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LaserJockhi Se7h12:25
Se7hhey LaserJock12:25
Se7hgot my xgl running here12:25
Se7hbtw LaserJock, I've uploaded the python lib i was workin on12:31
Se7hhow much time takes to get a review on whats uploaded?12:32
LaserJockwell, depends on how much you bug MOTUs ;-)12:37
Se7hi ask this cus python-pymedia is still as 'new'12:39
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LaserJockSe7h: well, it wouldn't go in Dapper12:41
Se7hLaserJock no? why not?12:42
LaserJockSe7h: we are past Feature Freeze12:43
LaserJockoh wait, it is just an update right?12:43
Se7hno, the spe was an update, this is a first release12:44
LaserJockoh, ok12:44
LaserJockso yeah, it would take an exception to get it in dapper12:45
LaserJockat this point in the release we are just trying to fix bugs, etc.12:45
Se7hhmm ok12:45
Se7hi dunno if you know it, but since alot a people, including the developer was asking me to add it..12:46
Se7hpymedia is a well made multimedia python lib12:46
LaserJockI'm not sure what the policy is right now about it new packages12:48
LaserJockwhy did you make it  native package (no .orig.tar.gz)?12:49
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Se7hthe main dev has its orig source tarball yea12:50
Se7hif thats what u'r asking12:51
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Amaranthremove it12:52
LaserJockSe7h: I'm saying that you probably want to make a non-native package12:52
Amaranthremove it, package a new source tarball12:52
Amarantherr, create a new source tarball12:52
LaserJockSe7h: you want the .orig.tar.gz that is the same as the one you download12:53
Amaranththen add it back in, so it becomes a non-native package and has a proper diff and everything12:53
=== Amaranth goes back to coding
LaserJockyeah, what Amaranth said ;-)12:53
KyralI hate installing the GTK2 libs..I keep forgetting what the package is lol01:01
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slomosiretart: i object in using internal faad for mplayer! we should better patch the external one with all this bugfixes...01:24
Kyralwhee time to go sketchy01:24
Kyralrebuilding Sid libs for dapper01:24
jabracan I request a module for someone to package?01:25
kelmojabra: what is it?01:28
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minghuajabra: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/Candidates01:29
jabrait is nmap::parser01:29
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Kyralif anyone cares..the latest libneon from Sid builds and installs fine on Dapper01:32
slomoKyral: so what? :)01:34
Kyraljust lettin' ya know01:34
KyralSid version is higher than Dapper version01:34
slomoKyral: many of the latest sid packages build fine and install fine on dapper an have a newer version... but that doesn't mean they're better or more bugfree... but if you feel that we should get the latest version please file a uvf exception bugreport and ask for an exception with an explanation why you want it01:36
KyralI'll see if it works fine when this thing I'm compiling is done :P01:36
Kyralwhich is BMPx if you are curious01:37
minghuawhat besides subversion uses libneon?01:37
KyralBMPx :P01:37
minghuaoh okay01:37
slomominghua: gst-plugins-bad ;)01:37
minghuaslomo: Hmm... didn't know that01:37
Kyraland rumor has it that BMPx is soon to be in Sid01:37
slomoKyral: it must go through NEW before... which could take ages... but do the bmpx guys use gstreamer now? or their own media framework?01:39
Kyralit requires the -base, -good, -bad, and -ugly packs01:39
slomoKyral: it "requires" -bad?01:40
Kyralwell they say for "Maximum playibitity"01:40
Kyraland yes I know I misspelled that like CRAZY01:40
slomoyes, that's true for now unfortunately :/ -bad has some important things :)01:40
Kyrallook at the Debian section01:42
slomook... hm, what's the difference between bmp and bmpx?01:43
slomowe now have at least 4 "xmms" projects... xmms, xmms2, bmp and bmpx ;)01:43
LaserJockI thought bmpx was a rewrite01:44
KyralIt seems BMPx only uses like 3% of XMMS code01:44
slomohm, so it's a winamp-interface-player using gst?01:45
Kyralmeh no like me01:47
KyralUnstable it is01:47
=== minghua hates Microsoft-JVM-only java applets
Kyralwhy mess with perfection *apt-get install beep-media-player*01:51
Kyraland the original BMP is now called "Audacious"01:53
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Kyraloy,,,and now I'm jumping between Mail Clients like crazy01:59
Amaranthbanshee > *01:59
