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^3OKATA^ima le nekoj od MAKEDONIJA!!!02:04
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mptjamesh, ping04:10
jameshmpt: pong04:10
mptjamesh, what would be the python equivalent of "context/required:launchpad.Edit"?04:12
mpt"python: ..."04:12
mpt(because I need to test something else simultaneously)04:12
mptthere don't seem to be any other examples of doing that in the codebase yet04:12
jameshfrom canonical.launchpad.helpers import check_permission04:13
jameshcheck_permission('launchpad.Edit', context)04:13
jameshhowever, it may be easier to go a different route using tal:define04:13
mpthmm, that's not going to work inside a tal:condition, because there's no line breaks04:13
jameshsomething like this:04:13
mptor I could just use nested tal:blocks04:14
jamesh<xxx tal:define="can_edit context/required:launchpad.Edit" tal:condition="python:can_edit or $OTHERCONDITION">...</xxx>04:14
mdz_kiko-zzz: zzz indeed04:14
mptah, nifty04:14
mptthanks jamesh04:14
stubYou expect to get that past review?04:15
stub<xxx tal:condition="context/required:launchpad.Edit"><xxx tal:condition="other">...</xxx></xxx> is an AND04:16
stub<xxx tal:condition="context/required:launchpad.Edit|other">...</xxx> is an OR. No Python needed.04:17
mptyes, that's what I meant by "nested tal:blocks"04:17
mptit's messier04:17
mptis it faster?04:17
stubProbably slower. But avoids using Python in the TAL which is pretty much a red flag for I-need-to-be-refactored.04:18
mptSo what's the better solution?04:18
mpta function in the browser class?04:18
mptI just found another bug in this file that makes this moot04:19
mptI do need the nested blocks anyway04:19
mptthey won't be so directly nested04:19
stubAny sprints on this week or next? I'm wondering if these spec tracker patches need to be rolled out.04:22
stubjamesh: Do you think it worth stopping error reports being generated on Saturday and Sunday, and make Mondays report cover three days?04:24
jameshstub: might be worth it.  Should see what matsubara would prefer04:25
ruffneckshuttle is launched today04:25
mptstub, all products now have at least one product series, correct?04:35
stubmebbe ;)04:35
=== stub goes to check
mptI think one's created automatically when the product is, and that was retroactively done to existing products with no series04:36
mptin which case I'm looking at dead code04:37
mptthat I wrote myself04:38
stubWe have 254 products without productseries at the moment, so if the code was updated the data wasn't fully. Or we have bugs allowing product creation without the product series.04:38
stubIIRC, this would be a bug.04:38
stubAs I think it was decided that every product would have >= 1 product series.04:39
mptI guess I'll leave this "if there are no series" code in here for now then04:39
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mptstub, you reporting a bug on that, or shall I?04:40
acesuareshi all04:40
stubmpt: I'll let you if you are volunteering ;)04:40
mptbug 5179904:43
UbugtuMalone bug 51799 in launchpad "There are still products without series" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5179904:43
jameshstub: the product series creation is done in browser/product.py, so it would be quite possible for other code to create products without a product series04:46
mptWhat's name12's password?05:02
mptI know Foo Bar's, and Mark's, and Carlos's, and no-priv's, but not name12's, which is the one I need05:04
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jameshmpt: test05:08
mptdoesn't work, jamesh05:09
mptunless the e-mail address is something other than name12@canonical.com?05:10
mptname12 is *that* guy!05:12
mptthanks jamesh05:12
mptno wonder I couldn't find "name12@" in the sampledata05:12
jameshwe could really use some better short names in the sample data05:12
stubYer. But the fallout in the test suite will be monstrous so nobody has bothered ;)05:27
mptWho is user_browser, really?05:32
mptIs it name12?05:32
mptdangit :-)05:33
mptname12 is the owner of /products/bazaar05:33
jameshspiv: you marked my jamesh/launchpad/bug-45987 branch as merge-conditional, but didn't see any review.  Does that mean that there isn't anything you want me to fix?06:38
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spivjamesh: it means I updated the wrong branch on the wiki page, I meant to update carlos' one.07:06
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stubLaunchpad will be going down in 15 minutes for its regular code update. Estimated downtime is 20 mins.07:17
jameshwill be good to see how the branch puller and scanner modifications improve things07:17
stubsoyuz publishing runs are taking > 30 mins again :-(07:30
stubjamesh: Do you still need access to the production database from macquarie?07:37
jameshstub: Not right now.  I do have a script to do zope3 spec metadata import that may get run in the future, but I guess I could ask you to run it07:39
jameshthe bugzilla import is complete07:39
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stubSteveA: Still getting that exception we saw last week on Production08:00
stubAnd we can't roll back this time since we pushed out database changes08:01
sivangah, launchpad is taking a massage again, well I hope it's enjoying itself :-)08:07
cprovstub: are you rolling an prod copy to drescher as well ?08:10
stubcprov: done08:10
cprovstub: 3737 ?08:11
stubcprov: yes08:12
cprovstub: good, thank you 08:12
cprovstub: could you please check lp-errors ML drescher is facing locale issues :(08:15
stubLooks like we need 'export LANG=C' in a few choice places. Can you have a look?08:16
cprovstub: actually was me and my damm pt_BR08:16
cprovstub: I can export it in the bashrc of LP relevant users, thanks08:17
cprovstub: additionally looks like LANG isn't enough, we need LC_ALL=C08:18
