ddaaGot it!12:33
kikoddaa, time for bed mr12:33
ddaaIs there a way to stick a class attribute into a TextWidget?12:34
ddaakiko: come on, the girl is away, and I'm having fun doing some web stuff12:34
kikook. just this once12:34
ddaafixing branch/+edit is a bit more fun than doing voodoo vcs machinery stuff12:35
ddaayay, got wide TextWidgets!12:41
bradbkiko: still going. this patch is not a drive-by. :P12:46
kikobradb, ETA?12:48
bradbkiko: 20 mins12:48
kikobradb, okay, mail it please. ;)12:48
bradbyeah, that's what i was doing12:49
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@ubuntu/member/ajmitch] has joined #launchpad
sabdflmorning ajmitch01:01
mpoolhi there01:05
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable207.210-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
mpoolcould someone help me with https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+ticket/529 please?01:05
mpoolhi sabdfl 01:05
kiko-zzzmpool, I saw that just the other day. 01:07
mpoolhello sleepy kiko01:07
mpoolit's not a big deal but it just looks messy every time i log in01:07
LarstiQhmm, there is a debian bug I'd like to attach to a product, is there a way I can directly do that, or do I have to file a malone bug first, and then link?01:10
sabdflhey mpool01:12
kiko-zzzLarstiQ, what product is it? you first file the bug on the product, then you indicate it "+ also affects distribution"01:14
=== kiko-zzz zzzs for real now
LarstiQright, feh01:14
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQkiko-zzz: I'll just have to duplicate it then01:14
kiko-zzzyou can do it to the original bug01:15
kiko-zzzwhat bugs are we talking about anyway?01:15
=== kiko-zzz pokes LarstiQ
kiko-zzzvai LarstiQ 01:16
LarstiQkiko-zzz: a bug was just reported in the dbts for paramiko01:17
kiko-zzzokay so far.01:17
LarstiQkiko-zzz: now, I'd like that to show up under the launchpad product for paramiko, without extra effort01:17
kiko-zzzaha. the opposite problem ubuntu has!01:17
kiko-zzzLarstiQ, first, you convince the debian people to use launchpad. then.. 01:18
=== kiko-zzz wakes up
=== beyond [n=beyond@201-1-179-189.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQkiko-zzz: haha :)01:18
kiko-zzzyeah. you will need to file the bug on paramiko first and then link it01:18
LarstiQyeah, I just did that01:18
kiko-zzzwe could offer a "import this bug and link it" feature..01:18
kiko-zzzbut that's way 2.001:18
LarstiQok, it would be nice01:18
LarstiQhow about watching other bugtrackers for products?01:19
LarstiQthat is01:19
kiko-zzzfor new bugs you mean?01:19
=== bradb gives one pass through his review before sending it to kiko-zzz
kiko-zzzwell.. what's the point if those trackers aren't using LP?01:19
LarstiQme not having to propagate manually anymore01:20
kiko-zzzdo you mean filing bugs in their trackers?01:20
kiko-zzzor something else?01:20
LarstiQsomething else01:20
kiko-zzzwhat would that SE be? :)01:20
=== danilos[gone] [n=danilo@] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQin this specific case, I'd like for products/paramiko to get new bugs filed at bugs.debian.org/paramiko01:21
LarstiQnow, I see some problems with that01:21
kiko-zzzLarstiQ, oh. that's... an odd use case. ;)01:21
LarstiQkiko-zzz: anything to safe me work ;)01:21
LarstiQsave? 01:21
LarstiQbut even if I trust people filing bugs in the dbts, I don't trust them all that much01:22
kiko-zzzwell, you could reject them01:22
LarstiQso a better option would be your import and link01:22
kiko-zzzbut this is really something to take up with debian if you want proactive notification of bugs01:22
kiko-zzzhowever if you can be troubled to add the link01:22
kiko-zzzthen import and link is the future01:23
LarstiQI'm not upstream paramiko, but I am involved on the debian side01:23
kiko-zzzanyway, I'm outta here for now01:23
LarstiQk, ciao!01:23
mpoollifeless: hullo01:36
=== bradb [n=bradb@modemcable048.58-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has left #launchpad []
ddaalifeless: sorry, I got suckered into hacking launchpad and did not rollout the importd-bzr-upgrade patch01:59
ddaawill do that first thing tomorrow02:00
ddaaunless I f*cked in extensive ways, you should have nearly all-knits imports monday02:00
ddaaon the other hand, I have started a nice patch to fix several issues with the branch forms02:01
