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_axiomIs there no way to vote for the bugs on launchpad?12:55
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bradb_axiom: nope01:12
bradb_axiom: The issue, in various forms, has been discussed.01:13
bradb_axiom: What we've gathered so far indicates that the real issue is to figure out where the smell is coming from, what the worst bugs are.01:13
bradbAnd the assumptions are that people (like me) are lazy, and stupid, among other limitations: http://www.well.com/~doctorow/metacrap.htm01:14
bradbSo, there's a better way, I think: bug heat.01:14
bradbFlickr has a way to search photos by "most interesting". When you ponder bugs for a bit, you realize bugs can be examined in the same way. Which ones have: 1. the most subscribers? 2. the most duplicates? 3. a patch already available? 4. the largest discussion? etc.01:16
bradbvoting has some issues, like that voting really, well, isn't. i.e. In a true democracy, he who gets the most votes (or owns the electronic voting machines) wins. Not so with bugs.01:17
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_axiombradb: thanks for the thought on voting, I do suscribe to bugs, but I still wish I could vote.01:50
bradb_axiom: I'm implementing nominations right now, fwiw. So you can nominate bugs for releases.01:51
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_axiombradb: nominations sounds like a great idea.  looking forward to it02:45
UbugtuNew bug: #57175 in launchpad "Bad publish command for uploading gpg key" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5717502:45
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jkakarI need to "Register a bzr branch" before I can "Add a bzr" to a bug, right?03:56
jameshjkakar: yeah04:05
jameshjkakar: unless it is something you pushed to bazaar.launchpad.net, in which case it has already been registered04:05
jkakarjamesh: I see.  Thanks for clarifying.04:06
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jkakarjamesh: So, now that I've registered my branch with Launchpad and given it a URL, at some point the supermirror will come by and slurp it up, right?04:12
jameshjkakar: yeah.  It will put a mirror of it on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/04:13
jameshand import some of the metadata into the LP database (currently only used to show the recent commits)04:13
jkakarjamesh: Ah, okay cool.  As I expected.  Thanks.04:13
stubLaunchpad is going down in 15 minutes. Estimated downtime is 3.5 hours. This is to perform a large amount of data migration to open Edgy translations up under Rosetta.04:46
jameshspiv: had a go at doing automatic dir creation in the sftp server, but have run into more code that isn't deferred-safe05:02
spivjamesh: ah, ouch.05:02
spivjamesh: which code?05:03
jameshspiv: first I was looking at AdaptFileSystemUserToISFTP.makeDirectory(), which was doing self.filesystem.fetch(dirname).createDirectory(basename)05:04
jameshthat was pretty easy to convert, and meant I could manually log in via the sftp command line client and issue "mkdir ~user/product/branch" and have it succeed05:04
jameshbut bzr is trying to check if the branch exists by checking for ~user/product/branch/.bzr/branch-format05:05
jameshthe filesystem.fetch() call is essentially a sequence of dirnode.child() calls05:05
jameshand this one now fails because the deferred isn't returned at the end of the chain05:05
jameshchanging filesystem.fetch to be deferred aware would affect a lot of call sites05:06
spivYeah.  Hmm.05:06
spivjamesh: how does it check for it?  by trying to open the file?05:08
jameshspiv: yeah.  The exception I'm getting comes from a packet_OPEN() call05:08
jameshwhich fails inside the fetch() call05:08
spivMaybe the easiest thing to do is to subclass AdaptFileSystemUserToISFTP and change how it handles openFile05:09
spive.g. copy-and-paste the existing implementation, but change the call to fetch05:10
spivMake it call a "fetchDeferred" (which you'd need to write, of course...)05:10
jameshokay.  I suppose I could do that for the makeDirectory() fix05:11
spivA nastier hack would be to override it to just do something different for opens of "*/*/*/.bzr/branch-format", but that's too likely to break in future, aside from being just plain nasty :)05:11
spivChanging it to call a deferred-aware version of fetch is an incremental step in the direction it needs to go anyway.05:12
jameshI will probably need to do the same for getAttrs()05:14
jameshso you suggest doing this on the LP side rather than modifying twisted?05:15
spivI'd prefer a fix to Twisted, but I'm not sure we can incrementally fix this in Twisted.05:16
jameshfair enough05:16
spivIt'd be a large change to the whole vfs package to do properly.  In the meantime, the hacks to make this work for LP are pretty small and self-contained.05:17
jameshwould you prefer this sort of hack in a separate file, or should I just put it in one of the existing source files? (sftponly.py maybe?)05:19
spivHmm.  Probably a seperate file, but use your judgement.05:20
=== ..[topic/#launchpad:stub] : Launchpad down for maintenance until 0630 UTC | Developer meeting: Thu 17 Aug, 1200UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
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lifelessjamesh: we should just mkdir the product dir automatically yes ?05:40
lifelessI dont get why .bzr/branch-format is involved, as the sm shouldn't be making the branch magically05:41
jameshlifeless: that's what I'm trying to implement.  The problem is that doing the mkdir involves an XMLRPC call (to find the product ID)05:41
jameshthat involves a deferred, and twisted isn't expecting a deferred there05:41
lifelessah, so when bzr does mkdir branch in product. thats when the deferred is needed05:42
jameshthe first thing bzr does is try to open /~user/product/branch/.bzr/branch-format05:42
jameshtwisted then does fetch('/~user/product/branch/.bzr').openFile('branch-format')05:42
jameshthe fetch() call iterates over the path components calling dirnode.child() to get the next node05:43
jameshmy change was to make the child() call for "/~user" try and create the product directory if it doesn't exist, which meant returning a deferred05:44
jameshwhich trips up the fetch() call05:44
lifelessso we want the branch-format open to fail05:44
lifelessI think you are hooking it in too early05:45
jameshit is the same hook for the openFile() and makeDirectory() calls05:46
lifelesswhat does the twisted mkdir call do - fetch('/~user/product').mkDir('branch') ?05:46
jameshthat one works because the child() call that returns a deferred is at the end05:46
spiv(well, s/mkDir/makeDirectory/ iirc, but yes)05:46
lifelessso, why not do:05:47
jamesh(well, I changed the makeDirectory() call to handle fetch() returning a deferred)05:47
lifelessif !product in user-map return ProductProduct(product)05:47
lifelessand give that implementation a makeDirectory that does what it needs to do05:48
jameshso we return a different dir node than the normal SFTPServerProductDir that looks empty, but supports a createDirectory() call that looks up the productID and creates the branch05:50
