nixternaladamant1988: just so you know, Ubuntu will never be commercialized12:09
adamant1988I know not ubuntu itself will.12:10
adamant1988wow that was bad12:10
adamant1988"I know that Ubuntu itself will not"12:10
adamant1988much better.12:11
=== adamant1988 has dyslexic tendancies....
gaz00yoda, away...  as long as you can explain it later12:11
adamant1988hey all :)01:02
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hybridhola adamant198801:05
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adamant1988I should have a friend coming in momentarily01:06
adamant1988he'd like to help with the projects ^_^01:06
=== OpticalHeshaki [n=Iheartse@71-36-205-251.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988there he is01:07
adamant1988hey optical I'll brb man01:07
OpticalHeshakiso whats up guys01:12
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OpticalHeshakianyone here?01:42
gaz00OpticalHeshaki: it's not looking like it01:44
gaz00been pretty quiet here for a while01:44
gaz00except for adamant1988  and nixternal about 1.5 hrs ago :)01:45
OpticalHeshakiadam wanted me to help i guess01:47
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gaz00well, sadly, it looks like I'm the only one here.  and I'm not even involved!   ;)01:48
OpticalHeshakiwell thats cool i guess01:56
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adamant1988hello all.05:36
adamant1988nixternal you awake05:37
nixternali think05:38
adamant1988well make sure05:38
nixternalim not pinching myself, so please don't ask ;)05:38
adamant1988I have a query: How focused is the marketing team on spread ubuntu? are any other projects being pitched around or is that our primary focus?05:39
adamant1988(I wish we had forums for this instead of a mailing list).05:39
nixternalthere are other projects05:39
adamant1988Well I had an idea for how we can generate some usefull marketing material (testimonials and such).05:39
nixternalSpread Ubuntu being the largest right now...but there is the Magazine, Press Team, and whatever other ones you can come up with05:40
adamant1988and the materials could well be used to create adverts etc.05:40
nixternaladd that to the agenda for this weeks meeting05:41
adamant1988Why not talk to users from all over the place (america, etc.) find a few that are willing to give out a minimal amount of information about themselves (name (first), age, computing experience) and set get them started with ubuntu and have them blog about their experiences daily, any opinions etc. (we could set the blogs up for them).05:42
adamant1988we could quote these blogs, use them as official testimonial for adverts etc.05:42
nixternalsomebody has beaten you to the punch05:43
adamant1988oh yeah?05:43
adamant1988I figured05:43
nixternalthe anthropology spec05:43
adamant1988it's a pretty elementary idea, but I didn't know someone had done it.05:43
nixternaljsgotangco knows more about that also i believe05:44
adamant1988as long as it's being done I guess lol.05:44
nixternalwell...you can look over the info and see if it is the same, or similar to yours05:44
nixternalyou may be able to collaborate with the guy and put it to use for us05:45
nixternalhe is really doing the work for himself i believe..but we will be open to using it im sure05:45
nixternalone sec05:45
nixternali just asked for it05:45
adamant1988that could be, I'd be happy to work with him on it.05:46
adamant1988(I'd also be happy if there were forums to use... the mailing list is hard to keep track of...)05:46
nixternalhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndreasLloyd   <- he is the person doing it05:46
nixternalhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFieldwork   <- the actual spec05:47
adamant1988that doesn't seem quite like what I'm doing05:49
adamant1988he's gathering numbers, I'm more interested in the opinions and testimonial.05:50
adamant1988and I'm less interested in the science of it, however useful the data will be, it's the opinions and the 'faces' of these people that would be important for my uses.05:51
nixternalwell, maybe you could still collaborate with him, as he is seeing the 'faces' of the people05:54
nixternalhe is doing all the work in the field05:55
adamant1988perhaps... I'll make it a point to get in contact with him05:57
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adamant1988hrmmm yeah I'm emailing him now.06:04
=== bimberi [n=bimberi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988hello bimberi06:51
bimberihi adamant1988, nice work on that logo!06:52
adamant1988you like it?06:54
adamant1988I'm suprised, I didn't think it was very good... but thanks ^_^06:54
bimberiyep, as i said on-list (David Symons)06:55
bimberidefinitely better than my Orange Sunglasses ;P06:56
adamant1988haha ^_^06:56
adamant1988I'm just trying to help out06:57
adamant1988I wish there were forums instead of a mailing list though06:57
bimberithe Launchpad logo could be just the arrow shwoosh06:57
adamant1988the arrow needs a lot of work06:58
adamant1988How do you reply on the mailing list?06:59
adamant1988do you just reply to the person or what?06:59
bimberiadamant1988: fair enough, i feel that wiki+list+irc is enough myself07:00
adamant1988yeah, just the forum makes info managment a bit easier than the list IMHO07:00
adamant1988Bimberi, I had an idea and I want to pitch it to the marketing team but let me throw it at you first07:01
adamant1988My 'idea' is to get a group of people (however many possible) to start using Ubuntu and blogging their experiences with it on let's say... blogger.  We could use that info for testimonial, in the immediate advertising needs and long term it could be used to determine what the end user needs and does on the computer07:02
=== OpticalHeshaki [n=Iheartse@71-36-205-251.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988get a picture and a paragraph on the person, and that will show that Ubuntu for humans is actually being used by humans07:03
adamant1988and that they are enjoying it.07:03
adamant1988hey optical :)07:03
adamant1988Optical do you want to join the marketing team like seriously? because I can give you some instructions on adding yourself to the launchpad etc.07:03
bimberiadamant1988: i use Evolution, and it has a "List Reply" command (CTRL-L)07:04
OpticalHeshakithat would be cool07:04
adamant1988bimberi, it would be nice if I could get a free email account that let me sync to programs like evolution =\07:04
adamant1988ok optical let me get the link for you07:04
bimberiadamant1988: by default (reply button) emails from the ubuntu-marketing will go to the sender only07:05
adamant1988https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-marketing   (just opt to join the team, you'll have to create a launchpad account though)07:05
adamant1988sure what bimberi?07:06
bimberiadamant1988: i saw that earlier.  It's an excellent idea.  I'm sure that Ubuntu and OSS in general could do with as much usability feedback as possible07:08
bimberiadamant1988: you might cut down the willing participants right there :)07:08
bimberiadamant1988: also, what if they hate it?07:08
bimberior get frustrated with it07:09
adamant1988We don't quote them, and the community learns from it.07:09
bimberihi OpticalHeshaki07:09
OpticalHeshakiim all done registering07:09
OpticalHeshakiwhat do i do now07:09
adamant1988ok the next thing is to get on the mailing list (there is a lot of registering to do )07:09
OpticalHeshakilol ok07:09
OpticalHeshakiim ready07:09
adamant1988Add yourself in there, you will want to create a section just for the marketing team letters because they add up quick.07:10
bimberiadamant1988: gmail has POP/SMTP capability07:10
adamant1988bimberi, the way I see it is that ubuntu needs this feedback... if it's bad then obviously Ubuntu has to do something.. If we can't use it for marketing we can use it for learning.07:10
adamant1988It's a win-win regardless of what is said in the blogs, and we'll have to make sure to get enough people involved that if a few don't like it we have alternatives.07:11
