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jendaWhat'd I miss, what'd I miss?01:11
jenda+ hello all there :)01:11
jendaaloha, dotwaffle? :)01:12
dotwaffleWell, I'm not in Hawaii, but aloha none the less =)01:14
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dotwaffleCan't make this Thursday's meeting =(01:14
=== jenda has ever been to Hawaii...
jendaMake that the only state I've never been to :)01:15
=== dotwaffle wonders how long it will be until Puerto Rico becomes a states.
nixternal_whats up bud01:15
nixternal_nice little network hiccup     there01:15
jenda(only state of the US... but no, I have to take that back: Puerto Rico :) )01:15
nixternalhad a good trip i take it?01:15
jendadotwaffle: I thought it was - my bad.01:16
jendanixternal: quite good :)01:16
jendaI'll be there tomorrow supporting you, don't worry :)01:16
nixternalglad to hear...of course you visited one of the most expensive of the states too01:16
nixternalthank you sir..much appreciated01:16
jendaerr, today my time :)01:16
nixternalhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/WikiMockup   <- layout 1 draft01:17
jendamost expensive? Alaska?01:17
jendanixternal: seen that. Very, very nice work. I had a few remarks...01:17
nixternaloh..i thought you said you went to hawaii01:17
jendanah - only state I haven't :)01:17
nixternalmust of gotten confused during the net hiccup01:17
jendanot bad for a Czech, eh? :)01:18
nixternalim jealous..i have never been to alaska01:18
nixternali have a lot of Czech friends here, so it is only a matter of time ;)01:18
jendahehe :)01:18
jendaI just made it to AK this summer. Was one of the best ever.01:19
jendaI totally loved AK :)01:19
nixternali have heard cool things01:20
nixternali must make it there01:20
nixternalbrb b4 my pizza goes up in flames01:20
nixternalalmost forgot about that01:20
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jendahello sara_01:35
sara_hello Janda01:36
jendaJust came back.01:36
sara_I am on my vacations right now, but is raining so I'm inside01:37
jendadidn't yet make it through the gazillion tons of mail ;)01:37
jendaAh right - got that one, though :)01:37
sara_which one?01:37
jendaNo problem - have a good vacation.01:37
jendaThe one about you being away.01:37
sara_yeah ,but it has rain the whole time so it has not beign fun01:38
jendaooh. US?01:38
jendaIt's been sunny all the time here (Czech Rep.)01:38
sara_yeah north east, T-stroms01:38
sara_ohh how hjealous01:38
jendadon't be.01:38
jendaIt's very, very hot.01:39
jendaI can barely bear it ;)01:39
sara_is hot in here, but full of T-steomr so it just makes it muggy and sticky01:39
jendaThat's not very nice... lemme guess - south west US?01:39
sara_yeah and the whole week is going to be like tihs, my luck :(01:40
sara_noth east01:40
jendaHaha... alright... let's call that a close miss. I guessed the exact opposite. :D01:41
jendaI'd bet New Mexico is a lot hotter.01:41
jendaAnd it has a lot of storms too ;)01:41
Bilangesara_, yeah, we get lots of storm since 3 weeks (quebec)01:41
jendaHello Bilange :)01:41
Bilangehello jenda01:41
sara_I'm sure, but no humidity like here01:41
jendasara_: WDC?01:41
sara_i ahte T-stroms01:42
jendaOr one of the other Chesapeake-bordering places?01:42
jendaI lived in WDC for three years. I konw the feeling.01:42
jendaI had a headache every-single-day.01:42
sara_yeah it horrible, but I just love the area01:42
jendaOh it's beautiful :D I loved it too.01:43
sara_by the way we are supose to have a meeting for the magazine the 17th . I am wondering if we can use the marketing chanel01:43
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Burgworksara_, if you are meeting, please do it in #ubuntu-meeting01:47
sara_DO I need to get in contac twith anyone about that01:48
Burgworknope, merely make certain you are not going to conflict01:50
Burgworkthe channel itself and fridge will tell you01:50
Burgworkalso, tell the fridge people about your meeting01:50
sara_how you do taht?01:51
sara_whoa re the fridge people?01:51
Burgworkthe community news site, also runs the meeting calendar01:51
sara_ohh I see that now01:51
sara_thanks, as soon as we agre on a time I'll do it and send an e-mail to the marketing list also01:54
BurgworkI have no plans to switch to Ubuntu. (That's because I already use it -- but if I didn't I *would* switch!) -rob "roblimo" miller02:08
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adamant1988Hello all02:09
adamant1988jenda glad to see you're back :)02:10
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adamant1988well not so much with the back apparently02:13
jendaadamant1988: very, very back :)02:13
jendajust a little tired, overwhelmed and...02:13
adamant1988I created a logo mockup for SU02:13
jendaa little drunk too, but that'll pass.02:14
jendaadamant1988: saw it ;) Good work, appreciated...02:14
jendawhat we need is a site graphics proposal now.02:14
adamant1988What are you looking for exactly?02:14
adamant1988I'm not great with templates but I think I could whip up a mockup..02:15
jendastriking original, simple and elegant ;)02:15
jendaa block of text fro ubuntu.com for now02:15
adamant1988How many sub pages is spread ubuntus site going to need?02:15
j_baer_hey ... are you folks talking about spread ubuntu?02:15
adamant1988are we talking like a single page website or a LOT of pages?02:16
jendaand five big colorful links: See it, Try it, Get it, Shipit, SPREAD IT.02:16
jendaadamant1988: the mockup: just the front page02:16
jendaj_baer_: yep02:16
j_baer_I'm the new guy to the team ...02:16
adamant1988Jenda just some ideas completely white, a large wireframe globe with the links marked as locations on it. The globe being inside an Ubuntu logo02:17
adamant1988any text and such can written in scrollable columns linked to the globe...02:18
adamant1988it's just an idea...02:18
jendaadamant1988: that's very nice... but I can't think of more of a use for it than a background image for SU or something of the sort.02:18
