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OpticalHeshakihey is there anyway to join the art team?07:19
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mhbgood afternoon everyone03:20
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viper550Hello Everyone!05:46
viper550Anyone here?05:47
andreasnhi there05:48
viper550I found a pretty cool new panel applet05:49
andreasnallright, yeah they seem to have made a good job on that one05:54
viper550I installed it on my system05:54
lapoits slab, pretty unusefull on ubuntu atm05:54
andreasnneed to fix that f-spot icon05:55
andreasnit's hard as hell to redraw though05:55
lapoandreasn: I think jimmac has a tango version for that one05:55
lapojimmac: ?05:55
andreasnin scalable as well?05:55
viper550I could try...how easy is it to draw in Tango?05:56
viper550Oh yeah, Slab looks pretty interesting in Tropic05:56
andreasnviper550: screenshot?05:56
viper550I'll just say, the text for the headings is green, and the border is orange. Still don't know why the sidebar is locked to beige05:57
andreasnI must say that I find the combination of orange and green quite interesting05:58
lapoviper550: I think mostly because of slab being in early stages of development still05:58
viper550Never mind, I think it used [bg] active05:59
viper550Ahh, that looks better!05:59
troy_swho lives?06:55
lapotroy_s: me, I think :-)07:25
troy_show goes it lapo?07:31
lapostill alive :-)07:31
troy_shave you guys submitted to frank for theme inclusion regarding tango?07:31
troy_si imagine you folks have a wallpaper / splash / logon etc, no?07:32
lapoI'm quite busy with work and upstream stuff atm07:32
lapoI do not have that stuff personally07:32
troy_swho isn't busy with work?  :(07:32
lapoand I'm kinda against doing a full tango theme, that's not the tango scope07:32
troy_swell it wouldn't be a tango 'theme', but you could easily design a look that utilizes tango07:33
troy_s'theme' is pretty limiting language07:33
lapotroy_s: ther will be the crux refresh for gnome that is made trying to follow the tango guidelines w/o changing the original crux feeling too much07:34
laposo new crux engine (cairo based, thos is working on it) and icons and new tango style icons for mist07:35
troy_sis mist just window dec?07:36
lapocrux folders will probably look something like those http://xoomer.alice.it/bat/tmp/folderx.png07:36
troy_sthat folder style looks like a boat i find.07:36
lapotroy_s: nope, gtk engine, window dec and icons07:37
lapoit's somewaht based on oriinal crux folder07:37
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adamant1988hello all.10:34
adamant1988I created this small banner as a test and to get used to gimp, it's got a 'tryout' slogan that might on on some posters and billboards and such in (I think europe) what do you think? http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h314/adamant1988/Ubuntubanner.jpg10:39
kwwiiadamant1988: guess I would make the wave a bit higher10:40
adamant1988ok, I was actually thinking lower.10:40
adamant1988I'll give that a try10:41
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mhbgood evening10:46
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