KyralAmaranth: it seemed like banshee had problems03:00
Kyralas in like "skipping"03:00
Amaranthnothing here03:00
Amaranthwhat are your specs?03:00
KyralI dunno03:00
KyralI dumped them in #uf03:01
AmaranthKyral: I've only got a 1.42Ghz G4 so banshee wasn't skipping because your computer is too slow. :)03:06
AmaranthKyral: does rhythmbox skip on the same songs?03:06
KyralAmaranth: no...03:07
=== Kyral switches back to Thunderbird
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AmaranthKyral: When was the last time you tried banshee?03:08
AmaranthMaybe it was a fluke or has already been fixed03:08
KyralSylpheed is nice...but it always "sorts and processes"03:11
Kyralor is that a property of the MailDir format?03:12
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ErlangSorry if that sounds silly, but where are the buildd logs??04:15
HobbseeErlang: here?  http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/byDate/today.html04:16
Hobbseethere could be some somewhere on launchpad too04:17
ErlangThere are not linked where I've found them on launchpad.04:17
Erlangwhere I found to supposed link to it I mean...04:17
Erlangthank you04:18
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crimsunErlang: each source package has a link04:24
crimsunthe ~lamont link is obsoleted because of soyuz04:24
minghuacrimsun: do you happen to still have wesnoth 1.0.2-1ubuntu1 source package around? :-)04:27
Erlangcrimsun: it's 'not available'.04:28
crimsunErlang: does it introduce new binary packages? (i.e., NEW)04:30
crimsunminghua: I might, but I can't check atm because my amd64 pbuilder is offline04:30
ErlangIt introduces the binary package yudit 2.7.8-1... i guess04:31
minghuacrimsun: or if you still remember what "Restore scenario-test.cfg for -t switch." is about04:31
minghuabasically I am working on reverting wesnoth from 1.1 to 1.0.204:32
minghuacrimsun: looking at other changelogs it seems to be bug #121304:32
UbugtuMalone bug 1213 in wesnoth "wesnoth option -t does not work (error: "Unknown scenario: 'test'")" [Minor,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/121304:32
crimsunminghua: I believe bmonty worked his magic for that one04:33
minghuacrimsun: thank, I'll ask him then04:34
minghuaI wonder if I should keep all the changelogs for 1.1 if I revert to 1.0.204:35
minghuamaybe I should04:36
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dolsoncripes, it happened before05:03
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whiprushhi ajmitch05:09
ajmitchhey whiprush, how's it going?05:09
whiprushgood, yourself?05:09
Erlangah my karma just felt05:10
whiprushajmitch: hey has anyone heard form \sh lately?05:11
whiprushI am concerned05:11
ajmitchnope, not that I know of05:11
=== minghua hopes \sh is okay
=== ajmitch also
minghuabug 3667105:30
UbugtuMalone bug 36671 in xchat "no german language for xchat" [Normal,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3667105:30
=== minghua wonders if that applys to all languages
minghuaseems yes - Debian's xchat package doesn't have any .mo file05:31
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trappistis there any documentation on how to use debdiff?  I've been using ye olde diff to attach patches to bugs, and I know it's not ideal, but I can't seem to find a good debdiff doc.05:57
LaserJockman debdiff ;-)05:57
LaserJockbut basically "debdiff package1.dsc package2.dsc" for source packages05:58
trappistyeah that says it diffs between .debs and .udebs, and I don't have one of those05:58
trappistthat's what I was looking for.  thanks!05:58
LaserJocktrappist: np05:58
LaserJockI need to know how to get rid of characters from a different encoding or something05:59
LaserJocki've got a bunch of <C2><A0> where I should have a space06:00
minghuaeasy if you know which charset they are in...06:00
minghuaactually sounds a little like chinese...06:01
trappistit's great fun trying to match those with regular expressions06:01
LaserJockhmm, if I open it in emacs it gives \302\24006:02
minghuaNah.  In zh_CN wide space is A1A1, zh_TW A14006:02
LaserJockacording to pine it is ANSI_X3.4-196806:03
minghua0xC2 == 0302, so that sounds right06:03
LaserJockanybody know what I can do with it?06:05
minghuayou know what?  C2A0 is non-breaking space in UTF-806:06
minghuaLaserJock: so get a decent text viewer :-)06:06
LaserJockI got the file in an email so I wonder if it was UTF-8 but got sent as something else06:06