adamant1988unless you make it the main menu too.02:18
adamant1988Make locations on the globe link to sub pages.02:19
jendaWe don't really need a logo (as was decided after discussion) - logos are for branding. Do we brand with Ubuntu or Spreadubuntu?02:19
jendaUbuntu - if you ask me.02:19
jendaadamant1988: hmm...02:19
adamant1988there was a lot of talk of a spreadubuntu logo and I did a mockup really quickly =\02:19
adamant1988no ones replied on my switch data project =\02:21
sara_I think is goos, but I just don'y know how we would carry it out02:21
nixternal[18:44]  <jenda> I lived in WDC for three years. I konw the feeling02:21
nixternalwhere at?02:21
nixternali used to live there...my x and daughter still live there02:21
jendaWillard Ave.02:21
jendaChevy Chase.02:22
nixternali live in g'town, and alexandria...and spent most of my time in southern maryland02:22
nixternali was stationed at patuxent river02:22
adamant1988sara_ what?02:22
sara_your proposal, I like the idea, but as it stand right now it would be hard to carry it our02:23
jendaadamant1988: whatcha mean by "a lot of talk of a spreadubuntu"?02:23
jendaerr... + logo02:23
sara_maybe when we get the spreadubuntu site we could make a testimonial section02:24
adamant1988I mean I came into the channel and it's what everyone was discussing was spreadubuntu and a logo for it and all that02:24
sara_ohh I was responding to no one answering to your proposal02:24
adamant1988Sara_ I am willing to do the grunt work on that project myself.02:24
adamant1988And I don't know if spread ubuntu could use the testimonials or not, but I think the info could be useful itself...02:25
sara_ohh, perhaps you can try to add that to the structure of spread ubuntu on the Seet it or Try it part. Like what others are saying about ubuntu02:26
sara_I use modo from luxology and they have similar section on their website02:26
sara_but not as elaborated02:27
adamant1988Well my idea for implimenting the data would be simple but effective "testimonial banner ads"   You see the picture, the brief description (so and so, age, new user) and a good one liner from their blog.02:27
sara_where would you post the adds02:28
adamant1988Banners make good signatures in forums.02:28
adamant1988There are tons of sites that promote Ubuntu that would be happy to display them.02:28
sara_uhh, interesting02:28
adamant1988aside from eventually getting our own page to put them on... which was the main goal.02:29
sara_Maybe you need to make a mockup02:29
sara_you are good with graphics02:29
adamant1988Mockup of what the page should look like?02:30
adamant1988or banners or what?02:30
sara_mockup of how you think the thing would actually look and maybe an explanation on how people would get acees to it. The bannes and what they would link to.02:31
adamant1988I'm thinking that the banners could actually link to the blog02:31
adamant1988I'll create a mockup banner with my photo02:31
sara_I would like to know if i am lookinf into using Linux how would I get access to it. How could I be exposse to it02:31
adamant1988Ubuntu is one of the first things people come to when they search in linux... But at that point they still need convinced...02:32
adamant1988but if our aim is 0 cost marketing then I think we'll have a harder time reaching the masses.  Not impossible by any stretch though.02:33
sara_not me, I did not hear about ubuntu until i had try sometihn like three distros and was frustated about to quit02:33
adamant1988it was the first thing I heard about02:33
adamant1988I couldn't try it because breezy didn't like my computer...02:34
adamant1988just a thought... maybe we could get some press on PCworlds site?02:34
adamant1988they have a writer who is VERY partial to Ubuntu.02:34
nixternalwe already have press there02:34
sara_so where do you think we should put the banners02:34
nixternaland to get more press costs a butt load..i know i used to do hardware reviews for them02:34
sara_or where we wouldbe allow to put eh banners. I would like to see one on distrowatch02:35
adamant1988well, where is the target audience going to be?02:35
adamant1988In particular pick a target market... if it's tech savvy computer users then I could imagine that working something out with computer help forums and linux forums would be a good place to get some activity.02:36
adamant1988as long as the forums are completely microsoft owned I don't see them objecting, most of them have members who use alternate OS's etc.02:36
adamant1988For the end-user and home user, that's more difficult02:37
nixternalconsumer = 10 to dead on age, male and female....business = all of them02:37
adamant1988they usually visit places like ebay and usually only because their friends tell them about it or they chance upon it in google.02:37
adamant1988so getting to them is best done via word of mouth =\02:38
adamant1988so.. I don't know if 'pass this on to your friends' emails are allowed here, but that's one way to get to them...02:40
sara_it could work, I would be carfull with some over zealous poeple spamming it02:41
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adamant1988Yeah, but that would be a good place to put the email... I know some places I could get it started from, I'm sure everyone does..02:42
sara_I have no idea02:43
adamant1988you don't have an end user friend with an email account?02:43
sara_ok gotta go to dinnet now, but looking foward to see how this idea develops02:43
adamant1988ok :)02:43
gnomefreakwelcome back from beach ;)02:50
jendagnomefreak: aloha to you ;)02:52
gnomefreakwelcome back jenda ;)02:52
jendathanks ;)02:53
jendaI'll drop out in a bit, though.02:53
jendaDead tired.02:53
adamant1988and drunk02:53
jendaI'll be on for two weeks now.02:53
jendaadamant1988: not anymore ;)02:53
gnomefreakme too jenda02:54
=== gnomefreak tired and getting agrevated with someone :(
adamant1988gnomefreak, the answer is an anticoagulant.02:55
adamant1988That's what I do when peopl...02:55
=== adamant1988 thinks better of finishing that statement.
