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lifelessKinnison: has stub run the transaction on staging for you yet ?12:25
cprovlifeless: not yet, AFAIK. Could you try that ? kiko have some arguments against it, though12:54
=== cprov leaving, will be back soon
mdzgah, I wanted to talk to cprov12:55
mdznow he gets a bug report instea12:55
kikonot against it though12:55
mdzkiko: against what?12:57
mdzbug 5259512:58
UbugtuMalone bug 52595 in soyuz "Unable to fetch dist-upgrader from queue" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5259512:58
kikoKinnison's SQL query12:59
mdzkiko: I don't see that file on drescher so I assume it's in the librarian.  would it be possible to get a copy of it?01:01
kikomdz, hmm, probably, but I don't actually know how01:02
kikomdz, cprov will be back from home soon enough, though.01:07
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mptGoooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!05:00
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jameshif I add an attachment as the first message in an LP bug it doesn't show up in the main body of the page: only the portlet06:01
mptBy "as the first message" do you mean the description, or the first comment?06:04
jameshfirst comment06:05
jameshwhich happens to contain the same text as the description so is not displayed06:05
jamesh(I've also got basic SF tracker import going, btw)06:07
mptjamesh, so let me get this straight06:42
mptsomeone reported a bug06:42
mptthen you added a comment that was identical to the initial report, except with an attachment added?06:42
jameshmpt: no.  This is with the SF.net importer I'm writing06:43
mptSo sf.net allows bug reports that include an attachment in the description06:44
jameshmpt: I imported a bug from SF.net where the initial comment also added an attachment06:44
mptwhereas Malone doesn't expect that06:44
mptI see06:44
jameshnot quite06:44
jamesha malone bug has a list of messages attached to it which are the comments06:44
jameshif the bug description text matches the first message's text exactly, then that message is not displayed on the bug page06:45
jamesh(this is what leads to the apparent comment duplication when you edit the bug description)06:45
jameshattachments hang off the messages, and I hung attachment off the first message06:46
jameshmpt: I wonder if a better heuristic would be to only show the bug description if it differs from the first message06:58
jameshrather than only show the first message if it differs from the description06:58
spivjamesh: that sounds better to me07:00
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jameshhi SteveA 08:51
SteveAmorning james08:51
SteveAI see you made some progress on the SF import stuff for python08:51
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jameshI guess we'll be able to put our name on the competition page soon08:52
spivSteveA: hello08:53
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SteveAhi spiv08:56
SteveAjamesh: yep.  as soon as we have the test server up with email, and the data imported08:56
jameshSteveA: so far, the import code doesn't have any special casing for python, so should be usable if other SF-using projects want to make the switch.08:57
SteveAjamesh: did you report the ekiga crash bug?09:00
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SteveAhi carlos09:14
jameshSteveA: I haven't.  didn't really have much info for a crash report09:15
SteveAok.  I guess you'll change the ulimit for core dumps when we have the next call09:15
jameshor run ekiga under gdb from the start09:16
jameshalthough I am tempted to just use shtoom09:16
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spivI can't make shtoom work for some reason.09:17
spivIt says "received packet with unknown PT 1" if I try any of Canonical addresses.09:18
spivThe fwd.pulver.com echo test rings, but then hangs up immediately, maybe due to not finding common codecs?09:19
SteveAthings should all use GSM as a minimum09:19
spivThe debugging from shtoom isn't hugely informative, despite being rather verbose.09:20
SteveAhassle anthony :-)09:21
SteveAtell him you want to switch from ekiga and he'll help :-p09:21
spivWell, building pygsm didn't make any difference, so it's probably not codecs.09:27
jameshjust tried shtoom to voip.canonical.com myself and get the same error as spiv09:31
spivWell, it's not just me then :)09:33
=== jamesh blames asterisk
spivshtoom claims to have been tested with asterisk.09:34
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spivSteveA: can I have a pre-impl call with you about bug 4999109:45
UbugtuMalone bug 49991 in launchpad-bazaar "browse supermirror branches with bzr server" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4999109:45
SteveAspiv: sure.  i'd prefer it to be in a while, as there will be loud vacuuming happening here soon09:48
spivSteveA: Fair enough.  I'll occupy myself with other things...09:48
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jordicarlos: oi10:20
