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omeowimbrandon_, please remake your konversation build, you caught just the wrong source, the current build crashes on startup.12:19
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_Simeimbrandon_: I've updated the Sime kio patches. -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuKDEMedia12:38
_Simeimbrandon_: I hope I didn't screw up the diffs.... but it should work better now.12:38
omeow_Sime, did you knew about this issue? http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13119712:43
UbugtuKDE bug 131197 in xinerama "KDM starts with two screens, logging in disables one screen and loses window settings" [Normal,Unconfirmed]  12:43
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_Simeomeow: nvidia twinview isn't supported in guidance, and that is the end of the story until I or someone else implements and tests twinview support.12:52
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_Sime|Zzztime for sleep12:52
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Tonio_bddebian: heya01:13
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Tonio_danimo: ping ?01:15
Tonio_danimo: I just noticed a VERY nasty bug, but that may require someone to confirm :)01:15
Tonio_raphink: ping ?01:15
danimoTonio_: pong!01:16
danimoTonio_: lucky you, I was about to go to bed :)01:16
Tonio_danimo: hey :)01:16
Tonio_okay let's go quick01:16
Tonio_can you insert a dvd or audio cd and tell me what happens01:16
danimoTonio_: ah, I had that today... nothing01:16
Tonio_here, nothing happens, no icon on the desktop01:16
bddebianHi Tonio_01:16
Tonio_no window to prompt me for action01:16
Tonio_that critical issue01:17
danimoyes it is01:17
danimoTonio_: I wanted to report it, but then I forgot about it :}01:17
Tonio_this is kde issue since I can mount a cd or play a dvd with kaffeine01:17
Tonio_danimo: kde issue or kubuntu issue ?01:17
Tonio_someone using another distro confirming would be very usefull01:17
danimoTonio_: well, it worked with KDE 3.5.4 for dapper01:17
danimoTonio_: so I suspect a kubuntu issue01:17
Tonio_but that probably the n1 bug I saw on kubuntu till now01:18
Tonio_okay, probably a kdebase patch........;01:18
Tonio_I suspect that will be hard to fix01:19
Tonio_danimo: I wonder if udev can cause the issue01:23
Tonio_tonio@kubuntu:/dev$ ls -la scd001:23
Tonio_brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 2006-08-21 12:53 scd001:23
danimoTonio_: no idea, I had problems with the udev upgrade anyway01:23
Tonio_that should suffice I assume01:23
Tonio_danimo: the error occured yesterday too01:23
danimoTonio_: it didn't overwrite the udev rules in /etc/udev01:24
Tonio_danimo: is the process mounting the medias running under a different user ?01:24
danimoTonio_: shouldn't01:24
danimoTonio_: it talks to hal via dbus which runs as root01:24
Tonio_I assume no too, but I don't see why it would work on dapper and not edgy01:24
Tonio_hal issue maybe....01:25
Tonio_the point is "where should I report the issue"01:25
Tonio_kdebase probably first01:25
danimoTonio_: how about the wiesbaden folks01:25
danimoTonio_: bah, bugtracker :)01:25
Tonio_danimo: well since that it really major issue, we probably should ping riddell tomorrow concerning this01:26
Tonio_danimo: I'm reporting quickly, can you wait 3 minutes to confirm ?01:26
Tonio_danimo: the strange thing is that it works nicelly with a usb key01:28
danimoTonio_: don't have one handy to check, sorry01:29
Tonio_danimo: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/+bug/5717001:33
UbugtuMalone bug 57170 in kdebase "optical medias are invisible with kde 3.5.4 on edgy" [High,Unconfirmed]  01:33
Tonio_just wait for confirmation ;)01:33
danimohow do I confirm?01:34
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danimoTonio_: done01:35
danimoTonio_: gnite!01:36
Tonio_danimo: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/+bug/5717101:38
UbugtuMalone bug 57171 in kdebase "problem with certain specific characters using edgy" [High,Unconfirmed]  01:38
Tonio_3 seconds and I live you alone :)01:38
Tonio_too late probably :)01:38
danimoTonio_: you're tonight's lucky bastard :)01:39
Tonio_danimo: LOL :)01:39
danimoTonio_: done01:40
Tonio_I promiss not to even think about talking to you now :)01:40
Tonio_have a good night danimo01:40
danimoTonio_: I need to report an ACPI  bug with my laptop01:40
danimoTonio_: but tomorrow :)01:41
danimoTonio_: and it's not kubuntu-specific01:41
Tonio_danimo: ah...01:43
Tonio_I prefer bugs that are not ubuntu specific :)01:43
Tonio_it makes it easier involving upstream to resolve it ;)01:43
danimoTonio_: well, I simply need to report some acpi key events that are wrongly/not recognized01:44
danimoTonio_: should be a matter of the maintainer adding a few lines to detect my dell laptop01:45
Tonio_danimo: yes, paul sladen is the man for this01:45
danimook, thanks and bye!01:46
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Hawkwindimbrandon: Have you had any luck with u4 yet by chance ?05:54
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Hobbseehi all06:35
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imbrandonnixternal: nixternal: http://kflickr.sourceforge.net  <-- 0.7 is out07:08
imbrandonwakie wakie orn flakey07:08
Hobbseeimbrandon: so you'll upload it?  nice07:09
imbrandonupload what?07:10
imbrandonkflickr ?07:11
imbrandonyea i will, i was gonna give nixternal the chance to package it as he got it into ubuntu , but if he dont want to i will 07:11
imbrandonbut either way i'll either pack and upload or upload his07:11
imbrandonor if i get bord and he dont wake up soon ;)07:12
imbrandonHobbsee: check out http://www.imbrandon.com/packages/ got html templates working on it now07:13
imbrandonneed to make them prety like the rest of my site but they work now07:14
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seaLneimbrandon: presumably as ubuntu isn't ubuntu linux kubuntu isn't kubuntu linux, oh and you head floating like that with the reflection is plain freaky :)07:37
imbrandonand what about "ubuntu linux" ?07:49
_Sime|Zzzimbrandon: did you see my message about updated kio patches on the wiki?07:50
=== _Sime|Zzz is now known as Sime
imbrandonSime: not yet, i ahvent checked the wiki today07:50
imbrandoni'll look right now though07:50
Sime[00:44]  <_Sime> imbrandon_: I've updated the Sime kio patches. -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuKDEMedia07:50
imbrandoncool yea i must have not caught that /me looks07:51
imbrandonimbrandon_ is my lappy ;)07:51
imbrandonhrm that last patch is for 3.407:53
imbrandonis it not in upstream already ?07:53
imbrandonand cool i'll start the compile tonight and it should be uploaded by morning 07:53
imbrandon( to my repos first to test )07:53
imbrandonahh nvm i see it for 3.5.4 07:54
Simeimbrandon: that other patch from bugs.kde is handy too.08:01
seaLneimbrandon: i was meaning about it being "kubuntu" rather than "kubuntu linux" in your wee side bar, just being picky :)08:01
imbrandonseaLne: hehe ok i'll change it but i refules to put kubuntu GNU/linux ;)08:01
imbrandonSime: yea i'm gonna include that too, applying all three right now and testing08:02
seaLnei normally refer to it as GNU/linux unless i'm talking to friends who know08:02
imbrandoni refuse to as GNU tools arent any more important than Gnome or KDE etc08:03
imbrandonit is a Linux system 08:03
imbrandonbut thats just my 0.2c08:03
seaLneyeah but everything apart from the linux kernel would be the same on freebsd etc :)08:04
seaLnebut anyway08:04
imbrandonexactly so what makes gnu more important than the bsd tools ?  other wise we end up with GNU/KDE/dpkg/Linux ;)08:05
imbrandonand besides to be true to form it should be Linux/GNU as gnu tools wouldent be anything without a kernel ;)08:05
seaLnenah you have GNU/linux GNU/freebsd GNU/hurd etc08:06
imbrandonactualy you have freebsd , linux , and hurd systems that use the gnu toolchain08:07
imbrandone.g. i load cygwin on my windows box ( or windows sfu gnu toolset ) it dosent becomes GNU/Windows ;)08:10
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imbrandonSime: patches applied building now, should be done by moning08:35
Simeimbrandon_: what are you using to build stuff on?08:35
imbrandonby build cluster but i have a few other things que'd08:36
imbrandonits a edgy pbuilder buildd though08:36
imbrandon8 xboxes and 2 celeron 2.9 ghz working with ccache and distcc08:37
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Hobbseehi again all08:52
Hobbseehmmm.  tooltips for g-p-m seem to have gone awol08:53
Hobbseeer, kde-guidance08:55
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Riddellimbrandon: yes, you need an UVF exception for ktorrent 2.0.109:18
Riddellimbrandon: 3.5.5 mid-september09:19
Hobbseemorning Riddell 09:19
Hobbseewhat's it now?09:19
Hobbseehey kwwii_09:19
Hobbseeoh, august09:19
Hobbseehey, i've been 18 for a whole month.  cool.09:19
imbrandonheya kwwii_ 09:19
imbrandonRiddell: yea i figured as much what do i do if upstream dosent keep a changelog ?09:20
Riddellimbrandon: look for svn logs09:20
imbrandonheh ouch, okies , so just go back and look at the commits09:21
kwwii_howdy imbrandon09:21
imbrandonRiddell: also Sime has v2 of the patches ready ( 3 of them this time ) should we put them right into edgy or should i build and have a few people test again ?09:22
Riddellimbrandon: lets live on the edge and put them straight in :)09:22
imbrandonhehe okie sounds rockin, i'll get some debdiffs ready for ya then09:23
imbrandoni havent made them yet, doing them now09:24
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imbrandongive me ~20 / 30 minutes09:24
HobbseeRiddell: i like the sound of that. :P09:24
Riddellimbrandon: right, misread, thanks09:26
Hobbseehah.  we get an email notification about LP going down about 4 hours after it was supposed to occur.  we know, by now!09:27
Hobbseeit's even back by now, too!09:28
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Lureanybody else have problems with kmail/akregator/kontact hangs after recent edgy updates?09:53
Lureit seems lots of kio_http/kio_file processes are hanging around (more than I have seen before)09:53
imbrandonhrm not i and i usaly ahve all those opne most of the time09:53
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Hobbseehavent noticed akregator hanging, i dont use the others09:54
Lureimbrandon: kmail hangs on first Check Mail (IMAP) and akregator on reading like 10 posts or so09:54
imbrandonhrm strange , yea i have lots of akre feeds and also use imap09:55
Lureimbrandon: maybe it is due to CrossOverOffice I installed yesterday ;-09:55
imbrandonheh i also have crossover installed 09:55
imbrandonedgy ?09:55
Lureedgy yes 09:56
Lureit looks I will have to boot in dapper to do my work and then look into this in the evening when back home :-(09:57