adamant1988I got someone really interesting in Ubuntu today02:56
adamant1988I just took my laptop down to the local library and sat with it for a while... wasn't long at all before people noticed I wasn't using Windows.02:57
adamant1988I am thinking about trying it again and taking Ubuntu disks with me02:57
jendaadamant1988: really?02:57
adamant1988I had to give about 10 people links to Ubuntu.com02:58
adamant1988and detailed instructions on how to get CDs from shipit.02:58
adamant1988but this one kid in particular was going spastic, he begged me to let him play on the lappy.02:59
gnomefreakits ubuntu what could he break ;)02:59
adamant1988and it wasn't connected to the net02:59
jendahaha :) true. No pass, no spaz.02:59
adamant1988I was just working on my blog post in OO.o and listening to some ogg music.03:00
gnomefreakeven if he had password he wouldnt know what to do ;)03:00
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=== jenda greets the zen-people ;)
adamant1988I like the Simply Free idea for a slogan though... I've thought of so many ways that can be made into a good ad03:01
adamant1988I'm thinking I might use that as the slogan for my project in town and see how it goes.03:01
nixternaljenda: i need to hire you...i need you to shake the ubuntu-list mailman and get me a LoCo team list setup so everyone on my LoCo can communicate ;)03:02
jendaooh ;)03:02
jendanixternal: I'm good with that kind of thing. write me an email with the details ;)03:02
nixternali have emailed everyone and their mother, and never got a reply03:02
nixternalfor 2 weeks now03:03
nixternali guess i just needed to email the jenda ;)03:03
jendahaha :)03:03
jendaNo-one dares not to reply the jenda ;) I'll do all I can to get a ML for you.03:04
adamant1988When is the ubuntupeople site going to be back up?03:04
jendaadamant1988: it won't.03:05
adamant1988That sucks... so the marketing team will have no website....03:05
jendaIt won't have a _forum_.03:06
jendaWe decided that on the meeting.03:06
jendaWe'll have the wiki...03:06
jendanixternal: BTW, I kinda like the TOC on the right...03:06
adamant1988TOC? and we're just going to use the wiki for everything?03:07
jendanot for everything.03:07
nixternaljenda: you mean in the box to the right?03:07
nixternala box03:08
jendaThere's the mailing list for communication03:08
jendanixternal: yep03:08
jendabut my word isn't final, you know that :)03:08
adamant1988yeah, but we'll have our OWN wiki not the one on ubuntu.com right?03:08
jendaadamant1988: no, ubuntu.com03:08
nixternalwe have a meeting in a few days, and i want everyone involved03:08
jendaNo separationism any more.03:08
jendanixternal: me too.03:08
adamant1988ok, is spreadubuntu going to be on the main ubuntu site as well?03:08
jendaI think spreadubuntu.* will forward to spread.ubuntu.com03:09
nixternali just requested 500 more cd's for "Ubuntu Chicago Days" in a couple of months03:09
adamant1988I requested 50 and was shot down to 30...03:10
nixternalthis will be my 2nd order of 250+03:11
jendanixternal: nice :)03:11
nixternalthey go quick03:11
nixternali got rid of 250 in less then 30 minutes at the last show03:11
jendaI requested 41 and will get the lot.03:11
adamant1988why did I get shot down? is my town undeserving =(03:12
nixternalUbuntu Chicago is going to do a day in chicago of just marketing Ubuntu, hacking and enjoying the city...there are a few computer places and we want to put up posters and what not and kind of own that part of the city for the day03:12
nixternal500 will last i would say a good 6 hours03:12
jendaadamant1988: the reason you gave seemed to be satisfactoy for 30 CDs only to shipit, I guess.03:12
nixternalas only people interested, or who we make interested will grab them03:12
bimberiadamant1988: it's not personal :)  i heard of someone who ordered 300 and got 10003:12
nixternalim sure they will shrink my request hardcore03:13
nixternalyou always request more then you need, just in case03:13
adamant1988still blows I'm going to have to order more than that to get what I need for the school....03:13
nixternaladamant1988: i have spoken to a couple of the people in charge of that task, and they say as long as you can provide a good, clean legit reason and can back it up, they have no problem doing it03:14
adamant1988OOH I like these groovix computers sites...03:15
adamant1988wow they stocked up well, maybe i should order my computer from them instead of system 76...03:16
=== jenda nods off to a deep sleep.
=== bimberi drops a saucepan
=== jenda notices nothing...
jendaand his cursor moves towards the X on Xchat's upper right corner...03:17
bimberithat _is_ deep03:17
nixternalso if jenda falls asleep now..that means when i wake up in the morning, i should have a solid 100+ emails in the marketing team inbox03:18
jendaHahahha :D03:18
jendaNot today, nixternal, sorry :)03:18
nixternali was looking forward to at least 1 dangit ;)03:18
jendaI promise I'll catch up tomorrow, though.03:18
=== nixternal closes kontact
nixternalya jenda, i need you well rested for tomorrow03:19
nixternaldon't need you falling asleep right when it is my turn in front of the CC firing squad03:19
nixternalactually, everyone in here...TOMORROW @ 20:00 UTC,  CommunityCouncil meeting, and I am up for membership... I need you to show me some love!!!03:19
nixternaldon't make me do a channel ping03:20
adamant1988what's the CC for?03:22
nixternalCommunity Council03:23
nixternalfor my Ubuntu membership03:23
nixternali have my 2 big membership requests within the next week...i have Ubuntu membership tomorrow, and then Kubuntu membership next week03:24
nixternaland then I have LoCo membership or introduction tomorrow as well03:24
adamant1988you have to request Ubuntu membership?03:24
adamant1988what are the benefits of that?03:24
nixternalthat is the benefits...you have a deeper communication channel which is huge, and it is just a small step and a token of the CC's appreciation for the work I have done..but I am not doing it for the benefits, I am doing it for the LOVE!!!!03:25
bimberinixternal: kubuntu membership implies ubuntu membership - you don't need both03:25
nixternalthey are seperate bimberi03:26
nixternali thought they were, as if you are on Kubuntu member launchpad, your not on Ubuntu member launchpad, and plus there are 2 different CC's reviewing your history03:27
bimberiyou should find that kubuntu-members is a member of ubuntu-members03:27
adamant1988so why should I apply to get ubuntu membership? (that's what I'm asking)...03:27
nixternali guess you are right on that bimberi, as that is how it is03:28