carlosjordi: hi10:20
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SteveAjamesh: I don't see the zope specs on staging any more :-(10:47
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-073-089-074.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #launchpad
jameshSteveA: I guess staging got updated then11:09
jameshSteveA: should be back soon11:11
SteveAok, cool11:11
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SteveAspiv: ping11:20
SteveAjamesh: what do you think about doing a daily cron job on staging to update the specs sometime after the database update?11:21
jameshSteveA: probably a good idea.  Do you know what time would be good?11:25
SteveAI don't.  Stu would11:26
jameshI'll ask him when he's around aain11:26
spivSteveA: pong11:29
SteveAhi spiv 11:30
spivThat'd be good.  What protocol? :)11:30
SteveAlet's try the canonical spi11:31
SteveAum sip11:31
spivI just got the machine-gun fire.11:33
SteveAoh poo11:33
SteveAsay something11:34
SteveAi heard you11:34
SteveAelmo: ping11:34
SteveAmaybe elmo can debug this half conversation...11:34
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SteveAlet's try again11:35
SteveAi'll call you this time11:35
spivI'm ready, I think.11:35
SteveAhow did you change the codec?11:37
spivI didn't.11:37
spivI haven't changed those settings at all, though I have looked at them.11:37
SteveAfound it11:37
spivI get the impression that the louder sounds you make come through fine, it's the quiet ones that get turned into an alien clicking at me while underwater.11:38
spivBut as I can't hear the sounds that get mangled, that's just guesswork :)11:39
SteveAok, i'm using pcmu now11:39
SteveAi had to totally disable gsm11:39
spivIt's wierd how first time it said GSM for both In and Out, and the second time, when you called me, it was PCMU.11:40
=== SteveA tries calling again
spivI hear nothing.11:41
SteveAseems to be hung11:41
SteveAyour voicemail11:42
spivI apparently have 2 voice mails.  I'll get getting them...11:43
SteveAthey are stupid11:43
spivHeh, ok.11:43
SteveAthey are stupid things where i hung up before leaving a message11:43
SteveAit is a lame voicemail system11:43
SteveAit just made me leave anothe rvoicemail11:43
SteveAtry calling me11:43
SteveAchange to pcmu11:45
SteveAto do that, go into prefs11:45
SteveAdisable gsm11:45
stubspiv: I assigned you as implementer of https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+spec/stop-spurious-test-failures11:45
SteveAmove pcmu up11:45
spivstub: ta11:45
spivNo good?11:46
SteveAtry again11:46
SteveAmy audio module thing crashed11:46
spivVery odd.11:48
SteveAthis is bollocks11:48
SteveAlet's use skype11:48
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iwjIs there some way someone with magic access to LP could help me out with unsubscribing from 34112 ?11:54
iwjI'm "also notified" and it has about twenty duplicates.11:54
spivSteveA: http://goffredo-baroncelli.homelinux.net/bazaar11:54
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spivOh, you dropped off?12:07
spivI don't notice immediately because there's no machine gun fire.12:08
SteveAi made the mistake of briefly suspending the skype process12:08
Kinnisoniwj: of the 1004 bugs you have a subscription record for, none are 3411212:09
spivHmm, gone again.12:16
SteveAme again12:16
spivGot an itchy trigger finger?12:16
SteveAthis time, i tried to switch to desktop 212:16
SteveAand turned off my wireless for 1 second instead12:16
SteveAand this confused skype12:16
spivWhy must all software be crap? :)12:16
iwjKinnison: That's nice.  But I'm getting mail for 34112.12:17
Kinnisoniwj: you must be subscribed to one of its duplicates or something12:17
iwjYes.  As I say it has about twenty.12:17
SteveAian is in the "also notified" list12:18
KinnisonSteveA: unfortunately nothing in the UI makes it clear what that is composed of and why he's there12:18
iwjSince the UI doesn't provide a way for me to find out where that's coming from I was wondering if someone with DB access could run a quick query.12:18
iwjTo save me visiting twenty different bug pages (and perhaps sub-pages).12:18
SteveAi just visited the pages12:22
SteveAand i didn't see you listed as a direct subscriber on any of them12:23
iwjI'm probably the contact for some package that one of the dupes has a task for.12:26
SteveAthat list should have link titles12:26
SteveAthat say where the subscription comes from12:26
iwjIndeed.  I filed a bug about that :-).12:26
iwjThe only reason I'm chasing 34112 specifically is because it generates lots of junk.12:27
ddaajamesh: lifeless: feedback welcome on https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad-bazaar/+spec/vcs-imports-knits-upgrade12:28
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ChawnskieHi All.12:36
ChawnskieI've reproduced bug 48556: Installing 6.06 on an ASUS s96j laptop w/ Intel 945PM chipset.12:40
UbugtuMalone bug 48556 in linux-source-2.6.15 "ACPI-0517: ****Error Method parse/execudion failed" [Critical,Fix committed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4855612:40
