dafKinnison: hence the "..."12:23
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=== kiko yawns
kikoque sono12:32
carlosdaf: hey12:38
jordiputa mierda12:48
jordiI lost access to my mail server12:48
jordihow sucky is that12:48
kikoit's good12:49
kikoyou can go to sleep12:49
dafcarlos: hey12:55
carlosjordi: get a real server (TM)12:55
carlosjordi: I found a new upload request while handling the import queue12:56
carlosjordi: for a product12:56
carlosjordi: but seems like they forgot the .pot file12:56
carloshttps://launchpad.net/rosetta/imports/+index?status=NEEDS_REVIEW&type=all look for the dctrl-tools entries12:57
kikoforgetting the pot file is a fatal mistake12:57
carloskiko: well, I think rosetta would take a .po file as the .pot file12:59
kikoc'mon dilys 12:59
kikogive us some love!12:59
carlosbut I didn't add tests for it, it just works but was not a designed feature ;-)12:59
carlosI cannot believe that I'm being faster than poimport script....01:00
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jordiare you guys importing?01:01
jordimaybe I should join the part01:01
carlosjordi: dude... read your email!01:01
carlosoh, you have your server fucked....01:01
jordiheeellooooo carlos01:01
jordi00:49 < jordi> I lost access to my mail server01:01
carloswha a pity }:-P01:01
carlosjordi: I was joking ;-)01:02
carlosjordi: perhaps your server died due the spamming of the imports01:02
dilysMerge to test/launchpad/sourcecode/sqlobject/: [r=kiko]  Make prejoins and prejoinClauseTables interact correctly. (r51: Andrew Bennetts)01:02
carloskiko: go, go, go01:03
carlosjordi: I talked with simira about no.po files01:03
carlosjordi: we agreed on having dapper a 'no.po' free zone01:03
carloss/a/as a/01:03
carlosjordi: so any no.po dapper file should be  imported as 'nb.po'01:04
carlosI will get ride with stuart with any already imported file using the 'no' language code01:04
carlosI think I should leave soon to sleep01:04
carlosI don't know what I'm writing....01:04
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jordicarlos: k01:23
carlosjordi: try to concentrate on imports for products01:23
carlosbefore working on dapper imports01:23
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carlosas that's what people will ask most as they expect to be done some hours after they request and we are near a month behind...01:24
jordithis new import method...01:24
jordishould be used only for autoimports.01:24
jordipeople tend to upload requests with many "bad" files01:25
jordies_ES and that sort of stuff.01:25
jordiif those get imported automatically, bad idea01:25
carlosjordi: dude, you should listen to me when I explain to you how the system works ;-)01:25
carlosjordi: we only import automatically languages that have the visible flat set to True01:26
jordioh, that's ok then :)01:26
carlosthus, those 'broken' languages will not be imported automatically01:26
carlosthat's the case of no.po01:26
carlosso we can import it manually to nb.po01:26
carlosit's only imported automatically if there is already an import for that broken language01:27
carlosso if you accept it once, yo don't need to moderate it every time01:27
carloskdebase has more than one 100 .pot files!01:41
=== carlos -> bed
carlossee you!01:56
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G0SUBis there any way to end a poll early after it has been started?06:48
=== G0SUB [n=ghoseb@ubuntu/member/g0sub] has joined #launchpad
G0SUBare there any known issues with launchpad atm ?07:46
G0SUBI can't upload an attachement to a bug07:47
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sabdflmoin moin10:02
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bunny_winboxI love freenode12:23
bunny_winboxall the cool people hang out here12:23
=== bunny_winbox just signed up on launchpad
mptAll the cool people sign up at Launchpad, too :-)12:28
mptKinnison, what URL-spaces has the soyuz landing changed heavily that I should have a look at?12:30
Kinnisonmpt: None I think12:30
Kinnisonmpt: It was all backend12:30
Kinnisonmpt: all the UI stuff has had to go into RF anyway in order to be rolled out onto the app servers12:30
Kinnisonmpt: cprov will have UI for next week including queue visualisation, improved build pages etc, as per the writing on the wall12:31
Kinnisonmpt: Are you downstairs?12:32
mptKinnison, yeah, waiting for SteveA12:33
Kinnisonmpt: right, I'll say buhbye on my way past :-)12:33
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kiko-afkstub, merge failed?12:35
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SteveAKinnison: spare domino here12:53
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cprovlifeless: ping01:13
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cpro1lifeless: seems that PQM still refusing my requests, same UID error.01:34
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lifelesscarlos_: are you sure you are signing with the right key then ?01:36
carlos_lifeless: ?01:37
carlos_lifeless: I guess you mean cprov....01:37
lifelesscarlos: indeed01:38
lifelesscpro1: ^^^^01:38
lifelesscpro1: I'm heading out in a couple of minutes, will look with you tomorrow ok ?01:39
cpro1lifeless: okay, take you time (I'm sure the email is ok)01:40
sabdflhey guys01:46
sabdfllifeless: alive again?01:46
sabdflerk. this is a horrible irc client.01:46
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sabdflthat's a bit better01:48
carlossabdfl: dude, it's KDE, you know? .... 01:51
=== carlos hides
carlossabdfl: kdebase has near 200 .pot files01:52
carlossabdfl: I don't think we designed Rosetta to handle that amount of .pot files....01:52
carlosI mean, in a single package...01:52
carloscprov: when do you want to have lunch, in 10 minutes?01:52
sabdflcarlos: hmm... interesting01:54
cprovcarlos: yes ;)01:55
carloscprov: ok01:55
sabdfliirc kde moves templates from product to a single package, right?01:55
carlossabdfl: the .pot files are inside a package01:55
carlosthen, the .po files are splitted on different packages like our language packs01:55
sabdfli think we ahve to special-case this in the importer and exporter01:55
sabdflwe have to create a table that maps the POT to the relevant source package01:56
sabdfland back01:56
sabdflthen, on import, we say "aha! this is kde, attach the pot to THAT source package"01:56
sabdflnot this one01:56
carlossabdfl: the exporter is not an issue, the importer... yes, I need to figure a way to do it automatically or it will take us hours to import it every time...01:56
sabdfled zachary01:56
sabdfla mapping table will do fine01:56
carlossabdfl: we already have the DB schema to do that01:56
sabdfltext file01:56
carlossabdfl: without using an specific table01:57
sabdflfoo.pot, foopkg01:57
sabdfl<po template name>, <sourcepackagename>01:57
sabdflso when that source package is imported, the pot files go to special locations01:57
carlossabdfl: a potemplate has a 'fromsourcepackagename' and 'sourcepackagename' to note from where it comes and where it appears in our UI01:57
sabdfland when the export is done, you do the right thing01:57
sabdflcunning man, what did you do that for?01:58
carlosbecause when we approve the .pot file, we can note the fact that it came from another package so next time we do the import we have that mapping feature you are talking about01:59
carlosI think we id this change on December or January... I don't remember it exactly01:59
carloscprov: ready?02:01
=== carlos -> lunch
cprovcarlos: yes, meet me at the bar (corner)02:07
sabdflcarlos: sounds good, you just have to get the first set of imports correct then02:14
sabdflthen, the next set should learn from the previous02:14
sabdfliow the next time you import that package and see foo.pot, it knows to attach it to package bar02:14
sabdflfoo, soory02:14
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carlossabdfl: right03:36
=== carlos -> out of the hotel
carlossee you later03:36
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