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fabbionemorning guys08:15
fabbioneLOCK xorg-server08:21
fabbioneonce this is done we can do drivers and so on08:21
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fabbionedpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: mesa-swx11-source (>> 6.4.0)09:01
fabbionedpkg-buildpackage: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.09:01
fabbionedpkg-buildpackage: (Use -d flag to override.)09:01
fabbioneW T F09:01
fabbionethis merge is almost insanbe09:17
fabbioneMithrandir: ping?09:29
Mithrandiruh, what package is that?09:30
fabbioneMithrandir: yeah that's not the problem really09:30
Mithrandirwhat's the problem then?  Having to get mesa merged first?09:31
fabbioneMithrandir: i need you to merge xkeyboard-config: and Depends on xorg-server_1.0.2-9 or higher09:31
fabbionethat mesa thing is just a package rename. It doesn't really bother me09:32
Mithrandirxkeyboard-config should be fine as-is.09:32
fabbionexkeyboard-config -> our /etc/X11/xkb09:32
fabbionedebian /usr/share/X11/xkb09:32
fabbionei can change the server to point to our path09:32
fabbionebut it's another diversion09:32
Mithrandirplease just do that, I'm not going to move the conffiles there just yet.  It'll take a bit of time to work that bit out.09:32
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fabbionenew server is on the way up12:15
fabbionei think i did a mistake when merging one of the first packages with a lot of C/F/R12:15
fabbionethe versions were too tight against our versions12:15
fabbionean upload to -security or -updates would break12:16
fabbioneserver is up12:22
fabbioneall drivers are basically unlocked now12:23
fabbionethere is one important bit we want to look at12:23
fabbioneDebian is using some xserver-video-all provide/depends stuff12:23
fabbioneour is called s/video/driver12:23
fabbionethe server as it is understands both12:23
fabbionebut we should be able to drop drivers to be in sync with Debian12:23
Mithrandirxorg depends on -driver, though.12:41
fabbioneMithrandir: yes, but it provides -driver-all12:43
Mithrandirwhat provides driver-all?12:43
fabbioneand the server Depends: on driver-all | driver | video-all | video12:43
fabbionexorg does12:43
Mithrandiroh, it probably does, yes.12:43
fabbioneit's a meta pacakge more than a provides12:43
fabbioneso start changing xorg and then all drivers to provide/have -video- instead of -drivers- and i will be able to drop -drivers- from -server12:44
Mithrandirsure, sounds easy enough.12:44
fabbioneit just needs to be done by who will do single drivers12:45
fabbionei also strongly suggest that who does the ati driver to talk to airled and/or benh12:45
fabbionesince we were using a special -stable branch with extra bug fixes12:45
Mithrandirthen do -ati last?12:45
fabbionei might..12:46
fabbioneor actually.. we could get it directly from 7.112:52
fabbioneor the last one released standalone12:52
fabbionethat would be even better12:52
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fabbionehey Rodrigo01:03
rodarvushey fabbione01:05
rodarvusyou were supposed to be sleeping by now01:05
rodarvusor at least suffering the effects of huge beer last night :D01:05
fabbionerodarvus: it's 1 pm here :)01:07
fabbionei had only 3 beers01:07
fabbionebut it was very hard to wake up today01:07
fabbionerodarvus: a small /msg to update you01:07
fabbionethe server is up01:07
fabbioneso now you can do all driver01:08
fabbionejust be careful of what i pasted to you01:08
=== rodarvus reads
fabbione-> food01:11
rodarvusfabbione, Mithrandir: xorg already has the machinery to understand xserver-xorg-video-*, then?01:41
rodarvusso, basically01:41
rodarvusadd Replaces: xserver-xorg-driver-<driver>01:41
rodarvusConflicts: xserver-xorg-driver-<driver>01:41
rodarvus(i.e., no need for Provides:, then)01:41
rodarvusI'll be back in 20 minutes01:41
rodarvusIf I have the nod by then, I'll start with the drivers right away01:42
fabbionerodarvus: no xorg doesn't.01:43
fabbionexorg needs that change but it needs to be coordinated01:43
fabbionexorg source generates a binary called xserver-xorg-driver-all that Depends: on all driver01:44
fabbionethat package needs to be changed to xserver-xorg-video-all01:44
fabbioneeach driver Provides: xserver-xorg-driver01:44
fabbionethese need to be changed to xserver-xorg-video01:44
