MadpilotI just did a quick proofreading run thru that, ompaul - looks OK12:04
ompaulMadpilot, thanks12:04
ompaulrobotgeek was suggesting he was going to do something about an install - was it install an application or install the o/s?12:05
Madpilotthe install guide is for the OS, I think12:10
Madpilotnot sure what the status of that is12:10
ompaulI'll get him tomorrow and see if I can do something he may be able to use or are our aims so different :) I want installing an applicaiton and a quick overview of where files go and why kind of filesystem and install I suppose12:19
Madpilotompaul, check the current Ubuntu Desktop Guide for Dapper at doc.ubuntu.com - some of that is already in there - there's a good Add Applications section12:21
ompaulmight save me a job of work that would be cool12:22
ompaulhmm tasty 12:23
ompaulI will bookmark that for tomorrow12:24
Madpilotthose docs get rebuilt twice a day from our SVN repository12:25
=== poningru [n=poningru@n128-227-48-188.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== poningru [n=poningru@n128-227-48-188.xlate.ufl.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Madpilotompaul, you can also get the SVN onto your own computer - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Repository12:45
ompaulMadpilot, hmm that could be dangerous :)(12:45
Madpilotit's just a local copy - you'd submit changes thru the -doc mailing list until you get commit rights12:46
=== Madpilot is still waiting for his commit rights... :P
ompaulsuch is life12:46
LaserJockstill? uggh12:46
Madpilotyeah, I think mdke_ has sent about three emails to various people on my behalf - robotgeek's still waiting too12:47
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=== robotgeek [n=venkat@ubuntu/member/robotgeek] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJockmgalvin: is it ok with you if I GPL kubuntu/Makefile?12:56
mgalvinLaserJock: ok by me, go for it12:57
LaserJockmgalvin: thanks12:57
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Burgworkjdong, you need to ask hno7301:34
jdongwho isn't here now,  correct?01:34
Burgworkyes, let me get his eamil01:34
LaserJockjdong: what are the licenses? or is that what your trying to find?01:36
jdongcorrect, LaserJock, I'm interested in using some shades of Ubuntu-ish brown on one of my MoinMoin wikis01:36
jdongour school colors are gold and brown :)01:36
LaserJockconvenient ;-)01:36
jdongso it'd be really easy for me to work off the Ubuntu MoinMoin stylesheet01:37
jdongit's copyrighted though, so I'd rather not stir up any trouble01:37
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FloidWhat's the easiest way to request a small improvement to a package desc., or can I just drop it in someone's lap here?03:16
Madpilotfile a bug against the package on launchpad03:17
FloidJust what I need, one more login/password. ;)03:17
FloidBut yeah, if I must..03:17
LaserJockFloid: launchpad is used for lots of things in Ubuntu so it might be worthwhile 03:18
Madpilotdocteam doesn't actually handle the package descriptions, the packagers do03:18
FloidI was really just trying to weasel a one-off filing on my behalf, but since I got the RTFM answer I'm already registering. ^^03:19
FloidFor what it's worth, and you might find a personal reason to care at some point, the acroread-plugins package is required to handle certain (or possibly all) fillable forms.03:19
Madpilotbugs are best filed by the people who actually experienced them - that way you can be contacted for further details if needed...03:19
FloidThat is the entirety of the bug, all you get is some 'these plugins are evil and report back to the mothership' libre handwaving in the current desc. ;)03:20
FloidAnyhow, remember this if you need to do your Connecticut taxes. :P03:21
MadpilotI live on the far side of the continent from Connecticut, and in another country :P03:21
LaserJockwell, I'm at least in the same country, but we don't have state income taxes :)03:22
FloidThis is a certificate of no tax for an estate, actually, but that's getting into extraneous detail.03:22