OpticalHeshakik done with that07:11
adamant1988ok the next thing you need to do is register to work with the wiki at ubuntu.com07:12
adamant1988I *think* it uses your launchpad account.07:12
bimberiha, try ubuntu-users for volume :)07:12
adamant1988Well, my goal is to get to people who HAVEN'T tried ubuntu yet.07:12
Kamping_Kaiserbimberi, try bzr-dev ;)07:12
OpticalHeshakiu got a link to that07:12
adamant1988then click on the wiki tab07:13
adamant1988and try to login with your launchpad account07:13
bimberiadamant1988: good or bad it will be useful for marketing, the choice is whether to use it for _promotion_07:13
adamant1988Yeah, it also tells us a bit about that particular market07:13
adamant1988what their needs are, and how we can show them that ubuntu meets those needs.07:13
OpticalHeshakik im loged in07:14
OpticalHeshakiwhat now07:14
adamant1988I also think we should stop using the word linux, and stop using any other Jargon in our advertising efforts.07:14
adamant1988Optical you can't really do a whole lot right now, but if you go to the marketing team wiki you can kind of catch up on where the projects are at and all of that.07:14
OpticalHeshakiyea i figured but what do i do now im logged in and im lost07:15
adamant1988you definitely want to consider getting in with the art team as well (but you'll spend a lot of time doing icons and such as well as other stuff)07:15
bimberiadamant1988: it should kept jargon-minimal yes, do you mean just use Ubuntu.  Linux does have some recognition out there I feel07:15
adamant1988Linux does but you really have to ask yourself...07:15
adamant1988the people who don't know Ubuntu is linux, are they going to care?07:15
adamant1988I'm in that camp of people, if I hadn't come to linux and then ubuntu I wouldn't care that ubuntu was linux based.07:16
OpticalHeshakii wanted to be on the art team07:16
OpticalHeshakithat would own07:16
OpticalHeshakiwere do i go to do that07:16
adamant1988ok let me find that for you07:16
adamant1988also join #ubuntu-artwork07:16
adamant1988i think that's it.07:16
adamant1988it's a pretty slow channel and they're not doing much art lately07:16
OpticalHeshakithats about to change07:17
adamant1988haha :)07:17
adamant1988just be prepared for lots of small graphics work too07:17
adamant1988icons and such07:17
OpticalHeshakithats cool07:17
OpticalHeshakiis there any oficial way to join the art team07:17
bimberiadamant1988: i wonder how big that "camp" is? and how to find out?07:18
adamant1988optical ask in the channel07:18
Kamping_KaiserOpticalHeshaki, try launhc pad07:18
OpticalHeshakii already did the launchpady thing07:18
adamant1988bimberi, it's pretty sizable, most everyone that I've gotten to use Ubuntu was just put-off with the word linux.07:18
bimberiadamant1988: funny, i've had the opposite experience07:19
adamant1988Yes it uses the linux kernel, and I think that should be noted on the website and such, or in adverts targeted to tech users... but most end-users want something that works without having to research it all.07:19
bimberisome had even heard that linux was less prone to viruses/spyware etc., which is the main source of pain07:20
adamant1988A lot of end users think linux itself is an operating system like windows. they're not aware of the distro system07:20
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adamant1988When you say linux it puts ubuntu under a big umbrella with a lot of other distros... I don't think it's our job to promote the use of mepis, suse, and all of those. Just ubuntu.07:22
bimberioh yes, can't disagree there.  Just don't thinl that linux needs to be dropped totally (if that's what you're saying)07:23
Kamping_Kaiseri missed most of this discussion, but its called 'ubuntu linux', how can we not market it as such o_007:23
adamant1988I'm just saying it needs to be less pushed.07:23
adamant1988The website just says Ubuntu...07:24
adamant1988although the quote is linux for humans (needs changed imo)07:24
=== Kamping_Kaiser remembers the good old days of ubuntulinux.org
=== bimberi does to
adamant1988For instance why not make a page of the site about ubuntus technical specs and include that it's linux based and such there?07:24
adamant1988If people want to know what makes ubuntu up we shouldn't hide it, but we shouldn't be pushing it down their throats either.07:25
Kamping_Kaiseri dont agree wityh your argument, the quote 'linux ofr human beings' isnt forcing anything down their throat07:26
=== Kamping_Kaiser was going to say 'what, are you in marketing or something', then looked at the channel name :$
adamant1988yeah but then they say "What's linux" and that opens up a whole can of worms right there.07:26
Kamping_Kaiser'its a different way of running your computer'07:27
Kamping_Kaiserbbl. doing stuff07:27
adamant1988There's a rule for websites called the 3-click rule.  users shouldn't have to click more than 3 times to get to the information they want, apparently that 4th click is a deal breaker for many.07:27
adamant1988I base a lot of ideals off that rule... things should be made quick and easy as possible... and if we keep saying linux, that's a lot of searching for info that they don't want to bother with.07:28
adamant1988it shouldn't be hidden, but why make it obvious?07:28
adamant1988Why can't Ubuntu be it's own OS? (think mac os X).07:29
adamant1988a lot of people (msyelf included) ignorantly think/thought that linux was an operating system with some kind of a center to it like you could install "Linux" not "Mepis" "Ubuntu" etc.  It just makes users lives a lot easier if they see Ubuntu as an operating system instead of a subset of linux.07:30
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bimberiadamant1988: I can see your point to some extent.  I think what you need to do is come up with alternatives for people to look at.07:31
bimberiwell an alternative for 'linux for human beings' for a start07:32
adamant1988Ah.  I think the human beings idea is great.07:32
adamant1988but it could just be "Computing for human beings" or something07:32
bimberiUbuntu has been pretty successful with its formula so far.  But some research into where the take-up has come from - existing linux users / windows users - would be useful07:34
adamant1988And instead of Ubuntu linux, why not say Ubuntu OS?07:34
=== bimberi was an existing Linux user
adamant1988I was a windows  user who spent a month researching linux and distro hopping07:35
bimberithen your POV might be more valid than mine :P07:36
adamant1988My point of view is probably closer to that of a windows power user/end user.07:36
adamant1988Most of my ideals for the marketing are for Ubuntu in the home, and Ubuntu for the end user.07:37
adamant1988Really, I think Ubuntu would go far as a standalone OS, even commercially in boxed sets (which is something I want to see done for Ubuntu, manuals and all).07:38
nixternaldraft 1 ^^07:38
adamant1988Ubuntu has gone a long way as a linux distro... but I am of the opinion that if Ubuntu didn't intentionally place itself in the distro subset it would go farther.07:39
adamant1988again I use mac os x as the standard for that...07:40
adamant1988Everyone I talk to would use a mac just to get away from windows, but for the price... Ubuntu could supply that market need.07:41
adamant1988I know very well that if I could afford it I'd be on a Mac right now.07:41
=== damned [n=vpol@prior.lanck.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviaadamant1988: the issue with leaving the Linux distro set is that you end up with confusion as to what Ubuntu is07:55
adamant1988which is why that information should be available if someone wants it07:55
adamant1988If people don't ask what makes up Ubuntu, why tell them?07:55
Burgundaviatelling people up front is both a help and hindrance07:56
adamant1988if a market (the server market in particular) is interested in the fact that Ubuntu is linux based, then make sure that they know it.07:56
BurgundaviaI suggest we stay with calling us Linux for now07:56
adamant1988But the home/end-user market, probaby doesn't care and it just serves to confuse.07:56
