nixternal_jenda: b4 you leave anytime soon, please fire me an email, message me, or whatever, but I would really like to know the layout you would like to see with the front page of the wiki. i have an idea or 2 on a design element, but wanted to check with you b4 i rode with it12:15
nixternal_also, i will probably create a review version under MarketingTeam/WikiDemo or something12:15
jendawe can do that now and here ;)12:15
jendaI'm done here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu12:15
jendaWhatever we settle on with the layout, I'll post on the mailing list and the new sticky on the forum.12:16
jendaso, nixternal_, what did I miss in the mailing list? (As in 'did not describe')?12:17
nixternal_nothing that i could see..im actually getting ready to head back out and enjoy some more 4th of july festivities12:18
nixternal_i missed you guys so i had to connect remotely to check on you all ;)12:19
jendaAh I see ;)12:19
jendaWell, I'll be leaving tomorrow, probably early.12:19
jendawhich means even earlier for you ;)12:19
jendaJust improvise, nix - we can tune the details later :)12:19
nixternal_ya, that is why i decided to msg you in here for some info if you had some, otherwise I was going to rock on with some layouts and let you decide when you returned12:19
nixternal_good deal jenda..thats all i wanted to know..i shall take the helm, and stear clear of ice bergs12:20
jendahehe ;)12:20
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jendanixternal_: you're candidating! You've got my support whether you want it or not.12:47
jendaNow get on with that wiki ;)12:47
nixternal_you subscribe i see ;)12:47
nixternal_i appreciate the support12:47
nixternal_i figure, i need to start early and campaign to try and get jenda sized support ;)12:48
nixternal_could be impossible, but i sure am going to try12:48
jendaHaha :) Well if you can get about 343 people to woo you at the meeting, I figure you'll beat me ;)12:49
manickai must rejoin this team...12:49
nixternal_manicka: i can get you on for $3.17 ;)12:49
nixternal_i need a vente mocha, and that will help ;)12:49
nixternal_people are starting to stare at me...im at a 4th of july fest on a laptop, using god knows who's wireless (city of barlett it seems)...and remoted into my box here that you see me typing on at home12:51
nixternal_good stuff12:51
nixternal_oh..and the good news...i forgot to put my wallet in my back pocket!!!12:51
nixternal_but i got my laptop!!!12:52
jendamanicka: you're on the team for... $212:52
nixternal_oooh..i don't think i can go lower then that12:52
nixternal_haha i just met a Xubuntu fan12:53
manickaI'll settle for nix ;)12:53
nixternal_ok..im out of here now..people are staring to much...i need to find me a friend to bum some cash off of...cya all a little later!!!12:53
=== hybrid waves to #ubuntu-marketing
manickadoes ubuntu-marketing have a launchpad page?12:58
jendahello hybrid ;)01:00
manickawhere is it?01:02
gnomefreaknixternal_: good luck01:05
jendamanicka: https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-marketing01:07
manickajenda, why would I get this message on launchpad?01:20
manickaYour subscription to this team has been deactivated. You can't join this team.01:20
jendamanicka: ah sorry about that.01:22
jendaWe deactivated all members to prune the list. You have a message in your mail somewhere saying you should ping an adimn.01:22
jendaWhich you just did ;)01:23
manickaI'm going out for  a while, I'll try again when I get back01:26
jendayou're a member now, manicka01:28
=== mdke_ [n=matt@unaffiliated/matt/x-000000001] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
manickathanks jenda :)01:32
jendano probs01:32
gnomefreak:( new members buy coffee ')01:32
jendaYeah, manicka... didn't I mention that?01:32
manickawhat about reinstated ones?01:32
jendagah ;) I guess that's a valid excuse.01:33
gnomefreakmanicka: pizza?01:33
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendahello jsgotangco ;)01:33
jsgotangcogood morning01:34
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Burgworkjenda, can we set the channel as -t? there is not need to restrict changing the topic to chan ops only01:38
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Burgworkcheers, thanks01:39
jendaANd I'm off to bed. Morning indeed :)01:42
jendaI'll be back later this 'morning' but only for a bit. Then it's no jenda for a week ;) See y'all at the meeting :)01:42
jendaBTW - would be nice to see us in http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate01:43
Burgworkthat page needs some work01:45
BurgworkI need to merge wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingUbuntu and it01:45
