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LaserJockhmm, so what happens to specs that aren't approved by the deadline? are they defered to edgy+1?01:44
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LaserJockhi jsgotangco 01:46
jsgotangcogood morning01:46
AmaranthLaserJock: You can still do them.01:46
crimsunthey're sent down the TUBES OF INTERNET HELL.   http://blog.wired.com/27BStroke6/?entry_id=151249901:46
AmaranthLaserJock: the approved specs are just "we want this done"01:46
jsgotangcoLaserJock: i heard this strange news today regarding a candidacy in Nevada01:47
LaserJockoh really?01:47
jsgotangcoyeah former adult movie star01:48
LaserJockhmm, haven't heard about that, but wouldn't doubt it, a adult movie star ran for govenor of California not long ago :-)01:49
jsgotangcoLaserJock: http://mimi4governor.com/01:49
LaserJockhmm, somehow I just don't think I'll be voting for her ;-)01:51
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jsgotangcoi just heard it from the local news because she's filipina by birth and was an immigrant so...01:51
LaserJockI see01:52
LaserJockI wondered01:52
LaserJockI haven't really paid much attention to the races here, although the billboard signs are starting to pop up all over the place01:56
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BurgundaviaLaserJock: specs can be picked up and work on by anyone. In fact, our open spec engine makes us completely unique among all distros02:10
Burgundaviathat is why those brazilian guys are working on the network wide updates spec02:11
LaserJockI'm just worried about getting this dynamic-menus spec done, I'm afraid I'm not knowledgable enough right now to get a good draft02:11
jsgotangcowas it reviewed?02:12
LaserJockonce, in Paris02:12
LaserJockand then Corey thrashed it a bit earlier today :-)02:12
jsgotangcothats fine although your time is a bit limited already...02:13
jsgotangcoLaserJock: i am not surprised02:14
LaserJockall the KDE stuff from aaron threw me off02:14
jsgotangcoit is quite nice admittedly02:14
LaserJockright, but we don't ship kiosktool in Edubuntu, right?02:15
LaserJockI can see were is somebody wants to use KDE + Edubuntu it makes sense that we reduce duplication, etc.02:16
jsgotangcoyou really have to hack up sabayon just to make it happen02:17
jsgotangcobecause if you hardcode the menu structure, seb will be pissed off02:17
LaserJockbut it still seems a bit odd to me to use sabayon to create group driven menus02:18
LaserJockit's quite overkill for a menu editor, although I was thinking that it might be handy to change more than just the menu by group02:20
LaserJockok, so I have a few questions still02:22
LaserJock1) should I just focus on shipping sabayon profiles and not worry about KDE right now?02:23
LaserJockwell, actually that's sort of it02:23
LaserJock2) are the "groups" from the normal *nix /etc/group or do we want a new file like what Aaron seemed to be talking about?02:27
jsgotangcoits only KDE specific for that02:28
LaserJockbecause they don't use /etc/group?02:31
jsgotangcoi remeber vaguely its just a flat file and it looks like a bit like active directory02:31
LaserJockreminded me of a .desktop but yeah02:35
AmaranthLaserJock: Different menus for different groups?02:50
AmaranthBasically you need some way to set XDG_CONFIG_DIRS based on the group of the logged in user (then gnome-menus will load the applications.menu and etc for that group) and some extension of alacarte or something to modify "root" menus for the different groups.02:51
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LaserJockAmaranth: I'm not sure if it's that easy for us or not03:04
HedgeMagehi guys03:05
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jsgotangcohi bddebian03:59
bddebianHeya jsgotangco04:00
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mhzhi all04:54
bddebianHello mhz04:59
mhzbddebian: hi there05:00
jsgotangcomhz: mauricio!05:01
mhzjsgotangco: jerome!05:01
=== mhz is using Gaim for IRC now, just to test it out
jsgotangcoits the most unnatural irc client out there05:02
=== mhz does tries to use only shipped apps
jsgotangcoyeah i hear ya05:02
jsgotangcobut irssi is also shipped05:02
mhzis it?05:02
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mhz_mhz: hi there from irssi05:04
mhzit does work05:05
jsgotangcoof course05:05
mhzyeah, but i never tried it before05:05
