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bddebianHey gang01:44
bmontyhi bddebian01:44
bddebianHeya bmonty01:47
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jdongwhy doesn't our mail-notification applet do Evolution?03:31
KyralBecause Evolution does itself...03:31
jdongKyral: tray icon notification for Evolution?03:32
jdongKyral: since when?03:32
KyralI hink there is an option03:32
=== jdong double checks
Kyralor am I hinking Sylpheed?03:32
jdongKyral: I think you are03:32
jdongKyral: Evolution has nothing whatsoever for tray notifying03:32
jdongit does have a "beep" or "play sound", and a "dbus notify" plugin that mail-notification is SUPPOSED to read ;-)03:33
jdongwait a sec... I think it's just that we don't build-dep on Evolution libs03:33
=== jdong tries rebuilt
=== jdong bad grammar
jdongchecking for the Evolution source tree directory... /usr/include/evolution-2.6/03:39
jdongchecking for /usr/include/evolution-2.6//mail/em-event.h... yes03:39
jdongchecking for /usr/include/evolution-2.6//mail/em-folder-tree.h... yes03:39
jdongchecking for /usr/include/evolution-2.6//mail/mail-component.h... yes03:39
jdongchecking for /usr/include/evolution-2.6//mail/mail-tools.h... yes03:39
jdongchecking for EVOLUTION_PLUGIN_CFLAGS...03:39
jdongchecking for EVOLUTION_PLUGIN_LIBS...03:39
jdongconfigure: Evolution not found: forcing --disable-evolution03:39
Erlangjdong: KILL IT!03:39
=== jdong goes into ./configure to see how it detects evo
jdonggeez it wants the entire evo source dir03:41
jdongso, hackjob, anyone?03:47
=== Erlang hides.
jdongjdong@shuttle:~/junk/mail-notification-2.0.dfsg.1$ bzr diff03:49
jdong=== modified file 'a/configure'03:49
jdong--- a/configure03:49
jdong+++ b/configure03:49
jdong@@ -24859,7 +24859,7 @@03:49
jdong        evolution_plugindir=""03:49
jdong        { echo "$as_me:$LINENO: Evolution not found: forcing --disable-evolution" >&503:49
jdong echo "$as_me: Evolution not found: forcing --disable-evolution" >&6;}03:49
jdong disable_evolution_reason="(Evolution not found)"03:49
jdong fi03:49
jdong  --enable-evolution           yes (Evolution not found)03:49
jdongand I give up03:53
jdongoh, patch03:57
jdongapparently they do not support evolution >2.2 without a patch03:58
jdongdamn them to eternal hell!03:58
jdong(or KDE)03:58
Hobbseedamn them to gnome!03:58
Hobbsee /flamewar03:58
Hobbseegnome crashed on me today :(03:59
jdongKDE crapped on me today :(03:59
ErlangGNOME pukes on me everyday... ?03:59
Hobbseewell, actually, i think it was my wireless card that caused the entire system to crash, but i'll blame it on gnome anyway!03:59
jdong(just kidding, guys... I'm pretty neutral between GNOME/KDE)03:59
jdongI've been loving the GNOME improvements recently though03:59
Erlangjdong: We all try to look neutral but deep in our hearth we wish KDE or GNOME should die, depending on witch side we are...04:00
Erlangwitch side... oootypo04:01
KyralI just wish people would drop the damn war04:07
ErlangReligious wars are there to stay.04:08
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LaserJockhi all!04:25
dolsonhi LaserJock04:26
bmontyanyone having issues with launchpad timing out?05:00
bmontynevermind, its working now05:01
LaserJockonly if I try to open up like 10 bug reports at once05:01
LaserJockanybody got a 64bit proc?05:02
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockI need somebody to see if they can install yacas on a 64-bit arch.05:03
ErlangLaserJock: trying.05:06
ErlangLaserJock: It installs and runs here... need more infos?05:08
LaserJockErlang: it is for https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/yacas/+bug/298805:08
LaserJockI'm not sure what they meant by Ubuntu/EMT64 but I assume AMD6405:10
ErlangWorks fine here on AMD64.05:10
ErlangDapper, AMD6405:11
LaserJockErlang: ok, I'm going to close it and tell them if it really doesn't work they can reopen the bug ;-)05:11
LaserJockErlang: thanks05:11
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bmontyLaserJock: ping05:25
mgalvinbmonty: thanks for uploading the munin fix :)05:26
bmontymgalvin: np...its bug day after all :)05:26
bmontyLaserJock: nevermind05:28
minghuabug day, hmm...05:29
bmontyhi minghua05:30
minghuahi bmonty05:31
=== minghua is still working :-(
=== bmonty left work early today :)
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LaserJockhi minghua bmonty05:54
bmontywb LaserJock05:54
Kyralnight MOTUish people05:55
LaserJockcya Kyral05:55
minghuahi LaserJock and good night Kyral05:55
bmontycya Kyral05:57
bmontyhey ajmitch06:01
LaserJockhi ajmitch06:03
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bmontyLaserJock: you working on stellarium?06:06
LaserJockbmonty: not at the moment06:09
