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bddebianDamn cernlib is a pig02:15
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linuxmonkeyhey do u guys know if the commercial repo is x86 only at the moment?03:12
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bddebianBah, fsck ipac-nc03:27
bddebianErr ipac-ng even03:27
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Hobbseehi all03:48
bddebianHi Hobbsee03:49
bddebianHobbsee: Do the ipac-ng merge for me will ya? :-)03:49
Hobbseebddebian: hah.  i take it it's a beast?03:50
=== Hobbsee was trying to package a NEW program last night.
bddebianNo, just seems to be poorly maintained03:50
Hobbseebddebian: ah great.03:50
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Hobbseeif there's a new package in debian unstable, how long do we have to wait for it to hit ubuntu edgy?  (libsynaptics-dev) - is there any way we can speed that up?05:29
Hobbseesync request?05:29
AmaranthHobbsee: does it need a merge?05:31
HobbseeAmaranth: i'm assuming just a sync05:31
AmaranthHobbsee: that's automagic05:31
Amaranthif the ubuntu package had changes they have to be merged manually05:32
HobbseeAmaranth: yeah, but how long does it take for this automagicness to occur, is my question05:32
HobbseeAmaranth: it's new in debian, never in ubuntu05:32
Amaranthit'd better happen soon, UVF is soon05:32
HobbseeAmaranth: exactly.  and it's a new b-d of a package that's assigned to me to update05:34
AmaranthHobbsee: request it05:34
HobbseeAmaranth: will do.  will test that it builds, etc, first.05:35
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HobbseeAmaranth: two syncs have to be in two separate bug reports?05:44
Hobbseeseeing as one depends on the other?05:44
Amaranththey change the bug title and subscribe some special thing that does the sync05:45
Amaranthso you want separate bugs05:45
HobbseeAmaranth: yeah, okay.  you a MOTU by any chance?05:45
Hobbseedidnt think so05:45
bddebianWell why the heck not?  You two need to get in gear ;-P05:48
Hobbseebddebian: hehe05:53
Hobbseebddebian: can you ack a couple of syncs for me please?05:55
Hobbseehttps://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/52481 and https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/5248205:55
UbugtuMalone bug 52481 in Ubuntu "[Edgy MoM]  Please sync libsynaptics 0.14.4d-1 from Debian Sid" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed] 05:55
Hobbseeor any other motu around05:59
bddebianHobbsee: Ack them?06:03
Hobbseebddebian: approve them06:03
Hobbseebddebian: i'm not a MOTU yet, remember?06:03
bddebianHobbsee: You shouldn't need approval, just subscribe ubuntu-archive06:03
Hobbseethen subscribe the archive, if you're feeling kind06:03
Hobbseebddebian: they made us have approval before06:04
bddebianOh, hmm06:04
Hobbseebddebian: thanks.06:08
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bddebianLaser_away or crimsun: I'm heading to bed shortly but I think I figured out maxima's problem.  gcl needs a rebuild against newer libraries, then maxima builds fine.06:28
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bddebianThis old man has to go to bed.  Gnight folks06:54
Hobbseebye old man :P06:54
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Hobbseeevening sivang09:19
Hobbseemust be time for lunch.09:19
Kamping_Kaiserhey sivang :)09:20
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i577B120F.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivanghey Kamping_Kaiser , how's it going?09:22
Kamping_Kaisernot bad mate, self?09:22
Kamping_Kaisergetting stuff done? :)09:22
Kamping_Kaiserhi dholbach09:22
Hobbseehi dholbach!09:22
dholbachgood morning09:22
dholbachhey Kamping_Kaiser, Hobbsee!09:22
sivangmorning dholbach !09:22
dholbachhi sivang09:23
sivangKamping_Kaiser: Yeah, will start with home-user-backup soon and you'll be able to do some more testing. If you check the new UI you can see there's already a workaround to the device detection issues as there's going to be somewhat changed workflow.09:23
Kamping_Kaisersivang, ah, if you have started doing changes i'll add a bzr up/pull (whatever it uses) to my otehr cronjobs :)09:24
sivangKamping_Kaiser: not yet :) but intend to start today at least09:29
Kamping_Kaisersivang, ok :) ping me when theres a change and i'll whack in a new cronjob.09:30
Kamping_Kaiser<3 cron09:30
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AnAntwhen does Ubuntu sync with Debian ?09:44
slomo_AnAnt: now ;)09:44
dholbachAnAnt: in times, when we're not in upstream version freeze09:44
dholbachie now09:44
AnAntslomo_: well, in Debian there is tor, yet I see that Edgy is still using
dholbachAnAnt: you want to do the merge?09:45
slomo_because nobody merged it yet... as it has ubuntu changes it has to be done manually09:45
AnAntdo it how ?09:47
dholbachtake the current debian source and the ubuntu source, merge the changes09:47
AnAntand put them in REVU ?09:48
=== Gloubiboulga [n=gauvain@ubuntu/member/gloubiboulga] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachfor example09:48
AnAntdholbach: there isn't another way, is it ?09:48
dholbachanother way like what?09:49
=== vud1 [n=vud1@unaffilitated/vud1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
AnAntdholbach: you said for example, so I thought that there may be other ways09:50