bimberigah this modem, trying to load launchpad is sooo slllloooww03:28
bimberiadamant1988: it's recognition of your efforts as part of the ubuntu community03:29
adamant1988oh I see...03:29
adamant1988I guess I will just ahve to try harder.03:29
bimberinixternal: the CC wanted to offload some of the membership application load, so the kubuntu and edubuntu CC's were established03:30
nixternali see03:30
bimberinixternal: so, up to you, i reckon you're fine for either :)03:31
adamant1988or both03:32
=== nixternal is still goin' for both ;)
=== bimberi pities the poor CC's
nixternali was told by others on the Kubuntu team to do it...so i will follow the leader ;)   that was bad...verry bad03:33
nixternalgahaha bimberi03:33
bimberinixternal: hehe, no not that _you're_ applying.  Just what it's effect is on the CC's wish to reduce the workload03:35
nixternali know...had to poke fun at you though ;)03:36
bimberiadamant1988: you don't have to try harder.  Just keep up the effort and decide when you feel ready to apply.  The criteria is essentially 2 months of sustained, significant contribution03:37
adamant1988heh, well I should be able to keep that up...03:37
adamant1988I wonder if these groovix computers are worth their weight....03:37
=== bimberi waited 9 months
adamant1988Yeah, I'm trying to find a good Ubuntu affiliate to buy a pc from03:39
adamant1988my fiance is going to switch to Ubuntu wether she likes it or not lol.03:39
bimberiwe don't have any affiliates locally - working on it though - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/UbuntuFriendlyNotebooks03:40
=== bimberi didn't wait 9 months actually. It was 8.5 months before i decided to apply. Then it was 2 weeks to the next CC meeting :)
bimberibtw, http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/UbuntuFriendlySuppliers is work-in-progress to broaden the scope of that AustralianTeam initiative03:42
adamant1988groovix and system76 both look good.03:43
nixternalRiddell just brought to my attention, Kubuntu has been using the GNU/Linux distribution for everyone...i thought we had some slick ones earlier with that...he beat us to it ;)03:54
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adamant1988hello again all.04:31
nixternaloh lord04:33
nixternalyou again"04:33
adamant1988Hrmm... I'm looking at Suse's website.04:33
nixternaldon't ever look at SuSe's wiki, as it is as proprietary as the rest of it04:33
=== darkmatter_ [n=darkmatt@206-163-250-11.yktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988I think that Suse actually meets the need of being able to purchase a boxed set with a manual and all, though.04:34
adamant1988And plus I love beagle.04:34
adamant1988I'm just looking anyway04:35
adamant1988but I don't mind suse being all proprietary and all that.04:35
adamant1988But I AM going to download apparmor for my pc04:35
nixternalwhere can you purchase SuSe at around you?04:36
nixternali used to be able to go into Best Buy and buy it, and CompUSA...but not anymore04:37
nixternalsince Novell bought it from the Germans, all the stores stopped selling it that carried Microsoft Products04:37
adamant1988No where, but I CAN get it in a box with a manual, which is something I feel is relatively important for a home user to have.04:37
adamant1988I still doubt that anything could handle repos like Ubuntu does (except for Linspire and such)04:39
adamant1988But it gives me another distro to play with.04:40
=== adamant1988 loves his ubuntu though
nixternalyou can do the same for Ubuntu on sites taht sell it like that also i believe04:43
adamant1988Show me a site that sells it in English... I'd like to get a copy for my fiance probably.04:45
=== hybrid [n=666@easyubuntu/supporter/hybrid] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
nixternalDOWNLOAD IT adamant198805:02
adamant1988she would need the manual... as is I'm going to have to be the manual for her.05:02
=== hybrid_ [n=666@dpc6745217221.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
nixternalthere is her manual05:05
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adamant1988that second one is impressive06:57
nixternalno comment06:57
nixternali did get a kick out of the "Linux for human beings....and robots" though06:57
adamant1988lol yeah that was pretty cool.06:58
adamant1988-_- I'm downloading the sled 10 isos...06:58
adamant1988You can tell Ubuntu has overwhelming qualities when I get a knot in my stomach from downloading another iso and thinking of using it =\06:59
nixternaloooh i about used my ops on you ;)07:00
adamant1988lol i was kicked out of a channel once for using Ubuntu07:00
adamant1988But I've seen the screenshots, I've got the itch now, and I have to scratch. lol.07:01
adamant1988That way I can dismiss it as betaware and go back to distributing Ubuntu CDs07:01
nixternalthats how SuSe sucks you in..it looks pretty..and yast2 is sweet and what not..but enjoy rpm headaches07:01
adamant1988Actually I'm more interested in the interface alterations07:02
adamant1988the "computer" menu is a subtle but big change, and I'd like to see how it's implimented.07:02
adamant1988I figure I'll use it on my laptop for a week before I reinstall ubuntu.07:02
adamant1988I just did a clean Ubuntu install last night so it's not like I'm losing any important data.07:03
nixternalKubuntu and thats that07:03
=== adamant1988 doesn't like kde.
=== nixternal doesn't like you then ;)
=== nixternal pets his kubuntu
adamant1988sorry kubuntu just isn't as inviting as gnome07:06
nixternalmy kubuntu is beautiful07:06
nixternalit runs so smoothe, and it is solid07:06
nixternalsolid gold baby07:06
adamant1988I know but it's just not as inviting to me =\  I like simplicity and effectiveness.07:07
adamant1988all that polish has it's place, but not on my desktop.  I'll probably never touch XGL even if it comes included in edgy07:07
nixternalyou think gnome is simplistic?07:08
nixternalxfce is simplistic07:08
=== adamant1988 likes XFCE too
=== nixternal too ;)
adamant1988in fact I'm putting Xubuntu on Jenny's (my fiance) computer for the little social experiment I'm doing.07:09
nixternalxubuntu might not be the best one for her, but ok07:09
adamant1988it has.. modest... hardware to say the least so Xubuntu is pretty much be required...07:09
nixternali run kubuntu and ubuntu dual boot on a p2 600, 196mb ram, 10gb hard drive07:10
adamant1988otherwise I'd give her a default Ubuntu install.07:10
adamant1988hers is an old slow processor with 128 megs of ram.07:10
adamant1988It's running XP  SOMEHOW07:10
nixternali ran xubuntu on this laptop, and i couldn't tell a difference between it and the others speed wise07:11
