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iGotNoTimeI wish we had sound in IRC so I could scream BOOOO! and scare the hell out of all of you :P02:41
iGotNoTimerunning to the market be back in a bit :)02:42
HedgeMageno, thanks.  I don't need to hear all the other users' music, noises, etc.02:45
Burgundaviaright, and my boss at work would wonder what I was doing on my machine02:48
BurgundaviaI like stealth-ircing thanks02:48
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iGotNoTimeHa got ya again! 03:36
iGotNoTimedamn it just doesn't feel the same :(03:37
flintHedgeMage, Hi there my dear, still like the name and intend to keep using it.03:41
HedgeMageflint: :) good03:43
flintHedgeMage, anyway thank you very much.  where in the world are you? I am in Vermont, USA.03:43
flintanyway, good night and good luck. sksk03:48
HedgeMageWA, usa03:50
HedgeMageoops, missed him03:50
iGotNoTimeCan I modify my settings in any way to make the Windows Key open the Applications menu?04:29
iGotNoTimesome habits are VERY hard to break04:29
BurgundaviaI don't think so04:29
iGotNoTimeok :)04:30
iGotNoTimethx :)04:30
iGotNoTimewhoa! nevermind :P04:31
iGotNoTimeit currently changes my languages!04:31
iGotNoTimevery cool04:31
iGotNoTimemuch easier than multple keys!04:31
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Burgundaviagreetings highvoltage05:52
Burgundaviahow is your saturday?05:52
highvoltagehi Burgundavia 05:54
highvoltagewell, i just woke up, so we'll have to see :)05:54
highvoltagegoing to install 2 new tuxlabs in 2 hours or so from now :)05:55
highvoltagebrining the amount of tuxlabs in this province to 120.05:55
Burgundaviauserful via omni and novell is about to roll out 3k desktops in NorthWest province05:55
highvoltagekewl :)05:57
highvoltage.za at educational level is going towards linux faster and faster05:58
highvoltagethe educational content providers are working more and more towards making all their content web-based, or at least platform independent to some degree.05:59
highvoltagebecause they are aware of all these mass Linux deployments and they don't want to loose market.05:59
highvoltagethis in turn, is helping the DoE to more seriously consider Linux for their roll-outs05:59
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simon__anyone at home11:46
Burgundaviasimon__: nope11:46
simon__got an ltsp problem any takers11:47
Burgundaviasorry, I know nothing about ltsp11:47
simon__get to gnome desktop manger screen but keyboard works on and off with wrong symbols when it does work then suddenly it will work ok for a bit then fail again. i know its not keyboard as it works ok in main edubuntu11:48
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snif96terich soll in einer Schule ein Netzwerk einrichten ich mchte dafr Linux nehmen, weil ich selber schon lnger privat mit Ubuntu arbeite. Jetzt mchte ich wissen, was Edubuntu besser kann oder welche extra funktionen es gegenber anderen Ubuntu Derivaten hat.01:59
highvoltagehallo snif96ter. fgt edubuntu irgendeinen pdagogischen Inhalt, wie kde-edu, gcompris, tux4kids, etc. sowie LTSP hinzu, das Ihnen erlaubt, Computer von einem Netz aufzuladen.  ich spreche nicht irgendwie deutsch, ich benutze google bersetze zum communicat zu Ihnen jetzt :)02:03
highvoltageogra ist mglicherweise deutsch, wenn Sie auf einer Spitze halten, die Sie einige Fragen konnten als er.02:04
snif96terok highvoltage you can speak english to me02:05
highvoltageshew! that's way less work :)02:05
highvoltageare you planning to use thin clients, or full desktop systems?02:06
snif96terwhat are thin clients?02:06
highvoltagethat's when you have workstations without any local storage, they boot and work entirely off the network, from a central server.02:06
highvoltagethe applications even run from the server, they are just displayed locally.02:07
highvoltageedubuntu has this built in by default. your workstations only need to be PII's. You need a powerful server, though.02:07
snif96teri plan it with full desktop systems02:07
highvoltagein that case, edubuntu will only give you software such as what i've mentioned before. edubuntu also includes schooltool.02:08
snif96teri've heard of schooltool before but how can i use it?02:08
highvoltageunfortunately i haven't had a chance to use it too much either02:09
highvoltagebut if you have some time, you could look it up at http://www.schooltool.org02:09
snif96terthe server in this school is already Suse Linux 9.3 Server do i need a edubuntu server? or can i use the suse server?02:12
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jelknerhi all, i have a quick question03:34
jelknerwe have an edubuntu lab setup in a community that is primarily spanish speaking03:35
jelkneri did the install in english03:35
jelknerwhen i connect directly to the server, i can choose the language03:35
jelkneron the clients, i can't03:35
jelkneris there an easy way to change the default language to spanish on the clients?03:36
highvoltagejelkner: i think there is a way, but you have to change it for *all* the clients then03:42
highvoltagejelkner: i don't think you can choose individual or per-user languages atm03:42
jelknerhighvoltage, that's ok03:43
