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sharmsanyone know how to change the importance of a bug?01:46
iGamasharms its not you that decide01:53
sharmsiGama: so if I file a bug, and leave it as untriaged, I cannot go back later and change it?01:54
sharmsDoesn't make much sense that I can confirm it fixed but not change priority01:54
iGamamaybe i can be wrong01:54
sharmsyou're probably right01:55
sharmsbecause I have searched high and low for it01:55
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lifelesssharms: so priority is assigned by the folk that work on the bug02:22
lifelesssharms: because they have the 'global view'02:22
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jameshlifeless: have any luck getting the company voip stuff set up at your end?03:11
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mpt_Goooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!05:01
mpt_Feeling better, stub?05:15
stub40C  fever broke last night taking most of the symptoms with it. Just left with a sore throat and aches after medication.05:32
mpt_yay, another spurious PQM failure06:19
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stubspiv: Got a review for me yet?09:15
spivstub: it's about half done by lines of diff, although I think probably the second half will be less interesting (the changes to the tests are less interesting than the infrastructure)09:16
stubYup. Mostly noise. 09:17
stubIt isn't a complete overhaul, but I think it is a step or two in the right direction.09:17
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cprovBjornT_: ping09:18
BjornT_hi cprov 09:18
cprovBjornT_: hi dude, about the testBrowse hint you gave me.09:19
cprovBjornT_: the 500 exception appeared, however the contents is empty ans screams09:20
cprovline 185, in contents09:20
cprov        old_location = response.tell()09:20
cprov    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tell'09:20
cprovsivang: morning 09:22
BjornT_cprov: oh, that's not good. i was quite sure that you could look at the error page, but maybe you can't. i'd say that's a bug, though.09:24
cprovBjornT_: can you check this soon for us ?  I don't realy need to check the pages contents, the fact it is a 500 is enough09:25
BjornT_cprov: sure, i'll take a look at it today. although i'd think that the UFD part is the important one, so i'd rather check for the UFD exception rather than checking for a 500 page.09:29
cprovBjornT_: I can't get the UFD in the pagetest :(09:31
BjornT_cprov: what exeption do you get if you set browser.handleErrors = False?09:31
cprovBjornT_: ohh, indeed, it's UFD09:32
cprovBjornT_: back on the former topic, I cannot use this approach for POST vars, can I ?09:34
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BjornT_cprov: well, it depends. for some you can, but for some you can't.09:36
cprovBjornT_: how do you mean ? can you give some example, or better can you check the bad-usage in soyuz/26... ?09:39
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BjornT_cprov: for the http() calls in 26-queue-pages.txt it'd be hard to convert them to new-style tests. it would be possible to do it (without modifying testbrowser), but i don't think it's worth the effort.09:47
cprovBjornT_: uhm, so the limitant factor is that they use POST ? 09:51
BjornT_cprov: actually, you might be able to do it. try passing the POST variables as a dict to browser.open(), like >>> browser.open('http://...', data={'QUEUE_ID': '1', 'Accept': 'Accept'})09:53
cprovBjornT_: let me check09:54
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cprovBjornT_: see https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/filenHwIoU.html10:01
cprovBjornT_: it failed 10:01
dokocprov, elmo: two Friday uploads: fontconfig (unsigned, but didn't get any mail), libxt-java (signed, I do have an upload file, but it's not in the archive). any hints?10:04
cprovdoko: will check, do you remember the time you uploaded them ?10:05
dokocprov: libxt-java: 15:30:29 UTC -2, just did overwrite the fontconfig .upload file10:07
BjornT_cprov: ok, so the data should be a string. passing in data='QUEUE_ID=1&Accept=Accept' could work then, but you might have to set the Content-Type header as well, and i don't see a way of doing that. (i'm also not sure if it will be a GET or POST request)10:07
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cprovBjornT_: let's give up for a while, bug #52487 will remember us later.10:09
UbugtuMalone bug 52487 in soyuz "Current pagetest environment doesn't support hand-made URLs" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5248710:09
BjornT_cprov: sounds good10:09
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cprovdoko: libxt-java_0.20050823-2ubuntu1_source.changes -> 'edgy.' (the ending DOT !!) REJECTED10:16
cprovdoko:  the fontconfig was "nearby" the last ?10:17
ddaajamesh: ping10:18
jameshddaa: pong10:18
ddaaare you aware that the branch scanner is currently broken?10:18
jameshddaa: yes.  I have a branch waiting for review to fix it10:19
SteveAjamesh, spiv, stub10:19
SteveAconf call time!10:19
jameshddaa: there were some differences between the test environment and production so an error slipped by10:19
jameshddaa: my branch fixes those env differences and the problem (plus makes some other cleanups)10:19
SteveAas soon as stub has explained to me how to drive it10:19
ddaajamesh: fantastic, thank you10:19
dokocprov: "nearby": don't know exactly, the changes file is from 10:00 -2.10:20
jameshddaa: I moved the bzrsync.py code to lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts as part of the cleanups10:20
dokocprov: I didn't get the rejected message ...10:20
jameshddaa: and it now gets run by the main zope test runner10:20
ddaajamesh: great! I had already done some preparatory work for that10:21
ddaaI'm very happy to hear that you completed the move :)10:21
cprovdoko: nevermind .. let's check at 1010:21
dokocprov: yes, fontconfig was unsigned, that should be the reason10:22
