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jsgotangcogood morning01:35
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mptGooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!05:30
stublifeless: I need to merge upstream Z3 changes from sftp://chinstrap/home/warthogs/archives/stub/zope/devel into our Zope. Do you want to handle it or should I?05:43
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root__Aqui  o Canal da distribuio para Linux Ubuntu?05:55
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lifelessstub: if you can, please do. EP is keeping me plenty busy07:23
mpt_"(Use your email address and Launchpad password create an account.)"07:57
spivmpt_: I've mailed the admins about that.08:01
mpt_ok :-)08:03
mpt_At least it's an improvement08:03
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stubSo if I break out Product.name, Distribution.name and Project.name into a PillarName table there will be a lot of nasty performance fallout. Most of this could be fixed using prejoins, but identifying all the call sites will take time and cause disruptions due to increased page timeouts.09:08
stubAlternatively, I could keep the product, distribution and project tables as they are, and maintain uniqueness in other ways.09:09
stubI'm leaning towards keeping the existing tables as they are at the moment09:09
spivI guess it depends on the alternatives.09:11
stubAlthough perhaps changing the database in such a way that all calls to Product.name fail, I can slowly work through the failing tests.09:11
mpt_I guess keeping the tables separate also makes it more undoable09:11
spivWhat sort of alternatives do you have in mind?  Something like having triggers that update a PillerName table, which in turn has the unique constraint?09:14
stubYes. That would be the implementation.09:14
spivDoesn't seem too horrible.09:15
stubThe only code that would use the PillarName table would be the name validators09:15
stubIt is sacrificing correct design for a quick fix, although 'correct' here is arguable.09:16
jamesh"correct" might be to use postgresql table inheritance09:17
jameshhave product, proejct and distro inherit from a "pillar" table with a name column which has a uniqueness constraint09:17
stubPerhaps. We have never done that in the past in order to ensure we could switch to a different back end if needs be. Although we could emulate that with views if necessary.09:18
spivWell, we already have portability issues because we have the plpython routines.09:19
jameshsure.  It is a way to ensure uniqueness though.09:19
stubThere isn't too much PostgreSQL specific stuff to worry about. The most annoying to work around would be the PostgreSQL SQL extensions we are using in a few places because performing those queries without the extensions would be expensive09:20
stubI guess table inheritance wouldn't be major provided we don't go crazy.09:20
jameshthe above usage is basically just to enforce a constraint09:21
jameshI'm sure we could find other ways to enforce the constraint with other dbs (if we ever decided to move away from pg)09:21
stubjamesh: We would also use the base table to check if the constraint is about to be violated in the validation code, to avoid needing to do 3 queries.09:22
stubYup. Same result really as using triggers to maintain PillarName, but without the triggers so it will be cleaner and faster.09:22
stubDB patch will be a bitch though - all those foreign key constraints to rebuild :P09:23
jameshcould you actually do it as a db patch?09:25
jameshdoesn't it involve recreating all those tables?09:25
stubIt can be done as a DB patch. I only need to recreate the Product, Distribution and Project tables. All the related tables can be handled with ALTER TABLE.09:25
=== stub tries to recall if ER diagrams have a syntax for table inheritance
jameshUML does ...09:27
stubUML wasn't invented when I was doing those subjects ;)09:27
spivHmm, the branch-scanner is getting a heap of ForbiddenAttribute: ('last_scanned', <Branch at 0x2aaab16ac990>) errors.09:28
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lifelessmpt_: ping09:33
lifelessstub: what about an updatable view that looks like e.g. product, but has the name coming from PillarName ?09:36
lifelessstub: that should stop sqlobject being stupid09:36
jameshspiv: weird.  I wonder why the tests didn't pick that up?09:38
lifelesslocal configuration vs production server configuration perhaps09:38
lifelesswas security.py updated correctly, and do the tests run the scanner as the right db user ?09:38
