seaLnecat /proc/cpuinfo maybe?12:09
DaSkreechseaLne: That gives me a number12:10
DaSkreech 612:10
DaSkreechFor someone uninformed that doesn't elict Ohhhh I have a Sempron12:11
DaSkreech Or Waht I have a Athlon I've Been Gypped@@!12:11
seaLneimbrandon: i've not had much success trying to get dcfldd into debian with lack of interest on debian-mentors yet uncle steve said that was the way to do it12:17
imbrandonseaLne: same here , but i did get a DD to email me12:18
imbrandonjust nothing after that12:18
imbrandonthus my reluctance about the kde-extras , my debian experince hasent been the best12:18
seaLneyeah i submitted a patch for a package pre sarge but instead the package was removed from sarge, and i needed it for labs12:19
imbrandonheh that sucks12:27
=== neoncode [n=neoncode@unaffiliated/neoncode] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechimbrandon: Whats your output on uname -p ?12:35
DaSkreechHmm Seems to be universal12:36
DaSkreech Is there a way to fix that?12:36
alleeseaLne, imbrandon: if case noone (ignores) upload to debian, change version to 0kubuntu1 and ping the universe-upload-team.  DD's can do 'dch -i' later or never (that would be a pity)12:40
Hobbseewarning, i have to leave soon12:41
imbrandonallee: i can upload i'm a motu , thats not the problem, its getting it into UNSTABLE ;)12:41
=== allee ponder what he wanted Hobbsee to ask urgently
Hobbseeallee: no idea?  there's irc and email.12:42
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== nixternal_ [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@ubuntu/member/ajmitch] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seaLneimbrandon: i couldn't get k3b to compile in edgy couldn't find QT01:03
imbrandonseaLne: i'll try later tonight or early in the morning01:04
imbrandonwhats your source url again ?01:04
seaLnebut i also couldn't build kopete which Riddell built fine01:04
imbrandonseaLne: building now, we'll see how it go's if it builds i'll upload it01:08
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Hobbsee [n=sarah@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeeek...breakage :(01:17
bddebianHi Hobbsee, DaSkreech01:17
Hobbseehi bddebian 01:17
DaSkreechHello bddebian01:17
=== yuriy [n=yuriy@207-172-219-193.c3-0.frm-ubr3.sbo-frm.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== toma [n=toma@toma.kovoks.nl] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Ooh,]
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeyay.  less breakage01:22
DaSkreechsebas: Continue convo here :)01:22
sebasSure. Good night! ;-)01:22
sebasgnight all, I'm on CEST and becoming tired.01:22
imbrandonheya bddebian01:23
DaSkreechNight :)01:23
imbrandonRiddell: ohh before you go , did ktorrent make it in ( probably is too late )01:24
=== Hobbsee is off.
