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kwwiinight all01:17
kwwiisee you tomorrow01:17
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Riddellhi bddebian 03:28
bddebianHi Riddell03:29
bddebianBeen busy I see :-)03:29
Riddellyeah, wish the buildds had been too03:30
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
bddebianRiddell: Aye03:37
bddebianHi Hobbsee03:37
Hobbseehi all03:37
Hobbseehey bddebian :)03:37
Riddellmorning Hobbsee 03:39
Hobbseehi Riddell!03:39
=== Hobbsee is suprised. Riddell is still up???
jsgotangcosleep is for the weak03:39
Hobbseejsgotangco: true, i'm very weak then :P03:39
Hobbseehaha @ the new edgy default background03:40
HobbseeRiddell: about that patch for k-d-s re amarok - it's less annoying to see the splash screen once, rather than to not be able to configure it.03:41
Hobbseeie, to not be able to ever turn it off, iirc03:42
=== RadiantFire [n=ryan@c-69-180-43-27.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeokay, and now amarok wont even open.  darn.03:45
Riddellhello RadiantFire 03:46
RiddellHobbsee: why would you want the splash screen on?03:46
=== Hobbsee looks around suspiciously.
HobbseeRiddell: i dont, i want to get rid of the rotten thing.03:46
HobbseeRiddell: but right now, i want amarok to start, and it isnt.03:46
RiddellRadiantFire: going to become an elite kubuntu developer?03:46
=== bddebian is an elite moron
RadiantFireRiddell: alas, no, I am interested in getting involved, currently I am poking around the adept sourcecode03:47
RadiantFiredon't think elite is gonna happen anytime soon03:47
Riddellif you're poking around the adept source code you're already elite03:47
RadiantFireexcept for the fact I don't understand much of it03:48
RadiantFire2 weeks of looking at it, and I still have only the slightest grasp of how it works03:48
RiddellRadiantFire: here's a quick thing to fix, get adept_batch to have a "quit" button when it's finished03:48
Riddellcool :)  adept_batch is being used in this new amarok "install mp3 support" script I'm making03:50
Riddellbut it's very confusing without a quit button03:50
HobbseeRiddell: nice!03:50
RadiantFirei haven't actually looked at adept_batch yet, but I shall see if I can do that tomorrow03:50
=== Hobbsee wonders what "amarokapp" is.
RadiantFireassuming work doesn't sap my will to liive...03:51
=== bddebian knows that feeling
RadiantFirefor unknown reasons amarok spawns 2 amarokapp processes03:51
RadiantFireI have no clue why03:51
RiddellHobbsee: amarokapp is the real amarok, "amarok" is just a clever front for it03:51
Riddellit's a bit like the mafia running innocent looking front operations03:52
HobbseeRiddell: right.  how do i debug why it doesnt start then.03:52
RiddellHobbsee: any useful output on the command line?03:52
HobbseeRiddell: nope03:53
RadiantFireHobbsee: core dump?03:53
Hobbseesarah@sarah:~$ amarok03:53
HobbseeamaroK: [Loader]  Starting amarokapp..03:53
HobbseeamaroK: [Loader]  Don't run gdb, valgrind, etc. against this binary! Use amarokapp.03:53
Hobbseethen it returns back to a prompt.03:53
Riddellnothing unusual there03:53
Hobbseei removed ~/.kde/config/amarokrc, but it shouldnt have been a problem03:53
Riddelltry removing ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc out the way03:53
Hobbseeiirc that auto recreates03:54
Hobbseethen i get a splash screen, then nothing03:54
Hobbseethis is amarok 1.4.0 from kubuntu.org03:54
Riddellok, amarok now building away, I'm off to bed03:54
Riddellmake sure you have no amarokapp's running03:54
Riddelland try moving ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/ out the way too03:55
HobbseeRiddell: checked that.  nothing.03:55
HobbseeRiddell: you're brilliant, thanks.03:55
Hobbseei missed that one.03:55
HobbseeRiddell: the patch works, but only in that it lets you get rid of the damned thing.  but it's good enough at the moment03:57
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RiddellseaLne: got pictures form UKUUG?12:05
seaLneyes and no, they are still on my camera as when i got home i turned my machine on and something died, if you can wait till later this afternoon i'll get them off12:06
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Riddellta da http://kubuntu.org/packages/amarok-141/01:22
Riddelltesters needed01:24
imbrandondoh i was just packaging that01:29
imbrandonRiddell: gimme about 3 min to stop the build and i'll test it01:30
Riddellfor bonus points start it up without libxine-extracodecs installed and let me know if the mp3 installer script works01:32
imbrandoni can uninstall those np01:32
imbrandonhehe ok build done ....01:34
