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Kamping_Kaiserthats marketing? ;)06:44
johnlittleNo.its for my ubuntu hating coworker :)06:45
tonyyarussojohnlittle: Now you just have to hack the machine to make the whole screen pop to that randomly throughout the day.06:47
johnlittleBelieve me..if I set his wallpaper he won't know how to change it..sadly06:47
Kamping_Kaisertjats a bit sad :(06:49
johnlittleYeah..don't get me started lol06:49
Madpilotjohnlittle, that's a brilliant wallpaper!06:52
Madpilotwhere is the base image from, or is it your own original work?06:52
johnlittleV2: http://www.ubuntuvideo.com/ubuntupolice2.png06:52
elkbuntuthat's brilliant06:52
johnlittleOh no..its a half-life 2 wallpaper with the obvious mod06:53
Madpilotno, "We've come for your desktop" is better06:53
johnlittleYeah I think so too06:53
elkbuntuput that up on gnomelook or something. people will  it06:53
Madpilotmight be a bit of a copyright issue - what does Valve let you do with their wallpapers?06:54
johnlittleNo idea. I wasn't really thinking about releasing it..but I'll look06:54
johnlittleI grabbed the base off some third party site06:54
elkbuntugo buy some lego policemen and do something similar :)06:55
johnlittlethose guys are so cool looking though06:55
elkbuntulego policemen are just as cool tyvm06:55
Kamping_Kaiserjohnlittle, grab garrys mod and diy :)06:55
=== Kamping_Kaiser hugs elkbuntu , hi tehre :)
=== elkbuntu hugs Kamping_Kaiser back.
Kamping_Kaiserzomg! i cant believe it works! http://alcopop.org/unix/sparc/ actually works!06:57
elkbuntui wonder if they've decided on the tshirt comp thing... i wanna know if i won, or if not, whos design was cooler06:57
Kamping_Kaiserand i still have a working sparc!06:57
Kamping_Kaisersorry for OT, just excited06:57
Madpilotelkbuntu, you put a design in? Good luck! I kicked a few designs around, couldn't get one I liked that wasn't also super-basic, and dropped it... not much time for that contest...06:57
elkbuntuMadpilot, :)06:59
johnlittleI like it06:59
elkbuntuso do i. and im not being biased here. i often dont like designs i do07:00
johnlittleThe logo wrap is a very cool concept..not sure i like the small print on the back..but thats it07:00
elkbuntuwell, when i submitted it, i pointed out that things could be altered, and the design was GPL'd which means they could mess with it however they want07:01
johnlittleWhat about one with a fake beard glued to the front color...so we can all have that "linux guy" look07:01
johnlittlefront colar07:01
elkbuntuthat kinda rules out those of us who do not have the hormone predisposition to grow beards anyway07:02
johnlittleNah..wear it at a foss event and nobody will notice07:03
Kamping_Kaiserelkbuntu, wear it at LCA07:03
Kamping_Kaiserand SFD07:03
elkbuntui've gotta get a freaking job before i can get to lca :P07:05
Madpilotelkbuntu, nice design - I like the re-working of the Ubuntu logo like that07:06
Kamping_Kaiserelkbuntu, no, if you have a job, you wont be goin ;)07:06
Madpilotprobably too much text on the back, going down too low, though07:07
elkbuntuKamping_Kaiser, if i get a job, i'll make the point that i am unable to work for that week due to something that is booked and paid for07:07
=== Kamping_Kaiser is waiting for books to open already - they wont open for another 3 or 4 months
elkbuntuyeah. but the work im likely to get, the employers are barely goign to know what Linux is, let alone the conf etc07:09
=== Kamping_Kaiser doesn thave that issue - i'm totally unemployable :)
=== bimberi [n=bimberi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Kamping_Kaiserhey bimberi07:13
bimberiKamping_Kaiser: maaaaaate :)07:14
bimberinoice die to die07:16
Kamping_Kaiserstrewth yer07:17
johnlittleanyone here using stumbleupon.com?07:27
Kamping_Kaisera while back iitc07:27
johnlittleim getting lots of traffic from them..guess its popular with ubuntu ppl07:28
Kamping_Kaiserthats a good thing i suppose07:29