dholbachsure, if you upload it to some other random host and get your merge reviewed and uploaded, that's fine too09:51
Gloubiboulgamorning MOTU{s, hopefuls}09:53
AnAntbtw, when do uploads get reviewed ?09:55
imbrandonAnAnt, mostly as motus get time or someone is "poked" about one in particular09:56
AnAntwhat is that .cvsignore file that I see in debian/ directories for ?10:00
dholbachhey Gloubiboulga10:01
Gloubiboulgahi dholbach, gnumeric is ready for a review10:01
dholbachGloubiboulga: rock and roll10:01
dholbachGloubiboulga: it works ok?10:01
Gloubiboulgayes, both gnome and gtk variants10:02
Gloubiboulgabut libgoffice is not on the repos yet10:02
dholbachGloubiboulga: i promised to do two other merges now, can you send me a mail with the location?10:02
dholbachah ok10:02
dholbachsame place as last time?10:02
Gloubiboulgaexact same place10:02
Gloubiboulgawho should I poke about goffice?10:02
dholbachi'm happy to look at it10:02
Gloubiboulgait's built on malone (for i386 only)10:03
Gloubiboulgaon launchpad*10:03
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imbrandon_dholbach, ping10:28
dholbachimbrandon: pong10:29
imbrandon_hey i got a quick question, i'm doing a merge ( kdissert ) and the only change from debian was dh_iconcache so i just unpacked the debian version from MoM and made the changes and versioned it correct  but ...10:30
imbrandon_it build fine and works, but when i goto debuild -S -sa it compains about not finding the _source.changes10:30
imbrandon_to i need to use like dpkg-genchanges ot soemthing ?10:30
dholbachwhat is the error message?10:31
imbrandon_s/build fine/build fine with just debuild/10:31
imbrandon_umm one sec10:31
dholbachyou shouldn't have to use sudo10:34
imbrandon_hrm ok one sec10:34
dholbachdebuild uses fakeroot10:35
imbrandon_w00t thats all it was thanks dholbach10:36
imbrandon_heh /me is dumb sometimes10:36
dholbachno, you're not10:36
dholbachhappy to have helped out :)10:36
imbrandon_heya ajmitch10:37
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-073-108-073.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandon_ajmitch, got time to upload a merge ?10:47
ajmitchstill in .au using someone else's system10:48
ajmitchso probably not right now :)10:48
imbrandon_ahh ok , /me pokes dholbach ;)10:48
imbrandon_no biggie thanks ajmitch10:48
dholbachi'm quite busy myself10:49
dholbachbut which one is it?10:49
imbrandon_that kdessert10:49
dholbachhmmm, dessert :-p10:49
dholbachi'll do it in a bit10:49
imbrandon_okie ;) thanks10:49
dholbachi'm busy with the metacity merge10:49
imbrandon_np , i'll start on the next one ;)10:49
dholbachrock on10:50
imbrandon_will that MoM page update when its uploaded ?10:50
=== paniq [n=braniq@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachyeah, but not instantly10:55
dholbachit will take a while10:55
dholbachpackage uploaded10:55
imbrandon_no problem i just wanted to make sure there wasent something _I_ needed to do manualy10:55
imbrandon_thanks dholbach10:55
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crimsungood lord that's a nasty version for kdissert.11:03
imbrandon_lol yea i was thinking the same thing crimsun11:04
imbrandon_when i saw it11:04
imbrandon_hrm bbiab , changing over to the lappy11:05
Gloubiboulgacall for MOTU helpers: I'll have some time this afternoon to review NEW packages and merges :)11:06
crimsunI'll try to join11:06
crimsunI have a presentation in three hours, and I've not slept yet, so it's going to be a /long/ day11:07
=== dholbach hugs Gloubiboulga and crimsun
dholbachcrimsun: Go! To! Bed!11:07
crimsundholbach: knowing my track record, that would be a Very Bad Thing11:07
crimsun(the last time I tried that, I mistakenly turned off my UPS instead of the alarm clock, then turned off the alarm clock, and woke up late)11:08
GloubiboulgaI don't know how you guys do to not sleep...11:08
ajmitchnot a good thing11:08
Mithrandirsleep is for the weak.11:08
ajmitchGloubiboulga: simple, dholbach & crimsun aren't human11:08
dholbachi sleep :)11:08
siretartdholbach: UVF for universe is later in edgy, right?11:14
dholbachsiretart: yes, UniverseFreeze is with BetaFreeze11:15
dholbachcf EdgyReleaseSchedule11:15
crimsunSept 28th iirc11:15
siretartdholbach: mdz asked me to ask you to add this to EdgyReleaseSchedule11:15
crimsunhmm, BetaFreeze or BetaRelease?11:15
dholbachsiretart: i added it two times already11:16
dholbachit's on there11:16
siretarterr, you mean here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseSchedule?11:18
dholbachsiretart: yes11:18
siretarthi \sh11:19
dholbachsiretart: search for UniverseFreeze11:19
siretartI keep on searching the notes..11:19
siretartI'll add a note to the wiki, okay?11:19
\shwell, I won't be able to do any merges until next weekend...4 days before product launch...to stressfull11:19
dholbachsiretart: which note?11:19
crimsunLOCK ecasound2.211:20
siretartdholbach: in the 'notes' coloumn11:21
crimsun\sh: np, you've been kicking butt anyhow11:21
dholbachsiretart: ok11:21
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dholbachsiretart: hope I didn't forget anything on the UniverseFreeze page itself11:22
siretartdholbach: I think it is okay like that11:23
dholbachok super11:24
crimsunecasound2.2 uploaded11:24
=== dholbach cheers for crimsun
crimsunsorry, I'll be using this notation for merges that aren't listed for me11:25
