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ballhello ivoks08:29
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ballhello stomham08:31
ballDoes #ubuntu work well with dual-core or dual-processor PCs?08:33
stromhamdo what/08:34
ball(I'm pondering edubuntu and I think all the apps would run on one box, so it would have to be fairly beefy)08:34
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ball(or as beefy as PCs get anyway)08:35
ballSomething I said?08:36
ivoksit works wll with dual processors08:38
ivoksi didn't try it on dual-core :)08:38
ballivoks: thanks, that gives me a clue at least.  Does it balance the load across the two chips?08:38
ivoksball: like any other linux distribution08:39
ballI'm new to Linux08:39
maswanit works fine on dual core too, but this is fairly off-topic fo server development discussion08:39
ivoksagree. :)08:40
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A-Kaserpoy poy10:28
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Jeeves_Are there known issues with Ubuntu Server 6.06 on a Dual Xeon?11:18
Jeeves_I have some 'non responding' CPU's...11:18
Jeeves_It's funny, the installer kernel boots, but the installed kernel reboots half way11:20
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RShadowI current have a remote ubuntu server, that I like to monitor remotely.. currenty I have a bunch of terms sshed into the machine to view various things.. however this eats up alot of the server resources.. any ideas for a better way?12:16
A-Kasersnmp + cacti12:17
RShadowcan you elaborate a little bit (or possible point me in the direction of a decent HOWTO)12:18
A-Kaserthe server are monitored by snmp12:19
A-Kaserit's a protocol and a daemon12:19
A-Kaserafter you can check the data over network and archvied12:20
A-Kasercacti http://www.cacti.net/12:20
A-Kasercan display information and history12:20
RShadowcool.  I'll check it out12:21
lionelpRShadow: there is a page on help.ubuntu.com/community on cacti (probably h.u.c/community/cacti)12:30
RShadowawsome... Thanks for the info12:32
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KamionWould someone who's experienced in writing specifications mind writing some use cases for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuServerTasks? I've done the rest of the specification, but I couldn't quite face the use cases ...05:03
Kamionsome way to make them not just effectively a copy of the design would be nice05:03
=== Kamion tries prodding neuralis too
KamionA-Kaser: was that directed at me?05:05
A-Kaseryes :)05:06
KamionA-Kaser: if you have no idea what I'm talking about, please ignore it05:06
A-Kaserok if you want05:07
Kamionah, good, neuralis has volunteered05:08
A-KaserI never use a "specified" server install, because we don't know which packages will be installed05:13
A-Kaserso we make all the servers install manually05:13
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FunnyLookinHatI'm setting up a very basic X server on my ubuntu server install and did an install xserver-xorg and configured it but it's telling me:08:36
FunnyLookinHatFatal server error:08:36
FunnyLookinHatcould not open default font 'fixed'08:36
FunnyLookinHatWhat package do I have to install to get that error fixed??08:36
FunnyLookinHatAhh, found it... x-window-system-core08:43
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terjehi, I'd like to configure my freshly installed ubuntu-server as a nat-gateway for a subnet I'm working.10:36
terjeerr.. working on.10:37
terjeany pointers?10:37
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A-Kaserterje, nop11:47
lionelpterje: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo11:48

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