johnlittleno complaints..just kind of surprising07:30
elkbuntuthe counter site is not getting all that much stumbleupon traffic..07:33
elkbuntu~1500 hits for the past 10 or so days07:34
johnlittleby hits do you mean visitors?07:34
elkbuntuby hits i mean hits07:35
elkbuntujohnlittle, do you have something like awstats set up for the video site?07:36
johnlittleYeah..I'm aware of the difference..just never know if the person I'm talking to is :)07:36
johnlittleyeah awstats07:36
elkbuntuwhat's your unique visitor count for august so far?07:37
johnlittleup less than a week07:37
elkbuntuheh, you havent been dugg or anything then, have you07:37
johnlittlenah. and I haven't even linked it from of my other sites. Didn't want to promote much until i get the kinks out07:38
johnlittlefrom any of..07:38
elkbuntuJul 2006: 140031 (latter half only) | Aug 200615917507:39
elkbuntuthat's the sort of traffic you can expect07:39
poningruguess this is already known around here07:39
poningrubut whats ubuntux.org?07:39
elkbuntuafaik, another community site07:39
poningrubut I was asking more along the lines of who runs it etc.07:40
poningruhow long has it been up...07:40
elkbuntuand judging by my search for 'counter', i need to attack them with counter goodness07:40
johnlittleI've had my blog linked from CNN..reuters. thats 100k uniques an hour. But ubuntuvideo isn't setup for that kind of traffic. I can make that switch with a call though.07:41
johnlittleNot really expecting it07:41
elkbuntuyeah. i dont particuarly want to be slashdotted either07:42
=== Kamping_Kaiser submits to /.
=== elkbuntu cries
johnlittleI've been talking to roblimo..if he links UV i hope he warns me07:42
=== Kamping_Kaiser giggles
johnlittleUbuntu Video07:42
elkbuntuah, ok then, who's roblimo07:42
johnlittleEditor in chief for slashdot/linux.com etc07:43
johnlittlehe was kind enought to give me permission to use any videos they create07:43
johnlittleer enough07:44
elkbuntuahhh.. btw, i coded the counter site to be sparse so as not to suck much bandwidth. last month, even with the digg, it only went through 1.58 GB, already up to 1.05 GB for august07:44
johnlittleYeah I'm lucky in that I don't get charged for overages.07:45
elkbuntuslashdot isnt quite as rabid for ubuntu as digg is though07:45
elkbuntuwhat's your host?07:45
johnlittlehighly recommended07:45
elkbuntuthe counter's just on the smallest shitty 3ix.org account.. in truth, tacked on the end of my blog hosting ;)07:45
johnlittleThat's not their typical policy though. I got a deal. Still, they rarely charge customers for overages07:46
johnlittleHostingmatters has seen me though the CNN linkage, massive DDOS attacks, you name it. they're awesome07:46
Kamping_Kaiserjohnlittle, do you have issues with logins/sites disapearing etc?07:47
johnlittleon my hostingmatters account07:47
elkbuntuyeah, a good host is important. so far 3ix saw me through the digging, but im not sure i'll be renewing with them.07:48
johnlittleI switched to hostingmatters something like 4 years ago and it's been great. Up till then it was hit or miss..mostly miss07:49
=== Kamping_Kaiser is with dreamhost, they have been 'ok'
Kamping_Kaiserbut not so great recently07:49
johnlittleelkbuntu: You think the big spike is behind you?07:50
elkbuntujohnlittle, no idea07:50
johnlittleKamping_Kaiser I honestly can't remember being down..maybe 20 mintues tops in 4 years07:50
elkbuntubut i have some good hosting from a company here in .au that i'd move the counter to if i needed to07:51
johnlittleI can host some images for you if you need it. I push 40-100gigs a month on my main account07:51
Kamping_Kaiserjohnlittle, impressive07:51
elkbuntuthe bandwidth isnt the issue07:52
elkbuntuthe stability is07:52
johnlittleYeah youre doing good on bandwidth with that many uniques07:53
johnlittleI still have plenty of room bandwidth wise on ubuntu video so if you want to stash an image or two there for any reason just let me know07:56
