06:19
ddaadaf: looks like...06:19
ddaaI guess it's a patch by mpt or something06:19
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ddaadaf: is that a problem?06:20
ddaadaf: oh, it makes sense, since the action is visible in the overview menu...06:20
ddaabut also in the code menu...06:21
carlosIs there anyway to render the String value of a DBSchema item?06:21
carlosso instead of the number, we show the defined name06:22
dafitem.title, IIRC06:25
ddaastub: are you sure it's a good idea to shut off the buildbot deprecation warnings?06:26
ddaaI mean, I like it to remind everyone that we are running straight into a wall with this old code base...06:27
stubddaa: It was screwing up the test suite. I don't see how we are going to hit a wall if we never update - it would just mean we need to keep an obsolete revision of twisted around for it.06:28
ddaastub: for example because other bits of launchpad will need a newer twisted06:29
ddaathe sftp server needs SVN twisted.06:29
carlosdaf: yeah, I just found it. Thanks!06:29
stubddaa: Sure. So we might need two or more revisions of twisted if nobody ever updates or replaces buildbot.06:29
ddaahooo, kay...06:30
ddaafine. Anyway, drowning it like the spawn of the devil that it is, is one of my big wishes.06:31
ddaai'd just need a large sink of holy water06:31
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dafddaa: ah, this uses the editform stuff06:34
ddaahu? it uses some magic form generation stuff, is all I know.06:35
dafBjornT: I want the user to be able to edit SomeContentClass.someattribute only if someattribute is not None06:36
dafBjornT: the +edit page used launchpad_editform06:36
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BjornTdaf: with our current security framework, it's not easy to do what you want. the easiest way is to handle it it the handle it in the view class, if someattribute is not None, don't render an edit widget for it.06:40
dafok, how do I do that?06:41
BjornTwhich view class does the page use?06:41
dafclass BranchEditView(SQLObjectEditView):06:41
daf    def changed(self):06:41
daf        self.request.response.redirect(canonical_url(self.context))06:41
daf^^^ that one06:41
BjornTok, so you could something like:06:42
BjornTdef __init__(self, context, request):06:42
BjornT  self.fieldNames = list(self.fieldNames)06:43
BjornT  self.fieldNames.remove('someattribute')06:43
BjornT  SQLObjectEditView.__init__(self, context, request)06:43
dafhow will self.fieldNames be initialised there?06:43
dafthere == "self.fieldNames = list(self.fieldNames)"06:44
BjornTit will be initialized via ZCML. that's why you shouldn't operate on self.fieldNames directly, since it will be shared by different instances of the class.06:44
dafoh, right, magic06:45
dafthat will take care of not showing the field on the form06:45
dafwhat will happen if the user submits a url= parameter?06:45
dafwill it be ignored, or will an error happen, or will it be set?06:46
BjornTit will be ignored, since no widget will be set up to handle the url parameter06:46
dafthat's just what I need, thanks06:47
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=== carlos -> out. Will be back in three hours or so
dafhasta luego06:51
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unstableproduct series is fine, use that name07:01
dafit is not merely a problem of name07:01
ddaait's a problem of unowned code07:07
ddaathat has drifted on the eddys on launchpad for months07:08
sabdfldoes bzr have the equivalent of baz's message format for commit messages?07:13
sabdfli have a lot of changes in one commit and want to give a detailed message07:13
sabdflunstable: thanks07:13
ddaasure you can write a multi-line commit message07:13
ddaajust "bzr commit" and it will spawn an $EDITOR07:14
sabdflok, thanks07:14
sabdfland do the tools handle that?07:14
sabdflis the first line special?07:14
ddaaby convention, the first line is displayed when a short log display is desired07:14
ddaait's not more special than that AFAIK07:14
sabdflcool, that's sane, thanks07:15
unstablesabdfl: thanks?07:20
sabdflunstable: for letting us know that the name is not too bad :-)07:27
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G0SUBwhere can I get hold of some rosetta admins?07:29
SteveAhello G0SUB.  what's up?07:29
G0SUBSteveA hello!07:29