FloidI'm also looking for legal templates for OpenOffice, if anyone knows where they're hiding.  (Found reference to them, but not the actual last time I Googled.)03:23
MadpilotFloid, for those, try the main #ubuntu channel - I think there's an openoffice channel too03:24
FloidThat, in turn, was just the sound of me making small talk. ;)03:36
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theCoredoes anyone has tested the Yelp in Dapper ?04:37
robotgeektheCore: yes04:38
robotgeekit gives some nasty decorations :P04:38
theCorerobotgeek: do you get the wierds characters ?04:39
theCoredo you know what the problem is?04:39
=== karlheg [n=karlheg@] has left #ubuntu-doc ["Leaving"]
=== robotgeek looks at malone
robotgeektheCore: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/yelp/+bug/3311004:43
LaserJockyeah, it is a bug that has been around for a while04:44
=== lakin_ [n=lakin@dsl-hill-66-18-228-60-cgy.nucleus.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
theCorerobotgeek: thanks04:45
robotgeekmaybe we should add information to it?04:45
robotgeekconfirm it, even?04:45
robotgeekLaserJock: can we actually do that, change status from unconfirmed to confirmed?04:46
LaserJockrobotgeek: you certainly can, it won't do anything terribly important but you might as well since it is "confirmed" ;-)04:47
robotgeekLaserJock: i did not know if iit was "bug-ettiquette"04:47
LaserJockrobotgeek: if you can confirm it I think it is fine04:48
theCoreI'm a little bit disappointed by Dapper Flight 4 ...04:58
robotgeektheCore: why?04:59
theCoreBut, I won't critic it too much, until I see under the hood04:59
robotgeektheCore: ah, okay. i installed it for a friend of mine yesterday, he was happy with it :)05:01
theCorerobotgeek: I saw a couples of rough edges in the installer, gedit seem to have lost some feature, the mouse pointer is ugly, etc... 05:02
robotgeektheCore: ah, okay. and the yelp bug is  nasty :)05:03
theCoreit funny how the mouse pointer is exactly the same as the one on the old Mac05:06
=== bhuvan [n=bhuvan@ubuntu/member/bhuvan] has joined #ubuntu-doc
theCorerobotgeek: did you tried the kubuntu version?05:09
robotgeektheCore: yes, i am on kubuntu05:10
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJocktheCore: basically, I think gnome has to fix yelp05:21
theCoregnome ? what do you mean ?05:22
LaserJockgnome needs to fix yelp05:23
theCoreLaserJock: you mean gnome developpers, right?05:25
LaserJocktheCore: right05:26
MadpilotYelp in Dapper is significantly fixed, isn't it?05:27
LaserJockMadpilot: the weird character bug05:27
Madpilotthe square things? is that still happening in Dapper?05:27
Madpilotnot cool05:28
LaserJockyeah, basically there is supposed to be a "half" space where the 2003 box is05:28
theCoreI wonder why they put the Packaging Guide in Dapper too05:29
LaserJocktheCore: because I told them to :-)05:29
theCoreLaserJock: why ? the guide is not even half finished05:30
LaserJockbut it will be ;-)05:30
=== mpt [n=mpt@219-89-156-139.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJocktheCore: it is up to you to finish it. j/k05:36
theCoreI need more packaging experience05:37
theCoreI need packages to package05:37
LaserJocktheCore: did you see jpatrick's addition?05:39
LaserJockI'm enlisting some other help as well from a couple of the guys from -motu05:40
theCorehe done a lot of work on the Kubuntu section05:40
LaserJockI'm up for MOTU tommorw, if that goes well then I think I can concentrate on the packaging guide more05:41
MadpilotIf anyone needs basic proofreading done, drop me a note - the Ubuntu Desktop Guide seems to be mostly done05:41
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-doc
theCorethere's something I can't find explaination: why the Wiki has a SSL connection ?05:47
Madpilotbecause Mark used to run an encryption company?05:47
LaserJockisn't that for authentication?05:47
LaserJockMadpilot's explanation is better05:47
theCoreMadpilot: lol, but that still doesn't explain me why 05:49
MadpilotI don't know either05:49