imbrandonbye Hobbsee01:25
bddebianHi imbrandon01:25
Hobbseeno time for brekafast :(01:25
=== omeoww [n=testuser@co63471-a.olden1.ov.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== leonardovaz [n=lmvaz@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonSime: ping 01:30
imbrandonseaLne: yea it ftb not finding QT, i'll look at it a bit more later when i have some time01:32
imbrandon( k3b pre1 )01:32
DaSkreechMMM Bluray :)01:40
DaSkreechk3b has Bluray support now01:40
DaSkreechWonder how he tested taht01:40
imbrandonyou mean developers test code ?01:42
omeowCan anyone tell me what the green orb in the statusbar of konvi is supposed to do/reflect? http://omeow.ath.cx/konvi.png01:45
omeowApparently it's added by kubuntu? Other linux distributions running KDE don't have it.01:46
=== Eagle_ [n=brandon@CPE-72-135-8-5.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
omeowAnd I can't interact with it, or use the "what's this" function.01:46
=== Eagle_ is now known as imbrandon_
imbrandonomeow: that png 404's but in any case i dont see any gree orbs01:53
imbrandonhave a look at the default kubuntu konversation screen shot for dapper here http://www.buntudot.org/people/~imbrandon/screenshots/snapshot2.png01:55
imbrandonif its diffrent then that you have issues01:55
omeowimbrandon, sorry I meant http://omeow.ath.cx/konq.png01:56
imbrandonhrm looking at mine01:57
imbrandoni dont see it there either01:57
imbrandon[18:50]  <luyt> Regarding the GREEN ORB in Konqueror: it means it is the active pane... try splitting the view01:57
=== omeow [n=omega@co63471-a.olden1.ov.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
omeowI meant konqueror, imbrandon. :)02:02
imbrandon[18:50]  <luyt> Regarding the GREEN ORB in Konqueror: it means it is the active pane... try splitting the view02:02
nixternalimbrandon: ktorrent made it in if you hadn't see it yet ;)02:02
imbrandonnixternal: yea i seen it02:03
omeowimbrandon, yes, I noticed already. :)02:03
nixternaleatin' time02:03
omeowand you definitely need some yakuake...02:03
imbrandoni hate yakyuke ;)02:04
omeowHow come?02:05
imbrandonbecosue i cant move it arround my screen when i want to02:05
imbrandoni dont like things "stuck"02:05
omeowWhy do you want to move around your terminal?02:06
omeowthings being stuck is the new you... it's trendy! =P02:06
imbrandonbecosue i often have 3 or 4 or 5 open next to each other02:06
imbrandoncompaing things02:07
DaSkreechimbrandon: Huh?02:07
DaSkreechOh you mean visually :)02:07
imbrandonthat and i use 2 some times 3 monitors and i move it between them at will02:07
DaSkreechWhen someone sells me on the benefits of multiple monitors for programming I'll look into it02:08
imbrandonirc on one, mail web on another , terminals on a third02:09
DaSkreechWhy do you need to watch mail web?02:09
DaSkreechand I normally have aterminals audibly ping me when stuff is done if it's important02:10
imbrandonDaSkreech: i'm constantly checking my mail and looking something up on the web02:10
DaSkreechimbrandon: I guess :)02:10
DaSkreechYou just had this sitting around?02:12
imbrandonhad what ? the pic ?02:12
imbrandonyea its been on my webserver a few weeks02:12
imbrandonworkzone.jpg            23-Jul-2006 22:01   979k02:13
DaSkreechIt's sad that I'm fascianted by the mouse :-(02:13
DaSkreechOooh MacBook02:14
DaSkreechNo wait iBook02:14
=== DaSkreech gets back to the topic at hand
DaSkreechThe monitor is off :-P02:15
DaSkreech I win :)02:15
imbrandoni wasent "working" ;P i win ;P02:15
DaSkreechThat's no reason not to bask in electrons02:16
DaSkreechOh someone asked about the changelog in the 6.06.1 in the meeting that wasn't addressed was it?02:17
imbrandonyes it was, and a change log for a whole distro ?02:17
=== imbrandon points DaSkreech to changelogs.ubuntu.com
imbrandonor the announce list02:18
DaSkreechWell I only really care about the changelog for k-d02:18
DaSkreechwhy can't I pull that with apt-listchanges :-P02:18
imbrandonso go read it ;)02:18
imbrandonas the apt-listchanges dev's02:19
DaSkreechmornfall asked me to remind him about it in adept next year :-(02:19
imbrandonis it realy that hard to goto http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/k/kubuntu-meta/kubuntu-meta_1.4/changelog02:20
imbrandonanyhow afk working02:21
DaSkreechYes :-)02:22
=== claydoh [n=clay@66-252-37-208.da.midmaine.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== rob [i=Robert@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.rob] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== erov [i=j@c-69-247-101-157.hsd1.ms.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternal[19:06]  <imbrandon> becosue i often have 3 or 4 or 5 open next to each other02:55
nixternaltime for emacs budd02:55
imbrandonewww no02:55
nixternaloh ya, it is all about emacs02:55
nixternal5 minutes til motu school?02:55
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonwb freeflying02:59
freeflyingimbrandon: hi02:59
imbrandonktorrent 2.0 is uploaded, probably still in the que on the buildd's02:59
imbrandonjust FYI ;)02:59
freeflyingnice, I will try soon03:01
DaSkreechWho is in charge of Firefox?03:11
imbrandoniwj iirc , look at the changelog/maintainer03:13
=== imbrandon is afk
DaSkreechYeah I'm installing right now gimmie a few03:13
DaSkreech There is no seamonkey debs in the repos :(03:13
DaSkreechOh wait I can still browse the files03:16
DaSkreech /me hugs adept muchly03:16
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Hobbseeall right.  if anyone's emailed me anything vaguely important that i need to remember about in the next while, please email it to me again.05:10
=== Hobbsee has been a *very* big idiot.