lifelesserm, security.cfg09:38
jameshlifeless: branchscanner user has select,insert,update perms on the Branch table.  That exception would be from Zope security framework09:40
lifelessso we have a sec proxy in the way09:41
jameshwell, the scanner uses utilities to get and create branches,etc09:42
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stublifeless: Updatable views are a pita to create, although I'll look into that too.09:44
jameshupdatable views would need to be updated after each modification to the underlying table09:47
stubspiv, lifeless: ForbiddenAttributet is a Zope security wrapper exception - nothing to do with the DB.09:53
sivangmorning !09:54
lifelessjamesh: so, there are two things, why do the tests miss this, and lets fix it :)09:59
jameshlifeless: it might be easiest to move the bzrsync code out of lib/importd and have it run by the LP test runner10:04
lifelessjamesh: is it not run by the lp test runner already ?t10:04
lifelessjamesh: anyway, I think that is fine,and sensible10:04
jameshlifeless: lib/importd/tests/harness.py does some custom setup (see ZopelessUtilitiesHelper), which probably doesn't setup the security stuff10:05
lifelessjamesh: I trust you :). 10:07
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jameshspiv: hmm.  Branch.last_scanned is defined with Attribute() in the interface.  Could that be the problem?10:25
spivjamesh: That should be fine.10:27
BjornTspiv, jamesh: Attribute could be the problem. Attributes don't get security declarations if you use set_schema10:31
jameshBjornT: ... and branch.zcml uses set_schema10:32
jameshI guess that answers the question10:32
spivOh, huh.  I didn't know that.10:33
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stubWe use Attribute too much because we are lazy. We should replace them with genuine schema definitions as we go (most of them would be name = Object(IFoo) or one of the more complex schema field types I suspect).11:11
stublifeless: Do you have any issues with migrating Balleny to Dapper?11:48
sabdflwe should not use set_schema11:56
sabdflit's like "chmod 666"11:56
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lifelessstub: Do It12:37
jordican a product owner change their RCS source, or is that only available to LP admins?12:38
LarstiQfor vcs-imports?12:39
jordithey moved from CVS to SVN12:40
LarstiQhttps://launchpad.net/products/silva/trunk/+source should allow that methinks12:40
jordiI get a perission denied, so I don't know12:44
jordiI mailed him12:44
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=== carlos -> lunch
carlossee you later02:32
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rodarvushi there03:02
rodarvusI tried to upload a package to upload.ubuntu.com 20 minutes ago, but can see any sign of it in the Edgy queue (nor any email is sent to edgy-changes)03:03
rodarvussome debugging:03:03
rodarvus- package name is 'x11proto-damage'03:03
rodarvus- I have my gpg key uploaded to LP *and* I used rodarvus@ubuntu.com as uploader email03:03
rodarvus- I am on the relevant LP group (ubuntu-core-dev)03:04
rodarvusis there any place I can check to see what went wrong with the upload?03:04
salgadorodarvus, I guess cprov will be able to help you03:05
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malccrodarvus: I can see your upload in the failed folder, I'm just checking why now03:05
rodarvusmalcc, in this case shouldn't it also show up on the Rejected Edgy queue? (in LP)03:06
malccrodarvus: No. Rejected is for uploads which the system understood and managed to import, and which the administrator later decided to reject.03:06
malccrodarvus: This is what happens when the code breaks while trying to read your upload into the database03:07
rodarvusoh, right03:07
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rodarvusmalcc, I got the rejection mail now, thanks!03:13
malccrodarvus: Great!03:13
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jgihello everyone03:41
jgiI'm one of WengoPhone"s developers. I've created a launchpad project a while ago, but I can't use rosetta. I sent an e-mail to an administrator about this but I got no answer so far.03:42
jgiHow should I proceed to be able to use Rosetta?03:42
matsubarajgi: have you seen https://help.launchpad.net/RosettaFAQ ?03:46
matsubaracarlos, jordi: ^^03:47
jgimatsubara: yes03:49
jgisorry, last minute meeting, brb03:50
salgadocarlos, around?03:54
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kiko-zzzflacoste, thanks for the answer -- and yes, insightful. Do you think the issue is HTTPS non-caching?04:18