cprovdoko: alright, upload them again now, we can check for anything weird, but yes, unsigned changes do not generate any email.10:25
stubWe appear to have lost James and Steve. 10:26
stubStraight after a machine gun sound10:26
SteveAi can hear all three of you10:27
SteveAbut you cannot hear me10:27
SteveAmaybe it is my NAT flavour10:27
SteveAi had this with ekiga before on stun10:27
=== SteveA checks settings
stubI'm here10:30
stubYou can't here me?10:30
spivstub: no.10:30
SteveAstub: turn off STUN and NAT Traversal in the prefs10:30
cprovdoko: fontconfig and libxt-java were accepted, did you get emails ?10:32
stubI feel all alone10:33
SteveAeverything's gone choppy10:34
SteveAand you can't hear me10:34
stubDeclare SIP a failure for the time being?10:35
stubI prefer IRC meetings anyway :)10:36
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lifeless_jamesh: no, wanted to chat with you about local asterisks - I get -crap- audio via either a local asterisk or siproxd to the loopback service @ canonical, and with a local asterisk to the local asterisk11:09
lifeless_ddaa: what time is our bzr meeting ?11:10
lifeless_as in, hours from now11:10
ddaathanks for reminding me11:10
ddaaI think last time we discussed times, it was UTC 1200, that is 170 mins from now11:10
lifelessno way11:11
lifeless1000 perhaps11:11
lifelessit was before the review meeting11:11
lifelessand the review meeting is 110011:11
lifelessso, in 50 minutes, cool11:11
ddaaas you can see, my meeting muscle is a bit rusty11:11
SteveAgah... a day of meetings again!11:13
SteveAat least ddaa and lifeless know how to keep them brief :-)11:13
ddaaSteveA: lifeless: if you guys do not mind, I'm happy to skip it11:13
SteveAddaa: after EP, it's important to get things back on track11:13
ddaaI have a very short week, and I'd like to get some actual productive work out of it.11:13
SteveAi think 45 mins for a meeting will make little difference11:14
SteveAeven including 15 mins to stick a summary of action items and decisions on a mailing list11:14
=== ddaa supresses argument
ddaaokay, I'll start preparing the agenda11:15
=== lifeless agrees
UbugtuMalone bug 50743 in launchpad "sqlobject SelectResults.__contains__ generates bad SQL for some conditions" [Untriaged,Fix released]  11:49
UbugtuMalone bug 39814 in launchpad "Misleading login hint" [Medium,Fix released]  11:49
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glatzorHi carlos. Rosetta seems to completely ignore me. I cannot upload any po files nor request them.12:08
carlosglatzor: hi12:08
glatzoror https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+source/kdebluetooth/+pots/kbtobexclient/de/+upload12:10
glatzorThe uploaded translations do not appear in Rosetta and I don't get any confirmation e-mail.12:11
carlosglatzor: but you got the confirmation email, right?12:11
glatzorWhen I request a po file, Rosetta says that I will receive it by email, but this doesn't happen12:12
glatzorcarlos: No not even the confirmation e-mail.12:12
carlosno, I'm talking about the confirmation after the upload12:12
glatzorI checked my spam folders twice12:12
carloswhat you get in our Web UI12:12
glatzorAll looks fine in the web interface12:13
carlosstub: hi, could you check if Rosetta's scripts are enable on production ?12:20
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stuboops. I remember disabling them for some maintenance.12:31
stubcarlos: Fixed.12:31
stubWho wants to review or approve https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+spec/stop-spurious-test-failures ?12:32
carlosstub: ok, thanks12:32
carlosglatzor: you should get the email soon, seems like we had the scripts to do the imports disabled12:32
glatzorthanks a lot, carlos12:32
SteveAstub: "eternal libraries." ?12:35
stubspelling optional12:36
SteveAstub: looks good, but the spec should state what the 2-way deps are12:36
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stubSteveA: I don't know what they are. That is why the spec explicitly states the initial rule will be the current minus the two that are failing.12:43
SteveAwhich two are failing?12:44
stubcscvs and bzr12:44
spivcscvs and bzr currently both have issues due to the time issues.12:44
spivI think it wouldn't be hard to figure out the dependencies though.12:45
SteveAokay.  i'm happy with it.  i'd like lifeless to say whether he is happy about it.12:45
spivLots of them are obvious: sqlobject, twisted, zope are all clearly not dependent on launchpad.12:46
lifelessI'd like a wiki page that describes all the branches and what the depend on12:48
lifelessthen I'd like a proposed consistent way of managing the tests-to-run-for-each-branch12:48
lifelessi.e. 'sqlobject: run all', 'launchpad: run X,Y,Z' etc12:48
lifelessand at that point I'll say whether I'm happy, or if not, what it will take ot make me happy12:49
stubI'd like a solution we can turn on now.12:50
lifelesslast time we did this we shot ourselves in the foot.12:50
stubThat works for us and meets our goals.12:50
lifelessI'm in anothe rmeeting right now.12:50
lifelessbut what I'm suggesting is really no more than the bare minimum: we have to analyse our branches and decide12:51
stubIt doesn't address our immediate concerns any better12:51
SteveAlifeless: we're concerned only about merges into the launchpad branch right now12:52
SteveAthe rest can proceed as they currently do12:53
spivIf you define our immmediate concerns as "don't run cscvs or bzr tests on launchpad merges", then stub's right ;)12:53
lifelessSteveA: in which case, someone needs to analyze all the branches from the p.o.v. of 'can break by lp changing'12:53
SteveAthat's overdoing things up front12:54
SteveAwe first need a mechanism for running only the tests we want12:54
SteveAthen we can make the choice incrementally as we go along12:54
SteveAstarting with "run it all"12:54
SteveAthen analysing each one in turn as we need to12:54
SteveAthe two we want to analyze first are bzr and cscvs12:54