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zakamehi all12:00
imbrandonheya zakame12:02
imbrandonhrm, whats the diffrent colors for the rows in MoM mean ?12:02
zakameheya imbrandon12:02
zakamehmm, manual merge, I gather, say between native and non-native packaging12:03
zakamesee the entries for apt-proxy and usbmount12:03
imbrandonahh yea12:07
zakamehmm digikamimageplugins just needing a debsign for upload :)12:07
=== kelmo [n=kelmo@madwifi/support/kelmo] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kelmomoin, moin siretart12:10
zakameand so is gr-wxgui12:18
imbrandoncrimsun, ping12:35
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siretarthey kelmo12:53
=== MatthewV [n=MatthewV@CPE-124-178-8-74.wa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Toadstoolhi everybody01:10
Gloubiboulgahi again Toadstool ;)01:11
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kelmosiretart: http://farragut.flameeyes.is-a-geek.org/articles/2006/07/06/its-not-like-i-think-other-distribution-sucks-but01:45
=== zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Gloubiboulga_hi zul01:54
Gloubiboulga_I think I'll archive old packages on REVU (< june) with a comment asking to update for edgy01:57
Gloubiboulga_sound good to you MOTUs?01:57
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siretartkelmo: I have worked with Diego (aka fameeyes) the last days on the debian xine package02:11
siretartkelmo: he recently become member of xine developers, so he is also xine-upstream, and commits stuff, mainly related to ffmpeg, I think02:12
siretartkelmo: it is correct, that xine was rather neglected in debian, for a number of reasons. I'm working on it02:12
kelmosiretart: yep, i sort of gathered that from his recent blog's02:12
kelmosiretart: yes, it was for a long time in limbo, i am glad you have help revive it02:13
kelmovery very glad02:13
kelmosiretart: i was just curious to know who he was actually referring to ;-)02:14
siretartI'm not finished, but 1.1.2 is to be released 'soon', and I should have a working package for it in my development branch02:14
siretartkelmo: I'm not sure that he refers to explicitly to me here, but of course he refers to the poor maintenance of xine in the past02:15
kelmosiretart: yep, and he is/was not the only one ;-)02:16
=== xophEr [n=xopher@a193-229-84-126.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartkelmo: more rants about xine in debian?02:18
kelmosiretart: nah, not in recent times02:18
kelmosiretart: thats a tribute to the current work to keep it in good shape by the maintainers02:19
kelmosiretart: so in short => keep up the good work ;-) i appreciate it02:19
siretartoh. you're welcome :)02:20
kelmosiretart: re: hostapd, i was absolutely stoked with faidon's response in regard to joining the maintenance team02:22
kelmosiretart: was not expecting that, somehow02:22
siretartkelmo: stoked? why that?02:23
kelmosiretart: (sorry for slang) stoked => extremely happy02:23
ajmitchkelmo: your australianness is showing :)02:24
kelmoajmitch, proud of it ;-)02:25
ajmitchkelmo: where in .au, btw?02:26
ajmitchtoo warm for me02:26
kelmosoon to fly to melbourne ;-)02:26
kelmothat is gonna hurt02:26
kelmoi've not work sleeves all week, then enter the cold . . .02:27
=== ajmitch is currently in melbourne
ajmitchflying back to dunedin tomorrow02:27
ajmitchyou'll need warm clothes, melbourne has been unusually cold lately, I hear02:27
kelmoyeah, coldest in 50 years or so02:28
zulheh..."alot of people in this country poo poo australian table wines"02:28
ajmitchgood old 'chateau chunder'02:28
=== ZuZuu [n=ZuZubunt@AVelizy-154-1-45-164.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartkelmo: oh. right. I'm happy for the extra coordination as well02:31
=== ajmitch had better go & sleep now, night all
siretartkelmo: I don't see why hostap and wpasupplicant shouldn't be maintained by the same ppl, or why they should be out of sync in debian (like, wpasupplicant compiling against old madwifi headers and hostap against newer ones et. al.)02:31
kelmosiretart: exactly, it make sense02:32
kelmosiretart: but i've not had all good experiences co-ordinating packages in debian, pkg-wpa has been excellent in this regard02:33
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Hobbseehi all02:34
Mithrandirhi Hobbsee02:34
Hobbseehi Mithrandir!02:34
siretartto native speakers: there is the word 'advice'. does it have a plural? like, 'advices'?02:35
=== Hobbsee thinks.
Hobbseesiretart: well, you can advise someone of something02:35
MithrandirI think advice is uncountable.02:36
kelmothere's no plural, thats for sure02:36
siretartHobbsee: right. in AOP, there is a language feature called 'advice'. Think of it like a method. My question is if there is a plural, if I have several Code Advice in one aspect..02:37
siretartso 'advices' doesn't exist, right?02:37
Hobbseesiretart: that's correct02:37
MithrandirIt'd be something like "several Code Advice statements".02:37
siretartok. thank you02:38
HobbseeMithrandir: is correct02:38
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Gloubiboulga_Hobbsee, have you ever seen KDE apps installing documentation in /usr/share/doc/HTML (I guess not but I want to be sure)?03:09
Gloubiboulga_Hobbsee and KDE lovers :)03:10
=== Hobbsee thinks.