johnlittleI've got the recent mark shuttleworth interview up if you haven't seen it08:04
ormiretjohnlittle: is that legal?08:06
johnlittleIt's streaming from google. Not really possible to tell.08:07
ormiretdid you upload it to google?08:08
ormiretyou're probably in the clear then, not so sure about google...08:08
johnlittleI don't produce videos. I just tap whats out there08:08
johnlittleI'm not the least bit worried about my liability. YouTubve and Google is another matter08:09
johnlittleSo many copyright holders are desperate to get their content out there. it makes it difficult to determine. But the hibs bear the liability for making that determination..and the uploaders08:11
elkbuntujohnlittle, you havent got the counter linked on the page anywhere... :P08:12
johnlittlei thought i had..i'll fix it08:13
elkbuntuchoose between: ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net, ubuntucounter.org or ubuntucounter.com  the former two being the preferred :)08:14
Kamping_Kaiserubuntucounter.org is blocked by privoxy08:14
elkbuntuthe .com is just pointed from the registrar, hence slower08:15
=== elkbuntu larts Kamping_Kaiser with a clue-by-four.
johnlittlehows that08:15
johnlittlegeeksophical was already linked08:16
johnlittlenow gimmie a lower counter number :p08:17
=== Kamping_Kaiser changes the stats by making his lappy edgy - as i tshould be
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YoussefAssadI was just wondering; I joined the team then sent an email, but I got a message that it was awaiting moderation since I wasn't a member. What's up with that?08:54
YoussefAssadOh, hi there Kamping_Kaiser08:54
ormiretYoussefAssad: did you sign up the the mailing list as well of just join the team in launchpad?08:55
YoussefAssadormiret: No sir/ma'am!08:55
YoussefAssadI don't think so.08:55
YoussefAssaderh, let me check that. I'm still on my first coffee this morn08:56
YoussefAssader, think I'd better debug this later; flight in a few hours08:57
YoussefAssadthanks ormiret08:57
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matthewrevellGuys, I had to leave part way through the magazine discussion with Sara yesterday. Was a conclusion reached?10:18
ormiretmatthewrevell: 17:34 < Burgwork> sara, please push for merging SU with the Fridge10:31
ormiret17:36 < sara> burgwork-sounds good10:31
ormiretthat's the only discussion of it I can see after you left10:32
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matthewrevellormiret: thanks10:41
matthewrevellNot sure about merging SpreadUbuntu with the Fridge, though10:42
mdkeno, that's a step too far in my opinion too10:44
matthewrevellSU *can* have some great value, if done properly10:44
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ormiretI also noticed talk about a meeting on the 13th when I was reading through scrolback, but thats not in the wiki.10:52
ormiretanyone know more?10:52
digitalmouseI forgot the command.... um, to answer: not me10:53
digitalmousehmm... an ubuntu-centric shoutcast radio program that highlights the fridge and other resources, and maybe provides an audio interview, or Q&A session via Skype... hmmm10:59
=== digitalmouse ponders
digitalmouseI have all the hardware and software too...10:59
=== digitalmouse ponders some more
matthewrevellShoutcast? Why not just a podcast?11:00
MenZadigitalmouse: no Skype! Use Ekiga!11:03
matthewrevellThere are a few Ubuntu and related podcasts out there11:04
digitalmouseseveral reasons:  skype is available on all platforms; it's also well known;  if Ekiga or any other voice-over-ip-telephone system is easy to use, then it should be considered... and nothing much prevents me from hosting multiple protocols at once (ok the sound-server might give trouble).... shoutcast, podcast, ubuntucast.. does not matter really... but it would depend on whether to provide a 'live' show or a podcast-like download 11:06
Madpilotdigitalmouse, there are SIP apps for Windows too11:07
digitalmouseevil.... but true11:07
