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kmongood night12:23
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Lurekmon: good night12:29
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jtshawgood evening guys02:17
jtshaw(and gals)02:18
raphinkhi jtshaw :)02:25
jtshawheres a stupid question... is there a source repository kicking around for things like the installer?02:26
raphinkwell every binary package in dapper has its source in dapper too02:27
raphinkso if you get the deb-src for dapper you get the source of the latest version in dapper02:27
jtshawmakes sense02:29
Riddellhi jtshaw 02:36
Riddelljtshaw: which installer?02:36
raphinkgood question :)02:37
jtshawwell, what I'm trying to find is the code in the kubuntu installer that validates the usernames02:40
jtshawbecause I believe it is slightly incorrect:)02:40
jtshawbut probably pretty easy to fix02:40
raphinkyou mean in debian-installer?02:41
Riddellapt-get source debian-installer02:42
Riddellalthough it's quite a complex beast02:42
jtshawya.. I'm sure this one piece can't be difficult to fix.. but it might take me the better part of my life to find it:)02:46
jtshawI really need to find my POSIX book to make sure I'm not wrong before I do it though anyway02:48
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reconciliationwhere to look for the khtml source?04:07
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seaLnehow do you remove things from the top of a bug in malone?07:18
seaLne#33173 for instance is listed as ubuntu aswell which it shouldn't be07:19
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=== mornfall kicks klichota
Hobbseewhat's that?08:34
Hobbseesomethign to do with klik?08:34
freeflyingmornfall: hi08:35
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PygiLure: around?09:05
PygiTonio_: at least you around? ;)09:09
Hobbseehi Pygi 09:09
PygiHi hi Hobbsee09:09
Pygiwhat's up?09:10
Hobbseelooking at how to install descent 209:10
Pygiah ^_^09:12
PygiLure: wake up09:17
Pygi_ion: there?09:34
Pygio joy, none of the people here09:35
freeflyingPygi: hi09:36
Pygifreeflying: hi hi09:36
freeflyingPygi: 09:37
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Pygiyes freeflying?09:37
PygiHi, Lure...09:37
LurePygi: hi - great day, isn't it ;-)09:38
LureI did not notice that VPN is included - this is even better09:38
Pygiyes, great day, but I need to correct you on one things from the forum ;)09:38
LureI have updated my post09:38
Pygiyes, that...please change to it ;)09:38
Pygiah, you already did...that is great ;)09:38
Pyginow to get knetworkmanager in ;)09:39
LureRiddell: since knetworkmanager was not yet in, what has to be done since we are in FF?09:39
LureRiddell: do we need to go universe -> main route or can we get an exception on this?09:40
PygiLure: also, please change knetworkmanager to network-manager-kde on forum post09:40
LureRiddell: is it just you that we need to persuade or we need to also make some wider marketing? ;-)09:41
LurePygi: OK, will clarify, however binary will still be knetworkmanager09:41
Pygiyes, I know ^_^09:41
Pygigreat ^_^09:42
PygiLure: Network-manager 0.6.1 will land into official Dapper repository soon (today?).09:46
Pygiit is already there, it is in the building queue09:46
LurePygi: we will change that when apt-get upgrade will get it - currently even build queue cannot be seen in launchpad09:46
LurePygi: should we suggest to the users to do a clean install (purge test packages, configure again)?09:47
Lureit probably makes sense, in order to ensure that we have clean case09:47
PygiLure: I don't think there is a need for that ...09:47
Lurelot's of people anyway do it, therefore I am not too concerned anyway...09:48
Pygiconf files stayed the same, so no need ;)09:48
Pygipurgins is not really good09:48