adamant1988But I promised her that Linux would speed her computer up, and I know Xubuntu can run 'ok' on 64 megs of ram so I'm putting that on her computer.07:11
nixternalthe fastest ubuntu is Kubuntu dapper w/ kde 3.5.3...and i will boot mine against anybodies anytime anywhere ;)07:11
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adamant1988I'd be happier if Kubuntu didn't have that crap blue theme off the bat... The ubuntu color scheme should be universal throughout.07:12
nixternal[00:14]  <Red_Herring> anyoen think of a "Swtich to Ubuntu" virus?07:13
adamant1988that's good publicity07:13
nixternaladamant1988: i agree with the kubuntu artwork/theme07:13
adamant1988I met a kid who broke his fathers windows install to get him to use linux.07:13
adamant1988like 5 minutes ago in the forum room07:14
adamant1988sick kid.07:14
nixternallol...i used a virus years ago to get a client of mine to switch over to *nix07:14
nixternaloh..and they have never had a virus since07:14
nixternalhmmm...ckenyon has a good one, sounds familiar, but it is good....Taste Freedom, Experience Ubuntu...as well as his "Join the Ubuntu Circle"...that is good07:17
adamant1988good slogans07:18
adamant1988I wonder why none of these are considered for the main slogan :)07:18
nixternalthe ChicagoTeam named it's meeting "The Taste of Ubuntu"07:18
nixternalhint*The Taste of Chicago"07:18
nixternali posted my poster i was working on yesterday because there simply aren't any..and now there is a poster campaign07:19
nixternali wish you would have done this earlier ;)07:19
nixternalit would make my life easier right now07:19
adamant1988that'll teach you07:20
nixternali like the current design and layout, just need to make it better07:21
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=== kgoetz :('s about the time for teh meetings
=== kgoetz hopes all the people who say they can come do, because tehy might be costing me a time i could go ;O
jendakgoetz: what's that?01:31
kgoetzjenda: teh 4.30 am meeting time :01:32
jendaooh I see.01:32
jendaI'm sorry about that.01:32
kgoetzits no tlike  i have a lfe, but days the meeting ison i always have something on :|01:33
kgoetznah, not your fault :(, juust a pain for me01:33
jendaBut I'll keep an eye on time-screwers ;)01:33
=== kgoetz will try to come to hte nesxt one this week
kgoetzand risk being wiped out fo rthe next 2 days01:34
bimberikgoetz: 2nd place is 03:30 :/01:37
mdkekgoetz: that does happen sometimes. Rotating meeting times is a good way to avoid this01:38
kgoetzbimberi: even that would be better :01:38
kgoetzmdke: yeh. anyhow, see yuo u all later as k_k again01:39
bimberioops, and 07:3001:39
jendanixternal: You know what? I really think we should have the table of contents on the right. The huge white space in the middle of it does'nt look good. Think widescreen. :)01:45
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adamant1988hello all05:57
=== adamant1988 yawns
adamant1988I can't believe I downloaded those SUSE isos lol.06:03
Kamping_Kaiseryou bene playing with suse?06:04
sara_how long did it take you? Before drapper came out I could not get breezy working on my alpto so I used Opensuse and it took to long06:05
jendaaloha, y'all.06:07
jendaIs Suse worth trying?06:07
adamant1988I don't know06:08
adamant1988what's what I'm going to find out.06:08
adamant1988My main interest is the XGL integration and the new menu system.06:08
=== Kamping_Kaiser is planning to try it soon
adamant1988I have to say that SUSE has always done well at producing an attractive gnome desktop06:08
adamant1988If Ubuntu could have that (except with two bars) then I would die.06:08
=== Kamping_Kaiser doesnt see whats wrong with ubuntus
adamant1988I love Ubuntu's gnome desktop06:09
adamant1988I'm saying Suse's is more attractive06:09
Kamping_Kaiserhow so?06:09
Kamping_Kaisermaybe i wasnt clear - what makes suses more atrractive?06:10
adamant1988I'm not sure... but it seems more 'elegant' I can't quite figure it out... I'm thinking it's the new menu system they've put in and the 'cleanness'.06:10
adamant1988Which Ubuntu has until people use and the bars get filled up...06:11
=== adamant1988 says nevermind.
=== Kamping_Kaiser has extra monitor space, so doesnt have screen issues at home :)
adamant1988I don't.06:12
adamant1988Suse was what I used preubuntu, I was really happy with it except for the package managment.06:12
adamant1988YAST was broken hardcore06:12
=== Kamping_Kaiser hasnt tried yast
adamant1988In my mind Suse only has one thing over Ubuntu... They sell boxed sets =\.  I'd love to buy myself an ubuntu boxed set and get a couple disks and a manual (hell maybe even a tshirt :) )06:16
=== Kamping_Kaiser debates buying the german version, just for the boxed set
adamant1988I would do it if it was in English06:17
adamant1988But I'm glad someone agrees that we should have boxed sets :P06:17
Kamping_Kaiseri'll keep using ubuntu-en, but having a box set would rock06:18
adamant1988I agree, lets write canonical.06:18
Kamping_Kaiseri have a german version of debian :)06:18
sara_Why doy ou think we need a box?06:19
adamant1988Because it's something tangible and physical.06:19
adamant1988You get a product, you want some confirmation that you have the product and that your money was well spent ( I kept my windows XP disks boxes for almost a year, sitting next to my computeR)06:19
sara_so waht is the diff between that and a Cd case06:20
adamant1988and... I read the manuals when I get bored =\06:20
Kamping_Kaiserlol adamant198806:20
adamant1988it's true06:20
adamant1988I didn't have an Ubuntu manual so I bought Ubuntu Hacks, the O ' Reilly book.06:21
Kamping_Kaiseri belive you :)06:21
=== Kamping_Kaiser was reading the guide to MS DOS 3.1 not long ago, same reason
adamant1988good book, lots of useful stuff about wine and all that.06:21
adamant1988plus.. I want the damned box set.06:21
Kamping_Kaiserbox sets are nice for looking at :)06:21
adamant1988and this one could have  a t-shirt like the german set.06:22
adamant1988Plus you get people like my fiance, who would rather use the box than the product.06:22
adamant1988What is she going to do with Ubuntu!? theres no box!06:22
jendaWe should get the Ubuntu shop to sell boxed sets.06:22
sara_ohh, I jsut buy all my software online and like it06:22
Kamping_Kaiser1 tshirt, 1 ubuntu cd, 1 DIY sabdfl kit, 1 manual, what else have i forgotten adamant1988 ? :)06:22
adamant19881 Poster06:23
Kamping_Kaiserah, a poster06:23
sara_If the ubuntu shop had box sets I would buy one just to suppor them, and maybe my failiy would finally acceps that ubuntu is for real06:23