Madpilotless evil that Skype - SIP being an open protocol & all...11:08
digitalmousealso true11:08
digitalmousenow that skype is owned by.. um eBay I think it is?11:08
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MenZaMadpilot: what license is SIP?11:12
MadpilotMenZa, not sure, but it's open11:12
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MenZaMadpilot: alright11:12
MenZaMadpilot: Skype is based on SIP.11:12
MenZaSIP is nowhere near as good as Skype's own protocol though.11:13
MenZaI get really dodgy sound on Gizmo11:13
MadpilotMenZa, but not compatible w/ each other11:13
matthewrevelldigitalmouse: We should probably have an "Ubuntu friendly podcasts" section on The Fridge11:15
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matthewrevellsebpayne: Long time no speak11:20
sebpaynehey matthewrevell11:22
digitalmousenot a bad idea matthew11:25
digitalmouse*chirp* *chirp*11:59
matthewrevellDon't mice squeek?11:59
Kamping_Kaisermatthewrevell, genetically engineered ;)12:00
elkbuntuwell he is a digital mouse, which means it's probably an audio file12:12
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digitalmouse*squeak* *squeak*12:55
digitalmousethere... happy?  :-p12:55
Kamping_Kaiserdamn, the mouse is coming loose again12:55
matthewrevelldigitalmouse: Order is restored.12:56
=== Kamping_Kaiser gets in there with a screwdriver :P
matthewrevellI'm up for Ubuntu membership at Monday's meeting. Not sure I can make it though, which obviously would be a problem.12:56
mindspinyou could write your statement and get it posted, but it would be nice if you could appear12:57
mindspinor give a delay until a further meeting12:58
matthewrevellI understand the guys are fairly busy at the moment, so I'd prefer not to delay. I'll work around it somehow. :)12:59
Kamping_Kaisermatthewrevell, what times the meeting (GMT)?12:59
matthewrevellGMT/UTC it's 16:00, which 17:00 British Summer Time. I'll be leaving work at that time.12:59
Kamping_Kaiserah bugger, i wont be tehre for you01:00
matthewrevellAnd won't get home for an hour and forty mins after that01:00
mindspinso stay in your office ;-)01:00
mindspinor go to an internet cafe01:00
matthewrevellmindspin: With a 1hr40min commute, I'm not prepared to wait an extra hour at work :)01:01
matthewrevellI'll see if I can work from home that day.01:01
bimberimatthewrevell: put yourself at the end of the list, they usually start late and it takes quite a while (usually) to even get to the first membership application01:01
matthewrevellbimberi: Cheers for the tip.01:01
mindspinmaybe wecan bid for putting your issue at the end of meeting01:01
bimberimatthewrevell: np, it will be at 2am here :(01:02
matthewrevellI'd be home by 17:45 UTC-ish. If I went last, would that still be too late, d'you think?01:02
=== matthewrevell realises this is not particularly on topic
Kamping_Kaiserbimberi, thats why i wont be there :/01:03
matthewrevellI'll see if I can pull mdke into the meeting :)01:03
mindspintimezone is always a bit itchy when it comes to aussies01:04
mindspinwhich is very sad for the marketing-team meetings01:04
bimberimatthewrevell: it's really hard to say, it really depends on the topics prior to the memberships.01:04
Kamping_Kaiseri need to get someone to update my 'ok times' page on the wiki. those times are totally wrong now :) out of sync by about 5 hours01:05
bimberimindspin: 19:00UTC is actually quite good for me.  Early night, up at 5am to a quiet house for 2 hours01:05
Kamping_Kaiserbimberi, wow. your up early01:05
bimberiKamping_Kaiser: i'm usually up at 6am, but can do 5am when needed :)01:06
Kamping_Kaiserbimberi, that times untinkable for me - i have trouble with 8 am to get to tafe at 901:06
bimberimatthewrevell: reading through the logs of previous CC meetings is good to see how it works - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs01:07
bimberiKamping_Kaiser: :)01:07
bimberiKamping_Kaiser: it's something that comes with having kids - a more disciplined routine :)01:07