imbrandonSuccessfully signed dsc and changes files01:34
imbrandongive me about 2 sec to uninstall xine codecs and install that01:34
Riddellyou should own something in the wiki page before packaging it to stop duplication https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuEdgyPackageUpdates01:35
freeflyingRiddell: have you packaged amarok with amarok-gstreamer01:40
seaLneamarok played mp3 stream after i uninstalled libxine-extracodecs01:40
seaLnehowever i still can't get amarok to make any noise so i can't really test much else01:40
Riddellfreeflying: no01:41
RiddellseaLne: huh?  which engine is it using?01:41
RiddellseaLne: you have achieved the impossible01:42
Riddelldid you restart amarok?01:42
seaLneit wasn't running before01:42
Riddellwell if it doesn't make any noise that's not necessarily playing01:42
Riddelldoes it make noise for Ogg files?01:43
Riddellcan other programmes make noise?01:43
seaLneit certainly got the idv3 info out the mp3 stream01:43
seaLneyeah xmms does fine01:43
seaLnebut i think it is probably unrelated to amarok01:43
seaLnetho not sure how01:44
keyneI tried here, i get the dialog box, but it fails to install because /usr/lib/amarok/install-mp3 is not executable01:45
keyne=> /bin/sh: /usr/lib/amarok/install-mp3: Permission denied01:46
Riddellthanks keyne 01:48
Riddellkeyne: sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/amarok/install-mp3 and let me know if it works01:49
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keyneit seems to work here :)01:51
keynebut i had already enabled multiverse01:52
keynei'll try without it01:53
Riddellkeyne: thanks.  it offers the option to enable it if you don't have it enabled01:53
keyneIf i start the script from console, it enables multiverse and install codec, but i don't get the kdesu dialog from amarok02:03
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keynenothing happens after i click "Yes" to enable multiverse02:05
Riddellno kdesu window?02:07
=== mikix [n=mikix@AOrleans-152-1-15-74.w83-202.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
keyneI've tried again, and I get it now02:14
keynei remove the "echo thing" and it works02:15
keynethe problem here is the "echo thing"02:16
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
keyneanother thing: if you click cancel to kdesu, the script says MP3 support was installed02:17
keynestatus code of kdesu is 0 if you cancel it02:20
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
keyneRiddell: sorry, I must get back to work now..02:23
Riddellthanks for your help02:24
keynethanks for your update to amarok, i can't wait to try last.fm streams :)02:24
abattoirRiddell: hello :)02:26
abattoirRiddell: i finally heard from Kamion yesterday02:26
Riddellabattoir: oh?  what news?02:26
abattoirRiddell: he said he has started 'restructuring' and would have something for me to work on in a few days' time02:26
Riddellthat's good stuff02:27
abattoirRiddell: I have also kinda worked on the UI02:27
abattoirRiddell: i'll put it up online soon...02:27
abattoirso that you can tell me if you like the design02:27
abattoirRiddell: tying it to the backend shouldn't be too difficult... i hope ;) 02:28
jpatrickRiddell: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=5526.002:33
imbrandonRiddell: works good cept the install mp3 support dosent seem to do anything02:36
Riddelljpatrick: despite the title of that post it seems to be a positive review02:38
Riddelland all his negative points are either invalid or have easy answers02:38
Riddellimbrandon: nothing at all?02:38
Riddellimbrandon: oh, chmod 755 /usr/lib/amarok/install-mp302:38
imbrandonRiddell: yea nothing, nothing on sonsole or anythying02:38
imbrandonahh ok 02:38
imbrandonone sec02:38
Riddellthat's fixed now for new downloads02:39
imbrandondid you build it against libvis 0.4 ?02:39
Riddellno, we don't have libvisual 0.402:39
Riddellfeel free to package it02:40
imbrandonyea i noticed, i had to for beta02:40
imbrandoni built 0.4 if you want it 02:40
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonahh yea works  much better now02:41
Riddellput libvisual 0.4 on revu when you do it and let me know02:42
bddebianHeya folks02:42
imbrandonheya bddebian02:42
bddebianHi imbrandon, Riddell02:42
Riddellhi bddebian 02:42
imbrandonok Riddell give me about 5 min to grab it from my ftp and upload it02:42
Riddellimbrandon: if you have it available elsewhere it doesn't need to be on revu02:43
imbrandonyea http://www.buntudot.org/people/~imbrandon/packages/02:44
imbrandonat the bottom02:44
imbrandonlibvis 0.4 and libvis 0.4 plugins both there02:45
imbrandonbrb gonna grab some mt dew02:45