mhzjsgotangco: you participate in a11y?05:06
jsgotangcoyes but im no expert i just participate on tests05:06
jsgotangcoi dont think gaim is a11y friendly/compliant05:06
mhzI have VERY cool news and I dont know how to handle it05:06
jsgotangcofrom the looks of it05:06
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sbalneavEvening all05:07
jsgotangcolook for TheMuso, he's more adept into a11y and very much involved in it for ubuntu aside from heno05:07
jsgotangcosbalneav: scotty!05:07
sbalneavhey hey hey jsgotangco!!05:07
mhzjsgotangco: oh, thx05:07
mhzevening sbalneav05:07
jsgotangcomhz: there's going to be a very interesting a11y feature for edgy...05:08
mhz_mhz: hi there from irssi05:08
mhzjsgotangco: which is...? (i apologize but last 3 weeks were terribly hectic05:09
jsgotangcoTheMuso is sight-impaired so he knows the issues very well05:10
mhzjsgotangco: got any videos of henrik programming or working on web mastering stuff?05:10
mhzjsgotangco: i have been invited to do an edubuntu demo tomorrow morning, at the Teleton Institute (Institute that helps children or anyone to walk again, to start using new arms, etc.05:11
jsgotangcothat is awesome!05:11
mhzif they like base edubuntu demo, I'll be asked to demo a11y stuff05:11
mhzif this really works... it will mean to implement edubuntu + a11y labs all over Chile05:12
mhzabout 13 region05:12
mhzit is not huge amount of computers BUT it is huge load of work05:13
mhzthey were very impressed by FET demos05:13
mhzit is a pity TheMuso could not come to Chile for FET (yeah, Paris was mor eimportant of course)05:14
mhzI now have zero clue how to demo anything related to a11y05:14
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highvoltageBurgwork: pong08:38
Burgundaviahighvoltage: well hey08:39
Burgundaviahighvoltage: when is a good time to talk about an edubuntu case study. I don't have a list of questions but shall we do it via email?08:41
highvoltageBurgundavia: edubuntu or tuxlabs?08:43
Burgundaviahighvoltage: edubuntu in the tuxlabs08:43
highvoltagei think if it's edubuntu, it should include ogra and rodarvus and richardw08:43
Burgundaviaa case study is a story about how you deployed Edubuntu and why you did so08:43
Burgundaviadesigned to be read by policy makers08:44
highvoltageok, we're moving this week, but i'll have some computer time08:44
highvoltagewhen are good times for you, are you around 16:00 UTC?08:44
Burgundaviathat is pretty early08:44
highvoltageanything after 19:00 UTC?08:45
Burgundaviawhy don't I send you a list of questions by email and we can do it each on our own time08:45
highvoltageok, that sounds good.08:45
BurgundaviaZA to CA is pretty hard. Makes it hard to contact that part of my family08:45
highvoltageyep :/08:45
Burgundaviahowever, I don't have an email for you08:46
highvoltageyou can send me a few questions at a time too, or as they pop up, no rush08:46
highvoltagei just received a nice article i can give you... just a few secs...08:46
Burgundaviai will bang something out now and then see what I can do08:47
Burgundaviathat is great. I can glean a great deal from that08:50
Burgundaviahighvoltage: initial questions sent08:53
highvoltageBurgundavia: http://www.jonathancarter.co.za/files/jonathan.pdf08:55
Burgundaviahighvoltage: I have to crash. if you didn't get that email I just sent you, ping Burgwork08:59
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=== cbx33 has been trying to get xgl working
=== cbx33 has failed
cbx33one machine generates an X error when running gnome-window-decorator09:44
cbx33the other can't install compiz09:44
cbx33because of a libsvg-cairo dependency error09:44
highvoltagecbx33: we don't have pity for people with XGL problems in this channel! go to #ubuntu with your XGL problems!09:46
highvoltage</ogra mode>09:46
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=== spacey starts to appreciate LVM
jsgotangcoXGL/Compiz? go away!10:17
=== jsgotangco smiles
jsgotangcohighvoltage: ping?10:17
highvoltagejsgotangco: pong!10:19
jsgotangcohighvoltage: how open are you to becoming a jet-setting open source developer and talk to some lowly brown natives somewhere in the islands of the pacific10:20
jsgotangco(don't mind the other stuff im just jesting)10:22
highvoltagejsgotangco: there's no such a thing as lowly brown natives in my book ;)10:22
jsgotangcoa week before LCA200710:23