=== Lure got used to purple and have dull dapper blue ;-)
HobbseeLure: heh09:57
Hobbseeyeah, the purple is pretty :)09:58
Lureit looks like kded is at fault - two of them get spawning all the time and using 50% of CPU each...09:59
Lureyep, that was it - killing kded helped kontact to get alive10:01
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Tonio_heya !10:36
Tonio_imbrandon: still ready to upload universe/multiverse for me ?10:36
imbrandonsure give me one sec10:36
Tonio_flashplayer-nonfree package is failing on edgy, I fixed it last night10:36
imbrandonkk shoot me a url 10:37
Tonio_imbrandon the package is very small, email possible ?10:37
Tonio_which one ?10:37
Tonio_sent, you should get it in a minute10:38
imbrandonkk i'ma grab a soda, brb 10:39
imbrandonRiddell: ping 10:39
imbrandonRiddell: http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/sime-patches-v2/  <---- both debdiffs ready10:39
imbrandonTonio_: got it, one sec i'll have it uploaded10:43
Tonio_imbrandon  sure :)10:44
Tonio_I'm very astonished nobody fixed it before....10:44
Tonio_maybe because firefox now installs automatically flash in the user's profile, so most people don't need the package...10:45
imbrandonmaybe ;)10:45
Tonio_but it is still the only way to do it for other browsers too10:45
imbrandonuploaded , waiting on accept message10:50
imbrandonTonio_: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/edgy-changes/2006-August/004211.html10:53
Riddellimbrandon: thanks, looks good10:57
RiddellHunk #1 FAILED at 1.10:59
Riddell1 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file kioslave/media/libmediacommon/notifieraction.h.rej10:59
Riddellor not10:59
imbrandonheh damn 11:00
imbrandonwhats that mean ? heh i just did debdiff *.dsc > blah.diff11:02
imbrandonHobbsee:  what you finishing the merges tonight while you wait on amarok ;)11:03
=== imbrandon watches the -changes list go by
Hobbseeimbrandon: i'm avoiding my horrible maths assignment :P11:04
imbrandonahh heh11:04
imbrandonyou bugged me for 1.5 weeks about konversation and i fixed it heh now give me amarok ;)11:04
Riddellimbrandon: it's sime's patch that doesn't apply11:06
imbrandonouch not good ok hrm can you check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuKDEMedia the very bottom11:07
Riddellimbrandon: that's what I've done, it still doesn't apply11:07
imbrandoni'll check back with sime when he wakes11:08
RiddellSime: poke poke, what's your kdebase v2 patch made against?11:08
Hobbseeimbrandon: only 1.5 weeks?  and i cant do anything, if the permissions on where the amarok is uploaded to are buggered11:08
imbrandoni think it was against the dapper 3.5.4 now that io think about it ( not mine , his )11:09
imbrandoni rember him saying something about he was still on dapper11:09
Riddelloh bah, it's just getting confused on some encoding issue with the accent in kevin's name11:10
Riddellnow if only emacs would let me edit patches11:10
imbrandonyup infact http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=101636  <-- sime says there he is on dapper 3.5.411:10
UbugtuKDE bug 101636 in sidebar "All icons in the services sidebar become folders when pressing plus sign" [Normal,New]  11:10
imbrandonemacs ?11:10
imbrandonvim ftw ;)11:10
imbrandonactual i dident apply that patch , foo11:11
imbrandonif you get emacs to coperate can you add that one too Riddell  ( http://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=17238&action=view )11:12
imbrandonit closes kde bug 10163611:12
UbugtuKDE bug 101636 in sidebar "All icons in the services sidebar become folders when pressing plus sign" [Normal,New]  http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10163611:12
imbrandonits just a one liner11:13
imbrandonnow to add the .hidden file to k-d-s11:13
Riddellimbrandon: what's the bug number for that?11:14
Riddelloh, you said11:14
imbrandonjust the kinda spam i need at 4am "Subject: Claim the hottest new Pink Phone"11:16
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Hobbseeimbrandon: but who *doesnt* want a pink phone?11:19
imbrandonhrm Riddell where is it looking for file:///home , do you know the error i'm talking about ?11:23
imbrandonRiddell: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss2.png11:24
Riddellimbrandon: didn't tonio remove that from the sidebar yesterday?11:27
imbrandonumm i dunno, i got all the updates as of yet11:28
imbrandonwhat did he remove system:/ ?11:28
Tonio_Riddell: should be removed for new profiles11:28
Tonio_but the desktop file exists in the existing profiles11:28
Tonio_imbrandon find ~/ | grep sidebar | grep system11:29
Tonio_imbrandon shoot that file11:29
Tonio_Riddell: I can eventually remove that file within startkde, but as it'll work for new installations, I wonder if that'ss necessary.....11:29
Tonio_imbrandon the point is that kde copies those files for /usr/share11:30
Tonio_I removed the installation of that file, so kde cannot copy it anymore11:30
imbrandonwhat one 11:30
Tonio_the point is that if the file already exists in your profile, I can't touch that with a package, except the login script eventually11:31
Tonio_this one /home/brandon/.kde/share/apps/konqsidebartng/filemanagement/entries/system.desktop11:31
Tonio_and this too/home/brandon/.kde/share/apps/konqsidebartng/webbrowsing/entries/system.desktop11:31
Tonio_then killall konqueror (to remove the prelod process too) and restart11:31
Tonio_should work11:31
=== el [n=konversa@u40-30.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_imbrandon: let me know if that fails11:33
imbrandonahh now i have no system tab11:33
imbrandonumm well how am i supose to nav the tree heh11:33
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonahh nvm11:34
imbrandonSime: ping , i'm not getting this .hidden to work11:35
imbrandonahhh nvm11:36
elRiddell, ping11:49
Riddellhi el11:49
elhi Riddell 11:49
eli just wanted to restart hwdb to go through it once more11:49
Riddellimbrandon: kdelibs and kdebase updated11:49
elbut it shows the send screen. how can i reset it?11:49
Riddellel: that'll be a usability issue :)11:49
Riddellel: rm ~/.hwdb11:49
Riddellel: I do plan to add a "rerun" button, as well as "back" buttons11:50
imbrandonsweet i'm looking at the .hidden files for kds now11:50
elRiddell, ok11:50
Riddellimbrandon: what does that do11:50
Riddellel: edgy upgrade smooth?11:50
elRiddell, how does the user start hwdb? does it pop up itself?11:50
imbrandonbest way is to show you a screen shot , one sec11:50
Riddellel: menu entry11:50
elRiddell, i did it on another computer. didn't want to mess up my working machine.. ;-)11:50
elRiddell, ok11:50
Hobbseehey el!11:51
elhi Hobbsee :)11:51
Hobbseeel: it doesnt seem to kill anything11:51
elhehe, Hobbsee, now i also know that11:52
Riddellel: the idea behind the hwdb UI is to have it looking fancy enough that the user stays interested and doesn't get bored half way through11:52
imbrandonRiddell: http://www.simonzone.com/software/kio_file_integration.png  <-- to make those patches actualy /do/ what they are intended11:52
imbrandoni have it working on my box11:52
elHobbsee, the upgrade was really smooth on the other machine11:52
Riddellel: the gnome version uses a canvas with fading and stuff, which means it has a static layout and no i18n, it's quite evil11:52
Hobbseeel: nice.  i'm surprised :)11:52
Riddellimbrandon: I think the .hidden file should be added to kdebase then, it's not optional11:53
imbrandonRiddell:  ok heh lemme work on that 11:53
imbrandonlemme show you how i have it on mine ..... one sec11:53
elRiddell, so it has to be a "fun" application... hm, i'll think of that when going through it11:53
imbrandonRiddell: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss12.png11:54
Riddellel: yes11:54
Riddellimbrandon: what am I looking at?11:54
imbrandoncan i also reduce the folder tabs like in simes screenshots11:55
imbrandonpartly what Tonio_ started with system11:55
imbrandonsee he has the 4 essential ones , everything else is covered with the patches and the .hidden11:56
Riddellimbrandon: sure11:57
imbrandonok cool , i'll start that now then , heh looks like a update to kdebase 2 times in ~12 hours lol11:57
Riddellit's healthy to keep the buildds busy11:59
imbrandonwell i need to wait anyhow so i can grab the current kdebase to diff against12:00
HobbseeRiddell: must be time to rebuild the entire kde universe again then :P12:00
imbrandonactualy this will make four to kdebase in ~24 hours 12:01
imbrandonand kontact crashes again ......12:01
Hobbseeimbrandon: ktorrent stuff in your email12:02
imbrandona changelog ?!?!12:02
imbrandonpwease ?12:02
Hobbseeimbrandon: not quite a changelog - but the svn commits12:04
imbrandonahh yessss a changelog without having to dig through svn commits12:04
RiddellTonio_: did you send a kio-locate UVF exception request?12:04
imbrandonyea but __I__ dident have to do it Hobbsee , thats the good part ;)12:04
Hobbseeimbrandon: true that :)12:04
Hobbseeimbrandon: thank asimon sometime :P12:05
imbrandoni will trust me /me writes up a quick uvf12:05
imbrandonRiddell: is mdz or kamoin there with you guys ?12:11
Riddellimbrandon: they are both in this room12:12
imbrandoncan you poke one of them to malone 5721912:12
UbugtuMalone bug 57219 in ktorrent "uvf exception request ktorrent 2.0 -> 2.0.1" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5721912:12
Riddellimbrandon: e-mail is best for UVF exception requests12:13
RiddellI'll poke them12:13
Tonio_Riddell: yes I sent uvfe, but it still needs aproval12:13
RiddellTonio_: I can't seem to find it, was it an e-mail?12:13
Tonio_Riddell: nope, let me search12:14
Tonio_Riddell: bug 5694012:14
UbugtuMalone bug 56940 in kio-locate "0.4.4 > 0.4.5 UVF Exception Request" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5694012:14
RiddellI'll poke with that too12:15
Tonio_Riddell: I didn't email mdz but subscribed ubuntu-release group as required12:15
imbrandonheh is pitti gonna get to the inclusionreports this week ? 12:17
Riddellno idea12:18
Tonio_Riddell: have you seen that nasty bug ?12:20
Tonio_bug 5717012:21
UbugtuMalone bug 57170 in kdebase "optical medias are invisible with kde 3.5.4 on edgy" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5717012:21
Tonio_it is edgy specific since no pb with 3.5.4 on dapper and is almost critical12:21
imbrandonhrm i hadent noticed that one, /me grabs a cd to test12:22
Riddelldoes it appear in media:/ ?12:22
Tonio_Riddell: nope, nore on the desktop and the action window neither12:23
=== seaLne can see his cds
imbrandonhrm strange i just put a superman cd in and worked fine12:23
Tonio_hu ?12:23
Tonio_seaLne: edgy ?12:23
imbrandonyup edgy12:23
Tonio_seaLne: can you try with a new profile maybe12:23
Tonio_I suspect a configuration issue12:24