trappistLaserJock: so I do like, apt-get source packagename, put those files into a directory, do it again into another directory, do my editing on one of them and debdiff from a parent directory?06:07
LaserJockyou can do it all in the same directory though06:07
trappistapt-get source will just clobber what I've already got, right?06:08
minghuayou don't need to apt-get twice06:08
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LaserJockwell if you bump the version or something then you when you rebuild the source package it will have a different name06:08
trappistminghua: that's encouraging, since I'm working with kdebase06:08
minghuajust change the version in debian/changelog and you'll get a different .diff.gz/.dsc, then debdiff06:08
trappistminghua: so I don't need two copies of the source to make a debdiff (the original and my changes)?06:09
minghuatrappist: definitely not, you just need two .dsc/.diff.gz06:09
LaserJocktrappist: yes but the source packages is the .diff.gz .dsc and .orig.tar.gz files06:10
minghua(I don't know if debdiff will untar them when it's run, though...)06:10
LaserJocktrappist: debdiff will extract the source packages to /tmp06:10
LaserJockso you'll never see it ;-)06:10
trappistok so correct me if I'm wrong here: apt-get source packagename.  edit my files, including the changelog.  copy(?!) the .dsc and the .diff.gz and run debdiff?06:11
LaserJocks/copy(?!)/build new source package/06:11
trappistoh, this is starting to make sense - how to do that06:12
LaserJockdebuild -S is the easiest06:12
trappistok cool06:12
LaserJockin the source directory06:12
trappistand when I edit the changelog, I do it as though I expect it to be patched as-is, incrementing build numbers and such?06:13
LaserJocktrappist: kinda depends on what your doing06:14
LaserJocktrappist: what are you trying to do?06:14
trappistjust fixing a doc problem in kmenuedit06:14
LaserJocktrappist: what is the current version?06:15
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LaserJockso do 3.5.1-0ubuntu1506:15
trappistyeah that's what I had06:16
Se7hi hope gaim2 to be that good for the so long delay on the release06:17
Se7hLaserJock is there any list to check the needing-fix programs on the repo ?06:19
LaserJockSe7h: I think that is called Malone ;-)06:19
Se7hmalone? :o06:20
LaserJockthere is also an unmet dep list somewhere on revu06:20
LaserJockyeah, just a sec06:23
LaserJockSe7h: http://tiber.tauware.de/~siretart/unmet/dapper-unmet.txt06:23
trappistwow debuild is way better than dpkg-buildpackage06:24
trappistwhich apparently requires sudo and doesn't want to sign the package06:25
LaserJockdebuild is a wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage but it's what I use06:27
Se7hLaserJock those are dep that didn't reach universe?06:27
LaserJockSe7h: they are packages that aren't installable because of a dep problem of some kind. Sometimes the deps have had a name change or something like that06:28
minghuahmm... I've never used debuild before06:28
Se7hLaserJock thats the thing i dont get. Why do name changes. There should be a default for each06:28
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Se7hminghua its good alright :)06:29
trappistone I saw today was a dep on libpango10-0 where we now have libpango12-006:31
trappisterr libpng06:31
LaserJockSe7h: we also had to do name changes for cxx transition06:32
LaserJocktrappist: you can also do pdebuild if you want to also build the binary package. it is debuild+pbuilder06:33
minghuaokay, this wesnoth seems to working06:34
LaserJockhmm, I still don't know what to do with this file :(06:34
=== minghua prepares to do his first upload :-)
Se7hLaserJock what file?06:38
LaserJockI've got a file that has some different encoding or something06:38
LaserJockso it's full of <C2><A0>06:39
LaserJockbut I'm not sure what the regexp would be to get rid of them :/06:40
Se7hthose '<X>' mean something? or are just text editor codes?06:45
Se7hheres another app that should go into univ.06:46
Se7h'pac - perl audio converter'06:47
LaserJockSe7h: no they are spaces06:47
minghuaLaserJock: the file doesn't show correctly in gedit (using UTF-8 encoding, that is)?06:48
LaserJockI don't know about gedit but it doesn in vim or emacs06:49
Se7hLaserJock something like regrem = re.compile("<??>" (python)06:49
minghuaLaserJock: try gedit ;-)06:49
Se7ha simple python script would do the job06:51
LaserJockSe7h: it would huh?06:52
minghuaLaserJock: I believe Se7h (not that I can write such a python script) :-)06:52
=== Erlang goes bug hunting.