kiko-zzzSteveA, why is it difficult to fix the zope3 logger to DTRT for us?04:19
flacostekiko-zzz: HTTPS non-caching, that might be possible04:19
kiko-zzzSteveA, lifeless, do you know if that's the case?04:19
jgimatsubara: in https://help.launchpad.net/RosettaNewImportPolicy , it says "Contact the upstream authors of the product, and tell them about his plans. We suggest using the mail template at the end of this page." 04:21
jgimatsubara: and then "If they agree to use Rosetta as their infrastructure for translation, the product will be marked as "Rosetta official","04:21
jgimatsubara: but what happens in between? How rosetta admins know that the project mantainer agreed?04:21
jgimatsubara: I thought it was supposed to be done my emailing rosetta@launchpad.net04:22
jgimatsubara: I did send an e-mail few weeks ago, and I never got any response04:22
flacostekiko-zzz: Pages accessed by HTTPS can never be cached in a shared cache. Since the conversation between browser and server is encrypted, intermediate caches are unable to see the content to cache it. Worse, some browsers will not even cache HTTPS documents in their local per-user caches.04:22
flacostethat comes from http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/~jw35/courses/using_https/html/x191.html04:22
flacoste(found by googling https caching)04:23
kiko-zzzflacoste, I thought that firefox would cache the HTTPS content. Don't you?04:23
kiko-zzzflacoste, I think perhaps our Javascript is being wonky04:23
flacostei don't know if firefox is included in 'some browsers' - it represents 50% of our browsers04:23
matsubarajgi: you probably want to chat with jordi or carlos, but they apparently aren't available now.04:23
matsubarajgi: kiko-zzz might also help. 04:25
kiko-zzzmatsubara, not right now, I can't :)04:25
matsubarakiko-zzz: ok.04:25
flacostekiko-zzz: well the PNG aren't cached (according to Page info) so I don't think the CSS/JS is04:27
jgimatsubara: ok, thank you very much04:28
kiko-zzzflacoste, the PNGs aren't cached? we reload every single one of them every page load? waaah04:28
flacostewell, that would explain the statistics04:29
flacoste70% of the requests are non-HTML04:29
flacostei.e. 29.9 are dynamic URL the rest is static content04:29
kiko-zzzcprov, Kinnison, malcc: argh, we're getting spammed by sync requesters04:30
kiko-zzzcprov, Kinnison, malcc: should we add a mailing list contact, or should we use a separate team for upload admins?04:30
lifelesskiko-zzz: the pngs are cached04:30
lifelesskiko-zzz: but people hit 'ctrl-f5'04:30
lifelessor ctrl-R04:30
flacostekiko-zzz: putting a proxy cache in front of the app servers (where static content could be cached) would offload processing these requests from the app server but that wouldn't solve the bandwitdh issue04:31
lifelessand that will always do a full request for every item.04:31
flacostelifeless: according to Page Info in my browser, it doesn't cache them04:31
lifelessoh, I was tracing locally. Https will force all documents to not cache in some browsers04:32
lifelesswhat browser are you using04:32
flacostefrom Dapper04:32
lifelessIIRC that has that behaviour04:32
lifelessthis is a reason to have pngs served via http04:32
kiko-zzzlifeless, that gives the end-user the broken lock icon.04:32
kiko-zzzprobably the right solution is to use SSL just for the login page and redirect back.04:33
lifelesslet me check something04:33
lifelesskiko-zzz: except for private data like security bugs04:33
kiko-zzzI think this will have a serious performance benefit for us, fwiw04:33
kiko-zzzlifeless, *shrug*04:33
lifelesskiko-zzz: I agree we need to do something04:34
lifelesshttp will perform better, as long as we are careful about it I am fully supportive of that04:34
carlosjgi: hi04:40
jgicarlos: hello04:40
carlosjgi: you did the right thing04:40
jgicarlos: ok :-)04:40
carlosI guess jordi missed your email04:40
jgino problem04:40
carlosjgi: which product are we talking about?04:40
cprovkiko-zzz: yes, there should be an options in team subscription to avoid it 04:41
jgicarlos: WengoPhone04:41
jgicarlos: I can send you the e-mail back04:41
carlosno, I found it04:41
carlosjgi: I will ping jordi about it04:41
carlosjordi: ?04:41
cprovkiko-zzz: those emails are sent us because the sync-requester has explictly subscribed UPAA team to the bug, right ?04:43
flacosteI confirm, Firefox doesn't really cache https04:43
kiko-zzzKeybuk, ping?04:43
flacosteabout:cache?device=disk doesn't contain any https link04:43