Riddellimbrandon: I take it libvisual has no binary compatibility between versions?02:47
Riddellimbrandon: looks find but there's a newer version now that it needs synced against, 0.2.0-402:50
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imbrandonok 02:52
Riddellhi keyne 02:53
kwwiihowdy Riddell02:53
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jpatrickit lives: http://tiber.tauware.de/~jpatrick/snap8.png02:55
imbrandonRiddell: 0.2.0-4 in dapper or is that in edgy ?02:56
imbrandonjpatrick: nice ;)02:56
Riddellimbrandon: in edgy02:57
jpatrickdamn, 8 and a third days of music :/02:57
jpatrickRiddell: did they pull out moodbar?02:58
Riddelljpatrick: yes, seems so02:59
jpatrick:( no!02:59
imbrandonthey reverted the layout changes too ;(02:59
imbrandon    * Support for Last.fm streams03:00
imbrandon    * New icon theme03:00
imbrandon    * Creative Nomad Jukebox support03:00
imbrandon    * Support for custom scoring algorithms03:00
imbrandon    * ATF - Advanced Tag Features03:00
imbrandon    * Disabled INotify support due to stability problems03:00
imbrandon    * Removed Moodbar03:00
imbrandon^^ jpatrick03:00
jpatrickimbrandon: someone's going to get lynched...03:00
imbrandonas long as it works with my ipod i'm happy03:01
jpatrickI'm going to test the last.fm thingys03:01
jpatrickok that didn't work...03:03
jpatrickit just froze up03:03
jpatrickbut my page rocks: http://www.last.fm/user/antidragon/03:04
jpatricknow amarok won't load...03:04
imbrandonRiddell: you going to sym link this to amarok-latest ? just wondering cuz i'll post on buntudot.org this morning if you are ready03:05
Riddellimbrandon: if you think the packages work I can do that03:06
imbrandonyea works fine here, been playing with it the last 20 mins or so03:06
=== imbrandon is listening to "Utha Side" by Nelly [amaroK]
imbrandondo wrong chan sorry guys03:07
jpatrickimbrandon: that what they always say03:08
Riddellimbrandon: done03:08
jpatrickhmm, rap03:08
imbrandoncool posting now03:08
imbrandonjpatrick: yea i listen to rock rap classical country , you name it03:09
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imbrandonRiddell: posted ;)03:24
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imbrandonRiddell: 03:31
imbrandon[08:29]  <Snake[Sleep] > imbrandon: yo03:31
imbrandon[08:29]  <Snake[Sleep] > Failed to fetch http://kubuntu.org/packages/amarok-latest/dists/dapper/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found03:31
nixternalsame here03:31
jpatrickthat was my problem03:33
jpatrickI have to fetch them via wget03:33
nixternalthere isn't anything in the directory thats way ;(03:33
nixternalthere is kargon and kgraph?03:33
imbrandonhmm i installed via apt but is seems like the sym link isnt pointing to the right place Riddell03:34
imbrandongot kchart and  some other stuff03:34
imbrandonkchart and karbon03:35
Riddellimbrandon: where was that?03:35
Riddelljpatrick: try now03:35
jpatrickErr http://kubuntu.org dapper/main Packages03:36
jpatrick  404 Not Found [IP: 80] 03:36
imbrandonyea Riddell just looks like the ln -s for amarok-latest isnt pointing to amarok-14103:38
DaSkreechAren't they pushing a 1.4.1a now?03:39
imbrandonDaSkreech: that WAS 1.4.0a03:39
imbrandonnow 1.4.103:39
DaSkreechPretty sure there was last.fm bug in 1.4.103:40
DaSkreechIn any case :)03:40
Riddellimbrandon: ok, really fixed now03:41
imbrandonhehe ok thanks Riddell03:41
imbrandonheya \sh03:42
\shdoing my merges now...and figuring out how to push pyqt4 in03:44
Riddellhi \sh, what's the status of pyqt3 and pykde3?03:44
\shRiddell: they are all synced...pykde3 I just uploaded to rebuild this morning..03:44
\shRiddell: the new pyqt3,sip4 stuff is just depeding on actualy python in main, so I don't need to touch it anymore...same applies to pykde303:45
Riddell\sh: did you see the upload doko did the other dayu?03:45
\shRiddell: which one?03:47
\shdoko didn't upload any sip4,pyqt,pykde packages as far as I can see on edgy-updates03:47
Riddell[edgy-changes]  Accepted python-kde3 3.15.2+20060422-203:49
Riddell04 July03:49
\shRiddell: sync :) 03:51
\shRiddell: but the sync never build, because python-sip4 and python-qt3 weren't ready, that's why I uploaded this morning a python-kde3_3.15.2+20060422-2build103:51
Riddellso we're back in sync with debian?03:52
\shwhich is good :)03:53
\shactually I'm feeling really good, to be back in action :)04:00
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Hobbseehi all05:18
Riddellhi Hobbsee 05:19
Hobbseehey Riddell, how are you doing?05:19
jjessemorning Hobbsee05:19
Hobbseehi jjesse 05:19
=== Hobbsee is well and truly deaded.
