nixternal[Tue Jul 11 2006]  [12:59:41]  <nixternal>mdz and mgalvin, if you need help with it, i can lend a hand today after the cc meeting12:15
nixternalit was mdz12:15
Riddellguess that didn't happen :)12:15
nixternalheh...is there a lot that still needs to get completed?12:16
nixternalor is it ready for release?12:16
RiddellI'm just about to release it12:19
nixternalwhen your done, and need me to update wiki at all..let me know12:19
Riddellupdate with what?12:19
nixternali can get #7 started when you are done12:19
nixternalwell, move #6 up the the current position, and put #7 into the "next issue" position..thats what i meant there ;012:20
Riddellnixternal: ok sent, please clean up the wiki12:25
=== nixternal gets on it
nixternalthanks for releasing it !!!12:25
nixternalhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter       page updated12:47
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nixternalhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue7    created12:47
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Burgundavianixternal: you around?01:26
LaserJockBurgundavia: do you have a couple minutes to look at a wiki page for me?01:29
BurgundaviaLaserJock: yep01:29
LaserJockwe've been adding some stuff01:30
LaserJockand I'd like your overall opinion  on structure/organization01:30
LaserJockit seems like it could use some help to me01:30
Burgundaviait can 01:31
Burgundaviafirst impression: too much bold01:31
Burgundaviahowever, you do clearly state what motu is01:31
Burgundaviathe list of useful links needs to be subdivided01:31
Burgundaviamaybe break out the "how do I become a motu" section01:31
nixternalya Burgundavia01:32
Burgundavianixternal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NvNetInstallationHowTo01:32
nixternalheh, my brother called and says his "Windows" computer is broken 01:32
Burgundavianixternal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/openChrome01:32
nixternalgo go go..keep going 01:32
Burgundavianixternal: did you tell him you have this great fix?01:33
nixternalhaha ya01:33
LaserJockBurgundavia: so maybe less bold and more use of sectioning?01:33
LaserJockwhat about a TOC?01:34
Burgundaviamaybe talk about about the lifecycle of a package, and organize links around that01:34
LaserJockinteresting idea01:35
LaserJockright now CategoryMOTU has 109 pages01:36
LaserJockI'd like to condense that down a bit01:36
nixternali was going to make a motu joke, but decided against, it, as i need help from some of them 01:37
LaserJockah, go ahead, we're good sports ;-)01:38
nixternaldone deal Burgundavia01:45
Burgundavianixternal: thanks01:46
LaserJockBurgundavia: you can't move pages?01:46
nixternalBurgundavia is way to busy to move them 01:46
BurgundaviaLaserJock: too lazy01:46
nixternalhe can find them though 01:46
BurgundaviaI am currently researching why my potato plants have little holes in the leaves01:47
nixternaltype of potato?01:47
nixternalthe little holes could be caused by aphids01:49
nixternalas the leafhopper which is common to the tator plants usually causing curling of the leaves or yellow spots01:49
=== nixternal took some horticulture classes w/in the last year
LaserJockso it seems he's useful for more than just moving wiki pages01:50
nixternalalso, fleabeetles can create holes that looks like you shot the leaf with a shotgun01:50
nixternali told you LaserJock that i did some environmental science classes within the past year or 201:50
nixternalhorticulture was some too01:50
nixternali got certified in the state of illinois to apply pesticides 01:51
LaserJockI avoided the biology end01:51
LaserJockI like the chemistry/physics01:51
nixternalbiology was fun01:51