flacosteabout:cache?device=memory contains them04:43
flacostebut the Fetch count increase by one every time I visit a launchpad page04:44
kiko-zzzit probably fetches once and then reuses for the elements in the page.04:44
flacosteso, it still pulls them out on every request04:44
flacosteyou mean, if the image would appear more than one on the page, that would make sense04:44
lifelessff will request the pngs on every single time it is restarted, but should not during a session, unless f5 is pressed. (we'd have a worse than 70% ratio if it requested every single time)04:45
lifelessflacoste: what headers are we serving the pngs with /04:45
flacosteCache-control: public, max-age=8640004:46
flacosteExpires: Date one day in the future04:46
flacosteLast modified: Date of last modification04:46
flacosteshould be fine04:46
lifelessyeah, if that is not kicking ff, there is SFA we can do04:46
LarstiQflacoste: your bug is next on the todo list btw04:52
flacosteLarstiQ: ok, so what is your patch fixing?04:53
LarstiQflacoste: being able to do 'bzr log -r revid:francis.lacoste@contre.com-20060623145323-e01f1a4246557f3e..revid:francis.lacoste@contre.com-20060623145356-8f4ba6313ad3237d'04:55
LarstiQflacoste: that is what I understand the report to be about04:55
flacosteLarstiQ: that is indeed an entirely different issue04:56
LarstiQflacoste: so I'll file a new bug later on and notify you about that04:56
flacosteLarstiQ: should I post my comment as a new/different bug then?04:56
LarstiQflacoste: if you want, sure04:56
LarstiQeither of us will do :)04:56
=== flacoste is doing this now
salgadocarlos, ping?05:00
carlossalgado: pong05:00
salgadocarlos, I'm implementing KarmaContext, and I need to check with you what the context should be in some rosetta-related callsites of IPerson.assignKarma. do you have a few minutes to talk about that now?05:01
carloswhere could I read about KarmaContex?05:02
salgadocarlos, launchpad.canonical.com/KarmaContext05:03
salgadoI have the callsites noted down here, with what I think should be the context. I'll paste them in /query for you05:04
carlosmatsubara: hmm, stub is not around05:04
carlosmatsubara: I introduced a change with latest production update that needs data migration05:05
carlosI think stuart already did such data migration and added the unique restriction05:05
matsubaraoh, I see, that's data bug then. do you need me to report it?05:05
carlosmatsubara: but I don't know it for sure05:05
carlosmatsubara: it's not really a bug05:05
carlosit would be just that stub was doing the migration at that time05:05
carloswe need a confirmation from stub first05:06
flacosteLarstiQ: bug 5198005:06
UbugtuMalone bug 51980 in bzr "bzr log <file> displays irrelevant log record" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5198005:06
dokohmm, I did build the same binary, same version from a different source, it was sucessfully built, but I didn't get a message that it cannot enter the archive ...05:09
LarstiQflacoste: thanks05:10
flacostekiko-zzz: did you receive an email notification from the spec tracker about my request for comment?05:13
=== flacoste wants to know if I should send MPT an email
matsubaracarlos: thanks. I wrote on the report about it and asked stub to confirm if he did the data migration.05:14
carlosmatsubara: data migration + unique restriction05:14
carloshe had to remove it until the data migration is done05:15
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Keybukkiko-zzz: hi05:34
Keybukback from doctor's again now05:34
=== Keybuk looks at cprov-lunch ... you're just avoiding me now, aren't you
KinnisonNaturally :-)05:42
KinnisonAnything I can help with?05:43
=== bradb & # lunch
KeybukKinnison: so, err06:56
Keybuk1004     32353  0.6  0.0   5264  1160 ?        D    17:03   0:20 cp -a /srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-archive/ubuntu/dists /srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-archive/ubuntu/dists.new06:56
Keybukhas been running for 55 minutes06:56
KinnisonKeybuk: impressive06:58
Keybukcron.daily is safe, yes? :)  we won't get a second one starting in three minutes06:58
Kinnisonit is locked06:59
malccYes, it's got super soyuz locking technology06:59
Keybukmkdir .lock || exit 0 ? :p06:59
Kinnisonif ! lockfile -r1 $LOCKFILE; then07:00
malccdists is only 10000 files and 4GB, it shouldn't take a long time to copy07:01
malccI should have thought more about this when you said it was taking 12 minutes earlier, that seemed longer than before...07:02
Keybuk12 minutes to 53 minutes is a bit of a jump07:02