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stubThe servers tend to be setup for locale of en_GB, but none of the locale files are installed so things blow up if you make he wrong Python calls without overriding the locale :-(08:19
stubOr something like that.08:19
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cprovstub: makes sense, will set LC_ALL it won't hurt08:21
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cprovcarlos: good morning08:25
Calvinhello, how long is the website planning to be down?08:25
sivangmorning Calvin 08:26
Calvinit's almost good night where I live08:26
sivangwops ;) morning carlos 08:26
sivangCalvin: sorry, wrong nice completion08:26
Calvinis ok08:26
CalvinI order a free cd (I hope its free) but I entered a wrong address...08:27
Calvinbut the website is "Launchpad is offline at the moment for maintenance. It should be back, better than ever, soon. Thanks for your patience. 08:27
Calvinso I thought I'd stop by and see how things are going08:28
Calvinit's back up!08:28
Calvinnevermind... I think I got it all sorted out now08:29
carlosstub: Hi, did you add the DB restriction you removed to do the migration data for Rosetta?08:29
stubcarlos: Not yet.08:29
carlosok, just asking to be sure that you don't forget it ;-)08:30
stubcarlos: Still need to rerun the data migration08:30
stubLaunchpad is back up08:30
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robeylaunchpad question: how do i add another maintainer to a product?08:35
stubCreate a team and set the maintainer to the team.08:36
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robeystub: thanks... one more dumb question: how do i set the maintainer?08:40
robeyif i click "edit maintainer" on my product, it says i don't have permission to be there08:40
stubThat would be a bug :-(08:41
robeyoh no!08:42
robeyis it because i'm listed as the "registrant" and not "maintainer"?08:42
robeyis there anything i can do to fix it?08:43
stubGive me the product name and the team name and I can sort it. Please file a bug too.08:43
robeypycrypto for both08:44
stubI'm not sure about what permission differences there should be between registrant and maintainer, but what you are trying to do sounds like it should be possible. So I call bug.08:44
stubActually... looks like registrant and maintainer are the same anyway.08:45
spivIf the registrant can't update the registration, that's definitely a bug, I think.08:45
stub(this case, not Launchpad :) )08:45
robeythanks!  reported as https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/5180208:47
UbugtuMalone bug 51802 in launchpad "can't change the maintainer of pycrypto" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  08:47
stubTa ;)08:49
carlosspiv: I'm not so sure... If I register a product that is not mine and we transfer the ownership to the actual maintainer, I should not have the same rights that the maintainer...08:50
spivcarlos: Well, transferring ownership would mean you give up those rights, sure.08:50
carlosand in that situation, registrant and maintainer will be different08:51
spivcarlos: But clearly if you register a product, and make a mistake in that registration, you ought to be able to edit everything about it.08:51
spivcarlos: Also, I think "registrant" and "maintainer" are the same thing atm...08:51
spivAlthough I think we're at least consistently calling it registrant now.08:52
carloshmm, in that case, robey should appear too as the maintainer, right?08:52
spivcarlos: Well, there's no such thing as a product maintainer in launchpad that I know of, just registrants.08:53
spivExcept that the +reassign link is called "Change Maintainer"08:53
spivTry a 'grep -Irni maintainer lib/canonical/launchpad/*/product*' :)08:54
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carlosspiv: yeah, the database just stores an 'owner'08:55
spivcarlos: source package releases have maintainers in lp, but not upstream products.08:55
robeyis launchpad in bzr? :)08:57
carlosspiv: right08:57
spivrobey: the source?  yep.08:58
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carlosstub: btw, with today's production update, Rosetta's karma should be more or less fixed, I guess that it would mean that karma numbers will be reduced a bit (just warning about people complaining because karma goes down ;-)08:58
robeysweet :)08:58
robeyi have a bug open on the bad font sizes that hasn't seen any action... if i get time in the next month or so, i may try to cook up a patch08:59
mdkerobey: it's in bzr, but not available publically09:00
robeymdke: really?  why?09:00
carlosrobey: https://launchpad.net/faq09:01
carlosrobey: look for "Is Launchpad open source? Will it be?"09:01
mdkecarlos: I'm not sure that faq has the reason ;)09:02
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carlosmdke: well, that's what we have. If you think it's not enough, talk with Steve/kiko/mark....09:06
robeyoh, so it's the traditional "we think our code is too ugly" excuse :)09:06
carlosrobey: no09:06
robeyi recommend re-thinking that philosophy, given your target audience09:06
robeyanyway, back i go to lurking09:06
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mdkecarlos: no, I didn't say it isn't enough...09:07
carlosmdke: I mean, that is not enough to say that it's the reason we don't have it as free/open source09:08
mdkecarlos: i guess it is quite a frequently asked question, it might be worth adding an explanation. I've seen it several times in the forum and in this channel09:08
carlosmdke: then talk with Steve/kiko/mark, obviously, you don't think that faq covers exactly the kind of answer for that question ;-)09:10
carlosstub: hmmm, so we still have problems with the new virtual hosting code?09:10
mdkecarlos: ok09:10
mdkecarlos: i'll file a bug09:10
carlosok, thanks09:11
sivangmdke: Mark has put up some FAQ looking item somewhere, I can't find it09:11
stubcarlos: yup09:11
sivangmdke: (re: Launchpad source etc)09:11
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lifelesscarlos: ping09:51