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988I'm actually writing a pretty detailed blog on my opinion on the matter right now07:56
Burgundaviaadamant1988: actually, I would argue not calling LInux would be worse, because that market has some knowledge of Linux07:57
adamant1988I'm very adamant that Ubuntu could be a great standalone OS, and could fill a very important rule in the market.07:57
Burgundaviahere is how I imagine is playing out:07:57
BurgundaviaPerson 1: I have this great OS, called Ubuntu07:57
Burgundaviaperson 2: Great, what is that? Is it windows07:58
BurgundaviaNo, it is Ubuntu07:58
Burgundaviaback and forth until person 1 says it is Linux and person 2 says ah!07:58
adamant1988See, when a person ASKS, they should be told.07:58
Burgundaviamost of them are going to ask07:58
adamant1988But we shouldn't go "TRY UBUNTU GNU/LINUX based on DEBIAN"07:59
adamant1988that's 3 names too many.07:59
Burgundaviawe don't say that07:59
Burgundaviawe say Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system07:59
adamant1988That's fine because it seperates it from linux by saying it's just based.07:59
Burgundaviathere is only 1 reference to Linux on the front page of Ubuntu07:59
Burgundaviaother places it talks about Ubuntu07:59
adamant1988But why not say this07:59
adamant1988"Ubuntu OS" and somewhere in the advert "Based on linux so you know it's stable and secure".08:00
Burgundaviawhoa back up08:00
adamant1988I'm playing this out as an ad08:00
Burgundaviaour cd cases only say Ubuntu08:00
BurgundaviaI am saying: We already refer to Linux is all the right places08:00
adamant1988Actually they say Ubuntu "linux for human beings"08:00
Burgundaviawe are a variation of Linux08:01
adamant1988and Mac OSX is a variation of Unix.08:01
Burgundaviathere is a lot of difference between OS X and FreeBSD08:01
adamant1988They don't bother parading it unless someone cares enough to look it up, and they're doing better than linux is.08:02
Burgundaviathere is not a lot between Fedora and Ubuntu, for instance08:02
Madpilotadamant1988, I doubt OSX is doing well merely because they're sort of hiding the fact that they're *nix based...08:02
BurgundaviaOS X is doing well by providing a quality product08:02
adamant1988No, what I'm saying is they're doing better, and they're not confusing the end users by using jargon like *nix and all that.08:03
Burgundaviawe are not either08:03
Burgundaviawe mention Linux once08:03
adamant1988My main issue with it is in the 'slogan'08:03
Burgundaviait is what we are08:03
adamant1988past that it's not a big issue.08:03
Burgundaviathe biggest perception with Linux is that it is "hard"08:03
adamant1988or that it's all CLI08:04
Burgundaviaour slogan very effectively helps destroy that08:04
nixternalthats because osx doesn't have enough *nix in it in the first place08:04
adamant1988but are we trying to further ubuntu or linux?08:04
nixternal2, most osx users have been using mac for more then 10 years also08:04
Burgundaviawe win when Fedora wins, etc.08:04
Burgundaviawe are not competing against Fedora, we are competing against Windows and OS X08:05
Madpilotnixternal, there ain't no loyalists like Mac loyalists, IME08:05
nixternalno doubt08:05
nixternalim glad them loyalists enjoy drm also08:06
Burgundaviaregardless, I see no reason to drop the one reference to Linux in our marketing08:06
=== nixternal watches as the osx share plummits now that linux and windows can be installed on a mac
Burgundaviaadamant1988: realistically, we are also not changing our slogan at this point08:08
adamant1988I know I wasn't expecting an immediate change08:08
adamant1988But I think it should be done at some point.08:08
BurgundaviaI just don't see why. We all win when Linux wins08:09
Burgundaviathink beyond Ubuntu for a sec08:09
Burgundaviavery person using some variant of Linux is a net win for all of us. If they come around and use Ubuntu, that is nice08:09
MadpilotBurgundavia, umm, s/very/every?08:10
=== bimberi notes that Bug #1 says nothing about Ubuntu's market share
adamant1988Linux doesn't win as long as the process of switching to it is so difficult.08:12
bimberiand i'm not saying it should - if someone comes away from windows, tries Ubuntu but then moves on to another linux-based distro then that's great08:13
adamant1988I'm not a computing idiot by any means and it took me almost a month to find a distro (infact I only found one because dapper released).08:13
Madpilotadamant1988, in my experience, most people have a fair bit of diffuculty using *any* computer. They don't seem to have much more difficulty w/ Ubuntu than XP or Win98, from what I've seen...08:14
bimberiMadpilot: +108:14
adamant1988No No, I mean the switch08:14
Madpilothmm, evidently I can only spell "difficulty" right half the time ;)08:14
bimberiMadpilot: you are definitely not the worst for typos ;)08:15
adamant1988Right now people go "I want to switch to linux" then they google it looking for a place to buy it only to find out it's not purchasable half the time.  So they have to wade through the list of distros until they finally download and burn one that they like.08:15
Madpilotadamant1988, "it took me almost a month to find a distro" already tells me that you know far, far more about computers than 95%+ of the world...08:15
adamant1988I don't mean actual use difficulty.08:15
bimberiadamant1988: but if we reduce ubuntu's linux-ness then they won't find it if they search that way08:16
adamant1988I doubt it would be removed from distrowatch, and the communities would still be talking about it and suggesting it (which is how I came to it)08:17
nixternali will tell you this...for me switching to linux was far easier then switching to mac08:17
nixternaland i did my switch 12 years ago08:17
adamant1988For me the switch to linux was painful and time consuming.08:17
adamant1988Dapper stepped in at just the right time.08:17
adamant1988because I was about to give up08:17
nixternalif mac is so hell bent on having a portion of bsd's kernel, then why do they hide terminal?08:18
Burgundaviaregardless, most people are not going to go to the effort you took, adamant198808:18
=== bimberi is circumspect about projecting his own experience too widely
adamant1988Burgundavia, exactly my point.. the answer should be VERY easy to find and the switch should be painless08:19
Madpilotbimberi, don't be shy - we're all speculating madly on highly personal sets of inadequate data :) (at least some of us will admit that, though!)08:19
nixternalright now im mad because my leather chair i have had for about 10 years just busted to the point where i went flying backwards at 1am and landing in the no man's zone under a desk08:19
Burgundaviaadamant1988: how does not calling Ubuntu Linux help with that?08:19
adamant1988What I'm saying is it could be set apart... Ubuntu is great and it's gaining fame quickly... I don't see why people couldn't say "Oh I'll try Ubuntu"08:21
adamant1988When someone says "I'll try linux" without some serious determination they'll probably give up before long.. and I don't think that's how it should be.08:21
Madpilotadamant1988, most people probably actually start out saying, "I'm sick of XP's viruses and malware!" and slowly move on from there08:22
Burgundavia+1, even08:22
Burgundaviaif they are serious, they are going to do research about it08:22
Burgundaviathen they are going to hit our website and if it doesn't mention linux, they are going to be confused08:23
adamant1988I said that it should be mentioned08:23
Burgundaviait is08:23
Burgundaviain our slogan and our generic description08:23
adamant1988just not placed on the table in plain view, put it in the desk draw.08:23
adamant1988drawer even.08:23
Burgundaviawhat specifics do you mean?08:24
Burgundaviado you want to drop "linux for human beings"?08:24
adamant1988I'm saying that if you said "Ubuntu" and didn't bother mentioning Linux, helped make Ubuntu a stand-a-lone os that the site very clearly states is based on Linux.  it might grow faster than if people keep coming to it via the channels of distro watch and linuxquestions.org08:25