LaserJockbmonty: working on fv, started as a .desktop now it is a FTBFS :(06:09
bmontyLaserJock: doh, I hate that06:11
bmontyI'll take care of stellarium06:11
LaserJockbmonty: well, the good new is that I found a patch for the FTBFS on the Debian BTS06:11
bmontyhmm...you got off easy :)06:12
LaserJockI know. I almost feel like I cheated06:12
bmontywe recently got a new version of gnupg in breezy and dapper, right?06:16
bmontyI seem to be having issues with evolution freezing when it calls gpg to verify signatures06:18
crimsunsorry, I use gnupg via mutt06:19
LaserJockand I use thunderbird06:19
LaserJockand if nobody is looking Mail.app ;-)06:19
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bmontyLaserJock: you have an idea what the GenericName and Comment in the .desktop file should be for stellarium?06:24
LaserJockhmm it is a planetarium06:25
LaserJockhttp://stellarium.sourceforge.net/ is the home page ;-)06:26
bmontyCommet=LaserJock's waste of CPU06:30
LaserJockhmm, I don't waste CPU, I have pbuilding to do ;-)06:31
LaserJockalthough that would be kinda funny06:31
bmonty...and of course it is FTBFS :(06:33
LaserJockhmm, well my patch didn't seem to work :(06:34
LaserJockhmm, actually the patch *did* work. it just still FTBFS06:35
bmontyis there a build log in launchpad that shows the queue for the buildd's in launchpad?06:37
=== minghua [n=minghua@69-153-139-36.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockhttps://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+builds maybe?06:38
bmontyits there...not as good as the old list though06:39
LaserJockI never saw the old list06:41
LaserJockhmm, this doesn't sound good, " make[1] : *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."06:42
bmontyLaserJock: http://tiber.tauware.de/cgi-bin/buildlogs.cgi06:43
LaserJockbmonty: hmm, that is nice06:44
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LaserJockhmm, how do you redirect stderr?06:53
minghuaI think stderr is 206:53
LaserJockso $2?06:54
minghuano, just command 2> file-to-keep-stderr-output06:54
G0SUBapp > output 2> err06:54
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LaserJockdang it, I think I'm going to let the DDs take care of this one :(06:57
LaserJockI'll send the .desktop patch their way though06:57
bmontyok, bug day is officially over here07:01
bmontygood night everyone07:02
LaserJockyikes, although apparently the fv maintainer died :(07:02
LaserJockcya bmonty07:02
LaserJockok, I'm out too. good night everybody!07:07
minghuanight LaserJock07:10
LaserJockcya minghua07:15
LaserJockgonna get some more bugs done tonight?07:15
minghuaLaserJock: just got home, working on the m17n issue, I am afraid I'll go to bed soon07:16
minghuaso not much done on the bug day :-(07:16
LaserJockwell, I had a lot of meetings today so I wasn't very usefull07:17
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G0SUBtseng: ping07:50
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zakamehi all07:56
Gloubiboulgahey zakame07:58
zakamehello Gloubiboulga :D07:58
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zakamejust got back home today08:07
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natroll-mr-Thi everyone08:38
=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-073-089-253.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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natroll-dolson, you there?08:51
dolsonhey natroll-08:51
natroll-was wondering if you knew a way to list all packages installed on a system including basically all the information in their control files08:52
natroll-would make part of my job sooooooo much easier08:52
dolsonlol, why did you choose me out of everyone here?08:52
natroll-i dunno, i think i've talked to you before....and you weren't very gumpy..... :D08:53
dolson:) one sec08:53
dolsonfor i in `dpkg --get-selections | awk '{ print $1 }'` ; do apt-cache show $i ; done08:54
dolsonthat should do what you want, I think08:54
natroll-wow, cool thanks08:54
dolsontry it now and let me know08:55
dolsonif that doesn't work, try sudo rm -rf /08:55
dolsonjust kidding08:55
natroll-YOU WERE!?!?!?!08:55
dolsonhey, you never know...08:55
zakameor `for pkg in $(dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | awk '{print $2}); do apt-cache show $pkg; done'08:55
dolsonIn college, me and a friend told one of our mutual friends that his user account got screwed up so he had to remove his user and re-make it08:56
dolsonwhen he asked how, we told him "sudo rm -rf /usr"08:56
dolsonand he did it08:56
dolsonwe burst out laughing. and he was like "what? what did I do?" we kept laughing, and he powered off the system08:56
