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GNAM@schedule rome08:34
UbugtuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 22 Aug 18:00: Community Council | 23 Aug 14:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 22:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 22:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team08:34
Burgundavia@schedule vancouver08:34
UbugtuSchedule for America/Vancouver: 22 Aug 09:00: Community Council | 23 Aug 05:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 13:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 13:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 08:00: Ubuntu Development Team08:34
GNAM2 month to edgy08:35
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imbrandon@schedule us/chicago12:55
imbrandon@schedule chicago12:55
UbugtuSchedule for America/Chicago: 22 Aug 11:00: Community Council | 23 Aug 07:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 15:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 15:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 10:00: Ubuntu Development Team12:55
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UbugtuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 22 Aug 18:00: Community Council | 23 Aug 14:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 22:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 22:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team02:17
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profoX`!time Brussels04:19
profoX`(whats that command to show timezone? :)04:20
MithrandirBrussels is UTC+204:20
Hobbsee@time brussels04:20
UbugtuCurrent time in Europe/Brussels: August 22 2006, 16:21:02 - Next meeting: Community Council in 1 hour 38 minutes04:21
profoX`oh thanks its @ :)04:21
profoX`Hobbsee: I want to put a new item on the agenda, should I add it to "General Agenda Items and Proposals" on the Community Council Agenda? and create a wiki page somewhere to explain my goal?04:26
HobbseeprofoX`: yeah, i'd say so04:27
profoX`Hobbsee: thanks :)04:27
licio@schedule Sao_Paulo04:28
UbugtuSchedule for America/Sao_Paulo: 22 Aug 13:00: Community Council | 23 Aug 09:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 17:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 17:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 12:00: Ubuntu Development Team04:28
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Arbiteri'll be back soon05:14
=== AlexRocha [n=AlexRoch@c9263a3e.bsb.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
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DShepherdare the logs availabke for the community council meeting that was schedule eariler?05:27
Kamionit hasn't happened yet - it's in about half an hour05:28
naliothDShepherd: yes all this channel is logged05:29
naliothDShepherd: you can review everything that goes on here05:29
DShepherdnalioth: where can i go to do that..05:31
DShepherdKamion: thanks for the info05:31
naliothDShepherd: /msg ubotu logs05:31
DShepherdnalioth: 05:32
DShepherdnalioth: thanks for that information 05:32
naliothyou're welcome05:33
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Arbiter@schedule Rome05:49
UbugtuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 22 Aug 18:00: Community Council | 23 Aug 14:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 22:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 22:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team05:49
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Arbiterphew just in time05:50
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:Ubugtu] : Current meeting: Community Council | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 23 Aug 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 30 Aug 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team
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ubuntu_demonhi all05:55
carthikhey ubuntu_demon 05:56
ubuntu_demonhi carthik05:56
ubuntu_demoncarthik: do we know eachother ? :)05:57
carthikubuntu_demon, now we do :) (Was just echoing the "Hi")05:57
ubuntu_demonhey tseliot , matthew505:58
dholbachubuntu_demon: some people started asking for your real name :-)05:58
dholbachubuntu_demon: you keep it quite quiet :)05:58
carthik...and a real hackergotchi05:59
=== jono [n=jono@mail.openadvantage.org] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
highvoltageubuntu_demon: a real hackergotchi would be nice :)05:59
tseliotubuntu_demon's real name is.... Ubuntu Demon05:59
dholbachhellas jono!05:59
jonohey dholbach :)05:59
=== LazyBear [n=Bjorn@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