Madpilotbut there's the "encrypt absolutely everything, so the important stuff doesn't stand out" take on encryption...05:50
LaserJockI thought it was because it used LP for authentication, of course I could be wrong05:50
theCoreIMHO, it's just a waste of money05:53
mptIt's so we can enjoy the picturesque landscape of the "The certificate for this site is inccorrect" alerts05:55
Madpilotall the certs got renewed (finally) in Jan. this year05:56
theCoredoes the Ubuntu slogan is still "Linux for human beings" ?06:00
Madpilotfar as I know06:01
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=== highvoltage [n=Jono@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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FreakinNutsDo we have a need/could you use documentation on the OEM install?06:17
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Madpilothi jsgotangco 07:04
jsgotangcoMadpilot, hi!07:05
LaserJockhi jsgotangco 07:05
KyralLJ I may be sending some patches to the Packaging Guide soon07:07
LaserJockKyral: great, I need some. Just make sure to keep your svn repo updated ;-)07:08
KyralLaserJock: I have like 10 SVNs I Up everyday07:08
LaserJockKyral: really? I've only got the doc team's really07:09
=== mpt [n=mpt@219-89-156-139.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
KyralXFCE LO07:09
Kyraland the various Goodies :P07:09
robotgeekLaserJock: the bug seems to be fixed in yelp :) 07:15
LaserJockrobotgeek: really? cool, I'm dist-upgrading right now07:15
robotgeekLaserJock: yup, just updated07:16
jsgotangcogentoo 2006 is really NICE07:18
LaserJockcool? did they add an installer?07:19
jsgotangcothey beat us07:19
jsgotangcothe x86 image is now a livecd installer07:19
robotgeekhead *swirls*07:20
jsgotangcoit uses a gtk installer too07:20
jsgotangcobut its good bling07:21
jsgotangcoim trying it now07:21
robotgeeki've always wondered why we did not filch Fedora's Installer?07:21
LaserJockso do they do binaries after the install? or is it still source?07:21
jsgotangcoLaserJock, i dunno i'm going to try it now07:22
LaserJockGentoo was my first real Linux distro07:22
LaserJockI loved it07:22
jsgotangcobut the livecd bootsplash is really nice too07:23
LaserJockI just can't believe Gentoo would have a livecd07:23
robotgeekGentoo was my first distro too, i managed to screw yaboot up! lol07:23
jsgotangcoit looks like its using gparted too07:26
FreakinNutsyeah....gentoo really has kinda stepped out there.07:26
FreakinNutsI was mucking around with it on vmware....it's been forever since I did a stage 1 install.07:27
jsgotangcohmm it defaults to ext207:28
LaserJockI don't think I ever had the patience to do a stage 1 :)07:28
jsgotangcooh my07:30
jsgotangcoi can choose stage 1, 2, 3 GRP and Dynamic07:30
jsgotangcoand even indicate a stage tarball url07:30
LaserJockoh man, I think I might have to try this in Q on OSX07:31
jsgotangco"The stage 3 tarball is the recommended tarball for Gentoo installations. It contains a complete base system and is already optimized for whatever architecture/processor you download the stage 3 for."07:32
=== robotgeek [n=venkat@ubuntu/member/robotgeek] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcothis is nice but rather scary for most users07:33
robotgeekgentoo 2006?07:34
jsgotangcoyou still define USE flags and CFLAGS07:34
jsgotangcoi guess the default settings will work07:34
jsgotangcothis is really maxing it07:34
jsgotangcoeven kernel source packages can be chosen07:35
jsgotangcolol super config settings07:37
FreakinNutsGentoo is one of those "power toys"  It's great for someone who wants total control over their system, however, it's not the type of user that I'm looking to steer with ubuntu.07:47
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
FreakinNutsis the new ubuntu OEM installer going to be graphical, or still going to be text?07:48
=== mpt [n=mpt@219-89-151-127.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJockFreakinNuts: what do you mean by OEM?07:52
jsgotangcoi haven't tried its probably the same07:55