Tonio_danimo confirmed it failed for him too12:24
seaLneTonio_: ok give me a few min12:24
Tonio_seaLne: sure12:24
Tonio_Riddell: I must say my cd is scd0 (sata one) maybe that can explain12:24
imbrandonyea the icon and window pop up12:24
Tonio_but it worked with 3.5.4 on dapper12:25
seaLneTonio_: strangely (with my normal account) i can't eject12:25
Tonio_imbrandon testing on a fresh profile would be nice12:25
imbrandonTonio_: sure give me 5 seconds to make a new user12:26
Tonio_I had the problem and I reinstalled to get the same issue12:26
Tonio_I have lots of issues that others don't seem to have, like katapult that doesn't work here (confirmed by toma)12:26
seaLneTonio_: clean profile pops up and behaves fine, this needs upgraded a bit it was off for the last few days which may be an interesting test12:27
Tonio_seaLne: hum..........12:28
Tonio_why did danimo had the issue too ?12:28
Tonio_I will ask him if he has sata or not12:28
imbrandonyea brand new uesr and new profile works great12:28
Tonio_I don't understand, I'm just testing here, with a default knot1 installation, and it simply fails12:29
imbrandonknot1 and not updated ?12:29
Tonio_imbrandon nope, up to date12:29
Simeimbrandon, Riddell : are you guys happy? or do I need to help with anything?12:29
imbrandonis the media your using good ?12:29
Tonio_I mean, this isn't an upgrated dapper12:29
Tonio_imbrandon I tested about 10 cds ;)12:29
Tonio_and yes they are good12:29
imbrandonjusat checkin12:30
Tonio_the point is I'm apparently not the only one, since danimo could confirm...12:30
RiddellSime: it's all sorted12:30
imbrandonSime: nope had a little hickup applying a patch but looks good12:30
imbrandonRiddell: can you give me a diff of your kde base against ubuntu8 so i dont have to wait on the buildd's12:31
Simemy patching technique is a bit dodgy since I've been working on a "apt-get source"ed copy of kde.12:32
imbrandonSime: thats what we use ;)12:32
Simeso there were other things mixed in which I cut out of the diff. seems ok now.12:32
Simeyeah, I wanted the edgy version kde. but diffing got messy12:33
imbrandonthey seemed to apply fine to edgy sources12:33
Simeif you came across any problems, issues or things that don't work quite right, then add that info to the wiki.12:34
imbrandonthe .hidden dosent seem to 12:34
Simeoh, and plug as much stuff into you comptuer as possible. usb-pens, cameras etc12:34
imbrandonsupport secondary dirs12:34
Sime.hidden not working?12:34
imbrandonno it works12:34
imbrandonbut say i want to hide /media/cdrom012:35
alleeTonio_: I told you that using 'Defaults' in config dialogs ignores Kubuntu settings. Looks like Helio right now fixed it for Controlcenter in 3.5 Branch :)12:35
Tonio_allee ah ? it uses kde settings ? nasty.......;12:35
Tonio_allee reported a bug concerning this ?12:35
Simeimbrandon: ok, I have only tested it in /.12:36
Riddellimbrandon: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/kdebase-ubuntu9.debdiff12:36
imbrandonhehe yea i tried that earlier i put media/cdrom0 in the /.hidden file and it dident like it12:36
imbrandonSime: ^^12:36
alleeTonio_: no. Looks like every kcm module has to be touched for it.  Helio commited dozend of changes12:36
Simeimbrandon: /media/cdrom is a bit tricky. If you delete the cdrom link and dir, and let pmount handle taht for you like removable media, then it kind of workss in a more nice way.12:36
Tonio_allee maybe we can backport the diff as a patch, shouldn't we ?12:36
Tonio_argh, indeed12:36
Simeimbrandon: just put the file/dir name, not the path.12:37
Tonio_Riddell: isn't that too late for dozensof patches ?12:37
Riddellimbrandon: lots of autotools changes, probably because I made it on dapper12:37
alleeTonio_: well,  I've a fan of syncing with 3.5 branch not too late in release cycle12:37
RiddellTonio_: like what?12:37
Simeimbrandon: and the .hidden file should be in the same dir as the files you want to hide.12:37
Simeimbrandon: .hidden is per dir.12:37
RiddellSime: hmm, in / ?12:37
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
imbrandonahh soo /media would need one 12:37
Simeimbrandon: yes12:37
imbrandonRiddell: yea .hidden go's in /12:38
=== allee always wonder why anything is work in KDE when reading the list of 3.5 branch fixes ;)
Simeimbrandon: the .hidden for / goes in /.12:38
Tonio_Riddell: for the kcm modules changes12:38
Riddellthat might not match with debian-policy and LSB12:38
imbrandonSime: actualy could we put that in the normal kde configs dir12:38
Tonio_Riddell: looks pretty important, but it looks like the changes are bug12:38
imbrandonRiddell: yea i was just thinking that12:38
Tonio_Hobbsee: ping ?12:39
Simeimbrandon: I guess that is possible.12:39
imbrandonand just make one .hidden file that honours paths12:39
Simeimbrandon, Riddell : can you guys write on the wiki what you would like to see, and I'll see waht I can do.12:39
imbrandonRiddell: i'll hold off on adding that to kdebase then till sime looks it over12:40
SimeRiddell: I can understand that debian policy and ubuntu might have a problem with some of this stuff.12:40
imbrandonwell actualy if it was in /etc/ it would work then gnome could use it too as said on you blog12:40
imbrandonand it IS a config12:41
SimeI guess that the /media/cdrom and /media/cdrom0 links and dir are there for a reason and can't be removed.12:41
Simeimbrandon: gnome *does* respect .hidden already.12:41
imbrandonin / ?12:41
imbrandonhrm 12:42
Simethe .hidden "idea" is from Mac OS X.12:42
imbrandonRiddell: where would we chekup on things like this to make sure they are "ok"12:42
Simenautilus supports it.12:42
imbrandonyea i love osx ways ;)12:42
Simeit's a hack, but useful.12:42
seaLneTonio_: still works fine in fully up to date edgy12:43
seaLneimbrandon: can you eject your cds by right clicking?12:43
imbrandonRiddell: couldent we get away with putting it kds then since gnome support it and it /is/ kubuntu specific ie what folders we hide/show12:44
imbrandonby default12:44
seaLneTonio_: i get "media:/hdc cannot be found" on right click eject or unmount12:44
imbrandonand kdebase will function without it12:44
imbrandonsame here12:45
imbrandonbut i think simes new patch takes care of that12:45
seaLneimbrandon: of eject?12:46
imbrandonyea becouse it deals with how media:/ is supported12:46
seaLneok, just checking we were talking about the same thing :)12:47
SimeseaLne: I think I've fixed that already (last weekend)12:47
Riddellimbrandon: I'll talk to people familiar with debian-policy12:47
imbrandonyea Riddell the more i think of it .hidden should go in kds since konqui/kdebase will work without it but not be all bling blaing like we want12:48
Riddellyou could well be right12:48
imbrandonthen since its its kubuntu specific i think it will be ok to shove in / or anywhere else ;)12:48
seaLneRiddell: if you are doing that could you ask about Bug #56970 aswell12:49
UbugtuMalone bug 56970 in k3b "K3B should be moved to KDE from "otherosfs"" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5697012:49
=== seaLne notices
seaLneFrancesco Pedrini is packaging new kmobiletools for debian12:51
RiddellseaLne: changing that to kde seems sensible to me, send mea debdiff, it's set in Section: otherosfs12:51
Riddellnot that Sections are really important these days, if they ever were12:52
Riddellit's set in debian/control rather12:52
seaLneyeah, the reason i wondered was that cdrecord and other related stuff is in there aswell12:52
Riddellthat's fair enough, but the frontend doesn't need to be12:53
imbrandonahh CC meeting today ;) hopefully it wont be a all out slugfest like the last one12:56
seaLneRiddell: http://geeksoc.org/~kd/tmp/k3b/01:01
RiddellseaLne: sections are lower case, uploaded with s/KDE/kde/, thaks01:04
=== Riddell lunches
imbrandongood idea, me gets food too01:04
Tonio_seaLne: I'll investigate, but that's a bit strange I must say....01:04
seaLnemy drives are all ide btw01:05
Tonio_seaLne: we need to wait informations from danimo01:05
Tonio_seaLne: concerning katapult01:07
Tonio_does it work for you ?01:07
Tonio_a few people people reported it fails and I also have the issue01:07
Tonio_alt + space doesn't produced anything and even with changing the shortcut that doesn't work01:07
HobbseeTonio_: pong, in a bit.01:09
seaLneTonio_: works on 0:0 does random things on 0:101:09
HobbseeTonio_: i'll re-pong - dishes here01:10
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
Tonio_Hobbsee: yes I noticed you are a "contact" for kdebase bugs01:11
HobbseeTonio_: um, yes?01:11
Tonio_I didn't found the way to subscribe as a contact to get noticed for all bugs01:11
Tonio_how can you do this ?01:12
HobbseeTonio_: ahhh.  bugmail settings01:12
Tonio_Hobbsee: where is that ?01:12
HobbseeTonio_: let me grab it...01:12
HobbseeTonio_: it's under "report a bug" on https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kdebase01:13
Hobbseehit "i want to recieve all bugmail for $packagename"01:13
=== Hobbsee does that for all of kdebase, kdelibs, kubuntu-meta and some other packages as well
Hobbseehelps with the bug control, to know what's happening01:13
Tonio_Hobbsee: thanks, I missed this function01:15
Tonio_honnestly, malone is a great bts01:15
Tonio_Hobbsee: thanks for the tip01:16
HobbseeTonio_: no problem01:19
HobbseeTonio_: indeed, it is01:19
seaLneisn't that equivalant to reading kubuntu-bugs?01:22
imbrandonpretty much ;)01:23
seaLneexcept you get the mail twice now :)01:23
Tonio_seaLne: lol01:23
HobbseeseaLne: mailing lists are evil though :P01:25
seaLnejust because they don't like you :)01:27
HobbseeseaLne: i got them to work :D01:28
HobbseeseaLne: they're probably very smart.  with not liking me at all01:28
Hobbseecant see why things/people would like me when i boss them around, after all :P01:28
Hobbseeyay @ https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/5723501:34
UbugtuMalone bug 57235 in kubuntu-meta "The Kubuntu CD should have a sampling of whole of KDE" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  01:34
Tm_Twhole KDE?01:44
Tm_Tthat means "official" KDE set of application or all kde-related? ] ;=01:44
imbrandonall of kde wouldent fit on to the cd nor is in main01:44
imbrandonkubuntu != official kde ;)01:45
imbrandonreject reject reject01:45
Tonio_I don't understand those guys........;01:45
Tonio_if you want everything, grabs debian dvds.....;01:45
Tm_Timbrandon: error: unknown error: don't know how to reject reject reject, see reject help01:45
Tonio_I want kubuntu, but with the specifics of debian, the content of fedora, the advantages of mandriva, freely, on a 700 MB cd01:45
Tonio_by advance thanks !01:46
Tonio_pfffffffff, stupid01:46
imbrandonTonio_: you forgot "kthxbye"01:46
Tonio_probably better including knetworkmanager on the cd ;)01:46
Tm_TTonio_: where's gentoo?01:46
Tonio_that has to be done01:46