dholbachtseliot: I don't believe you :)05:59
=== Gloubiboulga [n=gauvain@ubuntu/member/gloubiboulga] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
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tseliothow come?05:59
=== sigurdga [n=sigurdga@248.80-202-221.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
matthew5I've seen ubuntu_demon's picture...he's red06:00
matthew5and likes sunglasses06:00
ubuntu_demondholbach: I was present at UDS in Paris. You might have remembered my real name ;)06:00
carthikmatthew5, does he have horns and a tail too? :)06:00
dholbachtseliot: and don't tell me you're T.S. Elliot :)06:00
simiradholbach: Roald, his host says ;)06:00
=== AndreNoel [n=noel@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
matthew5carthik, I saw the horns, can't vouch for the tail06:00
tseliotDon't you know me?06:00
dholbachubuntu_demon: not everybody had the chance to see you there :)06:00
=== elmo [n=james@83-216-156-21.jamest747.adsl.metronet.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ubuntu_demonhighvoltage , carthik : I like my present hackergothi. I also use it on the forums. People recognize it.06:01
tseliotBTW is T.S. Eliot (with one "l") ;)06:01
NickGarveymeeting is now right?06:01
tseliotyep, I guess so06:02
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UbugtuSchedule for Etc/UTC: Current meeting: Community Council | 23 Aug 12:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 20:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 20:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team06:02
Kamionok, ready to start?06:02
gnomefreakNickGarvey: i dont think it started yet06:02
ubuntu_demondholbach: I prefer my privacy. There's 140.000 users on the forums. Most are very nice but some aren't (I am in no personal issues or conflicts but I'm just a bit paranoid)06:02
Kamionthis is a meeting for consideration of membership candidates only06:02
Kamionso that we can catch up a bit06:02
simiraKamion: what about the other cases?06:02
Kamionother cases?06:02
Kamioneither we'll do them at the end, or we'll defer them to next time06:03
Kamiondepending on how time goes06:03
KamionI get thrown out of this meeting room in two hours, AFAIK06:03
simira'nough chitchat, then06:03
dholbachubuntu_demon: that's ok with me - i was just relaying :)06:03
KamionRolandoBlanco whitesoft06:03
ubuntu_demondholbach: ;)06:03
Kamionoh, we should check for quorum ...06:04
Kamionmako: here?06:04
Kamionsabdfl won't be making it06:04
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=== dholbach_ [n=daniel@p54A82627.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== mako catches up
=== DaSkreech [n=david@port0002-abm-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makomembership candidates06:06
=== GnuKemist is OgMaciel
=== soumyadip [n=soumyadi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makorolando is not here it seems?06:06
Kamionapparently not06:06
makoKirjanov Denis06:06
=== Gun_Smoke [n=daryl@c-68-85-72-195.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Seveas(Matthew Revell is already approved)06:07
makoSeveas: yes :)06:07
makoalso, for Kirjanov Denis's future reference06:08
makothe wiki page is a bit thin and the launchpad activity for the last month is not giving me a whole lot more evidence06:08
makoso i think there's still some documentation work left to go06:08
KamionI agree06:08
Kamionalso the "solved bugs" item is in fact a support ticket06:09
=== mako nods
makoalright, i'll find some way to note that or communicate it to Kirjanov after the meeting06:09
Kamionand the specification is just a few lines with no fleshing out in the form of a wiki page or anything06:09
makoalright.. moving on.. Carthik Sharma06:09
carthikmako, Hi.06:10
makocarthik: go ahead06:10
carthikIs it okay if I paste three lines by way of introduction?06:10
carthikI (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarthikSharma ) have triaged around 950 bugs (http://launchpad.net/people/carthik ), filed around 60, and help with the ubuntu-qa and desktop-bugs teams06:10
makocarthik: please do06:10
carthikI (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarthikSharma ) have triaged around 950 bugs (http://launchpad.net/people/carthik ), filed around 60, and help with the ubuntu-qa and desktop-bugs teams06:10
DShepherdthe meeting has started?06:10
carthikI write the Ubuntu Blog (http://ubuntu.wordpress.com ), and on the Fridge; and was the technical reviewer of Ubuntu Linux for Non Geeks, a No Starch Press publication.06:10
=== gnomefreak is +1 for carthik (im kind of in and out)