Kamping_Kaiserhehe :) *hopes for a never-to-be-disiplned rotine01:08
matthewrevellbimberi: I've sat in on a couple but will check the logs too.01:08
mdkematthewrevell: that's a tricky time for me too01:08
bimberimatthewrevell: np, just don't look at mine, i was crap (as i keep telling people)01:09
mindspinall on the road ?01:09
mindspinfiling up at M501:09
Kamping_Kaiser"and indeed it is Mr Seacom, hauling his huge welsh body up the M1, all 4 lanes are blocked, and motorists are advised to take an alternative route - like france"01:10
mdkematthewrevell: it's likely to be a long meeting though, as I believe that they would like to discuss the recent forums stuff01:11
bimberimdke: yes, and IRC Network might be lengthy too, although they did discuss it last time01:12
mdkeI'm going to put wiki licensing on the agenda too01:12
Kamping_Kaiserrecent forums stuff?01:12
bimberihey lets all help matthewrevell by making up lots of agenda items ;)01:12
bimberipad it out - CNN style01:13
mdkewell, it's been ages since the last meeting01:13
matthewrevellAh, you guys are the best </cheesy American film mode>01:14
matthewrevellmdke: At the risk of losing the topic altogether, but forum stuff?01:16
Kamping_Kaisermatthewrevell, dont worry, i lost it for you....01:16
elkbuntueeeeevening bimberi01:20
mdkeit's not well documented, there was a bit of a stir on the forums recently with staff changes and so on.01:20
bimberihi elkbuntu :)01:20
Kamping_Kaisermdke, hopefully for the better. *ages since i was involved in the forums in any way, so dont know much about it anymore*01:20
mdkewell, that's part of the dispute.01:21
mdkeit seems to have been handled rather badly01:22
Kamping_Kaisernever a good thing unfortunately... well just have to see how it goes01:22
matthewrevellWe need to create a marketing super-hero to help out in situations such as that01:23
=== Kamping_Kaiser sticks an M on matthewrevell s shirt, go supermarkeer, spread the word!
elkbuntuyeah, we need a chief whip01:23
matthewrevellSaid super-hero would spread love, equality, integrity, teamwork ... sorry, I digress.01:24
mdkematthewrevell: "forums" = ubuntuforums.org, not marketing team related01:24
matthewrevellmdke: Sorry, yes, I'm being a fool.01:24
mdkebut yeah, superhero needed anyway01:24
elkbuntumatthewrevell, yes, stop now, for risk of being tagged as the annoying one's twin01:25
mindspincollectivity shuld be our drive01:25
=== mindspin waving a red flag .... ;-)
elkbuntumindspin, i dont know about in other governments, but the australian government has 'chief whip' positions01:25
mdkeI think we're talking at cross purposes01:26
elkbuntuwhere the chief whip is literally as the name suggest, he or she literally keeps everyone working together and moving forward01:26
mdkeanyway, Canonical just appointed a community "chief whip"01:26
mindspindeep in my heart I#m still an anarchist, like when I was 1601:26
mdkeor "cat herder" in mpt's words01:26
bimberilol, that's what i feel matthewrevell tries to do here ;)01:27
elkbuntumdke, rofl, the only way to herd cats is to use incentives...01:27
mindspinto be honest, it looks a bit like jenda 2 months ago ....01:27
elkbuntuthere's no problem having a team whip, the chief whip cannot see into the workings of all teams01:28
=== mdke doesn't understand whether mindspin is talking about the same thing that he was talking about
mindspinso we need job-titles for every team member and the cats will be silenced01:28
mindspinsorry g2g01:29
elkbuntumindspin, not really, the cats will then turn into green-eyed-monsters if -everyone- gets a title, however having someone to keep track of things is a good idea, so there's no doubling up of effort01:29
elkbuntuwe dont want multiple Fridge projects, or 10 clones of the surveys01:31
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matthewrevellmindspin: Are we getting into conspiracy theory here?02:16
=== digitalmouse realizes his 'superhero underwear' is not clean, so therefore does not offer to be 'marketing superhero'
