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zulbleah...I hate being sick01:33
[eXr] ?01:33
crimsunsorry to hear, zul. Feel better soon.01:40
zulyeah specailly i had the day off today :(01:41
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zulBenC: ping04:12
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renewiphi, can I write on ntfs partition if I rebuild ubuntu kernel ???06:37
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tsengall the .17 kernels will boot and then hang Waiting for root filesystem...02:18
tsengdid I miss some important annoucement?02:18
zulyeah known bug02:18
zulits got to do with base-files02:18
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thuglifeis anyone here who is actually a member of the kernel team?02:47
zulyes several people mostly idling though02:47
thuglifeok. because i want to help with the ia64 port but it hard to do it w/o them02:49
zulyes it is02:49
makxthuglife: klibc needs ia64, atm we build it static on this port02:51
makxs/ia64/ia64 love/02:51
thuglifehow comes that klibc does not have ia64 support?02:52
makxit has but works only static02:52
makxi thought you were a porter eager of work :-P02:52
thuglifeif there is something to work on yes02:53
makxyeah fix it for shared lib :)02:53
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zulBenC: ping when you wake up03:38
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zulogra: i think BenC might be on holiday today...4th of july04:40
ograapparently 2.6.17-4-powerpc has no modular i2c_keywest driver anymore ...04:41
ograseems thats the cause of my keyboard not working04:41
ograat least thats the only difference i see in both lsmod outputs 04:42
ogra(both = 2.6.15-25powerpc vs the recent edgy one)04:42
zulill see if i can submit a patch tonight if i have time04:42
=== BenC is here
BenCogra: i2c-keywest is gone04:57
ograBenC, any idea why i can try about my keyboard ?04:58
BenCthere's only i2c-powermac now, and it is built-in04:58
ograyeah, i noticed that the HW was recognized in dmesg04:58
BenCtry the adb modules04:58
makxwhy is i2c-powermac built-in?05:00
zulBenC: are you going to merge the new kernel-package? because there is some crack that i might find useful...ie the xen-subarch from debian05:01
ograhmm, how should that module be named ?05:02
ograthere is no trace of andthing with adb in the name on my disk05:02
BenCmakx: because ppl upgrading from dapper wont get it loaded by default when they need it05:12
BenCzul: I have a xen patch for kernel-package if it want it05:13
zulyes please :)05:13
BenCogra: find /lib/modules/2.6.17-4-powerpc/ -name '*adb*' doesn't produce anything?05:13
ograif i only could copy/paste without my keyboard05:14
BenCzul: sent...if you want to do a kernel-package upload with it, then have at it :)05:14
cypher_BenC, i see a bug in hibernation05:14
ograBenC, nope, neither does locate05:14
zulok i will ;)05:14
BenCogra: Hmm...give me a minute05:15
ogradont put to much time into it, youre supposed to be drunk and burn crackers05:15
BenCit's 11am :P05:16
zulyou are late ;)05:16
BenCalthough I have a beer, I wont get drunk till much later :)05:16
BenCplus we can't buy decent firecrackers in my nazi state05:17
tsengBenC: you live in PA too?05:17
BenCwe get "fountains"05:17
BenCheh, no VA05:17
makxBenC: the previous i2c-keywest would be loaded by initramfs-tools05:17
tsengin Spain people were seating off fireworks all week05:17
tsengright off the beach05:17
BenCwe can't buy anything that leaves the ground under it's own power, or creates compression in order to produce a loud bang05:18
BenCmakx: almost 100% of powermac systems want that module loaded05:18
BenCmakx: On my system i2c-keywest was only loaded because the installer had put it in /etc/modules05:19
BenCif that's changed, I wasn't aware of it05:19
makxBenC: yes initramfs-tools took charge to load it early05:23
makxdid the same for i2c-powermac on Debian05:24
BenClinux-source-2.6.17 (2.6.17-4.6) edgy; urgency=low05:25
BenC  * Update to
BenC  * Updates from dapper.05:25
BenC  * powerpc: Re-enable ADB (not sure how that got turned off).05:25
BenC    - Malone #5097605:25
BenCmy mistake, it is enabled in today's upload :)05:25
ograyay, thanks !05:25
BenCogra: is sound working for you?05:26
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zulBenC: should i bump it from dapper to edgy05:40
ograBenC, yep05:41
ograthe default volume changed apparently, but  else it works fine05:41
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BenCzul: yes05:55
BenCogra: can you do "lsmod | grep aoa" to make sure you are using snd_aoa (that's what I'm most interested in)?05:55
jbaileyBenC: g'm!05:56
ograBenC, aoa all over :)06:00
BenCjbailey: hey!06:02
BenCogra: sweet...snd_aoa should make a lot of ppc users happy06:02
ograworks flawless here06:02
ograoh, did i mention my suspend light is used as HDD light here ?06:03
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zulBenC: new kernel package uploaded06:59
jbaileyzul: Sans null pointer dereferences? =)07:01
zuljbailey: frig..07:02
zulthen wtf?07:02
jbaileyI haven't tried it since this morning with the -4 upload.07:02
jbaileyBut the ppc64 crashed on it, I think in the same place.07:02
jbaileyI won't be able to try i386 until I get a new power cord.07:02
zuloh i thought you were talking about grub...07:02
zuli just uploaded kernel-package ;)07:03
zulavec xen support07:03
jbaileyAh, no. I tought you meant you uploaded a new linux-image. =)07:03
zuli would be slaugherted if i did07:04
BenCjbailey: guess It's time for me to update my G5 and see how it works07:17
jbaileyBenC: Sure.  What's annoying is that usplash hides oopses.07:18
jbaileyI wonder if there's a way of doing a last-effort chvt in there.07:18
zulit would be cool if you could do like an alt-f6 and see the boot messages there07:20
mjg59alt+f1 is supposed to work07:21
jbaileymjg59: Even after an oops?/07:24
mjg59Depends how wedged it is07:27
mjg59If userspace has been killed, then there's no way to do anything07:27
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jbailey<dwmw2_gone> Linus just took the hdrinstall stuff10:26
jbaileyBenC: ^^10:27
jbaileyCan you pull that from linus' git tree into ours next time you'r'e doing backports?10:27
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