carthikI designed the http://ubuntu-in.org site, and am the treasurer of the LUG at UCF (http://lugatucf.org ). I try to help others on IRC whenever I can.06:10
KamionMatthew East asked me to say of carthik:06:10
KamionI've also been really impressed since Carthik joined the Fridge team, he is already a key contributor and a major part of the team with plenty of ideas and articles too. His blog shows that he will be central to the new Fridge team.06:10
=== Seveas starts cheerleading for carthik -- malone loves sending me mail on his behalf
carthikThanks Kamion 06:11
sfllawcarthik has been an essential and wonderful part of the BugSquad.06:11
KamionFWIW carthik has been very helpful on ubiquity bugs06:11
makocarthik: did you do tech for the whole book?06:11
Kamion+1 from me06:11
carthikmako, yes06:11
dholbachcarthik does incredible work for the BugSquad!06:11
makocarthik: stamina, cool! :)06:11
gnomefreakhe is a very great help with bugs :)06:12
jonontu :)06:12
dholbachhttps://launchpad.net/people/carthik/+karma say a lot :)06:12
carthikI did get paid though, so that is not really "community work", mako :)06:12
makojono: i was about to ask?06:12
makocarthik: still can be an important contribution worth considering06:12
makoanyway, loads of good stuff06:13
seb128carthik does a really good job on desktop bugs as well06:13
makocarthik: see you around for quite a while, thrilled to have you as a member :)06:13
makocarthik: where are you local to now06:13
carthikThank you, mako.06:14
carthikOrlando, FL, mako06:14
=== gora [n=gora@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makocarthik: saw your timezone, thought you might be near me :)06:14
jonocarthik, cool I am there in late sept :)06:14
carthikIf anyone wants to see mickey, I might have a couch available :)06:14
DaSkreechraphink: Some update (before the infamous Xbork) Borked my X06:15
DaSkreechI have no errors however X will not start06:15
makoi'm sure disneyworld is exactly why jono is going ;)06:15
carthikjono, cool - we could do something related at UCF (univ of central florida) or just have fun. Let me know if you need local help/cheap tickets etc06:15
elmo+1 from me too06:15
jonomako, :P06:15
jonocarthik, cool :)06:15
KamionDaSkreech: please use another channel06:15
makocarthik: welcome!06:15
profoX`DaSkreech: #ubuntu for support06:15
makoAndreas Lloyd06:15
DaSkreechWhoops ;)06:16
dholbachcarthik: ROCK ON! :)06:16
Seveascarthik, gongratulations!06:16
DaSkreechSorry finger slip06:16
makolloydinho: ?06:16
lloydinhohi all!06:16
Kamion... oh, that would be the person just there to my right06:16
Kamionnaturally I am morally obliged to say no ;-)06:16
Speccarthik: welcome06:16
simiraKamion: be nice. 06:16
Kamion(kidding, obviously)06:16
lloydinhoI've used Ubuntu since november 2004, it is the only Linux distribution I've used. Using Ubuntu inspired me to do my master's thesis on the Ubuntu community. 06:16
carthikThanks mako, Kamion, elmo, seb128, dholbach, sfllaw, gnomefreak (woot!)06:16
DaSkreechapologies all06:16
=== simira gives thumbs up for lloydinho
gnomefreakcongrats carthik 06:16
lloydinhoI am an anthropology graduate student in my final year at the University of Copenhagen, and this project has led me to a lot of other initiatives in the Ubuntu community which can be seen on my wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndreasLloyd06:17
GnuKemistcongrats carthik 06:17
jonocarthik, /msg me if you can06:17
lloydinhooh, and congrats to carthik .. :-)06:17
liciocarthik, welcome :)06:17
raphinkwelcome carthik06:17
seb128carthik: congra06:17
seb128carthik: congrat06:17
ubuntu_demonlloydinho: Was very enthousiastic on UDS. I spoke to him about his fieldwork and survey. IMHO he is a nice contribution to the Ubuntu community.06:18
makoother testimonials?06:18
makosomeone from the doc team maybe?06:18
lloydinhohey, thanks ubuntu_demon. 06:18
ubuntu_demonlloydinho: np :)06:18
lloydinhoI forgot to bring any cheerleaders.06:19
Kamionhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu is a nice piece of work06:19
=== simira cheers for lloydinho
makoi was JUST going to say that06:19
makolloydinho: so, i assume you've seen or have worked from the participate page06:19
makolloydinho: on the ubuntu website06:19
makolloydinho: this seems like that page on steroids.. or perhaps what that should page should be06:20
lloydinhomako, I have. That was the inspiration for this ContributeDoc06:20
makowhich begs the question.... :)06:20
Kamionaccess control on /participate is probably a mite too tight06:20
makoi point people to the participate page probably 5-10 times a week06:20
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DA3E2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makobut we should have that page point there06:20