digitalmouseI'm a programmer deep down, anyway :-p02:28
digitalmouseand moonlights as a desktop-publisherer/graphic-designer/shoutcast radio host02:29
digitalmousenow with fewer calories!02:42
=== Kamping_Kaiser tries to not talk - i only seem to be OT in here
digitalmouseactually I tend to hang out here because you marketing-types come up with ideas us programmer-types have to implement... so this way I get a 'heads-up' when something useful comes along that I could contribute to02:44
Kamping_Kaiserdigitalmouse, what do you program in?02:45
=== Kamping_Kaiser was starting to learn python untill tafe started
elkbuntumatthewrevell, ping03:14
matthewrevellelkbuntu: yo03:14
elkbunture: your mail... thats sort of what we want to find out with the surveys :P03:15
matthewrevellelkbuntu: I'm not sure I agree (altho' am willing to be persuaded). Yeah, on the surface it looks similar, but with the surveys we're looking for something approaching empirical data. I'm looking for people's exisitng feelings on the matter.03:16
matthewrevellSo, rather than looking at the evidence, I wanna know what people think is the case.03:16
matthewrevellIt'll be interesting to have something to compare against.03:16
elkbuntuah ok, i get you now03:17
matthewrevellPlus, I'm thinking around the idea of Ubuntu as benign cult.03:17
matthewrevellI suppose I'm really asking "Why did you come into the Ubuntu community?" but sometimes it seems to be easier to get people to think in the third person :)03:18
elkbuntuyeah.. although, a forum post would only end up a flame war if you tried to ask there03:19
elkbuntuyou should have asked expressly for private responses, so it eliminates momentary bias or offense, but stated that the responses will be published later, and by responding they are giving permission for this unless they explicitly state otherwise03:21
elkbuntustrong disagreement with previous theories can kill genuine reasoning quicker than a sniper shot to the head03:23
matthewrevellNot sure where the forums come into this.03:24
elkbuntua side thought03:24
elkbuntuput the call out on sounder also, so you're not just getting marketeers, but try keep responses hidden until publication03:25
matthewrevellI don't think there'll be a problem with people replying to the -marketing list, if that's what they want to do.03:27
matthewrevellOther than the risk of some more blue-sky thinking :)03:27
elkbuntuim basing the potential to spoil responses from the various 'why did you stop using windows' forum threads, and how ugly they often get03:27
matthewrevellI *hope* that we have slightly less confrontational people on the -marketing list. Let's see how it goes :)03:28
matthewrevellI'll post to -sounder too.03:28
Kamping_Kaisermatthewrevell, its people joining to have their say thats the problem, not the existing crew03:29
matthewrevellKamping_Kaiser: Maybe there's a tendency that I haven't noticed, then.03:29
matthewrevellI'll ask specifically for private responses on -sounder :)03:29
Kamping_Kaiserherers a good thing to market ubuntu to satanists : my ubuntu-users email is 666 unread03:30
matthewrevellgotta go03:41
mindspinelkbuntu ping03:59
mindspinyou are sure that you'll get matthewrevell#s question answered by the ubuntu counter?03:59
mindspinthe counter is a more quantyfied method wether matthew's question is a more qualitative kinda research04:00
elkbuntuthe counter? heck no, that's nothign to do with either surveys or his call for theories04:01
mindspinahh misread you, you were speaking of surveys04:01
elkbuntuthe surveys are goign to be both qualitative and quantitative anyway04:02
elkbuntui initially misunderstood matt's aim too04:02
mindspinI was just reading what happened here while I was away04:02
elkbuntui figured04:02
elkbuntui think he's got a good idea too. getting in-depth opinion, rather than just brief opinion is a worthy cause and could be very useful as well04:04
