BenCjbailey: hey, are you sure your G5 hangs, or does it drop to busy box after 3 minutes?12:19
BenCjbailey: No way to pull from Linus's tree now, he's on to 2.6.1812:20
crimsunwe may have a fix for bug 34831; just waiting for more feedback before pushing12:23
BenCzul: ping12:30
BenCcrimsun: I'm assuming that any patches I get from you for dapper sound can be merged into edgy now?12:31
crimsunBenC: yes, with the caveat that since I target dapper, there may be some backported typedefs, etc. I can attach a note for Edgy to each dapper patch if you'd like.12:32
BenCyeah, that'd be nice12:33
crimsunall right, will do.12:33
BenCzul, crimsun: all patches from you guys are in dapper, will pull to edgy soon12:39
crimsunBenC: many thanks.12:39
BenCcrimsun: no, thank you :)12:40
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Keybukzul: ping01:32
zulKeybuk: pong02:01
Keybukzul: you did an upload of kernel-package today02:02
Keybukbut didn't take the opportunity to merge it02:02
Keybukdo you want to do that?02:02
zulyes i did..02:02
zuli only added the xen stuff i dont know what will break in edgy if i merge it02:02
zuli think that might be up to benC02:03
Keybukok, I ask because now you've uploaded, you've cleared the "outstanding merge" flag :p02:03
Keybukand you've put your name against it for nagging02:04
zulill take a crack at it after i do the kernel security stuff on my todo list 02:04
crimsunKeybuk: question about effects of Edgy's udev if you have a few moments02:06
Keybukcrimsun: sure02:10
crimsunKeybuk: I'm looking at the Edgy alsa-utils merge, and there's a udev rule from Debian Sid, "KERNEL=="controlC[0-7] ", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/lib/udev/alsa-utils".  Do you prefer the older (Dapper's) [..] RUN+="/sbin/start-stop-daemon --start --background --pidfile /var/run/alsa/bogus --startas /etc/init.d/alsa-utils -- start %n"? The question is whether /lib/udev/ is the Right place to have alsa-utils versus /etc/init.d/ .02:10
Keybukso I prefer the Debian way of having it in /lib/udev02:10
Keybukthough that rule should be fixed to just RUN+="alsa-utils"02:11
Keybukthere's a potential bug though ... does alsa-utils still use stuff in /usr ?02:11
crimsunnot that I can see.02:12
Keybukok, then go with the Debian stuff02:13
crimsunall right, and thanks for your time.02:13
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BenCzul, Keybuk: I'll do kernel-package merging02:37
BenCit's a hell of a lot of work, because we have some special cases that need to be handled (auto run of boot loaders, update-initramfs, etc)02:37
Keybukjust as long as it's not forgotten :p02:38
zulBenC, thats what i thought02:38
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Keybuk   * ata_piix: Disable PATA support for now.03:34
KeybukBenC: ? ^03:34
BenCKeybuk: there's no way to blacklist it and have sata_piix work03:41
BenCata_piix handles both pata and sata in Alan's patched up stuff03:41
BenCit broked my ia6403:42
BenCprobably break others as well03:42
Keybukah, I see03:54
Keybukby "broke" I assume you mean the migration stuff wasn't in place03:55
Keybukrather than flat-out-didn't-work?03:55
BenCthat would have been the case, but the reality was the pata part crashed on boot04:14
BenCzul: !!!!!04:14
BenC/usr/share/kernel-package/rules:2198: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.04:14
BenCkernel-package is causing FTBFS on latest kernel upload :/04:14
BenCzul: please fix ASAP, and reupload04:15
BenCzul: nm I got it04:26
BenCnp, just gotta find someone to redo the kernel upload after this gets through04:36
BenCget it out of failed state that is04:36
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crimsunawesome, confirmed fix for 3483105:51
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jbaileyBenC: 'kay.  I'll try and twiddle that change so that it applies against our tree and send it to you.03:37
jbaileyBenC: I'm not sure if it'll drop to busybox or not.  yaboot sucks enough that I haven't thought to remove 'splash' from the bootup so I can see what's going on.03:37
makxBenC: concerning kernel-package you could use mkinitramfs-kpkg too04:04
makxit's the default in Debian and does basically the same than update-initramfs -c -k <kernelversion> but with old style compat mkinitrd calling option..04:05