Kamion(not that it can be different really due to how www. works)06:21
nixternalCC:  let me just quickly state that Lloyd is incredibly important to documentation right now, and mdke could definitely tell you more about that. Lloyd has created a lot of cool stuff for us, including the new contribute documentation...he is a great assett to the Ubuntu community w/o a doubt!06:21
makoor something06:21
Kamiona link seems pretty reasonable, perhaps if ContributeToUbuntu moved to help.u.c06:21
lloydinhowow. thanks nixternal .06:21
makoKamion: right, that's what i'm thinking06:21
nixternallets not forget /mystory either06:21
Kamionmm, what's the story on mystory?06:21
Kamionfirst I'd heard of that, wondering who's behind that address06:21
makolloydinho: it might be nice to think about what we can do what the participate page06:21
lloydinhoit's one of the marketing projects..06:21
nixternalplus he has his cool specs from the Paris Summit as well with anthro that was cool06:22
makolloydinho: maybe it should get smaller with just links to various sections in the new page06:22
lloydinhomako, we have discussed various ways of doing the participate page.06:22
makolloydinho: cool :)06:22
=== guilhermee [n=guilherm@20151079020.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
lloydinhoWorking with Corey, I also redid the HelpingUbuntu wiki page06:22
Kamionanyway; +1 for contribute page, testimonial from docteam, and it seems like a good thing to bring anthropologists into the communities they're studying on general principles :)06:23
makolloydinho: cool, i'd love to see something happen with it.. let me know and i'm happy to help you with www06:23
lloydinhoWe couldn't really decide whether it would be best to have a short or extended version.06:23
=== mako nods to Kamion
makoi'm happy to have you on board and i'm thrilled that you haven't done the whole detached outsider thing06:23
lloydinhoKamion, :-)06:23
lloydinhomako, that would have been boring :-)06:23
KamionHelpingUbuntu seems substantially duplicated from ContributeToUbuntu06:23
GnuKemistcongrats lloydinho 06:23
nixternalsweet!!!   CONGRATULATIONS!!!   lloydinho ;)06:23
makoof course, you find that making meaningful contributions makes it alot easier to have the community open up to you :)06:24
carthikcongrats lloydinho 06:24
lloydinhomako, that's what I've found, certainly.06:24
Kamionalthough it wasn't lloydinho's, I like the idea of EasyWaysToHelpUbuntu06:24
Seveaslloydinho, word!06:24
AndreNoelcongrats lloydinho06:24
lloydinhothanks all!06:24
Kamionoh, who's driving launchpad today?06:24
ubuntu_demonCongrats lloydinho06:24
makomoving on.. Vidya Ayer06:24
Kamionoh yeah, mdke sent a testimonial for lloydinho too06:24
svakshaHi All06:24
AlexRochalloydinho Congrats! :D06:24
svakshaI am Vidya Ayer from India. My wiki page is, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Svaksha06:24
Kamionfor the record:06:25
Kamion"Has contributed extremely well to the documentation team with ideas and also quite a lot of action. Again he is great to work with because of a really positive and constructive attitude. I've also seen him contribute positively to the marketing team, again providing concrete and constructive contributions."06:25
=== soumyadip [n=soumyadi@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Run]
elmoI'll do launchpad06:25
gnomefreakKamion: i dont think LP has updated in the past few days (not sure if its everything on LP)06:25
=== svaksha waits for go ahead
Kamionmdke says of svaksha:06:25
CypherBIOSlloydinho: congrats... and thanks for your great work on documentation06:25
Kamion"very good to work with, have come across her contributions to ubuntu-women and translation. She has recently joined the fridge team and will be an asset for us."06:25
Kamiongnomefreak: I mean membership approvals06:25
makosvaksha: go ahead06:25
svakshaCurrently admin 2 lists at Linuxchix, co-wrote a Sanskrit locale with Christian Perrier (Debian) and editor at DMOZ. Having used all releases since Warty, I lurked awhile in Q1'05 and later joined the Bugsquad [https://launchpad.net/people/svaksha/+karma] , Ubuntu-Women, Marketing, Fridge, and translation teams. 06:25
svakshaUbuntu-Women is doing well with many women (and men) contributing in the community, upstream and relevant Foss arenas. Have contributed articles to Fridge nd UWN. Plan to keep the Fridge cool and well stocked with community news, events, advocacy, articles, and other sound bytes flowing in, and think it would also be advantageous to synchronise news with grass-roots marketing in the Ubuntu community. 06:25