jameshthat sounds like it could work and be a lot less invasive05:51
spivWhat if there is no product with that name?05:51
jameshspiv: then the createDirectory() call fails :)05:51
spivOh, transferring the error to a mkdir further down the tree?05:52
jameshI'll give this idea a shot and see how it works05:52
jameshif the createDirectory() succeeds, we add a proper SFTPServerProductDir node to the UserDir and hook the new BranchDir to it05:54
lifelessspiv: yes, the mkdir further down is what we want to fail05:57
spivlifeless: well, "want" is perhaps not the word I'd choose, but I'll settle for it if it's the easiest way :)05:59
spivIt does seem like this scheme will work.05:59
lifelessspiv: depends on how you squint05:59
spivSo in that respect I'm happy :)05:59
jameshspiv: the only side effect is that I'll be able to change dir to /~user/not-a-product and see an empty directory05:59
lifelessspiv: the way I'm squinting, we are not doing an implicit mkdir at the product level. rather we are saying that 'mkdir product/branch' should fail if theres no product05:59
spivjamesh: well, it's just a minor inconsistency, basically.  Not so bad on its own...06:00
lifelessremember that sftp has no server side cwd, so its always full path consttructions06:00
lifelessjamesh: we dont need listdir to work on this thing, bzr wont try to list it.06:00
jameshokay, so you can do a list dir in /~user/not-a-product06:00
jameshlifeless: sure.  That's just a side effect06:00
jameshit would be more work to not support that ...06:01
lifelesssure, either is fine06:02
lifelessjus tnoting that we dont have a need for that in the use case06:02
jameshlifeless/spiv: seems to work fine.06:30
jameshless than 100 lines of diff too ...06:31
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jameshstub: does the maintenance look like its on track?07:31
jameshor is that difficult to measure?07:31
stubjamesh: It is difficult to measure unfortunately.07:35
stubThe bulk of the time is spent on one or two SQL queries, so we can't get progress indicators.07:35
jameshfair enough07:35
jameshstub: I suppose when we have a pillar name blacklist, https://launchpad.net/products/malone will need renaming ...07:46
jameshgiven what https://launchpad.net/malone is currently used for07:47
stubI suspect /malone will cease to exist in its current form, becoming /bugs or bugs.launchpad.net. /malone will be the Malone product (although I'd rather see just one Launchpad product instead of these pseudo product thingies)07:48
jameshso we won't worry about the broken links?07:48
spivstub: I agree about the pseudo products07:58
stubjamesh: We can't have our cake and eat it too in this case.07:59
stubRenaming the Malone product breaks links too remember07:59
jameshI guess we could do apache-level redirects for the most common cases08:00
stubI'd rather not tie ourselves up in knots though. Links change. Deal with it. (is my take on the general issue)08:00
stubNot that I mess around on the UI side of things much any more ;)08:01
jameshstub: I take it the pillar name black list would just be another table like product, project or distro with triggers that update PillarName?08:04
jameshwould make it easy to update from the web UI08:04
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stubjamesh: It is just a table containing a list of regexps.08:21
stubPillarName *might* grow a trigger that checks the blacklist, but I expect that will bite us08:21
jameshstub: okay.  If we just wanted to block particular names, having another table that filled in pillarname would have been an elegant way to do it08:21
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stubWe want to blacklist names like admin\d*08:22
jameshspiv: https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/jamesh/launchpad/sftp-create-prefix/full-diff <- that's the patch to remove the need for --create-prefix08:24
jamesh(well, there is one small change I did since then)08:25
spivjamesh: I've already taken a peek :)08:26
spivjamesh: feel free to put it in my queue, I'll make sure it's reviewed tonight08:26
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carlosstub: hi, how's going Edgy opening?08:36
carlosdo you need anything from me?08:36
stubLooks like it has just finished :)08:37
SteveAgood morning08:37
stub03:43:17 INFO    Starting...08:38
stub03:43:17 INFO    Filling POTemplate table...08:38
stub03:43:17 INFO    Filling POTMsgSet table...08:38
stub03:44:49 INFO    Filling POMsgIDSighting table...08:38
stub03:49:17 INFO    Filling POFile table...08:38
stub03:52:24 INFO    Filling POMsgSet table...08:38
stub04:25:22 INFO    Filling POSubmission table with active submissions...08:38
stub05:45:53 INFO    Filling POSubmission table with published submissions...08:38
stub05:56:31 INFO    Filling POSelection table...08:38
stub06:37:05 INFO    Updating POFile's statistics08:38
stub06:37:05 INFO    Done...08:38
SteveAstub: mpt has some code that must land on stagin within the next 1hr or so.  he had trouble pushing it from his laptop yesterday evening.08:38
carlosstub: I guess you did the Breezy -> Dapper migration first... right?08:38
stubcarlos: yes. Just need to run update-stats.py now08:38
carlosstub: cool!08:38
SteveAstub: we're going to debug that now.  any reason why I shouldn't just stick it on staging when we've got that sorted?08:38
stubSteveA: Nope. Go for it.08:39
carlosstub: and seems like launchpad.net shows the right data :-P08:40
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stubcarlos: update-stats.py is running anyway. Should take about an hour based on past runs.08:48
carlosstub: well, I mean, that it shows the right data with the migration you did, the statistics update is still needed08:49
jameshthat's weird.08:50
jameshI added a comment to a bug and got back a "new bug reported" email 08:51
BjornTjamesh: did you subscribe to the bug as well? there's a bug open on that.08:54
jameshBjornT: I set myself as the assignee, so I'm an "also notified" subscriber08:54
jameshspiv: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/36888 <- this looks fixed in production.  You want to close it?08:57
UbugtuMalone bug 36888 in launchpad-bazaar "supermirror sftp shows branches for non-hosted branches" [Medium,Confirmed]  08:57
BjornTjamesh: right. the idea was that if someone assigned you to a bug for example, then you'd get a summary of the bug. but the easiest solution was chosen; send a 'new bug reported' email to all newly notified people, which is quite confusing.08:57
jameshBjornT: okay.  At first I thought it might have been something to do with the maintenance08:57
jameshBjornT: one confusing area is that I don't actually get the message added to the bug when I got subscribed08:59
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BjornTjamesh: hmm, you should get the comment... i'll take a look at it.09:01
jameshBjornT: I just got the initial bug comment plus the affects, importance, assignee and status headers09:01
SteveAstub: when did staging last sync its DB with production?09:05
SteveAI see on staging that there are various files in the launchpad tree not under revision control09:05