gnomefreakBurgwork: im thinking just say another section all about how to help with ubuntu or how to make ubuntu great something like that?01:50
jendaIt does indeed need some loving...01:51
jendaah well - not me, not now :)01:51
gnomefreaknight jenda have a good week01:52
jendathx :)01:52
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Bilangeanyone happen to be around?03:27
BurgundaviaBilange: for about 30 sec more03:28
BilangeBurgundavia, are you trying to make a spreadubuntu mockup by any chance?03:28
Bilangeokay then, thats all :)03:29
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Kamping_Kaisernixternal_, whats the classroom?05:58
hybridKamping_Kaiser: it is for new users when #ubuntu is too crowed and what not05:59
Kamping_Kaiserhm. didnt know about it06:01
hybridKamping_Kaiser: when the NuN came back it was the first act of business we did :)06:02
Kamping_Kaiseroh, that things come to life again has it/06:03
hybridKamping_Kaiser: yes, thankfully ;)06:03
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=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders about lurking in another chanel.... and opts out ;)
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KenSentMeGood morning07:26
Kamping_Kaiserhey mate07:26
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaBilange: ping07:44
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
hybridjenda: so what was Go Ubuntu? and why do they hate Spread Ubuntu?08:22
jendaThey're a bunch of kids that think they invented the world.08:22
ormiretjenda: did you get any communication from them after their antics here?08:26
jendayes - I spoke to Cory soon afterwards in his own channel.08:28
jendaDamn - I'm not going to be here to settle #spreadubuntu08:33
jendazenwhen isn't responding (yet)08:34
jendaIf it's still up there without the forward, could you guys take care of it somehow?08:34
jenda(It splits the team, IMO)08:34
jendaAnd it does'nt follow the official channels guidelines, BTW. autoop all the way, voiced people to show who's in. Not fine by me.08:35
jendaAh perfect - stromham of GoUbuntu has just joined (renamed to 'silt')08:35
jendahaha :)08:36
jendaOK, he's left again :)08:36
jendaExcuse the quote: "<silt> lol your fucking dumb a DoS attack? im not even using windows..... you guys are fucking iditos.............."08:36
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mdkehey jenda, you pinged/pung yesterday?08:59
=== hybrid [n=666@dpc6745217221.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendamdke: yep, I pung you :)09:32
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jendamdke: ping? again?09:40
Madpilotit's only twenty to nine AM in mdke's TZ, jenda09:41
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaMadpilot: he responded to my old ping half an hour ago.09:41
jendaand it's twenty to ten here :)09:41
Madpilothe's better at mornings than I am, then :)09:42
jsgotangcohey kids09:42
Madpilotit's twenty to one AM here09:42
jsgotangcowhat's cooking?09:42
ompaulI just made breakfast and served it - it was nice09:42
ompauland most unusual for us :)09:42
=== jenda still hasn't heard a response from the doc team about the hosting and there's a rogue #spreadubuntu channel.
MadpilotI just came home, powered by an Irish Coffee - and several pints of good beer09:43
jendaThings could hardly be worse :)09:43
Madpilota rogue channel? it's trampled people and uprooted crops, has it?09:44
jendaNo, it has one autoopped forums staff member and a voiced person I've never heard of.09:44
jendaMost importantly, it doesn't +if #ubuntu-marketing09:45
jendaThat's rogue, if you ask me.09:45
jsgotangcojenda: if you're talking about svn that make take a while since its centrally managed09:45
ompaulit was registered 4.5 hours ago09:45
jsgotangcojenda: jdub suggested bzr on LP that's a good proposition09:45
jendajsgotangco: no, not at all.09:45
jsgotangcocreate a team under it09:45
Madpilotjenda, hmm, I don't recognize any nick there except yours, jenda...09:45
jendaargh :)09:45
jendaplease read the mailing list, jsgotangco09:46
jsgotangcoyou mean webspace?09:46
jendaI'm on my way away09:46
jsgotangcoping mdke =)09:46
jendaThe debate for where to host it stopped in the doc team (mdke?) saying we might use a ubuntu.com subdomain and hosting by the docteam servers - but all they did so far was say that we need to get decided on what we need and blah blah. Got me quite upset, really, because I'm now where I started hunting volunteer hosts on IRC and no official MT hosting for people who come with SU proposals while I'm not here.09:48