=== Keybuk wonders whether the disk is about to drop a cog
malccKeybuk: Now there's a worryingly possible thought07:03
Kinnisonmalcc: any chance of your enhanced rsync based cron.daily any time soon?07:06
malccKinnison: I'm working on it as we speak07:07
malccKinnison: But I'd rather find out why copy is taking an hour for a few gigs than rush it out, if possible07:07
malccA copy of 700 megs and 400 files (what we've got in dists on mawson) takes seconds07:11
jordijgiaway: hey there.07:12
jordijgiaway: I'll reply to your email now, sorry about this07:12
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=== carlos -> out
jgijordi: hello07:24
jgijordi: no problem, thank you very much for your feedback07:24
KeybukKinnison: queue builder still does not appear to be working07:25
Keybukcron.daily is finished07:25
Keybuksequencer ran queue_builder07:25
Keybukbut it took no time, and has not queued the builds I expected it to07:25
=== cprov [n=cprov@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
=== bradb wonders where my merge request went
bradband of course that's when the message arrives in my inbox...07:27
KinnisonKeybuk: Hmm, I can't see why this is the case, I know for sure that if I stop the sequencer and run the queue builder it works, I'll have to ponder, but unfortunately I'm about to leave for the night07:28
KeybukKinnison: ok, if it continues to appear to not do anything, I'll do it by hand in a minute07:31
=== Kinnison nods
Kinnisonremember to stop the sequencer before you do07:31
KeybukKinnison: given that the cron.daily from hell run actually appears to have just died, rather than completed normally ...07:40
Keybukcould you investigate that?07:40
KinnisonI'll try07:41
=== Kinnison has to go in 20 minutes though
Kinnisonpublish-distro got a db-closed error07:43
Keybukso it died?07:44
Keybukwill it run ok in 20 minutes time?07:44
Kinnisonshould do07:45
=== mdke_ [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
Kinnisonright, I gotta go08:00
kiko-zzzKeybuk, so, we're getting spammed with sync requests08:04
kiko-zzzbecause ubuntu-archive is subscribed to these bugs by default08:04
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kikomatsubara, timeouts and soft timeouts seem to be much better, eh?08:13
matsubarakiko: yep.08:14
kikoBjornT, are you okay with me working on the process for fetching bug messages to improve perf?08:14
BjornTkiko: sounds good, i'm not touching that code atm.08:15
kikoBjornT, thanks.08:15
kikomatsubara, is the Build.lastscore traversal error already fixed?08:16
=== matsubara checks
kikoBjornT, question 2: did you end up landing those CSS fixes we did together?08:17
BjornTkiko: ah, no, forgot about those.08:17
matsubarakiko: it's assigned to cprov and it's in progress. I left a comment there the last time that oops appeared in the reports.08:19
matsubarakiko: by there I mean bug 4422708:19
UbugtuMalone bug 44227 in soyuz "When the buildqueue_status is None +rescore page OOPS" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4422708:19
kikomatsubara, thanks a million.08:20
kikoBjornT, will you land them?08:20
matsubaradamn pqm doesn't like me08:22
BjornTkiko: sure. not tonight, though. i'll file a bug so i won't forget it.08:23
matsubaraI'm having weird test failures on bzrlib and test_CVS.py.08:24
cprovmatsubara: sorted, bug 4427708:24
UbugtuMalone bug 44277 in Ubuntu "nothing on ctrl alt F# (Dapper)" [Medium,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4427708:24
cprovbug 4422708:24
UbugtuMalone bug 44227 in soyuz "When the buildqueue_status is None +rescore page OOPS" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4422708:24
matsubaracprov: thanks!08:25
kikomatsubara, like was discussed in the list today?08:25
matsubarakiko: it's not exactly the same error. I sent the request twice and got 2 different failures08:26
matsubarakiko: should I try the third?08:26
cprovmatsubara: np08:28
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miloszhey i got a question about lauchpad, i've seen that this trunk branch showed up for my project (drapes) but i cannot add a bzr branch to it, only cvs or svn08:31
kikolet's see, milosz 08:32
miloszor a tarball08:32
kikois the issue that you'd like to add the branch for that specific series?08:33
miloszi alredy have branch registered (called main) but some reason on https://launchpad.net/products/drapes it get this08:33
milosztrunk: The "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD. 08:34
