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linuxmonkeywassup guys02:09
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=== linuxmonkey is editing some pages on the wiki :)
linuxmonkeywell on h.u.c. wiki...lol02:15
linuxmonkeyany know how to put a webaddress but not make it show up as a link?02:24
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linuxmonkeywoot woot edited the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu to reflect the new Canonical Commercial Repositories :)02:58
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nixternallinuxmonkey: is it possible for you to do the same thing for the /Ubuntu subpage?03:34
linuxmonkeyi dont have ubuntu installed at the moment to be able to take the screenshots03:34
=== linuxmonkey needs more systems
linuxmonkeyim willing to do it if ya can get me screenshots nixternal03:35
nixternalvmware server03:35
linuxmonkeyoh thats right03:36
nixternalthats how i do it03:36
linuxmonkeyi got to install that, I actually have a vmware licence :)03:36
nixternali have Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu all in Dapper, as well as all of them in Edgy..although the Edgy ones are all pretty much broken right now03:36
=== linuxmonkey got it while in school
nixternalvmware server == free03:36
linuxmonkeysince when?03:37
nixternalserver has always been free...it is the other things that aren't03:37
linuxmonkeywhats the diff03:37
nixternalimbrandon explained it to me one night03:37
nixternali can't remember exactly03:37
linuxmonkeywere is he anyways03:38
nixternaltaking a break i guess03:41
nixternali think it is an irc break so he can work on code..i hope it is at least03:42
linuxmonkeylol probably03:47
linuxmonkeyhe's been busy with konversation03:47
nixternalwhich is horrible03:50
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jsgotangcothe free vmware server is a rolling beta if i remember right04:33
jsgotangcoits a free, unlimited use binary though04:33
robotgeektoo bad parallels for mac is not free04:52
robotgeeki wonder if there is a product like vmware for macs04:54
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smittenmdke: around?05:12
jsgotangcosleeping at his time05:20
robotgeekyou can ask jsgotangco too :)05:20
theCorerobotgeek: I think there's a vmware version for the macs, but I'm really not sure05:35
robotgeektheCore: nevermind, i am installing kubuntu now. no edgy testing for powerpc :(05:36
theCorerobotgeek: edgy testing? I don't think there's anything new for the moment05:37
robotgeektheCore: yeah, but in time...05:37
nixternaljsgotangco: can you link me to the anthrolopology information for Ubuntu?05:44
nixternali got it jsgotangco, forgot his name was Andreas05:46
robotgeekAndreas Lyod05:46
=== jsgotangco was reading Ralph sorry
robotgeekor Lyold, maybe?05:46
nixternalhow about Lloyd05:47
=== jsgotangco grins
nixternalwho is the ubuntu-list mailman?  my daughter doesn't look like me05:48
robotgeeklol. i knew i was there05:48
nixternalim going to hang myself, as i keep emailing the person responsible, but he doesn't email me back05:49
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=== bhuvan just received the dapper CDs with stickers!
nixternalim going to beat up the mailman tomorrow if mine don't come now ;)07:39
jsgotangcowhat are you doing?07:40
bhuvanone question in ubuntu installation: how do we install dapper using cursor/text mode (instead of default gui)07:41
OHPhoneGuybhuvan: Use the Alternative Install CD-Rom07:42
bhuvanOHPhoneGuy: how do i locate that Cd. All Cds (total: 5) seem to be the same07:43
nixternaljsgotangco: http://home.comcast.net/~nixternal/images/misc/poster/poster1.png  <- first draft for a poster07:44
OHPhoneGuybhuvan:  I've not seen the Dapper CD's, so I don't know how to physically tell you that "that one" is the Alternative CD...however, if I remember the Breezy CD's, they were marked.  07:44
jsgotangcobhuvan: alternate cd07:44
jsgotangcowow it feels like a movie poster!07:45
nixternalthe "taste of ubuntu"07:45
nixternalfitting, since the taste of chicago just ended07:45
bhuvanjsgotangco: oh ok07:53
bhuvanOHPhoneGuy: thank you!07:53
jsgotangcothe cds being shipped are gui-install only07:54
jsgotangcoyou have to download alternate07:54
bhuvanjsgotangco: ok07:54
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Madpilothi mdke 09:02
Burgundaviahi mdke, jsgotangco09:04
mvirkkiljsgotangco: Did you take a look at the docbook -> moinmoin xslt:s?09:12
jsgotangcoi sure do have this in my machine but havent tested yet09:13
jsgotangcowill do in a few minutes sorry09:14
mvirkkiljsgotangco: No problem.09:17