HobbseeGloubiboulga_: [23:10]  <Riddell> Hobbsee: by default KDE will do that but in Debian/Ubuntu it should be /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/03:10
Gloubiboulga_ok, thanks03:11
seaLnedoes anyone have the time to look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2637 please? it is a newly packaged app now used by sleuthkit and autopsy03:16
Gloubiboulga_/me looks03:17
zakamehi all03:21
Hobbseehey zakame03:21
=== imbrandon__ [n=brandon@CPE-72-135-8-5.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zulhi zakame03:22
zakamehey Hobbsee thanks for doing some of my old pkgs :)03:22
crimsunimbrandon__: pong, but I'm in a sponsor meeting atm, what's up?03:23
Hobbseezakame: so you didnt mind me stealing them?  i got e-verybigupload uploaded :)03:23
imbrandon__crimsun, its about some makefile voo-doo and i dont have it infront of me atm, it can wait till later if thats ok03:23
=== jinty [n=jinty@213-156-52-99.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunimbrandon__: please. I won't be available for another 5-6 hours.03:24
zakameHobbsee: well I just have digikamimageplugins and gr-wxgui pending debsign, I haven't sen the rest yet03:24
=== _jaldhar [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseezakame: so i can happily steal the rest?03:26
zakameHobbsee: just ping me which so I don't inadvertently duplicate work :)03:29
Hobbseezakame: usually i do stuff while you're asleep, so that's fairly safe :P03:29
Hobbseebut of course :)03:29
zakamehehe that's good anyhow, I'm fairly loaded atm03:29
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, commented on REVU03:32
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seaLneGloubiboulga_: thanks03:47
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, np03:47
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seaLnegrr new versions always come out just after :)03:50
bddebianHeya gang03:50
Gloubiboulga_hello bddebian03:50
seaLnehappened to me with dcfldd03:50
bddebianHi Gloubiboulga_03:50
zakamewb bddebian03:56
bddebianHeya zakame03:56
sivangokay dudes and dudettes , do we have a todo list or just use http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html ?03:57
sivangor more importantly, how do we co-ordinate merge work ?03:58
sivangzakame: hey there, are you now working on X stuff ?03:59
zakamewell we don't have new bug reporting, except for syncs03:59
sivangso how do we coordinate ?:)04:00
Hobbseesivang: stuff that's got our names on it, just do it, if it's got someone elses, ask them first04:00
=== Hobbsee is stealing people's merges all over the place, pretty much
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivangHobbsee: already knew that :)04:00
Hobbseesivang: if you want to attack some, go for zakame's - i'm not doing them at the moment04:00
zakamesivang: I'm not working on X :( been busy with SoC and IRL04:01
zakameI'm still doing the deptree though04:01
sivangHobbsee: Well, I've basically done all that I could main, and managed to annoy core-dev people including the almighty seb128 ... so I figured put some more work to universe :)04:01
Hobbseesivang: hehe, i annoy many people in universe, so i'm finally going for MOTU.04:01
Hobbseesivang: annoying main people is good though :P04:02
sivangso, I don't need to bug people before I steal their merge then?04:02
Hobbseesivang: depends if htey're asleep or not :P04:02
Hobbseesivang: feel free to go thru zakame's - i'm not doing them for the next while - but if you're going to keep doing them, we need to keep in contact over who's doing what04:03
=== Hobbsee stole about 5 of his :P
sivangHobbsee: I see, let's what he had under his belt for universe04:03
Hobbseesome majorly big files!04:03
sivangalthogh asterisk looks yummy04:03
Hobbsee(oh no, more sirens)04:03
Hobbseesivang: go for it04:03
sivangzul: do you mind if tried asterisk ? any insiders tips ? :)04:04
Hobbseezul: idle for 42 mins?  probably just take it :P04:05
sivangHobbsee: hmm, it seems the zakame's stuff are mostly KDE no?04:05
Hobbseesivang: could be, i took a few that werent04:05
=== TomaszD is now known as TomaszD_
=== sivang explores asterisk
=== Hobbsee cheers sivang on
=== Hobbsee repairs her pbuilder
=== TomaszD_ is now known as TomaszD
sivangHobbsee: thanks :)04:08
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=== FliesLikeALap [n=Ryan@ool-45796272.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivangHobbsee: what's the meaning if a package gets .dfsg-... in it?04:14
sivangHobbsee: in it's file name, that is.04:14
Hobbseesivang: ah, means it's non free, IIRC04:14
sivangHobbsee: hmm, meaning it breaks the debian free software guidelines ?04:15
Hobbseesivang: that's the one04:15
sivangHobbsee: so , that's like stuff that sits in the non-free debian repo? and the file name change is in ubuntu and debian, right?04:16
Hobbseesivang: i think so, yeah04:16
=== hub [n=hub@storm-gw.xandros.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seaLnedoes anyone know what is causing "I have no package to build" http://pastebin.ca/84083 starting line 45504:32
bddebianThat path looks questionable04:34
bddebian/tmp/buildd/foo ?04:34
bddebianOh, wait nm04:34
zakameHobbsee: those with `dfsg' versions are pkgs with a modified source tarball to meet DFSG04:36
Hobbseezakame: ahh...that's right...04:37
sivangzakame: ah, thanks04:39
bddebianseaLne: The only thing I could guess with a cursory look is that it's not building in the right dirs04:39
sivangzakame: what sort of modifications are usually done?04:39
crimsunremoval of non-free components04:40
crimsunrepackaging of orig.tar.gz to represent binary changes04:41
sivangcrimsun: you mean, repackagin it after the new binaries were produced from the dfsg compliant code?04:41
crimsunsivang: no, things like shipping a different default skin for beep-media-player, etc.04:42