DaSkreechHi Hobbsee05:11
Hobbseehi DaSkreech 05:11
=== Hobbsee continues to cry
DaSkreechDeleted all of your mail?05:11
Hobbseeand a whole lot of other configs05:12
Hobbseeat least i got a copy of .gnupg and .bashrc05:12
Hobbseeplayed with rm -rf a bit during the meeting05:12
Hobbseethey were my comments of "oh no, breakage"05:12
=== DaSkreech covers his mouth with his hand
DaSkreechI saw that I assumed you were compiling something05:13
Hobbseeonly in the home dir, after backing up05:13
Hobbseei missed a couple of folders though :P05:13
Hobbseeno, i do that in pbuilder, so dont really care05:13
=== hunger [n=tobias@p54A6409D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalimbrandon: i just did an update on my edgy lappy, and ktorrent crapped out on dpkg05:24
imbrandoni'm fixing it now05:25
nixternaljust wanted to make sure you knew05:25
imbrandontrying to overwrite `/usr/share/mimelnk/application/x-bittorrent.desktop', which is also in package kdelibs-data05:25
imbrandon^^ like that right ?05:25
nixternalim trying to figure out why 'debuilder -S' doesn't like my gpg stuff05:25
imbrandondebuild -S -sa05:26
nixternalya, that works fine05:26
nixternaldebuild -S -sa -rfakeroot -k<mykey>05:26
nixternalworks like a charm05:26
imbrandonthen your golden05:26
nixternalsilver or chrome at least ;)05:27
=== Old_Fred [n=esifred@24-176-91-113.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== insanekane [n=kane@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonRiddell: if you read this before i wake up I got Sime's patches and set kdebase and kdelibs to build , i'm off to bed, when i wake i'll upload them somewhere and we can test07:36
=== insanekane [n=kane@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seaLneimbrandon: ok in some ways it ftb is good i was confused when hobbsee managed08:20
seaLnebecuase i got it to ftb on 2 different machines08:21
=== hunger_work [n=tobias@pd95b0676.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== insanekane [n=kane@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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freeflyingwhen I try "translate this application" in kde apllications, it will use firefox ,but not the konqueror, is this a bug?09:41
=== imbrando1_ [n=brandon@CPE-72-135-8-5.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== el [n=konversa@u40-30.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
sebasAah, the girls!09:57
sebasMoin Hobbsee & el09:57
Hobbseehi sebas 09:58
elmoin sebas 09:58
elhi Hobbsee 09:58
Hobbseehi el :)09:58
=== sebas passed coffee around for the willing.
=== Hobbsee wonders what of importance was in her email.
=== insanekane [n=kane@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== sebas takes a quick shower.