miloszand when i click on it, it tells me i don't have trunk registered, and redirects me to https://launchpad.net/products/drapes/trunk/+source ...08:34
miloszit's ... confusing08:34
miloszam i missing something?08:37
kikoit's actually very confusing08:45
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miloszso can i import the trunk branch or i can't?08:51
kikomilosz, well, I think you can just add the branch to your product.09:00
kikowe'll figure out later how to tie these two things together09:00
flacostehow can I access the staging database using psql?09:04
=== flacoste wants to try some full text queries on tickets
salgadoflacoste, usually you can't. access there is quite restricted09:04
Keybukkiko: ok, remove soyuz team from ubuntu-archive then09:06
kikoKeybuk, well, how do we handle the queue permissions then?09:07
Keybukand put soyuz-team in admins09:07
Keybuk(where it already is)09:07
Keybukto look at it another way, if the soyuz-team need to be able to modify the ubuntu queue, there is something wrong09:08
Keybukbecause then they also need to be a member of the queue team for every distribution on launchpad09:08
Keybukhaving a different team for queue permissions than for administrativia doesn't make sense either09:11
Keybukbecause then you have different people receiving the quests to those who can actually act on them09:11
kikoKeybuk, that doesn't help us in the practical situation we are in now, does it?09:13
Keybukwhat is the situation we're in now09:13
KeybukI must admit, I don't understand why soyuz-team needs to be in ubuntu-archive09:13
kikoI want to move soyuz-team out of admins.09:13
kikothis doesn't give me a path forwards..09:13
kikocprov, Kinnison?09:13
Keybukbut it sounds like you can't move them out of admins?09:13
Keybukeither soyuz-team has to be a member of every distribution's upload team09:14
KeybukOR soyuz-team has to be specially privileged somehow09:14
Keybukwhy do soyuz-team need to be able to use the ubuntu upload stuff?  nobody in there has permission to actually approve things09:14
KeybukI guess the question is; what do soyuz-team need to be able to do in Launchpad?09:16
kikoKeybuk, if they don't have those permissions, they can't actually look at the queue UI.09:18
Keybukdo they need to?09:18
Keybuk(probably a silly question, but... )09:18
kikowell, if you want to be able to show them what is wrong about it, then, yes09:18
Keybukwhen Guadalinex is on Launchpad, do soyuz-team need to look at their UI?09:18
kikoneed is a hard word09:19
kikobut it might make things a lot easier09:19
KeybukI suspect, for now, the right answer is either09:19
Keybuka) soyuz-team in admins09:19
Keybukb) soyuz-team in ubuntu-archive and procmail away the bugs09:19
Keybukc) have a TEMPORARY ubuntu-upload-manangers team that includes ubuntu-archive and soyuz-team09:19
Keybukwith the explicit mark that c) is temporary only, and will go away when soyuz works09:19
kikoI think b)09:24
cprovkiko: as it is right now.09:24
kikoand procmail away09:24
cprovI have a suggestion for Soyuz Team, we can fix all soyuz related security adapters to grant Admin for us and avoid this management overhead, what do you think kiko ?09:26
kikousing a celebrity, you mean? 09:27
cprovwe still missing several sec adapters anyway, good chance to land them.09:27
cprovyes, of course, soyuz-team will be a celebrity09:27
kikoI don't like that idea very much09:27
kikoit sounds weird to have the team backdoored09:27
cprovkiko: I see, but with the current global permission systems we can't do anything better09:28
kikoI'm thinking09:28
salgadois it possible to run all tests inside launchpad/doc/?09:32
kikoI don't know myself09:38
BjornTsalgado: this could work: python test.py -f --test='/doc/[^/] *\.txt'09:38
BjornTsalgado: or maybe better: python test.py -f test_system_documentation09:40
salgadoBjornT, matsubara suggested using --layer=SystemDoctestLayer. should that work too?09:40
BjornTsalgado: using SystemDoctestLayer won't run zopeless tests (i think)09:41
salgadohmmm. the layer thing doesn't work. it ran only 59 tests and they all passed09:41
=== salgado tries the test_system_documentation this time
salgadothanks BjornT!09:43
flacostesalgado: what did you use to check python source file pylint?09:52
kikoflacoste, pyflakes!09:53
flacostehow does it work?09:54
flacosteno man page, pyflakes -h or --help just gives me an error09:55
Keybukcron.daily is now up to "every 3 hours"09:56
Keybukthis is getting decreasingly amusing09:56
kikoflacoste, pyflakes $filename09:56
flacostekiko: no configuration possible then i guess09:56