jsgotangcoa lot of people would try running the livecd then install from it though using espresso07:56
FreakinNutsLaserJock: I volunteer for a Freegeek and we're using the OEM install of ubuntu to prep the computers before they get adopted.07:58
FreakinNutsLaserJock: from the ubuntu installer disk, just type oem...really great for prepping a computer for the end user....07:59
LaserJockhmm, never seen that before, cool08:00
FreakinNutsLaserJock: Howerver, there needs to be more documentation as to what the OEM installer really does, and maybe even some functionality to install customized programs specific to the OEM install.  (for example, we'd like to have the freegeekcolumbus.org link in the help for our users to try to ask us for help first, instead of bogging you folks down with end-user requests)08:01
FreakinNutsLaserJock: my write up of the OEM install : http://freegeekcolumbus.org/wiki/OEM_Install08:01
robotgeekFreakinNuts: i think you would need to hack the installer cd for links and stuff08:01
robotgeekFreakinNuts: okay, sorry. i dunno what i am talking about!08:02
jsgotangcoyeah, i wrote a 10-line oem howto before breezy came out08:03
jsgotangco1. insert cd08:03
jsgotangcothe new oem install is now a menu on boot though08:03
FreakinNutsjsgotangco: remember, computer literate people aren't the person that my guides are really intended for.08:03
FreakinNutsrobotgeek: I'd like to get everything put together in a package that way that during the adoption class we can 'apt-get' the customization package.08:04
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== Burglaptop [n=corey@S0106000fb085cc63.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekFreakinNuts: hmm, okay. not sure how to do that, sorry08:05
FreakinNutsrobotgeek: I've made .deb's before.08:05
FreakinNutsmy big offer for help is if that you have documentation that is lacking or needs some help, I'd be willing to help/write/as needed.08:06
FreakinNutsSome examples of what I've done already: http://freegeekcolumbus.org/wiki/New_Freekbox_Manual08:07
jsgotangcothe OEM is a good start08:07
Burglaptopany  thoughts on this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto?action=diff08:08
BurglaptopFreakinNuts: hey, welcome08:08
BurglaptopFreakinNuts: we spoke on the phone08:08
Burglaptopjsgotangco: I think I am going to revert that last edit to pbuilder08:11
FreakinNutsBurglaptop: Yup :)08:11
robotgeekBurglaptop: the sudo cat "APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated 1;" >> will not work08:11
LaserJockwhat about PbuilderHowto?08:11
Burglaptoprobotgeek: can you revert it to using sudo, not sudo -s and fix the howto08:11
robotgeekcat "APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated 1;" | sudo tee -a  /etc/pbuilder/apt.config/apt.conf.d/allow-unauthenticated08:11
BurglaptopLaserJock: the conversion to sudo -s08:11
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@219-89-148-138.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== robotgeek looks at page again
LaserJockhmm, I guess I didn't get emailed about that :/08:12
robotgeekBurglaptop: sorry, my mistake. it will work 08:12
BurglaptopLaserJock: subscribe08:13
LaserJockI thought I had, I generally subscibe to all MOTU related pages as I kind try to clean up/ structure the MOTU wiki08:13
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=== FreakinNuts is now known as Ian|Working
mdkerobotgeek, that yelp bug should be fixed since yesterday08:48
Madpilothi mdke 08:48
=== mdke reads scrollback
mdkehiya Madpilot 08:48
robotgeekmdke: yup, i know. very nice08:49
jsgotangcoyeah it works now08:50
mdkeit's really a bug in our fonts, I think08:50
robotgeekhmm, i dunno. i calls them as i sees them :)08:52
jsgotangcomdke, its actually upstream, if you mean character 2002 and 200308:52
mdkejsgotangco, yes, but that bug isn't present if you use (e.g.) fedora, it's due to a missing character in our fonts08:53
Madpilotno half-space glyph in Sans? (I think someone said it was the half-space causing the error08:54
=== mdke joggles mpt
=== robotgeek fools around with vim some more