=== Hobbsee is probably going to be looking for somewhre to escape tomorrow
Hobbseejjesse: yeah, killed.05:19
Hobbseemum's very very pissed off at me.05:20
bddebianUh oh05:20
Hobbseecool, amarok 1.4.1 packages.05:20
=== Hobbsee did a podcast earlier.
DaSkreechHobbsee: Hiya!05:21
Hobbseehey DaSkreech 05:21
DaSkreechPodcast? of your funeral?05:21
Hobbseea kubuntu one05:21
DaSkreechWhere abouts?05:22
HobbseeDaSkreech: it'll be on the fridge.ubuntu.com site05:23
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DaSkreechNo sneak peaks?05:23
Hobbseeimbrandon: you spelt cannonical wrong.05:24
HobbseeDaSkreech: i didnt do the recording05:24
DaSkreechok :)05:24
HobbseeDaSkreech: but it has my warped way of saying kubuntu (ouch!  let me type over talking any day of the week!)05:24
=== mdz [n=mdz@studiocity-motorola-bsr1-70-36-194-85.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeunless i can just skip saying weirdly pronouced words!05:24
Hobbseehiya mdz 05:24
DaSkreechwell the pronounciation isn't cannonical :)05:25
bddebianHeya mdz05:25
HobbseeDaSkreech: no, it's more kubuntu/ubuntu that i hate tryign to say :P05:26
Hobbseewith my accent and all.05:26
=== DaSkreech ponders dropping fridge.ubuntu.com into amarok as a podcast
DaSkreechMan When is songBirdnest coming out?05:27
HobbseeDaSkreech: what, the final, or in repos?05:27
DaSkreechFinal. I don't expect it in repos ofr over a year05:28
DaSkreech It' barely works on Linux currently05:28
HobbseeDaSkreech: if you can package it, and it's relatively stable, i think it might get in?05:28
DaSkreechThats a negative on all of those :)05:29
DaSkreechIt's held together by wishes currentlt05:29
DaSkreechIt looks cool though. I could visit fridge.ubuntu.com and it would automatically make a playlist of any playable media on the site05:35
DaSkreechYeah. So I can just play the site :)05:35
seaLneHobbsee: good luck on getting stuff on fridge its a week and a half since i mailed them about the latest behindubuntu interview and still no sign of it on there05:51
HobbseeseaLne: jdub recorded it, and wouldnt let us leave without doing it :P05:52
seaLneah you may have better luck then05:52
HobbseeseaLne: also, jdub's mostly in charge of it, and is still recovering05:52
=== DaSkreech ponders the latest newsletter from Ubuntu
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=== Hobbsee wonders how to set stuff as a wishlist
seaLneRiddell: http://www.duffus.org/photos/v/misc/brighton/ if you were still looking for them, not particuarly great but then lighting was a bit crap06:02
DaSkreechDoh Forgot to ask hobbsee why she was dead06:04
seaLneRiddell: http://www.duffus.org/photos/v/misc/brighton/img_1545.JPEG.html is possibly the least crap of them06:04
RiddellseaLne: where you can see the audience browsing the internet instead of listening to me :)06:05
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nixternalwell hello there!07:18
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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bddebianHeya nixternal07:29
nixternalhiya bddebian07:29
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DaSkreechhi bddebian08:14
bddebianHeya DaSkreech08:14
=== sensei [n=erik@81-179-68-215.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechHi sensei08:15
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
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LureRiddell: around?10:17
Riddellhi Lure 10:17
LureRiddell: regarding laptop buttons: how did you think amarok (or any other player) should catch XF86xxx events or will we patch kmilo for each key10:18
Lureand then kmilo would call appropriate app10:19
RiddellLure: set a global key binding10:19
Lureallee's point is valid: multiple apps may be interested in same keyboard events (Play, Pause...)10:19
LureRiddell: so patch amarok?10:19
