Burgworktrappist, how you doing docudo?12:08
trappistsaying ./start-docudo.py12:08
Burgworktrappist, *doing with12:09
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Madpilotcool, Flight6 is out04:31
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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MadpilotSo, should I inflict something April 1st-ish on the wiki's front page? :P06:41
BurgundaviaMadpilot: not so much06:42
Burgundaviabut a discrete link might be funny06:42
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Burgundaviasalut highvoltage07:34
highvoltageBurgundavia: where can i fing the oficial getting started docs again?07:36
Burgundaviahighvoltage: which one? the desktop guide?07:36
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robotgeekhowdy jsgotangco 07:38
jsgotangcorecovering from flu07:39
Madpilotback later, got a Flight6 LiveCD burned now...07:39
robotgeekjsgotangco: ah, no good07:39
highvoltageBurgundavia: erm, I'm not sure. last night i saw some references to an official Ubuntu getting started guide, which is aparently very, very good. and I'd just like to take a look to see what I'm missing for the edubuntu getting started guide07:39
robotgeekrecovering is good though :)07:39
highvoltagehi jsgotangco 07:39
Burgundaviahighvoltage: doc.ubuntu.com07:39
jsgotangcohighvoltage, hi there07:39
jsgotangcoahh tux magazine still chose mandriva07:43
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jsgotangco"I will also be working closely with Ubuntu, another one of the coolest distributions around. Together we'll bring Linux to the desktops!"07:46
MadpilotDiscuss: While XChat is a POS, XChat-Gnome is equally a POS, for opposite reasons... (only half-kidding...)07:47
Burgundaviajsgotangco: got a link?07:47
jsgotangcomust be an april fools prank07:47
jsgotangcoBurgundavia, planet debian07:47
jsgotangco(Linus Torvalds)07:48
MadpilotAnyway, Flight6 LiveCD works, but the usual LiveCD startup sequence has gone odd07:48
jsgotangcoit does?07:48
=== jsgotangco about to burn flight 6 now
Burgundaviajsgotangco: no, the mandriva one07:49
robotgeeki downloaded flight 5 today. <sigh>07:49
jsgotangcoBurgundavia, its Tux Magazine's latest issue07:50
Madpilotjsgotangco: you know the standard LiveCD start - choose language, choose locale, etc? It didn't happen with this Flight6 liveCD...07:50
jsgotangcowe got a dismal 1 on mutlimedia07:50
Burgundaviais this the tux distro shootout?07:50
jsgotangcohmm interesting..07:50
jsgotangcoBurgundavia, yeah07:50
BurgundaviaI am not surprised then went with mandriva. They have a hateon for gnome07:51
jsgotangcoyes it is very much a KDE lovin' zine07:51
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Burgundaviahmm, that is better07:53
BurgundaviaI was getting a bouncing when I switched channels07:53
Burgundaviawhen I switched channels, the text would bounce up and down07:54
Burgundaviahmm, maybe the live cd installer will work on this flight07:55
poningrujsgotangco: oh man I was hoping it wasnt an april fools joke07:57
poningruI shouldnt have commented on it07:57
jsgotangcobut it was timestamped a few minutes before april fools07:57
BurgundaviaI like ubuntuforums.org07:57
poningruyeah thats why I was like hmm07:57
jsgotangcotypepad is not free no?07:57
Madpilotthe purple is... interesting... :P07:58
Burgundaviaponingru: what are you referring to?07:58
poningruthere is a trial period07:58
jsgotangcothe supposed linus torvalds post in planet debian07:58
robotgeekhmm, i had the default to kubuntu theme, i missed all the ugly colors ")07:58
poningruyeah now I wished I hadnt commented on it08:00
jsgotangcothere are now 2 trackbacks lol08:00
Burgundaviaok, this is good, /. is linking to http://www.cuteoverload.com/08:01
jsgotangcolets see whats on digg08:01
MadpilotURL soon to be changed to cuteslashdotted.com :P08:01
poningruthe nubuntu article08:01
poningrugod I seem to be falling for everything :(08:01
jsgotangcoeven the colors08:02
jsgotangcoit got dugg08:03
jsgotangconice one on ubuntu pastbin08:04
highvoltageponingru: http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/izilla.shtml?cpg=28H08:04
poningruhehe who owns that?08:04
poningruubuntu pastebin I mean08:04
poningrurofl I know right that one is pretty funny08:05
poningruthe best is the wireless extension cords08:05
poningrutesla is spinning in his grave08:05
jsgotangcowho stated the ponies thing?08:05