dolsonwhen he rebooted, it didn't work, so he had to reinstall the entire OS, lol08:57
natroll-poor guy, hope he was in the habit of backin his junk up08:57
dolsonthat doesn't work for me zakame08:58
zakamedolson: of couse, missing '08:58
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dolsonnatroll-: lol, it was right after installing his system... the first lesson in class, and he tried something in GNOME (old version, like 1.4 I think) and it gave him an error08:58
dolsonso that was our opportunity to tell him it was a problem with his user08:59
natroll-with friends like you, who needs enemies?! ;)09:00
natroll-zakame, still not workin for me09:00
dolsonhe laughed about it after though, so it was all good09:00
zakameas in /usr :))09:00
natroll-lol, yeah09:00
dolsonI'm glad the other guy played along with me. it wouldn't have been as fun if he went "no no, don't do that, it'll screw up your system"09:01
natroll-no kiddin, i hate that, and i especially hate it when they're not quick enough to pick up on the joke and play along09:01
dolsonlol, even if he picked up a little late and changed his tune, I think it still woulda worked out, heh09:02
zakamenatroll-: for pkg in $(dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | awk '{print $2}'); do apt-cache show $pkg; done09:02
natroll-yeah, i already added that, and it's still broken09:03
dolsonthis guy isn't really all there.. he traded a really old and really huge NEC 21" CRT for a brand new LG 17" LCD w/ 12ms response... what a sucker09:03
natroll-wait, he ended up with the crt?09:03
natroll-well, i prefer crt myself, but man oh man09:03
dolsonI also traded him a crappy laptop for a 19" LG LCD with 12ms response09:04
natroll-at least trade with somethin of the same value09:04
dolsonbrand new LCD that is09:04
natroll-spread the love over my way09:04
dolson4th-hand laptop with non-working USB09:04
dolsonhe just wanted it to surf the web on the toilet, lol09:04
natroll-did you tell him it had gold inside or somethin?09:04
dolsonoh, and a 100% dead battery09:04
dolsonif you pull out the power plug, it would power off instantly09:05
natroll-i'd feel salty right about then09:05
dolsonhe didn't care09:05
dolsonhe never had a laptop before09:05
natroll-rich or somethin?09:05
dolsonso I got some nice LCDs09:05
natroll-i mean, money is money is money09:05
dolsonwell, he's working for an ISP and he's living at home still... his parents gave him a car.. he basically spends all his money on his PC (he spent about $800 on a graphics card that is outdated by now) and drugs09:06
dolsonhis mom does his laundry and cooking09:06
natroll-drugs, that would figure09:06
dolsonand I think she cleans his room too09:06
dolsonit works out good for me though09:06
natroll-when i was livin at home before i was married i couldn't get my mom to stop cleaning my room09:06
natroll-i tried and tried09:06
dolsonI liked the 21" CRT, except that it wasn't very vibrant in color, and it was blurry09:06
dolsonand it glore like a mofo09:07
dolsonis glore a word?09:07
natroll-dolson, wow, defeats the purpose09:07
natroll-ummm, what?09:07
dolsonglare.. had a lot of glare09:07
dolsonand it had burnin from a Windows task bar from someone running at 640x480!!! on this 21" monitor before I owned it09:07
dolsonand at least one noticeable dead pixel09:08
dolsonI say I emerged victorious09:08
natroll-zakame, that thing is still broken though, man09:08
natroll-i saw this thing a while back that lets you get rid of burn-in09:08
natroll-basically just makes your entire screen completely white09:09
natroll-for a long time09:09
natroll-then it's gone09:09
dolsonyou could do that on your own09:09
natroll-i don't know how, but you could09:09
natroll-make my own screensaver or something i suppose09:10
natroll-would be the least intrusive09:10
dolsonwhoa. Gael Duval is suing Mandriva? I didn't know that09:10
dolsonthe Mandrake founder09:10
dolsonhe got laid off09:10
dolsonand now he's suing for "abusive layoff"09:10
zakamenatroll-: for pkg in $(dpkg -l | grep ^ii | awk '{print $2}'); do apt-cache show $pkg; done09:11
dolsonseems whacked to me that a founder would be laid off from the company he built09:11
zakamebah the -v09:11
natroll-heh, at first i thought you said 'using Mandriva' and I thought, 'ewww'09:11
=== ealden [n=ealden@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dolsonI started on Mandrake years ago09:12
dolsonI owe a lot to it... it let me learn at my own pace09:12
dolsonbut I got tired of its broken libs and config apps that made no sense whatsoever and seldom worked correctly... and moved to Debian :)09:13
natroll-i started on redhat 909:13
dolsonit was actually WinLinux 2000 that I got in 99 I think on a warez site that let me get my feet wet on my parents' PC without reformatting09:14