mpt_carlos, do you know what robey was referring to when mentioning font sizes?09:56
mpt_(I was offline before and after)09:56
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carloslifeless: pong10:08
carlosmpt_: no, sorry10:09
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lifelesscarlos: you have a branch marked wip in the review queue10:11
lifelessI do not know what that means10:11
lifelesscan you either move it to the wip area, or mark it needs-review10:12
carloshmmm, I think I did a mistake...10:12
carlosit should be needs-review10:12
carlosI will fix it no10:12
carloslifeless: thanks for the warning10:12
mpt_lifeless, the "copy and paste this text in the general queue" text has work-in-progress as its status10:12
mpt_I was going to change it back to needs-review, but thought I should discuss it with you first10:13
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mpt_because I don't yet understand the point of work-in-progress on PendingReviews10:13
carlosmpt_: well, the usual workflow is work-in-progress -> needs-review -> approved10:13
mpt_I see that, but I don't know why10:14
lifelessmpt_: it should say 'copy and paste this text into work in progress when you create the branch, or copy and paste to the general queue and change the text to needs-review'10:14
carlosmpt_: I guess it's to get a diff of your branch and its status while you work on it10:14
lifelessmpt_: because having branches being worked on visible helps collaboration, lets managers help out with progress more easily, lets ad-hoc review be done10:14
mpt_carlos, there are bzr commands for that :-)10:14
mpt_lifeless, ok10:15
carlosmpt_: I know, but it's time consuming and others wouldn't know the name of your branch10:15
lifelessi.e. if someone says 'can you tell me if I am going in he right direction, its easy to answer with the ready-to-use diff;)10:16
mpt_fair enough10:16
lifelessit also helps individuals remember what branches they have in progress10:17
mpt_SELECT secret FROM secret10:27
mpt_what on earth is that about10:27
=== cprov finally can go to bed. see you in a bit
carloscprov-ZzZ: good night dude10:30
carlosmpt_: If we tell you it, it will not be a secret anymore...10:31
cprov-ZzZcarlos: thank you, won't be long enough ;)10:31
mpt_all I'm doing is fiddling with pagetests10:31
=== mpt_ whimpers
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carlosAny reviewer that has some time to have a preimplementation VOIP call ?10:47
spivcarlos: I can in a minute or two if you like.10:51
carlosok, thanks10:51
carlosspiv: please, ping me when you are ready10:51
spivcarlos: ping10:57
spivcarlos: I'm spivvo on skype10:57
carlosI just added you10:58
spivI don't see you yet, but try calling me anyway.10:59
carlosit fails10:59
carlosI'm carlospm_110:59
carlostry to add me, please10:59
stubmpt_: We need a key shared between the appservers so we can encrypt and authenticate session information. That query is retrieving that key.11:00
spivcarlos: Ok, I'll try that.11:00
spivHmm, failed with "Reason unknown"11:01
carlossame thing here11:01
carloslet me restart skype...11:02
spivI'll try that too.11:02
carlosI see you now11:03
spivcarlos: I can't hear you.11:04
carlosI hear you11:04
spivtry the echo test?11:05
mpt_stub, turned out to be trying to run a pagetest while LP was still running11:15
mpt_which broke the DB so badly I had to restart11:15
mpt_(though no doubt there is a psql command that would have been quicker than restarting)11:15
stubpg_ctlcluster 8.1 main stop; pg_ctlcluster 8.1 main start11:21
mpt_thankyou :-)11:22
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YannigHello everybody :)12:09
YannigI hope you will be able to help me, I just cannot sign Launchpad code of conduct :(12:10
Yannigyannick@kokoyaya:~/Desktop$ gpg --clearsign pouet.txt12:10
Yanniggpg: no default secret key: secret key not available12:10
Yanniggpg: pouet.txt: clearsign failed: secret key not available12:10
YannigI've never used gpg and I don't know anything more than what is written on https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/1.0.1/+sign :(12:10
sivangYannig: it seems that you did not create or don't have your GPG key where gpg can find it?12:12
YannigIndeed, I have never created such a key :$12:15
mpt_carlos, ping12:17
carlosmpt_: pong12:17
mpt_carlos, where would I get a PO template for alsa-utils so I can test uploading it?12:18
carlosmpt_: export it from launchpad ;-)12:18
mpt_hmmm, actually, I suppose uploading is already tested somewhere12:18
mpt_is it?12:19
carlosyeah, uploads should be tested12:19
mpt_it's not in standalone/ that I can see12:19
mpt_or in rosetta/12:19
carloseither web interface and as a doc test12:19
carlosmpt_: xx-translation-import-queue.txt12:20
carloshas some tests for uploads12:20
mpt_ah, excellent12:20
carlosyou are welcome12:21
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matthewrevellOn the Ubuntu Marketing mailing list, we've discussed how to track our work.12:33
matthewrevellLaunchpad says that only admins can create projects.12:33
matthewrevellWho do we contact to put our case forward for the creation of an Ubuntu Marketing project?12:33
carlosmatthewrevell: you can either mail launchpad-users mailing list requesting it12:34
carlosor try directly with stub, kiko, SteveA or lifeless12:34
carlosbut I think the mailing list option is better12:34
matthewrevellcarlos: Thanks, I'll join then mail the ML.12:35
mpt_matthewrevell, if you use Launchpad at all, you might find that it's better to set up a team12:35
mpt_rather than a project12:35
mpt_With a team you can list members and hold polls12:36
mpt_With a project you have a bugtracker and a "translation group"12:36
mpt_Neither of which would be relevant to marketing, really12:37
matthewrevellmpt_: Hi Mpt, we have a team, but we were looking to do version tracking with bzr, which I understood required a project.12:37