Lureok, I am testing new kmilo just on my desktop with mm keyboard and it works (without setting keyboard layout)10:20
Lurebut I need to get edgy on laptop to be able to test further10:21
Lureshould I send debdiff by debdiff or do you want one big bang?10:21
=== Lure goes to vacation next Thu, so I have only a week to do as much as possible before end of July
LureRiddell: btw, amarok is still 1.3.9 on my edgy - is 1.4.1 going in soon?10:22
alleeLure: thx ;)10:23
RiddellLure: it's uploaded but stuck on the iriver library not being in main10:23
LureRiddell: will wait for it and patch then10:24
mdzRiddell: in https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuEdgyPackageManager the spec says "searches as OR not as a complete string" but surely it means AND?10:27
Riddellmdz: sounds likely, mornfall around to confirm?10:28
Riddellmdz: I'd assume it should be AND10:28
RiddellLure: is the code for your kmilo stuff available10:29
mdzmornfall: ^^^10:30
LureRiddell: I just have xmodmap for some keys (the one I can test - not sure where to get complete list of keycodes - probably need to ping sladen)10:32
LureI would like to add all kmilo changes (starting apps like konqueror, amarok, kmail...) and then send it to you10:33
Lurethen we are only left to patch individual apps to add accelerators10:33
LureRiddell: is it ok to change wiki page after it was approved (tables, add keycodes...)10:34
RiddellLure: yeah, I think you can edit the tables bits10:35
=== DaSkreech kicks Kopete
Riddellspeaking of which, freeflying, imbrandon: where's the latest kopete source?10:36
jpatrickRiddell: I think you scared him away^10:41
nixternal[15:39]  <-- freeflying has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by pe*riddell*er)).10:42
nixternalinteresting ;)10:42
nixternalwell hello everyone10:42
=== nixternal runs scared
=== DaSkreech shuffles off for a new pair of underclothes
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imbrandonRiddell: afaik you have it in /~jriddell/kopete i havent touched it in a week or two11:02
Riddellimbrandon: cool11:02
LureRiddell: can you change bug 52021 to wishlist?11:07
UbugtuMalone bug 52021 in kdeadmin "Does not support 802.1x/WPA management" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5202111:07
RiddellLure: can't you?11:08
LureRiddell: no, I can only say Confirmed11:08
Lurenot sure who can change Importance from Untriaged...11:09
LureRiddell: I think this was changed recently (when Importance was instroduced)11:10
Riddellhmm, I wonder how a person gets edit rights to that11:10
LureRiddell: maybe if you are owner of a package?11:10
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=== pygi got his kubuntu cd's today :)
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
=== Lure has Ubuntu sticker on his laptop (came with cd's ;-))
LureRiddell: is Settings K-menu entry (with only Printers) intentional on edgy?11:35
RiddellLure: nope11:36
LureI thought so...11:36
Lure(and I got xmms again :-(11:36
pygiLure, indeed :P11:38
RiddellLure: brought in by what?11:39
pygikwwii, poke, I need your advice :)11:43
kwwiipygi: how can I help?11:43
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Lurepygi: I think karamba again...11:43
pygikwwii, which one seems better...11:44
kwwiipygi: the first one is definitely better11:44
kwwiithe text has much more impact11:45
pygikwwii, oki, thanks :P11:45
pygiI just noticed also that I written wrong text :)11:45
pygiThank you very much for advice :)11:45
kwwiino prob :-)11:46
kwwiismall spelling error is all11:46
pyginah, it should be "Tommorow is here"11:46
pygikwwii, should I add full stops at end?11:47
kwwiipygi: I think it is ok without them11:48
pygioki :)11:48
kwwiiperhaps after the second line, to add a bit of finality to the statement11:48
kwwiibut it might looks worse11:48
pygioki, then it will stay as it is :)11:49
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