Tonio_Tm_T: gentoo sucks, so I don't include it ;)01:46
Trolliomy new nick01:47
imbrandonbrb afk a hour or two for food01:47
Tonio_no honnestly, I don't include tonio because it is not intended to be used by the masses01:47
Tonio_it's target is more slack's one than ubuntu's ;)01:47
Tm_Ttonio is intented to use by who?01:48
Tonio_I donr't include GENTOO01:48
=== Tonio_ urgently take 3 coffees
Tm_TTonio_: have more coffee, I pay ;)01:48
Hobbseefeel free to reject it :P01:48
Tonio_3 hours sleeping last night.... that may explain01:48
Tm_Tmy second day in work, I'm exhausted01:49
Tm_Tit's hard to do something almost 4 hours active01:49
Tonio_as we would answer to that bug "and why not 20 euros and a TWIX with it hu ???" ^_^01:50
Tonio_that's french expression hehe01:50
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_imbrandon danimo has an ide cdrom01:54
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seaLneTonio_: it would be interesting to see if you had the problem with an ide drive, laptop or desktop?02:05
Tonio_seaLne: I will replug my dekstop in 2 weeks, not before02:06
seaLneit does sound like a strange and hard to diagnose problem :(02:07
Riddellel: thanks for the hwdb feedback, I'll get onto that once I've done your power manager changes02:08
Riddell(which won't be until next week at the earliest)02:09
RiddellHobbsee: "Re: Kopete 0.12.2 UVF exception request"  "Looks good"02:13
HobbseeRiddell: yay!  :)02:14
HobbseeRiddell: i warn you now, i'm probably looking for an uploader02:15
Tm_THobbsee: =)02:15
RiddellHobbsee: sure02:15
Tonio_Hobbsee: if you can wait until saturday, ping me eventually02:15
Tonio_I may have my key back then02:16
Hobbseei still have to fix it frist02:16
RiddellHobbsee: what's wrong with it?02:17
HobbseeRiddell: not kopete02:17
HobbseeRiddell: xine-lib, actually02:18
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseedoesnt play m4b files02:18
RiddellHobbsee: is kopete 0.12.2 ready to upload?02:18
HobbseeRiddell: afaik, yes02:18
RiddellHobbsee: where is it?02:18
HobbseeRiddell: kopete 0.12.2?02:19
=== Hobbsee looks
Hobbseei dotn remmber now :P02:19
HobbseeRiddell: i would think it's at http://buntudot.org/people/~hobbsee/kopete/02:20
Hobbseei dont know of anywhere else where i'm hiding it02:20
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeoh yes...now i'm remembering that package02:20
HobbseeRiddell: were you going to take the debdiff, or the source?02:20
=== Riddell finds it on http://www.buntudot.org/people/~hobbsee/kopete/
Riddellit's a new version, can't do debdiff02:20
Hobbseetrue that02:20
Hobbseesource is there too :)02:20
Tm_Tbtw amarok 1.4.2 is released02:21
HobbseeTm_T: yeah, but they chmod' the directory wrong, so no one can get to it.02:21
Tm_T15:19 < markey> http://rokymotion.pwsp.net/nightly-builds/1.4.2/02:22
Tm_Tthis one?02:22
Tonio_Riddell: new ktorrent available, bugfixes release02:22
RiddellTonio_: 2.0.1?02:22
Tonio_Riddell: interested in a uvf exception ?02:23
RiddellTonio_: imbrandon did that02:23
Tonio_Riddell: ah great02:23
Riddellwe're requested a uvf exception02:23
Riddellhe is indeed great02:23
Riddellbut so's nixternal, he made me a cool hackergotchi02:23
Tonio_Riddell: the point is that the "active team" is growing up quickly ;)02:24
Tonio_that's cool02:24
HobbseeTm_T: ah, not that one :)02:24
HobbseeTonio_: indeed.  it's very cool :)02:24
Tonio_Riddell: is kwwii supposed to connect today ? I would appreciate to discuss about the team, and his plans reguarding to this02:24
Riddellhe's gone out for a smoke02:26
RiddellHobbsee: why does koete suggest gnupg anyway?02:27
seaLneencrypted chat?02:27
HobbseeRiddell: encrypted chat, i think02:27
Tm_Tcryptic talk, monk latin ;)02:28
Tonio_I'm out for one hour or two02:28
Tonio_need to go in the supermarket with mommy02:28
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #kubuntu-devel
elRiddell, it's quite a lot. should i add priorities to show which are the important ones?02:37
Riddellel: sure02:39
=== abattoir_ [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ^osh^ [n=osh@81-229-112-185-no21.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tm_Tabattoir_: hi02:40
Hobbseewhy do i like goign and randomly deleting things?02:41
abattoir_Tm_T: hello :)02:41
=== poningru [n=poningru@ip70-171-62-28.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== kwwii_ [n=kwwii@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeheya kwwii_ 02:49
Hobbseepity Tonio_ is afk now02:49
imbrandonRiddell: ping 02:50
imbrandonmoins kwwii_02:50
Tonio_not still02:50
Tonio_but in 5 minutes yes02:50
jjessemonring imbrandon_02:50
imbrandonheya jjesse02:51
Tonio_heya kwwii_ :)02:51
imbrandonHobbsee: what ya delete now ?02:51
Tonio_kwwii_: got 5 minutes or not ?02:51
Hobbseeimbrandon: just an .orig.tar.gz02:51
=== imbrandon wispers amarok 1.4.2
Riddellimbrandon: hi02:52
Hobbseeimbrandon: no, wasnt that.  was xine-lib02:52
Tonio_kwwii_: looks like no, so seya in a few hours :)02:52
imbrandonRiddell: http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/temp/ktorrent.debdiff  ready to go02:53
imbrandonand noted so in the changelog02:53
imbrandonRiddell: https://launchpad.net/bugs/5721902:54
UbugtuMalone bug 57219 in ktorrent "uvf exception request ktorrent 2.0 -> 2.0.1" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  02:54
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
kwwii_Tonio_: hi02:58
kwwii_Tonio_: sorry, I just checked irc :-)02:58
Riddellimbrandon: I need the .orig .diff and .dsc for ktorrent02:58
kwwii_Tonio_: how can I be of help?02:58
imbrandonRiddell: sure one sec lemme upload02:58
=== danimo [n=danimo@kde/danimo] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonRiddell: http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/temp/  there ya go03:02
=== danimo wonders why on his edgy-installation on the workstation, X.org is of version 7.1.1 and all drivers are of version 7.0.1
danimohas anyone seen that?03:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:04
imbrandonboth look to be 7.0.2 to me03:04
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:~$ apt-cache madison xserver-xorg-video-all03:04
imbrandonxserver-xorg-video-all | 1:7.0.22ubuntu7 | edgy/main Packages03:04
imbrandon      xorg | 1:7.0.22ubuntu7 | edgy/main Sources03:04
imbrandonerr 7.0.2203:04
imbrandon!info xorg edgy03:05
ubotuxorg: X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.0.22ubuntu7 (edgy), package size 16 kB, installed size 44 kB03:05
imbrandon!info xserver-xorg-video-all edgy03:05
ubotuxserver-xorg-video-all: the X.Org X server -- output driver metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.0.22ubuntu7 (edgy), package size 16 kB, installed size 44 kB03:05
Riddellimbrandon: try  xdpyinfo | grep version03:05
danimoimbrandon: yes, that's what I have. but I get an ABI missmatch03:05
Riddelldanimo: nvidia?03:05
danimoRiddell: no, anything BUT nvidia03:06
danimoRiddell: that's the most interesting thing03:06
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:~$ xdpyinfo | grep version03:06
=== abattoir_ [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonversion number:    11.003:06
imbrandonX.Org version: 7.1.103:06
danimoplus the nvidia driver is buggy03:06
=== seaLne has just found why his machine appears to freeze, kicker goes into some sort of loop trying to open /usr/share/X11/locale/common/xlcUTF-8.so.2 which dosent exist
Riddellwhatever that is03:07
ryanakcabug 49901 can be closed... right? Is a complaint about katapult running slower than usual while amarok is adding music to it's database (which is cpu intensive, which explains the problem)... nobody has replied since 06-2103:07
UbugtuMalone bug 49901 in katapult "Katapult slows down to a near crawl when amarok is open" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4990103:07
danimomodule ABI major version (0) doesn't match the server's version (1)03:07
danimodrives me nuts03:08
imbrandonryanakca: yea i would say so03:08
danimoimbrandon: any clue?03:10
imbrandonno idea , unless something ftbs03:10
imbrandonon the buildd's03:10
imbrandonfaild to build from source03:11
abattoir_danimo: dapper?03:11
imbrandonbut seeing as the packages have the same version number i'm kinda baffled tbh03:11
danimoafk brbv03:12
RiddellTonio_: ping, do you have the kio-locate .orig?03:14
Riddelland diff and stuff03:14
imbrandonhehe thats the new name for the upload sets "diff's n stuff's" hehehe just teasin ;)03:15
imbrandonwhoop i guess that means not right now ....03:15
Lurekdelibs build failed due to new media patch :-(03:16
imbrandongah /me looks03:17
Tm_Tkwwii_: hi :)03:17
Luresame with kubuntu-default-settings: http://librarian.launchpad.net/3977430/buildlog_ubuntu-edgy-i386.kubuntu-default-settings_1%3A6.10-14_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz03:17
Hobbseemake[1] : Entering directory `/tmp/buildd/xine-lib-1.1.2'03:18
Hobbseecd . && /bin/bash /root/xine/new/main/xine-lib-1.1.2/missing --run aclocal-1.9 -I m403:18
Hobbsee/bin/bash: /root/xine/new/main/xine-lib-1.1.2/missing: No such file or directory03:18
Hobbseeoh dear.03:18
imbrandongah it dident apply the patch again03:18
imbrandonTrying patch debian/patches/kubuntu_57_nomediaioslave_fileio.diff at level 1...0...2...failure.03:18
imbrandonmake: *** [debian/stamp-patched]  Error 103:18
imbrandonis that some of the funny char stuff you was talking about ?>03:18
Riddellhmm, it applied for me03:20
imbrandoni wish it was more verbose when it dosent apply03:20
imbrandonthem ;(03:20
imbrandongah phone bbiab03:21
danimooh, for some reason there is xserver-xorg-driver* and xserver-oxrg-video*03:21
Riddellimbrandon: the error is in the debian/patches/ directory03:24
danimobut the nvidia propritary driver is unusable at this point03:25
imbrandonyea the nvidia binary drivers ( and ati afaik ) dont work with xorg 7.1 yet03:26
imbrandonRiddell: yea i know, its with the last patch but i just dunno WHY it dident apply hehe03:26
imbrandonfood time then i'll see if i can figure it out03:26
ryanakcacan I close all the old bugs (1.5 months and over ) that no one has replied to and that don't seem to be a problem now (on edgy)?03:28
Hobbseeryanakca: yep03:28
Riddellimbrandon: patch errors give log files in debian/patches03:28
jjesseryanakca: i usually mark them as rejected w/ a nice comment about how there has been no response and you are closing the bug due to that03:28
Riddellryanakca: add that they are welcome to re-open if they can stuff reproduce in current edgy 03:29
imbrandonRiddell: ahh nice ok, cool  dident realize that, will look after food03:29
ryanakcajjesse: or if it just isn't a problem anymore, "Fix Released"?03:29
ryanakcaRiddell: kk03:29
Hobbseesigh.  this package is being painful.03:30
=== Hobbsee tries to see if the package in the repos currently will ftbfs as well.