LurePygi: only wpasupplicant changed...09:48
PygiLure: two patches were dropped from our version of n-m09:49
LureVPN and which?09:49
Pygi     - Dropped; upstream implemented an nm_system_device_get_disabled()09:49
Pygi       function that we implement instead.09:49
LurePygi: n-m is waiting in build queue on dependancy (libnl-dev) :-(09:51
Lureok, but this one we picked from Debian (if I understand correctly)09:51
Pygiwhy is this missing? :-/09:52
Pygiwe have one in our repo09:52
Lurenot sure, maybe libnl1 source package (included couple of days back) does not provide it... :-(09:53
Pygibut they could have picked our ppc version at least...09:54
Pygiif not amd64 (which we don't have)09:54
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PygiLure: according to that i386 edition is already in the repos?09:57
LurePygi: I think it is copies to archives only when all platforms pass build (at least i386, amd64, ppc)09:59
Pygiah,yes, even i386 failed09:59
Pygithat is because libnl not yet in main09:59
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hungerkaudiocreator is useless... it failed to grab 14 out of 22 CDs. cdparanoia has no trouble grabbing all of them whatsoever!10:15
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
hungerPlus kaudiocreator does not always start to actually grab the files... sometimes it just sits there with a list of jobs and twiddles its thumbs.10:16
LurePygi: libnl is approved, but not ready to be promoted (whatever that means)10:19
PygiLure: I know...10:20
Hobbseewhy oh why does pbuilder not depend on debootstrap?10:27
Hobbseehmmm...it supposedly does.  i wonder why it didnt install properly then10:28
Tm_Thunger: yeah, I dropped kaudiocreator from my favourites list because of lacking paranoia10:35
Tm_THobbsee: yay!10:35
=== Hobbsee listens to the radio edition of hitchikers in the background, while setting up the pbuilder (again)
PygiLure; arizbd=10:52
_ionhobbsee: I should listen that some time. :-)10:56
_ionHi .*10:56
Pygi_ion: hello _ion10:56
PygiCongrats ^_^10:56
_ionWow. :-)10:59
Pygiwow what? ;)11:00
_ionpe104602 < Pygi> Lure: Network-manager 0.6.1 will land into official Dapper repository soon (today?).11:01
Pygi_ion: bah, that's what I am congratulating you on ^_^11:02
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_ion     - Yes kids, this means we ship VPN support now.11:04
_ionRules, rules, rules11:04
=== _ion uses OpenVPN.
Pygicongrats _ion ;)11:05
_ionI wasn't the only one who worked on the package, so congrats to everyone who did. :-)11:08
Tm_Tsomeone like to hold my hand awhile?11:08
=== _ion holds tm_t's hand for a while.
Tm_Thmm, maybe I try to do that Kopete package now11:08
Tm_Twe'll see what I can get together11:09
Pygi_ion: bah ^_^11:11
Pygiyay, wpasupplicant in main, shipping11:12
Pyginot that it's good, but still :-/11:13
=== Tm_T still don't understand how exactly he should do this
PygiTonio_, Lure: you need to drop the VPN blocking patch from Knetworkmanager11:15
LurePygi: we know - I am just waiting for NM-dev packages with VPN in order to be able to build11:15
LurePygi: this just means that we drop one big removal of code patch ;-)11:16
Pygiyes ;)11:16
hungerLure: Will you rename the deb then, too?11:16
hungerLure: Or will it stick with its name?11:17
hungerLure: Yes, we will rename it or yes, it will keep its name?11:17
Tm_Toh well...11:17
Lurepackage renamed, binary will stay ;-)11:18
LureHobbsee|Movie: good for you... ;-)11:19
Hobbsee|Movieon the laptop11:20
Hobbsee|Moviewhy watch on a big tv when my laptop is here?11:20
=== Pygi pokes Riddell
LureHobbsee|Movie: streaming over wireless? ;-)11:23
Hobbsee|MovieLure: no, just a dvd in the dvd drive :P11:23
LureHobbsee|Movie: boring... ;-)11:24
Hobbsee|Moviejust remember about our wireless speeds...11:24
=== Lure has to grab some lunch...