jelkneri know later we will be able to choose on an individual basis (perhaps dapper + 1)?03:44
jelknerbut for now i want spanish03:44
jelknerhow can i do that?03:44
highvoltagei'm not sure03:44
highvoltagei asked ogra about it a few days back, and he said you could change it in the ltsp chroot03:44
highvoltagei'm not sure how though03:44
jelknerok, i'll check with him later03:45
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flintogra, ollie got a stoopid question...06:16
spaceyoh oh flint06:17
spaceyplease feel free to share with the rest of us as well06:18
flintspacey, ok babies, elkner calls me up in a dither... he needs to switch classrooms full of folks between languages - hopefully on the fly.06:19
spaceyhe already asked here 3 hours ago06:19
flintthe dealieo here is there are several language variables in a user environment.  these are:06:19
flintspacey, spanish is the real issue here in the colonies absolutely.06:20
flintflint@zeta:~$ set | grep -i lang06:20
flintnow when you switch to spanish....06:20
spaceyIIRC you can change the default in /etc/environment06:20
flintflint@zeta:~$ set | grep -i lang06:21
flinton a per user basis? in ltsp?06:21
spaceythats systemwide06:21
spaceyon per user i'm not sure, normally you select that in GDM06:22
spaceynot sure where its stored normally per user06:22
flintwhat about a for a given user, say you want half the class in spanish and half in english?06:22
flintand this would be in the LTSP /opt/etc/ or something eh?06:22
spaceythen you need configure it for half of the users i guess06:22
flintwhere in GDM ( or as I like to refer to it, goddamn :^) would you change the language variable?06:23
spaceyif you set it in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc06:23
spaceythen its only for the thinclient self06:23
spaceyso maybe LDM will be in that language then06:23
flintI can probabaly live with just this environment variable change.  06:23
spaceybut the system itself you need to put it in /etc i guess06:24
flintI will play with this in the flint linux candy lab.... thanks!06:24
flintwhere is that little scamp ogra?06:24
spaceyi hope he is enjoying the weekend06:24
flinthe has had pleanty of time to get a cigarette....06:24
spaceyworking 7 days a week would be pretty bad for him06:24
flintseriously thanks for the lead.  I will try to put something on  the wiki....06:25
flintindeed... and I actually agree completely.  thanks agaoin.. sksk06:25
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iGotNoTimeDoes anyone know if my default Edubuntu has a TFTP server built in?08:46
iGotNoTimeI need to have communication for file transfer to flash some firmware into one of my networked devices08:46
iGotNoTimenevermind found it, Synaptic is the coolest thing in this distro!08:52
highvoltageiGotNoTime: yes, it has one built it08:54
iGotNoTimeis it running by default?08:54
highvoltageit's required for LTSP08:54
iGotNoTimeI don't see it in processes08:54
highvoltageif your ltsp is running, then tftp is running too08:54
iGotNoTimehow do i start the server?08:55
highvoltagetftpd runs out of inetd08:55
highvoltagecheck that it's enabled in /etc/inetd.conf08:55
highvoltageand that inetd is started08:55
highvoltage/etc/init.d/inetd start08:55
iGotNoTimeyes thank you08:55
iGotNoTimethat was wwhat i was looking for :)08:55
iGotNoTimevery slow in here today ;)08:56
iGotNoTimeI needed to get some movement :D08:56
highvoltagesorry, i've been in and out :/08:56
iGotNoTimefrom my inedt.conf :08:58
iGotNoTimetftp           dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /var/lib/tftpboot08:58
iGotNoTimethat means it is ready to run correct?08:59
iGotNoTimeall I then need to do is start inetd via terminal?08:59
highvoltageyes, although, inetd isn't really meant for a standard ftp server08:59
iGotNoTimeit is only for 5 minutes use :)08:59
iGotNoTimeI am stopping service after done08:59
highvoltagetftp is different from ftp in that it only sends the file to the other side, without checking that it gets there09:00
iGotNoTimeI am using to flash some files into a SIP adapter :)09:00
highvoltagemany clients won't work with it09:00
iGotNoTimethe device has lights signaling when completed09:00
highvoltagei don't know if that would work :/09:00
highvoltagebut i won't stop you from trying :)09:00
iGotNoTimehow do I find out what the server IP would be?09:01
iGotNoTimejust my local for edubuntu?09:01
iGotNoTimek :)09:01
iGotNoTimebe back in a bit with the prognosis :)09:01
iGotNoTimeohhh one more thing09:02
iGotNoTimewhat is the default root directory for the service?09:02
iGotNoTimewhere do I place this .bin file?09:02
highvoltagenot sure if tftp even listens on a standard port :/09:03
iGotNoTimewill find out :)09:03
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iGotNoTimethe screen savers are gnome products correct?09:59
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enychow doesw pprintign work with all the thin-clients on ltsp??11:32
enycdo they have their won cupsys locally as-per the 'boot image' when boot-over-network?11:32
enycuse remote ip:631 cupsys somehow?11:32
GR8WENTdo I have to create an lts.conf?12:02
GR8WENTI don't see one in /opt/ltsp/etc12:03

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