fabbioneonce this is all done i can change the server to -video- only01:44
Mithrandirjust do the change, we don't need to transition this now.01:48
Mithrandiras long as it'll all be fixed in a day or so.01:48
rodarvusok, /me proceeds with drivers02:19
rodarvusit should be doable to have them all ready by the end of day today02:19
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Mithrandirrodarvus: how is the driver merge going?  Should I help out?02:41
rodarvusits supposed to be pretty easy, but I've just started downloading stuff02:42
rodarvusMithrandir: up to you, really - maybe I can "raise the flag" if I find myself in trouble in the next two-three hours02:49
Mithrandirok, feel free to02:55
Mithrandiryou're doing -video, right?  I can do the few -input ones we need02:58
rodarvussure, great03:00
Mithrandirfabbione: I'm grabbing -evdev03:04
fabbioneMithrandir: go ahead03:04
fabbioneit's all your03:04
Mithrandirlucky me. :-P03:05
rodarvusNEW: xserver-xorg-video-apm_1.0.1.5-2ubuntu1.dsc03:12
rodarvus OK: xserver-xorg-video-apm_1.0.1.5.orig.tar.gz03:12
rodarvus OK: xserver-xorg-video-apm_1.0.1.5-2ubuntu1.diff.gz03:12
rodarvusdo I need to poke someone to manually accept NEW packages, or does it happen automatically?03:13
rodarvusI suppose not, as they are for main03:13
fabbionewe will also need to get rid of their -driver- counterparts while you switch03:14
fabbionerodarvus: NEW is not an issue03:14
fabbioneplease tell ftp-masters that all the *-video-* are the old *-drivers-*03:14
fabbioneso that they get accepted and sent to the proper pool03:14
fabbionekeep track of all of them03:16
fabbioneonce we get there, we will need to remove the old *-drivers-*03:16
rodarvusfabbione: do I need to do that *right away*, or only after uploading all *-video-* ?03:16
fabbioneup to you03:16
Mithrandirrodarvus: tell Scott and Colin about it at least, since they're the ones doing most of NEW atm.03:17
fabbionei don't think we can force people to update to the new driver until we remove the old one from archive03:18
fabbionebecause we don't have versioned Provide or something03:18
Mithrandirit'll happen once xorg depends on the new one.03:19
fabbioneor we need to change the Depends: -drivers- into -video-03:19
fabbionewe can do that at last03:19
fabbioneso it won't be painful03:19
Mithrandirhmm, the server ABI is the same still, right?03:19
Mithrandirso we won't get into hilarity there?03:19
fabbione1:0.99.2+cvs.20051025-1 <-old03:20
fabbione1:0.99.2-1 <-old03:20
fabbionemake the last one new03:20
fabbionebut it's the same abi.. i am pretty sure03:20
fabbionewe carry the same patches03:20
Mithrandirlet's hope so.03:20
fabbioneon the same source03:20
fabbionei am running it03:20
fabbioneif it was different it would have exploded03:20
Mithrandirnot necessarily.03:21
fabbionewell it's even the same .orig.tar.gz03:21
fabbionemd5sum checked :)03:21
fabbioneand same patches03:21
Mithrandirwe'll see if it all blows up or not, then.03:21
fabbioneso i don't see how it could break the abi03:21
Mithrandirit'll for 7.1, iirc.03:21
fabbioneyes mostlikely03:22
fabbioneMithrandir: do you have any idea at what speed 7.1 is entering experimental?03:23
Mithrandirnot really.03:23
MithrandirI've been looking for gravity for the last few days, but he has eluded me.03:24
rodarvus-apm, -ark, -chips, -cirrus, -cyrix, -dummy uploaded as NEW04:10
rodarvusLOCK on -fbdev, -glint, -i128, -740, -81004:10
rodarvus(all updated on x-pkgs)04:11
rodarvus-fbdev, -glint, -i128, -i740 uploaded as NEW04:25
rodarvusworking on -i810 now04:25
fabbionei am a bit puzzled04:26
fabbionemost of these drivers don't have patches04:26
fabbionewhat are you merging exactly?04:26
rodarvusAdded Conflicts:, Replaces: xserver-xorg-driver-glint04:27
rodarvusfor most of them is basically this04:27
fabbioneoh right04:27
=== fabbione HEAD -> WALL
rodarvuspossibly sync would be better to describe the changelog entries04:28
fabbionewe will be able to sync sometimes after we will do a new LTS release04:28
fabbionebecause i assume we don't want dapper customers to have to go trough edgy[0..N]  to get to a new LTS version04:29
rodarvusat least I hope they won't ;)04:29
fabbioneso we will need to support dapper -> new LTS version direct update.. i guess04:29
rodarvusfor sure04:29
fabbioneif that's the case we need to keep this stuff around for a long time04:29