Burgundaviajenda: there is not reason not to use the docteam svn server09:49
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jendaBurgundavia: i need linkable stuff09:50
jendanot version control09:50
jendafor version control, there's launchpad+bzr09:50
jendaUnless I'm not getting something.09:50
ormiretjenda: in that case what's wrong with the wiki?09:50
Burgundaviastill doesn't get youy linkable stuff09:50
Burgundaviafor stuff in flux, we can build it out of the svn server09:51
jendaNo, it doesn't. I wrote about this in the ML09:51
Burgundaviafor stuff that is finished, it belongs on ubuntu.com09:51
jendanot finished - in the works.09:51
Burgundaviathen subversion plus doc.ubuntu.com can work as a stopgap09:52
jendawell, I would like to have marketing.ubuntu.com for that09:52
ormiretjenda: why?09:52
jendaas you said - marketing.ubuntu.com should be for finished products, I don't think it should as that will be incompassed in spreadubuntu.09:52
jendaPlease read the relevant thread on the ML, I need to pack.09:53
Burgundaviaconcerned about the specific choice of name, but not terribly concerned about the general idea of a specific subdomain09:53
ormiretI don't get why we need a subdomain (and have read the thread in the ML)09:53
=== mindspin [n=mindspin@pD95FDEEC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jsgotangcothats it im sticking to bug squashing :)09:54
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has left #ubuntu-marketing ["Ex-Chat"]
jendahaha :)09:55
jendaormiret: theoretically, we don't. I can stick to asking random people on IRC to host things for me.09:56
ormiretjenda: what do you nee o host that can't go in the wiki or bzr/launchpad?09:56
jendaThat's a little too long for a link, don't you think?09:57
ormiretif all you want is to make the links shorter: tinyurl09:58
Burgundavianot really, because stuff like that we are only linking to for a short while09:58
jendano idea what that is, and no time to find out.09:58
Burgundaviaagain, finished stuff would be on the ubuntu.com website09:58
Burgundaviaanyway, I need to sleep09:59
Burgundavianight all09:59
jendaCan you tell me why doc.ubuntu.com is not in the wiki?09:59
mindspinjenda: I can host a "inofficial workspace" running on a cms if needed09:59
ormiretdocs aren't in the wiki for access control09:59
jendamindspin: thanks, but that's not the problem - I've got people who can host things like that.09:59
jendaBut the option of a seperate subdomain got me stuck on it for the two days I had and the result is nil, which has me rather frustrated.10:00
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ormiretand "they have a subdomain so we need one too" isn't a good reason :)10:00
jendaormiret: tinyurl is nice.10:00
ormiretyeah I can understand that :(10:00
jendaBut it doesn't solve my problem.10:01
mindspinwhat about the website/esign/html/css issue, after germany is out nw, I'll find time to start working on it10:01
Madpilotormiret, I was just about to say that - about subdomains ;)10:01
jendamindspin: that would be great ;)10:01
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mindspinI would need the filepaths and such, got to know wther a cms is running and so on, who is in charge for that?10:02
ormiretmindspin: we're still working that out... but jenda is projcet leader for SU10:03
mindspinI know, therfore I ask who to approach if I want to know the filestructure on the webserver. So I 'll have to talk to someone whos responsible for the webservers on ubuntu10:05
mindspinI fI implement it on my machine, its redundant work to configure it for the "real" version10:06
ormiretright, that is still very much in the air I think. Do we even have a webserver for SU yet?10:06
jendaNo we do not10:08
jendamindspin: we're looking for design proposals ATM10:08
mindspinso I'll try to play around even if its double work at all....10:11
jendaplay around with what, exactly?10:12
mindspinthe website10:12
jendaWell, what we're looking for now is front page mockups10:12
jendafor SU10:12
mindspinlayout and look10:12
mindspinthat#s what I will play with...10:13
matthewrevelljenda: Surely the Doc Team server space offer will suffice for SU?10:13
jendait's not double work - it's as many as we can get and we'll pick the one we like best.10:13
jendamatthewrevell: if they ever get to finally giving it to us, yes.10:13
mindspinit is , because I#m sure that my "graphics will not be used10:14
matthewrevelljenda: What's the delay, as you see it?10:14
jendaSo far, I've only heard "first make sure you know what you want and why", matthewrevell10:14
Madpilotjenda, that sounds like excellent advice to me...10:14