svakshaTime-permitting, hope to pitch in with tasks useful to the Motu's - packaging, testing, other technical details about Ubuntu, its relation with Debian and how they work in tandem. Have never missed an opportunity to advocate and spread the Ubuntu cheer (CD's), Ubuntu books, and my Ubuntu converts' list is aplenty with most folks giving positive feedback (almost always :-)) during follow-ups.  /End.06:26
jonoright, I have a meeting about the joys of CRM, later all06:26
svakshathanks mdke06:26
Kamionsvaksha's wiki page looks pretty solid to me, but I need to nip out for a moment before chasing up references; BRB06:26
simiralloydinho: congrats06:27
elmolloydinho: you don't appear to be trying to be in ubuntu-members in launchpad?06:27
nixternalheh, must have been caught up in the Ubuntu excitement ;)06:28
makosvaksha: what is your current involvement with the IN loco?06:29
svakshanot involved currently06:30
makois there a particular reason?06:30
svakshacurrently , time constraints 06:30
lloydinhoelmo, I just added myself this moment06:30
makoi'm just kind of curious because it sounds like you had a hand setting it up06:30
makolloydinho: approved06:31
svakshayes, but its being run equally well by others06:31
=== mako nods to svaksha
makothat's a good reason :)06:31
elmoack for svaksha from me06:33
makoalright, i'm happy with svaksha as well06:33
svakshathanks mako, elmo 06:33
=== gora [n=gora@] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Au]
=== nixternal pokes svaksha, tell them about the fridge ;)
Kamionyup, been following up references, and +1 from me - looks pretty impressive06:34
makois Alberto Milone around?06:34
tseliothere I am06:34
svakshai did nixternal06:34
carthikcongrats svaksha 06:34
tseliotcan I begin?06:34
makotseliot: ah, you're alberto milone06:34
AndreNoelcongrats svaksha06:34
makotseliot: yes, go ahead06:34
GnuKemistcongrats svaksha 06:34
svakshathanks all06:34
tseliotMy name is Alberto Milone and here is my profile on Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/people/albertomilone06:34
tseliotMy profile on the Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Tseliot06:34
tseliotMy Experience and Involvement with Ubuntu06:34
tseliotI have used Ubuntu since April 2005 when I tried it, loved it, left Windows and never looked back. One of the reasons for which I like Ubuntu is its forum, where I learnt most of the things that I know (thanks to all the people who were so kind to help me). I decided to pay back all the people who helped me by helping new (unexperienced) users, which all my guides06:34
tseliotare thought for. As a matter of fact I try explaining as many things as possible when I write my guides so that anyone can follow them, even when dealing with topics such as the recompilation of the kernel.06:35
tseliotThen I joined the Archival team on ubuntuforums.org and therefore worked on the documentation on the UDSF.06:35
tseliotI have recently become a Moderator on the Ubuntu Forums (ubuntuforums.org)06:35
tseliotHere is my profile on ubuntuforums.org:06:35
tseliotI am particularly interested in writing guides and providing support for the installation of Nvidia's proprietary drivers and for the resolution of problems with the Xserver in general (but not only).06:35
makosvaksha: did you try to joint he members team?06:35
tseliotA partial list of the guides I wrote can be found here:06:35
tseliotOR in my profile on the Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Tseliot06:35
ubuntu_demontseliot has been very valuable to the forum staff. He's also helping a lot of people with video issues.06:36
tseliotMy Projects:06:36
tseliot1) My Envy script06:36
tseliotUsers very often need the latest Nvidia driver (which is usually available as an installer and not as a deb package). Being aware of all the lenght (and difficulty) of the procedures which installing the Nvidia driver from the installer implies I decided to make the process a bit easier for beginners (in addition to my guide about it).06:36
svakshamako: no , will apply tomorrow06:36
tseliotI started a new project, which I named Envy (the Italian for Envy is "invidia"). It is a script (written in Python and packaged as a .deb file) which automates the installation of the latest Nvidia proprietary driver on Ubuntu (both Breezy and Dapper are supported). It installs all the packages needed to compile the driver and removes the restricted modules. It also offers the possibility to automatically configure the Xserve06:36
tseliotYou can find it on my homepage:06:36
tseliotand on launchpad:06:36
=== svaksha is not well today
tseliot2) Promoting Edubuntu at the University of Lecce (Italy)06:36