highvoltagejsgotangco: i'm not sure i'm following you10:23
jsgotangcoactually a few days before LCA10:23
jsgotangcohighvoltage: im sourcing for speakers10:23
highvoltageLCA is in January right?10:23
highvoltagei think that might be a quiet time for us, so i'm quite open to the idea.10:24
jsgotangcoyeah well, we're currently arranging stuff this early on so we know the timeline10:25
highvoltagegood idea. some people have learned the hard way that arranging this kind of thing last-minute isn't a good idea.10:27
jsgotangcoespecially if you're going to expect a 15+ hour flight ;)10:29
=== jsgotangco will savour the moment he sees highvoltage collapse in jetlag and humidity
highvoltagejsgotangco: revenge is best served cold ;)10:31
jsgotangcohave you experienced subzero before?10:31
highvoltageno, i haven't.10:31
highvoltagethe coldest i remember is 2 degrees celsius10:32
Yagisanoh. people are going to LCA2007 ?10:43
=== Yagisan should make an effort to meet other #edubuntu people then
jsgotangcoim going for sure10:45
Yagisanjsgotangco: then it will be nice to meet you :)10:48
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elbixiohello everybody, i downloaded the live cd of edubuntu 6 because i'm planning to teach how to use it in my next semester course10:54
elbixioi noticed the live version runs kind of slow because our lab cdroms10:54
elbixioand i was wondering, could the LTSP approach help, asuming i could get a nice server10:55
highvoltagelive cd's generally tend to be slower than an installed system.10:55
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highvoltageRAM is often a bigger cause than the speed of the drive, since a live CD consumes quite a bit of memory.10:56
elbixiohighvoltage, the problem is that our lab admin doesn't want to install it10:56
highvoltagewhat's the specifications of the machines?10:56
elbixiointel pentium 4 2.2 GHz processors10:56
elbixio256 DDR RAM10:56
highvoltagedo you have another machine lying around?10:56
elbixiofor the LTSP approach?10:57
highvoltagewhat you could do, even though it won't be edubuntu, is to install knoppix on an old machine, and use knoppix-terminal-server10:57
elbixioi see10:57
highvoltageit will run a full system on all your machines, as apposed to LTSP.10:57
highvoltageyou could do LTSP with Edubuntu too, if you have a very powerful server.10:57
highvoltageLTSP needs a strong server, where knoppix-terminal-server needs strong clients (like the ones you have)10:58
elbixiowhat specs do u recommend to have a "powerful server"?10:58
elbixioso, i install knoppix-terminal-server in an average pc and run the regular knoppix in my clients10:58
elbixiois that right?10:58
highvoltagefor a thin client server, ideal would be 200MB RAM per client, fast disks (preferably SATA striped), at least two Xeon CPU's (or equivilant) per 30 PC's10:59
=== Yagisan suggests - depending on clients of course, amd64 (dual core if possible), ~ 256MB for base + ~ 32-64MB for each client
elbixioregular knoppix -> live knoppix10:59
highvoltagealthough you could get away with less too.10:59
highvoltageelbixio: yes, that's right10:59
Yagisanbut it works with less10:59
highvoltagealthough that installed knoppix would basically be a debian system, and you could just apt-get install the software that you could find in edubuntu as well.11:00
highvoltageYagisan: 32-64MB per client isn't enought when running gnome or kde though :/11:00
elbixiomy personal pc has a debian system installed and has a 3.2 GHz proccesor and 1 GB of RAM11:01
elbixioi'll have about 10 clients11:01
elbixiowould that be enough for the knoppix approach?11:01
Yagisanhighvoltage: I found it worked ok for me, but I use a smaller selection of applications, so I might be too conservative on ram11:02
highvoltageelbixio: for the knoppix terminal server, you don't need a very powerful server, for that your personal pc is more than powerful enough11:02
elbixioso my clients will run knoppix (still from cd), but the response times will get better, right?11:03
spaceyi think you would need more ram for 10 clients :o11:04
highvoltagespacey: not with a fat client server ;)11:04
highvoltagespacey: on knoppix-terminal-server, the workstations will use local memory11:04
elbixiohighvoltage, is it possible to do it without knoppix terminal server and use debian etch instead?11:04
spaceyand whats terminal server about that11:05
elbixioand the clients still run knoppix?11:05