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SteveAalso... why do I need to say PYTHONPATH= /usr/bin/bzr  on staging, to get bzr working?09:06
SteveAlifeless: got 2 mins for a bzr question?09:10
stubSteveA: Staging db finished rebuilding at 0350 UTC, from a backup started at 0110 UTC09:16
stubSteveA: bzr, I have no idea.09:17
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SteveAstu1: I think there's something about the standard PYTHONPATH that means running bzr while in the launchpad tree gets the launchpad multi-tree's bzr libraries09:23
jameshSteveA: I did a fix for the sftp server so you don't need to use --create-prefix when pushing a branch (with the help of spiv and lifeless)09:25
jameshso we should be able to update the docs once that goes live09:26
SteveAI'm very happy about that09:26
SteveAwas it a large change in the end?09:26
jameshmy first try would have been quite large, since I was running into some areas of twisted that weren't expecting to see deferred's09:27
jameshlifeless came up with an alternative method that was a lot less invasive09:27
jameshthat implementation was very small and simple09:28
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=== ..[topic/#launchpad:stub] : Developer meeting: Thu 24 Aug, 1200UTC (wiki:MeetingAgenda) | launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com (wiki:MailingLists) | Channel logs: http://tinyurl.com/72w39
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daniloscarlos: ping10:33
carlosdanilos: pong10:33
daniloscarlos: what's the state of edgy migration? is it done?10:33
carlosdanilos: yeah, the statistics script is being run atm10:34
jameshcarlos, danilos: congratulations10:34
carlosjamesh: thank you10:35
daniloscarlos: cool, happy to see that!10:35
daniloskiko: hey, what are you doing up this late? :)10:35
danilosjamesh: thanks (most of it to carlos, though!)10:35
carloshmmm, stuart is not around... well, we have a way to know if the script ended ;-) 10:35
danilosyeah, if stats are right? :)10:36
kikodanilos, it's actually early -- I'm on london!10:36
daniloskiko: ah, that explains itI got used to you coming around at 16h or so10:36
carlosseems like the statistics update finished10:36
carlosdanilos: now, we should wait one or two days until the new .pot files from Edgy are imported so we get up to date information10:37
daniloscarlos: yeah, wow!10:37
danilosyou think from packages?10:37
carlosdanilos: yeah10:37
carloswhat we have there is exactly what we got from Dapper10:37
carlosI need to check with Stuart if the poimport script is enabled10:37
danilosright, including pot's10:38
mpoolmpt: ping?10:41
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sabdflmpt: 16px or 16pt?10:53
sabdflusman says standard is 11pt?10:53
daniloscarlos: what do you think of adding kde-i18n malone tag  (examples: bug 3990, bug 46982)?10:56
UbugtuMalone bug 3990 in rosetta "rosetta should not display the first line of a message id, if it starts with _:" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/399010:56
UbugtuMalone bug 46982 in rosetta "Rosetta does not accept correct KDE plural forms when there are more than 2" [Critical,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4698210:56
kikodanilos, I think it's more a "high-visibility" thing, IYAM10:57
carlosdanilos: I don't think we need it10:57
carlosthere are only two specific bugs...10:57
carlosand new KDE versions are not even using those anymore...10:57
carloswhich doesn't mean we are not going to support it...10:58
mptmpool, pong10:58
mptsabdfl, 16px10:58
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daniloscarlos: right, I forgot that KDE4 is switching away from them10:58
jordiwoah, the rosetta-users thread keeps growing10:59
seb128what is the discussion about?10:59
daniloscarlos: re bug 1297, should it be closed now?11:00
UbugtuMalone bug 1297 in rosetta "Translations on 5.04 and 5.10" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/129711:00
jameshmalcc: you've still got r=jamesh on your bug-55896 branch11:00
jameshwith that change11:00
malccjamesh: Thanks11:00
carlosdanilos: yes, please, do it11:00
malccjamesh: I was getting a bit worried, any more suggestions there'd be no code left :)11:00
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jameshmalcc: it looks a lot more readable than the original, so it is more likely to be correct ...11:03
=== carlos -> breakfast
malccjamesh: Yes, I like it much better now, thanks very much for all your suggestions11:03
daniloscarlos: Rejected (because it's 5.04 -> 5.10, not 5.10 -> 6.06) or simply Fix Committed?11:04
danilosbtw carlos, poimport seems to be running and well :)11:13
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jameshBjornT: re: the extra email I got when subscribing to the bug, it looks like I got two emails for the change: one including the original comment with ddaa as the sender (he opened the bug in question) and a second one with me as the sender (I made the change to the bug)11:26
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carlosdanilos: hi, my computer crashed11:30
carlosdanilos: set it as fixed explaining that we did a 5.10 -> 6.06 migration + 6.06 -> Edgy copy11:30
carlosI already stated in that bug that we were not going to do the 5.04 -> 5.10 migration11:30
carlosoh, I see you already did it11:32
carlosdanilos: thanks11:32
daniloscarlos: np :)11:34
daniloscarlos: what has happened with potemplatename editing? it has changed a bit, and bug 3986 doesn't seem relevant anymore?11:38
UbugtuMalone bug 3986 in rosetta "Update links when you change a potemplatename" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/398611:38
carlosdanilos: ?11:40
carlosit's relevant, if you change the name, we should do the redirect...11:40
carlosin fact, we already talked about where and how to fix it...11:41
daniloscarlos: yeah, I have the fix ready11:41
daniloscarlos: I wanted to merge it, but new links are like http://localhost:8086/potemplatenames/5/+edit (i.e. ID instead of name in URL)11:42
carlosdanilos: the bug is about potemplate editing 11:42
carlosthat's the edition of potemplatenames11:42
BjornTjamesh: right. that's bug 51046.11:43
UbugtuMalone bug 51046 in malone "The newbug-style email a new bug contact receives on product/package reassignment is confusing" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5104611:43
danilosah right, sorry for bothering you: that's a problem of patches sitting for a long time11:43
kikodanilos, I won't be able to do any reviews this week, please choose someone else -- sorry11:44
carlosisn't Robert the one that choose the reviewer?11:45
daniloskiko: but the one review I'd like you to do is only a response to your initial review: I fixed some PEP-8 stuff, and cleaned-up some tests, no code changes other than that, so it should be really simple and short :)11:46
daniloskiko: it's "chart fixes" email you sent me11:47
kikodanilos, you'll need to keep nagging me about it till 9pm..11:48
daniloskiko: sure, no problem if that's the only thing to do :)11:48
kikookay. 11:49
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UbugtuNew bug: #57217 in rosetta "Parsing of format specification error" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5721712:01