kikoflacoste, what configuration would you want? it is ultra-simple09:57
salgadoflacoste, no, it only does some basic syntax/name checking09:57
flacosteok, most other lint checker i know have a bunch of configuration checks you can enable/disable09:57
flacostepylint has modules which can be used to test for a given coding style for example09:57
kikoflacoste, pyflakes only catches real errors09:58
elmoactually, I have pyflakes consistenly false positive-ing for me, it's very frustrating09:58
elmobecause even pyflakes catches-almost-nothing approach is better than nothing at all09:59
kikoelmo, can you give examples of false-positives?09:59
elmokiko: it's not LP (or even work) code09:59
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elmobut sure, if that doesn't matter09:59
kikoelmo, sure, but I'm still interested -- the tool should work well09:59
kikoelmo, or in a pastebin if you have an example10:03
elmoit's just one line, I more meant off topicness, anyway10:04
elmoinit_db.py:25: redefinition of unused 'daklib' from line 2410:04
elmoit's all stuff like that10:04
elmowhich comes from import daklib.utils on 24 and import daklib.database on 2510:04
elmoand both of those modules are in use in the init_db.py10:04
elmoneither pychecker or pylint complain about this, and pyflakes does the same thing even on the bzr source (at least the version in dapper)10:08
kikothat's a bug10:11
kikoI think I reported it10:11
elmohmm, nothing in launchpad or debbugs10:12
kikodid I use their trac? I can't remember10:14
kikoelmo, I'll chase it for a bit and update you10:14
kikoelmo, meanwhile, can you tell me if we have any web stats being generated currently for launchpad & co?10:15
elmofor launchpad.net, yes10:16
kikoelmo, can you give me a URL?10:17
elmohmm, except for july, but that's a minor detail10:17
elmokiko: not easily, the webpage isn't setup very well, it's currently IP protected, I'd need to fix that bfore I could give you access10:18
elmoesp. if this is al ong term thing10:18
kikoelmo, ah. hmmm. is it awstats?10:20
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kikoelmo, well, I'd love to take a look at the stats, if you could arrange a way for me (and launchpad developers, for added points) to see it10:23
elmokiko: yeah, I can - can you mail rt@ and I'll try and deal with it in the next couple of days10:24
kikoelmo, thanks.10:24
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Keybukkiko: can you undo a monkey patch on drescher for me?10:48
Keybukoh, s'ok, the file's owned by lp_archive ... I can undo it ! :p10:51
=== Keybuk puts a sarcastic "don't do this again" comment in for kinnison
cprovKeybuk: I can. which one ?10:51
=== bradb & # goban shopping. bbiab to debug mysterious "bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock LockDir" error.
Keybukcprov: making buildd-sequencer run queue-builder10:52
Keybukhe fucked around with it earlier, it didn't work, then he buggered off10:52
Keybukso I've been having to run the queue-builder by hand10:52
cprovKeybuk: do you mean fix the config for ftpmaster ?10:53
Keybukif you could take queue-builder out of that10:53
cprovKeybuk:  the config still fine, i.e, not running queue-builder.10:54
Keybuk        <buildsequencer_job queue_builder>10:55
Keybuk            command /bin/echo cronscripts/buildd-queue-builder.py10:55
Keybuk            mindelay 60010:55
Keybuk        </buildsequencer_job>10:55
Keybuk^ that looks like "running queue builder" to me :p10:55
cprovKeybuk: it is running `echo "PATH"`, isn't it ?10:58
Keybukthis almost certainly explains why Kinnison's monkey patch from hell didn't work10:59
Keybuk"I'll run queue-builder from buildd-scanner10:59
KeybukTHERE WE GO!10:59
KeybukOh, it's not working, B'BYE NOW!10:59
Keybukclearly he forgot to take the "echo" out10:59
Keybukcprov, man of wisdom11:00
cprovneeds restart11:00
Keybukdo we take the echo out there, or do we leave it running from cron?11:00
cprovKeybuk: depends what do you want ? is the cron at :52 working for you ?11:01
lifelessBjornT: around ?11:01
Keybukwell, the cron was working until cron.daily took > 1 hour11:01
Keybukso let's just leave it as cron11:01
Keybuknow that cron.daily is sensible times again11:01
BjornTlifeless: yeah11:01
cprovKeybuk: it's disabled anyway11:01
lifelesscan you do reviewer-review-allocations tomorrow and friday? I'm travelling11:02
Keybuklet's leave things as they are11:02
cprovKeybuk: just to make it clear, queue-builder isn't running.11:02
cprovKeybuk: np11:02