highvoltageelbixio: i think so, you could probably add the knoppix repository to your sources.list and apt-get install knoppix-terminal-server, but i haven't tried that yet11:05
elbixiohighvoltage, ok11:05
highvoltageelbixio: yes, they will basically run knoppix11:05
elbixiohighvoltage, i thank u a lot for the info man11:06
elbixioi'll try to look for more info :)11:06
highvoltagespacey: it's propably not 'terminal server' in the strictest sense, but at least your workstations are diskless :)11:06
highvoltageelbixio: if you have to time, take some time to play around a little, there's lots of cool stuff you could do in a lab with such powerful workstations :)11:06
elbixioeven in a live way right?11:07
spaceyhighvoltage: play games? ;o11:07
highvoltagespacey: yes. especially that.11:08
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elbixiohighvoltage, look from the knoppix site: "In fact, one of the things I like the most is the Knoppix terminal server, I like it so much that I set it up on my main Debian server so that I can start Knoppix out of the net whenever I want, and it really rocks."11:10
elbixiohighvoltage, maybe it's possible to use my own computer for testing :)11:10
cbx33mornin all11:13
cbx33anyone got xgl working yet?11:13
highvoltagecbx33: many people have :)11:14
cbx33:( - havn't11:15
cbx33compiz.real: No GLXFBConfig for default depth, this isn't going to work.11:15
cbx33trying to run in a nested X11:15
cbx33if I try to run gnome-window-decorator in my default display it logs me out11:15
cbx33AUDIT: Tue Jul  4 09:46:34 2006: 9044 X: client 3 rejected from local host11:16
cbx33with that message11:16
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neopsychecan anyone help me with myh mouse:?02:02
=== neopsyche_ [n=Andrew@mtngprs7.mtn.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
pygihey jsgotangco 02:51
jsgotangcohello pygi02:51
pygiwhat's up? :)02:51
jsgotangcooh i just arrived home, i had a long day at work02:52
pygiah 02:53
jsgotangcopretty much tired at the moment, will just have a quick dinner then will start cracking up on some ubuntu work02:53
jsgotangcopygi: how many people are developing diva besides yourself?03:03
pygijsgotangco, 303:04
pygiwhy do you ask?03:04
jsgotangcojust wondering =)03:04
=== jsgotangco is not much familiar with multimedia development
highvoltageanyone around who can help me with pmount and permissions?03:12
=== pygi is brb - lunch
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=== pygi_ is now known as pygi
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ajay1hi guys03:58
=== ajay1 is now known as tuxrobot
tuxrobothi pygi04:05
tuxrobothey Yagisan04:05
tuxrobothey sankarshan04:05
sankarshanhey tuxrobot 04:05
tuxrobotsankarshan: u indian?04:05
pygituxrobot, do I know you? :P04:05
pygihi hi04:05
sankarshani human04:06
tuxrobotpygi: u do :P ajayc04:06
tuxrobotsankarshan: obviously :p we cant have martians here04:06
sankarshani could be martian too04:06
sankarshanbut tomorrow04:07
tuxrobotsankarshan: seriously are u indian?04:07
tuxrobotok leave it04:08
tuxrobotpygi: what time is the meeting on wednesday?04:08
pygituxrobot, what meeting?04:08
tuxrobotpygi: i was told there is a meeting here04:08
pygiall meetings occur in #ubuntu-meeting04:09
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavGood morning edubuntuoids04:16
highvoltagehi sbalneav!04:31
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
=== Yagisan feels awful
ograi'm quite criplled atm04:42
ogradont upgrade to edgy if you own an ibook04:43
ograseems there is no way to get the keyboard working04:43
jsgotangcoi dont have an ibook04:43
ogragnome-panel bursts to eat 65% CPU04:43
ograthe app menu doesnt work anymore04:44
jsgotangcoits really edgy!04:44
ograand my beuatiful sllep light on the ibook turned into a HD indicator 04:44
=== ogra curses SUN usb keyboards
jsgotangcolol i dont even have enough machines to upgrade to edgy04:45
Yagisansounds like fun04:46
pygijsgotangco, ur production machine, production one :)04:46
sbalneavogra: sounds like you're up to your butt in alligators today.  I won't bug you about ltsp stuff then :)04:46
jsgotangcohah no way04:46
=== Yagisan upgraded his production box to dapper. It fell over and didn't want to get up after that
ograpygi, well, its somewhat needed to have your devleopment machine running what you develop :) i cant get around it ...04:47