mindspinI#m not really sure what it will be good for beside enlightment...04:04
mindspinor better say empiric knowledge04:05
elkbuntupsychological research ;)04:05
mindspincultural anthropoligian far more in my eyes04:06
mindspinhey and that is what I did at University ;-)04:06
elkbuntui've never taken psychology, but i should have.. im somewhat of a natural04:07
mindspin"80 % of the survey showed, that their main reason for using ubuntu is the unability to install debian"04:07
elkbuntuif that's what we get, then the debian people will benefit. the survey results are not going to be useful to only ubuntu, but the whole OS community04:08
mindspin"while 8 % are attracted by godd looking smart wealthy geeks from south africa"04:09
mindspinargh I forgot to switch off "sarcasm mode"04:09
mindspinkill -9 sarcasmd04:10
elkbuntuits like "71% of people like ubuntu because of <blah>"... mandriva dev #1: "do we do that", mandriva dev 2: "nope..", mandriva dev #1: "hmm, maybe we should"04:10
digitalmouseKamping_Kaiser:  mostly PHP/MySQL with a sprinkle of AJAX for flavor04:11
elkbuntumeanwhile, the 'potential users' part is going to be relevent to every single OS wanting to bring in the unwashed masses04:11
mindspinIf ubuntu will succeed we we'll have to deal with many kinds of users and very diifferent reasons for their choice04:11
Kamping_Kaiserdigitalmouse, ah cool,04:12
Kamping_Kaiser'web stuff' ;)04:12
mindspinlike (politeness of) community, usability, easyness, security and so on...04:12
elkbuntumindspin, getting a proper and documented expression of that is important. we cant just guess/04:12
digitalmouseand I've dabbled with everything from TRS80 BASIC and Commodore BASIC, to C, Pascal, eevviill FORTRAN, Perl and SmallTALK...04:13
mindspinwe can and we can try to get scales and surveys to help us guessing04:13
mindspinboth is relevant04:13
Kamping_Kaiserdigitalmouse, :)04:13
digitalmousewhatever took my interest in the last 30+ years...04:13
elkbuntuyep. guided guessing is far better than blind guessing ;)04:13
Kamping_Kaiseranyway, leaving this chan for a moment or 404:14
digitalmousetoo bad blind dates can't learn from the same wisdom04:14
mindspinisthere a discussion area in the survey project or should comments inserted in the wiki?04:17
elkbuntuthere's a Discussion section at the bottom of the wiki page if that's what you're asking04:18
mindspinFeel free to dig your hands into the wiki page and list off question04:18
mindspinjust read your reply04:18
mindspinthe harder part of the survey is interpretation04:20
mindspinI'll read the questionaire a bit more in depth and will try to add some comments (if neccessar immho)04:21
elkbuntuyep :)04:21
elkbuntuanyway afk a few04:21
=== matthewrevell [i=synchron@outbound.silenceisdefeat.org] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
matthewrevellyesterday's logs suggest a meeting on 13th for this team04:37
matthewrevellCan anyone confirm?04:37
mindspinso there is no meeting on agenda04:42
matthewrevellYeah, I see that :)04:42
matthewrevellBut sara seemed to think there was one, according to the logs04:42
mindspinwho said that there is ameeting?04:42
mindspincoud be a magazine meeting04:43
matthewrevellShe was talking about SpreadUbuntu at the moment, so I'm not sure.04:45
matthewrevells/at the moment/at that moment04:45
mdkewell, nothing on the mailing list or wiki, so, no meeting04:46
matthewrevellyeah, that's what I thought,but I'd feared factionalism had set in :-D04:47
mindspincool down matt04:50
mdkemeh. /me really has to stop nick highlighting on "matt", nowadays04:50
mdkeevery damn channel I'm in has like 10 matts04:51
mindspinthe curse of a popular name04:51
ormiretAt the last meeting Jenda said he would be back around the 13th, that might be where the date came from04:51
ormiretjust found the actual minuted from the last meeting and they do include the next meeting as being the 13th04:58
=== digitalmouse exit's stage left... for food