=== allee [n=ach@dialin-145-254-253-053.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seaLneHobbsee: offers of millions of dollars?10:28
nixternalHobbsee: your email stuff you lost10:30
nixternalyou use gmail?10:30
nixternaldo you have it set to "archive" all mail after it is downloaded to client?10:31
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== omeow [n=omega@co63471-a.olden1.ov.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeah ha.  i've just found one solution to the "kde menus dont update bug"11:33
HobbseeRiddell: run kappfinder.11:41
Hobbseesomething's finally gone right today.  yay.11:41
Riddellyes, that'll run kbuildsycoca11:41
HobbseeRiddell: i tried running kbuildsycoca manually, and it didtn help11:41
=== Hobbsee looks around her system. i think i might just have resurrected it again.
=== Hobbsee makes a mental note to be more careful playing with rm -rf in the future
HobbseeRiddell: yeah, eek. so far, it seems that i've lost about 2 months of email.  i've still got most other bits it seems11:47
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@CPE-144-136-125-169.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== imbrandon_ [n=brandon@CPE-72-135-8-5.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseehi imbrandon_12:04
Hobbseewho changed the fonts to be "light" instead of regular?  assuming they're supposed to be deja-vu sans12:05
=== rouzic [n=rouzic@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeRiddell: good job with ubiquity12:15
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== My8os [n=My8os@ppp141-174.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #Kubuntu-devel
HobbseeRiddell: very nice work with ubiquity.  it even detects which kernel to use!12:44
=== serzholino [n=serzh@fw.zaporizhstal.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellHobbsee: it does?01:11
Riddellhi serzholino 01:11
serzholinoRiddell: !01:11
HobbseeRiddell: it detected -68601:11
=== Hobbsee was very surprised
ajmitchHobbsee: that should be default on the live cd now01:11
Hobbseeah right01:12
RiddellHobbsee: which CD?01:13
HobbseeRiddell: knot 1 kubuntu desktop01:13
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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seaLneRiddell: interested in a Sun Blade 100 to add sparc to your hardware collection? :)01:46
RiddellseaLne: totally01:58
seaLneRiddell: that a yes?01:59
RiddellseaLne: it is01:59
seaLnedo yu want a monitor (crt)?02:00
Riddellnah, only have space for one monitor in my server room (cupboard)02:01
seaLnek, its standard vga connector anyway02:01
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Hobbseenixternal: the next release thing that you do.  you can talk about amarok 1.4.1 being in edgy, and the install mp3 script working now.03:46
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseehi bddebian 03:57
bddebianHi Hobbsee03:57
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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nixternal<Hobbsee> nixternal: the next release thing that you do.  you can talk about amarok 1.4.1 being in edgy, and the install mp3 script working now.05:41
nixternali can add that now to the release page if it is in there now ;)05:42
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seaLnereleases.ubuntu.com down?06:21
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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yuriyooh my desktop has a 50% charged battery with 10 minutes of life :D07:16
=== toma [n=toma@toma.kovoks.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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DaSkreechIs there a Hebrew channel?07:31
=== OdyX [n=Didier@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
lnxkdeDaSkreech, !*%*$#&\07:32
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@port0002-abm-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechYeah I totally agree07:36
nixternalok..so i grab an Edgy daily build .iso here 15 minutes back...i burn it and what not...mind you, i am thinking the whole time i grabbed it from one of the links in the edgy knot 1 announcement..so i burn it, put it on my other computer, boot up, walk away for a minute..come back to a brown window ;)07:47
nixternalwrong DE ;)07:47
DaSkreechapt-get install :)07:48
