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TheWardenHi. I downloaded Edubuntu Live CD image.. burnt it and I can't get it to boot up. I see the startup menu.. I've tried all the options I know how to do.. it starts loading and then at the end the screen goes blank with a flashing cursor01:57
TheWardenthen just sits there. Nothing else happens afterwards. What else can I do to get it to work?01:57
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cwilluhow do I log in on the local console (root?) on a edubuntu-net-booted terminal?  or alternatively, is there any way to make a local (to the terminal) drive available (to apps running on the terminal or the server)?04:02
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sbalneavEvening all!04:13
=== TalentedChimp [n=paul@] has joined #edubuntu
bddebianHello sbalneav04:24
sbalneavbddebian: Hello there!04:24
jsgotangcosbalneav: hey scott!04:34
sbalneavhey jsgotangco 04:35
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bimberihi all.  jsgotangco it's funny how once you see a name you start noticing it a lot more - http://softwarefreedomday.org/sfi/TshirtSigners  (2nd on list)04:54
jsgotangcoaseigo's big on KDE04:55
bimberias i'm now realising :)04:55
jsgotangcoi think he's working for trolltech at the moment04:59
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xblanybody tried scribus on edubuntu?05:31
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bashhey mhz 06:36
bashare you there ?06:36
mhzbash: hey06:36
bashwhat up!06:37
mhzanda a acotarte06:37
mhzes muy tarde06:37
bashmhz, i sleep all day..06:37
mhzaah, de veras!06:37
mhzbash: I am talking to arkan0x about dsslive and his expereinces with it so far06:38
bashmhz, what is the developed version of ubuntu ? 06:38
bashdapper ?06:38
mhzthe release is 6.06 and the 'under development' is edgy (6.10)06:38
mhz6.06 = dapper06:38
bashoe loko tube dramas con la instalacion de dapper 06:39
arkan0xbash, edubuntu-es plis :D06:39
bashla version que te enviaban un solo CD06:39
arkan0xbash, #edubuntu-es plis :D06:39
arkan0xor #ubuntu-es :D 06:39
bashajaja (plis)06:39
mhz"a mi no plis"06:39
bashversion ql. la wea live cd nunca me pesco el particionamiento del installer06:40
arkan0xbash, para que seamos mas en edubuntu-es 06:40
arkan0xa mi si me pesko el particionamiento del live , en 2 tarros distintos he probado :D06:41
bashen esta wea no pesco probe con cuantas live cd06:41
mhzbash, I have not used live CD yet06:41
bashtoas se congelaban 06:41
bashen la zona de particionamiento06:41
arkan0xbash, es tu hd :D 06:42
bash"Editar Particion"06:42
basharkan0x, no puede ser el harddisk si breezy paso colaoo06:42
bashes la ui ql06:42
arkan0xbash, viste los logs ?06:42
bashque logs wn si es una live cd.06:42
bashse conjela06:42
bashno deja hacer nada06:42
bashla unica opcion es reiniciar la maquina06:43
mhzbash: and the min. requirements were ok?06:43
bashwhat ?06:43
bashtoy con un sempron de 2.8 + 256 ram ddr06:43
mhzbash: the minimum requirements to run LiveCd06:43
arkan0xbash, tiene logs 06:43
bashdisco duro de 80 gb06:43
arkan0xuna live tiene logs 06:44
basharkan0x, claro06:44
bashii cuando reinicio el pc06:44
bashcomo los veos '?06:44
bashseguro te va aguardar los registros en la ram06:44
mhzcat /var/log/...06:44
arkan0xnono , cuando estas instalando con ubiquity (el gui) , se te generan logs 06:44
bashsip. claro pero te reitero que la maquina queda completamente congelada06:45
mhzaah, y ubiquity no te alcanza a mostrar log?06:45
bashahora lo que voy hacer, es migrar de breezy a dapper :D por APT06:45
bashlo que al mhz no le gusta :D:D:D06:45
mhzbash: please don't do it06:45
arkan0xbash, que raro lo que te paso06:45
bashmhz, yES, YEST06:45
arkan0xa mi no se me congelo ni nada 06:45
mhzbash: it is super weired 06:45
arkan0xinstale rebien06:45
=== mhz scratches his head
bashmhz, te apuesto una luca que la instalacion me la hace cagada de la risa :D06:46
mhzbash: yup, $100006:46
mhzbash: but...06:46
=== bimberi [n=bimberi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #edubuntu
mhzbash: I know APT will work06:47
mhzbash: it is the system I am afraid it will break06:47
bash a que no06:47
mhzbash: $1000 but I MUST be there to look06:48
bashte doy permiso por ssh para que webes su rato xD06:48
mhzbash: hehehe, hmmm06:49
sbalneavNight all07:17
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sbalneavGood morning #edubuntu!01:49
sbalneavogra: ping01:50
FujitsuGood evening, sbalneav!01:52
sbalneavFujitsu: Morning!01:52
FujitsuEvening! Late evening at that.01:53
cwilluooo, people01:54
FujitsuOoh, a cwillu!01:55
cwillusay, what users exist on the remote image?01:55
cwilluquite!  :)01:55
Fujitsucwillu, none as far as I know.01:55
FujitsuYou can always check.01:55
cwilluwell, there's must be at least root01:55
cwilluhow do I check?01:55
FujitsuWell, yes.01:55
=== Fujitsu locates the LTSP root.