mpt_matthewrevell, no, that requires a product12:37
matthewrevellmpt_: Talking of translation, we're looking to translate materials with the loco teams.12:37
mpt_A product, you can set up without administrator intervention12:38
matthewrevellmpt_: Ah, doesn't a product require a project, though? Or do you recommend we hook into an existing project?12:38
mpt_It doesn't12:38
mpt_You can group products into projects, but the large majority of products aren't in a project12:39
matthewrevellAh right.12:39
mpt_(yes, this is confusing)12:39
matthewrevellI'll create a product and see how we get on with that, then.12:39
mpt_well, I was just going to say12:40
mpt_A product would work best for a specific thing you wanted to have translations + bug reports about12:40
mpt_e.g. a specific marketing document12:40
mpt_then when you have several, you can use a project to group them12:40
matthewrevellRight, that makes sense. Thanks.12:41
carloshmmm, in fact... matthewrevell your project is Ubuntu ;-)12:41
mpt_the version tracking wouldn't work so well if you were tracking multiple documents as the same product :-)12:41
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you later12:41
matthewrevellmpt_: Yeah, that could be difficult.12:42
matthewrevellmdke has offered us svn space on the doc team server. I suppose it's just a case of trying to work out which tools suit us best.12:43
matthewrevellThanks guys.12:44
mpt_On the one hand, bzr launchpad rah rah, but on the other hand, there's probably a fair bit of, uh, "synergy" between the work of the docteam and marketing team12:45
matthewrevellmpt_: Yeah, that's true.12:45
lifelessbzr >>> svn12:46
mpt_"Easy" solution: convince the docteam to switch to bzr :-)12:46
lifelessthe consistent story I hear is 12:47
lifeless'after dapper releases'12:47
lifelessso, IMO, they should switch now12:47
YannigBut in fact, I have no idea how to create such a key for gpg :(12:47
matthewrevellmpt_: :)12:48
matthewrevellmpt_: It sounds as tho' a general purpose repository, rather than an individual product for each document we work on, may be more flexible. Unless I'm missing something.12:50
lifelessI think something is confused here12:50
lifelessperhaps you giys could restate the constraints and goals for me, and I can offer suggestions12:51
mdkeyou need a fair amount more definition about the projects first I think12:52
matthewrevelllifeless: We're planning to write material such as press releases, articles, etc as a marketng team.12:52
matthewrevelllifeless: There's a discussion on the list as to how we organise that material, and track changes, etc.12:52
matthewrevellI wanted to investigate the best way to do that.12:53
lifelessgot a URL for me?12:53
matthewrevellAs mdke says, things are a touch up in the air.12:53
lifelessIt should be a trivial problem12:54
lifelessunless you have several thousand documents.12:54
matthewrevelllifeless: No URL, I'm afraid, yet.12:54
lifelessmatthewrevell: for the mailing list ?12:55
matthewrevellOh, sorry.12:55
lifelessspeifically, for the discussion that has the context12:55
lifelessI've seen nothing in that conversation to justify having more than one product and one bzr tree (with many branches)12:58
lifelessmaybe I am missing something12:58
=== jenda [n=jenda@ubuntu/member/jenda] has joined #launchpad
mdkedifferent projects might warrant doing so, I suppose12:58
lifelesshi jenda12:58
lifelesswe are just talking about the mt12:58
matthewrevelllifeless: I think it more likely that I'm missing something.12:59
matthewrevelllifeless: I'm just trying to get to grips with Launchpad's terminology and how we can best use it.01:00
lifelessmatthewrevell: well the thing is, we can have a bzr branch up for you and running in about 10 minutes01:00
lifelessand you can grow from there in any way you want01:00
lifeless(and be nearly totally self managing too)01:01
jendacould someone pastebin me a log, please? ;)01:01
mpt_Why did I think separate documents would need separate products?01:01
lifelessmpt_: I have no idea01:02
mpt_I suppose it would be slightly less confusing that way, but a fair bit more work01:02
lifelessmpt_: I think a single product, single bzr tree, is by far the easiest and least confusing way to manage the documents01:02
matthewrevelllifeless: Thanks, that makes sense. My gut feeling is that we should use the Launchpad tools, because we don't have a legacy system to port away from.01:03
lifelessmatthewrevell/mpt can you do the log for jenda please, as I'm juggling much right now01:03
matthewrevellJenda, watch out for a pm window01:04
YannigI do have a gpg key now, I follow the instructions by when I validate, I'm told "Please fix the problems below and try again.01:04
YannigNo public key" :(01:04
malccYannig: You've uploaded your public key to launchpad?01:04
lifelessYannig: or to a keyserver 01:05
jendamatthewrevell: no!!! Please pastebin :)01:05
=== svaksha [n=svaksha@unaffiliated/svaksha] has joined #launchpad
YannigI just created my key on my computer01:07
mpt_BjornT, ping01:08
matthewrevellGuys, I've got to head off. Thank you for your input, it's been very helpful01:09
mpt_pastebin's timing out on me, jenda, did you get it already?01:09
malccYannig: If you go to https://launchpad.net/people/<your id>/+editpgpkeys it explains how to give your public key information to launchpad01:10
spivmpt_: http://rafb.net/paste/ seems to be up.01:10
jendampt_: no problem with pastebin here, but there's nothing in it.01:10
mpt_"there's nothing in it"?01:10
mpt_jenda, http://rafb.net/paste/results/DTL2Mf44.html01:11
jendampt_: I was in the wrong bin ;)01:11
mpt_thanks spiv01:12
Yannigmalcc> Thanks but I cannot find my key id with gpg --list-keys my@e-mail01:14
YannigI don't understand in which line it is (pub, uid, sub, etc.)01:15
YannigSorry for being so long to understand :(01:15
lifelessYannig: do gpg --edit-key you@email01:15
lifelessthen look for 01:16
lifelesspub  XXXXD/????????  created:...01:16