nixternali might dual boot this other system..i think i want to give regular ol' Ubuntu a run.07:48
nixternali feels useless at times pretty much beeing DE dependent07:49
DaSkreechOh then just install the server and you'll be fine07:49
nixternali have the server running on another setup07:49
nixternalafter thinking about it, right now isn't the time..i have to do kubuntu related stuff ;)07:51
=== nixternal waves goodbye to the somewhat enjoyable human theme
nixternaldaily builds, live cd?  installer crashes ;(08:16
seaLne0807 wouldn't install for me08:18
nixternal0811 same08:19
nixternalim dl'n the alternate cd, which is what i meant to grab earlier..but i had /daily-live/ in my url ;)08:19
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nixternalsweet work with the "http proxy" work for "apt mirrors"08:51
=== DaSkreech kicks artsd muchly
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@port0002-abm-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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nixternalim telling you what, i really do like the colors of Edgy..i have it up on a 32" LCD and it is lovely09:59
=== DaSkreech shuts his ears and goes anananaanaanaa
nixternaloh, that lcd isn't mine at all10:00
DaSkreechI don't want to hear about Edgy now10:00
nixternalim building a system for a friend and i had to check out edgy on it10:00
nixternali don't get the "laptop power battery" on my PC though10:01
nixternalonly battery is the bios battery, and last i checked, you couldn't monitor those10:01
DaSkreech My power company blew two of my hard drives two days ago and now I have no space so I can't even think of a Edgy partition10:01
nixternali need to take this system, which i have raid0 config, break the raid, take one of the drives, stick it in my other system for more space..and take the drive out that system, and put it in my old server, so i can setup imap love10:02
DaSkreechOf course the funny thing is at the time iwas working on a project to manage projects for the power company so that they can better be able to stop doing stuff like that to the island10:02
imbrandonRiddell: ping10:06
=== imbrandon_ [n=brandon@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonSime: ping also10:11
imbrandon_i hate that 10:13
imbrandon_Riddell / Sime : ping10:13
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imbrandon_nixternal: feeling lucky ?10:29
Riddellimbrandon_: hi10:36
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=== imbrandon [n=brandon@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalwhats up imbrandon?10:49
imbrandonhold on10:49
imbrandonwanna try simes patches? i finished the upload10:50
nixternalheh, i have a brand new edgy install waiting to get hosed up10:51
imbrandonheh ok here is a good way to do it, untested code, i think i';m the only person besides sime to install it so far10:52
imbrandondeb http://www.buntudot.org/people/~imbrandon/packages/simes-patches/debs/ ./10:52
imbrandon^^ try that10:52
imbrandonand dist-upgrade10:52
nixternalis it broke at all?10:52
imbrandonnah seems fine so far but i've only tested a whole 5 minutes10:52
nixternalhere we go10:53
=== yuriy [n=yuriy@207-172-219-193.c3-0.frm-ubr3.sbo-frm.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalyou know the packages won't authenticate correct?10:57
imbrandonyea 10:57
nixternalhow many of these packages are root kits ;)10:57
imbrandoni dident sign the repo10:57
imbrandonno real need , its only for internal testing10:57
imbrandonfor us in here10:57
nixternalErrrror:  Your computer is ...10:57
imbrandononce it go's past that Riddell will upload in edgy if they seem ok10:58
tomaRiddell: likeback would get some feedback people would normally not give11:00
=== nixternal restarts kdm
imbrandonheya toma11:00
tomahey imbrando11:01
tomahey imbrandon11:01
nixternalok imbrando, what do i need to test11:01
nixternallike mr. brando himself11:01
imbrandonhaha you can read on simes blog about what all it changes11:01
tomaimbrandon: do you have packages?11:02
imbrandontoma yea i just finished uploading them11:02
tomawhere is that?11:02
imbrandontoma : deb http://www.buntudot.org/people/~imbrandon/packages/simes-patches/debs/ ./11:02
imbrandonor just goto that url and 11:02
imbrandongrab the debs11:02
imbrandoneither way 11:03
imbrandonpatches and source one dir above that if you want it11:03