cwilluchroot from the server?  because I can't seem to log in from the terminal01:55
FujitsuI haven't set up a server in a whole two weeks, I can't remember what the default root is...01:55
ogracwillu, root is locked by default as in all ubuntus :)01:55
ogramorning sbalneav 01:55
FujitsuYou can look at the passwd in the LTSP root.01:56
cwilluogra: no, it's just set to a random password that you're not told01:56
Fujitsucwillu, no.01:56
ogracwillu, nope01:56
Fujitsucwillu, it's set to nothing, thus disabled.01:56
ogracwillu, but you can set a password for root in the client chroot if you need to log in to the client for debugging01:56
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 passwd01:56
ograthat will forst ask for your user pw and then for the one you want to set in the chroot for root01:57
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 passwd -l will lock it again01:57
cwilluwow, there's alot of bad info on the net then... :p  I've read the random password thing in a good 5 or 6 places01:58
Fujitsucwillu, where? I'll go and email the webmasters about it. >:)01:58
sbalneavBwahahah!  You trust the internet?!?!? :) 01:58
cwillugoogle ubuntu root random password01:59
cwilluof course not :p01:59
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.01:59
sbalneavYou realize you're not even talking to humans, but incredible computer simuations, right? :)01:59
ogracwillu, see the wikipage the bot posted01:59
cwillusbalneav: of course;  I wrote the simulation :p01:59
cwillucalm down calm down01:59
=== sbalneav bows to his maker
cwillueither way, sufficiently random password or disabled login under that user has the same effect;  so I have to create a user on that image if I want to do anything local on it (such as using a local harddrive)?02:00
ogralocal devices work with a daemon running as root on the client02:02
cwilluand just to be pendantic, passwd -l root locks it again, not passwd -l it seems :p02:02
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinClientLocalDevices describes how we'll implement it for the next release02:03
pygihi jsgotangco 02:03
cwilluI suppose I should also note that I'm not running a clean edubuntu, it's an xubuntu-desktop with various packages installed02:03
cwilluogra, ah, thanks :)02:03
ogracwillu, not if you run it via chroot02:03
cwilluogra, I just ran it as chroot, and it gave me the help page02:03
ogra(passwd -l)02:03
ograwell, chroot makes you root, if you run passwd -l it locks the pw of the currently used user (root)02:04
ogra(at least it should)02:04
cwillumaybe it's different for root specifically02:04
cwilluI just logged in on the remote terminal, and then did passwd -l on the chroot again;  help page.   passwd -l root locked it though02:05
ograwell, might be ... i never use root ... not even while developing :)02:05
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cbx33good afternoon all !02:05
FujitsuLate evening, cbx33.02:05
cbx33what a sucky day !02:05
cwilluso is that still under development, the stuff that page is talking about?02:06
jsgotangcocbx33: we all have that02:06
cbx33jsgotangco: do you have 500 kids running round the place thinking they own it?02:06
cbx33anyone heard of glscube ?02:06
jsgotangcocbx33: i have 20,000 simultaneous people in a server if you would like an anology02:06
cbx33we'll call it even :p02:07
jsgotangcoexcept most of these people online are consenting adults02:07
cbx33and not annoying little brats02:07
cbx33who have now started nicking pc components out of the machines02:08
cwilluheh;  I'm guessing I'm in for a world of fun if I want to use captive-fs here, huh?  :)02:08
cbx33cwillu: what for ntfs writing?02:08
cwillulocal drive02:08
cwilludoing weird stuff for the hell of it02:08
cbx33an ntfs partition?02:09
cbx33there is an ntfs fuse module now02:09
cwillunot full write support though02:09
cwilluI believe captive uses fuse though (?)02:09
cbx33maybe nbot full but it worked ok for me?02:09
cbx33unless they renamed it02:09
cbx33get the latest knoppix disc and look for a command called ntfsmount02:09
cbx33it mounts an ntfs partition02:10
cwillubasically, I feel much more comfortable using the driver that created the damn thing in the first place :)02:11
cbx33but of course02:11
cwilluI don't recall getting a warm fuzzy feeling re: what I recall of the limitations vs dbaseIII work (yay :/)02:12
cwillueither way;  what I'd almost like is a zero footprint netboot, livecd ish02:12
cwillureally, I should just go to bed before I do anything stupid, come to think of it02:13
=== cbx33 made that mistake the other day
cbx33hosed his pc :D02:14
cwilluooo, fun02:14
cwillusee, part of my problem is I've got so many to hose, that I end up just ignoring the hosed one02:15
cwillubut they're scattered all over the city, so it's a pain to get a nice fresh (previously hosed but now ignorant of the reason) one02:15
cbx33hehe I know the feeling02:20
cbx33 :D02:20
cwilluso, x is launched with a broadcast for an xdmcp'ish server?  if I installed gdm or something as silly as ubuntu-desktop, would that do what I might think it might do?02:22
FujitsuNo, not XDMCP.02:23