Se7hLaserJock yes06:53
LaserJockminghua: dang, gedit worked fine06:53
Se7hyay \o/06:53
LaserJockbut I tried to save it as something else but it still look weird in emacs and vim :/06:54
minghuaactually I am surprised that vim has problem with it06:55
Se7hvim shows all encodings the text might have06:55
minghuaLaserJock: when you open it in vim, what does ":set fileencoding" show?06:55
minghuavim is usually not very smart in automatically recognizing encodings06:56
minghuaI suspect LaserJock's vim was using latin-106:56
minghuaor something similar06:56
LaserJockhmm, doesn't say anything06:57
minghuaHmm, apparently 40M takes a while to upload from a DSL line06:57
Se7h40mb ? :o06:57
LaserJockbut in gedit it says that the file is ASCII06:57
minghuaLaserJock: try ":set fileencodings=utf-8", then use ":r file" to open it06:58
minghuawell, gedit lied06:58
Se7heheh, i just remembered my weather report tool (python made) :)06:59
LaserJockhmm, nothing seems to work07:02
minghuapoor LaserJock07:02
Se7hLaserJock suck when that happens doesn' it? :>07:03
LaserJockthis is so stupid07:03
minghuaLaserJock: try iconv -f utf8 -t ascii file07:03
minghuaLaserJock: maybe iconv will be smart enough to change the non-breaking spaces to ordinary ones07:03
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Se7hdidnt gedit fixed it ?07:04
Se7h[05:53:29]  <LaserJock> minghua: dang, gedit worked fine07:04
LaserJockit views it fine07:05
Se7hthen copy paste the text07:05
LaserJockminghua: no go, "iconv: illegal input sequence at position 1995" when it hits the bad characters07:06
minghuaLaserJock: yeah, bad luck, then07:07
Erlanga bug that makes a package useless (SIGSEV at start) on an architecture is of what severity level?07:07
minghuaLaserJock: go learn some python, perhaps?07:07
Se7hLaserJock want to send the file ?07:07
minghua"Accepted wesnoth 1.1+reverted+to+1.0.2-0ubuntu1 (source)"  Yay!07:09
Se7hPackage python2.3-celementtree version 1.0.2-2build1 has an unmet dep:07:11
Se7h Depends: python2.3-elementtree07:11
Se7hwhat the hell is this ?07:11
Se7ha package depending on itself?07:11
Se7hoh forget it07:12
Se7hread it wonrg (im sleepy)07:12
LaserJockyeah, both of those are needed for bzr and I made the same mistake07:13
Se7hLaserJock want to send the file ?07:15
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ajmitchLaserJock: the python-* mess is no surprise considering how many python2.3 packages have been stripped from main, with good reason07:29
LaserJockhmm, and I'm trying to add 2.3 to gausssum in Debian07:31
Erlangcan anybody answer my question above?07:34
minghuaErlang: in debian or in ubuntu?07:36
=== minghua isn't aware that ubuntu has the "bug severity" concept
Erlang"Critical, Major, Normal, Minor, Wishlist", that is.07:37
LaserJockI think it is for the devs07:37
=== Lure [n=admin@clj46-234.dial-up.arnes.si] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ErlangI have not yet read anywhere that severity should only be set by devs.07:39
minghuaif we are talking about bug 3442, I don't think changing the severity has any effect07:39
UbugtuMalone bug 3442 in praat "hangs on startup" [Major,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/344207:39
=== monzie [n=manish@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ErlangI've set 'Major' where a package becomes useless because of that bug.07:40
Erlangbut in praat's case, it's only on AMD64... that is why I asked.07:41
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siretartslomo_: I asked on malone for opinions for external faad. neither you nor crimsum answered. So lets revert  that the next upload10:20
siretarthi crimsun!10:20
=== zakame [n=zakame@ubuntu/member/zakame] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zakamehi all10:20
crimsunsiretart: err, I haven't been getting such e-mails...10:20
crimsun(motu media, correct)10:20
crimsunhi zak10:21
zakameheya crimsun10:22
crimsunbug #3438410:25
UbugtuMalone bug 34384 in yelp "Yelp crashes on starting" [Normal,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3438410:25