ddaawith luck, I may even get around to finish and merge it, this time!02:01
=== ddaa -> bed
ddaampool: lifeless: if you something to tell me, now is a good time, because I'm not going to be able to wake up early tomorrow.02:04
mpoolhi ddaa02:04
mpoolnothing to tell you in particular - sleep well02:06
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sabdflanybody else seeing an odd failure in gpg-coc?09:16
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@c58-107-168-5.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #launchpad
carlossabdfl: it's already fixed on rocketfuel09:29
carlossabdfl: the test had a timebomb09:29
=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
sabdflfixed locally, will merge09:37
=== Spads [n=crack@] has joined #launchpad
carlosdanilos: hi, meeting time?10:05
daniloscarlos: hi, sure10:06
=== sabdfl [n=mark@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #launchpad
SteveAcarlos, danilos: let's have a brief talk on irc after your meeting10:12
carlosSteveA: ok10:13
danilosSteveA: sure10:13
=== lbm [n=lbm@] has joined #launchpad
SteveAand, good morning carlos, danilos!10:17
danilosSteveA: yeah, good morning :)10:17
carlosSteveA: good morning :-P10:17
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danilosstevea: ping10:22
carlosSteveA: we are ready10:22
carlossabdfl: http://blogs.gnome.org/view/rodrigo/2006/08/10/010:49
carlossabdfl: isn't that something like the Personal Packages Archive but for multiple distros ?10:50
mdkespiv: around?10:50
sabdflcarlos: yes, which is another reason to get PPA's done as soon as possible10:52
spivmdke: yeah10:53
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
seb128j #ubuntu-bugs10:53
danilosj #freepr0n10:54
daniloswoops, a missing slash10:54
spivdanilos: j #freeslashpr0n?10:54
daniloshaha, yeah10:55
Spads /nick Sp0ck10:55
Spadsoh sorry.10:55
mdkespiv: we've been mooting trying to get launchpad auth on the fridge (which runs drupal). Is the launchpad side of that quite straightforward now, or is there something private that needs to be done?10:56
spivmdke: the launchpad side of that is the same as always; there's an xml-rpc interface (accessible only from inside the data centre) that can be called to authenticate users.  It's what the wikis use.10:58
spivWe'll perhaps support something like OpenID eventually, but for now that's what we have.10:59
jameshshould be okay for use by fridge10:59
jameshprovided drupal can use it10:59
spivSo it depends on how hackable drupal is to authenticate against an XML-RPC service rather than its normal database.10:59
mdkespiv: well, I presume that the fridge runs inside the DC too. However, it would require an employee to do the work on that?10:59
spivmdke: the interface to code to isn't sensitive, so we could easily give the specs for what needs to be done to a non-employee11:00
spiv(the interface isn't complicated, either)11:00
mdkeright. That sounds good11:00
mdkeOk, I'll look around for someone interested in having a hack at that11:00
elmofor the record: the fridge isn't run inside the DC (as far as the auth server goes) - it's crackful PHP with an insanely bad security history, so it's in a DMZ and appears outside the DC to the authserver11:01
spivelmo: Ah, hmm.11:01
mdkewhat are the consequences of that for speaking to the authserver?11:01
mdkebit more tricky, or downright impossible?11:02
elmodon't know, not my call - probably need to talk to SteveA11:02
mdkeok, thanks11:02
spivmdke: well, basically, the problem is we have to trust the fridge to be secure, because if someone can hack it then launchpad accounts, and thus security-sensitive bugs, package uploads, all sorts of critical stuff is potentially compromised.11:02
SteveAhello elmo.  my xchat window flashed in your honour.11:03
spivmdke: This is why OpenID would be nice.11:03
mdkespiv: ok, so downright impossible for now, maybe possible in the future?11:04
jameshmdke: sounds like it, yeah.11:04
mdkeany idea of timing?11:05
spivmdke: It's probably not feasible for any service that isn't 100% trustable and 100% administered by Canonical.11:05
jameshwith OpenID, the passwords would never be sent to the fridge11:05
jameshand if the person is already logged in to Launchpad, they wouldn't need to reenter their password11:05
jameshjust click yes to a form on Launchpad asking them if they want to authenticate themselves to fridge.ubuntu.com11:05