stubWe know cscvs and bzr are one way dependancies, so the spec explicitly states they are the only things that get turned off initially.12:55
=== stub adds that to assumptions
SteveAthere really is no need to have either a perfect technological solution or to analyze all the cases before making this initial improvement12:55
spivstub: <spiv> Lots of them are obvious: sqlobject, twisted, zope are all clearly not dependent on launchpad.12:56
lifelessis there a spec now ?12:56
lifelesslink me up12:56
lifelessSteveA: the second point I made was to have a mechanism for doing it.12:56
spivstub: So, changing check_merge isn't trivial -- the extra tests are run from a seperate makefile.12:56
stub(17:32:11) stub: Who wants to review or approve https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+spec/stop-spurious-test-failures ?12:56
SteveAstub has proposed a mechanism12:56
spivstub: take a look at sourcecode/Makefile12:57
stubspiv: Sure - you need to add a new rule to the sourcecode/Makefile too.12:57
spivOk.  I didn't see any mention of that in the spec.12:57
stubI would have assumed it was obvious to anyone attempting to implement it12:57
stubAdded Makefiles for dummies to code changes12:58
spivTa :)12:59
lifelessreview meeting in 1 minute12:59
=== spiv takes a breath between meetings
lifelessstub: +112:59
lifelessthat looks fine to me, tell me when the new target is present, I'll update pqm.conf12:59
lifelessor you can12:59
stubOk. I mentioned the idea to kiko so he might have already started. I'll point him at the spec and get him to assign an implementer01:00
lifelessmay I suggest spiv01:00
lifelessas he has done Makefile tweaking there already01:00
stubFine by me. I suck at Makefiles ;)01:01
spivstub: So do I, just no-one has noticed yet ;)01:01
spivBut sure, I can do this, it looks straightforward.01:02
lifelesswho is here for the review meeting ?01:02
lifeless* agena01:02
lifeless* next meeting01:02
lifeless* queue status01:02
SteveAall these strange people whose names start with "* "01:03
SteveAi am here01:03
lifelessnext meeting - 17th Jul, same time & place ?01:03
SteveAi may or may not be here, depending what's going on at the management meetings01:04
lifelessSteveA: please add an apology as appropriate when you know01:04
lifelessok, queue status01:04
lifelessspiv: whats up with 9 days ?01:04
spivlifeless: it's big.01:05
spivI'm nearly done.01:05
lifelessI see you have another big on01:05
lifelessI'll be interested to see the time it takes01:05
lifelessI'm wondering if its non-linear to review big branches01:05
spivI think I may punt salgado/launchpad/real-karma-context back to rejected, I'll take a look and decide very soon.01:05
spivI'll make sure to include the review time, I haven't added it up yet (it's been done over several sessions).01:06
SteveAit may be helpful for the author of the code to summarize their changes at a higher level01:06
SteveAsort of do a self-review first01:06
SteveAthis could help a reviewer get the idea of what's going on quicker01:06
spivby "back to rejected", I mean rejected from my queue, rather than rejecting the code...01:06
jameshthat was definitely useful when I was reviewing the mega-soyuz branch back in London01:07
SteveAparticularly if there is a higher-level pattern of refactoring that is implemented in a bunch of changes01:07
=== mholthaus [n=mholthau@johnny33.dersbach.ch] has left #launchpad ["Konversation]
spivSteveA: You mean more than the one or two sentences people add to PendingReviews?01:07
lifelessother than that its in good shape01:07
jameshKinnison and cprov were able to give an overview and suggest an order to review the parts of the patch in01:07
SteveAspiv: not really01:07
spivI find the descriptions on PendingReviews help my understanding quite a lot.01:08
SteveAspiv:  I mean for the author to take a diff and reply to it, like in an email, like reviewers do01:08
SteveA with > + whatever01:08
SteveAat the start of lines01:08
SteveAbtw, lifeless, I find reviews easier to read when they have email-style indenting "> + whatever" rather than just "+ whatever"01:08
SteveAI think all the reviewers use the former style except you01:08
lifelessspiv: I'm moving malc's branch to jamesh if thats ok, as its at 5 days 01:09
lifelessSteveA: interesting. I find the > gets in the way of reading the code.01:09
lifelessas I'm using to looking at normal diffs on my screen.01:09
SteveAI find its absence gets in the way of reading the comments01:09
spivjamesh: Yeah, I often wish the diff was in a slightly better order -- e.g. doctests for a feature before the code implementing the feature.  Although the "added files first" heuristic bzr has is a good approximation of that.01:09
spivlifeless: ok01:09
=== BjornT_ agrees with SteveA
spivI agree with SteveA.01:09
SteveAalso, its presence reflects the review as a conversation that starts with the code diff01:09
SteveAand is followed by a reply / comments01:10
lifelessin which case, jamesh - can you make pending-reviews spit it out in that format please ?01:10
SteveAand is followed by more replies to the comments01:10
=== danilos [n=danilo@] has joined #launchpad
BjornT_i wouldn't like pending-reviews to automatically indent it, though01:10
SteveAI actually asked for the following a while ago...01:10
spivlifeless: oh no, you'll break my "copy, paste, highlight, quote" muscle memory!01:10
lifelessBjornT_: why not ?01:10
SteveA - a link on the pending reviews page that serves up the diff01:10
SteveA - indented appropriately01:10
jameshspiv: I think the added files, removed files, changed files ordering is just an artefact of the way it generates a diff01:11
lifelessBjornT_: actually, I've given pagetest-tweaks to you to review.01:11
SteveA - with a custom mime-type x-code-to-review01:11
spivjamesh: it might be an accident, but it's a good one01:11
SteveAthis would allow me to register a helper app to handle the review with a single click01:11
daniloshi SteveA 01:11
lifelessSteveA: I'm +1 on the rest, but not the mimetype. I'd prefer it stays text/something01:11