crimsunbug #2784410:25
UbugtuMalone bug 27844 in yelp "No help topics are displayed in yelp" [Major,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/2784410:25
siretartcrimsun: oh. interesting. do you receive motumedia mails at all?10:25
crimsunsiretart: nope10:25
siretarthm. I thought so. slomo told me the same.. interesting10:25
siretartI'll check why10:26
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=== Amaranth stops breaking things
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phanatichi people11:04
zakameheya phanatic11:06
phanatichey zakame11:06
YagisanG'day zakame, phanatic11:09
phanatichello Yagisan11:10
zakameheya Yagisan11:10
Yagisanso what have we been up to today ?11:11
siretartcrimsun: ah, I notice that you aren't subscribed at http://tauware.de/mailman/listinfo/motumedia at all11:12
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siretartcrimsun: that mailing list is the primary contact list for the motumedia launchpad team, every bug which the motumedia team is subscribed should send mails there11:13
crimsunthat would do it11:13
Yagisananyone here still use breezy ?11:13
Yagisanif so could you see if you can reproduce https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/3661611:14
UbugtuMalone bug 36616 in evolution "Repeated crashing on particular spam, if the preview window is open" [Normal,Unconfirmed] 11:14
YagisanI'd love to know I'm not the only one suffering.11:15
crimsunsiretart: done11:16
siretartshould do it now. yes11:16
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Tm_There too? ;)12:44
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Yagisanajmitch: any updates on your selinux work ?02:00
Toadstoolhi here02:01
jpatrickhey Toadstool02:01
Toadstoolo/ jpatrick02:01
jpatrickbbl, have to have lunch02:02
=== Yagisan sighs
slomo_siretart: i'll get the external faad fixed today (with a bit of luck :) ). i only don't want to use the internal one to prevent code duplication. we had enough problems with ffmpeg in the past, no need to get another one ;)02:16
siretartslomo_: right, good idea02:20
zakameo/ Tonio_ Toadstool jpatrick02:25
Toadstoolhi zakame02:25
jpatrickhi zakame02:25
Tonio_hello zakame :)02:26
slomo_siretart: btw, do you already have an idea why the media list doesn't like crimsun and me anymore?02:27
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siretart2006-03-26 14:38:50 1FNUWA-0008LF-99 <= motumedia-bounces@tauware.de H=vserver31.int-colo-nuernberg.priv (tauware.de) []  U=list P=esmtp S=2489 id=20060326123805.6279.66152.malonedeb@gandwana.ubuntu.com02:43
siretart2006-03-26 14:39:00 1FNUWA-0008LF-99 => crimsun@fungus.sh.nu R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp H=fungus.sh.nu []  X=TLS-1.0:RSA_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA:2402:43
siretart2006-03-26 14:39:06 1FNUWA-0008LF-99 => mail@slomosnail.de R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp H=mail.slomosnail.de []  X=TLS-1.0:RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA:3202:43
siretartslomo_: and I'll happily show you more logs02:43
siretartslomo_: the problem with crimsum was that he wasn't subscribed. For you I can only suspect spam filters02:44
slomo_siretart: hm, i'll take a look at it later02:46
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slomo_siretart: hmm... there is actually nothing in the faad2 code in mplayer that could fix anything like this... and the url to the mplayer mailinglist contains a patch for a demuxer in mplayer...02:59
siretartslomo_: then lets switch to external faad2 code and hope the submitter doesn't notice :)03:00
slomo_siretart: hehe... let me test some things before :) i'll switch back later03:00
slomo_siretart: hm and the mplayer people use a way older faad version than we use...03:02
siretartslomo_: could be a regression in the faad code then03:02
slomo_siretart: i'm currently looking at the complete diff... could take some time :) (6000 lines)03:02
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slomo_siretart: would really help to have a test video...03:04