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BjornTlifeless: well, i could probably do it tomorrow since it's a quick thing to do and i don't have any plans (tomorrow and friday are public holidays), but i'm not sure i'll be around on friday.11:04
lifelessI'll ask spiv to then, as I'm sure its not holidays in .au ;)11:05
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Keybukcprov: about?11:30
malccI don't think his client alerts any louder when you stretch his name. If it's an easy one I might be able to help?11:36
Keybukmalcc: you may11:37
Keybukbuildd-slave-scanner doesn't work11:37
KeybukOSError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory11:37
Keybuk21:37:33 DEBUG   Removing lock file: /var/lock/buildd-master.lock11:37
Keybukis the preceeding debug11:38
malccHow are you running it?11:38
KeybukLPUSER=lp_buildd LPCONFIG=ftpmaster  /srv/launchpad.net/codelines/current/cronscripts/buildd-slave-scanner.py -v11:38
malccLooks right. I'll see what I can see11:39
Keybuk21:37:33 DEBUG   Invoking uploader on /srv/launchpad.net/builddmaster11:39
Keybuk21:37:33 DEBUG   ['scripts/process-upload.py', '-Mvv', '--context', 'buildd', '--log-file', '/srv/launchpad.net/builddmaster/incoming/20060705-223733-222294-154279/uploader.log', '-d', u'ubuntu', '-r', u'edgy', '-b', '222294', '-J', '20060705-223733-222294-154279', '/srv/launchpad.net/builddmaster'] 11:39
Keybuk21:37:33 DEBUG   Removing lock file: /var/lock/buildd-master.lock11:39
Keybuk  File "/srv/launchpad.net/codelines/soyuz-production/cronscripts/../lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts/builddmaster.py", line 687, in buildStatus_OK11:39
KeybukOSError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory11:39
Keybuk(I think that's the most interesting line of the traceback)11:39
Keybukdoes it just need to be run from a particular location, perhaps11:40
malccYes. Looks like it's cunningly swallowing all useful information from the child process traceback11:40
malccMy yes was not in reply to your last question :)11:40
KeybukTraceback (most recent call last):11:40
Keybuk  File "scripts/process-upload.py", line 346, in ?11:40
Keybuk    sys.exit(main())11:40
Keybuk  File "scripts/process-upload.py", line 91, in main11:40
Keybuk    lock = GlobalLock('/var/lock/launchpad-upload-queue.lock')11:40
Keybuk  File "/srv/launchpad.net/codelines/soyuz-production/scripts/ftpmaster-tools/../../lib/contrib/glock.py", line 121, in __init__11:40
Keybuk    self.flock = open(fpath, 'w')11:40
KeybukIOError: [Errno 13]  Permission denied: '/var/lock/launchpad-upload-queue.lock'11:40
Keybukthat's more useful11:40
Keybukwhat does that have to be owned by?11:40
malccWell in order to make this script run, I'd say lp_buildd, but I'm a bit scared about making sure a lock error goes away in case it's supposed to be happening11:42
malcccprov: Can you provide some more certainty here?11:42
Keybukif it's owned by lp_buildd, then the publisher can't take it11:42
KeybukI've just made it 666 for now11:42
malccShould be ok; now I think of it we don't rely on permissions for that locking anyway. I'm thinking that's safe11:43
Keybukit'll do11:43
Keybukfor the record, drescher is much happier now11:43
malccWell I was very happy to stand by while you solved your own problem :)11:43
cprovit start happen after you kill cron.daily11:43
Keybukelmo gave it a new kernel, and a reboot, and a red bicycle and a pony11:43
Keybukmalcc: you make a good teddybear :p11:43
malccCan I have a pony too?11:43
elmomalcc: no11:44
malccelmo: Waaaaaaah11:44
Keybukmalcc: make cron.daily run fast enough so we can have 30 minute days again11:44
cprovKeybuk: break also the /srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-queue/incoming/.lock11:46
Keybukbreak also?11:46
malccShould I file a bug for this? We're using this file-locking based locking, processes shouldn't create locks with bogus permissions so they stay effectively locked after a blowup.11:48
Keybukyes please11:48
Keybukotherwise it makes it harded to start lp11:48
Keybukas one has to manually frob locks11:48
malccOk, that's bug 5202511:55
UbugtuMalone bug 52025 in soyuz "Some lockfiles have bad permissions" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5202511:55
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despaiI need to speak with somebody who manage cd's sending12:03
despaiIt's very important12:04
KeybukI'm afraid the person is asleep now12:05
Keybukwrong timezone12:05
Keybukplease e-mail info@shipit.ubuntu.com12:06

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