BjornT_when i review i find it easier to read the real diff. but in a review email, it's easier to read if the diff is indented, since it makes it easy to see what the comments are.01:11
SteveAI'd prefer to have the ordering semantically meaningful like: changed interfaces, changed tests, changed code01:11
lifelessSteveA: if you mean text/x-code-to-review, then thats fine by me01:11
SteveAlifeless: yes01:12
spivlifeless: I think I agree with Bjorn -- for reading a straight diff, indentation/">"-quoting is pointless.  "> " helps if you're reading comments on a diff.01:12
SteveAI want to keep the links to diffs as plain diffs, as they are now01:12
SteveAhi danilos01:12
lifelessspiv: I do the review in an editor window, so I'm reading the plain diff - thats how I find it easiest to review.01:13
lifelessspiv: which is why my comment is about reading the code.01:13
lifelessmoving on, as there is a clear route forward01:13
lifelessActions from the last meeting: * stevea to add note about operator.attrgetter being better than trivial lambdas to lp coding guidelines01:14
lifelessSteveA: did you do that ?01:14
spivlifeless: Ah, I keep it in the browser, so I can refer back to code I've elided from the review, and possibly re-include it if I realise due to later code I have a comment on iot.01:14
SteveAi'll also note that guido said at EP01:14
SteveAand at PyCon01:14
SteveAthat lambda is staying for python 301:14
lifelessspiv: I find that awefully cumbersome. Still, I'm going to change to be like the rest of the boys01:14
jameshspiv: I do similar.01:14
jameshbrowser + editor01:15
spivlifeless: it's not ideal, but it's the best system I've found for me.01:15
jameshworks well with two monitors :)01:15
SteveAcarlos: ping01:16
SteveAlifeless: you ought to be able to just post-process your review01:16
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAlifeless: to use sed or awk to insert the quoting01:16
BjornT_for me it works quite well to use only an editor, >-indenting the part that i comment on in a first run. then the second run i delete what's not needed.01:16
lifelessSteveA: sure, its just cumbersome - its an extra tool.01:16
lifelessrather than brower + email, its browser + vim + email.01:17
spivlifeless: vim is my email ;)01:17
SteveAset up procmail to filter it ;-)01:17
lifelessmeeting over in 301:17
SteveAi have a point01:17
lifelessmeeting countup on hold01:17
SteveAlifeless: there's a spec somewhere about better messages from pqm01:17
SteveAand tied into that, the bzr httpd running on the place we keep our branches01:18
SteveAso that we can do things like have links to see what's in a [trivial]  patch01:18
SteveAwhat do we need to do to make it happen?01:18
SteveA(1. find the spec)01:18
lifelessfind the spec, let me review it by the next meeting01:19
lifelessthen assign it to a team or person01:19
SteveAit's rated "low" by mark/kiko01:19
lifelessthat one I have read, so, I will review in detail for next meeting.01:20
SteveAbut I think it is important to make incremental improvements in that direction01:20
SteveAparticularly as we're getting non-trivial trivials landing01:20
lifelessone thing we can do right now is setup bzr webserve01:20
lifelessthat will allow click-through analyse of the commits with no code changes01:20
spivlifeless: that's a great idea01:20
lifelessso is a cheap win01:20
SteveAgreat.  please.01:21
SteveAalso also, when do we move to the new box?01:21
SteveAstub: ^^^^ ?01:21
SteveAI don't know who is involved01:21
lifelessanything else for this meeting ?01:21
SteveAbut I heard the new dev box to replace launchpad team use of chinstrap is ready01:22
SteveAlifeless: I believe you have something to do with the new box, and moving all old branches to knit format on it.01:23
SteveAmaybe tell me what's happening after this meeting01:23
lifelessnothing to do with getting onto the new box01:23
lifelessprobably I need to be involved, but am not at the moment01:24
jameshSteveA: as part of the review fixes for one of my branches, I needed to expose the SQLObject syncUpdate() operation.  I did it by adding a new canonical.launchpad.interfaces.ISQLObjectSyncable interface01:26
jameshSteveA: spiv was okay with it but wanted another reviewer's opinion on the naming.  Does it sound okay to you?01:26
lifelessworks for me01:27
SteveAI think any sqlobject should by syncable by the application code.01:27
SteveABut also, this API isn't really about the content objects.01:28
SteveASo, I have two things to suggest:01:28
spiv(The original issue is that foo.syncUpdate() often more appropriate than flush_database_updates(), but security proxies tend to disallow that at the moment)01:28
SteveA1. Check to see if an object is an instance of the base sqlobject class we use, in the security policy, and allow that method for all of them. 01:29
jameshadding the method to canonical.database.interfaces.ISQLBase would probably be cleaner01:29
SteveA2. have a function that you apply to an instance, removing its security proxy and calling that method01:29
jamesh(since sync() and syncUpdate() can't be destructive)01:29
SteveAthe function is used for just that01:29
stubSteveA: If you mean a new box for bzr hosting Launchpad code, I have not been involved.01:30
SteveAbecause of the way security works today, adding this to an interface isn't really involved in making that call available01:30
SteveAso, it would be more just for documentation01:31
SteveAstub: okay.  so, who is involved, I wonder...01:31
lifelessreplacement chinstrap for us AFAIK01:31
SteveAlifeless will have to be involved for ensuring our place for branches is correct01:31
SteveAspiv on running a smartserver on there, eventually01:31
SteveAsomeone for setting up the bzr web server on there01:32
SteveAjamesh to set up pending reviews etc.01:32
SteveAmoving error reports rsyncing over...01:32
stubSo will smartserver and pqm coexist, or will smartserver supersede the PQM functionality we use?01:32
SteveAthey're different01:32
jameshSteveA: how would (1) be done?01:32