danilosis user_browser equivalent to old-style 'Authorization: Basic no-priv@canonical.com:...'? or should I use anon_browser? (I guess user_browser)12:01
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kikodanilos, user_browser is test@canonical.com12:03
kikodanilos, anon_browser is no user logged in.12:03
mdkejordi: around?12:03
Tobias__Hi all. I have a question to the .po import. How long does it take (very roughthly) until (a) it appears Translation Queue and (b) until the translations are available at the project?12:04
carlosTobias__: it appears in the import queue as soon as you do the upload12:04
daniloskiko: yeah, but I am trying to replace old-style usage, and I simply need equivalent of no-priv... I'll try with user_browser, it should be equivalent from my reading12:04
carlosTobias__: but the navigation of such queue is a bit ... difficult, I already started some code to improve that12:05
carlosTobias__: b) depends on the kind of import you do12:05
carlosthere are some situations (new .pot uploads) that need an admin review12:05
mdkeI was wondering about edgy pot templates. The ubuntu-docs templates seem to be the same as for dapper, but there are no pot templates in the Edgy ubuntu-docs package (because it isn't ready for translation), have these templates just been carried over from Dapper?12:06
carlosTobias__: if it's a direct upload inside a URL like: launchpad.net/products/..../+pots/foo/es/+upload it should be quite fast to get it imported12:06
jordimdke: here12:06
carlosand only depends on the amount of entries in the queue12:06
carlosmdke: yes12:07
carlosmdke: we are in the process of opening Edgy12:07
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carlosand first step was to copy Dapper translations12:07
carlosand after that, import all .pot files from Edgy12:07
carlosTobias__: btw, just because we are importing Edgy... the queue is quite busy atm12:07
mdkecarlos: so people will be translating the dapper templates of ubuntu-docs, even though there are no such templates in Edgy?12:08
carlosstub: I just sent you a cherry pick request. Is there any chance to get that done today?12:09
carlosmdke: well... I guess ubuntu-docs is a corner case12:09
daniloscarlos: shouldn't those potemplates which didn't exist in edgy not be migrated? or did these potemplates actually exist, just were empty?12:09
carlosmdke: we do that to reuse as much as possible of the work already done in Dapper12:09
mdkedon't templates change from release to release in all packages?12:09
mdkeI understand importing po files, but not pot templates12:10
stubcarlos: ok12:10
carlosdanilos: we don't know the ones that exist or will exist in Edgy until we open it12:10
carlosmdke: we cannot import a pofile without a potemplate associated12:10
danilosmdke: yeah, but we need to import pots for referential integrity: they'll get updated after first time imports from packages12:10
carlosmdke: and templates doesn't change so much between releases12:10
mdkein that case, I'll try and update the packages ASAP12:11
carlosmdke: new additions, some removals and some changes and a lot of untouched strings12:11
mdkesome names of templates may change12:11
carlosmdke: sure, and we will detect and rename them12:11
carlosevolution is a good example12:11
mdkedo I need to tell you which are getting renamed?12:11
carlosmdke: yeah, that would be helpful12:12
carlosmdke: anyway, if you want, we can remove all them12:12
mdkesome have been separated into separate templates too12:12
carlosmdke: but you should take care of migrate any existing translation that can be reused from Dapper12:12
mdkewell, obviously it would be nice to have the dapper translations reused where strings haven't changed12:12
mdkeexactly, yeah12:12
carlosstub: thanks12:13
=== irvin [n=ipp@ubuntu/member/irvin] has joined #launchpad
carlosas I said, ubuntu-docs is a corner case12:13
mdkecarlos: thanks for explaining12:13
carlosmdke: np12:13
carlosdanilos: do you have time for a brief meeting?12:17
daniloscarlos: sure12:17
UbugtuNew bug: #57220 in launchpad "product-release-finder dies with database integrity error" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5722012:20
mdkeooh, cool feature12:20
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=== SteveA + mpt --> lunch
=== irvin [n=ipp@ubuntu/member/irvin] has joined #launchpad
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daniloscarlos: please update https://launchpad.canonical.com/RosettaLandings with your stuff01:19
carlosdanilos: ok, thanks!01:19
=== xenru [n=Miranda@] has joined #launchpad
carloscprov: hi, around?01:33
cprovcarlos: yes01:34
carloscprov: I need some help with soyuz DB01:34
malccMy advice is, put the DB down and back away01:34
cprovcarlos: ehe, don't do anything with it ;)01:34
carlosmalcc: ;-)01:34
cprovcarlos: so, what I can do for you ?01:34
carloscprov: I need to get the list of SourcePackageName rows in Edgy that are not part of main01:35
carlosI was using SourcePackageRelease01:35
kikocarlos, you need to query the publishing tables.01:36
carlosbut Edgy could have more than one SourcePackageRelease for the same SourcePackageName so I get duplicates01:36
cprovcarlos: SSPPH.status = PUBLISHED and component != 'main' 01:36
kikocarlos, select SPPH entries on edgy that refer to that release.01:36
cprovcarlos: not published ;)01:36
kikocarlos, don't use SourcePackageRelease.distrorelease. it's not what you think it is.01:36
carloskiko: it's the distro that got the upload, that's enough for what I want01:37
kikocarlos, I'm not sure it is, though.01:37
carlosI just want to cleanup the import queue from universe entries01:37
carlosso I'm sure they were imported in Edgy01:37
kikoit doesn't matter01:38
kikoyou still need the publishing tables to tell you if it's published in universe or main.01:38
kikoyou can do this using a python script if you like01:38
kikoit may be easier01:38
carlosanyway, i will explore the SSPPH table ;-)01:38
carloskiko: I'm preparing a DELETE command for Stuart01:38
carlosI prefer to use SQL for this if it's possible01:39
kikoshow us the query when you're done to ensure you got the right thing.01:39
UbugtuNew bug: #57237 in soyuz "removeFile crashes because random.choice is trying to index a set" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5723701:46
=== mdz [n=mdz@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #launchpad
Tobias__I have another question regarding the upload of a .po file. Who can accept a file marked as "Needs Review"? Any team member or only the "(owner)" or ...?01:53
carlosTobias__: only Rosetta Admins are able to do it manually01:54
Tobias__Rosetta Admin != Admin of a product?01:55
carlosTobias__: if your entry notes has a line like: "Will be imported into ..." it will be done automatically once our import scripts reach that entry01:55
carlosTobias__: no, Rosetta admin == https://launchpad.net/people/rosetta-admins01:56
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
Tobias__Ok, I see "will be imported". Thus it may simply take some hours more.01:57
carlosyeah, Edgy imports are running now so the queue is a bit busy right now...01:59