=== Tm_T uses sisters laptop as edgy testground ] ;=
Riddellimbrandon: kdelibs fail was just me being silly03:44
=== My8os [n=My8os@ppp142-111.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #Kubuntu-devel
HobbseeRiddell: but you're suppposed to be perfect, surely?  :P03:45
Tm_Tsir Riddell is03:45
=== Tm_T hides
=== Hobbsee notes the increase in email, due to ryanakca :)
Hobbseeit must be bugday, or close to it03:47
ryanakcaHobbsee: lol03:48
=== ryanakca works harder on triaging so that Hobbsee's inbox is filled with more junk mail
Tm_TI need apartment :(03:48
Hobbseeryanakca: haha03:49
ryanakcaTm_T: why don't you do what some guy did... trade from a little red paper clip all the way up to a house03:49
Tm_Tryanakca: you mean build a house by using paperclips ?03:54
Tm_Tyou have any idea how cold it is here in finland during long dark winter?03:54
ryanakcaTm_T: no... he traded a paperclip for a pen for a door nob for a coleman stove, etc  http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/03:55
ryanakcaTm_T: can it be any colder than -40'C?03:55
Tm_Tryanakca: sure03:55
=== ryanakca loves cold
Tm_Tin normal winter we play ice hockey out there and it's only -25'C ;)03:56
Tm_Tor something, I can't play hockey anymore :(03:57
RiddellHobbsee: of course I am, it's a bug in patch that it can't apply already applied patches03:57
HobbseeRiddell: hah03:57
HobbseeRiddell: yeah, right03:57
=== Hobbsee is still trying to figure otu what the heck is borking here.
RiddellHobbsee: want me to look at it?03:58
HobbseeRiddell: give me ~5 or so mins, then yeah03:58
=== Hobbsee is trying it rebuilding, and will see what on earth is wrong
ryanakcaCan kde apps use the upstream .pot/.po ? (It was included in the source's po/ )03:59
=== Mez [i=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellryanakca: of course04:00
ryanakcaRiddell: kk, ty04:01
=== samjnaa [n=samjnaa@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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HobbseeAPPLYING PATCH: automake.diff04:07
Hobbseeah ha....04:07
=== jamadagni [n=jamadagn@] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
ryanakcaRiddell: what would I put in cdbs debian/rules for a premade .pot... I found the part on creating one... just not using a premade one..04:07
=== Hobbsee wonders where the heck that has come from, and what it is doing.
Riddellryanakca: nothing, it'll get picked up automatically by the buildds04:08
Riddellryanakca: is it in po/ ?04:08
MezRiddell: love the hat :D04:08
=== kwwii [n=kwwii@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellMez: I still have no idea which photo nixternal took it from04:10
nixternalit is hidden in your pictures section of your website04:10
MezRiddell: at least you've finally got a hackergotchi04:10
MezI believe the people at Novell made mine :D04:11
Hobbseehey Mez 04:11
Mezhey sarah04:12
=== poningru [n=poningru@ip70-171-62-28.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeis there any sane reason why there would be a diff in the source dir?  ie, not in the debian/ dir?04:13
RiddellHobbsee: you can put your source changes outside debian/ it's just considered bad practice these days and is very hard to maintai04:16
MezRiddell: whats the status on hct atm ?04:16
HobbseeRiddell: right.....04:16
RiddellMez: not changed as far as I know04:17
RiddellMez: see the NoMoreSourcePackages spec though04:17
MezNo feature specifications match your criteria] 04:18
Riddellmy criteria?04:18
HobbseeRiddell: whinge.  i give up :P04:27
Riddellme too, debtags is weird04:28
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeRiddell: want to help me out please?04:29
HobbseeRiddell: i want to add the contents of the patch in http://buntudot.org/people/~hobbsee/xine-lib.debdiff04:29
bddebianHi Hobbsee04:31
Hobbseehey bddebian 04:31
MezHobbsee, whats the problem with adding the patch ?04:34
Riddellwhat the heck is m4b?04:34
seaLneaac apparently04:35
HobbseeMez: it screws with automake, etc, and makes the package not build.04:35
HobbseeRiddell: think along the lines of mp3, m4a, etc04:35
Hobbseethat patch is from kde bugs, pretty much04:35
Riddellwhat's m4a?04:35
bddebian1 less than m4b?04:35
=== bddebian hides
Hobbseeanother file type?04:36
ryanakcaRiddell: back, yep, it po/04:36
=== neoncode [n=neoncode@unaffiliated/neoncode] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hawkwindm4a is an audio file type similar to mp304:36
Hawkwindm4a is the given/used name for mpeg 4 files04:37
=== ^osh^_ [n=osh@81-229-112-185-no21.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeRiddell: ther'es a bug # if you want it04:37
=== Hobbsee dies quietly in the corner
=== ryanakca takes Hobbsee's pointy stick and starts poking people! muahahaha
=== Hobbsee gets out her whip and uses it on ryanakca. you leave my long pointy stick alone, and get back to bugsquashing.
=== Hobbsee puts her whip back in her back pocket for safe keeping. that always seems to come in handy...
=== __osh___ [n=osh@81-229-112-185-no21.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Mez ponders
HobbseeMez: what are you pondering?04:40
HobbseeMez: it's useful to make people behave :P04:40
=== ryanakca uses his photon death ray on Hobbsee
ryanakca(hey... i'm not very imaginative... give me a break :P )04:42
=== Hobbsee shines a very powerful green laser into ryanakca's eyes.
=== Hobbsee is getting a degree in them, after all :P
seaLneyou want to be an optician?04:43
nixternalimbrandon: ping?04:43
ryanakcaoooh... green!04:44
HobbseeseaLne: optoelectronics, not optics to do with eyes04:44
nixternalyou package kflickr yet?04:44
imbrandonyup and uploaded04:44
imbrandonyou sleep too long ;)04:44
nixternalk..i was gonna do it if you hadn't...gotta run to the gym...bbiab04:44
Riddellwhat's optoelectronics?04:44
nixternallight emitting via glass...LEDs, Fiber Optics04:45
nixternalstuff like that..ok bbiab now for sure ;)04:45
HobbseeRiddell: yeah.  that stuff.  check wikipedia :)04:46
=== Hobbsee hugs Riddell for the 20 billionth person to ask that question.
RiddellHobbsee: xine seems to be compiling for me04:47
HobbseeRiddell: even with that patch, etc, in?04:47
HobbseeRiddell: cool.  can you upload it for me then please?  :P04:47
RiddellI'll let it finish compiling, then sure04:48
HobbseeRiddell: thankyou :)04:48
Hobbseeactually, not being able to upload to main is not *that* much of an inconvenience.04:48
Hobbseeamarok people will be happy :)04:48
Hobbseeuniverse was more of the problem, just due to sheer number04:48
=== Hobbsee bugs allee
=== allee shudders
seaLneany suggestions on how to check if a specific model of ati graphics card is supported, the family is listed in the man page04:49
Hobbseeallee: did you see my message a couple of days ago?  :)04:49
=== allee relaxes
alleeHobbsee: no04:49
=== allee at least does not remember
Hobbseeallee: right.  knemo in debian has a dependancy of kdelibs-bin, does it not?04:49
alleeHobbsee: yes: control:Depends: kdelibs-bin, kicker, net-tools, ${shlibs:Depends}04:51
Hobbseeallee: kdelibs-bin is not in debian unstable?04:51
=== Hobbsee could not properly research this, as she's not running debian.