=== digitalmouse [n=jimm@p5481D9C9.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu-marketing []
ormiret(the link on /Minuts is wrong)04:58
matthewrevellmindspin: I wasn't serious :)04:59
=== MenZa [n=menza@0x50a16089.kd4nxx12.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Kamping_Kaiserhey nix05:41
Kamping_Kaiser* nixternal05:41
nixternalwell hello there05:42
MitchMgreetings all05:42
Kamping_Kaiserhey MitchM05:42
Kamping_Kaiserhow are we all thismorning?05:42
MitchMoh; a tid bit hungry myself05:43
matthewrevellhey hey05:43
Kamping_Kaiserhey matthewrevell05:43
Kamping_Kaiserelkbuntu, come and say hi :)05:43
Kamping_Kaiserlets have 5 people active at once ;)05:43
elkbuntuyou mean semi-active05:44
=== Kamping_Kaiser hugs elkbuntu matthewrevell MitchM nixternal
MitchMSo I'm a new member of the ubuntu-marketing team; joined up on launchpad after I did some reading.05:45
MitchMseems like there are some good goals set out for us05:45
=== MitchM hugs kamping_kaiser back
Kamping_Kaiser:) yay05:46
MitchMLooks like everyone still needs a little coffee this morning...05:47
matthewrevellMitchM: This is the end of my working day :)05:48
Kamping_Kaiserthis place works in spurts.05:48
elkbuntunot morening for all of us05:48
MitchMwell good point...05:48
MitchMbut coffee is good anytime.05:48
Kamping_Kaiserits morning in a very technically accurate way here atm05:48
matthewrevellHey guys, do you have experience of the marketing projects of other FOSS projects?05:49
Kamping_Kaisermatthewrevell, only observing, never partaking05:50
Kamping_Kaiser(lol, i just tried to use a touchpad with my thumb, then realised this is a desktop)05:50
=== MitchM pats kamping_kaiser on the shoulder... "its ok"
Kamping_Kaiserdebian etch beta 3 is out05:52
=== Kamping_Kaiser is looking at debian again
=== MitchM pokes kamping_kaiser 's eyes out.
MitchMstop that sillyness :-P05:55
=== Kamping_Kaiser thanks goodness for the brltty support in the installer ;)
MitchMgood 1 =)05:58
=== Kamping_Kaiser is torn now - to debian or not to debian. :/ its hard :/
MitchMUbuntu is debian05:59
MitchMstick with simplicity ^.^05:59
MitchMstay ubuntu05:59
MitchMor better yet; Kubuntu05:59
Kamping_Kaiserubuntu != debian, a lot of custom patches are applied05:59
elkbuntudebian is the cake. ubuntu is the cake with frosting and decorations05:59
MitchMfor all intensive purposes05:59
Kamping_Kaiserits the simplicity that i'm looking at escaping - i also want to know whats happening in debian land.06:00
Kamping_Kaiserelkbuntu, i'm a sysadmin....06:00
Kamping_Kaiseri use 16 bit colour ;)06:00
MitchMthen simplicity is your _policy_06:00
elkbuntui wasnt saying it for your benefit, Kamping_Kaiser06:00
Kamping_KaiserMitchM, so is power (system wise, not human interaction/bofh wise) :)06:00
Kamping_Kaiserlol elkbuntu06:01
MitchMabsolute power corrupts absolutely06:02
elkbuntuthat's a pre-requisite for being a sysadmin06:02
Kamping_Kaiserany level of power does  :( *holds self up as example*06:02
MitchMwho isnt a sysadmin these days?06:03
=== MitchM gumbles at dbmail
Kamping_KaiserMitchM, dont get me started....06:03
MitchMso whats new on the ubuntu-marketing project list06:04
MitchMI know there is a metting the 13th for spreadubuntu06:04
MitchMand voting for the design winner06:04
MitchMbut i only know that because I'm psychic; any other roles/things that need to be done in the near future?06:04
matthewrevellI'm still confused about this 13th meeting. No one that has been active on the list or on this channel over the past few weeks seems to know of it06:05
matthewrevellPLus, I still think it's really far to soon to talk about design for SU, when we haven't really worked out what it's for :)06:05
MitchMits for... "Spreading Ubuntu"?06:05
matthewrevellMitchM: To answer your questio, though, have a look at the mailing list and a post titled "To do" from yesterday.06:06
MitchMcould you perchance send me a link to the mailing list?06:06
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