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greenwomanyone home?05:22
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Badm4nanyone here ?10:09
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Badm4nanyone here ?10:11
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MistaEDbadm4n: seems a bit quiet, but it is the right place10:22
Badm4ni'm looking someone that can help me about console screensaver10:23
Badm4nany 110:41
klepasBadm4n: sorry, not my field10:43
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klepasmoin moin andreasn 02:01
andreasnhello klepas02:04
andreasnI'm just about to start pulling lapos and mine stuff into tangerine02:04
andreasnmostly lapos actually02:04
andreasnwhat are you up to then?02:06
klepasi'm writing a gimp article for sitepoint.com02:34
klepasi was hoping to get in an outline for what i wanted to write about today02:34
klepasgood luck for that happening02:34
klepasotherwise, Kororaa is being released tomorrow eve and i'm working on some of the artwork for it02:34
klepasas they are using tango :)02:35
andreasnwhat was that now again?02:37
klepasKororaa is a livecd based on gentoo02:51
andreasnoh, cool02:51
andreasnwhat does gentoo use btw?02:51
klepasthe remarkable thing about it and why it has been given so much hype is simply because it's the only livecd out there which runs XGL adn Compiz02:51
klepasspoke to the dudes who began Kororaa last night after they listened to my presentation at my lug about tango02:52
klepasthey're interested in supporting tango by including the icon-name-spec and the tango icon set in the livecd02:53
klepasand it will be installable from the next release02:53
klepasprolly coming out tomorow :)02:53
andreasnsounds great!02:56
klepassecond distro to use tango by default02:56
klepasso my talk was worth it02:56
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andreasnforesight was first, right+02:58
klepasno idea03:37
klepaswait, the distro?03:37
klepasdefinitely :)03:37
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