RiddellPygi: hmm?11:38
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=== Pygi first pays Riddell a bear or two then talks to him
Tm_Tbear? you mean beer?11:40
Tm_TRiddell: enjoy your bears =)11:40
PygiRiddel: we need to squeeze wpasupplicant on ubuntu CD, and put wpasupplicant and network-manager-kde on kubuntu CD11:41
Pygiyou think you can do it? ;)11:41
RiddellPygi: of course we can11:42
PygiRiddell: thanks ^_^ and what do we have to get out because of that? 11:42
Pygibtw. network-manager-kde first needs to hit the universe, then main, and then we can include it11:43
freeflyingRiddell: shall we merge qt-3.3.6 from debian11:43
Tm_TRiddell: about Kopete 0.12, should I diff to current dapper package or what?11:44
Riddellfreeflying: does it keep the immodule patch?11:44
freeflyingRiddell: y11:44
freeflyingRiddell: but the build-dep is not suitable to dapper 11:44
PygiRiddell: what will we need to drop from the cd in order to squeeze that in?11:45
freeflyingRiddell: also they add the inputcontex crash patch 11:46
RiddellPygi: the CDs have ample space except powerpc live11:49
PygiRiddell: hm, ok, can we drop something from ppc live in order to get this in? it's not so big packages, anyway11:50
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RiddellPygi: I did remove a bunch of language packs yesterday but it hasn't made any difference to the size, I think that CD is just determined to be oversized12:14
freeflyingRiddell: why qt-3.3.6 build against xlibs-static-dev 12:16
Riddellfreeflying: they always do that with qt12:30
freeflyingRiddell: merge or not ?12:30
freeflying- Font system12:31
freeflying        Improve startup time on systems with many installed fonts.12:31
freeflying        Improve Chinese, Japanese and Korean font handling.12:31
Riddellfreeflying: we need to build some .debs and test them first, see if it causes any problems12:34
freeflyingRiddell: right12:35
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raphinkRiddell: if someone began a spec on the wiki, can I overtake it?12:50
=== Lure__ [n=admin@external-7.hermes.si] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellraphink: which spec?12:51
Riddelldepends on the author and status12:51
raphinkthe author is an almost anonymous guy12:52
raphinkno history in Ubuntu12:52
Riddellyeah, you can 0wn that quite legitimately :)12:52
raphinkhow do I own it?12:52
Riddelledit the spec, bring it up to date and make it complete.  then before the ubuntu conference register it on launchpad12:53
raphinkit's already registered on LP by this guy12:53
raphinkso I guess once it's more complete on the wiki I can assign the drafting to myself12:53
raphinkon LP12:53
Riddellwell target it for edgy when that's possible12:54
raphinkRiddell: where do I put the pros and cons in a spec ?12:58
raphinkin the scope section?12:58
Riddellin a rationale section 01:00
mornfalleh klik01:00
mornfallever thought about security problem in a library that's distributed with klik and how it doesn't get fixed by ubuntu security updates?01:01
raphinkthat's what has to be discussed01:01
mornfallyour system is updated now -- except the ton of libs in various klik packages01:01
raphinkand I want to spec klik just because he can probably bring problems01:02
raphinkbetter spec it then wait for a guy to provide a package that will bring lots of security issues01:02
=== mornfall notes that doing the appfolder thing right is a lot more complex than klik
=== Tm_T thinks we should disable arts by default
=== tvo [n=tobi@5354EA9B.cable.casema.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellTm_T: 01:24
Tm_Tdunno, somehow I feel it's more bad than good01:25
Riddellnot much of a rationale :)01:27
Riddellwe can't just remove sounds from KDE01:27
Riddelland suse's kdemm stuff isjust as bad01:27
mornfallwhat what?01:28
mornfallit's far too late for dapper either way :)01:28
Riddelland that too01:28