pygiogra, I agree :)04:47
=== jsgotangco ponders if he should dual boot
ograsbalneav, just ask ... i'm just typing a bit slower (and have only one mouse button without the built in keyboard)04:48
sbalneavI sent you an email the other day.  I'm to the point where I'm ready to do a "build" of MueKow.04:48
=== Yagisan notes, with that being the case perhaps he should use windows and not wine to develop windows build scripts, but decides not to anyway
sbalneavNo rush, though. 04:49
ograso first update the changelog with dch -i04:49
ogra(while being in the source tree)04:49
ogramake some funny changelog entry and save that file 04:49
ogra(thats necessary to have a higher version so apt doesnt complain about your package)04:51
sbalneavdch I don't seem to have.04:52
sbalneavIs it part of pbuilder?04:52
ograits part of the devscripts package04:53
sbalneavah, ok, installing04:53
ograyou will need that to build packages04:53
ograwoah, thats annoying, i always type on the wrong keyboard04:53
sbalneavok, got it.04:54
ograit will care for the right5 format of your entries etc 04:55
sbalneavDone.  Funny changelog entered.04:55
ogranow you run: dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa04:55
ograoh and you need to make sure that the mailaddress and name you used in your entry is a valid one from your gpg keyring04:56
ograother people might use debuild -S -sa btw04:57
ograthere are more than one way to rome ;)04:57
sbalneavok, gonna try it now.04:57
ogram trying some kernel modules for the keyboard04:58
ogramight be that i hardlock my machine04:59
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=== cbx33 [n=c2df514b@84-45-197-14.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hi all05:06
cbx33how do I add more keyboard layouts to gnome05:07
cbx33it says mine is unknown etc05:07
cbx33I think cos I did a reconfigure on Xorg05:07
cbx33and I need it to be gb, cos it hasn't picked up the sindows key properly05:07
ogralucky you ... others dont eve have a keyboard the system could complain about :P05:07
cbx33do you know how to add the gb layout ?05:09
cbx33jsgotangco: I would except05:09
cbx33ther eare no layouts in stalled there05:09
cbx33the list is blank05:09
jsgotangconothign when you add?05:10
=== ogra doesnt have a panel to verify :P
cbx33a totally blank list05:10
cbx33yup that's what I thought05:10
cbx33I'm not that stupid :p05:10
jsgotangcowho said you are?05:10
jsgotangcodon't be so defensive im just trying to help thank you05:11
ogradid you install the whole set of langpacks through the language selector ?05:11
ograit has a row for input stuff05:11
ogralook if the checkmark is set there05:11
cbx33how do i do that?05:11
cbx33language support?05:11
ograthere is a menu entry in the admin menu05:12
cbx33it's not in language support05:12
ograas i said, i only have an xchat, terminal and firefox window here, panel doesnt work atm05:12
ogracant check or verify05:12
cbx33ogra: language selector in the future will have keyboard support05:15
cbx33just read the paris summit baout it05:15
ograit has input support since breezy05:15
cbx33not here, but ok, I'll keep loking05:16
jsgotangcogo bzr go05:18
cbx33oh btw ogra I have my edubuntu server at home now05:23
cbx33so I should be able to start writing the stuff for scp05:23
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AmaranthThis must be Tuesday. I never could get the hang of Tuesdays.05:59
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jsgotangcoogra: is there like a webpage we go to as SoC mentors to evaluate the student?07:06
ograyes, but dont ask me about the url ....07:07
ograwell, i have some major probs getting to my mail atm ...07:17
ograevo seems to have forgotten all my passwords ... so have i ....07:17
jsgotangcodont worry, i got it from riddell07:18
ograand the little sheet where i noted them down is outside in a box in the van07:18
ograbelow ~15 other boxes :)07:18
DanielCogra: Do you have a backup of $HOME?07:19
ograDanielC, sure, but evo seems to store the pw's differently now07:20
ogra(and the tapes are in another box in the van anyway)07:20
DanielCvan? Are you moving?07:20
ograsince more than a month i'm slowly moving all my stuff across the country whenever i have time left07:21
ogratakes quite some time ...07:21
=== DanielC wonders what people say when someone moves to a new place... "good luck"?