makxalthough that would need an initramfs-tools merge first *hint*04:05
makxand there you have special cases as we don't do the fb stuff right now04:05
jbaileymakx: Adam's most likely to do the initramfs-tools merge, and he's not around this week.04:09
BenCjbailey: If it drops to busybox, usplash will disappear...you have to give it like 3-5 minutes though04:33
BenCjbailey: does your G5 use sata_svw for the rootfs?04:34
jbaileyBenC: Is there any easy way to get a /proc/mounts to /proc/modules mapping? =)04:35
BenCwish there was04:44
BenClsmod | grep sata_04:44
BenCif it's in the module list, then you are likely using it04:44
jbaileyIt's not.04:44
jbaileyLemme check dmesg04:44
jbaileyntpd(23977): floating-point assist fault at ip 4000000000030e11, isr 000002000000000804:44
jbaileyfilled up my logs.04:44
=== jbailey looks in syslog
BenCit's weird on my G5, it hangs waiting for the rootfs, and finally drops to busy box after the timeout04:45
BenCit hasn't even tried to load sata_svw, and when I modprobe it from busybox shell, it just hangs further04:45
BenCI need a way to do a dmesg04:45
jbaileythat was myia64.04:46
jbaileyLemme check the right box.04:46
jbaileysata_svw               14852  1204:47
fabbionehey BenC 04:58
fabbioneBenC: Keybuk did punch back the kernels04:58
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BenCfabbione: cool, thanks05:26
fabbioneBenC: yoo05:26
fabbioneBenC: bzr merge -r somerev foobranch <- what's the git equivalent for that?05:26
BenCcherry pick?05:27
fabbioneyeah but if i need to cherry pick from another branch that's not local05:27
BenCgit-cherry-pick <sha of commit>05:27
BenCit will still grab it05:27
BenCah, hold on05:27
zulis there a way to save the chatlog on irssi?05:27
fabbioneBenC: non local?05:27
BenCdo you have the branch in your local git?05:27
fabbioneBenC: nope05:28
BenCgit-fetch <remote>05:28
BenCthen use git-cherry-pick for the sha05:28
fabbione<remote> is the remote repo i guess05:28
fabbioneok thanks a lot05:29
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BenCsomething like : git-fetch rsync.kernel.org:/pub/.../linux-2.6 upstream-linux05:29
BenCthe "upstream-linux" will create a branch with that name refering to the remote, but wont merge/pull it into your local HEAD05:29
BenCYou can also create a file to make it easier05:31
BenC$ cat .git/remotes/upstream-linux05:31
BenCURL: ssh://master.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git05:31
BenCPull: master:upstream-linux05:31
BenCthen I just do "git-fetch upstream-linux" whenever I want to grab Linus's stuff05:31
=== thom [n=thom@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbioneah nice05:32
fabbioneBenC: thanks for the explanation05:32
fabbioneBenC: the overall was for thombot that's trying to test a patch for #3745205:33
fabbioneBenC: it seems pretty straightforward05:33
fabbionethom can probably test the fix for you05:33
thomi have ~15 4100s sat next to me that i'd quite like to use, so yeah05:34
BenC*   edgy sparc   Successfully built 05:35
BenCfabbione: sparc builds again :)05:35
fabbioneBenC: neat :)05:36
BenCfabbione: also, sparc is now included in the kernel daily builds05:36
fabbioneor some other fancy toys05:37
thomBenC: the interesting patch is http://www.kernel.org/git/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=816aa907b909177bdf6e6e6b0d00c5e5a6e2be8c FWIW05:38
fabbionethom: i guess you need kernel and installer to test, right?05:39
fabbionethom: is a netboot image an acceptable solution?05:39
fabbioneor do you need a cdrom based install?05:39
thomwell, given an updated git tree i have the rest of the stuff i need to blow updated cds05:40
fabbione(at least to test)05:40
fabbioneoh it's because it's easier for me to build you a netboot image :)05:40
thomi have lots of idle cpu cycles round here that i can happily use05:40
BenCthom: if it works, shoot me an email and I'll pull that into dapper's next upload05:41
BenCwhich will likely be very soon05:42
fabbioneBenC: he needs a git tree :)05:42
BenCshit, I can probably build you a kernel with that patch very quickly :)05:43
thomBenC: i suspect it'll take me some hours to get my head round exactly which patches i need, so if you have any spare cycles to do a backport that'd be lovely :-)05:43
thom(that patch doesn't apply cleanly fwict)05:43