mornfallbut i don't think ditching arts gives you anything01:28
mornfalli run arts because everything else sucks more01:28
mornfalllike, amarok locking up with xine01:28
mornfalloh, what you need to do01:29
mornfallchange autodetect to threaded oss as default driver01:29
mornfalland make sure to load oss emu01:29
mornfallsolves most arts problems for me01:29
mornfallalsa userspace lib is probably not suitable for daemon usage01:29
mornfallit breaks far too often01:30
mornfalli'm not sure if everyone knows this so i better tell you :)01:30
Riddellhow do we make sure to loade oss emu?01:32
=== Tm_T uses alsaplayer for knotify and alsa plug:dmix everywhere
mornfallraphink: you play wesnoth? :-)01:46
raphinkmornfall: why?01:46
mornfallraphink: but i so don't get how it's related to OOo :)01:46
raphinkit's not01:46
raphinksome people call it the "Ooo of RPG"01:46
mornfallis that an insult?01:46
raphinknot at all01:46
mornfallsounds like one to me :)01:46
raphinkOoo is a great open-source app, available on most OSes01:47
raphinkand so is wesnoth01:47
mornfallooo is great?01:47
raphinkwell it's great for most users :p01:47
raphinkI don't like it01:47
raphinkbut well ;)01:47
Tm_TWesnoth is too hard to me01:47
raphinkTm_T: practice ;)01:47
mornfallthe only people i know use it do so because they think MS office is too pricey01:47
raphinkTm_T: I can mentor you01:47
raphinkTm_T: wanna play a game w/ me ?01:48
mornfalli wouldn't ;-)01:48
mornfallplaying against experienced player is way too frustrating for newbies :)01:48
Tm_Traphink: can't now01:48
raphinkmornfall: wouln''t what?01:48
raphinkI'm not experienced :p01:48
raphinkmornfall: are  you?01:49
Tm_Traphink: how about ET with me? ;)01:50
raphinkET ?01:50
Tm_TEnemy Territory01:51
raphinkthis is open-source ??!01:51
Tm_TI doubt, but it's free01:51
raphinkit's not in Ubuntu at least01:52
Tm_Tfree as, you don't have tp pay to play it01:52
Tm_Traphink: yeah, it's not inrepositories ;)01:52
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mornfallraphink: i guess no01:54
Tm_Traphink: though, I bet there's better places to download that01:55
mornfallRiddell: uhm, kubuntu defaults to double-clicking?01:58
mornfallor anyone else for that matter :)02:01
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Riddellmornfall: no02:08
Riddellcertainly shouldn't do02:08
raphinkwe talked about that already02:10
raphinkat a meeting some time ago02:10
raphinkand most people agreed on keepind default = single click02:10
raphinkalthough I'm not sure to get how this goes along with the metabar02:11
raphinksince you have to single-click on a file to get infos and actions on it in the metabar02:11
=== OculusAquilae [n=oculus@p548D4197.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== raphink is a pro-single-click
raphinkhmm no02:13
=== raphink is a pro-double-click
=== _ion is anti-click
raphinkgood too02:14
mornfallRiddell: will you have time for an upload today?02:15
Riddellmornfall: sure02:15
mornfallokey, i'll go home now and prepare it02:15
raphinkmornfall: side note : you can ask me for uploads when you need one02:15
raphinktoo ;)02:15
mornfallraphink: okey :)02:16
raphinkI don't have actions in the metabar02:16
raphinkanyone can confirm that?02:16
raphinkwhen i select a file, it lists no actions in the metabar02:17
=== allee_ [n=ach@dialin-212-144-128-245.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellraphink: confirmed02:20
raphinkRiddell: now right click on the metabar and add the "copy" action for example02:21
raphinkyou"ll see that other actions will show02:21
raphinkfor example "convert to" for images02:21
RiddellI don't see that02:22
Riddellonly Configure Metabar and Reload theme02:22
raphinkgo to configure02:23
raphinkthen to the "actions" tab02:23
raphinkand activate an action02:23
raphinkand it will activate more than this single action02:23
Riddellyes, how broken02:26
