mdkea link in the header to malone might work for what qgil was talking about12:10
Burgworkmdke, I was concerned about having doc.ubuntu.com being indexed and people linking to it12:10
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mdkeBurgwork, i dunno. having it indexed is an advantage from the point of view of people finding it and learning to contribute. it depends on whether there is sufficient clarity about what the site is12:12
Burgworkthe name doesn't lend itself to that12:13
mdkeno, the name doesn't12:13
mdkeit would have to be done in the header12:13
Burgworkwhat about something like scratchpad.ubuntu.com12:14
LaserJockI wonder if something like a guestbook type wiki page on doc. for feedback would be good12:14
LaserJockwhere people can add notes12:14
Burgwork<dig>mediawiki has the ability for anon to add to talk pages, but not edit the main pages</dig>12:15
LaserJockyeah, that sure would be nice12:16
LaserJockthat would be ideal for when move the wiki, I think12:16
LaserJockwhen we move, I mean12:16
Burgworksure, that works great12:17
LaserJockyeah, I like that12:17
mdkeas for feedback, i don't think we should add anything to help.ubuntu.com12:17
mdkeeach doc should have a link to the bugtracker12:17
mdkebut for doc.ubuntu.com, a link in the header bar would be nice12:18
Burgworksure, that works12:18
=== manicka [n=manicka@ubuntu/member/manicka] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkedocs already have links to the bugtracker in the "feedback" section, tbh, i don't think we should go any further for help.u.c12:18
=== mdke bed
LaserJocktrappist: ping?12:24
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Burgundaviasalut robitaille05:14
robitailleHi Burgundavia 05:14
Burgundaviahow much css do you know?05:16
KyralCSS humwha?05:22
robotgeekhey all05:23
robitailleBurgundavia: have been known to do the odd web page using css.05:28
Madpilothi all05:29
Burgundaviaah Madpilot, you are the person I am looking for05:30
BurgundaviaI am beating my head against css in moin05:30
Madpilotam I?05:30
Madpilotsounds like fun05:30
Madpilotgot a link?05:30
Burgundaviacan you make the text top justify in those tables?05:30
Madpilotlet me look at it after I eat05:31
Burgundaviabah, eating :)05:32
Burgundaviahmm, javascript is simply not working in epiphany right now05:47
Burgundavianor is search on the location bar. Wonder if they are related05:47
robotgeeki just caught the log of the meeting. looks like a fun meeting05:50
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LaserJockrobotgeek: it was05:55
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekhey jsgotangco 05:59
jsgotangcolong time no chat (i've been away)05:59
robotgeekjsgotangco: how is going? 06:00
robotgeeklast time i spoke to you, you asked me about a sanskrit name06:00
jsgotangcopretty good just catching up with work06:00
=== robotgeek looks for stuff to fix in KDG
jsgotangcoi've been catching up on emails but barely06:02
jsgotangconext week would be saner06:02
robotgeekjsgotangco: cool06:02
jsgotangcoso are we extending?06:02
robotgeekLaserJock: was it dhelp you were talking about last week06:02
robotgeekhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs/ubuntu-meeting-2006-03-17.html is meeting log06:02
robotgeeklooks like we have +2 weeks06:03
Madpilotjsgotangco, you're one of our mailing list admins, right?06:03
jsgotangcosomething got stuck?06:03
Madpilotjsgotangco, just wanted to confirm that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Contact - the bit I added about non-subscribers sending to the list - was actually accurate06:03
LaserJockrobotgeek: dhelp, although it doesn't work with the Ubuntu docs. only dwww and doc-central06:04
=== robotgeek uninstalls
=== manicka [n=manicka@ubuntu/member/manicka] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcois anyone using ekiga here?06:10
Burgundavianope, but I was forced to use skype this morning06:11
robotgeekwork on ppc?06:11
Burgundaviatheir UI is total bong06:11
Burgundaviarobotgeek: in the default install06:11
robotgeekBurgundavia: i'm kubuntu06:11
Burgundaviadefault ubuntu install, so yes06:11