jendaheh - they will if they are the best, mindspin10:14
matthewrevelljenda: Sounds reasonable to me.10:14
jendaIt doesn't to me, because I think that is quite clear.10:15
matthewrevelljenda: What can they offer us unless we know what we need?10:15
mindspinnope, I'm no graphics guy...10:15
ormiretjenda: what is it we're actually after from them?10:15
jendaOK tell me then - what is missing?10:15
matthewrevelljenda: Okay, so we need some web server space for SU? Perhaps they'd like to know whether it's gonna be running PHP, do we need a MySQL database or will it be flat files? Or even PostgreSQL?10:15
matthewrevellSo, we tell them that sort of thing and they'll be more than happy to work with us.10:16
jendaWeb hosting and a subdomain - they offered that themselves. If they haven't, I'd set up a server at Sara or nalioth's space and have it all set.10:16
jendaI'm happy with an apache directory tree somewhere linkable.10:16
jendaSee mailing list.10:16
matthewrevellI'm concerned you're starting to feel that people are working against you.10:16
matthewrevellThey're not. We're not.10:17
jendaTime is against me right now.10:17
ormiretjenda: I think the confusion is that you spoke about a repository, which to a coder is version control10:17
jendaI need to leave in an hour and I'm not packed yet.10:17
matthewrevellNo it's not. SpreadUbuntu will live while you're away. Don't worry. Chill. It'll work better if we're relaxed about it.10:17
jendaormiret: sorry - to clarify: we do not need any version control other than bzr/LP10:17
jendamatthewrevell: yes, that's great, but I wanted to have hosting set up before I leave.10:18
matthewrevellSo pack, leave, enjoy your time away and those things that need you will wait. Everything else will carry on quite happily.10:18
matthewrevelljenda: But why? We know we have a good offer from the Doc Team. It's okay mate :)10:18
matthewrevellIt's summer.10:18
jendamatthewrevell: and #spreadubuntu needs to be taken care of as well.10:18
matthewrevellPeople go away :)10:18
jenda:) OK10:18
ormiretright, I'll send something the ML clarifying what we need and it ought to be ready before your back10:18
matthewrevellHonestly, don't worry about things too much.10:19
jendahehe :)10:21
jendaYeah, you're right - this had me a little over stressed. Add to that my dad who constantly has me running to fix something on his computer (such as the printer icon not being there - fixed by clicking OK in the print dialog).10:22
jendamatthewrevell: if you could rip the SU wikipage apart as well, it would be appreciated :)10:23
mdkejenda: hi10:29
=== mdke reads some scrollback
mdkejenda: you're not where you started at all, I said that there is hosting available. Only a day has passed since then, I don't think you need to get all excited about things. We'll sort it out10:32
jendaOK, mdke :)10:33
jendaSorry, got a little stressed there.10:33
jendaI'll be gone for a week, count me back in Tuesday night.10:34
mindspinmdke: are you familiar with the file structure of the server?10:34
=== jenda wonders what server we're talking about - the docteam's server?
mindspinor better, the file hierachy conventions..10:34
mdkemindspin: which server?10:34
mindspinthe one wher SU will run on10:35
=== silbs [n=jane@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendamindspin: that is all to be decided yet.10:36
mindspinOk I#ll keep my feet calm until it is clear10:37
jendaBut... maybe we're running a little ahead of things. All we need now is a design proposal for the front page.10:37
jendaAs for the content, it's sketched out in the wiki.10:37
mindspinyou mean just a screenshot?10:38
jendawell - almost ;)10:41
jendamindspin: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-marketing/2006-July/000475.html10:43
mdkemindspin: well, yes I'm admin of that server, so I am familiar with the filesystem10:44
mindspinI've read it already ;-)10:44
ormiretmindspin: somthing like this: http://sh.nu/~crimsun/mirror/ubuntu-marketing/spreadubuntumockup54dh.png10:45
mindspinmdke:  its just useful to let the links point to rthe right places a.s.o. is it running a cms or is it "plain" html10:45
ormiretyou can make it in an image editor if you want10:45
mdkemindspin: it's not running anything10:46
mdkeyou can use whatever software you like, within reason10:47
mindspinI'd prefer just CSS10:47
jendaormiret: btw, that's very old, and SU should look different to what it was intended ATM of making of that mockup. It is, however, in essence what we're looking for, I think. I'd add a bit of text fro ubnutu.com to make it look more real.10:50