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=== freeflying build qt-3.3.6
=== ubijtsa_ [n=anders@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellfron dapper?03:26
Riddellfreeflying: on dapper?03:27
freeflyingRiddell: ya03:27
Riddellfreeflying: got a URL?03:27
freeflyingRiddell: URL?03:28
freeflyingRiddell: seems debain guys includes all patches we have in dapper 03:29
freeflyingRiddell: debain's http://incoming.debian.org/qt-x11-free_3.3.6.orig.tar.gz03:30
Riddellfreeflying: URL for your .debs, so I can test them03:32
freeflyingRiddell: hem, buiding it 03:32
Riddellah, still building, ok :)03:33
freeflyingRiddell: will you build it  :) 03:33
freeflyingmaybe your amchine may build it more quickly 03:33
RiddellI'm busy with kde 3.5.2, koffice 1.5 rcv1 and amarok 1.3.903:33
freeflyingok,after finish , give you URL03:34
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freeflyingRiddell: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/immodule-qt/2006-March/000745.html --< new immodule patch for qt-3.3.504:06
Riddellfreeflying: it's not clear there, is he just merging dirk's changes or is he also adding his own fix?04:11
freeflyingRiddell: seems just merge 04:14
Riddellwe already have dirk's patches04:14
ubijtsa_hmm.. is there a way, in the installer/preseed, to force/guide the use of a particular dhcp server ?04:18
freeflyingRiddell: would u like give any advice on build kde404:18
RiddellI've never built kde 404:19
=== kmon [n=javier@217.Red-80-25-51.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Kopete]
freeflyingRiddell: any space for uploading qt-3.3.6?05:05
Riddellfreeflying: revu05:05
freeflyingRiddell: there only for source 05:06
RiddellI think you can upload non-source to revu05:06
Riddelldput revu foo.i386.changes05:06
seaLnedosen't it get auto rejected?05:07
Riddellwell, it's worth a shot :)05:07
freeflyingraphink: ping05:07
freeflyingRiddell: http://ftp.ubuntu.org.cn/freeflying/05:19
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=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Lure__Sime_: bug 32915 is still there with 0.6.305:46
UbugtuMalone bug 32915 in kde-guidance "Display applet does not start" [Normal,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3291505:46
Lure_actually it is different stack trace, but same result ;-)05:47
=== Lure_ is now known as Lure
superstonedRiddell: shall we merge qt-3.3.6 from debian [11:44]  <Riddell> yes06:05
superstonedthis helps with performance in KDE, esp with latest fontconfig. cool!06:06
superstonedcurrent version 2.3.2-1.1ubuntu5, but fontconfig devel is at version 2.3.94 - so 2.4 is still some time off. guess the reall performance improvements have to wait for dapper+106:10
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jeroenvrpRiddell: please see https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kdewebdev/+bug/3646006:45
UbugtuMalone bug 36460 in kdewebdev kimagemapeditor "Crash while starting kimagemapeditor" [Normal,Unconfirmed]  06:45
kmonI can't change the performance in klaptop, is this a known limitation, bug or do I have to change some settings somewhere?06:54
=== kmon leaves
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danimohi Riddell07:15
danimohi all07:15
danimoRiddell: ping?07:15
Riddelldanimo: hi07:37
danimoRiddell: I want to package klear07:37
danimoRiddell: it does have a debian directory, but I'd need some advice on how to go from there07:38
Riddelldanimo: already done http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=92407:39
=== lamont [n=lamont@mib.fc.hp.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellhi lamont 07:39
lamontcp: cannot stat `./debian/tmp/etc/kde3/ktalkdrc': No such file or directory07:39
=== lamont kicks kdenetwork
lamontwhich didn't like a single ports architecture07:39
lamonthi Riddell :-)07:39
Riddelllamont: it's because it can't find /var/run/utmp, is there a reason that would have changed, or is different on the arches?07:40