nixternalheh, and i hated chem/phys01:51
nixternali shouldn't say hate, but it wasn't my cup of tea01:51
Burgundavialooks like the holes are colorado potato beetle01:52
LaserJocknixternal: well, people seem to usually love it or hate it01:52
Burgundavialeaves looks like this01:52
nixternalcan you see white dust looking stuff on the leaves?01:52
nixternalalso, most beetles leave "poop" behind01:52
crimsunI liked 'em both so much I decided to stay in school a year more01:52
Burgundaviaand there is nothing on the underside of any of the leaves01:52
LaserJockcrimsun: hehe01:52
=== Burgundavia renames the channel #ubuntu-gardening
nixternali can give you the email of a professor that is a freakin' genius with this stuff..although he doesn't respond to mine at all 01:53
LaserJockwe should have a horticultural encyclopedia package01:53
Burgundaviasweet, gardeningforgeeks is available01:54
Burgundavia.com,.ca and .org, that is01:54
nixternallets do it01:54
nixternalas i have a fairly large pepper patch01:54
nixternalwhen the mowers come through though, they tend to rob them blind01:55
LaserJockwe grow some nice sage brush here in NV ;-)01:55
Burgundaviahmm, it appears I am stumped on this pest01:57
Burgundaviathere are just large holes in the leaves, but the undersides of the leaves are clear01:57
Burgundaviasomething has been eating them01:57
nixternalthey are clear in color?01:57
nixternallike the chlorophyll is gone?01:57
Burgundaviano, just eaten01:57
Burgundaviaby clear, I mean there is no debris, eggs or anything similar01:58
nixternalthat isn't white flies then01:58
nixternalit could be aphids or spider mites01:58
Burgundaviawouldn't I see aphids? I didn't see any01:58
nixternalboth are very very hard to see with the eye01:58
nixternalya...actually aphids would be easier to see then a spider mite01:59
nixternalthrips are good for green leaf distruction as well01:59
Burgundavianope, that isn't it02:00
Burgundaviait most resembles colorado potato beetle, but I didn't see any egg layings02:00
nixternalheh, you are reading good info if you looked for eggs..also look for poop...that will infer some sort of beetle or worm as well02:01
nixternalnone of the leaves have curled over have they?02:01
Burgundavianope, not that02:01
Burgundaviathe internet is a wonderful place to learn about these things, because you can look for images02:01
nixternalhehe ya02:02
Burgundaviait very clearly resembles this Search02:02
Burgundaviaor not02:02
Burgundaviahttp://www.drmcbug.com/images/pests/Colorado%20Potato%20Beetle/BH03May01CPBeggsBIG.jpg <-- but I not seeing this02:03
Burgundaviaor this http://www.drmcbug.com/images/pests/Colorado%20Potato%20Beetle/BH-CPBegg5_26_01.jpg02:03
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviahey Madpilot02:08
LaserJockhi Madpilot 02:09
=== mpt [n=mpt@203-173-177-223.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
nixternalBurgundavia: http://www.attra.org/images/coloradopotato/cpb_beetles.jpg02:16
Burgundaviatrust you to find the one of the beetle having sex02:16
Burgundaviano, haven't seen any of them02:16
nixternaleverything on those beetles make it sound like they feed on the terminal portions..how ever the larvae eat everything02:17
nixternalthe reason you may not see the eggs, is because the issue is past that stage02:17
nixternalthere might actually be larvae doing the damage now02:18
nixternalbut then again..it may not be an insect that is paticular to potatoes as well02:18
nixternalso that would be anything like grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles, grubs, and bugs of that nature02:19
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== Madpilot wonders how bugs got on-topic in -doc...