SteveAjamesh: there's a module inside webapp... authorization.py I think01:33
SteveAinside there, the security policy code needs a check added to say01:33
SteveA  if name == 'syncUpdate' and  isinstance(obj, SQLBaseWhatever):01:33
SteveA       return True01:33
SteveAthis code, being some of the oldest in Launchpad, probably isn't properly tested01:34
SteveAat least, not explicitly01:34
stub(I missed the earlier discussion, but I would have thought we could just make SQLBase implement an interface defining that method and make it available to logged in users.)01:34
SteveAnot really01:35
jameshSteveA: thanks.  I'll look at doing that then.01:35
SteveAbecause of how the security system works with interfaces01:35
SteveAthat's roughly how things will work in the future01:35
SteveAthere's some zope stuff to change first, and that's a new-webapp thing01:36
jameshstub: would security declarations for SQLBase apply to the subclasses though?01:36
=== SteveA thinks about lunch
jameshstub: (for reference, SQLBase does implement an ISQLBase class)01:36
SteveAjamesh: the adaption wouldn't work out right01:37
jameshSteveA: that's what I thought.01:37
=== jd_ [n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos] has joined #launchpad
SteveAthe interface would apply on subclasses, but most likely the right adapter would not be chosen01:37
glatzorcarlos: thanks. I just received my emails from Rosetta.01:37
carlosglatzor: cool01:37
SteveAso, stick it in the global security policy, and we'll refactor later on01:38
=== SteveA --> lunch
=== spiv --> dinner
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stubMy fever is returning so I'm off for the evening.02:02
stub(no - not disco fever)02:02
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=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubAre we supposed to arrive the Saturday or the Sunday before our sprint?02:11
=== danilos [n=danilo@] has joined #launchpad
carlosdanilos: hi02:21
daniloshi carlos02:21
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salgadoSteveA, around?03:21
=== jinty [n=jinty@213-156-52-99.fastres.net] has joined #launchpad
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salgadoor BjornT?03:42
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
BjornThi salgado 03:42
salgadohi BjornT. can you help me with some vhosting issues?03:44
salgadoin shipit, all browser:url declarations are meant to work only when using a setup similar to the production one. that is, it assumes the root url is /shipit-ubuntu03:48
salgadothis means that, if you access shipit through launchpad.dev/shipit-ubuntu/something, you'll get some broken links pointing to launchpad.dev/something-else03:49
salgadothis is a problem when I use getLink('foo').click() on new pagetests03:50
salgadoI was wondering if it'd be possible to configure a new rootsite that would allow me to test this properly, without breaking it in production03:51
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BjornTsalgado: i think it's better for SteveA to answer that question, i'm not sure how shipit is setup in production.03:54
salgadowe use some apache RewriteRules there03:56
flacostemorning kiko!04:04
kikohow are you francis?04:04
danilosg'morning kiko :)04:05
flacostefine for a monday morning :-)04:05
kikogood to see you around04:06
kikoflacoste, you know your adapters idea? I think you should talk to SteveA about it. I think it's a great idea but there is a caveat in doing so...04:06
flacostekiko: do you remember what caveat?04:07
kikoyes, I do, but let's see what SteveA says first. :)04:07
flacostekiko: OK, I'll mail SteveA with a request for comment04:08
kikoremember to nag him04:08
kikoor he will take 1000 years04:08
=== flacoste will remember
flacostekiko: should I move on with adding the search method then?04:09
salgadohas anybody seen something like https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/filenNkpXQ.html?04:10
salgadoBjornT, maybe you know what's going on there ^^?04:10
=== BjornT takes a look
salgadoI think I've seen this before, but I'm not sure04:10
kikoflacoste, is that work going to be useful no matter what high-level design you choose04:11
=== salgado looks at his reported bugs
flacostekiko: it will, we need to be able to search tickets04:11
salgadoBjornT, yeah, it's bug 4990504:11
kikoflacoste, then fine. but try getting in a phone call with stevea04:12
mdkewhen I am getting bug notifications by virtue of being subscribed to a duplicate of the bug, is there an easier way for me to unsubscribe except for going through all the duplicates of the bug to see which one it is that I am subscribed to?04:12
kikomdke, not yet, but that's a bug and bradb_ and I have discussed a solution for it.04:13
flacostewe even have a bug for that, bug 5056404:13
UbugtuMalone bug 50564 in launchpad-support-tracker "No way to search support requests" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5056404:13
mdkekiko: coolio04:13
flacostekiko: phone call with Steve, for the adapter refactoring or for the search method?04:13
kikoflacoste, for the former04:13
mdkekiko: how about that, it was the first duplicate :)04:14
kikomdke, see, sometimes our luck just holds04:15
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kikobradb, have a time to glance at that patch of mine?04:24
bradbkiko: The one on launchpad@? I saw stub responded to it.04:25
carlosSteveA: hi, around?04:25
kikobradb, do you want to take a look at it or should it just go04:25
bradbkiko: Hm, maybe I should do a once-over.04:26
kikohey ddaa?04:26
kikobradb, good idea04:26
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
bradbkiko: so, I'd add a comment to _processOrderBy, for PEP 8 compliance04:37
kikobradb, sure, good point.04:38
bradbkiko: punctuation/spelling:  "This list's columns which are, in practical terms, unique."04:39
bradbs/  / /04:39
bradbkiko: The next comment, I'd write as "Bug ID is unique within bugs on a product or source package."04:40
ddaakiko: pong04:41