mvirkkiljsgotangco: I could upload a newer version. No major changes, just a few tweaks.09:17
mvirkkiljsgotangco: And rudimentary support for images.09:18
mvirkkiljsgotangco: crap. No I can't. It's on my machine at home, which seems to have changed IP addresses, so I can't log in :/09:19
Burgundavianight all09:23
Madpilothttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/GenBunToo <-- very strange...09:23
mvirkkilfixed, and uploaded: http://users.tkk.fi/~mvirkkil/db2mm/09:27
mvirkkiljsgotangco: --^09:27
jsgotangcowhat's a2m-desc.xml?09:35
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mvirkkiljsgotangco: hmm.. cruft.09:37
mvirkkiljsgotangco: it was an old example docbook09:38
mvirkkiljsgotangco: https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/teamstuff/article2moin/a2m-desc.xml09:38
mvirkkiljsgotangco: Just doing "xsltproc db2mm.xslt yourdocbook.xml" should work09:38
jsgotangcoah wait a bit let me check my repo09:38
mvirkkilbut yourdocbook.xml can't be a book or a part. The root element needs to be one of the following: article chapter colophon appendix glossary09:42
=== mvirkkil needs to write better documentation
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mdkemvirkkil: it doesn't work for books yet?10:20
mvirkkilmdke: No. Not yet.10:57
mvirkkilmdke: It can only handle docbook->moinmoin when the result is going to be one moinmoin page, ie article, chapter etc.10:57
mdkemvirkkil: ok, gotcha. do you plan to work on books too?11:04
mvirkkilmdke: Yes, of course :) 11:04
mvirkkilmdke: I'm just taking a similar route I did when I went from moin->docbook: first supoprting only 1to1 conversion, and later doing it for "collections".11:05
mvirkkilmdke: Unfortunately my this week is booked pretty solid, so chunkin a docbook-book in to multiple parts like chapters etc, is going to have to wait till next week.11:06
mvirkkilmdke: But I'd really appreciate if people would test it on their stuff already, and let me know if they find bugs.11:07
mvirkkilI've also been thinking about how to support xrefs and other links. It's quite non-trivial.11:08
mdkepresumably it involves the anchor macro, right?11:09
mvirkkilmdke: Possibly. But a macro wouldn't work for linkin to headings, since headings aren't parsed. 11:10
mdkehow does the table of contents macro link to headings?11:11
mdkemvirkkil: ok, here is the result of your xslt on the about-ubuntu document: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MatthewEast/AboutUbuntu11:15
mdkelooks good.11:15
mvirkkilmdke: Hmm.. bugs.11:15
mdkeI'll make a list of things that aren't working11:15
mvirkkilmdke: The list is not a list, and I've managed to get &rarr; outputted as "&rarr;" instead of a "-->"11:16
mvirkkilmdke: You used xsltproc?11:16
mdkethe itemizedlist bug seems to be the most significant11:17
mdkeinteresting that the first one didn't work, and the second one did11:17
mvirkkilmdke: Weird, I think that used to work. I did some minor fixes, seems I broke that.11:17
mvirkkilmdke: Would you mind testing with the older 0.4 version?11:18
mdkeah, the first list is inside a <para>, the second one isn't. Is that the trouble?11:18
mvirkkilmdke: Might be :/ 11:19
mvirkkilmdke: I'll need to check it out at home. I'd _love_ to have a smallish testcase :)11:19
mdkemvirkkil: bug is there with 0.4 too11:21
mvirkkilmdke: ok.11:22
mvirkkilmdke: Ahh.. Found the bug.11:23
mvirkkilmdke: I'm assuming that everything inside a <para>-tag _must b11:24
mvirkkilmdke: I'm assuming that everything inside a <para>-tag _must_ be formatted inline.11:24
mdkemvirkkil: i've listed the missing features/bugs on that wiki page11:27
mvirkkilmdke: Hmm.. Menuchoice support should work. And so should images.11:27
mvirkkilmdke: It seems your version of moinmoin doesn't support embedding html entities like &rarr; which works with newer versions of moin.11:28
mdkethe broken menu-choice is what you mentioned earlier, in the last bullet point of the page11:28
mvirkkilmdke: Could you put up the xml file, so I can see how the images are used?11:29
mdkemvirkkil: the menuchoice looks like that in my 1.5 desktop moin too11:29
mdkehere's the code: https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/ubuntu/aboutubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml11:30
mvirkkilmdke: How can a <guimenuchoice> have multiple <guimenuitem>:s? I think that should be something like <guisubmenu>11:32
mdkemvirkkil: you are probably right, but it's not invalid11:33
mvirkkilmdke: No. Unfortunately my code assumes a <guimenuitem> is the last in the row :/11:33
mvirkkilmdke: But the itemized list inside a para is the really problematic bug.11:34
mvirkkilmdke: That was an exellent catch :)11:34