Burgundaviaok, this ted stevens "tube" thingy is pretty fun02:20
BurgundaviaMadpilot: I was talking about my potatoes and the bug that appears to be eating the leaves02:21
Madpilotyou're becoming terribly domesticated, Burgundavia 02:21
=== Burgundavia is still single
Madpilotunless you're going to be home-distilling vodka out of those potatoes, of course!02:21
Burgundaviaone cannot be domesticated and be single02:21
Burgundaviabah, vodka02:22
mptmmmmmm, bugs02:22
nixternalmmmm, tequila02:23
nixternalcabo wabo tequila02:23
=== nixternal dreams
Burgundavianot warm enough to agave here02:24
nixternalthats why i am moving to mexico02:24
nixternalcabo here i come 02:24
nixternalor aranjas where all the agave fields are02:25
=== nixternal gets some ice cream
LaserJockuggh, I want to move somewhere cooler02:26
LaserJockBurgundavia: lol02:26
Burgundaviacooler as in lower temp or cooler as in less sucky?02:27
Burgundaviaok, there are some good pithy comments in rebuttal to this whole ted stevens debate02:28
LaserJockperhaps somewhere in Colorado02:28
LaserJockted stevens?02:28
Burgundaviasenator from alaska02:28
Burgundaviahis grand daughter bought him an ipod and he had a change of heart about fair use02:28
Burgundaviahttp://www.zefrank.com/bulletin/showthread.php?t=9695 <-- read the last two comments02:29
crimsunoh man, I remember that02:29
crimsunit's all tubes for your personal internets02:29
LaserJockjeeze, you'd think his aides would keep him from sounding so dumb02:31
LaserJockthat's why they pay them the big bucks02:31
Burgundaviabah, term limits02:32
Burgundaviawe need term limits02:32
Burgundaviano more than 8 years02:32
mptPush them through the tubes faster?02:32
mptThat wouldn't change their composition...02:33
LaserJockBurgundavia: +102:33
Burgundaviaif you make them stay out of off for at least 8 years, we might have new blood02:33
mpt...just their age02:34
mptExhibit A: the POTUS02:34
BurgundaviaPOTUS is a vagarity02:34
Burgundaviaa blip02:34
LaserJockI think the presidency is a bit different than the legislature, I can't really imagine a President being able to stay in office more than probably 4 terms02:39
LaserJockbut in the legislator you could do like 60 years02:39
LaserJockthat seems a bit long IMO02:40
=== cosmolax [n=cosmolax@219-68-130-176.adsl.dynamic.giga.net.tw] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviawhats his name, the crazy 100 year old senator, thurman or something02:40
Burgundaviahe was in office 60 years02:40
mptStrom Thurmond02:40
nixternalol' strom02:40
mptBurgundavia, have you come across a bugtracker for Gramps?02:41
mpt(the program, I mean, not the senator)02:41
mptI don't see one linked from the Web site02:41
Burgundaviagramps appears to use sourceforge02:42
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@c211-28-178-169.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Burgundaviaok, more random stupidity http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/07/14/911.misuse.ap/index.html02:44
mptthanks Burgundavia 02:45
Burgundaviano worries02:45
mptThis will give me an excuse to remind myself how Sourceforge's bugtracker's UI works02:46
=== Burgundavia gets the knife because mpt will need to cut himself afterwards
mptBurgundavia, I work on Launchpad02:47
=== mpt flaunts his finely criss-crossed arms
crimsunhe's a glutton for punishment!02:47
crimsunlet's throw bugzilla back into the mix, shall we?02:48
Burgundavia"I would rather have my fingers gnawed by rabid chimpmunks than use Launchpad some days"02:48
mptBugzilla has abused developers into being accustomed to horrid bugtrackers02:48
crimsunquite unfortunately02:48
Burgundaviagnome bugzilla has a few nice features02:49
LaserJockhmm, I've never used bugzilla02:49
Burgundaviabkor said he has been getting lost of pushback on getting those changes into upstream bugzilla02:49
LaserJockoh I did file a bug once on gnome's bugzilla02:49
mptBurgundavia, really? b.g.o is relatively brilliant02:49
Burgundaviampt: no idea why. There was a great deal of sighing when we learned of that02:50
Burgundaviamozilla as a whole seems to be very hostile to new ideas and people02:50
crimsunI'm very bummed that my first exposure to bugzilla is via red hat's02:50
Burgundaviahave you seen that ridiculous rpm bug?02:51
crimsunI haven't02:52
LaserJockhehe, I thought you mean rpm ;-)02:52
LaserJockhmm, so do you guys have any suggestions about the best way to say that I derived parts of the PG from Debian docs?02:56
crimsunwhat's wrong with saying basically that?02:57
crimsunPortions of the Ubuntu Packaging Guide are derived from the Debian New Maintainer's Guide and from the Debian Policy Manual.02:58
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@203-173-177-223.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-doc
crimsunI think that covers what you want, no?02:58