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phanatichi people03:06
siretartslomo_: do you really care that much about faad? ;)03:08
slomo_siretart: i already spent hours on that thing... some more don't hurt now ;) and as more and more people get an ipod or use itunes aac becomes more important unfortunately :(03:09
siretartoh. right. didn't think about that03:11
slomo_siretart: someone should convince steve jobs to switch to ogg vorbis ;)03:12
siretartslomo_: ogg doesn't provide digital restrictions managment. something apples seems to be proud of03:13
siretartand ppl keep on buying that crap :(03:13
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slomo_siretart: there is a drm implementation for ogg vorbis somewhere... but nobody uses it ;)03:14
siretarttell me why that doesn't surprise me..03:15
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slomo_siretart: but i can confirm that with the internal faad one movie has sound... and with the external it doesn't03:38
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zakamefellows, can you please check malone 3519603:54
UbugtuMalone bug 35196 in eclipse libswt3.1-gtk-java "Rebuild against firefox" [Normal,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3519603:54
zakameI've attached a debdiff03:54
bmontyzakame: do you want people to test build it?04:03
zakamebmonty: if they can, yes04:03
bmontyzakame: ok04:04
bmontyzakame: building now04:12
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zakamebmonty: thanks04:15
zakamebmonty: It'll take a while though, 2h maybe :/04:15
slomo_siretart: and somehow the movie works with gstreamer :) so i guess something in mplayer is broken...04:16
phanatichi Gloubiboulga04:16
Gloubiboulgahi phanatic :)04:16
bmontyzakame: I got time :)04:21
slomo_siretart: so we better leave it that way for now... faad is fine, mplayer is broken and only wants to decode that file with it's bundled version...04:21
zakamebmonty: rocking04:21
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slomo_siretart: i'm not in the media team anymore for some reason... and can't join because "Your subscription to this team is expired. You can't join this team."04:43
siretartslomo_: I readded you04:45
slomo_siretart: thanks :)04:46
siretartgnarf. I misclicked and approved xor81 as member04:46
siretartslomo_: have you heard about him?04:46
slomo_no... write him a mail and ask who he is :)04:47
siretartslomo_: I made you and crimsun motumedia team administrators04:48
slomo_siretart: thanks... i'm uploading avidemux now :)04:52
siretartslomo_: thanks. I didn't get to it for too long time :(04:54
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bddebianHeya folks04:58
bmontymonring bddebian04:59
bddebianHeh, heya bmonty04:59
zakameheya bddebian04:59
bddebianHi zakame05:00
zakamegn8 all! :D05:08
Tonio_any reviewer available plz ? we have a few kde packages requiring revu to prepare for UVFe and main inclusion05:09
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cyberserverHi people.05:45
cyberserverDo you face problems browsing sites where there are dynamic layer menus and flash, where the menus are not shown because the get behind the flash movie?05:47
cyberserverFor instance, http://www.asus.com.tw/index.aspx05:47
cyberserverI face this problem on lots of sites... with all browsers, konqueror, forefox, opera...05:48
=== siretart suggests to uninstall the macromedia flash plugin
siretartit doesn't work anyway on my amd64 workstation05:55
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cyberserversiretart: But... Hmmm... That would solve the problem yes... but.. I would be left without flash then..06:03
cyberserversiretart: Do you know if other flash plugins could work ? The free one instead of the macromedia?06:03
cyberserverWhat amazes me most is that firefox in win$$ does not show the same problem.. being both plugins (win and lin) from macromedia I would expect the same behaviour from both...06:05