=== fabbione [n=fabbione@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #launchpad
Tobias__"Needs review" means indeed that Rosetta admins have to click something or will it be done all automatically by some script?02:00
carlosTobias__: both02:02
carlosTobias__: the script checks if it can be approved automatically02:02
carlosTobias__: if that's possible, it changes the status to Approved02:03
carlosif it's not, it remains there until and admin approves it02:03
carlosTobias__: the fact that it has a 'Will imported into...' legend is a good way to know that the script will be able to approve it automatically02:03
=== erdalronahi [n=erdal@p508767B3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
mdzhey hey...https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+translations02:09
mdzcarlos: thanks02:09
carlosmdz: you are welcome02:10
carlosmdz: thanks danilo and stuart too that helped me to get that done02:11
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=== lukketto [n=lukketto@host99-159.pool876.interbusiness.it] has joined #launchpad
erdalronahihi carlos02:30
carloserdalronahi: hi02:30
erdalronahithe migration worked well so far, isn't it02:30
daniloscarlos: is updatescript done?02:30
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@c58-107-63-43.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #launchpad
danilosupdatestats, that is :)02:30
carloserdalronahi: yeah, seems like it worked ;-)02:30
carlosdanilos: yeah, a couple of hours ago :-P02:30
erdalronahishould we continue our work on Edgy now, or not yet?02:30
carloswell, is better if you wait for the final announcement02:31
carlosbut nothing added now will be lost02:31
carlosit's just that what we have in edgy is exactly the same we have in dapper02:31
carlosuntil our script finish importing the new .pot files from Edgy02:31
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
mdkedanilos: nice email02:34
mdkegood work guys02:35
daniloscarlos: what are valid potemplate names when I try to rename them? nothing I tried actually works02:35
carlosdanilos: IPOTemplateName.name02:36
daniloscarlos: hum, but I can't rename evolution-2.2 to evolution-2.2-blah, even if it seems to be allowed02:38
danilosmdke: thanks :)02:38
carlosdanilos: you need to create first a potemplatename with such name (what you try to do is a bug or a missed feature, depends on who talks about it)02:39
mdkelooking forward to seeing those communication barriers broken down :)02:39
=== carlos -> lunch
carlossee you later!02:41
carlosmdke: we will try our best. Kiko is helping there already02:41
daniloscarlos: later dude, enjoy the lunch02:41
mdkegreat to hear it.02:41
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=== erdalronah1 [n=erdalron@p50875012.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
erdalronah1carlos, my connection broke down, if you answered, I didn't get it02:44
daniloserdalronah1: I'll paste you carlos' response (he's out for the lunch)02:45
danilos<carlos> erdalronahi: yeah, seems like it worked ;-)02:45
danilos<carlos> well, is better if you wait for the final announcement02:45
danilos<carlos> but nothing added now will be lost02:45
danilos<carlos> it's just that what we have in edgy is exactly the same we have in dapper02:45
danilos<carlos> until our script finish importing the new .pot files from Edgy02:45
erdalronah1I got that, carlos. the other question was, will things that we add in Dapper now make it into Edgy as well, or will that be lost.02:47
daniloserdalronah1: uhm, I see above "<carlos> but nothing added now will be lost"02:49
erdalronah1danilos, he said that for edgy, i think02:50
=== Tobias__ [n=chatzill@tux.ph2.uni-koeln.de] has left #launchpad []
erdalronah1nothing added to edgy will be lost, even after synchronizing with upstream, isn't it?02:51
daniloserdalronah1: well, I, for one, know that our migration script can migrate that stuff as well; not sure when are we going to run it again, but it's worth discussing02:51
daniloserdalronah1: yeah, that's right02:52
erdalronah1That is fantastic news02:53
daniloserdalronah1: yeah, carlos really rocked hard on this one :)02:54
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carlosjordi: hi, around ?03:38
flacostebradb: ping03:42
bradbflacoste: pong03:42
flacostebradb: we don't have any private bug in sampledata?03:43
bradbflacoste: nope03:43
flacostebradb: shouldn't we?03:44
flacostebradb: how do we test private bugs? the test usually create them?03:44
bradbflacoste: Yeah.03:45
bradbflacoste: For many of the privacy tests, creating a private bug, or modifying its status is an important part of the test.03:46
kikoflacoste, I won't be able to do your reviews this week. better to choose another reviewer.03:46
daniloskiko: nag time: review bug-2237 branch ;)03:46
flacostekiko: fine03:47
flacostekiko: do you think you can have a quick look at my reply for the workflow spec and give me the ok on that?03:47
flacostekiko:  like this week?03:47
kikoflacoste, nope. next week.03:48
=== lbm [n=lbm@cpe.atm2-0-75146.0x535a2f1e.vgnxx2.customer.tele.dk] has joined #launchpad
flacostekiko: ok, like monday? i will fix the support contact bug this week then03:49
kikoflacoste, suuuure.03:49
flacostelol, that sounded convinced ;-)03:50
=== seb128 [n=seb@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #launchpad
flacostebradb: i'm reading bug.txt and I wonder why there is events notification as part of setting the bug private?03:53
flacostebradb: wouldn't just setting private = True be sufficient?03:54
kikoflacoste, probably because our event triggers are in the wrong place.03:54
bradbflacoste: Things happen when a bug is set private, like all implicit subscribers get directly subscribed to the bug.03:55
flacostebradb: don't tell me this is done by event suscribers?03:55
bradband, yes, our event notifications are in the wrong layer03:55
bradbflacoste: yeah, event subscribers, why?03:56
flacostei would expect that kind of behavior done in a setPrivate method() or something03:57
flacosteortherwise it means that a client needs to trigger events to set bug private, which kind of suck API-wise03:57
carlosstub: are you doing anything in staging?03:57
bradbflacoste: couldn't you argue the same thing for most uses of events?03:58
flacostebradb: not really03:58
stubcarlos: nope03:58
carlosit's down03:58
bradbflacoste: "ortherwise it means that a client needs to trigger events to set bug private", though events are triggered for a bug that is modified in any way.03:59
=== carlos restarts it
stubAhh... asuka was rebooted earlier and I didn't check to see if they had restarted staging04:00
carloswell, it's fixed now04:01
flacostebradb: the problem is that from what i understand, setting 'bug.private = True' leaves the bug in a inconsistent state, some side effects of setting a bug won't be processed, maybe i'm understanding it wrongly04:01
bradbflacoste: Right, ISWYM.04:01
flacostebradb: i would expect a setPrivate method or something like that to set the state correctly, not rely on some event subscribers for that04:02
kikoflacoste, agreed.04:02