ormiretyeah, was just looking for an example of a mockup10:50
jendaOK :)10:51
mdkeis that the same as the one on the wiki?10:53
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaHello Seveas :)11:01
jendaIn soviet russia, jenda sets ban on YOU!!11:01
Seveasso this is spovet russia?11:03
jendaWell, it could be, but I'm feeling meciful.11:03
jendabesides, it could be turned against me... 11:04
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jendaGotta go. Back on tuesday night.11:24
=== rob [i=Robert@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.rob] has left #ubuntu-marketing ["Leaving"]
Madpilothave a good trip, jenda11:25
=== dabearWIN [n=dabear__@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
dabearWIN#goubuntu redirects here?12:28
dabearWINhm, seems correct. " #goubuntu #ubuntu-marketing :Forwarding to another channel"12:37
matthewrevellThat's new.12:39
Seveassince earlier today it does that12:40
matthewrevellOh right. Have the GoUbuntu guys done that?12:41
Seveasfreenode staff12:41
Kamping_Kaiserthought it must have been12:41
matthewrevellAh right.12:41
dabearWINwhy did that happen? that gobutu-bot was cool :D12:41
Seveasfor a very distorted meaning of cool perhaps12:42
matthewrevellSeveas: Do we know why they did that? I liked the fact that they were clearly separate :)12:42
Seveasmatthewrevell, because people using ubuntu un their channel name lose their channel if they are abusive12:42
matthewrevellSeveas: That's fair enough.12:43
Seveasfyi, I am ubuntu <--> freenode contact, so you can poke me for any IRC related problems12:44
matthewrevellAh nice one.12:45
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mdkenixternal: no, no, no03:30
nixternaluh oh03:30
nixternalwhat did i do?03:30
=== mdke groans at the level of confusion introduced into the marketing list
mdkeyour mail on the "repository" thread (a) misunderstands what matthewrevell is saying, (b) confuses hosting sites in the Ubuntu datacenters with hosting sites elsewhere, and (c) is wrong anyway03:32
mdkei'll post to clarify03:32
=== nixternal looks back over the email
nixternalare you talking about the *.ubuntu.com one?03:36
nixternali am going by what was brought up in a previous meeting03:38
mdkeyeah, but you've completely misunderstood03:39
mdkedon't worry03:41
nixternalok. if images, and documentation, or ideas needs some hosting, can't that be done via bzr?03:41
nixternalspread.ubuntu.com would be yet another store front so to speak03:41
mdkebzr is a revision control system, it doesn't serve websites03:42
nixternalthat i know03:43
nixternalhosting was a bad way to describe03:43
nixternalthanks for clarifying that...need to head out now..thanks mdke03:44
nixternaltalk to you later03:44
mdkenixternal: ok.03:46
mdkenixternal: the basic position is to assume that all the tools will be available one way or another, and to focus on what tools are most appropriate for managing the project, and then getting on and planning the project itself03:49
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gnomefreakis it safe to ban him?04:22
gnomefreakhe was banned at one time i guess someone lifted it04:23
matthewrevellI've got channel ops04:23
gnomefreakme too04:23
gnomefreakscrew it im banning him again i concider that flooding/spamming04:24
matthewrevellgnomefreak: I think he's probably joing #gobuntu, and noticing that it's forwarding to this channel.04:24
matthewrevellThat's not what he expects, so he leaves and tries again.04:24
gnomefreakwhat do you mean fowarding (why is it fowarding?)04:24
=== gnomefreak knows what fowarding is but on the why part is what bothers me
matthewrevellFreenode have forwarded 'goubuntu here, because the channel has been removed. Seveas mentioned ealier that, as the #gobuntu chaps have abused this channel, they have lost the right/privelege to use the ubuntu name in a channel name04:25
gnomefreakah makes sense04:26
gnomefreakok lets see what happens but im thinking this cant be a good thing04:26
matthewrevellAFAIK There's only a couple of them and they're both banned from the channel, so I can't see it being a problem.04:27
gnomefreakcody is the (bad one) from what i hear04:28
gnomefreakhim and his bot(s)04:28
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adamant1988hello all.05:32
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adamant1988_hi everyone05:45
adamant1988_what's everyone up to today?05:49
mindspinIm playing around with su webdesign05:50
mindspinand trying to write a rather detailed text for the mailinglist about media relations and a project for it05:52
adamant1988_I wish kubuntu looked more like Ubuntu05:55