mdkeyeah, something like that would work, because we have a fridge editor group on LP11:06
KinnisonAs a user of LP myself, I vote OpenID++ Bug 1169 FTW!11:06
UbugtuMalone bug 1169 in launchpad "Launchpad should support OpenID" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/116911:06
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-073-110-018.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #launchpad
=== mdke subscribes
mdkeI suppose the alternative would be to redo the fridge using different software11:09
stubNot really - the same problems apply. If a system isn't considered trusted enough to run in our dmz, it isn't trusted enough to talk to the existing authserver. We just need to bite the bullet and implement open-id instead of putting it off as a low priority, as use cases for it popup every month or so.11:15
mdkestub: that would be good. I kind of meant "different software that can be trusted to run in the lan"11:15
mdkebut, obviously, implementing this open-id thing sounds good too11:16
=== cprov [n=cprov@monga.dorianet.com.br] has joined #launchpad
jameshspiv: sent a review through for your posix-shell-happy branch11:54
SteveABjornT: ping12:02
BjornThi SteveA 12:02
SteveAwhen you updated the http servers to use WSGIHTTPServer12:02
SteveArather than PublisherHTTPServer12:03
SteveAdid you need to do anything else for that?12:03
SteveAstu and I are updating the xmlrpc server now12:03
SteveAactually, I think we'll just get rid of it12:05
SteveAand run xmlrpc dispatched by host header on the existing wsgi server you set up12:05
BjornTSteveA: didn't have to do anything since the stuff was already set up for pagetests. i've already gotten rid of the old xmlrpc server (dispatching by the host header instead) in my xmlrpc-test-transport branch12:07
SteveAoh, cool12:07
SteveAis it done?12:07
SteveAthat means stu and I don't need to do it12:07
SteveAis that branch on devpad?12:07
BjornTyeah. and it includes test, so that it's easier to see that it actually works.12:07
SteveAstu and I can try merging it12:07
SteveAalthough we landed something last night that will conflict12:08
BjornTSteveA: https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/bjorn/launchpad/xmlrpc-test-transport/full-diff12:08
SteveAwe'll merge that and land it12:08
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
sabdflstub: sorry, see #canonical12:11
SteveABjornT: some questions...12:11
SteveAin HTTPCallerHTTPConnection, it looks like you're writing a transport for xmlrpclib12:11
SteveAthat also sets up the interaction etc. 12:11
SteveAI find that a little odd.  I'd have expected the transport to use the standard pagetesting calls, and make POSTs into the publisher using the host xmlrpc.launchpad.dev12:12
BjornTSteveA: well, it kind of does that. it uses HTTPCaller, which the pagetests uses as well.12:13
SteveAdo you mean than the http() function and also testbrowser use HTTPCaller?12:14
BjornTthe yeah12:14
SteveAwhy do you need to set up an interaction?  doesn't the publication do that?12:15
BjornTit does. but it doesn't cope well with existing interaction. for pagetests this isn't a problem, since you usually only check the page contents. with xmlrpc tests, you usually check things directly in the db, for which you need an interaction. since HTTPCaller ends the interaction, you have to set up and end an interaction everytime you want to take a look in the db.12:18
BjornTthat would add a lot of noise to the tests12:18
=== seb128_ [n=seb128@ANancy-151-1-23-208.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
SteveAI think I see12:20
SteveAso, this is to support having code in doctests in between the pagetest parts12:20
SteveAby having an interaction available in between the pagetest calls12:20
SteveAa fresh interaction12:20
SteveAif that's so, we should factor this out to have an after-pagetest hook and before-pagetest hook12:21
SteveAso we can use this for all pagetests12:21
BjornTyeah, that's right. it's quite common to have code between pagetests part for xmlprc tests, so it's needed.12:22
BjornThaving something to make it work for general pagetest test would be good12:22
SteveABjornT: please file a bug on that with what you know about it from having done so for the xmlrpc tests12:23
SteveAthere are various pagetests we can clean up by factoring this out and using it for all such tests12:23