sara_stickesr for your computer06:23
adamant1988exactly Sara06:23
jenda1 fifteen foot flagpost and a five foot Ubuntu flag.06:23
adamant1988people want tangible physical representation of their software06:24
=== Kamping_Kaiser updates list
adamant1988and Shipit isn't exactly too liberal with letting people hand out large quantities of disks....06:24
jendawtf is a "DIY sabdfl kit" :-D06:24
adamant1988so then you have to burn your own and that just looks unprofessional06:24
Kamping_Kaiser1 tshirt, 1 ubuntu cd, 1 DIY sabdfl kit, 1 manual, 1 poster, 1 sticker, 1 flag and 1 flagpole06:24
adamant1988I'd rather pay for them then have to burn my own ...06:24
Kamping_Kaiserjenda, you know those cardboard cut out things? ;)06:24
jendahaha :) right.06:25
jendaThe type people take pictures with.06:25
adamant1988lol a little Ubuntu Tiki-Man action figure06:25
adamant1988that needs to be in the box06:25
adamant1988Jenny (fiance) would die for that06:25
jendaand 3 collectible UBuntu-members cards :D06:26
adamant1988Ubuntu the playing card game06:26
Kamping_Kaiser(ubuntu box set): 1 tshirt, 1 ubuntu cd, 1 DIY sabdfl kit, 1 manual, 1 poster, 1 sticker, 1 flag and 1 flagpole, 1 Ubuntu action figure,  3 collectible UBuntu-members cards06:26
adamant1988"Richard Stallman I choose you!"06:26
Kamping_Kaiserand install skype ;)06:26
adamant1988"Oh yeah? My Mark Shuttleworth has +10 atk points"06:26
adamant1988"Oh no!"06:27
jendaOoh! mom, I got two Seveases this time! I wonder if tommy would trade for a Kamion.06:27
Kamping_Kaiserjenda, i *love* it06:27
adamant1988 I'll trade you that saveases for a Tux the dragon (common it's a good deal)06:27
jendaNo way.06:27
adamant1988wow, my Enlish went to hell in that sentance06:27
jendaSeveas, ban him!06:27
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders how many jenda 's he will get for a hobbsee
=== adamant1988 plays "Ban block and taps 3 GPL cards to do so"
adamant1988Wow, we should stop this now...06:28
adamant1988before someone gets hurt06:28
Kamping_Kaisersurely longer membered members are worth more o_006:29
Kamping_Kaiserhm. longer membershiped members...06:29
adamant1988of course not06:29
jendahehe ;)06:29
adamant1988What do you think this is? a fair game?06:29
adamant1988Truth is I have a 90 card deck and I know where every card is inside of it06:30
adamant1988I can't be defeated Muahahahahahaha06:30
jendaWhoever has the sabdfl wins anyway, unless one other player has all the other three of the CC.06:30
adamant1988lemme guess you have it?06:30
jendaOr all the 143 or so other members :D06:30
=== jenda whips out the SABDFL card
=== adamant1988 conceded, doesn't think that's a bluff.
=== Kamping_Kaiser places down his 3 CC's
jenda... ending the game and the flood of the channel logs :D06:31
adamant1988Lol... ok... THAT is why we need an ubuntu boxed set.06:31
adamant1988hours of enjoyment without touching the computer06:31
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, totally agree. *sage nods*06:31
adamant1988my fourth suse disk is done burning06:31
jendaKamping_Kaiser: can you name the CC including IRC nicknames off the top of your head?06:31
adamant1988onto the fifth.06:31
Kamping_Kaiserjenda, nope, i think i know 4 memebers, ;)06:32
jendaThere are only 4 ;) (members of the CC)06:32
Kamping_Kaiserthe ones i know arnt CC, they just exist as memmbers (you, hobbsee, robotgeek,... ok, 3)06:33
adamant1988write letters to canonical, tell them we want a boxed set.06:33
jendahehe ;)06:33
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders how posable a box set is
Kamping_Kaisereven as a novelty item06:33
jendaI think we'd first have to find out if the Ubuntu shop was interested.06:34
adamant1988it's possible... the germans have one06:34
adamant1988we should too...06:34
Kamping_Kaiserheeh. The Germans was the name of one episode of Faulty Towers06:35
Kamping_Kaiserits hilarious06:35
adamant1988lol... ok then..06:36
=== adamant1988 backs up slowly
Kamping_Kaiseryou barbariens :( how can you not know Faulty Towers :(06:36
Kamping_Kaiser* barbarians06:36
adamant1988Have you watched 'House M.D."?06:36
Kamping_Kaiserthat doctor show?06:37
Kamping_Kaisernixternal, hi :)06:37
Kamping_Kaiseryeh, seen a few eps06:37
nixternalhey there Kamping_Kaiser, hello adamant1988 ;)06:37
adamant1988best show ever.06:37
adamant1988hey nixternal06:37
adamant1988I have the first season on DVD :)06:37
adamant1988nixternal what do you think about an Ubuntu boxed set?06:38
nixternali like it06:38
adamant1988We're going to write lots of mean letters to the Ubuntu shop to get them to make it06:38
nixternalthe hard thing with the us, is getting places to sell it06:38
adamant1988just sell it online06:38
adamant1988then people who want it will get it06:38
nixternalonline stores will sell it since their overhead is nill usually06:38
Kamping_Kaiserthe hard thing everyware else is using US$ to buy it :O06:38
=== Kamping_Kaiser knows this - its almost double to buy in US$ over AUS$
adamant1988well.. the germans have one specifically for them06:40
adamant1988we should too! (and europe and all that)06:40
Kamping_Kaiseriirc the german one is for anyone in EU, who is willing to speak german06:40
adamant1988so make a us version for anyone willing to pay in $06:42
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adamant1988man.... here goes (installing suse on lappy)06:43
adamant1988I have to go to the bank and get about $150 put on a visa gift card...06:44
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988yay lol06:45
jendaadamant1988: send about that much on my paypal account while you're at it ;)06:45
adamant1988lol it's almost all I have lol...06:45
adamant1988I need to buy a linux compatible printer, and I need to look at getting a cedega subscription so my sister will finally use Linux.06:46
adamant1988The only thing stopping her from using Ubuntu is Ragnorak Online.06:46
adamant1988I like "listen" the music player06:47
adamant1988it does everything Amorak does without the KDE-ishness06:47
nixternalwoohoo...i just got my kubuntu cd's06:47
nixternali have a few hundred more to go now!!!06:47
adamant1988man those debian guys need to be quiet once in a while...06:48
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Kamping_Kaiserheh. gl06:49
adamant1988I know, I'm waiting to the day Ubuntu has become far enough apart from the debian project that they'll quit harrassing us in blogs.06:50
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, i'm waiting for the day ubuntu /is/ debian in 1 number of ports, 2 number of packages, 3 etc, and /is not/ debian in size. its closing in :(06:51