Madpilotif anyone's actually using that bit of bash aliasing I sent to the list a while ago, try this version instead: alias usvn='cd ~/ubuntu-doc && svn up && zenity --text="Ubuntu DocTeam SVN Updated" --info'08:59
jsgotangconice zenity09:00
Madpilotnote that AFAIK this version is Gnome-specific09:00
jsgotangconotification bling09:00
robotgeekMadpilot: yup, i have a nice patcher script, if you are interested :)09:00
Madpilotyeah, the zenity bit is pure bling :P09:01
=== Burglaptop watches his brother turn into a gentoo user
MadpilotBurglaptop, bite me09:03
Madpilotat least it's Gnome-based bling and I haven't been seduced over to KDE :)09:04
robotgeekMadpilot: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/950909:06
robotgeekalso for anyone who emails mass patches :)09:07
Madpilotrobotgeek, nice -  might have to put that to use if my commit access takes much longer09:08
robotgeekMadpilot: yeah, i am waiting too :)09:09
mdke [08:08:57]  < stub> Launchpad is going down in 15 minutes time, which will also put the wikis into read only mode. Estimated down time is 10 minutes.09:10
=== jpatrick [n=patrick@ubuntu/member/jpatrick] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Madpilotrobotgeek, got that saved in Tomboy, along with a bunch of other notes on Bash & such09:12
robotgeekMadpilot: replace the M with a ?, and the svn diff with a rm, and lo..you have a cleaner script :)09:13
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@213-202-166-207.bas503.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
bhuvanmdke: why havnt we providing dapper ubuntu-docs update for quite sometime ?09:27
bhuvans/havnt we/we are not/09:28
Burglaptopnight all09:48
robotgeekcan someone clarify the DNS setting in (k)Ubuntu09:48
robotgeeki thought it was handled automagically?09:49
bhuvanrobotgeek: yes ?09:49
robotgeekthen why do we have the dns server setting in Network Settings?09:49
robotgeekor dns, at all09:49
=== bhuvan looks network settings
robotgeekit looks like a copy of /etc/hosts09:50
bhuvannope, if you meant dns09:50
bhuvanrobotgeek: dns configuration is not necessary if your network is configured via dhcp09:50
bhuvanthe dns server details are automagically (as you said) configured. refer /etc/resolv.conf for details09:51
robotgeekhmm, okay. only in case of static ip?09:51
bhuvanyep, you are correct, in case of static, we can configure dns server details in that screen09:51
robotgeekbhuvan: thanks, i'll add that bit in the KDG09:52
bhuvanshould it be in kdg or serverguide ?09:52
=== bhuvan is not sure!
robotgeekbhuvan: the gui tool is there, just one line on "connect to internet"09:53
bhuvanoh ok09:53
bhuvansometimes isp provide dns server details and it will be configured automatically, you can specify this09:53
bhuvansometimes they would do it automatically, so we should configure them manually09:54
robotgeekah, okay. thanks for information09:54
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-doc
bhuvanmdke: ping09:59
=== ealden [n=ealden@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== imtheface [n=skyisgre@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkebhuvan, pong10:36
mdkebhuvan, there was an ubuntu-docs upload 7 days ago10:36
bhuvanbut, debian/control is dated feb 03 ?10:36
jsgotangcodid your stylesheets get accepted?10:36
mdkejsgotangco, not yet, I don't think10:37
mdkebhuvan, look at /usr/share/doc/ubuntu-docs/changelog.gz10:37
bhuvanmdke, ok10:37
bhuvanmdke, thanks. it is as on feb 1310:38
mdkeit should be feb 2110:39
robotgeekshould i retain the stuff about mozilla-firefox in KDG10:41
Madpilotis FF in Kubuntu by default?10:43
jsgotangcowe need no stinkeen''' memory hog10:44
robotgeekso i'll leave all the firefox tips out, and see if i can add any neat konquror tips10:44
Madpilotyeah, that's why I use Opera :p10:44
mdke<- epiphany10:45
jpatrickI have a svn diff10:45
jsgotangcoyeah but epi still uses moz10:45
MadpilotEpiph has some cool features - it might even tempt me away from Opera in a few versions10:45