sivangcrimsun: ah, I see04:43
sivangcrimsun: btw, you are approved for main right?04:43
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@ubuntu/member/ivoks] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Gloubiboulga_congrats crimsun :)04:43
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=== xophEr [n=xopher@a193-229-84-126.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== _jaldhar is now known as jaldhar
=== Yagisan waves to Hobbsee
=== Hobbsee waves back to Yagisan
bddebianHi Yagisan05:18
YagisanG'day bddebian05:18
=== Yagisan is quietly lurking and waiting for his uni's website to comeback online so he can do some work
Hobbseethey're always down like that, it's most annoying05:20
Yagisanyep, it's first day, and the damm thing dies at the login prompt05:20
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bddebianOK hamlib sucks05:31
zakameheya Yagisan05:32
zakamewhoa C*s on kdevelop305:32
Yagisanwhat's up zakame ?05:35
bddebianHi zakame05:35
=== stratus [n=ubuntu@200217140088.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunbddebian: are you just pbuilding the debian source package?05:36
bddebiancrimsun: For which?05:36
bddebianNo, the Edgy one05:37
crimsunI don't see the merge05:37
bddebianIt's a sync but it failed to build for the reason I just pasted :-)05:37
bddebianMan it's starting to feel like Debian05:38
crimsunoh, in -devel05:38
bddebianJesus a 14Mb diff.gz05:42
crimsunit builds fine with python2.405:43
bddebianWell that was my next path but it has a binary package python2.3-hamlib205:47
bddebiancrimsun: Know of a POSIX compliant version of this? rm -f $${$@%.rm}05:48
crimsunmith might05:48
bddebianMithrandir: ?05:48
cypher1got dapper cd's today :D05:49
Hobbseezakame: that kdevelop looks fun.  did you fix it yet?05:51
zakameHobbsee: I'll be doing that :P05:52
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, what are those afflib-doc.{doc,install} files?05:52
Hobbseezakame: right05:52
zakameand libnet-ph-perl too05:52
seaLneGloubiboulga_: where?05:52
zakamegn8 all :D05:53
seaLneGloubiboulga_: ah see them05:53
seaLneGloubiboulga_: deleted05:53
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, 2 other comments05:53
seaLneGloubiboulga_: did you see my previous question of what is causing "I have no package to buil" http://pastebin.ca/8408305:53
Gloubiboulga_there's no man pages, and you don't need to install LICENSE.txt (in the docs)05:53
seaLneGloubiboulga_: ok05:54
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, yep I saw it, but I can't answer :/05:54
jribHi, for http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2623, I'm working on the latest review.  Should I really remove every commented line in the rules file or just the unused dh_* stuff?  Here is a link to the rules file: http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/gaim-latex-0607061720/gaim-latex-0.4/debian/rules05:55
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, look at the buildlog on REVU, the same issue is present05:55
seaLneGloubiboulga_: riddell just pointed out to me it looks like it is running dh_* twice05:56
crimsunjrib: dh_05:56
jribcrimsun: thanks05:56
Gloubiboulga_jrib, yes, the dh_ as wrote crimsun, I should have been more precise05:56
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, yes, you have an install-arch: and an install-indep: but you don't need this06:06
seaLnewhich should i have?06:06
Gloubiboulga_binary-indep: build install06:07
Gloubiboulga_# We have nothing to do by default.06:07
=== apachelogger [n=me@amarok/rokymotion/apachelogger] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Gloubiboulga_and remove the binary-{arch,indep} rules at the end of debian/rules06:07
apacheloggerraphink: ping06:08
raphinkpong apachelogger06:08
apacheloggerraphink: I can't upload to revu :S06:08
seaLneGloubiboulga_: what should binary: do then?06:08
=== Paradoxx [n=Paradoxx@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
apacheloggerraphink: http://pastebin.ca/8412206:08
seaLneor is it not needed either?06:08
bddebiancrimsun: Any suggestions with hamlib?  Make the binary package python2.4-hamlib2?06:08
raphinkapachelogger: add yourself to the ubuntu-universe-contributors group on LP06:09
apacheloggerraphink: already in there06:09
apacheloggerfor quite some time actually06:09
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, actually you shouldn't have a binary-common: rule, this is this one which is called twice06:09
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, see http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/vbaexpress-0602040735/vbaexpress-1.2/debian/rules06:09
=== plugwash [i=plugwash@p10link.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
apacheloggerraphink: the upload just showed up :)06:12
raphinkgood :)06:12
Laser_awaybddebian: ping?06:13
bddebianLaserJock: Yo06:14
LaserJockbddebian: good news about maxima06:14
LaserJockbddebian: what needs to be done, or did you already take care of it06:14
bddebianLaserJock: I'm working on gcl now06:16
LaserJockbddebian: great, thanks06:16
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== xhaker [n=xhaker@a81-84-26-206.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seaLneGloubiboulga_: can i get rid of build-*?06:22
LaserJockbddebian: I seriously doubt you piss -devels off... much :-)06:23
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, I think so06:23
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, did you use dh_make?06:23
seaLneGloubiboulga_: the make is done in install:06:23
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, dh_make is used to generate the debian/* templates :)06:24
seaLneGloubiboulga_: err yeah i knew that errm :) yes06:24
Gloubiboulga_the debian/rules you have looks like you've selected a multiple package when you ran dh_make06:25