bobbinIs it possible to flie bugs with attachments? When I was filing a report at launchpad.net I couldn't see how.04:42
ddaabobbin: There's an "add attachement" link in the top left box04:43
ddaathere's work in progress to make that more visible04:43
bradbkiko: I might tighten up the stable sorting comment to:04:44
bradb# Sort keys that guarantee (with rare exceptions, like test data) a04:44
bradb# stable sort. If not provided, we will make the sort stable by04:44
bradb# appending BugTask.bug and BugTask.id later on.04:44
bobbinddaa: thanks. I quickly got 'flamed' & works for me'd for filing a short bug (not too clearly), to which I would've attached clarifying screenshots, had I seen the link.04:47
kikobradb, cool -- anything else?04:47
ddaakiko: repong04:47
kikoddaa, matsubara told me of bug 52313. do you know about it?04:47
UbugtuMalone bug 52313 in launchpad-bazaar "Importing a CVS repository as a bzr branch does not work at all" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5231304:47
ddaakiko: sure I know about it, it's my cross04:48
kikoddaa, does this bug essentially bzr-native-imports?04:48
ddaait works, about as much as a tetraplegic newborn04:48
bradbkiko: My other main concern is the assumption about datecreated being stable, but I guess the test suite will tell, because I /think/ it would mainly be an issue in the test suite.04:49
ddaakiko: nope, it's "make imports not require manual driving from a vcs-imports member"04:49
kikobradb, agreed.04:49
ddaakiko: which depends on bzr-native04:49
kikoddaa, ah. okay.04:49
kikoddaa, can you kick that one manually?04:49
bradb(likewise with dateassigned, etc.)04:49
ddaakiko: I can give it some love, I hoped to get some code done today, but apparently it's not the day :(04:50
bradbkiko: What's the plan there? Wait and see?04:50
kikobradb, yep. I'm about to land it with your suggestions04:51
bradbkiko: ok, sounds good, thanks.04:51
ddaakiko: interestingly, it's also a case of "+source for CVS confuses people utterly"04:53
kikothat page is utterly confusing indeed04:53
ddaamodule should be "beaver" (sourceforge naming policy)04:53
ddaaactually, branch=HEAD04:53
ddaabranch should be MAIN (no other value is legal here since Montreal)04:54
ddaakiko: also, I _still_ cannot post +sourceadmin!04:54
kikoddaa, remind me why is that broken? permissions?04:55
kikoddaa, land the one-liner dude04:55
ddaait's probably more involved than you think04:56
UbugtuMalone bug 42928 in launchpad-bazaar "vcs-imports needs tests" [High,Confirmed]  04:57
ddaaI can get things done by poking the db manually anyway04:57
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kikocarlos, what is the potranslation table?04:59
kikoddaa, I thought it was just a permissions fix05:00
ddaait is just a permission fix, a very large one, with accompanying tests05:00
carloskiko: the table that stores all translations05:01
carloskiko: pomsgid table stores the english ones and the other the translations05:02
kikocarlos, what is it used for? I thought we stored these in posubmission?05:02
kikocarlos, why is having potranslation separate from posubmission useful?05:02
carlosposubmission link those translations with pomsgset05:02
carloskiko: because you can have the same translation for different pofiles05:03
carlosfor instance, evolution in hoary vs. evolution in breezy05:03
kikocarlos, sure. but does that matter?05:03
SteveAsalgado, BjornT: pong05:04
carloskiko: a lot, unless you want to repeat again and again the same string05:04
SteveAkiko, flacoste: pong05:04
SteveAcarlos: pong05:04
carloskiko: one potranslation row could be used 3-4 times05:04
kikocarlos, hmmm. I don't see that being such a big advantage, but ok.05:04
carloskiko: if we don't use a separate table, we would need it 3-4 times inside posubmission05:05
flacosteSteveA: do you have time to discuss https://launchpad.canonical.com/ITicketTargetAdapter05:05
carlosSteveA: do you have time for the meeting with danilos ?05:05
SteveAflacoste: I can discuss it briefly today.  There are some caveats, as kiko pointed out.05:06
SteveAcarlos: yes, how about at 30 minutes past?05:06
SteveAit is 6.07pm for me now05:07
flacosteSteveA: how do you want to do this: phone, irc, mail?05:07
carlosdanilos: is that ok for you?05:07
SteveAso at 6.3005:07
carlosSteveA: that's fine for me05:07
danilosSteveA, carlos: that sounds a bit too late05:08
carlosdanilos: it's 5.30 for you05:08
=== jd_ is now known as jd_away
SteveA22 mins from now05:08
danilosI need to be in the British embassy before 19h, and it depends on how long it takes05:08
danilosSteveA: sure then, lets try it then05:09
SteveAflacoste: let's try irc to start with05:09
SteveAflacoste: after my call with danilo and carlos05:09
flacosteSteveA: fine, just ping me when you're ready05:09
SteveAkiko: are you available on irc then too?05:09
carlosSteveA: hmm, I think danilo told me that he lacks a headset so this meeting should be on irc05:11
daniloscarlos, SteveA: that's right, I don't have it with me05:11
kikoSteveA, not really, I'm quite busy05:12
SteveAkiko: ok, np.  we should have a call sometime, btw05:13
kikosure thing05:14
ddaamh, I'm the one confused, the beaver cvsmodule was correct05:18
=== bobbin [n=local@216-140-11.0101.adsl.tele2.no] has left #launchpad []
danilosSteveA, carlos: ping?05:29
SteveAlet's hop over to #launchpad-meeting05:30
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
danilosSteveA: I'm in05:32
=== carlos_ [n=carlos@222.Red-88-9-27.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAcarlos_: -> #launchpad-meeting05:33
carlos_SteveA, danilos: Hi, sorry, I don't know what's going on with my irc connection today...05:33
=== Kreuger [n=kreuger@CPE00096b64a6de-CM0011e67c1e6b.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #launchpad
KreugerI was wondering if osmeone can help me05:33
carlosKreuger: just ask and we will try to help you05:34
Kreugerhow do I close a project and team I created?05:34
ddaamh... looks like svn://opensource.ikse.net crashed...05:39