SteveAI've reviewed the code, and it's good.  I'll merge it shortly12:23
BjornTcool, thanks.12:24
SteveAwe also need to think about where xmlrpc tests should go12:25
SteveAbecause we can now (when this lands) write realistic xmlrpc usage tests12:25
SteveAthat also test the system12:25
SteveAthese can form the xmlrpc API documentation12:25
SteveAso, how about putting them in launchpad/xmlrpc/doc/12:25
SteveAwhat do you think BjornT ?12:26
BjornTthat sounds like a good place for xmlrpc tests.12:26
Znarlstub : Carbon has run out of diskspace on /12:29
SteveABjornT: ok.  we have some already.  will you talk with bradb and arrange moving API doc tests into there, and adding that to the standard doctest running directories ?12:30
SteveAZnarl: did nagios complain about demo.launchpad.net ?12:31
SteveABjornT: thanks.  I'll merge and stuff now.12:31
ZnarlSteveA : No, just complained about low diskspace on carbon.12:31
SteveAZnarl: interesting.  I don't know what happens to the app servers when they have no disk space to write logs12:31
SteveAbut it is happy now12:32
stubZnarl: orted12:32
stuberm.... sorted12:32
SteveAprick up your ears?12:32
ZnarlSteveA : It didn't reach 0, it got to 308M free.12:32
SteveAI see12:32
SteveAthat's great, then.  no interruption in service :-)12:35
sabdflcprov: morning12:36
sabdflis salgado around?12:36
cprovsabdfl: morning, not yet, he starts usually at 8:30 BRT (in one hour or so)12:37
sabdflKinnison: sennapatch12:38
sladenspiv/jamesh: reading the log at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/2006-August/008444.html can we try writing an OpenID <-> XMLRPC interface, then have that run inside the firewall and have things authenicate against that?12:39
Kinnisonsabdfl: :-)12:40
sladenspiv/jamesh: although it's more a case of just having a webpage hidden behind a password-authenicated webpage12:40
stubsabdfl: db patch landing now12:41
Kinnisonsladen: actually that'd probably be fairly easy, esp. given the python OpenID libraries are simple and easy12:41
sabdflspiv: OpenID is good in principle, but i think we should set limited goal initially, because the whole hog is a true pig12:42
sabdflverisign is the company behind it12:42
sivangsabdfl: have you merged the s/braindump/new stuff with your last weekend's blueprint branch ?12:42
sabdflstub: thanks, will use it in due course12:42
SteveABjornT: ping -- another question12:42
SteveAyou added to zopeapp.zcml this:12:42
SteveA+  <!-- Default XMLRPC pre-marshalling. -->12:42
SteveA+  <include package="zope.publisher" />12:42
sladensabdfl: livejournal;  verisign are just a provider---same as launchpad would be12:42
sabdflsivang: no, i didn't see a response from you12:42
SteveAbut, zope.publisher has no configure.zcml12:43
sabdflsladen: verisign are funding the standards development, and 2.0 is very heavyweight12:43
sivangsabdfl: ah, sorry, what sort of response were you expecting?12:43
sabdflsivang: a branch URL on PendingReviews12:43
sabdflcprov: thanks, could you ask him to ping me as soon as he's in?12:43
cprovsabdfl: sure12:44
BjornTSteveA: right. the configure.zcml is in bjorn/zope/issue-634, which needs to be merged to our zope tree first.12:44
sladensabdfl: things like group membership would be useful "is this user a member of %editors"12:46
SteveABjornT: is this present upstream?12:47
sabdflsladen: yes12:47
BjornTSteveA: yes, it's a fix pulled from upstream.12:47
SteveAok, thanks12:48
jameshsladen: for OpenID, you need to keep a record of the sites the user has agreed to have LP authenticate against12:49
jameshsladen: we'd need another data store to do that outside of LP12:49
=== seb128_ [n=seb128@ANancy-151-1-18-156.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
sabdfljamesh: why outside of LP?12:52
Kinnisonsabdfl: dear gods, OpenID 2.0 really is heavyweight12:52
Kinnisonan XML parser? flippin eck12:52
jameshsabdfl: sladen was suggesting doing a separate OpenID server that used the authserver to authenticate the user12:52
jameshsabdfl: I'm saying that that has issues too12:52
jameshsabdfl: if we do OpenID, I'd want to do it properly and integrated with LP12:55
sladenjamesh: for the start, you can hard-code the list of trusted-sites.  That way it stays an 'internal' authenication transport, rather than an external one.12:56
jameshsladen: also, half the point of OpenID is for the user not to have to enter their password in the first place12:57