danimoRiddell: and how do I build from there?07:40
Riddelldanimo: grab the .orig, .dsc and .diff.gz07:40
Riddelldpkg-source -x *dsc07:40
Riddellcd klear-<tab>07:41
Riddellmay want to apt-get install devscripts to install debuild07:41
lamontRiddell: le huh?07:41
=== lamont goes looking
danimoRiddell: is there a all-in-one-package?07:41
Riddelldanimo: not for source packages07:42
Riddellafter debuild is run it'll make the .deb07:42
Riddellanyone on breezy want to test KDE 3.5.2?07:43
_Sime_danimo: is guidance and displayconfig 0.6.3 working for you now on dapper?07:43
_Sime_Lure: hi07:43
danimo_Sime_: I didn't dare to try it again :)07:43
lamontRiddell: interesting... the chroot on hppa lacks /var/run/utmp.  but it's present in the i386 chrot07:43
danimo_Sime_: I'm easily scared :)07:43
_Sime_danimo: it always backs up your xorg.conf. ;)07:44
Riddelllamont: I've never touched ktalk so it's always worked on debian and ubuntu buildds in the past07:44
danimo_Sime_: that I noticed07:45
danimo_Sime_: the gamma sliders still don't work07:45
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lamontRiddell: apparently, it'll get removed from the i386/ppc/amd64 chroots sometime soonish... pkg will then be b0rked everywhere...07:45
Lure_Sime_: I am back - Konversation hung... :-(07:46
Lure_Sime_: seen my report with 0.6.307:46
_Sime_Lure: yeah,07:46
_Sime_Lure: i'm going to have a look at it now.07:46
LureRiddell: I can install 3.5.2 on breezy (have 3.5.1 currently), but will not get much testing until monday 07:47
LureRiddell: weekends are for Dapper, work is on Breezy (until Flight6 ;-))07:47
_Sime_Lure: can you run ScanPCI.py for me and email (or pastebin) the output for me.07:49
RiddellLure: deb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde352/ breezy main07:49
Riddelllamont: what's the reason for that and will it happen to debian too?07:50
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Lure_Sime_: fails - http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/62039707:52
Lureanybody else having problems with Konversation hangs (on 3.5.2)?07:52
_Sime_Lure: oh yes, of course.07:52
Lure_Sime_: I am doing something wrong, I suppose... ;-)07:53
lamontRiddell: don't mind me - I may or may not be correct in my statement about that...07:54
lamontalthough I'm completely at a loss to understand why no utmp results in not installing an rc file for ktalkd....07:54
Riddelllamont: ktalkd doesn't compile unless it finds /var/run/utmp07:55
lamontRiddell: it goes away because of the change to clean /var/run on boot07:55
_Sime_Lure: fix up this line "bus = PCIBus("ldetect-lst/")" in ScanPCI.py and make it point to where the directory containing the Cards+ file.07:55
lamont(or rather, to recreate the tmpfs that was /var/run the last time...)07:55
Riddelllamont: is that an ubuntu change or a debian change?07:55
lamontRiddell: and why, doesn't it compile?07:55
lamontalthough it wouldn't surprise me to find that change getting into debian as well07:56
lamont /var/run is (by policy) completely transient07:56
lamontacross boots07:56
Riddellwell ktalkd needs utmp to work so the programmers obviously thought it a silly idea to install it without a utmp on the system07:57
lamontand the existance of system files on the compiling machine shouldn't be affecting the binaries delivered to some enduser machine...07:57
Riddellbut should be an easy enough fix to just ignore the utmp test in autoconf07:57
lamontbut there's utmp on the enduser system07:57
lamontRiddell: please do make that change07:57
Lure_Sime_: better - http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/62041107:58
Riddellwill do, thanks for answering my questions07:58
_Sime_Lure: is that a pci card? are you using the drivers from ATI right now?08:01
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=== Lure hates konversation hanging all the time...