Hobbseeforgot about checking the ftp site though04:51
=== Hobbsee is lazy, like that
alleeHobbsee: ah, right. I remember something like this.04:52
=== allee has no sid too ;)
imbrandonchroots are your friend ;)04:52
Riddellconfig.status: error: cannot find input file: Makefile.in04:52
RiddellHobbsee: ho hum04:52
Hobbseeallee: happened in edgy, that's why.  according to p.d.o, unstable has no kdelibs-bin.  now, assuming kdelibs-bin also got merged into kdelibs4c2a, you need to remove kdelibs-bin from debian unstable as well.  which means that i can sync knemo :)04:52
HobbseeRiddell: yeah, exactly.04:53
HobbseeRiddell: yet without my patch, it builds just fine.04:53
alleeimbrandon: yeap chroot I have ;)04:53
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:~$ dchroot -c sid -d04:53
imbrandonI: [sid chroot]  Running shell: /bin/bash04:53
imbrandon(debian_sid)brandon@voyager:~$                 04:53
Hobbseeack.  my earlier statement didnt make sense.04:56
=== rouzic [n=rouzic@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseehey yuriy 05:00
yuriykwwii: i gave glossiness another shot05:01
=== poningru [n=poningru@ip70-171-62-28.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakcaall kde apps must have a man page included in packaging?05:02
Hobbseeryanakca: yep05:02
Hobbseewoot!  i got paid!05:02
yuriykwwii: i think i overdid it though https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEGuidanceWineSpec/KdeGuidanceWineProgress05:02
=== ryanakca thinks Hobbsee is really really generous *hopeful grin*
Hobbseeryanakca: hah.05:03
Hobbseemy aussie money wouldnt be worth much to you05:03
=== Hobbsee needs it for things like petrol, anyway :P
Hobbseeand phone credit05:04
ryanakcahmmm... AUD = 0.850493 CAD .... still worth it :)05:04
kwwiiyuriy: looks much better though05:04
alleeHobbsee: paid?  Is this unusual behaviour when one has a job in down under? :)05:05
Hobbseeallee: hehe.  sometimes it feels like it.05:05
ryanakcagas... I remember a while back it was 60 a litre... and we would have found 90 outrageously expensive... now we consider it cheap05:05
Hobbseeallee: they pay me on a tuesday night, which kinda sucks.  especially when i want the money for petrol on tuesday morning :P05:05
alleeHobbsee: buy a bike ;)05:06
alleeHobbsee: how far's your Uni and job away?05:06
Hobbseeallee: cant ride one :P05:06
Hobbseeallee: job is about 10 mins, uni is 20-25, up to 4505:06
=== Hobbsee got there in 15 mins actually.
=== Hobbsee looks around for any police
Hobbseei think i was speeding....a bit...or a lot...05:07
alleeoh, oh!05:07
=== ryanakca thinks we should rename this to #kubuntu-develandofftopic
Hobbseeallee: it's a bit too hilly for bikes around here.05:08
Hobbseeallee: and completely unsafe05:08
Hobbseeryanakca: well....05:08
alleeHobbsee: as long as you drive car I can imagine <duck>05:08
Hobbseeallee: hahahaha!05:08
=== Hobbsee makes a note to run over allee when he's next in au.
Hobbseeallee: i've never crashed into anyone else. they've crashed into me, or i've had some close calls though05:09
Hobbseeand it all went silent...05:12
=== Hobbsee blames ryanakca
=== Tm_T hides
ryanakcalol... silent05:13
=== Hobbsee contempltaes uni later today
Hobbseei need to be on time to it :(05:13
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseewb abattoir 05:13
=== ryanakca pulls out his pipes and plays "The Mucking of Geordie's Pyre"
=== Hobbsee FINGERS IN EARS!!!
=== rouzic [n=rouzic@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
abattoirHobbsee: thanks... silly kwin... crashes when cpu reaches a 100% :(05:14
allee  * control: remove Depends: kdelibs-bin.  kdelibs-bin was merged into05:16
allee    kdelibs4c2a. kdelibs4c2a is added via ${shlibs:Depends}.  Thx Hobbsee05:16
allee    for reminding me (again and again :).05:16
Hobbseeallee: :D05:17
Hobbseeallee: and now i can wait, and then sync it.05:17
=== Hobbsee hugs allee
alleeHobbsee: I'll ask for a 0.4.4-2 upload05:17
Hobbseeallee: in debian or ubuntu?05:18
Hobbseeor both?05:18
alleeHobbsee: mhh, I thought only debian and then sync to kubuntu.  When I universe freeze?05:19
Hobbseeallee: 05:19
Hobbseeallee: i'll take care of ubuntu if you want - MOM will show the updated version05:19
Hobbseesept 23 or something05:19
alleeHobbsee: great05:19
=== Hobbsee dreads the thought of edgy+1 MOM.
=== Hobbsee will likely have lots of packages with her name on them.
imbrandonby this rate youll be co-cto by then and wont have to do them ;)05:21
Hobbseeimbrandon: co-cto?05:22
imbrandonchief tech officer ( e. g. mdz's title )05:22
=== Hobbsee splutters
Hobbseeyeah right ;P05:23
imbrandonit was a joke ;)05:23
=== kwwii_ [n=kwwii@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakca<sarcasm>writing man pages is fun!!!</sarcasm>05:24
Hobbseeryanakca: why do you think i dont put packages into NEW?  :P05:24
ryanakcahmmm... dunno... why? :P05:25
imbrandonheh man pages arent tooo bad ;)05:25
Mezhehe :D stories of LRL are coming back to me05:26
MezI need to find that picture of the Kubuntu CD display we set up in pizza hut05:26
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@titoph.planetemu.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
MezseaLne, I wonder if she actually went home and tried kubuntu ?05:27
Tonio_kwwii_: ping ?05:27
seaLnewho knows :)05:28
imbrandonRiddell: I FOUND IT ..... LOL05:28
MezseaLne, I should go back and ask her :P05:28
seaLnebug #57289 is really pissing me off, i havent been able to use my main machine for about 10 min now :(05:30
UbugtuMalone bug 57289 in kdebase "kicker & kwin sit in infinite loop using nearly 100% CPU" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5728905:30
Riddellimbrandon: what?05:30
imbrandonthe pic nixternal used for the gotchi ;)05:31
imbrandonRiddell: http://jriddell.org/photos/2005-08-20-wgyf-liz-jonathan.jpg05:31
Riddellwell well, so it is05:31
danimohttp://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/2283 << wannahave :)05:36
ryanakcaHobbsee: heh... I just figured it out... "kdemangen.pl /usr/bin/kdeapp"  :)  instant man page05:37
Hobbseeoh wow, cool :)05:37
danimoHobbsee: isn't it? :)05:38
=== pounk [n=pounkf@fw2.cgpvicto.qc.ca] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellI'm curious to know how the All Programmes works05:39
Hobbseewoo.  finally got thru level 6 of supertux :)05:40
imbrandonlooks like a mix between slab and kbfx 05:40
Tonio_hey danimo05:40
imbrandoni ahve been waiting for this from them for AGES05:40
Tonio_danimo: nice you're here to discuss that horrible bug... imbrandon doesn't any issue, nore seaLne05:41
danimoheya Tonio_05:41
imbrandonRiddell: most likely how it works in slab with another window05:41
Tonio_danimo: that's a complete nonsense...05:41
Tonio_the point is that there is an issue, definitly...05:42
imbrandonhahah infact it looks like they riped off the suse kbfx theme for that 05:42
danimoTonio_: but how to track it down?05:42
Tonio_danimo: dunno......05:42
danimoimbrandon: well, there is a lot more code behind that05:42
Tonio_kde logs are not very easy to use05:42
danimoimbrandon: only the button is from kbfx05:43
imbrandoni would love to see that in action though 05:43
danimoimbrandon: well, ask beineri for the code :)05:43
imbrandonthe rest of the theme is too it looks like danimo05:43
danimonot sure if they will hand it out before they release it themselves, though05:43
Tonio_Riddell: any idea how to track that bug ? the "cd not visible in konq"05:43
Tonio_I must say I don't see any way to track this...05:43
RiddellTonio_: nope05:43
imbrandondanimo: would it not be in svn ?05:43
danimoimbrandon: well, point is kbfx is just a theme, this start menu has more semantics behind it05:43
danimoimbrandon: read the text, it's a development from the opensuse project05:43
imbrandondanimo: have you used the spinx kbfx ?05:44
Tonio_danimo: who is responsible for this in kde ?05:44
imbrandonheh there is alot of code behind that too 05:44
RiddellTonio_: aseigo05:44
Tonio_Riddell: well he doesn't look very respondive to my mails anyway ;) probably very buzy with kde405:44
danimoTonio_: what?05:44
Tonio_danimo: the optical medias management05:45
kwwii_Tonio_: hi, did you need something from me05:45
Tonio_kwwii_: yes05:45
danimoheya kwwii_05:45
Tonio_kwwii_: I just noticed there is an evil bug on lipstik style : http://www.planetemu.net/temp/capture1.png05:45
kwwii_howdy danimo05:46
Tonio_kwwii_: I was wondering your plans concerning the kde style to use for edgy05:46
=== Hobbsee notes that walking off a cliff in supertux is NOT COOL!
