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mhzstrusberg: ping03:50
mhzstrusberg: are you there?03:53
strusbergmhz, Yes04:05
mhzstrusberg: podriamos ahora?04:06
mhzo te vas a la cama?04:06
strusbergPodemos ahora, dime.04:06
mhz#mhz, por fis04:07
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datix_edubuntu is slick :)04:48
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spaceyJaneW: ping12:33
spaceyok, nm:)01:21
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c7hi all01:52
c7ogra: hi ogra, hast du rasch zeit?01:53
ogra-> #edubuntu-de ?01:54
spaceyJaneW: the edubuntu cookbook meeting can be in #ubuntu-meeting ?02:10
JaneWspacey: pong02:10
JaneWvery belated02:10
JaneWspacey: final got report out which had to be finished today02:11
JaneWum, yes I think we can use #u-m02:11
spaceyjust putting together an announcement/agenda02:11
spaceyyou need to book it somewhere?02:11
spaceyor how does that work02:11
JaneWwe only can't if another meeting is booked already02:11
JaneWlemme check02:11
spacey 30 Mar 02:00 UTC: Dapper Development Status02:11
spaceyonly other that day02:11
spaceyaccording to the topic02:12
spaceyin #ubuntu-meeting02:12
JaneWargh Ubugtu The topic of #ubuntu-meeting is managed by me and filled with the contents of http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event/ical - please don't change manually02:12
JaneWlemme try set it on the fridge02:12
spaceyJaneW: i assume that scheduling will work out02:52
spaceyso 02:52
spaceyi'll send out the agenda02:52
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Yagisang'day mhz haven't seen you for ages! what have you been up to ?03:24
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mhzYagisan: holas!!!!03:37
mhzYagisan: uffff, I'd rather pm you to avoid pity :D03:37
jsgotangcomhz: hello there03:38
mhzjsgotangco: !!! nice to see ya again03:39
jsgotangcomhz: nice to be back03:39
jsgotangcoon a normal schedule03:39
mhzare you on a normal schedule?03:39
=== mhz is still 50% oprational
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iGotNoTimeHow do I know if I use OSS or ASLA sound with Edubuntu?04:17
iGotNoTimedoes it say somewhere which one I use?04:17
ograalsa is the default 04:18
iGotNoTimeok thank you :)04:18
ogra(has always been te default in ubuntu)04:18
iGotNoTimebut next time I ask is there a place for me to find the info?04:18
ogralsmod :)04:19
iGotNoTimeok :)04:19
ograif sound modules starts with snd-, they are alsa, else they are oss04:19
iGotNoTimeexcellent :D04:20
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datix_edubuntu supports sound on the x clients?04:36
ograin dapper yes, in breezy no ...04:37
datix_and dapper is not out yet, correct04:38
datix_well, its not release at least04:38
ogradapper releases on june 1st04:38
jsgotangcogood night04:43
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iGotNoTimecan I ask... What is Flight 5?05:02
iGotNoTimea new release?05:02
iGotNoTimeor a package of some sort?05:02
ograthe development milestone ...05:02
iGotNoTimeI think I have 5.10 so I am out of date now?05:03
ograits a snapshot cdrom we make regulary during development05:03
ogranope, 5.10 is the latest realease ...05:03
ogra6.06 is still in the works05:03
iGotNoTimeok :)05:03
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iGotNoTimeHave you guys ever used www.logmein.com?06:27
iGotNoTimeIt is kinda like GoToMyPC except free06:28
iGotNoTimeYou all shoudl check it out. I end up using it several times a month to fix my dad's computer. It is very handy.06:28
iGotNoTimeI am supposed to go install Edubuntu on his computer tonight....06:29
iGotNoTimeI have never allowed any remote connections through Edubuntu, there is a native app to allow such "remote control" isn't there?06:29
iGotNoTimeHe will need me to install this and once in a while and if we are both using Edubuntu I was thinking there may be an easy way to do it from my house?06:30
iGotNoTime***install this and that ***06:30
ogranothing to install06:31
ograjust enable the remote desktop access in the settings06:31
iGotNoTimeNo I mean when he asks me to install Limewire for example06:31