adamant1988It's still linux and people who care to find out will find out, but it just simplifies things a bit more.08:27
Burgundaviasorry, I don't follow08:27
adamant1988But then again I'm also the guy who would like to see Ubuntu on shelves at Wal-Mart so I guess I'm not the ideal person for ideas for Ubuntu.08:28
Burgundaviapeople will only come from those sites because it is linux08:28
BurgundaviaUbuntu on the shelves at Walmart is rather useless, unless there is a piece of hardware wrapped around it08:28
adamant1988In my community it would be worth something, we don't have the best market for computer or even linux around here, and an alternative OS selling at $30 even would become popular quickly.08:29
Burgundavianot really08:29
adamant1988I'd LOVE to see ubuntu preinstalled on computers here too..08:29
Burgundaviait has been tried before08:29
Burgundaviaboxed copies of Linux (of any variant) have always sold very badly08:30
BurgundaviaLinux IS NOT just another piece of boxed software people can take home08:30
adamant1988I'm saying all of this in the eventually pretense08:30
Burgundaviaand yes, that includes Ubuntu08:30
bimberiit's another distribution channel.  There might be segments well targetted that way.08:30
adamant1988IMO the market isn't ready for all-free software.08:30
Burgundaviathat has nothing to do with it08:30
Burgundavialook, all I do all day is sell Linux08:31
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders what adamant1988 has past personal (as in, his own) experiance to backup his claims
Kamping_Kaiserbtw nixternal , like your png :)08:31
Burgundaviawhether it is Ubuntu or DiscoverStation, I run into the same issues08:31
nixternalty Kamping_Kaiser08:31
adamant1988Kamping_Kaiser, my towns experience I'm a big linux pusher in the town.08:31
Burgundaviayou know what hurts us more than Linux? OpenOffice08:32
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, you might also bear in mind that changes that work for you wont work for me (maybe etc)08:32
Burgundaviapeople are terrified of losing data08:32
Kamping_Kaiserchaning the slogan for exqmple /does not/ help the way my mates destribute ubuntu08:32
adamant1988I'm aware that there are different markets and such.08:32
adamant1988does open office lose data that much?08:33
Burgundaviano, but people fear it does08:33
adamant1988Oh, good, I haven't looked into it08:33
BurgundaviaI don't lose sales over Linux, I lose them over OpenOffice08:33
Burgundaviait is very annoying08:33
bimberiBurgundavia: Yes!  i'm finding the main weighing up that occurs is viruses/spyware vs perfect MSOffice format compatibility.  The latter is one of the first questions asked and the honest answer is no, not perfect.  Lost08:34
Kamping_Kaiseri only find oo.o formatting differently to mso, never had data loss thoug08:34
Burgundaviafunny that the most common question I get is what the office suite it, not what the underlying OS Is08:34
Kamping_Kaiserbimberi, i usualy try and make it into a feature ;008:34
adamant1988oh so there's data loss in the ms format compatibility?08:34
MadpilotKamping_Kaiser, some people count "loss of perfectly tweaked fiddly formatting" as "data loss"... I've run into that myself w/ OOo08:34
Burgundavianote that Discoverstation hides it linux roots08:34
nixternalnot data loss, format loss08:34
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, there was with 1.x, i havent tried on 208:34
Burgundaviaadamant1988: there maybe. It is mostly a fear thing08:34
nixternalmy resume done in word looks horrible in OOo08:35
Kamping_KaiserMadpilot, true. my current work has never really invovled oo.o, so i have no vested intrest in it. tafe will probably change that :|08:35
Kamping_Kaisernixternal, do you have funky formatting, or what causes it?08:36
adamant1988hrmmm nixternal I'll have to put that to the test, I'm doing a big Ubuntu project in my school.08:36
nixternaltruthfully..i use OOo for everything...i let my clients know, if it doesn't look right, i suggest you get OOo then ;)08:36
Burgundaviaadamant1988: I am telling you from real world, hard-earned experience that calling us Linux really doesn't hurt us08:36
bimberiApparently Microsoft is going to have ODT compatibity, but all i've seen is talk about Office reading it.  Nothing about Save As...08:36
nixternalKamping_Kaiser: it is usually funky formatting08:36
nixternalif you do regular type stuff with, simple letters, memo's and what not, it is great...but when you get into tables, and special page formats, it is done with08:36
MadpilotI almost always just use OOo's PDF exporter when I'm sending stuff out - that way it looks nearly identical everywhere, and people can't mess with it ;)08:36
Kamping_Kaiseroh, ok. my cv is lacking in fuknky formatting08:37
nixternaland you have to make sure you have msttcorefonts installed, otherwise everything will look bad08:37
nixternalMadpilot: that is what i do now, just to keep my clients happy08:37
bimberiMadpilot: do you find that even small documents are really large though.  2 pages of black and white text -> 150K !08:37
nixternali haven't noticed that at all bimberi, but i will look into it now that you said something08:38
Kamping_Kaisernixternal, no i dont. but i usualy export to pdf before sending, (in honesty, to otehr linux users)08:38
Madpilotbimberi, I've never really paid attention, actually. Let me check a few docs here08:38
Kamping_Kaiserbimberi, yeh, i found that :(08:38
adamant1988ok Burgundavia I'll take your word for it08:38
nixternali just compared ms vs OOo in size...in a spreadsheet.... ms = 84480      OOo = 14712    ....winner = OOo there08:39
Burgundaviaactually, one of the biggest things we can do for desktop Linux right now is to promote OpenOffice08:39
Madpilotbimberi, you've got a point - my 26Kb .odt file is apparently a 103Kb PDF from OOo - but don't forget that a PDF has far more embedded info than an odt file08:39
bimberinixternal: sorry, wasn't clear - i mean ODT vs PDF exported from OOo08:39
Kamping_Kaiserpoint Madpilot , all the fonts and whatnot are embedded ?08:40
Madpilotnixternal, I've noticed that too - a 500kb Excel file a friend sent me shrunk to 80Kb in OOo Calc format ;)08:40
MadpilotKamping_Kaiser, yeah, parts of the fonts, at least08:40
nixternalBurgundavia: i love OOo...i couldn't use anything else i don't think...Koffice isn't even close YET08:40
bimberiMadpilot: that's not surprising either :)08:41
BurgundaviaI hate OOo tbh08:41
bimberiBurgundavia: so does Linux iirc08:41
adamant1988Burgundavia, what office replacement do you suggest then?08:41
=== Kamping_Kaiser hates office suites in general. oo.o is at least open and portable
Burgundavianothing, because there is nothing08:41
BurgundaviaKamping_Kaiser: exactly08:41
nixternalyou know what...i think Joey Stanford, aka Rinchen, works with OOo somehow/someway08:41
nixternallike on the payroll08:41
BurgundaviaI am waiting for the gnome office people to shit or get off the pot08:42
adamant1988there's always koffice...08:42
=== adamant1988 backs away slowly
=== Kamping_Kaiser puts big cross
nixternalkoffice is great..if you don't want any interaction what so ever with ms office08:43
nixternalthe next version of koffice however, is supposed to finally have ms office support08:44
nixternali can't wait to see that08:44
nixternalfirst time supporting office, i bet it is god awfull08:44
adamant1988heh, there's always crossover +MSoffice I guess...08:44
=== Kamping_Kaiser doesnt get it
nixternalmy systems will not get wine, xover, or cedega installed...as i don't want anything for windows on my machines.08:45
nixternalif i want to sit here and market Ubuntu, and market Linux...i have to use it 110%...nothing less08:45
adamant1988I never use office suites.... although I do think the project mananger in oo.o is cool.08:45
MadpilotOOo has a project manager?08:45
nixternalhow does it look, me supporting, loving, and spreading Ubuntu and Linux, but using wine or xover so i can run ms apps08:46