poningruno clue08:05
jsgotangcoi know jdub has been saying it for years but hmmm08:06
jsgotangcomust be related to the toon that my daughter loves08:06
poningruthey toon with ponies now yech08:08
jsgotangcoyeah its for girls08:09
=== highvoltage watched "My little pony" when he was little
highvoltage( NOT! )08:10
poningruit was all ' Transformer: Beast wars' for highvoltage 08:12
Madpilotpaste.ubuntu-nl.org has suffered a ROT13 attack, I think... :P08:12
poningruwho owns that?08:15
poningrucanonical or someone else?08:15
poningruah ok08:15
poningruguessed correctly the first time08:15
jsgotangcojeezz i must have been really sick i just placed my glass of ice tea inside my microwave and almost started it08:17
jsgotangcoponingru, ok so linus is now a DD and wants to work on ubuntu, he'll be a member first hah08:20
highvoltagehe could always sneek in improvements through the kernel, though08:20
=== highvoltage imagines a kernel module that turns Ubuntu blue
MadpilotHe was rude about Gnome, let's deny him membership! :D08:20
poningrukonq would be happy08:20
jsgotangcohighvoltage, what happened to his supposed contribution to edubuntu?08:21
poningruhe did what now?08:21
highvoltagejsgotangco: he wouldn't put a license on it :(08:21
highvoltagejsgotangco: we can't distribute anything without a license08:21
highvoltagejsgotangco: ogra pested him quite a bit, but he didn't get back to us08:21
highvoltagehe just gave us the code and said "use it", but didn't attach a license08:22
poningruhe lives in the US right?08:22
poningruthen its full copyright and all rights reserved08:22
Burgundaviabeaverton oregon08:22
=== highvoltage doesn't know
poningruhuh did not know that08:22
jsgotangcoponingru, that's the assumption when you're in the US?08:24
Burgundaviahighvoltage: who gave you code?08:24
poningrujsgotangco: yes08:24
Burgundaviajsgotangco: any country that has signed the berne convention on copyrights08:24
poningruBurgundavia: not true the tripps does allow certain leaveway08:24
jsgotangcocomputer software is artistic?08:25
Madpilotin the broadest sense, sure08:25
Burgundaviaanything is artistic08:25
Burgundaviapretty much08:25
Burgundaviaminor edits to something are not artisitic and thus probably don;t fall under copyright08:26
MadpilotDog, XChat-Gnome made the sound-alerts thing a seperate plugin, rather than just a basic option... have I mentioned how much I dislike this app? :P08:27
highvoltageBurgundavia: Linus Torvalds08:27
BurgundaviaMadpilot: ugh, that is ridiculous08:28
highvoltageBurgundavia: it's a back-end tool to track the ammount of time a user is logged in to the system, you can also limit the ammount of time a user may be logged in08:28
Burgundaviavery cool08:28
BurgundaviaLinus wrote it?08:28
highvoltageBurgundavia: Linus wrote it to stop his kids fighting over who could use the computer08:28
Burgundaviabut he attached no copyright to it08:29
highvoltageogra started working on integrating it with the student control panel front-end in edubuntu, but we can't include it until we have that license :/08:29
Burgundaviavery cool08:29
poningruoh wow you got to that a lot faster than me08:32
Burgundaviahighvoltage: http://userful.com/products/pre-book08:32
Burgundaviahighvoltage: no license on that either, but it IS open source. I will fix that next week08:32
highvoltageBurgundavia: by definition, it can't be open source if it doesn't have a license08:32
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Burgundaviasadly it is written in openacs08:33
poningruBurgundavia: do you know of a good linux distro that is aimed at library systems?08:33
Burgundaviaponingru: I sell one08:33
=== Burgundavia works for Userful
Madpilot<ahem> In the interests of, you know, full disclosure and such... :P08:34
poningruyeah there right now08:34
Burgundaviaponingru: which library?08:35
poningruhillsborough public library system08:35
poningruhcplc is kinda like a cooperative of many library systems08:36
jsgotangcohighvoltage, let's put a "for kids use so they won't fight over the computer"  license then08:36
jsgotangcomom and dad approved08:36
jsgotangconot OSI08:36
robotgeekwow, my blog readership jumped from 11 to 21 for some reason!08:36
Burgundaviaponingru: oh joy, florida. What a nightmare of incest and political crap08:37
poningruerr only the latter08:37
jsgotangcogive them to me anytime08:37