ograand use tsclient on your machine06:31
iGotNoTimebut I would need to configure the desktop access while I am at his house correct?06:31
iGotNoTimeok will play with that now to get a feel for it06:32
iGotNoTimeI thought there was something :D06:32
ograyou have to check one checkbox and you should set a password06:32
ograthats all06:32
iGotNoTimeok :D06:32
iGotNoTimethanks again06:32
ogranp :)06:33
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stevoHey; anyone know why my sound in Breezy Badger works for everything except the games?07:03
stevoIs there something I'm missing?07:03
stevoAnyone there?07:05
crimsundo you have libsdl1.2debian-alsa installed?07:06
stevoLet me check...07:07
crimsundpkg -l |grep ^ii07:11
crimsundpkg -l libsdl1.2debian-alsa|grep ^ii07:11
crimsunif that returns nothing, install it07:11
crimsunI have a meeting now07:12
stevoThanks very much.07:14
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Juhi all !08:06
Burgworksalut all08:08
ograstill at work ?08:08
JuBurgwork: you're french ?08:09
Burgworkit is only 11am here08:09
Burgworknope, english08:09
BurgworkCanadian, to be exact08:09
Burgworkwest coast, hence why it is 11am08:10
Juyep, you are in the same timezone... 08:10
ogradoes that look sane ? 08:10
Juthe next meeting will be hard to follow... 4AM for us ;-)08:11
Burgworkogra, if you are already on the commandline, I would use nano08:11
ograyes, it needs some consistency ...08:11
ograi tend to go alt-f2 gksudo ... 08:11
BurgworkI really like the edubuntu wiki theme08:12
BurgworkI find it much more readable than the ubuntu one08:12
ograyes, me too08:13
ograi also like the new gtk and metacity theme, but seems like silbs and the design company have other plans with us ...08:13
ogra(the edubuntu theme i mean)08:14
Burgworkwe should the dotted-red line on teh ubuntu wiki08:14
ograyou mean the frame for sourcecode ? 08:14
ograi think that was initially in the ubuntu theme ...08:15
ogra(warty time)08:15
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neurogeek_mhz, ping09:46
mhzneurogeek_: pong09:46
neurogeek_mhz, all good??09:46
mhzbetter, indeed09:47
mhzbut waitign for a Nathalie to send me some info Ricardo said it was already ready to be used09:47
mhzneurogeek_: how are your things?09:49
mhzhow about Cuaima?09:49
mhz"Gentoo Installer based in RedHat's Anaconda by Latinux"09:50
neurogeek_mhz, yes, thta was a long time ago.. 09:51
neurogeek_Cuaima is very good though.. 09:51
mhzyup, sure09:51
mhzneurogeek_: afaik, you all will be using Ubuntu ?09:52
neurogeek_mhz, we are using ubuntu for a lot of things09:54
mhzoh, cool09:54
neurogeek_i use ubuntu at home sometimes09:54
Bluekujahey mhz 10:00
Bluekujastill there?10:00
mhzhey, Bluekuja 10:00
Bluekujahi man how are u?10:01
Bluekujaur alwais a busy man hehe10:03
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flintogra, the script is finished.10:06
flintogra, that is the gin script...10:06
flintif you are interested, the silly thing (435 or so lines of bash) can be found under bzr control at https://docbox.flint.com/~flint/bazaar/gin/10:08
flinti have not begun as extensive testing as I would like.... hell it is friday, and I want to go see a maple sugar shack...10:08
flintseems like you are all asleep... sksk10:09
mhzBluekuja: sorry, it is just that after being absent for so long, I need to catch up with lots of stuff10:12
Bluekujayeah np :)10:14
Bluekujai know that ur a busy man hehe10:14
Bluekujawhen ur more free ,tell me see you later10:15
mhzBluekuja: okis10:26
mhzi will10:26
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mhzneurogeek_: ping11:01
neurogeek_mhz, hey!!11:06
mhzneurogeek_: do you know Nathalie Bertou?11:06
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neurogeek_mhz, Yeap.. she works here too11:09
PygiJaneW: around?11:10
Bluekujahi neuro11:10
mhzneurogeek_: any chance you could motivate her to send me a syllabus (with objectives and all) for a course of office applications (firefox, thunderbird, abiword, gnumeric, and ooo) or something she has ?11:11
mhzneurogeek_: never mind, please ignore my request :D11:12
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