adamant1988I'm going to use it to manage my local projects and such08:46
adamant1988Nixternal, it looks like you're someone who's trying to use their computer.08:46
Kamping_Kaisera way they dont have to08:46
bimberinixternal: pragmatic :/08:46
adamant1988I have both wine and crossover installed, I don't feel ashamed or like i'm burning the ubuntu flag or something...08:47
nixternali do use my computer...i don't run windows and let my computer use me08:47
adamant1988I use crossover to get photoshop08:47
nixternalbah you and your layers08:47
adamant1988gimp doesn't have feature layers lol.08:47
Kamping_Kaiserfeature layers?08:47
adamant1988when gimp supports those I'll switch08:48
nixternalgimp does more for me quicker then ps ever did08:48
adamant1988yeah, layers that alter the layers below them08:48
adamant1988levels layers, CB layers, etc.08:48
Kamping_Kaiseroh ok08:48
adamant1988Gimp works fast for me than ps too, but I still use PS because it has the features I need08:48
nixternaltuxpaint has all the features im smart enough to use08:49
nixternali can use the paintbrush and the pencil08:49
adamant1988the only work around is rediculous when you're trying to edit 90 layer files =\08:49
Kamping_Kaiser90 o_008:50
adamant1988yeah, 90 is a pretty good number for me08:50
adamant1988sometimes higher, sometimes lower.08:50
nixternalwhen i get above 4 i merge all visible08:50
adamant1988yeah but I like to be able to edit all the aspects of my files08:50
=== Kamping_Kaiser is supprised gimp doesnt do that multi layer thing
Madpilotnixternal, sometimes it's nice to have simple apps that only do exactly what you want - +1 for tuxpaint & text editors :)08:51
=== adamant1988 is too, VERY suprised
nixternali couldnt live w/o tuxpaint and kate/kwrite/nano/vim/emacs08:52
adamant1988all in all i do try to use all the free software I can08:52
adamant1988mp3 codecs are neccessary because of my multiple gigs of mp3s and my non ogg mp3 player. and I like being able to watch my DVD collection on my computer so libdvdcss08:53
=== Kamping_Kaiser uses vrms to keep his non free low. basicly only binary drivers on here
Kamping_Kaiserand lrm (a dependancy)08:56
adamant1988 vrms?08:57
Kamping_Kaiserin apt. Virtual Richard M Stallman ;)08:57
adamant1988lol what does that do?08:58
poningruanyone know where I can get some presentation matierial?08:58
Kamping_Kaisersearches for non free packages and tells you what you have installed08:58
Kamping_Kaiserhm. there was some on the wiki wasnt there?08:59
=== poningru has to do a 15 min presentation on dapper
adamant1988lol I'm installing vrms09:00
Burgundaviaponingru: lots on the wiki09:00
Madpilotthe real RMS is bad enough... I'm not sure I like the idea of even a virtual version on my computer ;)09:00
MadpilotI'll grant he's been useful, but he's still... still RMS...09:02
bimberiponingru: /usr/share/example-content/oo-presenting-ubuntu.odp  on a dapper install might be of interest too09:02
adamant1988lol I have 25 non free files09:03
Kamping_Kaiserlooool. you satanic feind :)09:03
=== adamant1988 doesn't care much =\
Kamping_Kaiser :o09:04
Kamping_Kaisera witch, burn him, burn him! ;)09:04
adamant1988Don't you need to weigh me against a duck or something?09:04
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, nah, i just skip that bit.09:04
adamant1988ah... is this a fair court?09:04
Madpilotof course not09:05
Queen_of_heartswhat do you think? :)09:05
adamant1988Well I better get rid of my display drivers and such 0_009:05
Madpilotwe'll just sneak up on you in a giant wooden rabbit, or something09:05
nixternalponingru: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing09:06
bimberiadamant1988: I've gtg.  Thanks for catalysing an excellent discussion here.09:06
adamant1988no problem, I try :)09:07
adamant1988I like to display my opinion, it means I'll usually get a better one in return.09:07
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matthewrevellhey :)10:25
Kamping_Kaiser:) bbl. dinner10:29
ompaulmatthewrevell, to use a phrase, surely not already ;-)10:36
ompaulback soon10:36
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Kamping_Kaiserhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/posters cant think of anything :|03:42
gnomefreakhmmmm you mean like F*** Winblows use Ubuntu?03:59
Kamping_Kaiserlol. works for me :)03:59
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: Community is important <- my single ida so far03:59
MenZaFor a small fee, I can print them.04:16
MenZaAll I need is the poster in .EPS format.04:16
MenZa(I'm doing it for free; I do it at work. I can knock off quite a bit of the price though.04:17
=== Ckenyon [n=chrisken@] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== MagicFab [n=magicfab@modemcable113.78-83-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== adamant1988 [n=adam@h-141-153-101-95.ckb.meer.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mdkeadamant1988: is that you editing the "posters" wiki page? are you finished with it yet?05:32
adamant1988I'm doing a quick edit05:32
mdkeok, so not finished05:33
adamant1988i'll be done momentarily :)05:33
mdkeno problem05:33
mdkeadamant1988: no, you still have a lock on it05:38
adamant1988I don't05:38
adamant1988i'm done editing..05:38
mdkethe wiki says you have a lock on it05:39
=== Kamping_Kaiser slaps wiki about a bit
mdkethat happens when you start editing and stop without clicking "cancel"05:39
adamant1988i've saved and moved away from the page =\05:39
mdkeI'll just go ahead and edit regardless05:39
adamant1988you have to click cancel? wtf...05:40
mdkeeither Save or Cancel05:40
adamant1988I used save05:40
mdkeyou must have had another instance of it open where you just closed the browser or something05:40
mdkedoesn't matter, I've gone ahead now05:40
adamant1988my edit didn't show up05:41
adamant1988does it have to be approved or something?05:42
gnomefreakadamant1988: you added a comment to the grid?05:42
gnomefreakadamant1988: try refresh05:42
adamant1988no my change still isn't showing up gnomefreak =\05:59
adamant1988it's visible under 'show changes'.06:00
gnomefreakadamant1988: you mean the part you added Freedon for your Data?06:01
gnomefreaki see it ;)06:02
nixternalwhat a coincidence about the posters ey?06:02
nixternalhehe ya06:02
nixternali have been working on posters for Ubuntu-Chicago06:02
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders if he should put his ideas in the wiki for all to laugh at
nixternalremember, no idea is a stupid idea06:03
=== nixternal stole that from the stupid question comments everyone says
Kamping_Kaiserits a thought, not an idea :|06:03
adamant1988thoughts can't be stupid.06:03
adamant1988The whole idea of stupid is created by the ignorant.06:04
=== Kamping_Kaiser pleads guilty
adamant1988Thoughts can be less usefull, less entertaining, and not interesting, but to call them stupid is to but a big blinking light over your head that reads 'ignoramous'(sp) :)06:04
nixternallast night i said a good one to adamant1988 about using the puter... adamant1988 said "you use your computer", and i was like "that's why i don't have windows, so my computer can't use me"06:05
nixternalsomething like that06:05
nixternalUbuntu - Unlease the power of your computer06:05
adamant1988pushing it nixternal :)06:05
Kamping_Kaisernixternal, yeh, i liked that one from last night06:05
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu Linux: Now with marketing <- just to stir you folk up :P06:05
adamant1988I'm hoping to get good quotes like that from my little social experiment06:05
adamant1988of which my fiance is now a participant.06:06
nixternalhaha Kamping_Kaiser, i know what you are doing with that06:07
adamant1988she's agree to use Xubuntu on her computer, blog her experiences nightly, and provide a "picture and a paragraph" so people know she's not a 50 year old man.  She's the definition of an end user though.06:07
adamant1988so she's great for the experiment.06:07
Kamping_Kaisernix. hehe06:07
=== adamant1988 is not so easily suckered.