cwillumost specifically, would I actually get a local prompt, possibly with the xdmcp option (and specifically if I changed the default x session to be a chooser?)02:23
FujitsuIt tunnels over SSH, then launches X through the SSH tunnel.02:23
cwilluright, that's that certificate regeneration thingie you need to run if the server changes ip02:24
FujitsuNot certificate, but yes.02:24
=== rodarvus_ [n=rodarvus@] has joined #edubuntu
cwilluis there any way I can get the chroot to use the cached packages from my main install?02:27
cwilluI really don't want to download 390 from a 10kb/s connection02:27
cwillu390mB that is02:27
cwilluhard link /var/cache/apt/ into /opt/ltsp/i386/var/cache/apt/?  :)02:29
ograi think even a softlink should work02:30
FujitsuHmm.... No, I don't think a symbolic link would work, as it installs the very base system, chroots, then installs the rest.02:32
FujitsuAnd once it chroots, the symlink is invalid.02:32
cwilluso hardlink...?02:33
cwilluand what else does that break :)02:33
cwillumaybe a unionfs approach would be safer02:33
cwillualternatively, I could just copy everything couldn't I02:35
cwillubut the real pressing question:  do I fire up the oven so I can cook a pizza?02:37
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ogranight jsgotangco 03:47
jsgotangcohey ogra, sorry was a bit busy today, got to do some pretty good malone work03:48
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #edubuntu
ograsorry ? what for ?03:48
jsgotangcoall of us are busy atm but after uvf things should be more interesting03:49
=== yvesC [n=yves@zenobi.ycombe.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S0106000b6a5631f9.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavGave up on gaim, installed xchat :)03:58
cbx33hey ogra 04:09
=== Petaris [n=Petaris@] has joined #edubuntu
PetarisHello all04:58
PetarisI don't suppose anyone has worked with bacula on edubuntu?04:58
=== ogra_ibook [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
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Petarisok, I found bacula in univers06:10
Petariser, universe06:10
Petarisnow to get it configured06:10
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=== Laser_away is now known as LaserJock
LaserJockgood morning Edubuntu!06:15
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockwb ogra ;-) how long do you have until you will move to your new place?06:19
ograend of the month the move has to be done06:20
ograi moved the rest of my office yesterday ... and i'll take either next or the week afterwards off 06:21
LaserJockogra: is bug #52552 because you had to remove lang packs?06:22
lucasvoogra: btw, did you upload already any changes to edgy?06:24
ogralucasvo, yes06:26
ografor ltsp06:26
ograLaserJock, the user needs the es locales installed and language-pack-es-base (or however its called) ... that cant work ...06:27
=== caravena [n=caravena@233-171-28.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockogra: what can't work?06:36
=== ogra_ [n=ogra@p548AFCEB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
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cbx33hi ogra 07:32
cbx33got a sec in pm?07:32
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cbx33ping ogra07:51
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sbalneav_reconfiguring my network somewhat.09:31
=== cberlo [n=berloc@mars.dsbn.edu.on.ca] has joined #Edubuntu
cberloHi folks.  Anyone set up an Edubuntu LTSP authenticating against Windows?09:34
Burgworkcberlo, you talking about AD?09:38
Burgworkit is currently not as easy it sounds. ajmitch is working on something with SoC that should make it eaiser09:39
cberloBurgwork: and I'd like to be able to map user home directories from Windows into a "Files" folder in their Linux home.  So far, I've been fairly successful, but I can't get the mounting stuff...09:39
cberloBurgwork: Have you used pam_mount, by any chance?09:41
Burgworknope sorry09:41
BurgworkI avoid messy things like actually using edubuntu ;)09:41
cberloI'm beginning to think I may need to try another avenue to get this all to work.  Seems like I can get most of what I want working, but mounting the drives is kinda critical...09:42
LaserJockcberlo: have you tried emailing the edubuntu-users list?09:43
cberloLaserJock: No, not yet.  Still searching to see if there is a more direct answer that I've missed.  That's on my list of things to do.09:43
=== sbalneav_ is now known as sbalneav
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cberloLaserJock: Okay, I'm done searching the list for answers, and I've fired off a request for help with my issues...  Hopefully that will help.  Thanks!09:59
LaserJockgreat, I hope it helps too10:01
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cbx33Hi all11:05
=== cbx33 is getting to the point of actually hating Microsoft
cbx33I hated it before but I'm at new levels of hate now11:05
cbx3331 mins to do a spyware xcan11:05
cbx33and it's still going11:05
cbx33I wish I was writing rules files abour now11:06
cbx3375000, objects scanned11:06
cbx33I've wasted 36 minutes of my life watching this11:10
cbx33there is no progress bar11:10
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