=== glatzor [n=sebi@ppp-82-135-83-247.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #launchpad
ddaakiko: can you tick the checkbox there, please https://launchpad.net/products/picard/main/+sourceadmin05:48
ddaakiko: can you also copy the svn details from there https://launchpad.net/products/wormux/0.7 to there https://launchpad.net/products/wormux/trunk05:51
kikoddaa, it's unauthorized for me too.05:52
ddaayou're admin?05:52
=== ddaa shakes head in desperation
kikoddaa, looks like a real bug05:53
kikoor something in the security handlers05:53
kikoddaa, if you explain /how/ this should work matsubara should be able to fix it.05:53
carlosKreuger: I don't think we have a way to do it05:53
ddaathis form is thoroughly broken, something like the last 10 "fixes" have been done by folks not understanding what it should do, based on summary information05:53
carlosKreuger: Why do you want to do it?05:54
ddaakiko: that's why there's a bug saying that it should have tests05:54
ddaaI think I'll bump this bug to critical and pub bzr-native and do it before doing anything more on bzr-native...05:55
Kreugerbecause I've found it much too confusing, you have to link to external bugtrackers and such. a friend has set up another system that I will be using instead.05:56
kikoddaa, doesn't sound like a bad idea given it won't be as much work as bzr-native!05:57
ddaamatter of priorities...05:57
kikoddaa, prioritizing short tasks is often wise05:58
ddaathe boss made it absolutely crystal clear that I'm not to do anything but get good native-bzr imports from svn, and anything distracting me from getting there should be offloaded.05:58
ddaaWell, I think the +sourceadmin breakage got to the point when I need to spare the time to spec it out enough to offload it...05:58
carlosKreuger: ok, please, mail launchpad-users@lists.ubuntu.com with your request06:00
carlosKreuger: also, would be really helpful if you could add some comments about why did you choose the other system instead of launchpad06:00
carlosbut it's not a requirement, just some input to see what would we improve06:00
kikoBjornT, ping?06:04
SteveAflacoste: ping06:05
flacosteSteveA: pong06:05
SteveABjornT, salgado: there was a vhosting issue.  I'd like to discuss it after I have a brief chat with francis.06:06
SteveAflacoste: #launchpad-meeting please06:06
flacoste/joing #launchpad-meeting06:06
Kreugerthanks for the help carlos06:09
carlosKreuger: you are welcome06:09
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=== bradb & # lunch
SteveAsalgado: ping06:29
salgadoSteveA, pong06:30
kikoBjornT, ping?06:31
SteveAsalgado: you pinged me earlier about some vhosting issue with shipit06:31
SteveAI have 30 mins before going to the gym06:31
salgadoSteveA, yeah. I wanted to check with you if we can do something similar to what we do with blueprint to have a shipit.launchpad.dev06:32
=== glatzor [n=sebi@ppp-82-135-83-247.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #launchpad
SteveAsalgado: yes, i'd like to do that, one for each shipit domain06:32
SteveAsalgado: we need to plan it carefully to check on localhost, on staging, and in production06:33
SteveAit also needs a slightly different setup than blueprint06:33
salgadoexactly. that was my concern06:33
SteveAbecause it has a different root object06:33
salgadoI guess you don't have time for this planning now?06:34
SteveAif things aren't causing a problem right now, I'd like this to wait for me to do it.  but if you want to get this done, I can give you some pointers and then I can review later.06:34
SteveAI'm fine with either, if you want to do shipit maintenance06:34
SteveAI'm a bit concerned about doing it for next week, if everything is working fine now06:35
SteveAbecause I may not be around next week for the rollout06:35
salgadoit can wait, no problem06:35
SteveAotoh, if bjorn is around, he'll be able to handle it06:35
SteveAas he knows that code well06:35
SteveAsalgado: would you file a bug about it?06:35
SteveAthe basic sketch is:06:35
salgadothe only trouble it causes is that I can't use the new-style pagetests' getLink() and co06:35
SteveA - add three shipit host lines to the conf files06:36
SteveA - add a new publications that knows about the shipit root objects06:36
SteveA - tell people to update their /etc/hosts if they need to test locally06:36
SteveA - change apache setup on staging not to to vhosting in the URL 06:37
SteveAyou should be able to use the new-style pagetest stuff06:37
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you!06:39
BjornTkiko: pong06:45
=== SteveA and salgado discussed the issue, and came up with a solution
SteveAthe solution is to replace shipit's custom canonical_url data implementation with one that uses the new conf file + siteroot in browser:url06:47
SteveAthen new style testbrowser tests can be written for shipit06:47
SteveAand this is half way to having full new-style vhost support for shipit06:48
kikoBjornT, too late, I need to hop out for lunch, ping you when I'm back06:49
=== jd_away is now known as jd_
=== SteveA --> gym
salgadoBjornT, do you know the circunstances in whith we pass request=None to canonical_url()?07:07
dokobradb: ping07:08
=== jd_ is now known as jd_away
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=== jinty [n=jinty@213-156-52-99.fastres.net] has joined #launchpad
BjornTsalgado: well, what do you mean? we usually pass request=None to canonical_url07:15
salgadoyeah, that was confusing, sorry BjornT. my questions actually is, in what circunstances we can reach the end of canonical_url() having a request == None07:17
BjornTsalgado: ah. basically when you use canonical_url from a script you don't have a request, so it will be None and we'll use root_url instead.07:19
=== Mez [n=mez@82-46-175-122.stb.ubr02.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
Mezwhats up with Rosetta ?07:20
jordiugh, I really am quite uninspired to write stuff today07:25
jordican anyone cluebat me at https://help.launchpad.net/RosettaNewImportPolicy?action=diff&rev2=2&rev1=1 ?07:25