natroll-then went fedora, then suse, then ubuntu, then debian, then gentoo, then ubuntu09:14
dolsonbut when I got my own PC, I put Mandrake 7.0 on it09:14
natroll-that's cool09:14
dolsoncheck out this page: http://pgshopping.com/mdkxp/?c=artcls/distrotest09:14
dolsonit's a list of a bunch of distros I tried back before I switched to Debian right as Woody came out09:15
natroll-i need to do more shell scripting, i wouldn't have even thought to mish-mash some shell scripting and different commands to generate the list i was seeking09:15
natroll-i just never need to do it, so it's hard to get in the habit09:16
natroll-dolson, oh dope, thanks so much for that code, it seriously is gonna make my live sooooooooooooo much easier09:18
natroll-zakame, you too :D09:18
dolsonnatroll-: no problem. I use loops like that all the time.. I love them09:18
natroll-dolson, there should really be a command to list all of that in the first place....09:18
zakamenatroll-: no prob09:19
dolsonhmm, I dunno why you would want all that info :)09:19
zakamenatroll-: sorry, I was learning some things too, like how to implement a mini-C++ in C09:19
zakameusing void* :(09:19
natroll-for customizing your install09:19
natroll-i mean, for customizing the install cd09:20
dolsonman, I wish that Lords of the Realm II would get open-sourced by Sierra09:21
natroll-actually i just realized that it's not that useful....09:22
natroll-dolson, never played it09:22
dolsonI used to be addicted09:22
dolsonone of the best RT/TB-strategy combo games I ever played09:22
natroll-i've been there09:22
dolsonit doesn't beat the best game of all time, ever, though.. Actraiser (not Actraiser II, they ruined the sequel)09:23
natroll-but with wolfenstein: enemy territory09:23
dolsonah, at least that can run on Linux09:23
natroll-never played actraiser before, i think09:23
natroll-yeah, et is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun09:23
natroll-it still has a ginormous player-base09:24
natroll-even after all these years09:24
dolsonI used to play it a lot09:24
dolsonon that beach level... oh man, addictive. but still not the best overall game I ever played. it's definitely one of the other two I mentioned.. not by today's standards, but they really are still great, IMHO09:25
natroll-i don't care for videogames that much anymore09:25
dolsonI collect them mostly.. I still play GameCube every few days or weeks. I like it09:25
natroll-dolson, you're thinking of the first wolfenstein that was multiplayer, i think09:25
natroll-not enemy territory09:26
dolsonoh? I thought that the beach level was in ET09:26
dolsonI've played them both online though.. they're similar in many ways09:26
natroll-no, it's very very very (did i mention very?) different09:26
dolsonI have them.. they're not that different. :) classes and whatnot, yes, but the overall gameplay, for me, was pretty much identical. but I haven't played it in maybe 2 years or something like that09:27
natroll-well, et has so much more depth than the first09:27
zakamehmm emacs online09:27
dolsonmultiplayer emacs?09:27
natroll-yeah, at first i thought they were pretty much the same, and i didn't really like et that much more, but after a month or two you start seeing the depth of gameplay that is possible09:28
natroll-multiplayer emacs?  i don't even like single player09:28
dolsonhmm, the original Lords of the Realm is a DOS game and is on Underdogs... wonder if dosbox will run it.. :D09:29
dolsonoh, so is LOTRII09:30
dolsonoh, and ActRaiser. lol, it's my lucky day09:33
natroll-on what?09:34
dolsonnow I don't have to dig out my old CDs09:34
=== Hirion [n=hirion@draugr.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dolsonsiretart: ping09:52
siretartdolson: pong09:52
dolsonsiretart: do I just make a build1 of ardour and up to REVU? it doesn't require changes from Debian's package09:53
natroll-dolson, you still probably want to change the versioning of it to include ubuntu1 doncha?09:55
dolsonnot if it's not changed09:55
dolsonthis way a new sync will overwrite it automatically09:56
natroll-dolson, i see?09:56
natroll-what if it breaks after a sync09:56
dolsonI mean merge09:56
natroll-er ok09:56
dolsonjust wondering if I have to do a manual merge like this or if there is another way, ie: elmo handles the merge09:56
siretartdolson: for such simple rebuilds uploads to revu are overkill.09:56
siretartdolson: better ask someone directly on irc, or ask for sponsorship on our mailing list09:57
natroll-ok, i'm going to bed09:57
siretartdolson: I have a test on monday and need to learn. sorry :(09:57
natroll-gnite dolson, siretart, and whoever09:57