sladenjamesh: eg.  trusted_peer_sites = ['fridge.ubuntu.com']     That deals with the current use-case12:57
jameshsladen: if they've already logged in to Launchpad, they shouldn't need to enter their password again to authenticate to fridge.ubuntu.com or livejournal.com, etc12:58
sladenjamesh: the first time, they need to enter their password to allow the other site.  Just like the first time you 'sudo' you need to identify yourself;  the fact that the authenication token is cached does not detract from the fact that the password was asked the first time (if it's wasn't, it would be a pretty useless "authenication" scheme...)12:59
jameshsladen: the OpenID workflow is that I go to the remote site and enter my OpenID URL (which would be https://launchpad.net/people/jamesh).  That site bounces me to a URL on launchpad.net01:00
jameshif I'm not logged in, it prompts me to log in01:00
jameshif I am logged in, it presents a form asking if I want to authenticate to the remote site01:01
sladenjamesh: the user still needs to click "yes", otherwise I can just go along to fridge.ubuntu.com and put in my ID as 'sabdfl'01:01
jameshif I say yes, then the I'm bounced back to the remote site01:01
jameshit can be streamlined by allowing people to auth with a site for a month so the user doesn't notice the bounce through launchpad.net01:02
jameshbut in the general case they won't see a password prompt01:02
sladenjamesh: yes, this is my understanding on the workflow too, are we disagreeing about anything? :)01:02
sabdflspiv: if you'd like to spec up the simplest necessary parts of OpenID that you think we could support to get Forums support, that would be great01:02
sabdfli'll take a look at that and discuss with stevea and kiko for post-1.001:02
spivsabdfl: Ok, I'll do that.01:02
sabdflwhen the spec is ready, mail it to Kinnison01:03
=== spiv -> dinner
sladenjamesh: yup, again, it's cacheing (cacheing of the launchpad auth token in a cookie) that allows that to work sans-password dialogue01:04
jameshsladen: so if we do an external system, it either (a) needs its own session machinary, (b) requires the user to enter their password each time or (c) can use LP's session machinary (in which case it is probably zope specific, and is probably easier to integrate directly)01:05
sladenjamesh: I had in mind (b) for the moment.  Based on (b), the end site eg. forums/fridge can set its own cookie (for 1 month), which is what currently already happens, had the user authenicated using the local password database01:07
sladenjamesh: all of the forums-style crack uses hash-cookies for this already, so the changes required at that end are minimal.  Just where the 'yah' or 'nay' happens moves.01:10
=== seb128__ [n=seb128@ANancy-151-1-61-107.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
sivangsabdfl: patch sent01:18
stubcarlos, danilos: re: the copy-missing-translations stuff, can the statistics be updated later online?01:23
carlosstub: the ones for distrorelease, yes01:24
carlosstub: the ones for pofile would be possible, but we don't have any other script to do it01:24
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #launchpad
stubpofile stats were quick anyway. 01:28
carlosthen disable the distrorelease ones01:28
stubdistro stats are still running (12 mins so far)01:28
carlosand you will need to execute the usual update-statistics.py script01:28
stubCreating the dapper translations took 20 mins to do everything up to the distrorelease stats on real hardware.01:29
carlosstaging is really, really slow!01:29
stubNah - productions is just insanely overpowered.01:29
stub(and thats the way I like it, u-huh)01:30
danilosstub: wow, cool :)01:34
=== marcus_notebook [n=mholthau@] has joined #launchpad
sabdflSteveA: is there a spec for the privilege escalation idea, wearing admin hat when needed etc?01:45
=== webben [n=webben3@] has joined #launchpad
webbenIs there a launchpad administrator here who could delete a message i accidentally sent to a bug report. It was supposed to be a quick word of thanks to someone who submitted a workaround, and unfortunately contained my email address in the sig.01:53
webben(or if it's easier to edit it, just a confirmation that the workaround works would be good)01:53
sabdflwebben: i dont believe we currently support changing comments01:54