UbugtuMalone bug 48556 in linux-source-2.6.15 "ACPI-0517: ****Error Method parse/execudion failed" [Critical,Fix committed]  12:40
ChawnskieDoes anybody know of a snapshot build with a fix?12:42
SteveAthat sounds like something for #ubuntu12:45
SteveArather than #launchpad12:45
ChawnskieSteveA:  Hi.12:46
ChawnskieI tried there first, but it's a bit of a mess and got no response.  :-/12:46
SteveAhere, we only care about bugs in the launchpad service12:47
SteveAnot about bugs in linux or ubuntu12:47
ChawnskieAhh, sorry.  I'll go wait for it to calm down in #ubuntu and then ask again :-)12:47
ddaaChawnskie: when #ubuntu is calm, that usually means your connection has dropped :)12:54
Chawnskie:-)  Cheers.01:00
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carlosstub: hi, around?01:13
stubcarlos: yes01:16
carlosstub: How could I represent something like:01:17
carlosSELECT pofile.id | NULL AS pofile .....01:17
carlosstub: that means that pofile would be NULL01:17
carlosand I want to return NULL in that case01:17
stubI don't understand sorry.01:19
stubIf pofile.id is 24, what should be selected? If pofile.id is NULL, what should be selected?01:19
carlossay that I have a OUTER JOIN that joins two tables and that we could have one of those tables join without value01:20
carlosin that case, a pofile row would not exist01:20
carlosand thus, pofile.id is not valid because there is not such row01:20
stubpofile.id would be NULL in that case01:21
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
stubThe row exists, it just contains nothing but NULLs01:21
carlosI see01:21
carlosstub: ok, thanks01:21
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carlosdaniloo: hi01:42
carlosdaniloo: do you have a new nick every day? ;-)01:43
=== Znarl [n=znarl@dark.roundabout.org] has joined #launchpad
daniloocarlos: no, just the irc connection died01:49
carlosoh, I didn't see you were connected as danilos ;-)01:50
danilosit's crap there is already one danilo on freenode :)01:51
carlosdanilos: yeah, I got 'carlos' because previous owner stop using it for 3 months01:56
carlosperhaps is the same case here ;-)01:57
carlosdanilos: btw, did you get my email with the source code link and bug links?01:57
daniloscarlos: yup, but you naturally didn't get my response :)01:58
daniloslp is huuugeee :)01:59
carlosdanilos: right, I didn't get it02:01
carlosdanilos: yeah, but you don't need to touch the whole tree ;-)02:01
carlosdanilos: I could guide with your fix bug fix02:02
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
carlosso you know more or less the layout we are using02:02
daniloscarlos: sure, but I first need to get it, and it takes a while at 256kbps :)02:03
danilosI'll probably make a lunch break while it downloads02:03
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=== carlos -> lunch
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stubI got distracted and missed todays rollout. Anyone going to cry if I put it off until tomorrow quiet time?03:20
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salgadostub, would it be possible to do the roll out before running the shipit export script?03:36
stubI'll turn off the shipit export and run it after the rollout. It will just run a few hours later than normal.03:37
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jameshSteveA: I was looking at modifying the security policy in webapp/authorization.py to allow calling sync/syncUpdate on SQLBase instances, but I'm not usre whether that is the right place03:45
jameshSteveA: the checkPermission() method in that file doesn't seem to be the right level, and isn't called when accessing attributes not covered by the security declarations03:46
SteveAah, of course03:47
SteveAI had forgotten about that03:47
jameshit just gets a permission name and an object, rather than an object + an attribute name03:48
SteveAso, a simpler thing would be03:48
SteveAto register those names as allowed at the level of the checker03:48
SteveAwhich is all getting rather complicated03:49
SteveAso I think go for the function that unwraps the instance, and calls syncUpdate() on it03:49
SteveAthat is simple to understand03:49
jameshfair enough.03:49
SteveAand will continue to work whatever we do03:49
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digistoneshello everyone03:56
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spivSteveA: elmo solved my ekiga problem.  Apparently "silence detection" actually means "make the other person sound like a drowning alien insect".04:02
salgadois it a known problem that the "E-mail me about changes to this bug report" checkbox you see when commenting on a bug is not working anymore?04:05
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable048.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
salgadobradb, the "E-mail me about changes to this bug report" checkbox you see when commenting on a bug doesn't seem to work anymore. have you noticed that?04:08