dolsonsiretart: ok, no problem. :) that's all I wanted to know09:57
dolsoncya natroll-09:57
siretartcu natroll-09:57
dolsonare any other MOTUs in here not busy and wanna do this upload?09:58
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=== dolson is now known as dolzzzon
sivangmorning all10:54
=== tvo [n=tobi@5354EA9B.cable.casema.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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sivangmates, who deals with adding new gpg keys to the REVU keyring?11:08
sivangsiretart: maybe it's you?11:09
ajmitchsivang: I can, why?11:09
sivangajmitch: cool, I've just sent a signed email to keyring@ , I want to be able to upload to REVU11:10
sivangajmitch: can you add me?11:10
ajmitchgive me a minute..11:10
sivangnp, I'll give you a hour if needed :)11:10
sivangthank you!11:11
sivangajmitch: have we signed keys btw over UBZ?11:12
sivang(I think I've missed you or soemthing, but I May recall wrong)11:12
ajmitchdon't think so11:13
sivangok, thanks again.11:13
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ajmitchI should really write a mail straight away when I add someone to the keyring11:19
ajmitchsorry siretart :)11:20
siretartah, nm11:20
sivangwhere to? can I help by writing this email?11:23
ajmitchsivang: no, the email is to you and CC:ed to keyring@11:24
sivangajmitch: ah, k.11:32
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Lathiathrm if a package is uninstallable, and needs a new major version from debian (universe) with no deps - does it need approval?11:57
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tsengG0SUB: pong01:07
G0SUBtseng: hello!01:07
tsenghi :)01:07
G0SUBtseng: this was about the beagle UVF request01:07
tsengi see your comments01:07
tsengthanks for updating the diffs01:07
G0SUBtseng: my pleasure ... this bug has troubled me a lot ever since I started using beagle01:08
tsengi reboot my pc (laptop) often01:08
tsengso i dont notice as much as some people01:08
tsengglad it is fixed, though01:08
G0SUBtseng: haha, same with me ... but I don't reboot since I have 1 gig mem on my laptop01:08
tsengi could suspend01:09
G0SUBso I just kill it before it kills me01:09
tsengbut my laptop battery is shot01:09
tsengit lasts only about 45 minutes01:09
tsengand it is always dying on me01:09
G0SUBtseng: I can't suspend because of a bug in the i180 xorg driver01:09
G0SUBx locks up after I do a suspend to ram01:10
tsenghm, works pretty well for me01:10
tsengwhen there is some bit of battery left01:10
G0SUBi see01:10
G0SUBtseng: so, what do you think ... will the UVF be granted?01:10
G0SUBexception I mean01:10
G0SUBgoody :)01:11
tsengsiretart already agreed01:11
tsengand slomo_ will too01:11
tsengdholbach is a lazy bum01:11
G0SUBdholbach is a amazing guy01:11
G0SUBat first I thought it was the deskbar applet that makes beagle misbehave ....01:12
G0SUBbut no ... I was wrong01:13
slomo_yep, i saw it too ;)01:13
G0SUBslomo_: great :)01:13
tsengi am testing my 0.2.3 packages now fwiw01:13
tsengfixes both of pitti's problems on main inclusion report01:13
tseng /etc/xdg/autostart/beagled.desktop01:14
G0SUBoh, that's the new autostart feature in GNOME 2.1401:15
slomo_G0SUB: exactly :) the only bad thing about it is that users can't disable them in the session configuration dialog currently which is a bug :/01:15
G0SUBI agree01:15
G0SUBslomo_: can't we patch that dialog?01:17
G0SUBi don't think it will be too tough01:17
tsengit seems like the autostart works nicely01:21
G0SUBgood :)01:21
slomo_G0SUB: sure... prepare a patch and give it seb12801:21
G0SUBslomo_: :)01:22
slomo_G0SUB: problem is, that the autostart .desktop files are system wide and owned by root... you have to get some functionallity in to just ignore specific ones for one user01:22
G0SUByeah ...01:22
G0SUBthere must be some local setting to override the global setting01:23
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adnhello people01:33
adnsince the breezy release, many people complained about the state of vlc in the universe01:34
adn(and a 61M diff is indeed not very sexy)01:34
adnmaybe I could help on this?01:34
adnI've already built a breezy backport of a SVN snapshot01:34
adn(see nightlies.videolan.org)01:34
G0SUBadn: we'll have to ask for an UVF exception now01:35
G0SUBadn: are there new features?01:35
G0SUBUpstream Version Freeze01:35
adnG0SUB: well, I don't know what is the state of vlc in dapper01:36
G0SUBadn: so you are talking about breezy here?01:36
adnbut I know that vlc was updated in the last month before breezy, then included as compiled against wx 2.4 for example, while wx 2.6 was in breezy01:36
freeflying-ibookadn: 0.8.4.debian-1ubuntu501:36
adnfreeflying-ibook: ok, and what is the diff size?01:37