sabdfli imagine we'll have to do something in future01:55
webbensabdfl: really? not even the admins can change them?01:55
webbenwhat do you do about malicious content?01:55
sabdflwell, the DBA can, but that's because he's a Pillar of society01:55
sabdflhey stub01:55
sabdflwebben: sshhhh...01:55
sabdflif you don't get any joy, please file a bug on LP regarding that, and subscribe yourself, so you'll be notified when its possible and can ask again01:56
webbenoh dear, okay01:57
=== seb128_ [n=seb128@ANancy-151-1-97-181.w90-6.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #launchpad
=== carlos -> lunch
lifelesswebben: how concerned are you ?02:13
webbenlifeless: well, the sky will not fall on my head tomorrow if my email address ends up in clear text02:14
webbenlifeless: but otoh i've worked very hard to keep it out of clear text02:14
lifelessdo a google search for it, betcha its all over the place :)02:15
webbenlifeless: it's not02:15
lifelesswell you can mark that bug as private as a temporary work around02:15
lifelesswhats the bug number ?02:15
webbenlifeless: 5253402:15
webbenso i just tick visible only to subscribers02:16
webbendoesn't that rather reduce the chance of it getting fixed?02:16
webbenor can certain devs still see it?02:17
=== AlinuxOS [n=Breezy@p54A3AF16.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #launchpad
lifelessis it the last comment ?02:17
lifelessI've had a quick look02:19
lifelesstheres fti indexes I'd need to update, and I'm not fully up to speed on them - not enough to diddle production data.02:20
webbenlifeless: what's fti?02:20
lifelessplease file a bug as sabdfl suggested on the requirement, also email stub and I with the bug number and message you need sanitised02:20
lifelessfull text indexes02:21
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
webbeni reported it soon as sabdfl said: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/56022 02:21
UbugtuMalone bug 56022 in launchpad "No way to delete or edit your own bug comments" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  02:21
webbenthe irony that editing the description to make something clear seems to have duplicated the description is not lost on me02:22
webbenperhaps i shouldn't try interacting any more with launchpad today ... the stars seem against it02:22
salgadosabdfl, ping02:24
webbenyou'd like me to email both of you? stub is stuart bishop, right?02:25
salgadoBjornT, any idea why I don't have permission to see bug 55041?02:29
BjornTsalgado: because i filed it as a private bug and didn't subscribe anyone... fixed now.02:33
salgadoBjornT, ah, ok.  ta02:33
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SteveAlifeless: https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileWEVa1d.html02:53
SteveAlifeless: got this error when trying to merge into the zope branch02:53
sabdflwebben: the original description is preserved as the first comment if you edit it, in that way we always know how it was originally reported03:27
sabdflif you make a minor change, it *looks* like it's duplicated03:27
sabdflthat's confusing, and the UI should make it more clear, please take it up with bradb03:27
webbenthat doesn't happen with subsequent edits, is that right?03:29
BjornTwebben: right, it happens only with the first edit. we do plan on making the ui clearer, by providing a link to see the original description if it has been edited.03:37
webbenthat would be good03:38
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ddaaBjornT: I'd like that. Recently I filed a bug a very short description, and then modified it into the long description. So a minor adjustment later would not cause the whole braindump to be duplicated on screen.04:02
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carloskiko: hi, what's the status of your branch to change POFile and POMsgSet views ?04:22
carloskiko: I'm starting with https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+spec/translation-review04:22
carlosand I think we could have a lot of conflicts there04:22
carloskiko: anything I can do to unblock you?04:23
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flacosteBjornT: ping04:49
BjornThi flacoste 04:49
flacostehi BjornT, I've hit a problem with schema validation04:50
flacostei had a field defined as Object(schema=IBug) and its fails to validate when the value is a bug instance04:50