salgadoI mean, is there a bug open already?04:09
bradbsalgado: By "doesn't work" do you mean you check it but don't get subscribed to the bug?04:10
bradbsalgado: In production?04:10
salgadobradb, in production and in one of my local branches04:10
ddaawhere can I find documentation/examples to write testbrowser-based pagetests?04:11
SteveAspiv: ah.  i didn't have that turned on04:11
matsubaraddaa: lib/zope/testbrowser/README.txt04:12
ddaamatsubara: thanks04:12
SteveAddaa: but note also that we have some standard 'browser' instances ready for you to use04:12
SteveAlogged in and ready04:12
bradbsalgado: Looking into it now.04:12
ddaaSteveA: where can I find them?04:13
salgadobradb, cool, thanks04:13
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
matsubaraddaa: https://launchpad.canonical.com/PageTests04:14
ddaamatsubara: thanks lot04:14
matsubaraddaa: np04:15
bradbsalgado: I just sync'd to rf, and it worked for me in both the status edit form, and the comment form at the bottom of the bug page. Can you reproduce it on current rf?04:23
salgadobradb, just tried on staging and it worked fine. sorry for the noise04:24
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kikobradb, remind me of one thing04:59
kikobradb: did you by any chance make bugattachment's message column nullable?04:59
kikosay no 04:59
bradbkiko: nope04:59
bradbi just made it possible to attach a file without filling in the comment05:00
bradbthe attachment is still associated to a message though05:00
=== mholthaus_ [n=mholthau@] has left #launchpad ["Konversation]
jameshbradb: what do you think of changing the bug page template to hide the bug description if it is equal to the first comment, rather than hiding the first comment?05:04
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
=== jd_ is now known as jd_away
bradbjamesh: I'd prefer neither, tbh. The right way to do that, IMHO, is to never show the description as a comment05:15
jameshbradb: the problem I ran into is importing bugs that have an attachment on the first comment, which doesn't show up if first comment == description05:17
=== glatzor [n=sebi@ppp-82-135-83-247.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #launchpad
bradbjamesh: Can you just show the attachments of the first comment under the description?05:19
jameshbradb: I suppose so.  we'd want to not show them in the case where first comment != description though05:19
jameshbradb: it seems simpler to only show description if it differs from the first comment though05:19
bradbjamesh: Simpler to implement, I agree.05:20
bradbBut it's hard to explain why a bug doesn't have a description.05:20
bradbAnd then suddenly does.05:20
jameshpeople also get confused why a new comment suddenly appears if they edit the description05:21
bradbjamesh: Yep, bug 593505:21
UbugtuMalone bug 5935 in malone "bug description seems duplicated" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/593505:21
jameshI'd think "description doesn't display til you edit it" is easier to understand than "first comment doesn't display til you edit the description"05:21
bradbI wrote about a solution to this problem to launchpad@, I think it was.05:21
jameshanyway, it is mostly a cosmetic issue05:22
bradbi.e. "This bug report has been modified since it was originally reported. _View the original report_.05:22
jameshthe attachment is still available in the portlet (assuming the user notices it ...)05:22
salgadoSteveA, have a minute to chat about a shipit problem reported by marilize?05:22
SteveAsalgado: I will in 10-15 mins05:23
salgadoSteveA, cool. should I ping you again later, then?05:23
bradbjamesh: I think that when we implement KeepingBugsConcise (which is basically just collapsing the original description if the description is updated), this will seem a lot more obvious.05:23
SteveAsalgado: ok05:23
bradbit can probably be implemented pretty quickly too05:24
bradbi think i'll try doing that after i do the landscape hack today05:25
jameshbradb: for the SF import, would it be easy to move milestones around afterwards if I create them on the wrong product series?05:26
jamesh(or if we later add new series that would be better homes for those milestones)05:26
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=== jd_away is now known as jd_
bradbjamesh: I think it should be a simple db update. Just confirming something...05:31
jameshbradb: if it is, then I'll finish the milestone import code.  That'd be everything except converting categories to keywords05:32
jameshwhich would probably provide a decent first import once we've got the testing LP instance set up05:33
bradbjamesh: Sweet! Yeah, I think it's easy to move ms's around with a simple UPDATE.05:37
SteveAsalgado: hi05:42
SteveAcan we talk on ekiga?05:42
salgadobut I just realized ekiga threw away my config05:43
salgadowill have to do it again05:43
SteveAI just saw some code pass by in the review list like:05:55
SteveA  comments = sorted(comments.values(), key=lambda x: x.index)05:55
SteveAplease, don't use "x"05:55