fabbioneit's probably faster to backport the driver, but be aware that's the same on the T1000/T20005:44
fabbionei won't be happy if it breaks :D05:44
thomfabbione: but presumably you have the same problem - that you can't use raid on the controller?05:47
fabbionethom: i wish i could tell you because the firmware doesn't allow you to setup raid yeet05:47
thomheh, ok05:47
fabbionebut yes. it's supposed to support RAID 05:47
BenCwow, there's been at least 20 commits against drivers/message/fusion/ since dapper05:47
BenCthe diff against that directory is > 300k :/05:48
BenCyou may just be SOL05:50
thomok, no worries if that's the case05:50
BenCif you can narrow down the patch you need to something more manageable, I'd take it for dapper05:51
thomsure, i'll give it a go05:51
BenCpointless for me to guess05:51
fabbioneBenC: i guess looking at the commit above isn't enough05:51
fabbionetho it's pretty simple commit05:51
BenCnot sure if it depends on any of the 20 other commits that came before it though05:52
BenCthat's the guessing part :)05:52
BenCit should be easy to manually merge that code in05:52
BenCgive it a whirl and see what happens05:52
BenCFYI, mutex_unlock() == up() in dapper05:53
BenCfuck it, let me just get you a working diff to build with05:53
fabbionego ben!05:54
thomBenC: cheers!05:56
thomthom@ubuntu.com 05:59
BenCthis is a down and dirty simple merge, it's missing the topology locks (something that isn't present in dapper) so I'm a little leary about it actually working05:59
thomthanks, we'll see how it goes06:01
BenCif you need help getting the ubuntu git tree, see topic...there's a nice wiki that walks you through it06:02
BenCor just grab linux-source-2.6.15 from the archive06:02
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
thomyeah, was just gonna grab l-s06:04
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BenCmjg59: ping06:49
mjg59BenC: Hi07:01
BenCmjg59: I have a fix for nsc-ircc07:07
BenCit was using pnp_register_wrong...expecting non-zero to mean success, when in reality it returned the number of devices that matched07:07
BenCerr, pnp_register_driver wrong07:07
BenCso it wasn't calling pnp_unregister_driver on unload because it thought the reg failed07:08
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thomBenC: unsurprisingly that patch went bang, i'll see if i can cook a reasonable one up a bit later07:16
zulBenC: i applied the ppc fix for breezy07:17
BenCzul: how's breezy look otherwise?07:17
BenCI'm updating the vuln page07:17
zulbuilds, havent run it yet...will do when i get home07:17
BenCdid the ppc fix apply to hoary at all?07:17
BenCso breezy has all the patches?07:18
zulhavent gotten to it yet..still at work07:18
BenCIPC: access to unmapped vmalloc area in grow_ary()07:19
BenCwhat about that one?07:19
zulno i didnt see it07:19
zulill do the patch when i get home07:20
BenCwas sent under a seperate email07:20
zulhmmm...when was it sent?07:20
BenCcouple of days after the initial list07:21
zuli dont think i got it07:21
zularggh...this is riduculus 128 people on an adsl connection07:27
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crimsunKeybuk: ping (regarding alsa-utils's /lib/udev/ usage)10:55
Keybukcrimsun: hello10:55
=== BenC [n=bcollins@debian/developer/bcollins] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
crimsunKeybuk: yesterday you mentioned there may be a bug if /usr is still used, and having inspected the alsa-utils initscript, I see /usr/bin/amixer is called. Does this have anything to do with said bug?10:56
Keybukpeople with /usr on a separate partition wouldn't get their sound card initialised10:57
Keybukwhich is why we have the evil start-stop-daemon while/sleep hack10:57
crimsunok, so we'll still need that in udev.rules in addition to the sleep in the initscript10:58
Keybukfor now, yes11:09
Keybukthis may be fixable within edgy by using an upstart event instead11:10
crimsunok, I'll read that spec after I finish this merge11:11
Keybukbasically udev would trigger a "sound card found" event at that point11:11
Keybukand we'd start the "restore alsa mixer levels" service11:11
Keybukthat service would define that it needs writable filesystems (/usr) to function11:12
Keybukso would inherently wait for that to happen11:12
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