salgadoMez, I think it's a reported bug.07:27
salgadoBjornT, ah, I see. I guess I have a problem, then07:27
matsubaraMez: carlos is looking into that problem. We'll have a fix for it this week I think.07:28
bradbdoko: pong07:28
salgadoBjornT, have you seen Steve's sugestion to solve the vhost issue we talked about earlier?07:28
Mezmatsubara, cool - I was bored and started translating it into english07:28
BjornTsalgado: yeah, i saw it. i can't see what the problem is, though.07:32
kikoBjornT, ping07:34
kikoBjornT, so I'm doing the fix for bugcomment optimization07:35
kikoBjornT, part of that requires me moving BugComment to database/07:35
kikoare you okay with that?07:35
salgadoBjornT, the problem is that the layer we're in is stored in the request, and we need different root URLs for each layer07:37
BjornTkiko: well, it depends on what changes you did. but if it really requires you to move it, i don't have a problem with it.07:38
kikoBjornT, basically, I need to construct the message objects inside a method in bugtask.07:38
kikoBjornT, I construct them in a way which requires only 2 queries instead of N*2 queries.07:39
kikobut to do so I need to issue two special queries -- one on attachments and one on chunks07:39
kikothen I amalgamate the two together into bugcomments07:39
BjornTok, sounds good.07:41
kikothat's why I need them to be created in database code07:43
kikoand to maintain code dependency policy..07:43
=== jamesh [n=james@203-59-20-109.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
salgadoBjornT, you see the problem? I need a single new rootsite (shipit), but I need three new root_urls, and I need to decide which root_url to used based on the request07:46
BjornTsalgado: aren't you going to add three config items as for the blueprint site? (i.e both hostname and root_url)07:55
salgadoBjornT, yes, I think a need bogh hostname and root_url for each of shipit-ubuntu, shipit-kubuntu and shipit-edubuntu07:56
=== mdz [n=mdz@studiocity-motorola-bsr1-70-36-194-85.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #launchpad
salgadoBjornT, but then I can't have three new rootsites --I need to have a single one08:02
BjornTsalgado: hmm, better check with steve how he wants it. for now you should be able to get it to work if you leave rootsite as None. that way it will pick up the correct url from the request.08:14
matsubaraanybody seen this before: OOPS-190B176?08:15
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable048.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
kikomatsubara, not be08:16
=== cprov [n=cprov@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveAmatsubara: that's an interesting exception.  have you seen it in any other reports?08:39
matsubaraSteveA: nope, first time and only once.08:39
matsubaraSteveA: have any idea of what could have caused that?08:40
SteveAI have an idea what it's about.08:41
SteveAI'm asking jim fulton.08:41
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=== Dr_Sato [n=nova@formule1.demon.nl] has joined #launchpad
CarlFKhow do I reject a bug I reported ?  (I am logged in to lp, looking at the bug)08:55
=== Dr_Sato [n=nova@formule1.demon.nl] has left #launchpad []
matsubaraCarlFK: click on the name of the product/source package under Affects columns08:56
CarlFKthanks 08:58
bradbbug 1095, fwiw09:02
bradbCarlFK: ^^09:02
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=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-073-108-073.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAmatsubara: I have an idea09:10
matsubaraSteveA: what is it?09:10
SteveAit looks like a combination of an edge case in the component architecture (zope adapter registration stuff) and perhaps a leaky sqlobject cache.  BugTask has some interesting stuff in its _init where it uses alsoProvides to stick extra interfaces on an object09:11
SteveAit's possible that was an edge case of some sqlobject problem combined with a component architecture "being too paranoid" problem09:11
SteveAif it happens again, let me know09:12
matsubaraSteveA: ok, I'll. Should I report a bug about it to keep track of that issue?09:12
SteveAsure, can do.09:12
LaserJockwhat's currently the best way of getting info from LP for scipting use? wget URls?09:14
=== stub [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #launchpad
bradbLaserJock: Imagination. But http://ploum.frimouvy.org/?115-conseil-001-in-the-middle-of-the-boxes might give you some ideas.09:16
LaserJockbradb: oh, I've already got the imagination, it's just a matter of getting anythin useful out of it ;-)09:17
LaserJockbradb: I doubt people will be happy with me if I start uploading imaginary bug fixes :-)09:18
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kikoBjornT, bradb: have a working fix for the bugcomment performance issue.10:25
flacosteis there an example of a reusable interface test in launchpad?10:29
flacostei would like to define a base interface tests for ITicketTarget and use it on the three implementation we have10:30
flacosteinstead of copy/pasting the basic test across implementation10:30
flacostei guess that was a question for BjornT or kiko...10:31
kikoflacoste, I think there are things in ftests that are reusable. I'm not familiar with them, though10:33
bradbkiko: Cool. I'm just reviewing my diff for the security/privacy collapsing + some other refactoring + fixing some related bugs along the way (like making sure the correct radio button is selected when making an error entering the package name)10:37
=== bradb folded sourcepackage-filebug.pt into bugtarget-filebug.pt too
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kikobradb, BjornT: have time for a review?11:09
bradbkiko: I can do it, if it's short.11:10
kikobradb, it's short-ish, but you scratch my back etc11:10
bradbJust adding my branch to PR, then will look.11:12
bradbkiko: what bug is this meant to fix?11:16
kikobradb, one of the performance bugs, one sec.11:19
kikobug 4275511:19
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