SteveAbecause "x.index" is meaningless05:56
SteveAunless you're marie curie05:56
SteveAcall it "comment.index" or something05:56
SteveAyeah... then we'd all go into hospital05:56
SteveAfor diagnosis using foobar rays05:57
spivIsn't that a place to use operator.attrgetter?05:57
SteveAwell spotted spiv05:57
spivWhich avoids the 'x' problem entirely, but not naming anything ;)05:57
=== SteveA rocks out to "my guitar wants to kill your mama" while waiting for salgado to call
malccSteveA: I don't generally disagree that variable names should mean something, but here the need to use a variable name at all in this bit of python syntax chicken-sprinkling is just an artifact, that's just how you spell "sort on index"05:57
SteveAmalcc: pythons can eat chickens whole.05:58
ddaaduh, I've been writing a vcs-imports-test-plan for almost two hours05:58
ddaait's making progress, but it's starting to make me want to cry05:58
bradbI'm so hungry I'll die if I don't go to Subway right now.05:58
spivmalcc: so use operator.attrgetter and be happy :)05:58
=== bradb & # lunch
SteveAbut in any case, someone can read:    key=lambda comment: comment.index   and understand it immediately05:58
SteveAbut this needs you to look at more context:   key=lambda x: x.index05:59
spivmalcc: but I find that if I can't give a meaningful name to something, there's a problem, and if I can, then there's no good reason not to.05:59
SteveAwhen I read that, I ask myself "what is .index being got from?"05:59
SteveAthe answer is "x", so I need to read other code to answer "what is x here?"06:00
ddaaI started being very detailed (almost pseudocode), but now I'm being force to be higher level, and even then I cannot find a reasonable way to specify satisfying code coverage...06:00
spivI agree with Steve.  The less context required to comprehend a piece of code, the better.  That principle applies at many scales: expressions, statements, functions, modules.06:00
SteveAif it says "comment", I don't need to ask that question.  clearer code.06:00
SteveAat what cost?06:00
SteveAthe cost of a few characters of typing06:00
SteveAand arguably reduced maintenance, increased clarity for all readers in the future06:00
SteveAI, for one, welcome our new python-eating chicken overlords.06:01
ddaait is my experience that any loophole in that stuff will turn into a bug when implement by someone who do not really understand it, but functional tests cannot be reasonably exhaustive without going combinatorial...06:01
SteveAddaa: get 75% of the way there, and then talk it over with a reviewer06:02
SteveAsalgado: what's up?06:02
spivTalking it over with another person might help you find a better way to express the requiresments.06:02
spivrequirements, rather.06:02
ddaaI'll post it to launchpad@ when I think I have vaguely touched all the important points...06:02
SteveAddaa: call a reviewer for a chat before then06:03
SteveAotherwise you may well get caught in the perfectionist trap again06:03
LarstiQSteveA: and the code is a bit less general, but not a problem for this lambda06:04
SteveAif the code were more general, it should become a function, with a docstring explaining the general case06:04
SteveAone reason a small lambda is okay is because it is so simple it is self-documenting06:04
SteveAgeneral-purpose lambdas I find scary06:05
=== LarstiQ nods
ddaajamesh: BjornT: somebody up for a call? Need a reviewer to keep me sane.06:06
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=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
salgadoSteveA, one of the server's disks stopped here, sorry06:11
kikosalgado, I need to kick the server once again though06:18
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
mdzcprov-lunch: if a build goes into dep-wait because, e.g. it is in main and build-depends on a package in universe, will the dep-wait be automatically cleared when the package moves to main?06:30
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
=== jd_ is now known as jd_miam
=== jd_miam is now known as jd_
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cprovmdz: dep-wait auto retry doesn't depend on component, AFAIK. It will be retried next queue-builder run if the package is published. What build ?07:02
=== kiko [n=kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
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mdzcprov: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gnome-python-desktop/2.15.4-0ubuntu107:23
ruffnecknice ;)07:24
mdzcprov: I fixed the overrides for libgnome-media-dev, but I want to know if I need to do anything further for the bulid to be retried07:25
cprovmdz: it will be handled next queue-builder run, after the current cron.daily07:26
mdzcprov: ok, thanks07:26
ruffneckI tried the ubuntu libux live CD07:26
cprovmdz: if libgnome-media-dev is published it will retry the build07:26
mdzcprov: and moving between components qualifies as being republished?07:27
