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dokojbailey: biarch headers are currently installed in /usr/include/ppc64-linux-gnu on powerpc, which is wrong (but currently gcc and glibc are consistently wrong). to change that, I would need a glibc upload moving /usr/include/ppc64-linux-gnu to /usr/include/powerpc64-linux-gnu, but keeping a ppc64-linux-gnu symlink05:55
dokountil the biarch compilers are updated05:55
jbaileydoko: Sure, or we could just ask adam to make sure they go in at the same time and have the right dependancy on one another.05:58
jbaileyThat way we don't have a transition headache at all.05:58
dokodoesn't work; I need the dir for building gcc , and can map only one directory (multilibdir -> biarchdir)05:59
jbaileyMeh.  a'ight then.06:00
jbaileyI'll aim for that after UVF, I have a couple things to do before.06:00

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