jsgotangcochange is good07:21
ograit has its advatages and disadvantages07:21
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pharmakomGrr....Dapper Edubuntu install is crashing when it gets to configuring LTSP. Anyone seen this problem before? 07:29
DanielCDefine "crash"?07:30
DanielCDo you get a black screen with two white squares?07:30
DanielCIt's a problem with X.07:30
DanielCThis is the best you can do:07:30
DanielC1) Install first as Workstation.07:30
DanielCIt will still break X, but don't worry...07:30
DanielCthe installer keeps working, even if you don't see it.07:30
DanielCwait until the CD pops out07:31
DanielC(may need to press Enter once or twice, but I doubt it)07:31
DanielCtake out the CD and press Enter07:31
DanielCthis reboots the computer normally.07:31
DanielCWhen it reboots, X will work as it should.07:31
DanielCSo you can then proceed to install the LTSP part.07:31
pharmakomThis solution doesn't work if I try it with regular install?07:31
DanielCThe problem with doing this with the LTSP install is that after the X11 part Edubuntu asks a few questions.07:32
DanielCAnd you can't see them.07:32
pharmakomThanks, I'll give it a try.07:32
DanielCYou can guess that I was hit by the same bug...07:33
pharmakomYeah, I'm just glad that you got a work around!07:33
pharmakomI had a server up and running and it was distributing DHCP addresses alright to the lab but the tftp was timing out. Any suggestions on that front?07:34
DanielCNo idea.07:34
DanielCI don't know tftp from an oak tree.07:34
pharmakomOne step at a time, I guess. :P07:34
pharmakomI think one gives you nuts and the other gives you kernels but that's as far as I've gotten.07:35
pharmakomOr in my case, it doesn't.07:35
pharmakomBut I think it should.07:35
ograDanielC, apparentlyx its enough to select another video mode at the CD bootscreen :)07:43
ograno need to fly blind07:44
DanielCogra: Is it?07:44
DanielCogra: That's better...07:44
DanielCI had to fly blind when I did it...07:44
ograthats what i heard from a handfull reliable sources, must not mean it works on every system, but its very likely07:44
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pharmakomHrm...something to consider.  07:45
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pygiogra, poke? :)08:13
ograpygi, yes ?08:13
pygiNothing important, but just noticed I wasnt approved for e-m :P08:14
ograe-m ?08:14
pygiedubuntu members ^^08:14
ograoh ?08:14
DanielCwhat's an edubuntu member?08:15
ografixed, sorry, my fault08:16
pygiogra, no worries ^^08:16
ograDanielC, same as an ubuntu member :)08:16
ograbut applied for membership at the edubuntu council instead of the community council08:17
DanielCDo edubuntu members get anything that other people don't?08:17
ograand with an edubuntu.org mailaddress08:17
pygiDanielC, we get teddybear :P08:17
DanielCheh :)08:17
DanielCHow do I apply to become one?08:17
ograheh, yes, install xteddy and run it :) 08:17
ograteddy for free08:17
DanielCwhat does one have to do to become an edubuntu member?08:18
DanielCupload patches?08:18
pygiogra, about the kdeedu stuff...08:18
ograapply for membership here: https://launchpad.net/people/edubuntu-members/+join08:18
ograand you need the same prerequisites a ubuntu member needs08:18
pygiIf you would be willing to write detailed spec of what exactly we want, I could tackle writing applications that should replace kdeedu for edgy+108:19
ograi.e. sustained valuable contribution08:19
DanielCogra: Ok...08:19
ograbeing around for some time ... 08:19
ograworking with the community etc ... everything counts08:19
DanielCWell, I haven't really done anything... so I guess I'll have to wait.08:19
ograyou wrote howtos and wiki pages :)08:19
ograthats already a valuable contribution :) even though a small one 08:20
DanielCso a few more of those and I can get a "member" badge?08:20
=== pygi isn't quite sure ogra has time for that tho :P
ograpygi, what about it ?08:21
ograwe have space atm ... 08:21
pygiright, but not enough time for me to write complete replacement for kdeedu08:21
DanielCI'll give a presentation on Edubuntu at the end of the month, at the UK FLOSSIE conference (FLOSS In Education). Does that count?08:21
pygifeatures freeze is in a month08:21
ograyeah, trime is short in edgy08:21
ograDanielC, well, sure, but its hardly measurable ...08:22
pygiogra, as I said, if you can write a detailed spec on what you want to see, I can tackle writing entire replacement08:22
DanielCSo measurable is good...08:22
pygithen we are sure we will have a solid and good replacement :)08:22
ograpreferably we like measurable contributions ... many karma points in LP are impressing for example :)08:22