bradbmaybe the only strong use case we have for events is email notifications04:02
kikobradb, what we had discussed before, right?04:02
bradbkiko: I don't remember a setPrivate discussion.04:03
bradbI remember a discussion about firing off events in the db layer, and well, the transitionToStatus precedent.04:03
kikothat's what I'm referring to04:04
bradbflacoste: Can you open a bug on the private -> setPrivate thing?04:04
flacostebradb: sure, doing this right now04:05
=== ChanServ [ChanServ@services.] has joined #launchpad
flacostebradb: bug 5729604:15
UbugtuMalone bug 57296 in malone "Needs a proper API to set a bug as private" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5729604:15
bradbflacoste: thanks04:17
=== quail [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #launchpad
=== Mez [i=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #launchpad
Mezstub, ping04:24
UbugtuNew bug: #57296 in malone "Needs a proper API to set a bug as private" [Untriaged,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5729604:25
SteveAstub: any idea why a load of trial stuff gets run when I do "make run" ?04:25
SteveAhmm, perhaps an old twisted tree04:28
Mezhmm- anyone here with access to delete stuff from the supermirror or delete branches on lp ?04:29
SteveAat this time of day, it would normally be ddaa04:31
SteveAbut he is on vacation04:31
SteveAif it can wait several hours, lifeless will be able to04:31
MezSteveA, it's been waiting several weeks :P04:31
mdzcprov: ping04:32
mdzcprov,malcc: any idea what's going on here?  https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/kexec-tools/1.101-204:32
mdz" 1.101-2   Superseded by  1.101-2"04:32
malccmdz: We're looking04:33
malccmdz: Expressions of surprise are echoing around the sprint room as I type04:33
kikomdz, broken HTML?04:34
kikomdz, oh, are you asking about the package superseded by itself?04:34
kikothat's just a consequence of a broken gina run04:34
kikothat was done during the rollout.04:35
kikothe package was imported twice and then the publisher kicked the older record out.04:35
kikodon't worry. :)04:35
UbugtuNew bug: #57300 in launchpad "AssertionError while approving a team membership with a expiry date in the past." [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5730004:35
kikodanilos, carlos: what are all these NameNotAvailable errors?04:41
carloskiko: which NameNotAvailable errors?04:42
daniloskiko: is it about potemplate name changes?04:42
kikocarlos, danilos: see oops report please. DAILY.04:42
carlosI'm trying to get up to date with my email04:42
kikoprioritizing it helps04:43
carloskiko: but even if I'm up to date, some context is also a good thing04:43
kikocarlos, ^^^04:43
daniloskiko: I was thinking we should first let matsubara triage things from oopses, will do from now on04:45
kikodanilos, well, he will do that, but if the first and topmost crash is yours..04:45
kikoit makes sense to be aware of it.04:45
kikoanyway, just a tip04:46
=== irvin [n=ipp@ubuntu/member/irvin] has left #launchpad ["Leaving"]
daniloskiko: sure, not that we don't have enough things on our plates already04:47
carloskiko: it's the first time I see it04:47
kikodanilos, as long as you take care of topcrashers. you can analyze it and ask somebody else to fix it, but you should be aware of it04:48
kikocarlos, yeah, same here. I never saw it before, and I suspect it could be a single user trying to do the same thing many times04:48
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@85-125-227-23.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
carlosI guess04:49
carloskiko: but anyway looks like a bug04:49
kikowell, all crashes are bugs. :)04:49
carloskiko: https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileTR8kR2.html04:51
carlosthat error makes no sense04:51
carloswe got the string from the database04:52
carlosbut after that, our code fails to find it again...04:52
kikolet's see04:55
carlosI think I found the problem04:55
carlosor at least the only explanation I can think on...04:55
flacostebradb: how can I check that a user is allowed to access a private bug?04:56
carlosbut that means that the user was playing with the system without using our forms or he was translating while a .pot file was updated and one of the msgids was disabled in that new .pot file....04:56
bradbflacoste: The standard check_permission("launchpad.View", bug), perhaps.04:57
kikocarlos, the latter one could be, hmmm.04:58
carloskiko: I don't see any .pot import for dapper in our queue04:59
kikowell, it was yesterday was it not?04:59
carlosand it should be there at least for 3 days05:00
kikoeven if it was approved?05:00
carloskiko: yeah, we move them to the 'IMPORTED' status05:00
carlosand leave them there for three days05:00
kikoI see.05:00
carlosjust to help us to debug this kind of things05:01
kikoodd then05:01
carlosanyway, I will debug this problem05:02
carlosbecause there are some oops from different people05:02
carlosso I guess it's another bug that I'm missing05:02
carloseven if it's not a bug in our side, the exception raised is completely wrong...05:03
kikohey SteveA05:15
kikois there a way to group soyuz tests inside launchpad/doc/ ?05:15
kikoperhaps into a story even?05:15
kikoor a set of stories?05:15
jameshkiko: grouping unrelated tests into stories is not helpful05:25
jamesh(at least the way pagetest stories are interpreted)05:25
carloskiko: https://launchpad.canonical.com/RosettaLandings05:26
carloskiko: is that information enough for your weekly report?05:26
carlos(sending you it by email directly)05:26
kikocarlos, well, I already do that work, going through commits.05:27
kikocarlos, what I wanted was a one-two paragraph description of user-visible changes05:27
kikoand a description of progress that happened outside of landings05:27
kikoand a description for landings in the case where the landings were very very obscure.05:27
kikothat would help me more05:27
carlosok, so we need to change the concept of that page05:28
carlosI thought you were more interested on the landings we do05:28
carlosanyway, that's easy to do too05:28
kikothe landings I see in launchpad-commits05:29
kikothat's easy to keep track of05:29
kikothe hard part is the stuff which only you guys know about (or understand well!)05:29
jameshkiko: if you want to group stuff under launchpad/doc into subdirectories, it should be pretty easy to modify launchpad/ftests/test_system_documentation.py to find them there05:30
carloskiko: does it include user support? or just things related directly with launchpad server?05:30
jameshno need to add order dependencies to currently independent tests05:30
=== Mez [i=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has left #launchpad []
kikocarlos, user support is good too05:31
kikoanything that would make sense in a launchpad report05:31
carloskiko: when are you going to send next report?05:31
kikocarlos, next tuesday, I think -- next rollout.05:33
carlosok, we will prepare a new version of our document tomorrow and check it again with you to be completely sure that it fits what you expect05:35
carlosdanilos: did you read it? ^^^^05:35
daniloscarlos: not yet, I will now05:36
kikosure thing!05:36