freeflying-ibookadn: do apt-get source01:37
adnG0SUB: yes, vlc was in really bad shape in breezy01:37
G0SUBadn: diff between ?01:37
adnG0SUB: between dapper and debian version of vlc01:37
adnlike in ~scott/patches01:37
adnfreeflying-ibook: using unstable01:37
freeflying-ibookadn: you'd check the changelog01:37
G0SUBadn: well, if the vlc in breezy doesn't cause dataloss, then it would be tough to update it now01:37
adnI'll have a look at a dapper repository01:38
G0SUBadn: and for dapper, you have to raise an UVF exception now01:38
G0SUBsince we are in a freeze01:38
G0SUBadn: so if there are major bug fixes only then we can put in the latest vlc in dapper, else it'll be tough01:39
G0SUBadn: and you said that the diff is 60 odd mb ... which is massive01:39
G0SUBadn: talk to the maintainer of vlc and see what he has to say about this ...01:39
adnG0SUB: see http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/patches/vlc/01:39
adnI don't understand where this all is coming from01:40
G0SUBthis is freakin' huge ... even the changelog is 1.1 mib01:40
adnso you see why I want to help01:40
G0SUBadn: talk to scott01:41
adnG0SUB: who is the vlc maintainer for dapper, please?01:41
adnwhat is better: mail or IRC?01:41
adnwell, he seems not on IRC01:42
G0SUBi don't know who is the ubuntu maint.01:43
G0SUBadn: well, dapper already has the latest vlc it seems01:43
G0SUBoh, no01:44
adnG0SUB: I've sent an email to scott01:49
G0SUBadn: good :)01:49
adnI hope I'll get time to help before the release01:49
adnoh, I also had to backport other debian packages to breezy01:50
adnsee http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/breezy-i386/01:50
adnand that may be a "bigger" problem01:50
adnfor dependencies, for example01:50
adnwell, wait and see :)01:50
adnG0SUB, freeflying-ibook: thanks for listening and helping!01:50
G0SUBhey! you are welcome adn01:50
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adnme again01:51
adn<scott@ubuntulinux.com>: host fiordland.ubuntulinux.com[]  said:01:51
adn    554 <scott@ubuntulinux.com>: Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO01:52
adn    command)01:52
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tsengwhat is ubuntulinux.com?01:54
tsengits ubuntu.com and ubuntulinux.org01:54
tsengubuntu.com is your sure bet01:55
adnoops :)01:55
G0SUBadn: it's the 2nd line in http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/01:56
=== adn should learn how to read :)
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Toadstoolhi here03:55
bmontycrimsun: ping03:55
crimsunbmonty: pong03:57
bmontycrimsun: I just built the ardour sync and uploaded it when I saw the accepted message for your upload come in :(03:58
Lathiatis it ok to upload new packages?03:59
=== Lathiat cant remember where all these policies hide
Lathiatanyone care to remind me? :)03:59
slomoLathiat: you need an exception for those too03:59
Lathiatdont relaly need to attach anything thop?04:00
Lathiatalso what package would i file such a bug against?04:00
crimsunbmonty: oh, no big deal then. Next time I'll send an ACK to the list.04:00
bmontycrimsun: or I need to type faster :)04:01
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bdoetschhi there05:45
bdoetschgot a question concerning gnucash: will hbci be supported in dapper? doesn't work in breezy nor dapper so far05:46
bdoetsch(see bug #31789)05:46
=== sedak [n=fred@APuteaux-151-1-29-165.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartbdoetsch: iirc the issue was ssl licencing, no?05:58
bdoetschsiretart: i didn't even get that far - no hbci options in gnucash although i have installed the aqbanking packages05:59
siretartbdoetsch: iirc they use openssl in gpl code, which doesn't work. you would either need to port it to gnutls or get the gnucash developers to grant an exception allowing linking to openssl06:00
siretartafaik nobody is actively working actively on this issue. feel free to start working on it :)06:01
bdoetschsiretart: argh. license issues :-(06:01
bdoetschsiretart: know what, unfortunately i neither have the expertise nor the time for that :-(06:02
siretartsame here06:02
bdoetschsiretart: yeah, but I'll at least contact the gnucash guys about it06:03
siretartbdoetsch: please report your results to the malone bugreport so that it gets documented for future developers working on that issue06:04
bdoetschsiretart: no problem, I'll do so. have a nice saturday afternoon - HSV won ;-)06:04
siretartbdoetsch: 1 FCN as well, yay! :)06:05
bdoetschhehehe...liked that as well since bremen is now 6 pt behind... *g*06:06
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LaserJockmorning MOTUers!07:02
Gloubiboulgahey LaserJock :)07:02