LaserJockI'm wondering though if perhaps the GPL wants more from me02:59
LaserJocktbh, I don't quite follow the GPL when it comes to derivatives02:59
crimsunby using "derived from" and then stating explicitly from what, you've covered it.02:59
Burgundaviacrimsun: this bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=11918503:01
LaserJockOT: is irc.gnome.org the same as irc.gimp.org03:01
Ubugtubugzilla.redhat.com bug 119185 in rpm "if rpm exits in mid-transaction, the RPM data base can be left in an inconsistent state" [Normal,Closed: upstream]  03:02
mpt_LaserJock, yes03:02
mpt_"We have located 1 accounts"03:02
mpt_Go Sourceforge, you illiterate, you03:02
crimsunBurgundavia: that is the best soap opera I've read in a while03:04
Burgundaviacrimsun: utterly ridiculous, eh?03:09
Burgundaviampt_: I would love a search in lp for bugs that have changed state more than X number of times (to see state warring like that)03:09
MadpilotBurgundavia, interesting bug report. Why do people with room-temp. IQs bother attempted bug triage, anyway?03:11
BurgundaviaMadpilot: no idea, but Jeff Johnson is rpm release manager03:11
Madpilotand an idiot, evidently03:11
Madpilotoh Dog, more idiocy: "I have to agree with Jeff Johnson here. Linux is a system for experts only. If you make a mistake you deserve to have your database corrupted."...03:14
Madpilotactually, scratch that. The post that came from is actually finely crafted sarcasm :)03:15
=== klepas [n=klepas@203-213-31-142.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mpt_I don't believe that duke.edu page, it has an invalid certificate03:16
=== mpt_ cracks himself up
crimsunI admit my sides hurt from laughing03:21
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJockcrap, there are 2 projects named sabayon03:26
LaserJockand I managed to find the IRC channel of the one I didn't want03:26
LaserJockI must have looked like an idiot03:26
Burgundaviathere is a distro called sabayon03:27
=== jjesse [i=user@69-87-140-105.async.iserv.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJockBurgundavia: yeah, that's who I was talking to about profile editing ;-)03:28
BurgundaviaI am off, back later03:29
LaserJockI tried to find the sabayon channel on irc.gnome.org03:29
LaserJockbut nobody was home03:29
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nixternalSFW is gonna be funnnnnnn03:31
nixternalwell hello there03:31
nixternalim going through the svn now looking at it..i thought there was a little bit there03:32
nixternalnothing but empty files and a ToC03:32
jjessethere was at one time an old file that i deleted because it was pretty pathetic03:32
jjessein kubuntu/switching/03:32
nixternali was thinking...since there are 3 main version of MS Office people use, 2000, XP, and 2003 right now..that would make it a real pain as there are some signifigant differences there03:33
jjessewell 2003 is just for servers03:33
nixternalhowever, i was thinking about grabbing one of those "Office for Dummies" books as that covers the basics basics03:34
nixternaloffice 2003 jjesse..not windows 03:34
jjesseoh yeah03:34
nixternaland take the information that comes in one of those books, and show the OOo or KO counterpart03:34
nixternalhowever, i think KO is unnecessary, as it doesn't even have Office support really03:34
jjesseshould just focus on default installed applications03:35
nixternalya, since it is switching from windows the defaulte apps are good03:35
nixternalthat would also be good documentation at a later date, either via docbooks, or wiki..a switching from MS Office03:36
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nixternalit would be nice to have "Windows Basics | Office Basics | Internet Basics | Communications Basics (Email & Chat) | Multimedia Basics | Windows Admin"03:38
nixternaltake those and do the Ubuntu style of them03:38
jjessei think that's streaching things03:38
jjessemaking the SFW guide bigger then it needs to be03:39
nixternalis this going to entail stuff like "start menu, explorer, control panel, my documents, my computer, network neighborhood, maybe outlook express & internet explorer, stuff like that?03:40
jjessei think so03:40
jjessehmmm need to take dog out, i'll be back later i think03:41
nixternalhehe k03:41
Riddelljjesse: should I be looking at packaging the edgy docs next week?03:41
Riddellmostly for the sake of fixing the packaging rather than having anything near final docs03:41
nixternalhe must of already grabbed the dog 03:42
nixternalor the dog grabbed him03:42
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mpt_The sourceforge tracker is quite pleasant for reporting bugs04:16
robotgeekhas anybody else come aboard for Kubuntu documentation?05:41
=== klepas [n=klepas@203-213-31-142.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Madpilotrobotgeek, don't think so. -doc has been pretty quiet lately05:51
=== nixternal is all Kubuntu docs !!!