nixternalUbuntu - Putting blue screens to sleep06:08
nixternalUbuntu - Removing Control Alt Delete06:08
nixternalUbuntu - No need for cussing06:08
Kamping_Kaisernixternal, on that one its funny, because a 'commonly requested tweak' is the c+a+d one06:09
nixternalhaha i know06:09
adamant1988Ubuntu- The OS that respects you :) lol06:09
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: Community is important06:09
nixternali like that adamant198806:09
=== adamant1988 should ad it to the wiki then :)
nixternali would06:09
nixternalim gonna add some of mine here shortly06:10
adamant1988i'll add it06:10
adamant1988editing wikis is fun06:10
adamant1988yay GIMP update ^_^06:12
nixternalgot it06:13
nixternalgimp and cupsys06:13
nixternalUbuntu - Do what you wish06:14
adamant1988Ubuntu- Freedom from your PC06:14
nixternalomg...i got it...and the people in the US would love it..and it would sell like crazy06:14
adamant1988Ubuntu now with MS windows?06:15
nixternalyou know the chevy pissin' on ford stickers?06:15
nixternalyes, ubuntu pissin' on ms06:15
adamant1988yes, that certainly displays the feeling of community, particularly if your'e into that kind of thing...06:15
nixternalhaha..i have a tux peein' on the butterfly sticker06:16
nixternalso that one is already old06:16
adamant1988good, we can't misuse and ubuntu logo now06:16
nixternalUbuntu - Making us stronger / Bringing us together / Everbody is one / Linux for everyone / Linux on board / ...06:20
nixternal"If you don't like the way I am computing, please goto http://www.ubuntu.com"06:20
nixternal^^ if you don't like the way i drive sticker ;)06:20
adamant1988Ubuntu - Linux made obvious06:23
nixternalhaha nice06:23
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988lol... we should make Ubuntu seem like a niche thing to do too.06:41
nixternalUbuntu - Innoculation at your fingertips06:42
adamant1988Ubuntu- Your granfathers linux need not apply :)06:42
nixternalya..like getting a shot to stop the virus ;)06:42
Kamping_Kaiseroh, right.06:42
adamant1988But we could make it seem like all the 'cool' people are using it.06:43
nixternalUbuntu - Anybody call a doctor?06:43
nixternalUbuntu - This is Linux?06:43
adamant1988Ubuntu- Computers like Air-conditioners, don't like windows open :)06:43
adamant1988more than 7 but it's still catchy :)06:43
nixternalAir-condition your pc, don't open a window06:44
nixternalthat one sucked06:44
adamant1988it's ok06:44
nixternalUbuntu - Using five fingers instead of one06:44
nixternalthe middle one06:45
adamant1988I didn't make the phrase up so I can't be offended by you butchering it.06:45
adamant1988Ubuntu- The end of the three finger salute.06:45
Kamping_Kaiserubuntu: because nude people at work is ok (not mine)06:45
nixternaladamant1988: i also think slogans like that are good, as they target geeks and get a chuckle, and just maybe they will say "let me check out this Ubuntu"06:45
nixternalrofl @ Kamping_Kaiser06:46
adamant1988heh, but the nerdy bunch probably knows about ubuntu.06:46
adamant1988Ubuntu- Be Different, in mass.06:46
nixternalto ubuntu or not to ubuntu, that is the question06:47
ompauladamant1988, that is like some pseudo late 70s early 80s gag, see all the non conformists in their jeans :-)06:48
=== MenZa [n=chatzill@0x50a11623.kd4nxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988Lol yeah it's supposed to be a little ironic, lol.06:48
Kamping_Kaiserubuntu: join the cult06:48
adamant1988But if anyones paid attention this era looks a lot like the 60's anyway =\06:48
ompaulnixternal, Computers prefer Ubuntu.06:48
nixternal1+ billion people use MS Windows, don't be the next idiot06:49
nixternali made that number up06:49
ompaulnixternal, so you now insulted all the windows users - they are going to remember you for the wrong reason.06:49
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders if therse any politically incorrect phrases about weapons that could be used
nixternal1+ billion Windows systems use their owners, don't be the next06:50
ompaulnow your starting to think ;-)06:50
nixternalompaul: as long as i am remembered ;)06:50
adamant1988Ubuntu- Because viruses don't like to share.06:50
ompaulUbuntu, Linux for Human Beings. can you work with that06:51
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: more antivirus's then virus's06:51
adamant1988I still opt to take out the word linux in the slogan =\06:51
nixternalUbuntu, Linux for everyone <- this covers the 500million aliens also on earth06:51
nixternal"Linux for Human Beings" is showing prejudice to others ;)06:52
adamant1988cool, I vote nixternal. Those aliens and their advanced hardware need ubuntu.06:52
adamant1988Who are we to be biased to our species?06:52
Kamping_Kaiserwe are us :)06:53
nixternali know a few people here in Chicago that aren't even close to human06:53
adamant1988"Take me to your leader" next guy: "Mr.Shuttleworth the local birth defect charity is here to see you"06:53
adamant1988Yes, as a person with birth defects I can say that.06:54
adamant1988Anywho... the slogan06:54
=== Burgwork [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988Do we NEED to use the linux for human beings thing?06:55
adamant1988lol we could spoof the progressive caveman commercials with Ubuntu and aliens lol06:57
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: Software for Homosapien?06:57
MenZa"Ubuntu: leet!"06:57
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: Works for me06:58
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: now with LTS06:58
MenZaUbuntu: So nice you'd think it was a product of Chuck Norris(tm)06:58
=== Kamping_Kaiser blinks
=== Kamping_Kaiser doesnt get it
MenZaOh yeah?!06:59
MenZaWell, you... you...06:59
adamant1988Ubuntu: Linux for people not computers.06:59
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: Office 'out of the box'06:59
=== adamant1988 is running out of fuel without critique...
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, you freak !07:01
Kamping_Kaiser(or not like that? ;))07:01
adamant1988well I meant the slogans but that'll do07:01
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: A system for everyone07:01
adamant1988I'm going to have to bust out the jade concentration balls and get some hard core thinking going on.07:01
adamant1988ok let's start at square one07:02
adamant1988What do we want to say?07:02
adamant1988We know that we have 7 words to say it in.07:02
=== Kamping_Kaiser didnt realise we had a message
adamant1988It's an advertisement poster07:03
adamant1988we want to put a slogan on it, but we need it to be about 7 words.07:03
Kamping_Kaiseri was having mroe fun before i started thinking about the point07:03
Kamping_Kaiseroh bugger. i have to be up soon -_-, i forgot about that07:03
Kamping_Kaiser:| oh well, i'll stay up for another 20 min07:04
Kamping_KaiserUbuntu: keeps yuou up at night07:04
adamant1988nixternal you here?07:04
adamant1988We need to decide what we're trying to say on the poster.07:05
adamant1988ompaul, you there?07:06
ompauladamant1988, on a call type away07:06
adamant1988oh ok, I just wanted your input on this...07:06
ompaulhow far back07:07
adamant1988we're trying to decide exactly what it is we want to convey07:07
adamant1988about Ubuntu.07:07
adamant1988and how to convey it.07:07
Kamping_Kaiserbuggerit, i'm off now :) later all07:08
adamant1988I think we should be stressing Ubuntu's community nature and a technical aspect like being virus free or stable07:08
adamant1988although the stable arguement isn't a good switch motive because windows has become much better with that.07:09
adamant1988Ubuntu: Security in the community.07:11
adamant1988am I the only one working on this?07:12
adamant1988hrmmm guess so...07:13
ompaulno I reading07:13
adamant1988I think stressing that Ubuntu is more secure is probably the best option07:13
adamant1988Windows has the fore-front in usability simply because it's what people know, but it's hard to argue that ours is easier if they have to spend time learning it07:14
adamant1988But windows doesn't have security going for it, so I think it's best to take advantage of that.07:14
adamant1988hrmmm... idk.. I will wait until more people are involved...07:15
adamant1988until then I'm going to work on the switch project... which I need to propose to the mailing list.07:15
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
ompauladamant1988, when you move from one car to another you expect little things like the horn is on a different stick or in the wheel - the indicator has changed place, we have an alternative and when you feel the new seats you will know the quality is so much higher07:31
