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SteveAso, what's the news about the rosetta update plans?10:24
carlosSteveA: the code to do the migration is on rocketfuel already10:24
carlosso I guess Stuart could start testing it on a production mirror as we talked yesterday10:25
SteveAI just spoke with stuart10:25
SteveAhe can do it toay10:25
carlosSteveA: today, I'm going to write a spec about Rosetta in read only mode and start its implementation10:25
SteveAtell me when the spec is ready, and I'll review it10:26
carlosSteveA: about the spec for Edgy translations10:26
danilosbtw, do you want a complete spec for edgy opening as well, or a stub on +specs marked critical is enough?10:26
carlosI guess just a small document describing what we are going to do is enough, right?10:26
SteveAa braindump saying what we're doing10:26
SteveAthat there's a script that does (short description)10:27
SteveA - test on carbon to see how long it takes10:27
SteveA - write add-on to allow us to put rosetta into r/o mode10:27
SteveA - test r/o mode on staging10:27
SteveA - annonce r/o downtime (where??)10:27
SteveA - include text of the announcement10:27
danilosah, so it will also be documentation10:27
SteveA - plan when to do it10:28
SteveAwhat do you think of that?10:28
carlosSteveA: it's fine for me10:28
danilossounds fine10:29
daniloswe might also want to document the approach we took in actually migrating10:29
danilosjust the big picture, of course10:30
carlosdanilos: I will write an initial document for it and ask you to review/complete it. Is that ok for you?10:31
carlosthat way we don't miss anything10:32
daniloscarlos: yeah, of course10:34
daniloscarlos: and be sure to make a dependency on your planned rosetta-ro spec10:34
carlosSteveA: should we talk about anything else? or can we move to do it?10:36
SteveAis there anything else that you discussed?10:38
SteveAstuart is thinking of coming to visit you sometime10:38
SteveAso you can work together on the rosetta data model10:38
carlosI have a guests room10:40
carlosand If they don't mind, danilo and stuart could share the room (two beds, don't worry ;-)10:40
carlosSteveA: I don't think we discussed anything else10:41
SteveAok, great10:41
SteveAlet me know how it does10:41
SteveAum, goes10:41
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ddaaimportd-bzr-upgrade blows up05:32
ddaaanybody has a clue to what causes that problem?05:33
ddaawrong chan05:53
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