nixternalpopeye the movie is coming on in 30 minutes..i think im crawling in bed and watchin' it 05:57
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Madpilothi robitaille 06:27
robitailleHi Madpilot 06:28
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-doc
nixternalhiya jsgotangco06:40
robotgeekhey nixternal 06:43
robotgeekdo you know what's status of Kubuntu docs? nixternal 06:44
nixternalcan't say that i do06:44
Laser_awaythey're just there :-)06:46
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nixternalwas hopin' jjesse was gonna fill us in, but i know he has been busy with business travel this week06:54
nixternalif there is anything i can do to help, anything needs some quick editing or what not...i am more then willing to do so06:55
robotgeeki need to migrate docs to edgy :)06:57
nixternalfun stuff06:58
nixternalwhat has to be done on this end in order to get them ready for you to migrate?06:58
robotgeekgot to see if anything is changed07:00
nixternalya, then jjesse is going to be the man for that one 07:03
robotgeekyup. i probably need about a week or so before i can start working on it07:08
jsgotangconixternal: hey sorry was afk for a while, talking to my mom =)07:14
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mdke_Laser_away: pong11:12
mdke_Riddell: speaking of kubuntu-docs packaging, did you upload the dapper-update?11:14
Riddellmdke_: don't think so11:17
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@ubuntu/member/ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Riddellmdke_: well, no.  what should I upload?11:17
mdke_Riddell: I added lots of translation updates to the repo and iirc I updated the changelog too, should be ok just for you to give it a quick once over and upload11:18
mdke_it's at https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/branches/dapper11:18
Riddellmdke_: ok, there's an update of jjesse's chapter from the book that should go in too11:19
=== Riddell goes out to meeting
mdke_Riddell: looks like you uploaded it actually11:20
mdke_yeah -1111:20
mdke_sorry, should have checked11:21
mdke_Riddell: actually, you didn't upload it, there is just an upload by you with the same version number (-11) that wasn't merged into our repo. My changes aren't in the package that is in the archive11:23
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nixternalwell hello there04:25
jsgotangcowhat's up dude04:25
nixternalnot a whole lot..gonna be about 100 degrees today04:26
jsgotangcoahh the scent of summer..when its already typhoon season here04:27
=== jsgotangco is thinking of something to do now
nixternalme too04:30
jsgotangcosundays can be really boring04:30
jsgotangcoim thinking of installing drupal for the loco site but i dunno the db password and the other loco contacts using it ain't online04:31
jsgotangcowe have this *HUGE ASS* server just sitting04:31
jsgotangcoFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on04:32
jsgotangco/dev/hda2             107G  8.6G   93G   9% /04:32
jsgotangcoAFAIK only 5 locoteams using it04:32
jsgotangcohmm i will probably just play some videogames in my xbox04:37
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robotgeeknixternal: btw, i wont be able to attend this weeks meeting (again)05:16
nixternalwhich meeting?05:16
robotgeekheh, check email05:17
nixternaloh..the 21st?05:17
nixternalheh, there are a bunch of meetings for me this week05:17
robotgeeki will be on a flight, and be really busy. the week after that, things should have settled down05:17
nixternalfun stuff there05:17
robotgeekthere should not be too much stuff to do with the Desktop Guide this time, i guess05:18
nixternalyou would think the desktop guide would almost have to wait for for a release or 2, so you can actually document the changes to the desktop and what not05:19