poningruwe dont look to kindly to the former08:37
Burgundaviaour company has basically been getting the run around from florida libraries08:37
highvoltagejsgotangco: that doesn't sound gpl compatible, though :)08:37
poningruBurgundavia: hmm really?08:37
poningrulet me see what I can do08:38
highvoltagerobotgeek: where's your blog?08:38
Burgundaviaponingru: do you work for a library?08:38
poningrumy sister is involved with them a little bit08:38
jsgotangcohighvoltage, multiverse? hehe08:38
robotgeekhighvoltage: http://robotgeek.org/blog08:38
Burgundaviaponingru: florida is not my territory, so I wouldn't see a dime08:38
BurgundaviaI'd rather sell to hicks in OK and Kansas08:38
jsgotangcorobotgeek, must because of EasyUbuntu08:38
robotgeekjsgotangco: hmm, subscribers. hits is okay. 08:39
poningrurobotgeek: easyubuntu is on linux.com iirc08:39
poningruor was it newsforge08:39
poningrusomething like that08:39
Burgundaviathe former08:39
robotgeekweird. well, i just hope some one is not leeching :P08:40
jsgotangcorobotgeek, you're already a member right? why not get aggregated in planet?08:41
robotgeekjsgotangco: i mailed jeff about it, havent heard back. i should remail and remind08:41
poningruBurgundavia: jeez these flash apps are crazy beautifull/well thought out08:42
Burgundaviaponingru: flash apps?08:42
jsgotangcorobotgeek, nahh, he'll add them all in one sitting08:42
poningruerr presentations08:42
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Burgundaviaponingru: got a funny email about that the other day08:42
robotgeekjsgotangco: hmm, maybe yes. 08:43
Burgundaviaponingru: basically boiled down to "I watched those flash apps and they wasted my time. Do you have something better?"08:43
poningruyes here's your 2mins back using a white hole08:43
poningruwould you like some matter with that too?08:43
Burgundavianah, I suckered her into a demo with your truly, this time with java08:44
=== Burgundavia enjoys being a sales drone sometimes
poningruI wished I could do stuff like that08:45
=== poningru sucks at sales pitches
poningrumy boss on the other hand...08:45
Burgundaviathe stuff I am learning at Userful has been great for my Ubuntu work 08:45
poningrudude how much would that stuff cost for a library?08:46
Burgundaviaponingru: some ;)08:46
poningruhehe /me looks around for price quotes08:47
jsgotangcoBurgundavia, you seem to enjoy it though08:47
Burgundaviamore than breadbox, less than a space trip08:47
Burgundaviaponingru: don't bother08:47
poningruhehe nm08:47
Burgundaviawe hide it08:47
poningruyeah understandable08:47
poningruits a service industry it seems08:47
Burgundaviaby the time I have told you the price, hopefully I will already have you in my "tender" embrace08:48
=== poningru runs as fast as he can
Madpilotyou mean your salesdrone pseudopods?08:48
BurgundaviaMadpilot: sshhh!08:48
MadpilotOh, sorry - I forgot Rule #1: You don't talk about the tentacles.08:49
Burgundaviain all seriousness, library software ain't cheap08:49
Burgundaviaour product isn't bad, for what you get08:50
poningrusee the thing is our library only has donated stuff and they just use the win license already on it (semi-legal)08:50
=== trappist desices to start writing library software
Burgundaviamost of what you need, edubuntu already does08:51
Burgundaviabolt on Sabayon and pessulus and enjoy08:51
poningruyeah I was looking at that08:51
poningrualthough dont know what those latter two are08:51
=== poningru googles
Madpilottrappist: please, write a decent catalog-control app. The one I have to use at work sucks dead donkey schlong08:51
BurgundaviaI am working with Vuntz to get pessulus to the point of being useful for public computers08:52
BurgundaviaMadpilot: bug the koha people08:52
Burgundaviathen convince GVPL to migrate08:52
poningruoh yeah08:52
poningruis that what ubuntu calls 'lock down agent' or something?08:52
poningruerr lockdown editor08:52
robotgeekMadpilot: tellico?08:52
robotgeekMadpilot: oh, you gnome ppl08:52
Madpilotrobotgeek: the library catalog thing we have to use is called Millenium; the front-end is actually a giant Java app... 08:53
poningruyeah that is what I was going to take to my library system08:53
poningruedubuntu + lockdown editor08:53
robotgeekMadpilot: hmm, okay!08:53
Burgundaviathe one piece you will not beat Userful on is the Multiseat stuff08:54
Burgundaviathe in-X multiseat stuff sucks, tbh08:56