Tonio_kwwii_: cause we eventually can switch to plastik, since they are very, very close05:46
kwwii_Tonio_: good question, no plans to changes things now, but perhaps if we can find something better it would be good05:46
danimoHobbsee: walking off a cliff in RL isn't cool either :)05:46
imbrandonRiddell: this shows the full all applications http://home.kde.org/~binner/kickoff/sneak_preview.html05:46
Tonio_kwwii_: well plastik is not a clone of lipstik, but the difference is very, very little05:47
Hobbseedanimo: true that.  cant admit i've ever tried that.05:47
MezHobbsee, unless you're a lemming05:47
HobbseeMez: hehe. i'm nto a lemming05:47
Tonio_my opinion would be to switch the default team, since we may not have any time to fix lipstik05:47
Tonio_kwwii_: what would you sugest ?05:47
kwwii_Tonio_: turn the seperators off :-)05:47
Tonio_kwwii_: bah... they are usefull since the configuration is possible by clicking them :)05:48
Riddellimbrandon: hmm, flash05:48
Tonio_kwwii_: ever tried plastik ?05:48
Tonio_90% people wouldn't even see the difference with lipstik05:48
imbrandonit shows a good 5 minutes of useage though05:48
imbrandonRiddell: ^^05:48
Tonio_and plastik doesn't bug05:48
imbrandonman that would be SWEET to stick in edgy05:48
imbrandonit would blow their sox off as far as candy05:49
RiddellMez: katapult 0.3 does double delete on backspace too05:49
HobbseeRiddell: did you figure out what on earth was wrong with that patch?05:49
danimoTonio_: btw: the vpn integration in knm still doesn't work in edgy :(05:49
Tonio_kwwii_: the point is that art is your job so you decide :)05:49
RiddellHobbsee: nope, autoblah is still being evil05:50
Tonio_danimo: it does as long as you have the vpn modules installed05:50
Tonio_danimo: I'm using it05:50
=== danimo checks
HobbseeRiddell: hehe, fair enough.  you did see the comment while building, and in debian/rules, didnt you?05:50
Tonio_but the modules are gtk based, which sucks a bit05:50
Riddellabattoir: new oem-config in edgy05:50
Tonio_at least openvpn works here05:50
Riddellabattoir: could you merge with colin and see if we can get a working version?05:51
ryanakcadanimo: sweet screenshot... wannahaveaswell :)05:51
Tonio_danimo: we need to get the vpn packages in the repos btw05:52
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
danimoTonio_: I have the openvpn package installed05:52
Tonio_danimo: and nothing ?05:52
kwwii_Tonio_: might be a good idea to just use plastik05:52
danimoTonio_: 05:52
kwwii_since that is properly tested for years already05:52
danimoTonio_: no05:52
Tonio_danimo: can be an issue with the package eventually, I compiled it05:52
Tonio_I remember that the packages I found on the net were causing this kindof issue05:53
Tonio_kwwii_: okay. Riddellwould you be okay too ? I would change kds in this case05:53
danimoimbrandon: oh, and click on the screenie to see how far it is away from kfbx05:53
abattoirRiddell: yes, i've been speaking w/ him.. i'm just checking the changes...05:53
Tonio_danimo: maybe you can remove the package and compile from source05:53
danimoTonio_: huh? they are from the edgy repo05:54
imbrandondanimo: yea i seeen05:54
Tonio_this is the way I did and I used it until 2 weeks ago. No vpn acces anymore since I left my company ;)05:54
abattoirRiddell: he said i could ping him... and he'd merge my changes :)05:54
Tonio_danimo: they are available now ? cool ;) I didn't figured out this05:54
danimoTonio_: another bug to fix then05:54
Tonio_danimo: yep, can you report ?05:55
Tonio_I will give a shot to the patches provided for knm, maybe one is a bit destructive ;)05:55
danimoTonio_: which ones?05:55
Tonio_the point is I dokn't understand why it worked for me...05:55
danimoTonio_: issue numbers?05:55
imbrandondanimo: yea talking to Beineri now in PM05:55
Tonio_the nodialup one05:55
Tonio_maybe we removed a bit to much of code05:55
danimoTonio_: dialup one?05:56
Riddellabattoir: let me test them first, we don't want him to try a merge and find problems you've overlooked :)05:56
Tonio_danimo: is the knm + vpn issue already reported ?05:56
RiddellTonio_: hmm, spose so05:56
abattoirRiddell: sure :)05:56
danimoTonio_: didn't check05:56
danimoTonio_: trying to purge and reinstall the packages first05:56
danimoTonio_: since I had them from an official repository before edgy05:56
danimoTonio_: so just to be safe05:56
Tonio_Riddell: translate(spose, en_EN); please ;)05:57
Tonio_danimo: yup05:57
danimoTonio_: odd, it's gone now05:57
danimoTonio_: so it was not in repo :(05:57
Hobbseenight all05:57
danimoTonio_: where did you get it then?05:57
danimobye Hobbsee05:57
HobbseeRiddell: hope you get that autohell worked out.05:58
Tonio_danimo: ah !!! I was astonished by this :) probably first compile to check, that's the way I did05:58
=== Beineri [n=Beineri@kde/binner] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoTonio_: where can I get the sources?05:58
Tonio_danimo: I don't remember where... probably on the redhat svn or something since they are developped by redhat05:58
=== releaselogger [n=me@N830P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_danimo: or if you get the package, grab the tarball ;)05:59
imbrandonwelcome Beineri05:59
Tonio_you may found an rpm source repo from suse eventually05:59
imbrandondanimo Riddell : i was just asking him about the kickoff code05:59
Tonio_I installed it month ago so I don't remember05:59
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellif I could install flash I could look at it, but guess Tonio_'s flash fix isn't in yet05:59
imbrandonBeineri: its a bit hetic in here at time, and others dead, this is one of the hetic times05:59
imbrandonRiddell: i uploaded it a few hours ago06:00
imbrandonshould be in06:00
imbrandonBeineri: is the code in svn somewhere we can poke at it at all ?06:00
=== nixternal punches in ready for work!
Tonio_Riddell: isn't it ? it was uploaded this morning....06:02
imbrandonTonio_: i'll check LP now06:02
Tonio_Riddell: you can install firefox, which autoinstalls flash, and then konq can use it too06:02
Riddellimbrandon, Tonio_: got it now; needed apt-get update06:02
Tonio_Riddell: ah great :)06:02
nixternalanything needing specific testing that could be dangerous...sling my way...i have created a new edgy testing monster....it is screaming for pain06:03
imbrandonnixternal: we're all perusing Beineri's blog post about a new kicker menu 50x better than kbfx it looks like06:03
imbrandonnixternal: http://home.kde.org/~binner/kickoff/sneak_preview.html  if you have flash installed06:03
nixternali seen it06:04
nixternalit is nothing more than a hacked kbfx theme06:04
imbrandonno its lots more 06:04
nixternalkde-look has a bunch of those menus already to download06:04
imbrandoni thought that at first too06:04
nixternali have played with them06:04
imbrandonno no06:04
nixternalpretty cool06:04
imbrandonlook at what it does, its alot more than kbfx is unless there has been a MAJOR rehaul06:05
nixternalit looks like the other menus on kde-look.org to me..actually a tad bit cleaner than most06:05
imbrandonlook closer, your glancing and not paying attn06:05
imbrandoni'mtelling you having worked on the kbfx code alot, its leaps and bounds above it06:06
ryanakcaimbrandon: that's sweet...06:06
imbrandoncontext menu's , tabs , serarch06:07
imbrandonit would be alot of code overhauls if that was kbfx06:07
danimoTonio_: http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/NetworkManager/vpn-daemons/06:07
Beineriimbrandon: it's only in our internal svn for now. but we plan to have it in openSUSE 10.2 Alpha 4...06:08
imbrandonBeineri: nice , any eat or can we maybe get a tarbal to play with ?06:08
Riddellimbrandon: if it's in opensuse you'll be able to get the source06:09
imbrandonkinda test the stability etc ( not to say you write something that will crash every click lol )06:09
imbrandonRiddell: oh i know06:09
imbrandonbut not till alpha 406:09
imbrandoni have factory installed on the amd6406:09
Beineriimbrandon: eta for Alpha 4 is 7 Sep so it will land in Factory, svn.kde.org, kde-look.org some days before...06:10
=== DaSkreech [n=david@port0002-abm-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Beineristability is a good point ;-)06:10
imbrandoncool ;)06:10
DaSkreechraphink: Hallo06:10
Beinerikeyboard navigation has still some flaws ;-(06:11
raphinkhi DaSkreech06:11
imbrandonif its days before sept 7 then we can squeese it in possibly 06:11
Beineriand fyi, it's a big patch to Kicker itself - not some applet you can package/install separately.06:11
DaSkreechI hear you are the daddy :)06:11
imbrandonohh very cool 06:11
Tonio_Riddell: interesting in testing that kickoff ?06:12
Beineriimbrandon: beware of06:12
Tonio_edgy look like the good release to test new stuff no ?06:12
imbrandonTonio_: thats what we're talking about06:12
danimoTonio_: wow, there's a lot of gnome stuff in the openvpn plugin06:12
BeineriopenSUSE has months to stabilize/bugfix it :-)06:12
nixternalimbrandon: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=4103306:12
nixternalthat has all the same stuff..just placed differently06:12
Tonio_danimo: yes, they are gtk based06:12
DaSkreechraphink: How do I debug an X issue with no errors?06:12
nixternalthere is another one out there that isn't on kde-look as well..and it might be in the opensuse wiki actually for you to dl06:13
Tonio_all the configuration is gtk dialog, you only get a link in knm in fact06:13
danimoTonio_: we could change that you know? :)06:13
raphinkDaSkreech: what do you want to debug if there's no errors?06:13
imbrandonnixternal: no i have used the kbfx code it dosent ahve the context menus and alot of the other kio intergration06:13
imbrandonBeineri: heh yea i know06:13
DaSkreechThe lack of KDE goodness?06:14
imbrandonBeineri: it could possibly be packaged as kicker2 and conflick/provide it though for an either or type thing06:14
imbrandonin the initial testing06:14
danimoimbrandon: btw: kickstart depends on beagle, at least the search part06:15
imbrandondanimo: not a problem so does kery and others06:15
Beineridanimo: what is kickstart?06:15
danimoBeineri: wrr, kickoff06:15
BeineriLinux on Amiga?06:15
danimoBeineri: it's tempting to confuse them. admint it!06:16
Beineridanimo: not the whole search part stuff06:16
imbrandonkio-beagle and kerry both use the beagle back end06:16
danimoimbrandon: is beagle in main now?06:16
Tonio_danimo: what do you mean by "change this" except redevelopping the full vpn modules ?06:16
imbrandonnot sure but i think its on its way, if its not wouldent be hard to get it in for edgy+1 where this would target06:16
danimoTonio_: not all of it06:17
DaSkreechBack to here :-)06:17
danimoTonio_: but it's only two dialogs that are actually depending on gtk06:17
DaSkreechI have no errors however X will not start06:17
imbrandondanimo: seeing how mono and other mono apps are in main already no many deps would be brought in06:17
Beinerishoudln't edgy+1 include kde4 with whatever first class menu it then has? :-)06:17
=== drivel [n=drivel@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoimbrandon: well, mono is a differen beast :)06:17
danimoBeineri: I think it's more like edgy+2 :)06:17
Beineridanimo: pessimist06:18
danimoBeineri: or will opensuse 10.3 have KDE 4 by default? :)06:18
=== rouzic [n=rouzic@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_danimo: how about the conf, doesn't it depend on gconf I think ?06:18
Beineridanimo: maybe, opensuse 10.3 is fall 2007 stuff06:18
=== releaselogger is now known as apachelogger
imbrandongetting this in universe shouldnt be a problem for edgy but edgy+1 for main if at all06:19
