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jsgotangcogood morning01:36
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LaserJockhi jsgotangco 02:16
jsgotangcohey LaserJock having a good holiday?02:16
LaserJockI'm at work for a few hours while my wife is at the hospital doing so volunteer work02:18
LaserJockthen we're going to go see some fireworks02:18
jsgotangcothat's nice02:23
jsgotangcojuly 4 used to be indpendence day here as well but we changed that heh02:23
LaserJockbtw,  nice blog about Andreas02:24
jsgotangcoyep, America "declared" us independed after the war02:24
LaserJockoh yeah02:24
jsgotangcoafter manila was ruined heh02:25
LaserJockwhat is the offical relationship between the US and you guys? is there any?02:25
jsgotangcoi dunno US treats PH like a friend if it needs something...02:26
LaserJockI remember reading about the Philippines in my history books in school02:26
jsgotangcoheh it was pretty nasty the first time america came in02:27
jsgotangcohad a bloody war02:27
jsgotangcobecause we just declared independence from spain02:27
jsgotangcobut the treaty of paris had the us purchase the islands from spain02:27
jsgotangcobut from what my grandfather told me it was pretty upbeat before world war II02:28
=== jsgotangco thinks we finally got our independence a decade ago when the government decided not to allow US bases inside the country anymore
LaserJockyeah, makes sense02:29
jsgotangcoit really pissed off a lot of bar operators in the area though heh02:30
LaserJockI bet02:30
jsgotangcohave you heard of the term neo-colonialism?02:31
LaserJocknot really, but I can guess02:32
jsgotangcoits usually associated with america being a superpower and all, and influencing too much of its former colonies/territories by bombarding it with american commerce influencing the overall economy of the country02:34
jsgotangcoand trancends to the culture of the people itself02:34
LaserJockI'd see that as a side-effect of globalization, sort of America spilling out of it's borders :-)02:38
jsgotangcoif you think about it, globalization is partly neo-colonialism02:40
jsgotangcoit just happened that my country sufferend 600+ years of colonialization from outsiders =)02:40
LaserJockyeah, that makes sense02:40
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LaserJockjsgotangco: and overall do you think it has been a negative thing for you country?02:41
LaserJockwe only had ~ 150 years of colonialization02:42
jsgotangcoLaserJock: PH is an Asian country and yet it doesn't feel like Asia when you are here02:42
jsgotangcoLaserJock: here's an interesting read02:43
LaserJockso say if it was colonized by another Asian country it would have been better?02:43
jsgotangcoi wouldn't really know...our cultural identity has been muddled up ever since the spanish came02:45
jsgotangcoi myself am not a pure native considering i originate from chinese immigrants02:45
LaserJockI really don't know how much a cultural identity the US really has either02:47
LaserJockour families come from all over and bring their culture along with them, it gets mixed and mangled with the rest02:48
jsgotangcoheh yeah02:50
jsgotangcoif the spanish didnt come at all, we're most likely to be an islamic state considering they arrived with lots of resistance02:51
=== LaserJock pulls up a map of Asia
LaserJockhmm, farther north than I remember02:53
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LaserJockIt's amazing how complicated the relationship between countries can get over the years02:56
LaserJockand the US has only been around for a relatively short amount of time :-)02:58
jsgotangcoi am not surprised if most americans have no clue about its past relationships with other countries, after all they already live in a big place and i know people who haven't even left their home states02:58
LaserJockthere are quite a few people who don't know anything but the 50 states02:59
Plug_I had to answer a pub quiz question once.02:59
LaserJockwe hear about Puerto Rico every once in a while02:59
Plug_What letter does not appear in the name of any of the 50 US states?02:59
Plug_We got it eventually.  I wonder how long it would take someone from the US.03:00
LaserJockumm ...03:00
Plug_(Here == Noo Zulland)03:00
LaserJockis x not in any?03:00
LaserJockdoh, hope there aren't any Texans around ;-)03:01
Plug_Come on, that was an easy one :)03:01
LaserJockz then03:01
LaserJockah right, these states are close to me I should know better03:02
Plug_Which state are you in, LaserJock?03:02
Plug_Heh.  I live on a Nevada Rd.03:02
LaserJockwhat state?03:02
LaserJockor country? or whatever03:03
Plug_New Zealand03:03
LaserJockdoh, Noo Zulland ;-)03:04
Plug_Place to be.03:05
LaserJockheh, everybody in the US wants to live in New Zealand03:06