ograa good documented wikipage that lists your conmtributions as well :)08:23
DanielCbut you get karma points for things like filing bug reports.08:23
pygiDanielC, cheerleaders :)08:23
ograand for solving bugs08:23
ograand for translations :)08:23
DanielCI'll be a "member" one day. It'll just take me time...08:24
DanielCI'm already over-committed.08:24
DanielCThe only reason I can spend time on Edubuntu as it is is that my employer lets me do that during work hours because it's relevant to my work.08:24
ograget your openoffice package into edgy...08:24
ograthats a major contribution ;)08:24
DanielCIs it? It's just a user guide...08:25
ograsure, but its helping the community 08:25
DanielCOk... I did write much of it... but I wasn't thinking of Ubuntu when I did...08:25
DanielCOk, I'll get the user guides into edgy (there are 4 published ones).08:26
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=== DanielC waves at juliux
juliuxhi DanielC 08:44
juliuxDanielC, no notebooks for you08:44
juliuxDanielC, they have to ask usa08:44
juliuxbut usa said no they need the notebooks08:44
juliuxno reason08:44
juliuxits a usa company08:44
DanielCSo we can't get the notebooks?08:45
juliuxand they mean that it could happen that they need the notebooks in the future08:45
juliuxbut nobody belives that08:45
DanielCHave you said this to Ian? He was going down tomorrow to pick them up...08:45
DanielCjuliux: Can they "lend" the notebooks to a school and if they need them get them back?08:49
juliuxi didnt get an e-mail from ian08:49
DanielCOk, I'll talk to Ian when he gets back.08:50
juliuxi allways said that i have to backcheck it with usa08:50
juliuxthey said that there have to be in the company08:50
=== DanielC wonders how Ian was planning to pick up the notebooks without talking to anyone.
juliuxhe also has no address08:51
DanielCWhat do you mean?08:51
DanielCAh, he doesn't know where to go.08:51
DanielCSince he said he was going tomorrow I assumed he had talked to you (obviously he'd need an address...)08:51
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juliuxno he did not talked with me08:52
highvoltageheh, it looks funny to see someone approved as member with the comment "whoops, sorry" :)09:19
juliuxhighvoltage, which time is the meeting tommorow?09:23
highvoltagejuliux: 20:00 UTC09:24
juliuxhighvoltage, ah that is good09:24
juliuxso i have a chance to be there09:24
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=== juliux should try become a edubuntu member
highvoltagethese late meetings used to be tough for me, but these days it's working better for me09:25
Amaranthanyone here know iptables?09:25
juliuxAmaranth, a little bit09:25
bddebianAmaranth: Yeah, iptables --flush ;-)09:25
Amaranthook, i don't have an updated meeting calendar09:26
Amaranthtrying to setup transparent proxying09:26
Amaranthsudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth1 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 800809:27
Amaranthseems to do nothing09:27
juliuxhighvoltage, have i also to add me to the edubuntu wiki meeting site?09:28
Amaranthtech board meeting in 30 minutes?09:28
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DanielCjuliux: You said that the company would not be willing to *lend* the laptops?10:08
DanielCjuliux: ie. you'd still own them, and get them back whenever you want...10:09
juliuxDanielC, i know but it is a very strange company, there are a lot of things i dont understand but i am only for an internship there10:09
juliuxDanielC, there are not real informatics only windows users10:10
DanielCjuliux: I just wanted to check that I had understood right.10:10
juliuxDanielC, there is no understanding on IT, they know where they have to kilck on windows that it is working10:10
BurgworkAmaranth, how goes your content filter?10:17
AmaranthBurgwork: no progress in about 2 weeks10:18
BurgworkAmaranth, ah, I see. Got a name chosen?10:18
LaserJockgo rodarvus go!10:18
rodarvushaha :)10:19
BurgworkLaserJock, what is he doing now?10:20
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LaserJockBurgwork: going for core-dev10:20
Amaranthrodarvus: i noticed you subscribed to my willow spec10:20
rodarvusAmaranth, indeed10:21
Amaranththe spec doesn't reflect what i'm actually doing10:21
rodarvusand whats the current status of willow?10:23
Amaranththe willow proxy software is...annoying10:25
Amaranthwillowng (what i'm actually working on) is actually already working10:25
Amaranthbzr branch http://dev.realistanew.com/willowng/10:27
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mhzholas, jmredlinks `12:12
mhzbienvenido al canal de Edubuntu12:12

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