carlosdanilos: it's just that we need to improve our report page05:37
daniloscarlos: sure, need to add mention of new plural forms formulae etc.05:37
carlosdanilos: but let's do it tomorrow in our daily meeting05:37
carlosdanilos: yeah05:38
daniloscarlos: sure05:38
=== Mez [i=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #launchpad
Mezare there any reasons bugs have dissapeared from the DB?05:38
carlosMez: As far as I know, we don't remove any bug ever05:38
Mezcarlos: weird... I'm getting an OOPS-234A37305:40
carloshmm, The oops page is not working...05:41
UbugtuMalone bug 1844 in ubp-hoary-unofficial "k3b crashes when many files dragged into a project" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  05:41
matsubaracarlos: that's because the oops is not available yet05:41
carlosmatsubara: and we get an Internal Server Error? 05:41
carlosthat's broken...05:41
malccYeah, we should get an OOPS for it :)05:42
matsubaracarlos: yeah, it's broken. I noticed that today and will report it.05:42
carlosMez: seems like that product doesn't exist anymore...05:43
carlosmatsubara: ok, thanks05:43
Mezwhy would the product have been deleted?05:43
carlosI think kiko did some cleanups05:43
carloskiko: ?05:44
=== newz2000 [n=matt@12-216-147-124.client.mchsi.com] has joined #launchpad
carlosdid you touch that one?05:44
Mezwell if they're doing cleaning - could someone clear out evil bad branches ?05:44
bradbhm, that bug 1844 situation is indeed strange. the bug is still reported on that product, so it must exist in the db05:45
UbugtuMalone bug 1844 in ubp-hoary-unofficial "k3b crashes when many files dragged into a project" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/184405:45
carlosbradb: indeed it exists: https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+bug/184405:46
bradbmaybe the product was marked inactive or something?05:46
carlosbradb: but seems like the product is being hidden05:46
carlosI guess05:46
carlosMez: are you using that product?05:48
newz2000bug 57298 was reported against ubuntu but really should be against the product ubuntu-website. What is the best way for me to make the proper association?05:49
UbugtuMalone bug 57298 in Ubuntu "[wiki bug]  Link tabs float in Opera" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5729805:49
carlosMez: if that's the case, please, file a bug against launchpad to show it again. I guess it was an error 05:49
daniloskiko: any chance of finding some time to review 2237? (as I said, only tests and style issues changed)05:49
mdkenewz2000: reject the Ubuntu task and open an Upstream ubuntu-website task05:50
Mezcarlos: no - I just was looking at old stuff05:51
carlosI see05:51
MezDoes ANYONE have access to the supermirror? 05:53
MezI just need a folder deleting05:53
Mezit's beginning to **** me off now05:54
kikoMez, have you tried doing a bzr init to it?05:54
newz2000mdke: thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for05:54
Mezkiko ... ?05:55
LarstiQMez: http://bzr.richtlijn.be/bzr.create-prefix/ has a 'bzr push --force' that should help05:55
Mezbzr: ERROR: unknown long option '--force' for command push05:56
LarstiQMez: I don't like the naming and other aspects of it, but does it work for you?05:56
LarstiQMez: well yeah, you do need my branch. I can give you a patch if you want05:56
=== newz2000 [n=matt@12-216-147-124.client.mchsi.com] has left #launchpad ["Talk]
MezLarstIQ... I dont have access to change the files for bzr05:57
LarstiQMez: do you mind downloading my branch then, and using the bzr from there? If it does work for you, I'll polish it up and submit to bzr.dev05:58
=== Mez gets annoyed at the supermirror (and sftp's inability to put mutiple dirs)
=== reitblatt [n=mark@cpe-68-175-12-148.hvc.res.rr.com] has joined #launchpad
reitblattAnyone know if there has been any movement on https://launchpad.net/products/malone/+bug/48860 ?06:09
UbugtuMalone bug 48860 in malone ""Also notified" makes difficult to unsubscribe" [Critical,Confirmed]  06:09
bradbreitblatt: Not yet, sorry.06:10
reitblattCheck out Bug #4784806:10
UbugtuMalone bug 47848 in ubiquity "should warn at partitioning stage if /boot is on XFS" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4784806:10
reitblattthere have been a LOT of dupes, and a lot of people are getting upset =/06:11
reitblattwould it be possible for someone to manually unsubscribe people in that list?06:11
reitblattjust as a temp solution?06:11
bradburgh, that is rough06:12
reitblattI count about 90 dupes on that bug06:12
reitblattso, at least that many people pulled in on it06:13
reitblattit was a very popular bug ;)06:13
bradbreitblatt: a temp solution is not really possible on that bug, sorry.06:13
reitblattany ideas how long till we get a solution then?06:14
reitblattnot trying to rush you06:14
reitblattjust like to know06:14
bradbreitblatt: i understand your pain. it depends on the solution. if you were able unsubscribe from that bug, would you expect to be just unsubscribed from the dupe that caused you to get notifications from that bug to begin with?06:14
reitblattnot my pain, I don't have too much of a problem with it06:15
=== bradb is not yet even sure if that will be an "easy" solution either, but...
reitblattGMail handles it real nice06:15
reitblattI'm just concerned that we may be losing future bug reports and users06:16
bradbme too06:17
bradbthere's one big thing i have to get off my plate before i can get to fixing that.06:18
bradband i've almost gotten that big thing off my plate06:18
reitblatthow many guys you got working on Malone?06:20
bradbreitblatt: officially, two. but several more on the lp dev team have fixed malone bugs.06:23
UbugtuNew bug: #57312 in rosetta "Translation form fails with NameNotAvailable exception" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5731206:30
=== LarstiQ prods Mez
Mezstill fetching06:38
Mezaha just finished06:38
=== LarstiQ grins
lucasvowhy do .po files need a review?06:40
MezLarstiQ, now what ?06:40
LarstiQMez: iirc, you have a branch you want to push, right?06:41
lucasvoand how long does it take?06:41
=== bradb & # lunch
MezLarstiQ - one sec06:41
LarstiQlifeless: are you around?06:44
MezI cant blow it away thats the thing I need an LP admin to do it06:44
LarstiQMez: do you think you might be able to delete .bzr instead?06:45
=== LarstiQ could make it do that first
Meztheres nothing in that folder06:46
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LarstiQperhaps I'm confusing things06:46
MezI deleted it all06:46
LarstiQI thought you had leftovers from an interrupted push?06:48
MezI deleted them manually06:48
Mezbut I cant delete the folder itself06:48
LarstiQright, I can't personally help with that. But wasn't the actual goal something else?06:49
Mezto upload the damn branch06:49
LarstiQok, so I didn't misremember06:50
=== LarstiQ checks the code again
LarstiQMez: afaict, you should be able to 'bzr init sftp://mez@bazaar.launchpad.net/~katapult-dev/katapult/0.3.x-dev' at this point06:51
LarstiQcould you paste the ~/.bzr.log traceback for this?06:52
=== htraki [n=tomi@a0958.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has joined #launchpad