=== Mez [n=mez@82-46-175-122.stb.ubr02.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mezgrr ... anyne have any idea the easiest way to find out which device is an ntfs formatted disk06:25
Mezcause someone wants some help mounting it and he doesnt know how to identify it06:26
Erlangfdisk /dev/blarg06:26
=== caravena [n=caravena@233-171-28.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Mezaha fdisk -l - knew I'd forgotten something06:28
seaLneGloubiboulga_: any idea what makes lintian complain about missing -arch and -indep now? is it the header of the rules file?06:28
bddebianLaserJock: I seem to annoy the hell out of them06:28
MezseaLne - do you actually have those rules?06:29
seaLneMez: no06:29
seaLnejust removed them06:29
seaLneE: afflib source: debian-rules-missing-required-target binary-arch06:29
seaLneE: afflib source: debian-rules-missing-required-target binary-indep06:29
MezseaLne - those are required rules thats why06:29
Mezeven if they do nothing06:30
seaLneok, thanks06:30
Gloubiboulga_yes, you need this06:30
Gloubiboulga_but not install-{indep,arch} iirc06:30
seaLnegot a bit carried away :)06:31
Gloubiboulga_sorry, I didn't check what I wrote before06:31
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, you should use cdbs :p06:31
Gloubiboulga_and emacs :D06:32
=== xophEr [n=xopher@a193-229-84-126.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seaLnebah :P06:32
=== apachelogger [n=me@amarok/rokymotion/apachelogger] has left #ubuntu-motu ["YAAHARRR]
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jribI think I fixed what I need to in http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=2623 but when I check debian/copyright it doesn't have the file I have on my system.  This is my first package, so I don't know much about revu.  Is this normal?06:42
=== fowlduck [n=fowlduck@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seaLnejrib: are you looking at the latest version on revu? the url changes for each upload06:44
seaLnejrib: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=266906:44
jribseaLne: ah no I wasn't, I was just hitting refresh.  Thanks :)06:45
fowlduckis there a way to set gconf values so that all users inherit them and it overrides whatever is set?06:47
seaLneGloubiboulga_: i think i have fixed things now, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=267006:47
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, renaminf 'ident' in 'afident' and not 'affident' is not a typo, right?06:48
seaLnei removed an f as some of the other comands have a prefix of af, did i miss a mention of that?06:50
Gloubiboulga_no, no, I just wanted to be sure06:50
seaLneah, thanks06:51
seaLneGloubiboulga_: anything apart from manpages?06:56
seaLnewhich i suppose i need06:57
=== _jaldhar [n=jaldhar@c-68-38-202-139.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, apart from the manpages (needed) it's a nice package :)06:57
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[GuS] hi!07:20
[GuS] someone here?07:21
Gloubiboulga_depends :)07:21
[GuS] jeje07:21
[GuS] ok07:21
[GuS] i have one problem packaging tcl8.507:22
[GuS] the deb package builds without any problems07:22
[GuS] but07:22
[GuS] some libraries modules are not  being package inside the deb07:22
[GuS] like for example msgcat07:22
[GuS] indeed... in the build process says "Installing msgcat as module... etc etc"07:23
[GuS] and no errors... but the lib isn't inside the deb package...07:23
[GuS] the onlye file that builds is /usr/lib/tcl8/8.5/msgcat-1.4.1.tm when has to be /usr/lib/tcl8.5/msgcat/07:24
Gloubiboulga_I guess it's not listed in your .install file07:24
[GuS] mm07:25
[GuS] i use the examples of tcl8.4 src07:25
[GuS] and with tcl8.4 works07:25
[GuS] in the other hand, if you do make install, that lib is copied inside correct dir...07:26
[GuS] weird...07:26
Gloubiboulga_not really07:26
Gloubiboulga_it's a problem with the package, it sometimes happens :)07:27
[GuS] what i supposed... maybe a makefile bug?07:27
[GuS] i will check..07:27
seaLneis /usr/lib the standard place to stick a library (.a file)?07:27
[GuS] the rest works fine.. just have that problem07:27
[GuS] yes07:27
Gloubiboulga_seaLne, yes07:28
seaLnethought so, thanks07:28
[GuS] well... i  wil test... when i have news i will like to upload this package =)07:28
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockhi cbx3307:31
cbx33hey LaserJock07:32
cbx33howz it going07:32
cbx33if I send you over the debian folder so far for gisomount can you advise me on it, when you get spare sec?07:33
cbx33LaserJock, can I ask your advise07:35
cbx33on another matter07:35
cbx33I'm developing gisomount at the mo, now when I install it, the python script will go into /usr/bin07:35
cbx33everything else will go into /usr/share/gisomount07:35
cbx33including a python module07:36
cbx33does it make sense to symlink the locatiosn to my source directory ?07:36
cbx33so I can hardcode the paths into the min python code?07:36
cbx33or how should I handle it?07:36
LaserJockcbx33: I don't think you're supposed to put python modules in /usr/share/07:36
cbx33it's a python include - where should it go?07:36
LaserJockcbx33: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/gisomount/ perhaps, you'll need to look at the new Python Policy07:37
LaserJockcbx33: but hard coding paths is a headache farther on, from what I've seen07:38
LaserJockbut I'm not sure how other python apps handle that, I'll have to look07:39
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zulc is for cookie which is good enough for me08:30
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@tonio.planetemu.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockman I love awk08:39
=== cassidy [n=cassidy@f1-pc174.ulb.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== mukund loves to gawk