poningrubut we have bunch of old hardware running win 95 and usually an ok new server08:56
poningruthat is per library btw08:56
poningruthe 'server' is used to keep track of many things including book checkout08:57
poningruand communication with the mainframe downtown08:57
poningruI should learn their system better before trying to figure out a software plan08:57
poningruerr software attack plan08:57
Burgundaviafigure out what their biggest needs and pains are08:58
Burgundaviaand then figure out how edubuntu can solve them08:58
poningruI should volunteer at a library this summer just to find out what kind of system they use08:59
poningrus/system/backend systems08:59
poningrurobotgeek: rofl I love the advice you give at the end 09:00
poningruof your pro keyboard blog post09:00
robotgeekponingru: :)09:00
robotgeekokay, sent off mail to jeff (from @ubuntu.com) address09:13
robotgeekjsgotangco: gmail allows for nice masking :)09:19
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Burgundaviacan I get opinions on the text of /Website/Desktop ?09:34
poningruat your employers site or yours?09:38
highvoltagehehe, me sees what the pony stuff is about on /.09:38
poningruyou do?09:38
poningruI still have no idea09:39
jsgotangcono pony for you then09:40
highvoltageponingru: http://www.slashdot.org09:40
Burgundaviaponingru: on the wiki09:40
poningruhighvoltage: still dont get it :(09:44
poningrubah whatever09:48
jsgotangcoi love weekends09:48
Burgundaviacrap. Epip just crashed, taking my almost complete iso with it09:48
Burgundaviahow do I rsync again?09:50
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MadpilotAnyone know if xubuntu ISOs got created for Flight6?10:23
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@219-89-158-48.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
BurgundaviaMadpilot: I don't think so10:24
Madpilotah well10:25
BurgundaviaI don't think xubuntu is building yet10:25
Burgundaviaya, nothing yet10:25
poningruthe cd package10:31
MadpilotISOs for it?10:33
Madpilotnight all10:52
=== mdke shakes his head at madpilot
jsgotangcowhere's your sense of humour11:19
mdkeI'm English11:20
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=== mdke shrugs
mdkewhat the hell am I doing wrong11:21
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LaserJockWhat should be the capitalization for application names?07:07
LaserJockPbuilder vs. pbuilder in titles and at the beginning of a sentence07:10
Kamping_Kaiserimo anything that foollows a full stop is capitalised07:10
crimsunAh, I wouldn't use it that way. I would use "pbuilder" later in the sentence, because it shouldn't be "Pbuilder."07:11
crimsunI normally check the man page.07:11
=== joachim-n [n=joachim@ACD67778.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
crimsune.g., To execute pbuilder, do such and such.07:12
crimsuninstead of:07:12
crimsunpbuilder can be executed by doing such and such.07:12
LaserJockbut for instance I have a section titled "Using Pbuilder", should that be "Using pbuilder"07:13
crimsunConsistency is key. Since the man page for pbuilder uses lowercase, lowercase should be used there.07:14
LaserJockeven if the rest of the title is capitalized?07:15
crimsunI would, yes.07:15
LaserJockhmm, ok07:17
crimsunNote that you can skirt the issue by using: "Using Personal builder (pbuilder)"07:17
crimsunHowever, "Pbuilder" is incorrect.07:17
LaserJockhmm, so the pbuilder section on http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html should be changed07:18
crimsunAdditionally, prepositions should not be capitalised.07:18
crimsun"Building with Personal builder (pbuilder)"07:19
LaserJockarggh, now I have to figure out what a prepostion is ;-)07:20
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mdkeif anyone has any views on the yelp frontpage rearrangements ideas, can they post on the list?10:13
mdkeespecially mpt__ :)10:14
mgalvinmaybe server guide before the packaging guide? so it reads... desktop, server, packaging... seems like a better flow to me10:16
mdkeyes, good point. Dunno if that's possible though, it looks alphabetical10:16
mdkebut the main thing is swapping the ubuntu and non-ubuntu sections, and what the text should be for the bottom section10:17
LaserJockI could chang the name of the PG to the Ubuntu Super Dupa' Packaging Guide ;-)10:23
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