lifelessthe ??????? bit is your keyid 01:16
YannigThanks a lot lifeless :)01:17
YannigI tried with the whole XXXXD/???????? :(01:17
Yannigyannick@kokoyaya:~$ gpg --send-key 2BCDE70401:17
Yanniggpg: sending key 2BCDE704 to hkp server subkeys.pgp.net01:17
YannigI guess it's fine now :)01:17
BjornTmpt_: pong01:18
YannigThanks a lot for your patience :)01:22
YannigSee you01:22
mpt_BjornT, is there an example anywhere of using the new pagetest system to verify that a page returns a 403 Forbidden error? There doesn't seem to be such an example in README.txt, or in Google01:23
jendalifeless: so... having read that log. If what I need is to keep track of a tree of files, let's say different mockups of the future Spreadubuntu site, each with a dir and subdirs, probably - and possibly other dirs of SU stuff, have URLs I can link people to to look at the material - can bzr+launchpad do all that in a single product / bzr tree?01:23
mpt_BjornT, I have01:23
lifelesswhat is SU ?01:23
mpt_>>> browser.open('blah')01:23
lifelessoh right01:23
mpt_...403: Forbidden01:23
lifelessso, right now (as in right this minute), yes, but people will need bzr to look at the material themselves.01:24
mpt_but the test fails with a Forbidden error :-)01:24
lifelessspiv: is working on integrating the bzr online web viewer with launchpad so that you can look at the material without bzr01:24
lifelessyou can run that yourself, if you have a server, while still using the launchpad bzr hosting01:25
spivmpt_: We set the handleErrors (or somesuch) attribute on the Browser objects already in the page test namespace.01:25
spivmpt_: so it gives the traceback direct from Zope, rather than an HTTP error.01:25
spivmpt_: I think if you unset that, it will do what you wawnt.01:25
spivwant, rather.01:25
jendalifeless: OK01:26
mpt_spiv, so where my browser is called "unprivileged"01:26
spivmpt_: yeah, try "browser.handleErrors = True"01:26
jendalifeless: That tips my favor in the direction of svn a bit.01:26
spivmpt_: It'll change the behaviour, not sure if it'll be better or not ;)01:27
malccspiv, mpt_: You can make it work without this, as in soyuz/99-build-record.txt.   >>> browser.open("http://localhost:9000/+builds/bob/+admin")01:27
malcc  Traceback (most recent call last):01:27
malcc  ...01:27
malcc  HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden01:27
lifelessjenda: well, it will be your choice in the end, but do consider that there is no svn integration with launchpad01:28
mpt_malcc, that's just what I had, except "...403: Forbidden" at the end01:28
jendalifeless: I'm aware. Very unfortunate. We might end up using both in the end. I'll try describe the issue on the ML and I might be back.01:28
lifelessI'm not on the ML, so please give me a URL to read them on01:29
spivmalcc: Ah, ok, that seems sane enough as is.01:29
mpt_spiv, that fails in exactly the same way01:29
lifelessspiv: any news on teh bzr webviewer integration01:29
spivlifeless: not yet, I have a note on my todo list to talk to Steve about it next time I'm in a call with him.01:29
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable048.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
mpt_it's the famous bradb!01:30
lifelessspiv: please do so, I think it is really an important thing for us to do01:30
malccMy bad; that example was using a new browser, so handleErrors was never set to false in the first place, I only checked it wasn't explicitly set true01:30
bradbmpt_: :P01:31
mpt_I found your Weblog the other day, bradb01:33
bradbmpt_: I have two.01:33
mpt_yes, and the other one01:33
mpt_Almost as neglected as mine :-)01:33
bradbI've been meaning to do a post about my front door.01:34
bradb(which few people /know I have/)01:34
mpt_The test passes with "HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" passes, but fails with "...403: Forbidden"01:35
spivmpt_: that's craptitude indeed.01:35
malccmpt_: I think there's some doctest magic about exact match forms for catching exceptions01:36
spivmpt_: What about "HTTPError:... 403: Forbidden"?01:37
mpt_spiv, passes01:38
spivmpt_: odd.  probably a good enough compromise, though...01:38
mpt_and so does "H... 403: Forbidden"01:38
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=== mpt [n=mpt@203-173-177-223.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
fabbionei think i found an interesting bug in the publisher01:59
fabbionethis source was uploaded and it was NEW01:59
fabbionebut i did explicitly ask for it to be REJECTED01:59
fabbionein theory there should be no track of it01:59
=== lincao [n=lincoln@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
cprovfabbione: I'm checking what happened 02:09
fabbionecprov: i am sure that the source has been rejected02:10
fabbionei did ask forrejection02:10
cprovfabbione: it is REJECTED02:10
fabbionecprov: and how does that differ from what i said?02:10
=== kwwii [n=kwwii@likes.smoking.more.than.watching.spacenight.dk] has joined #launchpad
fabbionecprov: i want to understand why LP is tracking it02:10
fabbionecprov: tracking a source that doesn't exist is not nice02:11
cprovfabbione: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+source/openais, it's not 02:11
fabbionecprov: https://launchpad.net/people/fabbione/+packages <- tells me i am openais maintainer02:11
fabbionefrom there i found the other url02:11
cprovfabbione: big orange box saying:      There is no current release of this source package      in The Edgy Eft.     You can still report bugs, make translations, and so on,     but they might not be used until the package is published.02:11
fabbionecprov: that package might never exists. It's pointless to create so much stuff around it if it will never hit the archive02:12
kwwiiI received an "oops" when trying to rename an already approved Spec in launchpad...anyone know if that is normal?02:13
mptkwwii, an "oops" is never acceptable, please report a bug02:14