adamant1988i don't mind a big distro =\06:52
adamant1988here we go... formatting...06:52
adamant1988we'll find out if SLED 10 is worth it's weight.06:53
Kamping_Kaiseri dont mind a big distro, but ubuntu sucess was founded in its smallnes - ie it ran like a startup. now its so big its hard to controll/run06:53
adamant1988Well, either the canonical folks will see this and do something about it06:54
adamant1988otherwise ubuntu will have a problem solving bug #106:54
sara_I think that they know about ut and are looking into it06:54
adamant1988I don't see bug #1 being solved without boxed sets personally.06:54
Kamping_Kaisersure will, and actually, its not canonicals issue to fix. it sthe ubuntu foundations06:54
adamant1988(ok, so I REEALLLY want a box set)06:55
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, boxed linux doesnt sell that wlel, thers just some people who really like them06:55
adamant1988I know it doesnt, but it should be an option to those of us who want the manual and such... I'd feel cheap giving out shipit CDs for christmas...06:55
Burgworkadamant1988, there is a boxed set in germany06:55
adamant1988even though it'd be a great gift.06:55
MenZabug #65106:56
adamant1988lol what bug is that?06:56
MenZaChatzilla registers bug #somenumber as a Mozilla bug report06:56
Burgworkadamant1988, the issue with boxed sets is that setting up the manufacturing and distribution costs real money, for little obvious returns06:56
MenZaProvides a link06:56
MenZaI thought you guys were firing off html i nhere06:56
MenZahtml in here*06:56
adamant1988I'd buy a ton of them lol06:56
adamant1988We're talking of creating an  Linux shop in town06:57
adamant1988because there are no alternative operating systems here.06:57
adamant1988I *might* have a location already lined up06:57
adamant1988and people here arne't going to take an OS seriously unless they pay for it in some way06:58
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, take 500ml of blood, thats a bit serious ;)06:58
adamant1988why don't I just ask for the first born child while I'm at it?06:58
Kamping_Kaiseradamant1988, nah, looking after children is anoying, just brainwash them06:59
adamant1988"USE UBUNTU" subliminal messaging06:59
adamant1988I'll raise an army to suit my purposes06:59
adamant1988so tabs in opera are WAY out of control07:00
adamant1988my tab bar is ALWAYS full and I can't figure out how that's happening07:00
adamant1988http://static.flickr.com/23/25510798_edbffcccad_m.jpg  <<< THATS WHAT I WANT07:01
=== Kamping_Kaiser goes to bed
Kamping_Kaiseri just realised it 2.30 again :|07:03
adamant19881 03 here.07:03
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@unaffiliated/nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
adamant1988gah, SUSE uses banshee by default...07:04
adamant1988how did I see that one coming.07:04
Kamping_Kaiseras in 0103 or 1303?07:04
adamant1988is in 1:03 pm07:05
Kamping_Kaiserah, right07:05
Kamping_Kaiserits 02:35am here07:05
Kamping_Kaiseranyay, nigth :)07:05
nixternalg'nite ;)07:06
adamant1988wow... suse installs slow.07:07
adamant198836:38 left on the install...07:07
nixternaloh ya, it is slow like ubuntu is slow07:07
adamant1988Ubuntu installed in like 20 minutes for me =\07:07
nixternalubuntu is one of the slowest installs i have seen, where as Kubuntu is quick07:07
nixternalUbuntu has never installed for me that quick07:08
nixternalah well..i need some lunch and i have to prepare my speach for the meeting07:08
adamant1988installed on my old laptop in about 20 minutes =\07:08
nixternali shall return07:08
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adamant1988I'll be in here to watch your meeting lol.07:08
Bigtoei have never had it install in less than an hour07:09
adamant1988you guys are odd lol07:18
adamant1988grrr, there needs to be an ubuntu-rant channel with everyone in it.07:19
adamant1988Yeah... I met some guy in the ubuntuforums channel who's basically being all emo. (girls won't date him, not successful) etc.07:20
adamant1988He's playing depression down as the reason for his woes... I'm bipolar and ADD... it hasn't stopped me any... i don't get people like that.07:20
Bigtoedepression is a strange thing07:21
adamant1988yeah it is07:25
adamant1988so is psychosis.07:25
Burgworkthis is wildly offtopic, so please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic07:31
jendaThank you :)07:33
=== jenda didn't have the heart.
adamant1988Yeah that's why I asked about a rant channel lol07:35
adamant1988sorry couldn't contain it anymore I just wrote a blog about it so I'm good.07:35
Burgworkjenda, I can be a cold hearted bastard sometimes :)07:41
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nixternal[12:43]  <Burgwork> jenda, I can be a cold hearted bastard sometimes :)07:53
nixternalgood, im not the only one then ;)07:53
jendaHello mgalvin07:54
jendaI have a question :)07:54
jendaIs the UWN Rosettable?07:54
jendaaaand... I just realised that of course it isn't... because rosetta syncs monthly. Duh.07:55
jendaHow is the UWN being translated, then?07:55
mgalvinjenda: hey...07:56
nixternaljenda: i believe the loco teams were going to be doing that07:56
mgalvinjenda: people just do it manually07:56
nixternali know a couple were already doing so07:56
jendanixternal: I'm asking for the Czech LoCo ;)07:57
nixternalthere you go jenda, it is all you then, get to translatin' ;)07:57
mgalvinjust grab the latest one from the wiki and make a translated copy, nothing special about it07:57
jendaWill do.07:57
jendaAnd is there anything new? :)07:58
jendaAre you expecting more updates on the MT soon?07:58
adamant1988hello all... again07:58
mgalvinjenda: you guys can just give me an update whenever there are updates08:13
adamant1988hrmmm there's nothing that great in SUSE08:16
adamant1988the menu system is NICE but past that I can't see one single advantage of Ubuntu.08:17
=== dinda [n=dinda@cpe-72-181-94-197.houston.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu-marketing []
mvirkkiladamant1988: Beagle out of the box?08:19
adamant1988yeah, that's a nice thing, but I wouldn't call it neccessary08:20
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
mvirkkiladamant1988: Well, we could all be using msdos or vax. Most stuff is something someone thinks of as unnecessary08:21
adamant1988I see your point08:21
adamant1988but the menus are a really nice addon.08:21
adamant1988sad thing is, it didn't configure my laptop right08:22
adamant1988linux loves my laptop08:22
adamant1988so that's a shocker08:22
adamant1988the menus are a step in the right direction though08:24