=== LarstiQ would _really_ like to have bug infestations right now
LarstiQMez: does the create-prefix bzr behave differently for the init?06:54
Mezit works if i use your version06:55
LarstiQyou are using 0.8.2 otherwise?06:55
LarstiQthat would mean that remote-init fix only got included in 0.9, feh06:55
Mezooh iot's working06:56
Mezmez@tiber % ~/bzr.create-prefix/bzr push                                                /home/mez/katapult/0.3.x-dev 12:49PM06:56
MezPlease rename ~/.bazaar/branches.conf to ~/.bazaar/locations.conf06:56
MezUsing saved location: sftp://mez@bazaar.launchpad.net/~katapult-dev/katapult/0.3.x-dev06:56
MezEnter passphrase for key '/home/mez/.ssh/id_dsa':06:56
MezPlease rename ~/.bazaar/branches.conf to ~/.bazaar/locations.conf06:56
MezI think06:56
LarstiQMez: any reason you aren't renaming branches.conf? :)06:56
LarstiQddaa, lifeless: could you confirm deleting branches from the supermirror is strictly disallowed in all cases?06:57
MezLarstiQ, is it meant to error out there ?06:57
Mezor should it like ...06:58
Mezcarry on with upload?06:58
Mezah it's pushing now :D06:58
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=== carlos -> out
carlossee you!07:08
Mezwho can rescan a branch ?07:15
LarstiQMez: that happens automatically, if possible, ddaa or lifeless would be the ones to convince it to do so automatically07:20
Mezhow often automatically ?07:21
LarstiQthe reasonable upper limit people expect is once daily, though it can happen faster07:23
LarstiQsftp:// is accessible immediately of course, so team members can keep working07:23
Mezah cool07:24
Mezthats useful07:24
LarstiQhttps://launchpad.net/people/mez/+branch/katapult/0.3.x-dev right?07:26
Mezgah what worked for one branch didnt work properly for another07:26
LarstiQor no07:26
=== LarstiQ should check ~kataput
=== LarstiQ nods
Mezit pushed properly07:27
LarstiQ19:26:46 < Mez> gah what worked for one branch didnt work properly for another07:28
LarstiQwhat did you mean with that?07:28
Mezwell for 0.3.x-dev i init'd then pushed07:28
Meznow with dev07:28
MezI've inited and push wont work07:28
LarstiQthe init is a bit of a workaround, handy for when you have an existing dir you want to use, but can't remove it07:29
LarstiQMez: what other branch is this?07:29
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Mezhmm its now working07:30
MezLarstiQ, ty for the help :D07:31
LarstiQMez: np, feel free to nag me in the future07:32
LarstiQI can't do much about launchpad, but I can hack on bzr ;)07:32
Meznp, will do07:32
salgadobradb, around?07:34
Mezwhere are the instructions for using the supermirror?07:35
bradbsalgado: hi, just got back07:37
salgadohey bradb.  I think I recall you saying something about "browser.getControl(name='foo').value = 'bar'"  not working properly?07:40
salgadoam I crazy or you did actually notice that?07:41
=== jelmer [n=jelmer@gwalcmai.vernstok.nl] has joined #launchpad
bradbsalgado: You might have to do .value = [...] 07:42
bradbsalgado: What kind of control?07:42
=== janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #launchpad
LarstiQMez: I don't see anything on help.launchpad.net07:42
LarstiQMez: so I'd go with http://blogs.gnome.org/view/jamesh/2006/08/17/1 then07:43
=== LarstiQ heads to dinner
janimohi all, who should I ping to try reimporting some upstream svn trunks to native bzr this time, as they failed with the baz imports?07:44
salgadobradb, yeah, it's a checkbox and I did .value = [...] .  I thought you said something about it not working because of the name='foo'.07:44
bradbsalgado: checkbox should be .selected = True07:45
bradbsalgado: I usually write that as: browser.getControl("Label of checkbox").selected = True, for clarity07:45
salgadooh, right07:46
salgadoyeah, I do that too, but I want to specify a different value for the checkbox --not one of the values that are rendered and thus have a label07:46
salgadothis is obviously not the right place to test this.  I'll move it somewhere more appropriate07:47
salgadogotta run07:48
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bradbsalgado-afk: xx-bug-listing-unexpected-form-data.txt does that kind of testing in the URL, but that's not so good if you're doing a post, of course...07:53
sivangnight all, I'm singing out for today.07:53
kikojamesh, the issue I have is that I need a very large bit of setup done for the soyuz tests.07:56
kikojamesh, so it would benefit us a lot if we could run them as a story07:57
kikojamesh, setup first, and then the tests.07:57
Mezw00t :D08:03
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Zaxxon! files08:21
Zaxxon! help08:21
Zaxxon? help08:21
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liran_how to submit new bug on launchpad?08:47
bradbliran_: Do you want to file a bug on the Launchpad application itself?08:48
flacosteliran_: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+filebug08:48
bradbOr in Ubuntu, etc.08:48
liran_bradb: yeah im part of the ubuntulaptopteam so i want to submit a bug to the team08:49
bradbliran_: For Ubuntu, it's https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+filebug08:50
bradbliran_: They'll automatically get the bugmail if they're a bug contact for the package on which you file the bug.08:50
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liran_bradb: you mean in the package text box i should fill up "UbuntuLaptopTeam"?08:51
liran_bradb: because i dont see anywhere else to assign the bug specifically for the team.08:51
bradbliran_: No, for the package, you should fill in whatever package the bug is in, or just leave it "I don't know"08:52
bradbliran_: You can assign it to the team only after the bug is filed.08:52
Zaxxonis anyone here using or know of chillispot ????08:52
liran_bradb: ahh i see.08:52
liran_Zaxxon: yeah i know of it.08:52
liran_bradb: thanks.08:52
bradbliran_: no prob08:52
Zaxxonis it hard to setup and use ??08:53
liran_Zaxxon: i've never set it up so i dont know08:53
Zaxxonwill replce a wifi router do you think ??08:53
Zaxxonwill it replce a wifi router what do you think ??08:55
liran_Zaxxon: it depends what you're looking for.08:55
liran_Zaxxon: its more for building a hot-spot-in-a-box which means managing users, radius, database, billing, reporting, etc.. if the only thing you want is a wifi router so i suggest just get one its cheaper and less of a headache08:55
Zaxxonwell I'm setting up a HotSpot with tow ap's ext so looking for a good hotspot controller..08:56
liran_Zaxxon: whats your main directive though?08:56
Zaxxonto control log in's and to give usernames and passwords for access08:58
Zaxxontotal admin08:58
Zaxxonliran_ thay have a web page ,,, i'll take a look 09:00
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liran_bradb: i submitted the bug but i dont see where to assign it to a certain team09:07
bradbliran_: Sorry, it's not terribly obvious, but you have to click on the package name link on the bug page, in that table at the top.09:08
liran_oh i see.09:09
liran_bradb: yep thats it, thanks again.09:09
bradbliran_: no prob :)09:10
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bradbBjornT: ping12:10

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