bhuvanmdke, i did update! now it shows feb 21, i guess we should update the file in our svn repo accordingly anyhow 10:46
mdkebhuvan, yes, I'll ask dholbach to merge in his changes10:46
jsgotangcoMadpilot, i like my web 2.0 stuff though, i wish epiphany was a bit extensible compared to firefox10:52
Madpilotmeh. Extensions are an excuse for laziness on the part of browser devs.10:53
Madpilot(only half joking...) :p10:53
jsgotangcomdke, if you have time, can you make a review of the g-a-i manual so i could make final changes to it10:54
mdkejsgotangco, ok, i won't be likely to get to it before this weekend though, I'm afraid10:55
jsgotangcomdke, no worries10:55
mdkegot a sort of exam thing at work10:55
jsgotangcoexam at work?10:55
jsgotangcowhat sick employer does that10:55
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=== mdke_ [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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robotgeekany idea why the open office suite isn't mentioned at all in the common-tasks section of the udg?12:08
mdkerobotgeek, we haven't got round to it12:09
mdkepatches welcome on the office section, it's incredibly short12:09
robotgeekmdke: hmm, feel free to copy from KDG. i think the section here is decent12:09
mdkeok i'll have a look12:10
=== robotgeek will send in the patches after he is thru with this section
robotgeekmdke: still working on common tasks, verifying,merging, deleteing etc 12:10
mdkeoh yeah, you never sent me that mega patch12:10
robotgeekmdke: yeah, i spent the weekend at a friends. got drunk!12:11
mdketut tut :)12:11
jpatrickrobotgeek: at last you can drink12:17
robotgeekjpatrick: yup. met my friend after 3 years12:17
jpatrickcool :)12:18
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@195-23-238-239.nr.ip.pt] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekoff to bed12:32
=== dooglus [n=dooglus@rincevent.net] has left #ubuntu-doc []
=== Kamping_Kaiser [n=Kaiser@ppp199-93.lns1.adl4.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jpatrickhey Kamping_Kaiser 02:03
Kamping_Kaiserhi jpatrick, what's up 02:03
jpatrickpackaging work and writing docs...02:03
Kamping_KaiserI'm about to write docs, just not for us :/ lifes a strange beast like that02:04
jpatrickI'm doing Packaging Guide02:05
Kamping_Kaisergetting there (i seem to recall something from the list, but i'm a bit tired)02:06
Kamping_Kaiseri'm about to try and write a few paras on "I know that some programs are free to be copied and distributed where as others have copyright that limits distribution" and "i know that some standards are agreed by many interested parties whereas others are determined and controlled by individual interests" for some ingots training02:09
robotgeekmdke: ping02:12
robotgeekrob: ping02:12
jpatrickrobotgeek: you slept for two hours02:13
robotgeekjpatrick: i havent slept at all02:13
robotgeeki wanted to finish the common tasks chapter today before sleeping02:13
jpatrickah, right02:13
robotgeeki tried to, but couldn't :)02:14
robotgeekthe sooner I finish this, i can work on other stuff02:14
jpatrickkfocus will be ready in a few moments02:14
robotgeekjpatrick: heh, i only need the menu entry location :)02:15
jpatrickit's in Utilites now02:15
robotgeekworks for me :)02:16
jpatrickI have a ~20kb diff for PackGuide02:17
=== nao23 [n=bread@ip913509cf.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu-doc
nao23Hi, is this the place one can come for answers?02:25
robotgeeknao23: for support questions, please go to #ubuntu02:25
nao23ok, thx02:25
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkerobotgeek, hi02:55
robotgeekmdke: just wanted to mention references to "sudo gedit" need to be corrected02:55
robotgeekto gksudo gedit02:56
mdkerobotgeek, yes, ideally, although sudo gedit works I think02:56
robotgeekmdke: NEVER use sudo to start graphical programs. You should always use gksudo or kdesu to run such programs, otherwise new login attempts may fail. If this happens and at login an error message reports: "Unable to read ICE authority file", log in using the failsafe terminal and execute the command below subsituting user for your username.02:57