zulLaserJock: use perl ;)08:47
=== LaserJock runs
=== robitaille_ [i=robitail@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-motu
zulits not that bad08:49
LaserJockI know, it's just the fact that I don't know Perl at all08:50
LaserJockI often find myself trying to pick a column out of a long list and awk is really easy to use for that08:51
zuloh...well that might explains the screamnig08:51
zulmeh...like me and groupwise08:51
LaserJockI watched my advisor once whip up a Perl script to parse some data files08:51
LaserJockit was rather interesting08:52
zulits useful for a couple of hundred megs of data08:52
zulwe used it for patient records at a previous job...but anyways08:53
LaserJockin our lab we had some calculations that produces ~ 1GB data files08:53
LaserJocknot something you want to parse by hand ;-)08:53
zulhell no08:53
LaserJockalthough I'm sure my advisor would try to figure out how to do it from within emacs :-)08:54
zuli so much hate emacs08:54
LaserJockheh, my advisor only know 3 tools, emacs, acroread, and firefox08:54
zulstill emacs is evil08:55
Gloubiboulga_emacs does anything you need :)08:55
LaserJockand more than you need ;-)08:55
Gloubiboulga_true :)08:55
LaserJockI use all kinds of editors08:57
LaserJockemacs, vim, gedit, jedit08:57
zulvim and gedit mostly08:57
=== [GuS] [n=MysT@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockI tend to use vim mostly09:00
fowlduck-LaserJock, what's the official way to change gconf values globally?  Is there one?09:00
LaserJockI haven't a clue to be honest09:01
=== cypher1 [n=cypher1@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
fowlduck-ok, danke09:01
cypher1hi all09:03
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jbaileyIs Universe going to stick to UVF this week?10:02
LaserJockwe have Universe Freeze10:02
LaserJockin Sept.10:02
jbaileyAh, nice!10:02
dholbachjbailey: UniverseFreeze is with BetaFreeze10:02
jbaileyOh, nice.  I see it in the schedule now too.10:02
=== JanC [n=janc@lugwv/member/JanC] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== fredix [n=fredix@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
seaLneis UniverseFreeze affected at all by feature freeze?10:11
seaLne"NEW packages brought in" on the wikipage would imply not?10:12
dholbachuniversefreeze is when we can only do bug fixes10:13
dholbachclean up :)10:13
LaserJockbddebian: ok, so what exactly is seb saying? we shouldn't have done the .desktops to start with, or now that we've done them we should send them upstream upstream10:20
tsengyou should have done them upstream10:20
=== andi5 [n=ak47@p548BAD97.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengto start with10:20
LaserJockI guess10:21
bddebianLaserJock: Hey, it's less work for me10:21
tsengyou dont guess10:21
tsenghis point is, upstream collects translations10:21
tsengyou don't10:21
bddebianI highly doubt that most of these packages have a "translation team"10:22
tsengmost of these projects are so silly10:22
tsengthat it doesnt matter10:22
tsengtime to go10:22
bddebianLater tseng10:22
LaserJockbddebian: that's my point, seb is used to working with Gnome10:25
LaserJocka fair amount of these projects are basically dead as far as this sort of thing10:25
bddebianWell I'm getting mighty freakin' tired of getting beat over the head10:26
LaserJockbddebian: just blame me10:26
bddebianI'm not blaming you for anything.  Hell there was a wiki page when I started with Ubuntu about getting .desktop files in10:26
andi5slomo_: are you around?10:28
LaserJockbddebian: better?10:33
LaserJockI'm still struggling with sending things upstream10:34
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LaserJockbddebian: you're just lucky you've got a hole to crawl back into ;-)10:58
LaserJockbddebian: honestly though, don't hesitate to blame me for the science .desktops10:58
LaserJockI'm feeling like I kinda screwed that one up10:59
LaserJockalthough, tbh, the reason I made the .desktop push in MOTU Science was because of seb :-)10:59
bddebianNo one ever told me that stuff before11:00
LaserJockme neither11:00
LaserJockI'm just a moron, apparently11:03
bddebianWell you and me both baby :-)11:04
tsenghi bddebian11:04
tsengi am home11:04
tsengbddebian: we should plan on dinner this weekend11:05
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bddebiantseng: why so you can convince me to quit? ;-P11:21
tsengbddebian: er, no11:23
tsengunless you have a CCNP and want to work 11-811:23
bddebianI'd work 11-7 but I'm no CCNP11:24
sivangbddebian, tseng : are you working in the same place? :)11:24
tsengsivang: er, no11:24
bddebiantseng: And I meant quit MOTUship anyway :-)11:24
=== fowlduck doesn't want a CCNP
tsengfowlduck: why not?11:24
tsenggood money11:24
sivangwhat's a CCNP ?11:24
tsengcisco certified network professional11:24
tsenglevel 2 cisco cert, pretty tough11:25
fowlducktseng, i did some networking, I have a networking degree, discovered I hate it11:25
tsengsorry to hear that11:25
tsengi think high-end cisco is more stable than programming11:25
fowlduckyeah, 2 years of school to discover that11:25
tsengluckily i do both11:25
tsengand sysadmin11:25
fowlduckme too11:25
tsengi am diverse11:25
fowlduckgoing to school for web programming11:26
fowlduckdid the networking bit11:26
tsengschool is for suckers11:26
fowlduckand do sysadmin junk for hobby11:26
sivangtseng: wow , cool11:26
=== sivang did QA & Integration in 3 places already. Got hired and favored over degree
fowlduckit's hard to get hired without education11:26
LaserJockI'm a condensed phase laser spectroscopist working in nanosensors, I guess I didn't get the diversification memo ;-)11:27
fowlduckand education has rounded me out11:27
sivangdegreed people, that is11:27
fowlduckLaserJock, LOL11:27
sivangLaserJock: hehe11:27
sivangLaserJock: are you ?11:27