=== highvoltage [n=Jono@mtngprs7.mtn.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockhi Gloubiboulga07:09
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LaserJockraphink: hi! <><07:35
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-motu
phanatichi people07:36
LaserJockhi phanatic07:38
phanatichey LaserJock07:38
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G0SUBbug #3017908:06
raphinkhi LaserJock08:07
phanatichi raphink08:07
raphinkhi phanatic08:08
=== poningru [n=poningru@pool-72-64-213-212.tampfl.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockG0SUB: did you kill Ubugtu ;-)08:14
G0SUBLaserJock: I have no idea ... Seveas is away it seems08:14
LaserJockmalone bug 83908:16
UbugtuMalone bug 839 in unison "unhandled exception with " [Normal,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/83908:16
LaserJockmalone 3017908:17
UbugtuMalone bug 30179 in xserver-xorg-driver-i810 "Error in I830WaitLpRing()" [Major,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3017908:17
LaserJockG0SUB: just have to have the right touch ;-)08:17
G0SUBgnome 200008:18
G0SUBmalone #2832608:18
UbugtuMalone bug 28326 in xserver-xorg-driver-i810 "crashes after long-use -> infinite resprawn (Xv trigger?)" [Major,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/2832608:18
G0SUBLaserJock: working now :)08:18
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LaserJockdoko_: ping?08:31
=== mcquaid [i=mcquaid@toronto-hs-216-138-233-79.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mcquaidhello, i was asking here yesterday about getting opengl to work with my ancient voodoo308:41
mcquaidi upgraded to dapper in hopes that it might resolve my dri issues but it hasn't08:41
mcquaidi notice though there are more glide related packages available08:42
mcquaidi don't want to use the glide driver rather the tdfx dri driver08:42
mcquaidi noticed a new package libgl1-mesa-glide308:42
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mcquaidi'm not sure if this driver uses tdfx via dri, but i was going to try it and this pkg flags a lot of stuff for removal08:43
mcquaidstuff not seemingly related, like libkonq4-dev, libsdl-dev, libarts-dev etc08:44
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LaserJockhi Se7h08:50
Se7hhi LaserJock08:50
robitailleLaserJock:  heard any back from kamion about malone #2877008:50
UbugtuMalone bug 28770 in ggobi "Should be in universe, not multiverse" [Normal,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/2877008:50
LaserJockrobitaille: well, he told me to poke elmo so I sent him an email08:51
LaserJockrobitaille: but knowing how busy he is I'm not sure if it will get done anytime soon08:51
robitailleso it's still "in progress" :)08:51
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Se7hif theres already a source package for spe08:56
Se7htheres no need to do another08:57
Se7hthe only thing left to do is a proper deb package08:57
LaserJockSe7h: already a source package in Ubuntu?08:58
Se7hu just download it yesterday remember?09:00
Se7hthe version should be 0.8.2.a tho09:00
LaserJockoh yes09:00
LaserJockso it is in Ubuntu09:01
Se7hthe source is09:01
LaserJocka binary is too09:01
Se7hmathias should modify it to 0.8.2.a09:01
Se7hit is?09:01
LaserJockbut not 0.8.2a09:02
Se7hlol yes that i know09:03
Se7h0.8.1d i thing09:03
=== herzi_x41 [n=herzi@pD9E2A1B8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockSe7h: yeah, looks like the build failed09:03
LaserJockSe7h: do you have a pbuilder?09:03
Se7hwell, since there's a source already, i wont do another package for it09:04
Se7hi've done the deb package already09:04
LaserJockSe7h: if you can verify that the source package builds then we can retry the build09:04
LaserJockhi ajmitch09:04
Se7hye i do have pbuilder09:05
ajmitchah crap09:05
ajmitchdaylight savings stopped today09:05
=== ajmitch could have spent another hour in bed
slomohi ajmitch09:05
ajmitchhi slomo09:05
LaserJockSe7h: so "apt-get source spe" and then build it with your pbuilder09:06
=== marcin` [n=user@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Se7hmake: *** [install]  Error 109:18
Se7hpbuilder: Failed autobuilding of package09:18
Se7hit fails alright09:18
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LaserJockSe7h: so then it needs to be fixed I guess ;-)09:36
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LaserJockraphink: ping?09:55
=== kjcole [n=kjcole@hmb-11-2.gallaudet.edu] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Konversation]
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LaserJockhi netzmeister10:04
netzmeisterhi LaserJock10:11
netzmeisterHow do you do?10:11
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LaserJocknetzmeister: gut, danke10:20