robotgeekhas happened to me on gnome, and can be quite painful02:58
mdkethat only happens on a kde/gnome split system, right?02:58
robotgeekmdke: nope, even on a pure gnome system02:59
mdkeit doesn't happen if you run gnome apps with sudo in gnome02:59
robotgeekmdke: that's what the wiki says 02:59
mdkeI've never seen that on my system, although I do it regularly02:59
mdkeanyway, no reason not to use gksudo, of course03:00
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeeks/sudo/gksudo :)03:00
robotgeekmdke: sorry, vim search and replace :)03:01
mdkethat would be bad03:01
robotgeek%s/sudo gedit/gksudo gedit/g03:01
robotgeekthat would work :)03:01
robotgeekjpatrick: is there any other way to manage startup session programs other than "Save Session on Logout"03:03
jpatrickrobotgeek: ~/.kde/Autostart03:04
jpatrickput a .desktop file there03:04
robotgeekjpatrick: and that can be copied from /usr/share /applications?03:05
=== mpt [n=mpt@219-89-148-138.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeeknice and easy, thanks03:06
jpatrickglobal: /usr/share/autostart03:06
mdkeif there's a graphical way, best to document that first though03:07
mdkerobotgeek, ^^03:08
robotgeekthanks! i prefer to document the gui way03:09
Kaiser_Awayrobotgeek: in all honesty i have only seen the ice issue when KDE apps are run sudo under Gnome (k3b springs to mind), but i still recomiend people against using sudo for the gui *shrug*. 03:13
robotgeekKaiser_Away: might be it, but people will definetly mix and match. it might be better to prefer to gksudo way03:14
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Kaiser_Awaysure. just trying to add a bit of confustion :)03:15
=== jpatrick [n=patrick@ubuntu/member/jpatrick] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekjpatrick: done with the changes for today. diff worth 292 K :)04:22
=== jpatrick svn's up
robotgeekjpatrick: no, someone has to commit it first04:27
jpatrickright :)04:27
robotgeekjsgotangco: ping :)04:28
mdkeand even before that, someone has to send it04:28
robotgeekmdke: sent it04:28
jsgotangcorobotgeek, hi04:28
mdkewell, it has to arrive then04:28
robotgeekcrap, just overshot the limit i think04:28
robotgeekis it 40 kb/50 kb?04:28
jsgotangcohold on04:29
robotgeekand that was after compressing, lol04:29
jpatrickrobotgeek: just overshot?04:29
robotgeekjpatrick: it said 49.1 kb after compression04:29
mdkedon't push the file through if it's 282k04:29
mdkeoh phew04:29
robotgeekthanks jsgotangco04:31
jpatrickIf I have <bddebian@comcast.net> <- how doI stop that from being a tag?04:33
robotgeekthanks mdke04:34
robotgeekmight not validate with one omission in libs/kde.ent04:37
mdkejpatrick, &lt;bddebian@comcast.net&gt;04:38
mdkerobotgeek, best have a patch for that too, we need things to build for the preview server04:39
robotgeekmdke: yes, i can also patch the Makefile if you wish04:39
mdkerobotgeek, is it necessary? or are you using desktopguide/C/mk?04:40
robotgeekmdke: hmm, i am actually just using yelp. the mk file works as such, but it doesn't build status and such04:41
robotgeekmdke: it's just 2 lines, actually04:42
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-doc): set by jsgotangco at Fri Feb 17 18:35:22 2006
jpatrickmdke: sent a patch04:50
jsgotangcorob, it doesn't validate04:52
jsgotangcorobotgeek, it doesnt validate04:52
robotgeekjsgotangco: patch sent04:52
jsgotangcoi still don't see it04:54
jsgotangcoanyway someone will patch it04:55
jsgotangcoi gotta sleep04:55
robotgeeksame here :)04:55
=== lloydinho [n=andreas@rosinante.egmont-kol.dk] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkejpatrick, thanks. I won't apply it though, laserjock takes care of the packaging guide05:41
jpatrickI'll wait for him05:41
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== mdke_ [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== LaserJock [n=laserjoc@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jpatrickhey LaserJock !06:30