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jsgotangcoNZ the country?03:08
jsgotangcoor the southern part of AU03:08
Plug_I was going to reply with "can it mean anything else?"03:08
jsgotangcoyeah considering LCA2006 happened in Dunedin so it must be part of AU lol03:09
LaserJockAustralia is also pretty popular, but NZ is probably the top of the list for people I talk to anyway03:09
Plug_(It's the best part)03:09
jsgotangcoLaserJock: bah they just want to live in middle earth03:09
Plug_both .au and .nz are irritatingly far away from the rest of the world03:09
Plug_if you follow that Google Maps link I gave you about 20k east03:09
Plug_you'll end up in Hobbiton03:09
LaserJockjsgotangco: true, but there is also a lot of other movies made there that get people excited :-)03:10
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jsgotangcohow far is the drive from Hamilto to Aukland?03:11
PlugAbout 1.5 hours.03:12
PlugFrom the edge of Auckland the sign claims 100km, and the open road speed limit is 100km/hr03:12
Plugso I always use that as a challenge. ;)03:12
LaserJockwell, I'm happy to be back in the US at any rate. At least it's home :-)03:14
LaserJockFrance would have a been a bit better if I knew more French ;-)03:14
jsgotangcodo you have kids?03:36
LaserJockme? no03:37
LaserJockI've been in grad school and my wife just got out of grad school03:39
=== jsgotangco wish he could afford to go back to school and re-tool himself
LaserJockI'm going to feel that way by the time I'm done :-)03:42
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=== mdke_ mornings
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jsgotangcohello mdke09:01
mdkehiya jerome09:01
jsgotangcohow are you doing09:01
mdkevery well thanks, bit sleepy :)09:02
jsgotangcoim ok just feeling some midlife crisis though09:02
=== mdke hugs jsgotangco
=== robitaille wonders when he will hit that mid-life point
bhuvanmdke: i'm unable to build the pdf in trunk. it reports:make[1] : *** No rule to make target `pdf'.  Stop.09:15
bhuvanmdke: yeah, pdf target is not available in ubuntu/Makefile. is this intended ?09:16
mdkebhuvan: I can't remember, I can add them if you need to build pdfs already, but you could just use the html09:17
bhuvanmdke: yeah i use html. just wish to know if it needs to be fixed09:18
mdkei don't think so yet09:19
mdkegtg to work, see you in a bit09:19
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Lizfinally !10:31
Lizi couldnt remember the irc address to get here10:31
Lizi had to go through a pile of emails to find it10:48
mptIt's linked from the front page of doc.ubuntu.com ...10:56
mpt(maybe it should be *on* the front page)10:57
Lizi ended up finding it from the link on the wiki page10:57
Liznow that i know where to find you, ill be back 11:51
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jjessei made an upload to kubuntu/desktopguide to fix a bug, someone needs to copy the change to branches/dapper as i don't have branches checked out05:00
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mdkejjesse: that's not quite how it works, branches/dapper is frozen now05:06
mdketrunk is for edgy05:06
jjessemdke: ok, so how will the bug get solved?05:06
jjessei mean i've commited a fix, but it will need to be released05:06
mdkejjesse: in dapper?05:06
mdkewe don't usually fix bugs in dapper05:07
mdkehow serious is it?05:07
jjessenot serious05:07
jjessei guess when i redo the release notes, which would be a serious bug in my opionon we should release it05:07
mdkeyes, that's different, because there are no translations of the release notes05:07
mdkeand it's a serious bug05:08
jjesseok, but because there are translations of the deskotp guide we wouldn't re-release it05:08
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jjesserequiring new translations correct?05:08
mdkejjesse: that's right.05:08
mdkeunless it was very serious, and warranted an exception to that05:08
mdkein such a case, we would tell the translators, and ask them to retranslate the relevant bit05:09
jjessei understand, so fix committed is the best status to keep it as, and then when edgy comes out change it to fix released05:09
mdkebefore releasing the fix05:09
mdkejjesse: you can mark it as fix released when it is fixed in edgy05:09
jjessemdke: understanding now thanks05:09
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nixternalhey everyone!!!07:17
jjessehello nixternal07:18
nixternalhiy jjesse07:18
nixternalim bushed...i woke up early to do a fun job in a fun place with a bunch of fun people07:19
nixternalbah 07:19
jjessewell i'm glad you had fun07:22
Burgworkhey nixternal, jjesse 07:22
jjessehello Burgwork07:22
nixternalheya Burgwork07:24
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