=== mdke nods
mvirkkilmdke: I'll have to really rework some of the code to support that :)11:34
mdkesorry about that :)11:35
mvirkkilmdke: The images work.11:36
mvirkkilmdke: It's just that there is no image on the wiki at ../../images/C/ubuntuheader.png11:36
mdkemvirkkil: shouldn't it prompt for me to upload an attachment?11:37
mvirkkilmdke: No, because the link is a direct link like [../../images/C/ubuntuheader.png] , not an attachment:../../images/C/ubuntuheader.png11:38
mvirkkilmdke: So if the path would be a complete url to any server anywhere, it would work directly.11:38
mdkei wonder if that is the best way to handle images11:39
mdkeat least those with relative paths11:39
mvirkkilmdke: Well, my plan is to have people upload zips, which get extracted, and the images get attached to the main page.11:39
mvirkkilmdke: mainpage==book's page11:40
mdkewhere the image is one with a relative path, I would have thought attachment:filename.png would work11:41
mvirkkilmdke: You mean, that if it's a relative path, it should write out an attachment:ubuntuheader.png instead?11:42
mdkecan you think of a reason why not to do that?11:42
mvirkkilmdke: It gets a bit tricky if there are something like ../../images/en/flag.png and ../../images/fi/flag.png11:43
mvirkkilbecause then it would just write attachment:flag.png for both, even though they should be different files.11:43
mdkegood point11:44
=== mdke doesnt know the answer to this
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jsgotangcodum dum dee dum01:48
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ompauljsgotangco, I'll guess that tune in 5?02:12
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mvirkkilmdke: Fixing "lists inside para" will result in nasty ugly code.04:25
mdkemvirkkil: I'm not very good with code, I'm not sure I can help...04:26
mvirkkilSince a para needs to be a single line, so I want to use normalize-space to strip any newlines and spaces in the beginning and end. This is naturally not possible when there are lists present. 04:26
mvirkkilmdke: no worries. I wasn't expecting you to. 04:27
mdkeI can help test though!04:27
mvirkkilmdke: And that is very much appreciated :)04:28
mvirkkilmdke: Unfortunately this looks like a tough one to crack.04:28
mvirkkilmdke: Because any way I fix it, will cause breakage somewhere elese.04:28
mvirkkilmdke: I'm asking my mentor for help on this one :)04:29
mdkeare you able to simply treat it as you would if there was a </para> there before the list?04:29
mvirkkilmdke: The problem is that there is no easy way to collect all the stuff before the list in one.04:30
mvirkkilmdke: Or there is, but I'm hoping there would be a cleaner solution.04:30
mvirkkilmdke: It's conceptually a simple matter. My problems are on the code level.04:34
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jjessemdke: what do you have to do to get comitt access to the svn?04:38
jjessemdke: i would like to have philbull have comitt permissions as he will be working on the switching guide w/ me04:42
jjesseand will have lots to add :004:42
mdkejjesse: contribute patches to the list that demonstrate some constant contribution and the ability to write valid docbook consistently with our styleguide04:42
mdkejjesse: ah cool04:42
jjessemdke: we've spent the lasthour discussing and philbull will be emailing the list to let everyone know our thoughts04:42
mdkestart off with him sending a few patches, and then he can be given access04:43
mdkejjesse: there is some suggestion that Ubuntu membership is also a prerequisite04:43
jjessemdke: ok will get him started sending diffs and we then move him along04:43
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linuxmonkeyi read up on some cool moin moin features06:16
nixternalon our wiki, or the actual moinmoin wikiwiki?06:21
nixternalya, there are a lot of macro's they have, plus a lot of scripts...we don't have a lot of them enabled on our machine06:24
nixternallike the parsers06:24
nixternalc, java, ruby and stuff like that06:24
linuxmonkeythe stuff i read about worked like a charm06:24
nixternalwhich ones?06:26
linuxmonkeylike the url in text mode..so it doesnt come up as a linke06:26
nixternalusing ``06:27
nixternaloh..i know what you are talking about06:27
linuxmonkeyor using {address}06:29
nixternalim just interested really in the wiki > docbook stuff ;)06:29
nixternalwhat i have been doing, is running the desktop moinmoin, and doing all my stuff locally, then copy/paste it up to the main wiki...makes it much easier to edit locally, that way i don't loose anything06:31
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