jsgotangcoi want to try my installation06:11
jsgotangcojust in case jerome@ekiga.net06:12
robotgeeklemme install :)06:12
Burgundaviait gave me burgercorey@ekiga.net, not coreyburger@ekiga.net06:15
jsgotangcocan i try it on you?06:15
Burgundaviasure, let me setup ekiga06:15
jsgotangcoi registered pretty early so i got a neat name06:16
Burgundaviacall me06:17
Burgundaviamy sound is borked however06:17
jsgotangcoit doesnt seem to connect06:18
Burgundaviasays you are offline06:19
=== robotgeek is logging in
jsgotangcoit says you're online06:19
jsgotangcowonder if i have to set anything to my router06:20
Burgundaviawe are connected, did you just hear me?06:20
Burgundaviamy sound card is borked right now06:20
jsgotangcoi didnt hear anything06:20
Burgundaviabloody hell, this install is so borked. It is actually a flight3 install06:21
BurgundaviaI was so busy with the book I didn't get a chance to ever test flight406:21
jsgotangcoi'll check my settings first06:21
jsgotangcohmm why does it say im offline06:22
BurgundaviaI am still connected to you06:23
Burgundaviaok, ekiga's UI is still bong06:23
Burgundaviaaudio transmission status???06:23
Burgundaviahow about "mute sound"06:23
jsgotangcoi just turned it off06:23
Burgundaviaand where is my hangup button?06:24
jsgotangcodid you receive a message?06:24
jsgotangcoekk timeout06:24
jsgotangcoskype just works06:24
Burgundaviahow does skype do it?06:24
BurgundaviaI had to turn on upnp on my router06:25
robotgeekBurgundavia: ping 06:25
jsgotangcoi didnt do anything at all06:25
Burgundaviarobotgeek: I am connected to you06:25
BurgundaviaI really love the little lego brick button that changes the UI06:25
Burgundaviathat is the best bong hit of this whole application06:25
robotgeekBurgundavia: can yo uhear me tho?06:25
Madpilotyou figure the devs smoked up before working on this thing, Burgundavia? :P06:26
jsgotangcorobotgeek: what's your ekiga account06:26
robotgeekjsgotangco: venkatraghavan@ekiga.net06:26
robotgeekit says yo uare offline06:26
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@S0106000fb085cc63.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcothis is bong06:27
jsgotangcoi could log in but people dont see me06:27
robotgeekit did connecy06:27
BurgundaviaI got through to jsgotangco and robotgeek06:28
robotgeekyeah, but i don't think i'm able to speak06:28
BurgundaviaI have a nasty bug that prevents all sound from being played, so I could test that06:29
robotgeekjsgotangco: can you hear me?06:30
jsgotangcoi always get a timeout06:31
robotgeeklemme test my sound, beb06:31
jsgotangcohow will i konw if i am online?06:33
robotgeekjsgotangco: it says you are offline, maybe problem is at my end06:36
jsgotangcoon my part it says Registration failed: Timeout06:37
robotgeekah, okay. 06:37
robotgeekjsgotangco: how come you are able to call me, but i am not able to call you06:38
jsgotangconot sure if my router needs some configuring, im sure it should allow me06:39
Burgundaviahmm, that is sad. There has been no discussions of the user interface for several months06:40
Burgundaviaguess they were working on the backend06:40
robotgeekBurgundavia: did you atleast get my text messages?06:40
jsgotangcoit should say on status if im offline or not06:40
Burgundaviarobotgeek: send another one, I am not certain06:41
=== jsgotangco tries lookback
jsgotangcotry calling to 500@ekiga.net06:41
robotgeekjsgotangco: it connects06:42
jsgotangcothat's the loopback06:43
=== robotgeek tries to read FAQ
jsgotangcoi think i know my issue06:44
jsgotangcowhat a pain to make this work06:45
jsgotangcoyou should not have "symmetric NAT"06:45
jsgotangcoinstead, you should have cone or port restricted06:45
robotgeeksame thing, i guess06:46
jsgotangcoim just going to sleep first06:47
Burgundaviahmm, the moin install on the website supports html and the wiki doesn't08:26
BurgundaviaMadpilot: ping08:29
BurgundaviaI am thinking about the main ubuntu page08:30
=== manicka [n=manicka@ubuntu/member/manicka] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviait challenging to edit the main page with out knowing what it is going to look at08:36