sivangLaserJock: nano sensors, I take it you're into nano technology ?11:29
sivangLaserJock: have you dealt with agents already?11:29
=== sivang is interested in the application and design of nano agents
LaserJockit's taken 8 years of university training, but I've managed to become specialized enough to become virtually unemployable11:29
=== sivang EPARSE
fowlducksivang, I don't know what background you have or where you live, but here it's very hard to get looked at without some sort of education11:30
sivangfowlduck: where are you at?11:30
fowlducksivang, Madison, WI11:31
sivangfowlduck: ah, US right ?11:31
fowlducksivang, ya11:31
LaserJocksivang: I like nanotechnology, but from a physics/chemistry perspective11:31
LaserJockmost nanotechnology isn't really nano ;-)11:31
fowlduckLaserJock, I like it from a "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?" perspective11:31
sivangLaserJock: ah, so you're into actually thinking up what material to use to build a nano agent per task11:32
LaserJocksivang: I'm working on a molecular motor that is 1 nm in size11:32
sivangLaserJock: although as the physical body implementor, you should hage some knowledge about the algorithm11:32
sivangLaserJock: does newtonian mechanics apply to calculate force, throughput and utilization as they do in regular size world?11:33
LaserJockI think roughly, things get a little weird (read: we don't really know a lot) at such a small scale11:34
sivangah, I see11:34
LaserJockwe try to think in terms of torque and efficency, but they are really hard to determine11:34
LaserJockwe are going to try to determine torque by attaching the motor to circular DNA strands and "winding" the DNA up like a rubber band11:35
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sivangwow, cool11:35
fowlducksounds easy11:35
=== fowlduck does that in his sleep
LaserJockbut my research involves trying to determine wheither the motors actually rotate and if they do wheither they rotate unidirectionally11:36
LaserJockfowlduck: of course ;-)11:36
LaserJockbut doing that on a 1 nm object that is rotating at potentially MHz-GHz frequencies isn't trivial :-)11:37
fowlduckwouldn't it have to be attached to something stationary on the other side of the motor in order to twist the DNA from one end?11:37
LaserJockfowlduck: we attache each end to an end of DNA11:37
fowlduckahh, i see11:37
LaserJockso you take a piece of circular DNA11:37
LaserJockcut it11:37
LaserJockthen attach each end of the motor to the ends11:38
LaserJockreforming the circle11:38
LaserJockbut now with a rotating piece in the middle :-)11:38
sivanggod, this sounds like sci fi11:38
LaserJockof course11:39
LaserJocksci fi is just science waiting to happen :-)11:39
LaserJockgood sci fi anyway11:39
fowlducklike scientology?!!?!? ;D11:39
sivangLaserJock: btw, we have a good lab for nano tech in the uni where I attended pre-uni course, well known, check it out11:39
sivangLaserJock: http://rbni.technion.ac.il/employment.html11:39
sivangLaserJock: I think they've come up with some of the more moving changes in the discipline that last couple of yuears,11:39
sivangLaserJock: I can't acutally recall what they've done, but there was some ceremony for that :)11:40
LaserJocklooks cool11:40
LaserJockI haven't even told you guys about the "other" research that we do in my lab ;-)11:40
bddebiantseng: Oh crap, I'm heading to Illinois on Thurs, so I can't buy you dinner :-(11:40
sivangLaserJock: which is ? :)11:41
tsengbddebian: ok.11:41
tsengbddebian: ill buy if yo ustay11:41
LaserJocksivang: we are taking cigar shaped molecules and trapping them in 3D space. Then turn them into gyroscopes that we can shoot at other molecules :-)11:41
sivangLaserJock: wow! do you have any computer simulation or laser scope firms of that stuff when you do it ?11:42
sivangfilms, even11:42
sivangLaserJock: what's the 3D space made of btw?11:43
LaserJockelectromagnetic radiation, of course ;-)11:43
raphinkhey sivang :)11:44
LaserJockbasically, if you time a radio frequency field right in 3D you can create a "trap" that will catch ~ 1000 molecules for up to ~ 10 s at a time11:44
LaserJockwe are still at the "getting it to work" stage11:44
LaserJockbut we have a fair amount of compuational simulations11:45
LaserJockbasically we use a circularly polarized laser to put selective angular momentum into the molecules11:45
LaserJockso the start spinning in one direction, and as we put more and as we hit them more and more with the laser, the begin to all line up in the same direction, spinning in the same sense11:46
LaserJockwow, that sentance has a few holes in it11:47
=== sivang not sure he understood all of it
sivangraphink: hey Raphael! how are you?11:47
raphinkshalom sivang, ani shlom tov :)11:47
bddebiantseng: :-)11:47
LaserJockI have to practice these talks for my family, usually I get a whiteboard though11:47
bddebianI have GOT to get home.  Later folks11:47
LaserJockcya bddebian11:47
raphinklaters bddebian11:48
raphinkv ma shlomkha sivang ?11:48
sivangLaserJock: is there any or could there be any corolation or to use nanotechnology as a tool to discover stuff in string theory and sub atomic worlds?11:48
sivangraphink: hakol beseder! I see Sahar taught you hebrew :)11:48
raphinksivang: no he didn't ;) I knew that already ;)11:48
sivangraphink: where form?11:48
raphinkI've been studying hebrew for years, bit by bit11:49
raphinka bit of modern hebrew by myself11:49
raphinkand biblical hebrew, too11:49
raphinkin a group11:49
LaserJocksivang: it's possible I suppose, my general feeling is that we don't have nearly as much understanding at that level as we (scientific community) would need11:50
LaserJockraphink: I'll be lucky if I get German or French down11:50
sivangraphink: what motivated you to learn it?11:53
raphinksivang: jabber11:55
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