adamant1988So we're trying to say freedom at higher quality?07:32
ompaulno we have sevearl messages07:33
ompaulseveral messages - quality, alternative, freedom, when we speak of freedom, it is not just software freedom, but being free of the security pains that windows causes07:34
ompaulfor reasons that are beyond me I need to restart gnome07:34
ompaulback in a moment07:34
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
ompauladamant1988, sorry about that, got side tracked people from various places chasing me for information :-) like do I happen to have a spare C programmer who knows Asterisk07:50
ompauladamant1988, did you pop that onto the mailing list07:51
adamant1988yeah I put my idea into the mailing list...07:52
ompaulokay I will take a look at it there07:52
adamant1988it's not the same thing07:52
adamant1988It's the "switch" project I'm undertaking.07:52
adamant1988assuming that I have the marketing teams' back.07:53
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
ompaulIt costs nothing, it does not have the spyware and virus issues that plague other software, and wallpapers the likes of which you have never seen before. Yes it does internet, web, email, im, voip, software for it is limited only by your imagination.07:55
ompaulYes, it is called, Ubuntu.07:56
adamant1988I thought we were supposed to keep it to 7 words?07:57
ompaulsorry I had not spotted that07:58
adamant1988Yeah this is going on big posters possibly07:58
adamant1988did you read about the switch project in the mailing list or has it not been sent yet?07:58
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ompaulokay this is more than seven but I would be inclined to think like: Internet, Office, Games, Voip, Education, Graphics, Mulitmedia. In a word Ubuntu. I'll think about 7 in a moment08:00
ompaulsorry I was talking to people who have me distracted08:00
adamant1988Ubuntu: Lets you run your digital life- safely.08:00
adamant1988'let's you' can be omitted if need be.08:01
ompaulno you remove safely08:01
ompaulimagine a piece of paper08:02
MenZaI read that as "let us run your digital life"08:02
MenZaI was like "err.. okay?"08:02
ompaulMenZa, that must be some other software you are thinking about08:02
adamant1988windows : let's the bugs in.08:02
ompaulokay I will play with words and see if I get anything together in the next while08:03
ompauladamant1988, we can't go around beating MS this is an alternative08:03
adamant1988I know08:03
adamant1988it was a spoor08:03
ompaulas for bugs - 50k+08:03
ompaulokay even08:03
ompaulright I am out of here for a while08:03
adamant1988Should we be emphasizing the community, freedom, etc?08:04
ompauljust think for a bit08:04
adamant1988I think we should go short sweet and effective.08:05
adamant1988so 7 words might be to many.08:05
adamant1988Ubuntu "your digital life- set free"08:07
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adamant1988hello sara_08:26
adamant1988I caught your post in the mailing list, I can't say I see any problems with those flow chart things.08:29
sara_well they are a beginning becauce Jhon was not usre about the flow of the marketing team-ubuntu magazine so they have to be chaged08:31
adamant1988ah, ok.08:31
adamant1988Did you catch my proposal of the user data project by any chance?08:31
sara_I just started checking my e-mail so I am trying to catch up from fridyay night08:32
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988oh ok :)08:32
adamant1988I am lost on the slogan thing, I can't get anything short enough to make me happy08:33
sara_I just saw that too, but can't tihnk of any thing right now08:33
adamant1988My ideas are mostly on the wiki08:33
adamant1988the only one I didn't put on the wiki is "Your digital life- set free"08:34
adamant1988because I think it's not read for the wiki =(08:34
sara_where is the wiki08:34
adamant1988I found it by typing in posters08:34
sara_I kind of like the freedom for you data one08:37
adamant1988Yeah, I want to do something short and sweet08:37
adamant1988like "Think different"08:37
adamant1988It's completely unrelated to Apple but yet it does the job perfectly08:38
adamant1988and all of my ideas can be related straight to ubuntu.08:38
sara_  ohh I have one, Linux unleashed08:39
adamant1988What about "simple linux"08:39
adamant1988"Simply Free"08:40
sara_that is cool, it has to have freedom, siple and some elemetn of exietmen on it, but i can't think of one08:40
adamant1988That describes Ubuntu in a nutshell.08:40
nixternalUbuntu in a nutshell, o'reilly would hunt you down08:42
nixternalLinux unleashed = a book title08:42
nixternalUbuntu - use it or nixternal will find you08:42
sara_I did not that08:42
nixternaland that is at 7 letters ;)08:42
nixternalheya sara_08:43
nixternali just responed to your last email...john did a great job with the charter08:43
nixternalhim and i spoke about it briefly last week08:43
sara_yeah he mentioned that, I think i have to hang around the IRC more08:44
nixternalirc has been hopping around here a lot lately08:44
nixternalit is mostly due to adamant1988 starting problems with removing linux ;)08:44
=== nixternal dl's some adam ant
adamant1988I didn't even find out that was a band until I started using this name =\08:45
nixternali thought you were just some weirdo who was actually their only fan08:45
adamant1988My name is actually something my deceased grandmother gave to me when I was younger...08:45
sara_how come?08:45
adamant1988There was a TV show  called "atom Ant" and my name is Adam so she always called me Adam Ant08:45
adamant1988I hated it when I was younger but when she passed away I started using it for my name.08:46
nixternali can't use the names my family gave me...it goes against the CoC08:47
sara_My name used to confuse people08:47
adamant1988My nickname on sites used to be DismalMuse08:47
nixternalnix = remove, take away, gone for good .......    ternal = add the e, lasts for ever..... oxymoron created when combined.....and when combined...they mean UNIX FOREVER!!!08:48
adamant1988Nixternal I found a nice short slogan I think08:48
adamant1988"Simply Free"08:49
nixternalme too...08:49
adamant1988Pick which meaning makes it better for you08:49
nixternal"nixternal uses it"08:49
nixternalkinda like the "mikey likes it" campaign08:49
adamant1988two syllable words might confuse people.08:49
nixternalhave me sittin' in front of a ubuntu cd like it is a bowl of cereal08:49
nixternalyou think chex will get mad?08:49
adamant1988who would want you on television?08:50
nixternalbah..i never liked that cereal anyways ;)08:50
adamant1988I want to know if Ubuntu will ever come with support packages.08:51
nixternali was thinking someone like "matthew mcconaughey"08:51
adamant1988like you can buy it in a box but you're really just paying for the support package for it.08:51
nixternalwhat os comes with support packages?08:51
adamant1988As far as I know windows comes with support when you buy it.08:52
nixternalOEM support08:52
nixternalotherwise you have the forums08:52
nixternallet me see you call microsoft and get support w/o paying for it08:52
nixternalyou can't08:52
nixternalthe only thing microsoft won't charge you for when you call them, is to register your windows xp and get an activation code ;)08:53
adamant1988I just want Ubuntu in a boxed set with a manual and some cool stickers.08:53
nixternalme too08:53
nixternali check the mail and it wasn't there08:53
nixternaltomorrow, i will beat up the mailman if he does't deliver ;)08:53
sara_you can actually get ms if you buy your own $299 box08:53
adamant1988lol My Ubuntu disks arrived  a week or so ago and my Kubuntu disks haven't gotten here, I ordered them first.08:53
adamant1988I'd like to be able to buy it though08:54
nixternalhow come mine haven't...i was one of the first 1,000 on the day they opened up08:54
nixternaladamant1988: i thought you could buy it08:54
nixternalyou can purchase ubuntu support08:55
adamant1988You get a nice box with some pretty artwork, a manual that tells you everything you need to know, and the CDs (probably Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu)08:55
adamant1988I mean the boxed set, the supports not really that important to me.08:55
nixternalyou know what i have noticed...all the major computer stores around me don't have anything linux in them anymore except for wallmart and fry's08:55
nixternaland they only have linspire08:55
adamant1988Our walmart doesn't have any linux.08:56
adamant1988The closest they have is an epson printer =\08:56