=== RadiantFire [n=ryan@c-69-180-43-27.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalimbrandon: ok, i can see some major differences in it..however setup/design looks very close to a kbfx menu to me...i see the added kio stuff, and some of the functions are neat...but after watching the application stuff with multiple child directories..it would become annoying if i had to go up to the top just to go back one directory..but cool nonetheless06:19
danimoBeineri: I still think Spring 2007 is rather optimisic for the final of 4.006:20
Beineridanimo: mhm wait, what "by default" do you mean? :-)06:20
imbrandonnixternal: still better than a  kmenu circa windows 95, besides i'm sure suse r&d put lots of hours in useability in this ;)06:20
danimoBeineri: well, that's the other thing....06:20
=== DShepherd [n=dwight@port0211-aby-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Beineriimbrandon: sure, you know "Novell - word leading in creating usable desktop start menuS" ;-)06:21
Beineriworld even06:21
imbrandonyea i fell in love with slab but i hate gnome ;)06:22
DaSkreechraphink: When you get a moment can you ping me or look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/21402 and see if anything stands out. Thanks06:22
imbrandonwell i dont hate it but .....06:22
DShepherdimbrandon: usp nicer in my humble opinion06:22
raphinkDaSkreech: sorry I'm going to leave work now06:22
imbrandonusp ?06:22
=== nixternal likes the kmenu circa 95...it is easy to use, and straight forward
nixternalim all about simplicity..and kmenu can't get any simpler *just made that word up*06:23
DaSkreechraphink: heading home?06:23
raphinkyes DaSkreech06:23
DaSkreechwill you have a moment then?06:23
imbrandonnixternal: says who? dude everyone hates the kmenu , hit kde.org once in a while ;)06:23
imbrandonxfce = simple , kde = useable ;)06:24
nixternali like it, and im sticking to it06:24
nixternalyou can't teach an old dog new tricks, well at least this one ;)06:24
DaSkreeche = short to say06:24
imbrandonsure i can when i file the main inclusion report and upload it ;)06:24
DShepherdhttp://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222546 <-- usp.. hmmm.. nice06:25
imbrandonugh forums06:25
imbrandonouch thats a monster and ugly06:25
DShepherdimbrandon: :-P06:26
imbrandoncould they have made it any bigger ?06:26
imbrandonimho looks like a slab rippoff not as polished06:26
Tonio_raphink: ping ?06:27
DShepherdslab sucks... really comparted to usp06:27
imbrandonhrm i guess thats why i stick with kde ;)06:27
raphinkpong Tonio_06:27
Tonio_raphink: tu pourrais m'uploader un kds ?06:28
Tonio_c'est pas lourd ;)06:28
raphinkTonio_: quand je rentre chez moi06:28
Tonio_je te send le mail en attendant :)06:28
Tonio_merci ma poule06:28
=== toma [n=toma@toma.kovoks.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== DaSkreech waves
imbrandonheya toma06:37
alleehi toma06:37
tomaanyone know what happened to xorg-dapper earlier today?06:38
Meztoma, http://ubuntudemon.wordpress.com/2006/08/22/latest-dapper-xserver-xorg-upgrade-might-break-the-xserver/06:38
nixternalheh, ubuntu-demon is going to turn his blog into the "AP" of the technology world with all that he posts ;)06:39
imbrandonhe needs to consolidate some post and not spam planet with that crap imho , but thats just me, i hate to see 5 post in one day by the same person06:40
imbrandonEVERY day06:40
imbrandonthat and wasent X fixed like less than an hour after it was botched ?06:41
imbrandonsee that was an error of less than an hour and he gets comments like this , that pisses me off ....06:43
imbrandoni am halfway of reinstalling ubuntu when i saw this sheezzmakes me have second thought on goin back to fedoraor maybe open suse..if this ever happens again u know what distro will be in my pc.. i wanna know who is responsible for this hell? :(06:43
imbrandon98% of users never even say the upgrade before it was fixed06:43
tomaimbrandon: even for me it took me quite some time to fix it06:43
imbrandontoma but you are one of the few that updated in that time06:44
kwwii_Riddell: http://bootsplash.org/windowDecoGradient.png  & http://bootsplash.org/kubuntu_buttons.tar.bz206:44
tomaimbrandon: sure, but the result is a horrible situation, most users can not fix such a thing06:44
tomaand if it hit me, it hit others ;-)06:45
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Beineri [n=Beineri@kde/binner] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_kwwii_: love that06:50
DaSkreechX sucks :-P06:52
nixternalhey, is there a way to get konversation to default to port 8001 to prevent the DCC exploit?06:52
nixternali know there is a way06:52
nixternalbad wording there06:52
nixternalit needs to be implemented from the get go for Freenode in the default settings06:52
kwwii_Riddell: #7C67AB06:52
Riddellgood idea06:52
kwwii_and #5B4B7D06:53
=== htraki [n=tomi@a0958.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has joined #kubuntu-devel
htrakihello to all06:54
=== DaSkreech waves
htrakiIve problem with the new xserver-xorg-core pacakge 10.3:After upgrading wont start X11 anymore06:56
htrakiMy video card radeon 925006:57
htrakiSays:no screen found06:57
kwwii_Tonio_: wait till you see the new buttons in action...the animation is pretty cool now :-)06:58
Tonio_kwwii_: hehe06:58
DaSkreechhtraki: Update to 10.406:59
htrakiwhere can I find it?06:59
htrakiI use the at mirror it has only 10.306:59
Hawkwindsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade07:00
HawkwindMost all mirrors have the new package now07:00
Hawkwindse.archive.ubuntu.com does for sure as many others do07:00
DaSkreechHawkwind: Mine doesn't I grabebd it from packages.ubuntu.com07:00
HawkwindDaSkreech: Take a hint, use a better mirror :P07:01
=== Hawkwind Hides
htrakiWhich do U recommend ?07:01
HawkwindI'm sure by tonight or tomorrow just about all of them should have it07:01
Hawkwindhtraki: I use se.archive.ubuntu.com personally07:01
nixternalubuntu-devel is a different monster thats for sure...i was just reinformed as to why i use Kubuntu as well ;)07:02
DaSkreechHawkwind: Gets 7 years of bad luck over Hawkwind's head07:02
HawkwindDaSkreech: Hah07:02
htrakithx 4 your help guys, bye07:03
=== htraki [n=tomi@a0958.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
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=== DaSkreech waves
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechraphink: If you have anytime ping me :)07:15
=== DShepherd [n=dwight@port0211-aby-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonnight nigth folks , time for my nap 07:29
imbrandonRiddell: i'll finish up that .hidden stuff tomarrow ( aka tonight when i wake )07:30
imbrandonc yall07:30
fdovingnite imbrandon.07:30
=== erov [i=j@flipthejig.org] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== kwwii_ is now known as kwwii
Riddellimbrandon_: oh yes, I spoke to keybuk and be kinday mumbled and wasn't to sure, so I think it'll be ok to upload .hidden files in / and /media and see who complains07:35
DaSkreechkwwii: I couldn't load the links you gave earlier07:35
Tm_TX fails to start in edgy :p07:39
kwwiiDaSkreech: what was the error?07:39
DaSkreechNo error07:39
DaSkreechust loaded up said done and I could see nothing and nothing happened07:40
kwwiiDaSkreech: hrm, no idea07:40
fdovingTm_T: which version? 07:40
fdovingTm_T: is that on nvidia? only x-related updates i've got for a while back.07:41
Tm_Tfdoving: ati07:42
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechBah Epiphany sucks07:43
Tm_TI tried with "ati" and "radeon" driver, both ends up to "(EE) ATI(0): [dri]  DRIScreenInit Failed"07:44
DaSkreechTm_T: I'll one up you :)07:44
DaSkreechI've tried all drivers XGL DRI and no DRI and I get no errors on any of them but X won't start  :)07:45
Tm_Tglad I didn't upgrade my workstation but my sisters laptop =)07:45
DaSkreechSo how do you debug something that is working but is obviously not working?07:45
Riddellnew and improved kwin-style-crystal uploaded, have fun when it compiles07:46
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechRiddell: With Lubos patches? :)07:47
fdovingTm_T: when did you update? 07:47
Tm_Tfdoving: just07:47
RiddellDaSkreech: ?  no07:47
DaSkreechok :)07:47
fdovingxserver-xorg-video-fbdev, 07:47
fdovingand xserver-xorg-video-nv xserver-xorg-video-savage07:48
fdovingare the x-related updates i got just now.07:48
Tm_TI see, doesn't help I afraid07:48
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
DShepherdDaSkreech: ping08:02
nixternalknot2 release date?  first person to answer correctly wins....A new car!08:06
jjessethis week?08:06
nixternalhahah cheater08:06
nixternali need to know so i can finalize the EdgyEft/Knot2/Kubuntu page so it can get published08:07
Tm_Tnixternal: "knot2 is released in knot2 release day"08:08
nixternalYOU WIN!!! send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will send you your new car ;)08:09
Tm_Tnixternal: small plastic one?or real steel? I like small steel cars :)08:09
nixternaloh, just a picture i printed08:10
=== LeeJunFan_ [n=junfan@s64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechTm_T: if the enevelope didn't tip you off :)08:18
=== mikix [n=mikix@AOrleans-152-1-72-96.w86-195.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== poningru [n=poningru@ip70-171-62-28.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechWell time to format Kubuntu. Bye bye08:52
DShepherdDaSkreech: reinstall is last last last resort08:54
DaSkreechYes but I need to get work done and End of wednesday is cutting close08:55
DaSkreechI'll battle it out today but Tomorrow  a reinstall is second on my list08:55
=== releaselogger [n=me@N830P019.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DShepherdI agree08:56
DShepherdwould it be too much to ask you to come for me DaSkreech??08:56
DaSkreechLack of car08:57
DShepherdotherwise i dont see me coming into office today..and food is there..08:57
DaSkreechI can call a cab for you08:57
DShepherd:-( we have vouchers?08:57
DaSkreechWe have vouchers :)08:57
DShepherdok.. 08:57
DShepherdi'll call one then..08:57
DShepherdnot half ready yet08:57
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ryanakcahow long is it before a "Needs Info" becomes an "Aged Needs Info"09:15
ryanakcaA month of no reply with more info? 2 months?09:15
crimsun1 month is my instinct09:16
crimsun2 months is more than generous09:16
=== ryanakca is looking for all the old "Need Info" in kubuntu and closing them
Beineriwasn't here someone with Flash problems?09:25
=== Beineri looks to Riddell
Beinerianyway, there is now also a mpeg at the same place09:30
ryanakcaHow do I recommend a different icon set for kubuntu-desktop?  (I know I have poor chances of success)09:38
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danimoTonio_: I was mistaken: /dev/cdrom links to /dev/scd0, so it's really all sata09:53
danimore btw :)09:53
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=== danimo drops a needle
=== poningru [n=poningru@ip70-171-62-28.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoRiddell: ping?12:01
fdovingamarok 1.4.2 just released. :)12:02
danimofdoving: yeah, go upgrade the packages :)12:02
fdovingi'm on overtime, need to be in bed in -20 min.12:02
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
fdovingi could look at it tomorrow if it's not already done when i get home from work.12:08
fdovingnow i'm off to bed.12:08
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has joined #kubuntu-devel

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