nixternalthe kubuntu desktop guide shouldn't change much at all...as it will be kde 3.5.3 which doesn't have many differences, just improvements really05:20
robotgeekyup. it will be adding some more polish, bugfixes etc05:20
nixternali haven't looked..is there some doc bugs that need fixing...type of fixing i can do...i shall check05:21
robotgeeknixternal: essentially looking through and seeing if we can improve a few things. 05:21
nixternalya, which there is always a way to improve05:22
nixternalheh, i just realised that i am a wiki member, not a doc member...shows you how much i pay attention to the list of teams on the launchpad05:30
nixternal13,517 bugs to fix05:30
nixternallets go!!!05:30
nixternal13,516 05:33
robotgeeknixternal: :)05:35
robotgeekalrite, i gotta get back to work. later05:35
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nixternalhiya jjesse08:22
nixternalkeepin' busy are ya?>08:23
jjesseevery day :)08:23
nixternalpeople havin' been asking about kubuntu docs..and if they will be ready for mergin08:23
jjesseummm there have been no updates since dapper really so nothing to merge08:24
nixternalthat is what i kind of figured, but wasn't 100% positive08:24
nixternali have been going through the kubuntu documentation, looking for typo's, and stuff like that..haven't found anything out of the ordinary that would warrant changes08:25
jjessewell the releasenotes have to be completly re-written which i'm working today on08:25
nixternalif i find something, should i create a bug, and then possibly attempt to make a fix, create the diff, and post it to the bug or email it to ya?08:25
jjesseafter i finish reading the official copy of the book08:25
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nixternal"official copy" of what book?   i want one 08:26
jjessethe official ubuntu book08:26
jjessesending it to the printer on monday08:27
nixternali can't wait08:27
nixternaladd that to the list of books to buy 08:27
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Newbhey...can someone tell me how the hell to navigate the channels on this server?  I"ve never seen one this big...08:48
nixternal /j #channel08:49
nixternalthat will get you to join a channel08:49
Newbya...i know that...but...08:49
Newbhow do you find the right channell?08:49
Newbtheres so many08:49
Newbthousands, looks like08:49
nixternalwhat are you looking for?08:49
Newband lots of it08:49
Newbfriggin sweet.  is there a CMS topic room as well?08:49
=== Newb dries his pants
Newbwhat's this room?08:50
Newblol i had gathered as much08:51
nixternalubuntu documentation project08:51
nixternalteam channel08:51
Newblooks like tech-jargon too specific for a newb08:51
nixternalubuntu linux08:51
Newbis that a new release?08:51
=== Newb checks it out
nixternal2 years old08:51
nixternaldebian based08:51
nixternal#1 on distro charts08:51
nixternalcurrently the most popular linux os out there08:52
nixternaland by far my favorite of course 08:52
Newbi thought red hat was?08:52
Newbor maybe debian08:52
dsasredhat probably is, amongst people that pay for it. :)08:52
Newbgood point08:52
nixternalwe are free..free as in freedom, as well as free as in beer 08:53
Newbdamn.  how does devil-linux not get the shit sued out of them?  isn't it a violation of the GNU license to mimic debian so closely?08:53
Newbwell, you can't beat free beer08:53
Newbif I buy ubuntu....I get...08:53
Newbfree beer?08:53
nixternalif you buy ubuntu, you got ripped off 08:54
nixternalsince they will ship you CD's for free08:54
Newbwhere does the free beer kick in?08:54
nixternalit is a "GNU/Linux" slogan from many years ago08:54
Newbj/k; are you guys the developers?08:54
nixternalthe one thing Richard Stallman said that made since08:54
nixternalsome in here are developers, but this isn't a developers channel08:55
=== Newb imitates ricardo
=== dsas notes the dvd is for sale on amazon by canonical.