cprovfabbione: I can't see your point, since we had an upload with agiven name, it will show up in several places as a placeholder.02:14
fabbionecprov: i might upload by mistake company-private-package that nobody must know about. I ask for rejection in souyz and i don't see why it should appear in LP everywhere02:15
fabbioneso i see very little point in creating all the placeholders for a package that might never hit the archive02:15
fabbione(not in LP at least)02:15
spivI don't know much about this end of things, but I agree with fabbione.  There's not really anything useful to be gained by adding placeholders that I can see.02:16
cprovfabbione: so in you example the information would be embargoed anyway02:16
fabbionecprov: but they are not02:17
fabbioneand openais is the proof02:17
spivIf we really want a package to show up as a placeholder, upload a placeholder package -- e.g. landscape-client.02:17
fabbioneso one way or another there is something happening that shouldn't02:17
KinnisonIt's simply permitting the traversal because there is a SourcePackageName object of the right value02:17
cprovspiv: come on, I'd expect better oppinion from you, you know we do not "create" placeholders they are side effect of the current traversal architecture02:18
spivcprov: Well, there's a record of it in the LP db somewhere.02:18
spivcprov: Or it wouldn't be traversable :)02:18
fabbioneand that record shouldn't be there since it was rejected02:18
fabbioneNEW source -> rejected -> /dev/null02:18
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
cprovspiv: offcourse, there is also an SPR for openais, it was uploaded and them rejected02:19
spivIt doesn't really make sense to me that we allow bugs and translations and things for this sort of mistake.02:19
cprovfabbione: maybe we can reach it with the SPR GC, but it won't be atomic anyway02:19
elmonot all REJECTions are final like this02:19
fabbionecprov: i don't know what SPR GC is but it sounds scary02:19
elmosourcepackagerecord garbage collection02:19
spivcprov: Incidentally, the link to openais's 0.77-0ubuntu1 on https://launchpad.net/people/fabbione/+packages is a 40402:20
fabbioneelmo: i am making a corner case really.. openais will be uploaded sometimes02:20
cprovfabbione: this is a local defect of +packages page02:20
cprovspiv: sorry ^^02:20
KinnisonGuys, http://launchpad.net/distros/debian/+source/launchpad-integration should give you some indication that it's just a "this name exists, so we try and let it be traversable"02:20
spivcprov: ah, ok.02:20
cprovdon't blame the entire architecture for that02:20
spivKinnison: (not that I hold very strong opinions here) the traversability isn't really what bugs me, it's that there's an apparently invalid entity appearing in e.g. /people/fabbione/+packages reports and as a valid package name for bugs and things.02:22
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonspiv: the mere fact that there's a SPN means it can be used to report bugs02:22
KinnisonThe +packages artifact is that the selects are wrong02:23
spivKinnison: right, and I'm wondering if therefore that SPN existing is itself a bug.02:23
fabbioneok so one more question02:23
cprovKinnison: indeed02:23
kwwiimpt: ok, thanks :-)02:23
fabbionelet say you don't show me that openais is in my package list02:23
Kinnisonspiv: No02:23
fabbioneand people start filing bugs on it02:23
Kinnisonspiv: It exists because there is an SPR in there pointing at it02:23
fabbionewhat's the use case if the package will never ever hit archive?02:23
Kinnisonspiv: there is an SPR in there because we record the history of the upload existing and being rejected02:23
Kinnisonfabbione: That's an argument for only allowing bugs to be filed if the SPN is published in the archive02:24
Kinnisonfabbione: Not for removing the SPN of rejected packages02:24
fabbioneKinnison: make that also translations and so on02:24
=== matthewrevell [i=synchron@silenceisdefeat.org] has left #launchpad []
fabbioneKinnison: well as i said before.. who would you then handle a case where package for company foo should not have been displayed in LP?02:24
fabbioneKinnison: i don't think i have a UI (as package maintainer) to ask LP to hide the upload i am going to do in about 5 minutes02:25
fabbioneor the upload i did 5 minutes ago02:25
cprovfabbione: this is another issue and it's covered by the SecurityInSoyuz02:25
mptspiv, perhaps one day two or more distributions will have packages with the same name that are completely unrelated02:25
spivIt seems to me this is another instance of the general problem that launchpad makes it hard (or impossible) to delete things that were added by accident.02:26
spivIt perhaps be nice if Launchpad didn't even add it all in this particular case (although from the sidelines that's not clear to me), but it wouldn't matter if we could just delete stuff.02:27
fabbionespiv: not add it in the first place > delete after02:28
KinnisonIt's categorically NOT POSSIBLE02:28
fabbioneyou can still track somewhere else that the uplaod was done and rejected02:28
Kinnisonit got added because it was accepted into NEW02:28
Kinnisonthat's IN THE DB02:28
spivfabbione: Well, I'm hearing arguments from Kinnison that there are good reasons why that shouldn't happen.  I'm not familiar enough to judge that atm.02:28
Kinnisonso, for that matter, is REJECTED02:28
Kinnisonthe only way we could remove the SPN is by GCing the queue, then the SPRs and then the SPNs02:29
KinnisonAnd we have been using "un-used" SPNs as anchor points for bugs anyway02:29
Kinnisonlike pseudo-packages02:29
spivBut it's safe to say Kinnison knows much more about this than I do :)02:29
fabbioneGC/SPR/SPN has no meaning to me02:29
KinnisonGarbage Collect, Source Package Release, Source Package Name02:29
spivI think the non-jargon way to say what Kinnison is saying is "something happened, therefore it is recorded in Launchpad that it happened".02:30