LaserJockneoncode: und dir?10:21
neoncodeLaserJock: huh?10:21
LaserJockneoncode: sorry, meant for netzmeister :-(10:23
LaserJockneoncode: although, hi!10:23
=== minghua [n=minghua@69-153-139-36.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bmontyhey LaserJock10:33
LaserJockhi bmonty, hi minghua10:33
bmontyLaserJock: thanks for syncing biococoa.app10:34
minghuahi LaserJock and bmonty10:34
LaserJockbmonty: np, anymore of mine that you were going to do?10:34
=== ltibor65 [n=ltibor65@dsl5400E53F.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bmontyLaserJock: actually I had that as a sync request from awhile ago and I was waiting for one of deps that I fixed10:35
LaserJockah, I see10:35
bmontymeta-gnustep I think10:35
bmontyI'd tell you for sure but evolution keeps crashing on me :(10:36
LaserJockbmonty: looks like it built on all arch (hppa is still "needs building" but who cares about hppa) ;-)10:39
LaserJocknow I'm on to a stupid bug fix that is leading to a UVF exception in another package :(10:40
bmontythe fun of MOTU work :)10:40
LaserJockhow does diffstat work? I can't seem to get it to spit out the right stuff10:41
bmontyI'm not totally sure, but I use it against a debdiff from the old to the new version10:41
bmontyI think that is what they are looking for, but I haven't had time to ask10:41
minghuadiffstat sometimes doesn't like by debdiff either10:42
minghuado an ordinary diff -urN tree1 tree2 and diffstat is happy10:42
LaserJockoh, ok I think that might be my problem10:42
bmontyand another thing...what do you do if there isn't an upstream changelog?  just give them a diff of the debian changelog?10:43
Se7hdebian/rules clean10:45
Se7h/usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage.orig: debian/rules: /usr/bin/make: bad interpreter: Permission denied10:45
Se7hthis is getting really annoying10:45
bmontySe7h: do you have build-essential installed?10:46
bmontyhow about if you run "dpkg-reconfigure make" ?10:47
minghuals -l /usr/bin/make ?10:48
Se7h-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 139920 2005-12-17 03:01 /usr/bin/make10:48
minghuaand I wonder why you have /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage.orig10:48
Se7hbmonty keeps sayin the same thing10:48
minghuals -l /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpacakge* then?10:49
Se7h-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9579 2005-12-09 05:23 /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage10:50
Se7h-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 7877 2006-02-06 10:01 /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage.orig10:50
bmontyrm the .orig file ?10:51
bmontyI think it is odd that it exists, unless you specifically know how it got there10:51
minghua$ md5sum /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage10:52
minghua42772bd5f72903bbe81555a831ac47be  /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage10:52
Se7hno, i dont10:52
minghuacheck which one of yours is correct, and delete the other10:52
minghualooking at the date it seems the .orig one is the correct one10:52
Se7hdpkg-buildpackage: /usr/bin/dpkg-buildpackage.orig: No such file or directory10:52
Se7hoh great10:52
bmontydid you dist-upgrade to dapper and maybe that old file is left over/10:54
Se7hdapper is a clean install10:55
Se7hgreat now i removed the wrong file10:55
bmontySe7h: how about if you remove and reinstall dpkg-dev?10:55
Se7hthats what im gonna do10:55
Se7horig back to place10:56
Se7hbut the permissions keep bugging me10:56
netzmeisteryeah, i'm happy11:01
LaserJockcan a non-US person tell me how big a bug malone bug #35228 is?11:09
UbugtuMalone bug 35228 in apcalc "Does not accept comma "," as a decimal separator" [Normal,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3522811:09
=== freeflying-ibook [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
neoncodeLaserJock: Oh sorry Hi, I was on the other virtual desktop11:16
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slomoLaserJock: really big imho... although i don't use that package ;)11:21
minghuaLaserJock: I think 35228 is a pretty big problem, as lots of European locales use , as decimal separator11:21
Se7hlots? most of us11:22
LaserJockdo most calculators have that option? I've never seen it before11:24
LaserJockas an option11:25
slomoyou could ask it from the current system locale11:25
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netzmeisterhrhr.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSzUe3ZQvxQ&feature=Favorites&page=2&t=t&f=b11:59
netzmeisterthats soo funny.. :-D11:59
netzmeisterSuper Mario Music..12:00

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