jendamgalvin: Alright, after the meeting then :)08:38
=== mgalvin [n=mgalvin@ubuntu/member/mgalvin] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== alecks [n=alecks@pool-141-156-212-113.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== alecks is now known as a1ecks
=== rikai [i=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendaHello alecks ;)09:14
=== gaz00 [n=gaz00@S01060015e96c00db.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
jendamake that hello a1ecks ;)09:20
=== a1ecks waves hello
jendaaloha, gaz0009:23
jendaa1ecks: are you interested in a bit of webdesign?09:23
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
a1ecksjenda: atm I'm a bit busy :/09:29
a1ecksjenda: but whats the job?09:29
jendaSpreadubuntu, but don't stress it - there's about a week or so more to work on it.09:30
gaz00spreadubuntu.org shows up as "for sale"... might be an issue09:32
a1ecksah cool- i saw the forum post. I might try some stuff later/ tommorow09:32
a1ecksspreadubuntu.com is fine tho09:32
jendagreat ;)09:33
jendaYeah, we lost the .org.09:33
jendaDon't go there - the more people do, the higher the price will be if we want to buy it :-D09:34
a1ecksoh well09:35
a1ecksthe .com is fine anyways09:35
gaz00looks like only [ http://www.kingcosmonaut.de/ ]  has linked to it09:36
gaz00Oh, and allforcarrie's sig [ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38938&highlight=alltray+gnome+terminal ] 09:36
=== a1ecks rubs his eyes after looking at kingcosmonaut.de
nixternaljenda: it seems you are the only one showing up, although jjesse emailed his stuff in just in case he couldn't make it09:42
gaz00lol...   Okay, so it's not exactly the best example of web design09:45
jendahaha, gaz00 ;)09:46
jendanixternal: I'm with you :)09:46
nixternalty sir09:46
jendaCan you link me to your wiki?09:46
jendaright 09:46
adamant1988hello all.09:47
=== nixternal hides
nixternalwhats up adamant198809:47
adamant1988not too much09:47
adamant1988I finally am getting some decent hours at work... 23.5 next week... increasing as I get trained on more things...09:47
gaz00hey cool!   80% chance of vista ready by jan [ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13812973/ ] 09:47
gnomefreakanyone know where man pages are stored? /usr/share/doc?09:47
adamant1988I have SUSE installed on my laptop09:48
gaz00gnomefreak: # which man09:48
gnomefreakman mount.smbfs09:48
gaz00gnomefreak:  on osx now, and its /usr/bin/man09:48
adamant1988I'm withholding all judgement but right now it seems the only advantage it has (for me) over Ubuntu is the menu system (which is AWESOME) and apparmor09:48
jendagaz00: don't believe that ;) Besides, the longer it takes, the better for us.09:49
adamant1988It would be better if they released sooner.09:49
adamant1988microsoft has a nasty habit of rushing things... just imagine what could happen if a practically beta version of Vista were released 0_009:49
adamant1988that could be great for Linux in general.09:50
gaz00jenda: i'm fully aware.   80% is pretty low, but I find it amusing to see all the delays, and now, they are pushing it back another 6 months with a low chance of release09:50
jendaIT would be great if they released an extremely buggy (no doubt) beta-like final version...09:51
jenda... by the end of 201109:51
adamant1988Wow.. I already want ubuntu back on my laptop09:52
adamant1988You never realize how much little things like sudo make life easier in linux until you use something like suse...09:53
jendahehe :)09:53
adamant1988although I do love the slab09:54
nixternalyou know...that is something i noticed...you don't have to set up the sudoers config at all with Ubuntu09:54
adamant1988it's crazy how intuitive the slab is.09:54
adamant1988so Jenda you should help me argue a point that Ubuntu needs boxed sets to the shop.09:55
jendaI'll think about it. I'm hesitant if the initial investment isn't too large.10:01
adamant1988I think all we would have to show is that there IS a market for it.10:01
Burgworkjenda, boxed sets are madness10:01
Burgworkthere is already a company doing them in germanyu10:01
adamant1988yeah, too bad those are in German...10:01
jendaBurgwork: well, they make a profit, dunney?10:03
adamant1988that's what I'm saying... if fhtere was a boxed set you might see people buying them as gifts and such, I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think the market was there.10:04
Burgworkjenda, no idea, I expect not a great one10:04
adamant1988as long as they're reasonably priced and contain good stuff then they'll be good sellers I imagine.10:04
adamant1988I'm nto saying we'll see them in bestbuy or anything, but it would be nice to be able to order one10:06
adamant1988hrmm I'm going to have to plug my suse laptop in to the net to get a read on how it preforms under actual use.10:08
adamant1988I'll be back10:08
gaz00he really likes that boxed set idea, doesn't he?10:10
jendaI don't expect it to be a zillion dollar business, but if there's anyone interested in the project, they should contact the company in Germany...10:11
jendadamn, I was going to suggest to him to do that ;)10:11
Burgworkgaz00, madness10:11
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jendahello, j_baer10:15
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jendanixternal: brb, hope I don't miss it... five minutes, no more :)10:26
nixternali don't think you will miss it ;)10:26
ompaulBurgwork, CC ?10:27
jendawhat about it?10:30
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gaz00off topic, but advertising fans might enjoy this:  http://www.glumbert.com/media/turkishbank.html11:12
gnomefreaknixternal: deep dish ubuntu?11:19
gnomefreaksorry had to11:19
nixternalhaha yes11:19
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gnomefreakthat cant be a good sign11:30
jendayou mean the new visitor to the meeting?11:31
gnomefreakjenda: and the CC wasnt saying anything11:31
gnomefreaki have this feeling were going back to topic #111:31
jendaI hope not.11:31
Bigtoeso whose meeting is going on right now?11:32
gnomefreakubuntu cc meeting11:32
=== gnomefreak brb
Bigtoei guess i could have read the title :-/11:35
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jendaHello GStubbs4311:59
Bigtoefedora is going to have an exibit at oscon, but ubuntu isn't12:01
Bigtoei am going to have to put a stack of ubuntu cds on fedora's table12:01
jendaOr make an exhibit. Where is oscon?12:02
Bigtoeportland, oregon12:02
Bigtoei don't think there is enough time to put that together, it's in 2 weeks12:02

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