cprovmdz: something is wrong, libgnome-media-dev  was published in universe at 2006-07-11 09:08:05 BRT, your dep-wait build finished at 2006-07-11 14:09:40 BRT, it should have found the dep07:33
cprovmdz: I will wait this next queue-builder run, if it doesn't rescue the build in question I'll do it manually and investigate the bug in our code07:38
mdzcprov: s/universe/main/ ?07:38
mdzcprov: the issue is that libgnome-media-dev is in universe, while gnome-python-desktop (which build-deps on it) is in main07:38
cprovmdz: no, the first pub was in universe/gnome07:38
mdzcprov: see above07:39
mdzthis is the question I was asking in the first place07:39
mdzit needed to be promoted from universe to main in order for the package to build07:39
mdzbut apparently that doesn't clear the dep-wait07:39
cprovmdz: right, the chroot only looks for dep in main.07:40
cprovmdz: even if the auto-dep-retry doesn't do the same (it doesn't respect components) the result is expected07:41
cprovmdz: uhmm, not exactly , we retry the packages more than necessary. This is a bug :(07:41
mdzcprov: but we didn't retry this one, which actually needs it :-)07:42
cprovmdz: it might be retried before (the time window from created to built is bigger than usual).07:43
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #launchpad
=== cprov patiently waits the current cron.daily (45 min already)
cprovmdz: https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/226318, was automatically rescued07:53
mdzcprov: thanks07:57
cprovmdz: np07:57
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kikobradb, good idea!08:05
kikobradb, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileDA3vJw.html08:08
=== bradb looks
bradbkiko: Where is bugtask necessary for BugTaskComment, btw?08:12
kikobradb, bugtaskcomment/fmt:url08:12
kikosorry if that wasn't clear 08:13
kikobut that's why it's required.08:13
kiko(and yes, I guess we could use ILaunchbag there...)08:13
bradbor you could build the URL by not using fmt:url08:14
kikofmt:url isn't to blame08:14
kikothe URL /does/ require a bugtask08:14
kikowhat /do/ you mean?08:15
bradbnot use fmt:url on the comment object, i mean08:15
bradbe.g. tal:attributes="href string:${context/fmt:url}/comments/${comment/id}"08:16
kikobradb, you mean just link to +comments/index?08:16
kikoI don't have a context there.08:16
bradb(or /index...whatever it's supposed to be there)08:16
kikobut I could use a relative index..08:17
kikoerr a relative link08:17
kikoBjornT, do you use bugcomment/fmt:url anywhere else?08:17
kikobradb, actually, there's a problem with that08:17
kikobradb, the page has a self-link which would break08:18
kikoI guess I could avoid that somehow08:18
=== kiko ponders how
bradbeven the page should have bugtask as its context, no?08:18
kikoI guess it does08:18
BjornTkiko: no, i don't think i use it anywhere else. the only thing is the self-link as you pointed out.08:19
kikoBjornT, what do you think of removing bugtask from the bugcomment?08:20
kiko(and nuking its canonical_url)08:20
BjornTkiko: i don't see much value in removing it.08:21
kikoBjornT, have you seen bradb's arguments on the mailing list?08:21
kikoor perhaps mine08:21
kikorenaming it to BugTaskComment08:21
kikobecause of the bugtask attribute08:22
bradbkiko: You can change this: sorted(comments.values(), key=lambda x: x.index)08:23
bradbto: sorted(comments.values(), key=attrgetter("index"))08:23
bradb(from operator import attrgetter)08:23
BjornTkiko: well, that was the reason i put it in browser at the first place, the bugtask is used since the view needs it. i'd rather have it as it were (i.e. BugComment with a bugtask attached to it.)08:24
BjornTit is a comment in a bug which needs a bugtask to render properly08:24
=== kiko shrugs
kikook, whatever08:24
BjornTi can agree that BugComment isn't the best name, but it's better than BugTaskComment08:26
bradbkiko: the bug vs. bugtask naming was the only other concern i had08:28
kikoI'll add a comment explaining how BjornT prefers a class that lies about its true self08:29
=== kiko runs
BjornTBugTaskComment is a bigger lie :)08:31
kikonha nha nha08:31
bradbBjornT: Have you started working on keywords? I'm just curious to give jamesh some info about the SF import.08:38
BjornTbradb: no, not yet. i'll start tomorrow, though.08:39
bradbBjornT: cool08:41
kikoI have such a difficult prospect, getting BugCves right08:45
kikoI need to group bugtasks per CVE08:46
kikohow does one do that, mmmm08:46
bradbkiko: another speed issue?08:50
kikothe cve report page currently lists bugtasks grouped per CVE08:50
kikoor hmm08:51
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #launchpad
kikorather CVEs grouped per bug08:51
kiko(which I find weird)08:51
kiko            <tal:block repeat="cve bugtask/bug/cves">08:52
kikothat is the heart of the performance problem.08:52
kikoI see no way of solving this using SQLObject though08:52
kikowhat I want is a query that returns bugtask, cve tuples.08:53
kikosalgado, is there anything in SQLObject that will return that?08:53
=== kiko knows of something called otherColumn...