Madpilothuh? was that English? :P08:36
BurgundaviaI am watching Indiana Jones. One is not required to speak good english while watching an action flick08:38
robitailleI watched the Truman Show tonight...my english doesn't seem to have improved or worsen because of it...08:41
robotgeekwriting dtd also :)08:43
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Madpilothi mdke 09:20
mdkeBurgundavia, you can create a page on the website to test.09:20
mdkestart it with "#acl All:"09:21
mdkei think that should make it invisible to all but those on the master thing09:21
Burgundaviamdke: hmm, ok09:22
BurgundaviaI will email henrik tomorrow and confirm that09:22
mdkeor ask him to put the HTML parser on the normal wiki :) 09:23
Burgundaviathat too09:23
MadpilotBurgundavia, "our machine page" - you still watching bad movies while you type?09:28
Burgundaviahuh? where did I post that?09:29
Madpilotyour email just now about revamping the main website09:30
MadpilotI think you meant "main page", but I'm not at all sure :P09:30
BurgundaviaI pushed around words most of the day for our Enterprise Services presentation. I am not surprised I am making mistakes now09:32
robotgeeki'm trying to hack a status page with "support" for subsections and stuff09:37
robotgeeklooks like i need to modify the xsl09:38
Burgundaviarobotgeek: for the actual in-svn docs?09:38
robotgeekBurgundavia: the current xsl used to make the xml removes all support for distinguishing between chapters, sections and subsections09:39
Burgundaviahmm, sure that makes sense, but my brain doesn't want to compute ti right now09:41
robotgeekokay, i am going to bed. 09:41
robotgeeki'll take a look at this, seems doable even to me09:42
=== dsas [n=dean@host86-128-53-237.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviahmm, interesting09:54
Burgundaviaif you google for $distro + laptop, nobody but linspire has got a page about how great $distro is on a laptop09:55
=== manicka [n=manicka@ubuntu/member/manicka] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviaboth fedora and ubuntu have their forums listed first09:57
dsasis the html for help.ubuntu.com stored in svn?10:09
MadpilotOh, that's interesting - in our SVN - specifically teamstuff/artwork - the Ubuntu circle logo is quite different from the current one... odd10:13
Burgundaviahow so?10:13
Madpilotcompare teamstuff/artwork/ubuntu.svg to one of the current logos from the website - the outer circles are much smaller and the three-part main circle is much larger in proportion10:14
Burgundaviacan you find a newer copy and nuke the copy in our repos?10:15
Madpilotleft-hand logo is from our SVN, right is from wiki artwork page: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/two-logos.png10:17
Madpilotdoes that artwork stuff actually get used at all?10:21
Madpilotthe various docs have their own image directories10:22
Madpilotis there an SVN command to display when something was first added to the repo?10:27
Madpilotnevermind, 'svn log' works10:29
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ompaulIn  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCompileHowto there is a suggestion of this at the top of the page sudo -s then the fakeroot stuff is explored any ideas on which way to run with this?02:45
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LaserJockhi all07:10
highvoltagehi LaserJock 07:10
LaserJockhow's it going highvoltage ?07:12
highvoltageLaserJock: doin' ok07:31
LaserJockbusy, but ok I think07:32
highvoltageheh, that sounds familiar. i don't have time to think about 'how i am' :)07:33
LaserJocklol, I know the feeling07:36
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LaserJockhi mdke!08:47
=== manicka|zZzz is now known as manicka
LaserJockhi manicka 09:45
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LaserJockhi trappist 11:11
trappistheya LaserJock 11:21
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJocktrappist: did you see that the iptables bug was closed?11:33
trappistI didn't.  cool :)11:34
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