Newbyou guys just talk about....the release?08:55
nixternaldsas, forgot about the dvd 08:55
Newb'this feature is cool'08:55
Newb'this feature isn't cool, i hope they change that'08:55
nixternalno, we write the documentation you see08:55
nixternalas well as maintain the wiki's08:55
Newbneat.  so maybe you could help me find a good CMS?08:56
Newbor uh08:56
nixternalwhen you use "Help" and see all that text, this team was involved with it in some form08:56
Newb#cms is what thats for08:56
Newbsorry im used to a very. very. small server with 12 users total08:56
Newband two channels.  one i dont even have access to08:56
=== Newb feels like a cowboy in new york
nixternalheh, not here..loaded with channels08:57
nixternalworldwide here08:57
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nixternalwb 09:44
Caterpillar_Membhello, can anyone tell me where to go when i've been improperly banned from a room?  I asked for help with my site and got banned.  The ops in #php are extremely ignorant.09:45
Caterpillar_Membis there a room for that? lol09:45
Caterpillar_Membwas extremely inappropriate09:45
nixternalyou got banned for a reason im sure...however, this isn't a channel to ask for help in, unless of course you are having issues with documentation or website issues09:46
Caterpillar_Membwell, he told me to stop spamming, and I was like...dude...I'm not spamming, I'm just asking for help with php...this is #php09:46
Caterpillar_Membbut...i mean...where to i go for help?09:47
nixternalhelp for what?09:47
Caterpillar_Membhelp with removing improper bans?09:47
Caterpillar_Membit says 'you can always message a staffer'09:48
nixternalthere is no place to go for a channel ban09:48
crimsunsorry, but we don't have any control over #php09:48
nixternalthen message a staffer09:48
nixternaland yes, what crimsun just said09:48
Caterpillar_Memb! that's what I'm trying to do!09:48
Caterpillar_Membcan you please help?09:48
Caterpillar_Membwhere do I go?09:48
Caterpillar_Membis there a channel?09:49
crimsun/stats p09:49
=== Caterpillar_Memb tries it
crimsuntype that. There's at least one who's active.09:49
nixternalthis channel is logged for documentation purposes, and used to confer documentation topics, you are currently spamming this channel with stuff not related to Ubuntu documentation. If you decide to stay, keep the chatter on-topic, otherwise please feel free to check out #ubuntu-offtopic09:50
nixternalthank you09:50
Caterpillar_Memboh, jesus man.  I was asking innocent questions, and you were being intentionally vague.  Please.  Thanks for the help, anyway, it's been very helpful.09:51
Laser_awaymdke_: I was just wondering about the newletter and where mgalvin was, but Riddell already took care of it09:52
nixternalLaser_away: mgalvin has been very busy, so ya Riddell took care of it last night...mgalvin stated previously we could help get it out..so i started #7 last night09:53
Laser_awaynixternal: yeah, but my feeling is that these newsletters need to really be on time and consistent09:55
Laser_awaybut I think everybody knows that09:55
nixternalthey should have been, but i am kind of at fault because i said i could help, and didn't with the last one09:55
Laser_awaywell, that's where it seemsed to be a tad bit of a lack of communication there09:56
nixternalya there was, as i had to refer back to the log file in order to find that09:57
nixternali believe i offered to help him and mdz get it out09:57
nixternali will try to stay up to date with it, and i will mark it so i know not to forget about it..but i believe we need some other's to help contribute stories/news09:58
Laser_awayI would think better use of the mailing list would help09:59
Laser_awayit's not easy to coordinate these tasks on IRC09:59
nixternaloh, i agree 100% with you on that10:01
LaserJocknixternal: nixternal at CaboWabo ?10:05
nixternali know what you are referrring to10:05
nixternaldch -i grabs my hostfile info10:06
LaserJockyou can set DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL in ~/.bashrc10:06
=== nixternal does that now
nixternalexport DEBEMAIL=nixternal@gmail.com10:07
nixternalwth is wrong with me10:07
nixternalwrong winder10:07
LaserJockI think you need ""s10:07
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LaserJocknixternal: what were you trying to do with lyx?10:10
=== cosmola1 is now known as cosmolax
nixternalwho knows what i was trying to do...i was following instructions, and accidentally uploaded all 3 source.changes 10:11
nixternalexport DEBEMAIL=nixternal@gmail.com10:11
nixternalsource ~/.bashrc10:12
nixternalthat fixed it..thank you!!!10:12
LaserJockno problemo10:12
LaserJockMr. CaboWabo10:12
nixternalhttp://www.cabowabo.com & http://www.redrocker.com10:14
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