kikohow does that help?08:55
salgadoI don't know. never heard of it08:55
=== lbm [n=lbm@] has joined #launchpad
kikoit seems like selectAlso is only useful for order bys08:56
kikothat's correct.08:56
kikoand guess who implemented it?08:56
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=== danilos [n=danilo@] has joined #launchpad
jordiha, a danilo10:07
jordiSteveA: ping?10:08
danilosjordi: hey man10:08
danilosjordi: how is it going?10:08
jordidanilos: when do you dive into Launchpad?10:08
jordiI'm discussing translation licences. It is LOTS of fun10:08
danilosI am already starting, should be starting with some bugs so far, and we'll see what I'll do later :)10:09
jordiso you're danilo.segan@c.c already? 10:09
danilostranslation licenses, cool; I'd make them all GPL :)10:09
jordiexcept, some apps are non-free :)10:09
danilosI know, but that does the trick: you can only use this translation if you GPL the app :)10:10
danilosj/k, of course :)10:10
carlosdanilos: hey!10:13
daniloshey carlos10:13
carlosdid you manage to get a full launchpad tree?10:13
carlosjordi: enjoy it! :-P10:13
danilosjordi: (if I missed some msgs, it's because my IRC connection died and then transparently reconnected; blah)10:13
daniloscarlos: yeah, I am looking into it now and browsing the buglist :)10:13
carlosdanilos: the most interesting thing for you is at lib/canonical/launchpad10:14
carlosthe other paths are dependencies and infrastructure10:15
sivangdanilos: this is just being discussed in ubuntu-meeting, moving over to a iRC netowrk that dosn't require to identiy for PM, like OFTC10:16
sivangdanilos: (and Hi btw :) )10:16
carlossivang: the bad thing about that is that anyone could stole your nick ;-)10:17
danilossivang: (thanks :) ah, and preferably a network where "danilo" is not taken :)10:17
jordidanilos: nope, didn't miss anything10:18
jordiis danilo taken in OFTC?10:18
jordioftc is the target of that discussion10:18
danilosjordi: dunno, can check :) if nicknames are not registered, then it probably isn't taken :)10:18
sivangcarlos: hmm, true10:19
sivangcarlos: then you have to use a detached sessions with IRSSI and maintain your nick this way :)10:20
jordiit's not bad to register to nickserv everynow and then anyway :)10:22
jordiI once lost my registration at either feenode or oftc10:22
carlosseems like someone took carlos already....10:23
carloslet's try to get it. It's not used since more than 4 months... (just same situation when I got carlos here)10:23
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
danilosdanilo is free (well, not anymore :)10:24
kikodanilos, are the characters used in your Real Name used in your country?10:25
daniloskiko: yes, they are just simple Cyrillic10:26
kikointeresting. do you use mostly cyrillic or mostly latin?10:26
danilosit depends on person: I mostly use Cyrillic as do many others, others use Latin10:27
danilosand there are people who use Cyrillic in hand-written texts and Latin on computers10:27
kikoI see10:30
kikodanilos, which cyrillic variant do you use?10:31
daniloskiko: what do you mean? it's a pretty standard cyrillic nowadays10:31
danilosit's all part of 0x4000x47f Unicode range :)10:32
kikodanilos, I see. I was under the impression that there were a few variants10:32
kikocool then10:32
danilosnot really, except some typographical variants of a couple of letters10:32
daniloswe need better pango support for opentype subst features for those, though :)10:33
sivangcarlos: you can register your nick there, btw10:33
carlossivang: It's already registered10:34
kikoerr salgado ping10:35
kikoyou need to prepend the postcode with a ", not a =10:35
kikodid you just get the comment wrong10:35
kikoor are you actually using =?10:35
salgadoI'm actually using =10:36
salgadobecause that seems to work10:36
salgadokiko, you mean that I should use a comma?10:37
salgadooh, a double quote10:37
kikono, quotes10:37
carlossivang: I just got it ;-)10:37
sivangcarlos: cool!10:38
jordikiko: hey dude10:38
kikohey jordi10:39
kikoflacoste, did you manage to talk to SteveA about refactoring the tickettarget thing?10:39
flacostekiko: yes, i had a little chat with him yesterday10:39
kikoflacoste, what did you guys decide?10:40
flacostekiko: bottom line was nice idea but not today10:40
kikobummer man10:40
flacostekiko: he want to do some experience in that area in two weeks10:40
kikoit's a super-spritely-cool idea10:40
kikowe will see!10:40