flacostethere are two problems04:50
flacostethe first one is the Bug.displayname returns a string whereas it is defined as a TextLine (so it expects a unicode string)04:51
flacostethe second is more tricky and involves a problem in the Zope schema validation per se04:51
flacostethe other that fails is tags, it fails because zope.schema.List doesn't recognise our list as a valid list because it is security proxied04:52
flacosteso my question is: where should I report the bug? in Zope collector, in Launchpad or both?04:52
flacosteBjornT: it's not a blocker btw since I switch to using BugField which works because it doesn't define any constraints on its value :-)04:53
flacoste(that may also be considered a bug)04:53
BjornTflacoste: hmm, the List thing might already be fixed. it'd be good if you filed a bug in launchpad. then i'll either pull in the fix, or forward the bug upstream.04:54
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flacosteBjornT: ok, thanks, should I also file bug for the BugField issue?04:55
BjornTflacoste: yeah, BugField should have some sort of constraint. it should at least check that IBug is provided by the object.04:55
flacosteexactly my point04:55
bradbBjornT: pingaroo05:25
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ddaacrap, importd-bzr-upgrade blows up05:53
ddaaapparently, it's looking for Arch-1:a52dec@arch.ubuntu.com\xa52dec--MAIN--0--patch-199.sig05:53
ddaawhile the file is actually named Arch-1:a52dec@arch.ubuntu.com%a52dec--MAIN--0--patch-199.sig05:54
jameshmaybe you need to run an upgrade with an older version of bzr?05:54
ddaanah, it's failing in _backup_control_dir / copy_tree05:55
ddaait's not even doing the upgrade yet05:55
ddaait looks like a plain sftp transport bug05:55
ddaafound it06:09
ddaalist_dir and stat do not agree on whether the given file name is urlencoded06:09
ddaajamesh: do you remember what's the policy for transports?06:10
kikoddaa,   [r=jamesh]  svn_oo tests use Arch and bzr, remove superceded shell tests dependent on baz06:10
ddaado they treat relative names as url encoded, or not?06:10
kikoddaa, to english now?06:10
ddaakiko: complete the conversion of cscvs test suite so that all tests, as far as I could tell, that depend on baz have a counterpart that uses bzr instead.06:11
jameshddaa: I don't know.  Maybe ask j-a-meinel?06:11
ddaakiko: the next logical step there is to remove baz tests and Arch support.06:12
BjornTbradb: pong06:17
=== bradb msgs
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=== bradb & # lunch
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htrakihello to all07:14
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kikostub, would you have a moment to deal with https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+ticket/529 -- ?08:01
kikoit's not urgent but it /has/ been open for like 5 months..08:01
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salgadokiko, mpool will be able to remove that language once danilos' bug-1788 branch lands08:17
salgadodanilos, btw, have you forgotten that branch?08:17
kikodidn't know that salgado 08:18
salgadothat branch makes all preferred languages to show up, whether it's disabled or not08:19
kikosalgado, how come you know these things?08:21
salgadokiko, I reviewed his branch08:21
bradbBjornT: ping08:23
jameshkiko: I renamed bugzilla-importer on demo.launchpad.net to bug-importer08:35
danilossalgado: nope, my gpg key is not in pqm08:36
danilossalgado: and this morning it was already to late for lifeless to add it08:36
danilossalgado: basically, I've got 2 branches (bug-44860 as well) ready for merge, and one almost there (bug-2237)08:37
daniloss/to late/too late/08:37
salgadothat's bad... being blocked because pqm doesn't have your key08:37
danilossalgado: yeah, I know :(08:37
danilossalgado: but I blame the docs and getting lost in them (there's nothing about it on WorkingWithSharedRepositories, and that's the only important bit from PQMSetup in the new setup)08:38
salgadodanilos, anyway, I've assigned a bug to you, which is fixed by your branch.  I marked it as in-progress, so you only need to mark it fixed once you land your branch08:38
danilossalgado: ah, no problem08:38
danilossalgado: more karma for me :)08:38
salgadoindeed! :)08:39
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danilosanyway, out now ;)08:53
ddaaYay, I think  I nailed the bzr upgrade problem.08:55