imbrandonnixternal: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/2231 <-- to read about it11:04
tomaimbrandon: oki, installing11:04
imbrandonkk like i said i JUST uploaded them and testing myself11:05
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imbrandononly had them installed 5 or 10 minutes here myself11:05
tomaimbrandon: kdelibs + kebase?11:05
imbrandonbut it builds all those11:05
imbrandonouch i already get one error myself but i think i did it11:06
nixternal31 seconds11:08
nixternalim sorry, you can't do that anywhere else..31 seconds is impossible to achieve11:09
imbrandonhuh ?11:09
nixternaland the computer at question is an old amd t-bird 1.4ghz with 512mb of ram11:09
nixternali rebooted it in 31 seconds, to desktop, after login11:09
imbrandoni'm missing your point11:10
nixternaltwice..first time was 30, second was 3111:10
imbrandontwice WHAT !11:10
imbrandonyou arent making sense11:10
nixternalrebooting Edgy, up to date, took me 30-31 seconds, from pressing "restart" to "logging in" and getting to the desktop11:10
imbrandonoh , and ? .... did i miss something ?11:11
nixternalumm..dapper takes 31 seconds to boot11:11
nixternalthis was a RE boot11:11
imbrandonok ..... i'm STILL failing to see a point here11:11
nixternalIT IS FAST SILLY11:11
nixternalthe initrd fixes are working i think ;)11:12
imbrandonoh jesus i wasted my time trying to figure that jibberish out11:12
nixternalok, i don't have hda1 in /media at all11:12
=== DaSkreech should reboot to see if it fixes Sound
nixternalimbrandon: i am getting a lot of Konqi errors11:19
nixternalCannot find parent item file:///home in the tree. Internal error.11:19
imbrandontold you it was untested code11:19
imbrandonyea i get that too11:19
nixternali click, and then it works11:19
nixternalclick ok*11:19
nixternali would like that "tree" view when i give the system:/ url as well ;)11:20
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tomaimbrandon: does not seem to work for me11:31
tomaimbrandon: but i'm not sure i installed all that is needed11:32
imbrandontoma: me either, well it half works11:32
imbrandonther seems to be some bugs11:32
nixternali wouldn't go with half, i would go with "to an extent"11:32
nixternalbut i really like the direction of the patch11:32
tomaimbrandon: i still see all /* folders11:33
imbrandonnixternal: how can you tell 3/4 if not more ( the system tab ) isnt showing up , as you called it the "treeeview"11:33
nixternaltoma:  system;/11:33
nixternalin the url11:33
imbrandontoma: thats becouse you have no .hidden file11:33
imbrandonnixternal: no11:33
imbrandonthat the old kio slave11:33
nixternali didn't catch that11:34
nixternalwhat is the old kio slave?11:34
nixternali got lost a little here11:34
imbrandonyou said the system:/11:35
nixternalok...now after rebooting since i grabbed the k7 kernel.11:35
nixternalok, what is the new then?11:35
imbrandondid you even read the blog nixternal?11:35
nixternali just noticed the media:/11:36
imbrandonits NOT media:/ either11:36
imbrandonok i'm gonna go work on this a bit, nixternal read the post again ;)11:36
imbrandonsystem:/ and media:/ are kio-slaves that he took the functions from11:37
tomaimbrandon: so i make a .hidden where?11:37
nixternali got that, im trying to get the view he is showing..that is why i typed what i did11:37
imbrandontoma: in the / but i dont know the syntax i'm gonna have to poke Sime about it11:37
imbrandonnixternal: well what he is showing is on the system TAB with /media showing11:38
imbrandonif thats what you mean11:38
imbrandon /media != media:/11:38
imbrandontoma: yea it seems there are a few things missing for the "whole" package11:39
imbrandoni'll poke Sime about it later more when he is arround11:40
imbrandonand or Riddell ( if he knows anything )11:40
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tomaimbrandon: i give up11:48
imbrandonhrm basicly it boils down to at the moment point 1 and 5 are not working 11:52
imbrandonthe rest i seem to get to work as expected11:53
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ryanakcaRiddell: I saw your blog entry... Where did you get that purple kde theme?12:08
ryanakcaor wait... he's out in the UK iirc... 18:00+5... almost midnight... I'll bug him in the morning12:09
imbrandonryanakca: thats edgy default12:10

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