fabbioneyes and i said.. it's ok to be logged02:30
mptLaunchpad == Hotel California02:30
Kinnisonspiv: exactly02:30
fabbionedoesn't need to show everywhere02:30
sivangmpt: heheh02:30
Kinnisonfabbione: That breaks a fundamental design assumption made a long time ago though, so we need to consider how to deal with it02:31
fabbioneKinnison: but my question is, do you understand my usecase? or is it unclear?02:31
fabbionebecause if we can't agree on the usecase, then there is very little point to discuss it02:31
fabbionespiv: -ENOPASSWD02:32
mptspiv, https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+spec/fair-exposure02:33
spivfabbione: same as the Canonical one I presume, I'm only half-serious about that link anyway :)02:33
fabbionespiv: hehe ok :)02:33
spivmpt: haha02:33
mptfabbione, same as chinstrap02:33
Kinnisonfabbione: I can appreciate your viewpoint. And personally I think we shouldn't offer the +source/foo traversal if foo is not published in the distro/distrorelease but that's a decision to be made by the UI people, not me :-(02:34
fabbioneKinnison: ok, so who should I bitch about it?02:34
spivKinnison: Hmm, maybe SourcePackageNameVocabulary should filter out that sort of thing?02:36
Kinnisonfabbione: Well, to begin with, we need to better understand why we don't already perform this limitation, so I'd start by talking with bradb and/or bjornt about the use-cases for source-package-names which don't have associated packages being used for bug reporting etc.02:36
Kinnisonspiv: I know nothing of the UI details :-)02:36
lifelessKinnison: ITP02:36
fabbioneKinnison: ok thanks02:37
spivKinnison: That's the thing wot says what things of a certain kind of thing there are ;)02:37
fabbionethanks everybody02:37
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonlifeless: Hmm02:37
lifelessKinnison: is a random thought ;)02:37
=== kwwii [n=kwwii@likes.smoking.more.than.watching.spacenight.dk] has left #launchpad []
bradbKinnison: I'm missing context on this conversation, but at bug reporting time, Malone asks Soyuz for package names.02:38
bradbso, if the user specifies package "foo", Malone asks Soyuz what it knows about "foo", i.e., a BP and SP, if applicable02:39
KinnisonDoes malone give that routine a context? (distro, distrorelease, whatever)02:39
KinnisonOkay, so we're forcing it to use publishing records, cool02:43
KinnisonSo we just need to fix that idiotic traversal from +sourc/e02:43
=== Keybuk [n=scott@quest.netsplit.com] has joined #launchpad
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
spivKinnison: The traversal isn't really an issue.02:44
spivKinnison: It would never have been noticed if it wasn't linked to.02:44
spivKinnison: If you fix everywhere link +packages that are linking to it, then no-one will ever know, or care, that you can traverse it.02:44
spivs/link +packages/like +packages/02:45
KinnisonNot good02:46
KinnisonFix the traversal so that any accidental link 404s02:46
Kinnisonthen fix all the 404s to not be there02:46
spivKinnison: Sure, fixing the traversal is still a good idea :)02:46
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@83-65-242-161.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
cprovKinnison: the ISourcePackage traversal isn't really fixable, it is meant to do exactly what it does (DR + SPN)02:48
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable207.210-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
salgadoSteveA, around?03:10
salgadoor anybody familiar with the new virtual host stuff?03:14
BjornTsalgado: what's up03:18
ploumBjornT: I reported two bugs related to what you told me : bug #51835 and bug #5183603:20
UbugtuMalone bug 51835 in launchpad "Content of a bug is missing in +text mode" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5183503:20
UbugtuMalone bug 51836 in launchpad "Search is not working in +bugs-text mode." [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5183603:20
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable048.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
BjornTploum: ok. i'm not sure that they will be fixed within your project's timeframe, though. the +text stuff was added for (and works for) a specific use case, and we have quite a lot of other things to do atm.03:37
ploumok, thanks for the answer03:37
=== mpt [n=mpt@203-173-177-223.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
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lifelessspiv: around ?04:48
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable048.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
Keybukmalcc: ping?05:34
malccKeybuk: Pong05:35
sabdflmatsubara: do you want me to publish a fix for the edit-spec-name bug?05:35
Keybukmalcc: do you know anything about the buildds?05:35
malcckeybuk: A little05:35
Keybukhow do things in SECURITY or BACKPORTS get built?  they don't seem to be using the currently idle buildds05:36
=== mdz [n=mdz@studiocity-motorola-bsr1-70-36-194-85.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #launchpad
matsubarasabdfl: I'm looking at it atm05:37
malccKeybuk: I don't know for sure, I'm checking with the other guys05:37
Keybukalso ...05:40
Keybukwhy has that got "No builds recorded" ?05:40
malccKeybuk: I'm guessing we don't have chroots for these pockets. I didn't think we built security in Soyuz at all, and this looks like a publically visible list of pending security builds, which would be bad05:41
Keybukmalcc: ok, we'll ignore those then05:41
elmosecurity isn't built by soyuz/launchpad yet05:41
Keybukwhy isn't python-support being built?05:41
=== Keybuk is trying to debug why our buildds are doing absolutely nothing
Keybukit seems like they fell flat on their face about 2 hours ago, and haven't moved since05:43
Keybukis the "scanner" running?  (that's the right term, yes?)05:43
malccKeybuk: Yes that's the right term and I'll check05:44