G0SUBI need to get my translation team registered as the official bengali translation team07:30
SteveAthe best way to sort all that out is to mail the rosetta-users list07:30
SteveAthe rosetta admins read that and respond quickly07:30
G0SUBI have mailed rosetta@ubuntu.com ... no reponse yet07:30
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SteveAok.  tell me your email address and the subject line of the email you sent in a private message, and i'll ask the rosetta admins to answer it soon07:31
G0SUBokay :)07:31
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bradbBjornT: How much longer will you be around? I might have a question for you about the fix for bug 29176 and subscribers in about 10-15 mins.07:41
Ubugtumalone bug 29176 in malone "Changing source package doesn't notify the new bug contact about the change" [Normal,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/2917607:41
BjornTbradb: i'll be around for at least 2 more hours07:43
bradbok, cool07:43
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alexey__hi all !07:49
alexey__I have heard about Rosetta from the KDE FOSDEM website07:49
alexey__and it look revolutionary translation tool07:49
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mdkealexey__, yes, it's great07:54
alexey__agreed, but why it's associated with Ubuntu ?07:56
alexey__Rosetta is revolutionary for *all* software ! Free or not.07:57
alexey__for Free Software - especially.07:57
alexey__mdke: also why KDE software is lacking from the list >?07:58
mdkealexey__, it is associated with Ubuntu because it is sponsored by the company that sponsors Ubuntu, at the moment Ubuntu is the only distribution to use it exclusively08:00
mdkealexey__, as for kde software, it is missing because it doesn't use gettext if I recall correctly, and support for kde translation has not yet been implemented.08:01
mdkealexey__, carlos and jordi will be able to answer that question in more detail however08:01
alexey__I'm non-Ubuntu user, (SUSE actually) - but I feel that everyone can win from that technology.08:02
mdkei agree08:02
alexey__...provided the translations are given back upstream08:02
mdkethe objective of launchpad is to provide a solution between all distributions and upstream08:03
mdkeideally, upstream would use rosetta too, but we are some way away from that at the moment08:03
alexey__yes, that would be best08:03
G0SUBalexey__ Novell won't use launchpad even if it were free08:03
alexey__Novell -- maybe not. But independent SUSE Linux users, like me - might use.08:04
alexey__but why not use superior technology is beyond me ... ?08:04
alexey__why Novell won't use it if it's free?08:05
G0SUBalexey__ there is no point if only individuals use it ... launchpad is not for individuals per se08:05
alexey__hmmm - OK, that's for teams - like the whole OSS development process.08:05
SteveAalexey__: various projects use rosetta.  for example Silva and Zope3 use rosetta for translating their software08:05
mdkelaunchpad scales for teams and individuals08:06
G0SUBalexey__ because Novell won't like the way it's hosted by canonical ... they might want to host a separate instance themselves08:06
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alexey__ok, but SUSE users may help - because they have nothing to do with Novell's politics.08:07
G0SUBalexey__ possibly08:07
alexey__I may win nothing from the pro-Ubuntu advertising machine: https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/Rosetta08:09
alexey__but still use it if it improves the software upstream08:10
alexey__When do you suspect Rosetta will become KDE-compatible ?08:12
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jordialexey__: hello08:29
jordialexey__: it is planned, with no date for now.08:30
jordiOf course, if KDE decided to use Rosetta officially, that would porbably make things change *fast*08:30
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bradbBjornT: So, I don't want new bug contacts getting change email on bugs they've never seen before (and for which they're about to get a full description of the bug report anyway), so perhaps I should just call my update_bug_contact_subscriptions function from notify_bugtask_edited?09:04
BjornTbradb: yes, i think calling it from notify_bugtask_edited would be fine, that's probably the easiest solution. that will also avoid issues with the ordering of subscribers.09:11