rodarvusgiven the timeframe of LTS support, "forever"04:30
rodarvusfabbione: do you remember package changes from 5 years ago? :)04:31
fabbionerodarvus: no, that's why a proper changelog is important04:31
rodarvusI agree04:31
fabbionewe should probably write the changes somewhere we can look at in 5 years04:31
fabbioneor who for us can look them up04:31
fabbionenot that i care if somebody will replace me04:32
fabbioneit will suck to be them..04:32
ogralaunchpad ....04:33
fabbionexserver-xorg-driver-apm (rodarvus, NEW xserver-xorg-video-apm)04:33
fabbionexserver-xorg-driver-ark (rodarvus, NEW xserver-xorg-driver-ark)04:33
rodarvusI'm writing all changes to the changelog - you mean write them somewhere else (such as wiki), so they know exactly all kinds of quirks they'll have to support for "lts 2"?04:33
fabbionespot the error ;)04:33
rodarvuswhat error? :)04:34
fabbionerodarvus: i think we should just take notes that the changes we kept in dapper -> edgy are the same that we will need to preserve between dapper and LTS 204:34
=== rodarvus bangs head against wall repeatedly
ograshit happens04:34
fabbionerodarvus: you fixed the only good one :OP04:34
rodarvusx-pkgs fixed04:35
rodarvusfabbione: yeah, thats why I blowed my head against the wall :)04:36
fabbionerodarvus: there are 2 drivers you want to skip for now... -ati and sunffb iirc04:36
fabbioneati for sure.. sunffb i need to check04:36
rodarvusbut note that sunffb is not present in debian, I think04:36
fabbioneyes it is04:36
fabbionefor the ati one i need to speak with benh and airlied on #xorg-devel04:37
fabbionebecause our source was made up a -stable bug fix only cvs branch04:37
fabbioneand i need to make sure debian has our fixe04:37
fabbionefor the sunffb the one we have works04:37
fabbionethe one from xorg doesn't04:37
fabbioneso we might want to preserve that source04:38
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fabbionerodarvus: how are you doing with the merges?06:57
rodarvusfabbione: halfway done06:58
rodarvusits very likely that I'll have all video synced today06:58
fabbionerodarvus: ok, just remember that the 13 of July is deadline for merges06:58
fabbioneand we need to finish by that time06:58
rodarvusactually, I was thinking about this earlier today06:59
rodarvusthe deadline for merges basically means its going to be very hard to get X7.1 into Edgy06:59
fabbionelet's worry about one thing at a time. We need to merge ASAP07:00
fabbione7.1 might come as UVF exception07:01
rodarvusfabbione: merges/syncs are my current worry - as I said, it was just a thought :)07:04
fabbionerodarvus: yeps... let's worry about one thing at a time for now07:04
fabbionejumping from 7.0 to 7.1 can probably be done in half day07:04
rodarvus(just for reference)07:28
rodarvus-Package: xserver-xorg-driver-newport07:28
rodarvus-Architecture: any07:28
rodarvus+Package: xserver-xorg-video-newport07:28
rodarvus+Architecture: alpha amd64 arm hppa hurd-i386 i386 ia64 kfreebsd-i386 m68k mips mipsel netbsd-i386 powerpc07:28
fabbioneyeah that's ok07:30
fabbionetho it builds also on sparc...07:31
fabbioneor there are more?07:31
fabbioneanyway it's fine as it is07:31
fabbionewe can sort out the arch mess (if any) later on as bug fixing07:31
rodarvuschangelog is here:07:32
rodarvus   * Don't build on sparc. Partial port of07:32
rodarvus     sparc/103_sparc_dont_build_useless_drivers.diff.07:32
rodarvusxserver-xorg-driver-nv is newer than xserver-xorg-video-nv07:41
rodarvusI'll merge their debian/ directory into our package07:41
rodarvusfabbione: what is your feeling about our packaging having non-dfsg-compliant code?08:09
rodarvusthis is currently the case for (at least) -mga and -rendition08:10
rodarvusdebian strips the non-free code of them, for reference08:10
=== rodarvus plays safe
rodarvuswe can add this code on a later release if so agreed08:31
fabbionedo not strip it09:40
fabbioneleave it there09:40
rodarvusI uploaded it as NEW (stripping the source code)10:11
rodarvusI'll ask Kamion & Keybuk to reject upload of -rendition and -mga, and reupload them with the binary blobs10:11
rodarvusjust for reference, -tga is also not built on sparc anymore10:13
rodarvusfamily time, I'll be back later to merge/sync the rest of the drivers11:01

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