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mindspini love the kubuntu look05:55
mindspinbeside my love for kubuntu at all05:56
adamant1988blue is jsut so standard anymore, the orange is 'different' in my opinion05:56
mindspinI like it blue and hate brown, orange is nice but ubuntu is far too much brown for me...05:56
adamant1988I really like the orange, and I liked KDE a bit more (except for my kubuntu install was buggy as all get out), idk, just a personal pref...05:56
dabear__does anyone know if we'll get a better kubuntu theme for edgy? I really mislike the current icons06:13
adamant1988who knows. lol06:14
mindspindabear__: yup, for what I#ve seen, Ken and the other artists are doing well06:16
dabear__mindspin, ok good.I dunno who ken etc are thoug06:17
mindspinken wimer is the one responsible for the artwork06:17
mindspindoes anyone have a link to jendas SU  structure screenshot file ?06:31
mdkemindspin: it should be on the wiki I think06:32
mindspinI#ll have a look06:32
mindspingot it thanks mdke06:34
dabear__this is what we should aim for in edgy :D http://jimmac.musichall.cz/images/guimockups/desktop/menu_open.png06:35
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nixternalhello all07:17
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Codyhey, I apologize about the spamming that happened09:33
BurgworkCody, you joining and parting? spamming is only an issue on busy channels, so no need to apologize09:36
CodyNo, thats not it09:41
CodyWe were aiming spam at a particular person the other day, and I'd like apologize09:41
nixternalCody: jenda will be afk for more then a week09:41
Cody Yeah I know. And I am also curious as to why #goubuntu directs here...09:42
nixternalbecause of the incident and the bogus use of the ubuntu name from my understanding..that was done by freenode afaik09:42
nixternalthe ubuntu irc policy was disrespected, so that is why they did it09:43
CodyI guess the GoUbuntu project is dead then09:43
nixternali believe if you are serious about spreading ubuntu and helping ubuntu, why do a seperate thing?09:44
CodyI hadn't heard of spreadubuntu.com09:44
nixternalthis team is rebuilding currently and has great support from the higher ups all the way down in the community09:44
CodyStromham was behind it, he could be evil...09:44
nixternalwell, i would have to disagree with that, because your bot the other night said you had heard of it09:44
nixternaleverything was aimed at jenda and spread ubuntu09:45
Codythat wasn't mine09:45
CodyI mean I didn't know about it til the other night, and thought they had come out of nowhere09:45
nixternalim not saying it was, but you fed into the whole situation...but that is old news...if you are serious about helping out marketing ubuntu, and knew about the Marketing Team, why start your own thing?09:46
nixternalim just curious09:46
nixternalspread ubuntu is actually a little old, however i had only heard of it over the past few months via ubuntupeople09:46
CodyWell, I am on your team now... spreadubuntu's progress was very slow09:47
Codythe goubuntu site was close to up, we had a meeting tonight, and it would have been done09:48
nixternaljust so you know..what angered everyone was a combination of a few things...the misuse of the channel, derogatory remarks made towards a certain person, and for someone wanting to partake in the Ubuntu community, the CoC flew out the door with all of that...but like I said, the past is the past, and if jenda finds it so, then i think everything will be fine09:48
CodyI apologized to jenda via im09:49
Codyhe responded ok09:49
CodyDo you mind if I help you guys?09:49
nixternalthats cool man09:49
nixternali don't mind at all...all the help we can get is great09:49
Codyk, and my bot Cobotu is dead09:49
Codyso no worries09:49
nixternalUbuntu is about all of us, not one person09:49
CodyDo you guys have a logo?09:50
nixternaladding one more makes Ubuntu larger in that aspect09:50
nixternalwe have the Ubuntu logo and thats it09:50
BurgworkCody, the marketing team does not need a specific logo, we use the ubuntu one09:50
nixternalwe will not be using a logo here...however it had been noted the color scheme with your lion logo was pretty nice ;)09:50
CodyIf your interested you can view history at http://goubuntu.blogspot.com/09:51
CodyDoes spread ubuntu have a blog?09:51
nixternalwe got all of that...we did a little research while the incident took place the other night ;)09:52
Codyno surprises09:52
nixternalas of now, no we do not Cody, we are just starting a rebuilding phase09:52
nixternalall of that is actually be communicated through the mailing list and meetings09:52