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malccKeybuk: I'm afraid I'm stuck, I've queued your question for Kinnison or cprov as soon as they're available, seems I don't know the right little about the buildds :(05:56
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
KeybukKinnison: ah, you're available?06:18
=== mdke_ [n=matt@unaffiliated/matt/x-000000001] has joined #launchpad
KinnisonKeybuk: Me? Available? pah06:21
KinnisonDid malcc pass on my comments?06:21
KeybukKinnison: no, he did not06:21
Kinnisonaah okay06:21
Kinnisonone sec06:21
KinnisonBACKPORTS in the queue suggests missing chroots06:22
KinnisonSECURITY in the queue suggests incomplete arch set for security uploads06:22
Kinnisonmissing builds indicates the queue builder is causing a problem06:22
Keybukright, those I didn't care too much about06:22
Keybukit's the missing builds that's the problemn06:22
Kinnisoninfinity re-wiggled the queue-builder recently06:22
Kinnisonso you'd need to check with him really06:22
elmohe's on holiday06:23
KinnisonI thought that was last week06:24
Kinnisonam I a week out of sync?06:24
elmoR  [  35: Adam Conrad         ]  [VAC]  July 1 - July 906:27
KeybukKinnison: yeah, "wait for infinity" is not an option at this point06:27
=== mdke__ [n=matt@81-178-126-143.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #launchpad
KinnisonArrr, okay I'll go look06:29
Kinnisongive me 506:29
KinnisonOkay, so the queue builder has been being run06:30
=== Kinnison ponders
KinnisonCan you give me an example of a package not being scheduled?06:30
elmopython-support was I think the one they were using06:31
Kinnison0.3.8 ?06:33
Kinnisonsource published about three hours ago... hmm06:34
KinnisonAs soon as this publishing run is finished I'll do a manual queue-builder run to see what's up06:38
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=== bradb finishes responding to jamesh's review, goes for lunch
flacostewhere can I find the revision that is running in production?06:50
matsubaraflacoste: launchpad.canonical.com/ProductionsStatus06:51
matsubaraactually it's wrong06:52
matsubaraflacoste: https://launchpad.canonical.com/LaunchpadProductionStatus06:52
flacostethat one worked!06:52
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
KinnisonKeybuk: Interesting, the queue builder just ran fine06:56
KinnisonKeybuk: indeed there are now things building06:57
KinnisonKeybuk: looks like the queue builder wasn't running for some bizarre reason06:57
KinnisonKeybuk: it should be fine now06:57
KinnisonSorry about that06:57
=== Kinnison is going to see over-the-hedge tonight, so if you need anything, leave me an SMS and I'll pop on when I get back
sabdflmdke__: ping07:32
mdke__sabdfl: hi07:34
sabdflmdke__: what number can i reach you on?07:36
mdke__sabdfl: see query07:36
mdke__sabdfl: ah, possibly I'm not getting through, hang on07:37
sabdfli don't see nuttin' :-)07:37
=== mdke__ is now known as mdke
mdkesabdfl: hear me now?07:37
sabdflnight jerome07:38
jsgotangcohey sabdfl =)07:38
jsgotangcoyeah night07:38
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
cprovKeybuk: is queue-builder working as expected now ?08:16
Keybuklet me check08:16
salgadoSteveA, around?09:04
=== ploum [n=ploum@ubuntu/member/ploum] has joined #launchpad
kikocprov-afk, ping when you are around09:22
=== glatzor [n=sebi@ppp-82-135-72-134.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #launchpad
kikohey matsubara 09:45
kikowhen was the last rollout?09:45
salgadothis morning?09:46
kikoah, cool.09:46
=== jelmer [n=jelmer@a62-251-123-16.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #launchpad
jelmerIs there any way to see what happened to https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+spec/bzr-roundtrip-svn, it appears to have been removed10:11
kikojelmer, it was moved to /products/launchpad-bazaar/10:12
jelmerAh, thanks10:13
jelmerThe link on https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/BzrRoundtripSvn is broken in that case, but I don't seem to have write access to that page (nor to /products/launchpad-bazaar/)10:16
jelmerAlso, it should now be (if the spec hasn't changed) implemented by http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrForeignBranches/Subversion10:19
kikojelmer, should that wikipage be public?10:21
jelmerThe BzrRoundtripSvn one? It's always been, but I don't know if it should be.10:25
kikoI think it should be, but hmmm, where should it live. where's ddaa?10:31
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sabdflso lunchpadders, how's it hanging today?10:52
sabdflkiko: any fallout from those blueprint landings?10:53
sabdfli saw the spec-name-edit bug matsubara fixed, thank you10:53
kikosabdfl, I need to see tomorrow's report -- so far, none has been reported here10:53
sabdflkiko: https://launchpad.net/projects/launchpad/+specs10:53
kikoah, very nice10:54
flacosteLastiQ: I will now give your patch a try11:08
LarstiQI didn't manage to improve on it, but the basics should work11:09
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
sivangguys, Ian wanted to put home-user-backup into "Pending Approval" but for some reason LP wouldn't let him, can someone do that for him ? :-)11:16
sivangsorry, no need11:17
sivangI was able to do so. weird11:17
sivangnight lifeless 11:25
sivangnight folks11:29
=== sabdfl [n=mark@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has left #launchpad []
flacosteLarstiQ: I don't see any differences with the previous behavior12:09
flacostewhat should have changed?12:09
flacostei went over the sample session that I attached to bug 4663, and I get the same exact output12:10
UbugtuMalone bug 4663 in bzr "bzr log does not work on merged revisions" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/466312:10
flacosteonly notable differences: I get warnings about change in configuration (rename branches.conf to locations.conf and other parameter changes)12:11

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