ddaaIt would only bite people trying to "bzr upgrade" a baz-import branch through sftp.08:56
ddaaWhich I admit is a fairly uncommon scenario...08:56
BjornTbradb: pong09:07
bradbBjornT: hi, i asked you a question a little while ago in a /query window, curious to hear your response09:08
BjornTbradb: oh, i thought i answered that. what was the question again?09:10
bradbrepasting in /query...09:10
BjornTah... not registered...09:12
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ddaacrap... another bug :(09:21
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kikois there a carlos_browser? are the different test browsers defined anywhere?10:02
WebMavenIs this the channel for users of launchpad.net, or developers of it?10:05
kikousers are welcome!10:06
WebMavenI am a Zope developer, is any part of Launchpad released as source?10:06
kikoWebMaven, that's an interesting question. I know that some parts have been, and that some are intended to be in the short term. are you looking to contribute?10:07
WebMavenI would be willing to contribute, for anythiong that was FLOSS.10:08
mdkethere's a short explanation on launchpad.net/faq, dunno if it will assist you much10:08
WebMavenI am a very experienced Zope2 dev, somewhat of a Zope3 newbie.10:08
WebMavenSteveA showed a very interesting chunk called oops at PyCon.10:09
WebMavenin general, I'd be most interested in the stuff that was lowest-level infrastructure.10:09
WebMavenAnything that would be generally applicable to building large scall hosted apps on Zope3.10:10
kikoWebMaven, so, you're actually coming in at an interesting moment. I suggest you talk to SteveA because he is just coming back from a sprint and will have some interesting news related to exactly that.10:11
WebMavenReally? OK!10:11
kikoI think SteveA's kinda idling but you can either ping him tomorrow or monday, or, if you're that sort of person, email steve@canonical.com10:11
WebMavenSteveA: AYT?10:11
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kiko-afkcatch you guys tomorrow, going underwater10:12
WebMavenkiko-afk: thanks for the info.10:13
kiko-afkyou're more than welcome. thanks for your inquiry10:13
WebMavenkiko-afk: which sprint was it?10:15
kiko-afkI'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you the name :) ask SteveA!10:16
WebMavenA secret sprint?10:16
kiko-afkindeed! the sprint of sprints!10:16
kiko-afkbut now I am gone10:16
kiko-afkI was not here10:16
kiko-afkthis meeting did not occur10:17
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bluefoxicyheh, I quantified a hypothesis page11:08
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SteveAhi WebMaven 11:28
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sabdflsalgado: ping11:32
salgadosabdfl, pong11:32
sabdflthanks for the review!11:33
sabdfli have a little bit more if you don't mind11:33
sabdflcan i send it to you as a diff?11:33
salgadosabdfl, sure, but I can't do it today --I have some classes now.  I'll try and review tomorrow morning11:34
salgadois that okay?11:34
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sabdflwhen is the cutoff?11:34
salgadosabdfl, usually Thursday after the meeting11:35
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sabdflin this case, i think kiko said saturday, he was planning to land some other bits which would be rolled out11:35
sabdflgpg-coc stuff, and others11:36
sabdflkiko-afk: ?11:36
salgadohe left already, but I've seen his landing today11:36
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salgadosabdfl, how big is the remaining patch?11:36
sabdflnot as big as it looks11:37
sabdflit cleans up some of the issues you raised in your review (like the return values of updateCompletionBy)11:38
sabdfland it uses the table columns you noticed were not used in the previous patch11:38
sabdflthough in the previous patch, they were in pending/foo.sql11:38
sabdfl90% of it re-uses the pattern established for managing date_completed and completer, just adding date_started and starter11:38
sabdfli think you will see it's super quick11:39
sabdflcan i talk you through it on the phone? 20 mins?11:39
salgadodid you mail it already?11:40
sabdflno, just generated the diff11:40
salgado+55 16 3376 012511:40
WebMavenSteveA: Hi!11:43
SteveAhi michael11:44
WebMavenSteveA: I just PM'd you.11:44
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