Codyso you don't need one?09:52
nixternalas of right now, i would have to say no, but that isn't up to me Cody09:53
ompaulCody,  have a look at that   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu09:53
nixternalthx ompaul09:53
ompaulCody, ehh may I pm?09:55
CodyIf anyone is using Kubuntu or Xubuntu, I'd like  some screeshots10:09
ompaulyou would need to define what you want shown, I think it would be good if you got something together and asked people to dupe it10:11
ompaulso if you show playing a CD or browsing the web then that could be replicated10:11
CodyI setup some example shots10:12
ompaulwell even do them for real ;-)10:12
Codythats what I mean...10:12
ompaulthat works10:12
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CodyWelcome daejuan10:13
Codyhow are you?10:14
daejuanI could probably use some.10:15
Codyme too...10:16
CodyWhat ubuntu version you running?10:17
daejuanEdgy Eft10:17
Codyhow is it?10:17
daejuanSo far so good10:17
daejuanNewest Gnome version as always10:18
Codyhow much better is it?10:18
daejuanUpdate Manager is finely intergrated10:18
Codythat's worth the upgrade right there10:19
daejuanalong with a few other things like Beagle10:19
daejuanI usually always run the latest version of Ubuntu10:19
daejuanAs I like to mess with thing10:19
CodyI would if I could10:20
daejuanwhat was the discussion before I got here?10:25
CodyMy apologies10:25
Codyabout spamming the other day10:26
Codyand I am helping you guys now10:27
daejuanoh, ok, so what was the spamming about? I read some of the log yesterday.10:27
Codyi believe if you are serious about spreading ubuntu and helping ubuntu, why do a seperate thing?10:29
Cody(02:44:34 PM) Cody: I hadn't heard of spreadubuntu.com10:29
Cody(02:44:41 PM) nixternal: this team is rebuilding currently and has great support from the higher ups all the way down in the community10:29
Cody(02:44:58 PM) Cody: Stromham was behind it, he could be evil...10:29
Cody(02:44:59 PM) nixternal: well, i would have to disagree with that, because your bot the other night said you had heard of it10:29
Cody(02:45:17 PM) nixternal: everything was aimed at jenda and spread ubuntu10:29
Cody(02:45:18 PM) Cody: that wasn't mine10:29
Cody(02:45:49 PM) Cody: I mean I didn't know about it til the other night, and thought they had come out of nowhere10:29
Cody(02:46:05 PM) nixternal: im not saying it was, but you fed into the whole situation...but that is old news...if you are serious about helping out marketing ubuntu, and knew about the Marketing Team, why start your own thing?10:29
Cody(02:46:07 PM) nixternal: im just curious10:29
Cody(02:46:40 PM) nixternal: spread ubuntu is actually a little old, however i had only heard of it over the past few months via ubuntupeople10:29
Cody(02:47:19 PM) Cody: Well, I am on your team now... spreadubuntu's progress was very slow10:29
CodyDoes that help?10:29
daejuanyeah, thanks a lot.10:30
Codyhey, I added a few screenshots at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu10:32
daejuanCool, I can make a few screenshots of me doing random junk, like writing code, using Beagle, compiling software, etc..10:33
Codysry its at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu#preview10:33
ompaulhave you saved it yet?10:33
ompaulI am not seeing anything new10:34
daejuanI am, try refreshing it, it's probably your browsers cache10:34
ompaulEnd of edit conflict10:35
ompaulCody, check out the conflicting things there10:35
CodyI am trying10:35
daejuanIt should be three links under10:35
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daejuanughh, I'm about to take a nap, been at work since 6am, and just got off at 2:30pm. May be back on later.10:41
CodyI fixed the conflicts10:48
darkmatter_dang.... eyes are getting sore... need a break from coding.....10:52
Codywhat are you coding?10:52
darkmatter_hacking together a ubuntu specific mod of the slab...10:52
darkmatter_it loks like I'll end up rewriting it... lol10:53
darkmatter_I'm making it cleaner/friendlier10:53
darkmatter_and a tad smaller10:53
Codyhave fun...10:53
darkmatter_thats the current state10:54
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darkmatter_search filter selection isn't functional yet10:54
Codylooking at it now10:54
Codylooks good10:55
darkmatter_I'll probably set the show and more applications to relief none as the default10:56
darkmatter_so the button shows only on mouseover10:56
Codysounds good10:57
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Codyhello gaz0011:01
gaz00hi cody!11:01
gaz00how's it going?11:01
Codyg2g, ttyl11:03
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