=== flacoste has set a reminder to ping SteveA on that on July 24th
carlosdanilos: do you need me for anything?10:41
carlosI'm going to have dinner10:41
carlosand disconnect until tomorrow10:41
=== jd_ [n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos] has joined #launchpad
daniloscarlos: no, just go ahead :)10:43
carlossee you tomorrow10:44
daniloscarlos: I'll probably start later tommorow (the ISP guy should be coming to fix connection stuff), but I'll be hacking in the meantime10:44
daniloscarlos: g'night10:44
flacosteI have defined an interface test for ITicketTarget, I would like to collect suggestions as naming convention and location10:48
flacosteit is currently named BaseTicketTargetTest and lives in lib/canonical/launchpad/interfaces/ftests/test_tickettarget.py10:49
flacosteI'm considering renaming it to ITicketTargetTest or TicketTargetInterfaceTest10:50
flacosteany other suggestions?10:50
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@203-173-177-223.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
kikoflacoste, I like TicketTargetInterfaceTest 11:05
kikobut I'm not really an authority in these matters.11:05
flacosteI like it too, i'll wait a little more to see if anybody else has an opinion on this before renaming it11:06
flacostekiko: what about the location interfaces/ftests/test_tickettarget.py ?11:06
kikosounds correct to me.11:06
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=== LarstiQ is surprised at the negative kde post.
bradbBjornT: around?11:32
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
=== bradb experiences the pain of importing z.t.browser.Browser instead of z.t.testing.Browser
mpt_LarstiQ, surprised why?11:42
LarstiQmpt_: the amount of bile11:52
=== givre_ [n=flo@APuteaux-152-1-73-141.w83-204.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
bradbkiko: do you want to review my landscape hack patch?11:55
kikobradb, sure.11:55
bradbkiko: https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/file27TeHW.html11:57
kikobradb, frown. that's not what we agreed.11:58
bradbkiko: the security/privacy collapsing is in another branch, in review11:59
kikobradb, I want to review /that/ branch -- I can't see how this branch can not depend on that one!11:59
kikoI r- this branch, fwiw11:59
kikoI explicitly do not want this special-cased in the submit handler12:00
kikoinstead the UI should change12:00
bradbkiko: it does depend on that one to some degree. but this branch /could/ land before that one, if time were of the essence (which i thought it was)12:00
kikothe correctness would be compromised12:00
bradbkiko: what do you not want special-cased in the submit handler, exactly?12:01
bradbthe special-case code here is completely orthogonal to the security/privacy collapse, as best i can tell. the latter does not preclude the former. it will happen either way.12:02
kikothe private=True special-case12:05
kikothe subscription special-case I can understand.12:05
bradbkiko: the private=True will happen either way.12:05
bradbkiko: if the user doesn't select the cb, how else will the bug be forced private if not special-cased?12:06
kikobradb, for landscape, there will be no cb.12:06
kikoI thought my mockup made that clear.12:06
bradbhm? that's not how i understood it. you said that if they selected the cb, that would also mark it security-related, otherwise it would be forced private.12:07
=== mpt__ [n=mpt@203-173-177-223.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
kiko    * For landscape, all bugs would be private. Marking security would12:09
kiko      only make it security-related. All bugs, even private ones, would12:09
kiko      include the bug contact.12:09
kikoI see12:09
kikoyou want to implement this only on the form post side.12:10
kikoso another thing we had disucssed12:10
bradbkiko: we agreed that i would touch only browser code.12:10
kikoyeah that sounds okay to me then12:10
kikoone thing we discussed was modifying createBug12:10
kikoto accept a subscribers argument12:10
kikodoes your patch do that?12:11
kikoyour other patch I mean.12:11
bradbkiko: no. the reason i didn't do that is because i can achieve the same effect doing what i do, with less code change required. from the email notification machinery PoV it doesn't make a hoot of a difference if I pass subs as an arg, or sub the bugcontact right after i create the bug12:12

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