jpatrickone whooping patch @ ubuntu-doc waiting for you06:30
LaserJockjpatrick: saw, that. thanks06:31
LaserJockI should get it applied this morning before the TB meeting ;-)06:31
jpatrickwhen is it?06:32
LaserJock20:00UTC, but I'm going to try to be last because I have a meeting at 20:0006:33
LaserJockjpatrick: lol, did you get the merging material from the wiki?06:39
jpatrickerr :)06:40
LaserJockI wrote that wiki page. it looked a little familiar06:40
jjessedid that .diff for the packaging guide get applied/06:45
jjesseif it hasn't by the time i get back from lunch i'll apply it06:45
jpatricklunch eh? with anyone?06:46
jjesse_lunchnope, just lunch break @ work :)06:46
jpatrickah well06:46
LaserJockjjesse_lunch: I'm working on it presently06:47
mdke_jjesse_lunch, best to leave packaging guide stuff to Laserjock06:47
mdke_he's best equipped to check it all06:47
jjesse_lunchmdke_: didn't know he had svn access06:47
LaserJockjpatrick: so we need this kdepot patch, correct?06:47
mdke_jjesse_lunch, ah right, he does :)06:48
LaserJockjjesse_lunch: I do, thank goodness06:48
jpatrickRiddell took it of the site06:48
jpatrickso I made a files dir06:48
jpatrickjust didn't come out in the diff06:49
LaserJockjpatrick:is there a place I can download it from? or can I get you to email the patch to me06:49
mdke_"svn add filename" if you've added a new file and want it in the diff06:51
jpatrickmdke_: ok I'll remember that06:53
jpatrickLaserJock: sent06:53
LaserJockjpatrick: thanks06:53
jpatrickI'm going to do upgrade notes tonight07:08
LaserJockjpatrick: ok, I'm applying your stuff. Just remember to put <para> inside of <note>, etc. ;-)07:18
LaserJockjpatrick: you can validate what your doing by running validate.sh on the packagingguide.xml file07:20
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jpatrickLaserJock: didn't I?07:37
jpatrick:/ hmm07:39
LaserJockI had to add a few, np though07:40
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=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekmdke: Can you apply my minor patch? or are you still reviewing?09:50
LaserJockrobotgeek: good news, I made MOTU!09:52
robotgeekLaserJock: congrats!!09:52
robotgeekLaserJock: awesome!09:52
robotgeekvery nice...science team has 2 MOTU's now :)09:53
LaserJockyes, that is very important09:53
LaserJockI haven't seen tritium for a while09:53
jpatrickand there are 6 kde ones09:53
robotgeekjpatrick: :)09:54
robotgeekjpatrick: maybe i'll get involved in packaging stuff for dapper+109:54
LaserJockI'm pretty DE neutral, I'm an equal opportunity MOTU ;-)09:54
jpatrickrobotgeek: great :)09:55
robotgeekjpatrick: who knows what which DE will have my fancy then, lol09:55
LaserJockratpoison ;-)09:56
robotgeeki love my control keys, ty very much 09:56
LaserJockFVWM perhaps?09:57
LaserJockI think in my gentoo days I might have possibly installed every WM known09:58
robotgeekmaybe, i'll just stick to KDE. it is very nice09:58
robotgeekLaserJock: you had time to kill, did you not :)09:58
robotgeeki compiled Fluxbox and left it at that09:58
LaserJockI was definitely a merge-aholic09:59
LaserJockhmm, that reminds me, I downloaded the new Gentoo .iso last night10:00
LaserJockarghh, so many distros, so little time :(10:01
=== jpatrick just uses Kubuntu
LaserJockI'm using Windows, OSX, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, and a few qemu images on the side ;-)10:02
jpatrickI threw Windows ages ago10:03
jpatrickand I don't have a Maz10:03
=== robotgeek [n=robotgee@host-24-225-190-218.patmedia.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekjjesse: ping10:27
mdkerobotgeek, i applied it already10:34
mdkeLaserJock, congratulations10:34
robotgeekmdke: ah, thanks10:35
LaserJockmdke: thanks, it is a big relief to have that over10:35
mdkepleased for ya10:36
jjesserobotgeek: pong10:37
LaserJocknow I can get some doc team work done ;-)10:37
robotgeekjjesse: nvm, mdke applied it already :)10:38
=== robotgeek [n=robotgee@ubuntu/member/robotgeek] has joined #ubuntu-doc

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