Lure_Sime_: it is ATI FireGL V5000 PCI-Express card08:03
Lure_Sime_: I run "fglrx" currently - can switch to "ati" if you want...08:04
_Sime_Lure: driver?08:04
_Sime_Lure: no, that's ok.08:04
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=== Lure is back
cmvoLure: Hi! ati/radeon hangs here if I do not disable dri. Haven't tried the fglrx in dapper.08:07
_Sime_Lure: ok, what I want you to do now is pop ScanPCI.py open and go to the "def detect(" about 1/3 in to the file...08:10
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_Sime_oh, he's gone...08:25
RiddellLure: _Sime_ wanted you08:26
Luremy konversation is hanging all the time08:26
Lure_Sime_: can I help08:26
_Sime_Lure: "Lure: ok, what I want you to do now is pop ScanPCI.py open and go to the "def detect(" about 1/3 in to the file..."08:27
LureI am there08:28
_Sime_Lure: now comment out that "try: entry.module...." block of stuff that is a few lines down.08:29
=== _Sime_ wonders why konversation feels so special that it doesn't need a "Copy" or "Paste" menu item.
Lureyep, it works now08:29
_Sime_it can't correctly detect your card, but at least it won't bug out.08:30
Lure_Sime_: thanks08:30
_Sime_it will just assume vesa.08:30
_Sime_Lure: no, thank you!08:30
=== Lure has to run now... ;-)
=== _Sime_ wonders why konversation on Dapper does that highly annoying "close window means go to system tray" thing...
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Tm_Tforgot to look packaging issues... oh well, it's day tomorrow10:06
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mornfallhi, anyone around experiencing the kdesu/adept problem?11:01
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PygiLure: around?11:10
LurePygi: yes11:12
Pygilook at the case ;)11:13
Pygipeople asked for n-m 0.6.111:13
Pyginow when they got it...11:13
Pyginow they want n-m CVS11:13
Pygijoy :-P11:13
Lureseen that - it is always like that... ;-)11:14
mornfallraphink: ping?11:15
raphinkmornfall: yep?11:15
mornfallraphink: how much spare time you have? :)11:15
raphinkdepends 11:15
PygiLure: yes, I know :-P11:15
raphinkI'm working on an XML specif 11:15
raphinkbut if it's important I can get rid of it for a time ;)11:15
mornfallraphink: well, it would be useful if someone (who can use debuild) could sanity-check adept before upload :)11:16
raphinkhmm so you want me to check adept, test-build it and upload it?11:17
=== Lure sleeps while typing - time for bed
mornfallraphink: well, i am currently doing some testing myself, but i have been known to let stupid bugs into releases before11:18
raphinkcould you put the package on REVU so I can check it?11:18
mornfallwhat's revu :-)11:19
mornfallraphink: i usually just point at a .tar.gz source package ;-)11:20
raphinkthis is what we use to review packages11:20
raphinkjust give me your PGP key # and you can use dput to upload your package to revu11:20
raphinkthen I can check it there :)11:20
mornfallthat's lame ;-)11:21
mornfalli'll think about it :-)11:21
=== mornfall restarts kdesu adept for the 4th time
raphinkmornfall: it's very useful as it allows several people to check the package and leave comments11:22
mornfallraphink: my prepare-upload do-upload timeframe is usually hardly enough for someone to make a comment :] 11:22
raphinkyet yo'ure asking me to review ;)11:23
raphinkso that means you're asking for comments11:23
mornfallraphink: maybe :)11:24
mornfallhmm it started 5 times or so in a row11:24
=== raphink is starting quanta once every 2 minutes
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mornfalllaame -- i can't reproduce the kdesu hang at all11:47
mornfallhmm, how can i find out which adept version was in flight 4?11:56
mornfallbug reporters only rarely give package version, just the flight number11:56
raphinkhmm ... dl the cd, extract it and look at the package version number ...11:58
mornfallvery funny11:58
raphinkor check the history on LP11:58
mornfallhistory of what11:58
raphinkof the package versions11:58
raphinkit has the dates of uploads iirc11:58
raphinkand then you can compare with the date of release for DF411:58
mornfallokey, that gives approximately "not latest"11:59
mornfallanyone know if klichota comes to irc? :)12:00
raphinkI can't think of a better way yet12:00

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