siretartcyberserver: there is a free (as in speech) flash implementation, but I don't know how mature it is.06:06
cyberserversiretart: Yes, that was the one I was taling about... Last time I tryed it it was ... well... not mature...06:15
cyberserversiretart: I asked the same question in #kubuntu ans someone sayd this was fixes in svn for firefox... I'm gonna have a look06:15
siretartthis would be a firefox problem then06:16
cyberserverHmmm.. I'm looking... but ... maybe an workaround for the flash problem?06:19
cyberserverThis cant be a firefox problem as I used opera, firefox, konq and galeon... all showed the same behaviour06:20
cyberserversiretart: oops, sorry: they said "in svn for konqueror", not for firefox :-p06:20
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bmonty_compiling zakame's eclipse package made my other computer unusable :(06:40
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Riddellwhat's the current status of uploading new packages?09:23
LaserJockRiddell: NEW new or sync new?09:24
RiddellNEW new09:24
LaserJockI think its working09:24
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Riddellso we can just upload after revu?  no UVF or whatever needed?09:25
LaserJockoh, no09:25
LaserJockWe are still in FeatureFreeeze09:25
LaserJockyou'd have to get an exception09:26
jpatrickthis could take a while09:27
LaserJockI think mdz does the exceptions09:28
Mithrandirif it's a totally new package, you can just upload it.09:28
RiddellMithrandir: ah good, that's what I wanted to hear :)09:28
Mithrandir(as long as you don't need new versions of packages already in the archive, naturally)09:28
jpatrickMithrandir: Kerry http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=219809:28
LaserJockMithrandir: what about Feature Freeze?09:29
jpatrickso I can just dput this?09:29
Riddelljpatrick: once you're got two advocated revu's09:30
MithrandirLaserJock: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/2006-March/005107.html09:31
LaserJockMithrandir: hmm, interesting. I wish these things were a little bit more clear09:33
LaserJockMithrandir: we had the understanding that FeatureFreeze needed an exception09:34
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siretartRiddell: revu is imo a platform to show/present packages.09:46
siretartRiddell: NEW packages in universe are generally accepted, IIRC. I think mdz said something like that somewhere09:46
=== selinium [n=selinium@82-45-118-133.stb.ubr02.sout.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mithrandirsiretart: if you look at the link I pasted, it's said mail from mdz. :-P09:52
siretartMithrandir: Oh, I'm sorry, your right09:53
siretartI should perhaps deactivate the hilight on 'revu'...09:53
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Mithrandirheh :-)09:53
trappistis there an appropriate way to get some visibility for a bug where only the reporter and "ubuntu-bugs" are subscribed?09:54
trappistthe package maintainer is a @debian.org so I dunno if anybody's paying attention to it09:55
yvesbtw, could someone please review my nwu packages?09:55
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siretarttrappist: just try it :)09:57
trappistsiretart: try what?09:57
trappistoh the email address09:57
Erlangtrappist: just for fun, which bug it is?09:58
trappistErlang: 3099209:58
yvesUbugtu, bug #3099209:58
UbugtuMalone bug 30992 in iptables "no ip6 modules" [Normal,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3099209:58
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Toadstoolsiretart: hi and yes it looks like ipmasq is a debian native package :/ i didn't know there's no need for an UVF exception for that kind of packages...11:17
siretartToadstool: it is currently11:17
siretartToadstool: this was meant as a question to the other members of the uvf team11:17
Toadstoolah ok11:18
Toadstoolhi ajmitch_11:20
Toadstooloops not the good ajmitch :)11:20
ajmitchno, it's his evil twin11:20
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Toadstoolgood night everybody11:53

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