bradbsounds good, thanks09:11
carlosalexey__, mdke: KDE is using gettext but their layout was not supported. This week we are starting with dapper imports and that will import KDE too (talking about Ubuntu packages)09:52
ddaadid anybody notice that test.py printed the following message:09:57
ddaaIOError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/home/david/home/canonical/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/pagetests/branches/xx-team-branches.txt'09:57
BjornTddaa: it's because 'canonical/launchpad' occurs twice in the path. i think daf had a patch which fixed that problem, don't know if he's merged it yet.10:07
ddaaBjornT: I noticed the broken path, but I was unable to figure out where it comes from.10:07
ddaaBjornT: BTW, where is the new usage of ./test.py documented?10:08
dafI have a fix10:08
dafspiv wanted me to add a test before I merge10:08
daf<david@ddaa.net> (expanded from <david@allouche.net>): delivery temporarily10:08
daf    suspended: connect to[] : Connection refused10:08
ddaadaf: fair enough, it's not terribly urgent to start running that test again10:09
ddaare-mail: maybe by ISP is broken ATM. They are reliable usually (my mail server is hosted my web hosting service)10:10
dafit means you can't run any page tests10:10
BjornTddaa: not sure where it's documented, but daf probably knows10:10
dafI think spiv documented it in the LaunchpadHackingFAQ10:10
ddaano page tests?10:10
ddaa"daf: it means you can't run any page tests" I do not understand what you mean10:11
dafif you have canonical/launchpad twice in your path, the page test wrapper will ont work10:11
ddaaI remember now10:14
ddaayup... all my canonical stuff is in ~/canonical10:14
ddaaand my launchpad tree is ~/canonical/launchpad10:14
ddaasomebody has been making too many ASSumptions when writing code :( thank you10:15
=== ddaa renames his tree to "lunchpad"
lifelessddaa: heh, that would be me. sorry. It needs a order reversal on the search.10:18
daflifeless: I have aptch10:20
daflifeless: I mailed it to the list10:20
dafI didn't get around to writing a test and merging10:20
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lifelessdaf: heh10:24
carloslifeless: hi, do you know if there is any problem with jbailey's bzr .deb snapshots? last update was four days ago10:28
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lifelesssounds like10:29
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mdkecarlos, rocking10:34
bradblifeless: I get what appears to be a sporadic test failure from pqm with xx-specs-11-setdistrorelease.txt. Any idea why that might be?10:39
bradbI'm wonder specifically if it might have anything to do with manual merges, for example.10:39
lifelesspqm is disabled during manual merges10:40
lifelessthe test suite resets the database schema and up10:40
bradbHm, I guess I'll try a third time.10:41
lifelessI'd wager 90% probability its something in your branch that the different pqm environment shows up a failure10:46
lifelessthat can be both stuff in head you have not merged to your branch10:47
lifelessand differences in postgres/platform10:47
bradblifeless: How can it be the former? I would have thought that pqm merging it into head to run the tests would negate that possiblity.10:50
bradbMy first instinct is that the test somehow depends on ordering, and it's a postgres thing.10:51
lifelessso lets say there is an alteration to an existing test in HEAD10:51
lifelesswhich when combined with your code fails10:51
lifelessif you have not merged HEAD, you won't see the failure locally. but you will when you ask pqm to merge you.10:52
bradboh, right10:52
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ddaadaf: yay, got a patch for the productseries/+index oops11:18
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sabdfllifeless: how are knits looking?11:44
lifelesssabdfl: coming along well, working on the self check support which was added to weave after they were developed11:45
sabdfleta soon?11:45
lifelessnext step is the knit store which should be easy and then we'll have a beta format for experimentation11:45
lifelessyes, eta this week I hope.11:45
lifelessfingers crossed yadayadayada11:46
lifelessanyhow, in deep discussion in #bzr on this, if you'll excuse me ?11:46

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