nixternalfry's has sold 1 linspire box in the 2 years they have been there08:56
nixternalbut they are requested to keep it stocked08:56
adamant1988Ubuntu needs to get preloaded on desktops...08:56
nixternalwallmart does't sell anything..so they end up giving it away on store days here08:56
Burgworknixternal, they are giving away the linux computers?08:56
nixternalonly problem with that is that nobody buys them08:56
sara_The only place where I can buy Linux is on amazon08:57
nixternalnot the comptuer Burgwork08:57
nixternalwell fry's pretty much is08:57
nixternal$129 for linspire machine08:57
adamant1988that's the price they're set at08:57
nixternalamd setup, 40gb drive, 128mb ram08:57
nixternalno..the price they are set at is $28008:57
nixternali received the package info for my store08:57
adamant1988I hope Ubuntu gets something a bit like CNR in the future.08:57
nixternali don't...i want free..as in free everything including the darn beer08:58
adamant1988So we could purchase nonfree stuff if we felt like it08:58
nixternalalso, cnr is a nice way to implement utter junk08:58
sara_I would really like if they get CNR, canonical has that  new repo so maybe in the future08:58
nixternaland from what i seen, it is blazingly slow and loaded with advertisements from all the software it puts out08:58
nixternali had not clue what cnr was until i looked saturday while at fry's on the machine there08:59
sara_I used it onjce and I don't really like it, but I would still like to but some of their stuff09:00
nixternalhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0760989   <- i messed up, as that was my high school sweetheart09:01
nixternalmy buddy just emailed me laughing09:01
sara_are you serius?09:02
nixternaldead serious09:02
nixternali have the yearbook plus photos to prove it09:02
nixternali had no clue she became "famous"09:03
sara_she is on that series on the wb.09:03
nixternali guess...i never seen it09:03
sara_its girl series. I don't think any guy actually watches it09:03
nixternalthe only thing i ever remember was "mtv's wanna-be a vj contest"...the first one09:04
nixternali guess that got her started09:04
sara_I found it while visting my sisiter in her dorm and they had girsl night09:04
Burgworksara_, gai has everything but the purchasing part of cnr09:04
nixternalshe would get mad cuz i always said it was sammy hagar's birthday and my parents anniversary...and she would be like "what about my birthday jerk"09:05
Burgworkadd/remove on your menu09:05
sara_ohh, I use Kubuntu so I have never used that I use Adpet09:05
Burgworkah, you are missing out on gai goodness09:06
sara_nixternal. di you go to school with Billy Corgan?09:06
nixternalhe was a sr. my freshman year09:06
sara_yeah maybe I'll give it a try09:06
nixternali played football with his brother09:06
nixternalactually..i was in 8th grade his sr. year09:06
nixternalhow did you know about billy corgan?09:07
sara_close enough09:07
nixternalnm..i see it09:07
nixternalwhen i tell people i went to glenbard north, they are like you went to high school with billy corgan09:07
nixternalbilly corgan was a fat weirdo/pseudo nerd from what i remember from the 80's09:08
sara_well he is still weird09:08
nixternali just sent my mom that info, and she called...omg i bet you are kicking yourself now09:10
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adamant1988hello all.09:32
gaz00hiya adamant198809:40
gaz00did your optimal____  buddy figure out what he wanted to do?09:40
adamant1988he's helping me with my data project right now, but he REALLY wants to get in to the art team09:42
adamant1988he's a really good artist too.09:43
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
gaz00so he's interested in ubuntu artwork, or for marketing?09:44
adamant1988I talked to him about the marketing, but he is a very highly respected digital artist.09:45
adamant1988although most of his work is abstract09:45
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gaz00ahh... i'll have to get you to show me some of his work (out of curiousity) when I get back09:55
gaz00gotta run..later09:56
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adamant1988hey all.10:29
ompauladamant1988, do a few more :-)10:29
adamant1988a few more slogans?10:30
adamant1988I started doing really bad on them lol10:30
adamant1988I kind of gave up10:31
adamant1988http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h314/adamant1988/Ubuntubanner.jpg I did do a small logo banner with one of them that I *did* like though...10:31
gnomefreak</slogan> ever wake up next to a woman the morning after drinking and find that shes not as pretty as you hoped. well heres your chance to wake up next to one of the gorgeous Ubuntu women <slogan/>   ;)10:32
adamant1988I went for short.10:33
adamant1988My favorite was "Simply Free"10:33
gnomefreakvirus free ;)10:33
adamant1988free of whatever you want it to be free of10:33
adamant1988but it's simply free of that.10:33
gnomefreakhit what windows users hate about MS10:33
adamant1988We spend too much time focusing on Microsofts flaws, why not focus on our strengths?10:34
ompaulgnomefreak, you can hit it too10:34
gnomefreakompaul: i know im just thinking of things on the spot while trying to figure this pos out10:34
ompaulgnomefreak, look at the page and fill it then put some spaces at the bottom for the next person :-)10:35
gnomefreaki go to sleep on night and theres a online ubuntu class and the poster thing i need to stop sleeping10:35
adamant1988wait... what online Ubuntu class?10:35
gnomefreakhold on a sec10:36
gnomefreakits being worked on10:36
gnomefreaki see ompaul has been taking my ideas :(10:37
adamant1988sounds like a good idea but I doubt the attendance will be high...10:37
adamant1988ompaul what's up with the taking of others ideas?10:37
ompauladamant1988, I think you will find that is a groundless arguement - I published first :)10:38
gnomefreaki said above virus free and he already had it there10:38
adamant1988I was just playing along lol.10:38
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adamant1988Cut the curtains the actor's have gone home10:40
adamant1988intermissions a mission on it's own10:40
adamant1988Billy talent rocks10:42
ompaulSoftware your way, Ubuntu!10:42
ompaulwould you like chips with that10:42
adamant1988i work at subway10:42
adamant1988that's not nice.10:42
ompauladamant1988, micro chips was the joke10:43
ompaulbut anyway10:43
=== adamant1988 wishes he could order ubuntu disks and get as many as he wanted.
=== dotwaffle [i=dotwaffl@wrong.domain.name] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
gnomefreakyou can get alot depending on what you want them for but i would wait10:46
adamant1988I got 30 out of the 50 I wanted10:47
adamant1988but why would you wait?10:47
gnomefreakthats not bad i got 25 and none work :(10:47
adamant1988are you serious? all of mine work 0_010:47
gnomefreakadamant1988: there are a ton of bugs ont he gui installer10:48
gnomefreaki tried 17 and got tired10:48
gnomefreaki stillhave 8 more to play with10:48
adamant1988so you're saying don't give the disks out? this sucks10:48
adamant1988I need them for a project =\10:48
gnomefreakadamant1988: test them first or give them out and make back ups of one that does work10:49
adamant1988ok hold on10:49
gnomefreakthe problem with testing mine is they fail on partitioning10:49
adamant1988I used one to install to my laptop10:50
adamant1988worked perfectly10:50
adamant1988but I also didn't do anything with the partitioning I just let it use the whole drive10:50
gnomefreakwell seeing as im sure ill have to reinstall before edgy is stable i will try them than10:51
adamant1988I'm thinking about reinstalling on my desktop10:51
adamant1988I've done too much playing around.10:51
gnomefreaki will be on stable tonight for a luittle while so i cant play :(10:52
gnomefreakmatter of fact ill be back im gonna change pcs10:52
adamant1988ok I have to go anyway10:52
ompaulmindspin, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/posters 7 words or less10:54
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mindspinhi ompaul11:34
ompaulmindspin: back in a moment this xchat-gnome is not what I want11:35
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
ompaulmindspin nice11:43
mindspinjust some first ones...11:43
mindspinI think they should do a poster -campaing with different slogans, maybe telling a story...11:44
mindspinthere are a lot of good ideas11:44
ompaulpop that on the mailing list11:51
mindspinyup you are right..11:51
=== ompaul sniggers again

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