tseliotAnother project of mine is that of promoting Edubuntu at the University of Lecce. According to my plans part of my thesis (for my 2nd level degree) will be about Edubuntu and the study (and teaching) of foreign languages.06:36
tseliotMy Suggestions for improving Ubuntu:06:36
tseliotI have proposed the following spec for Edgy Eft:06:36
tseliotOn Launchpad:06:36
tseliotA detailed explanation on the Wiki:06:36
tseliotI have also asked the opinion of the members of Ubuntuforums.org:06:36
matthew5and he was incredibly helpful today with confused users trying to figure out what happened when they updated X and it broke...tseliot posted a great and simple way to downgrade until the fix began populating te repos06:37
makotseliot: alright, that's a bit more than a three line introduction06:37
=== nixternal has never chatted with tseliot, and really don't know him...but his "howtos" in the ubuntu forums are excellent to say the least! i use them quite a bit...also applied some of his howto's to various wiki docs as well concerning binary drivers
matthew5on the forums06:37
GnuKemistsvaksha sorry to hear that... congrats and get some rest ;)06:37
tseliotSorry mako06:37
tseliotit's my character06:37
Kamiontseliot: from the sound of things, envy will break on any system upgrade, if it relies on having the restricted modules removed06:37
ubuntu_demon+1 for tseliot06:37
tseliotKamion: yes06:38
Kamionwe are normally happy to incorporate new versions of the nvidia module into dapper-updates if asked06:38
Kamioninfinity is the contact person for that06:38
tseliotI would be glad to help06:38
tseliotI didn't know that drivers could be updated06:38
tseliotwhere can I find infinity?06:39
tselioton launchpad?06:39
Kamionit depends on the changes, but if they're targeted bug fixes, then it's possible06:39
Kamionadconrad on launchpad, infinity ere on IRC06:39
tseliotwell, the new drivers add the support for new cards06:39
Seveastseliot, we should join forces -- I do a similar thing for ati06:39
=== svaksha [n=svaksha@unaffiliated/svaksha] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
frodoni confirm that tseliot is one the great support provider on ubuntuforums, he helps a lot of users each day and contributes to the UDSF project06:40
tseliotI was thinking of plugging in an ATI card too tonight06:40
frodonhe's one of the great guys of the forum06:40
=== mr3vil [n=mr-evil@p50815F3B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
tseliotI'm really interested in this project06:40
Kamiontalk to rodarvus about the xserver-failover stuff06:41
makotseliot: there are other ways of providing updated drivers in packages that will allow for upgrades06:41
=== bit_doidao [n=duda@unaffiliated/bitdoidao/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Kamionwe already offer the safe-mode thing in gfxboot for the live CD, but it's not ideal06:41
rodarvusI just noticed the spec and subscribed to it06:41
tseliotmako:I didn't know that06:41
rodarvustseliot, Kamion: thanks06:41
Kamionhaving X do it itself would be better - we didn't have time before dapper though06:41
tseliotKamion: but the failover should work on the installed ubuntu as well06:41
Kamiontseliot: indeed - as I say doing it in the bootloader is obviously not ideal06:42
ubuntu_demontseliot helps lots of users on the forums and he's really valuable to the forum staff. So +1 ;)06:42
makotseliot: even if folks have to build their own drivers, they can build them as package06:42
tseliotmako: this is true for ati drivers06:42
tseliotmako: is it true for the nvidia driver as well?06:43
tseliotand without recompiling all the restricted modules?06:43
Seveas(maybe we're diverging a bit too far from the purpose of this meeting...)06:43
tseliotand without removing nvidia kernel common which would cause a driver mismatch?06:44
makotseliot: yes, we, or others, can talk afterward06:44
tseliotSorry Seveas06:44
makotseliot: basically, while i suspect that there are better ways of doing some of those particular things06:44
makoi'm happy to approve you just on support and forums activity alone06:45
tseliotThanks :-D06:45
ubuntu_demonmako : great06:45
makoi think i've seen you post in basically every thread i've ever gone to in the forums :)06:45
elmoyeah, ack06:45
tseliotmako: LOL06:45
GnuKemistcongrats tseliot 06:45
=== nalioth [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Kamionwith regard to the kernel compilation guide, /usr/src/linux is explicitly disrecommended by Linus these days - I'd suggest just using the user's home directory06:46
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
AndreNoelcongrats tseliot06:46
tseliotKamion: I know we should use fakeroot06:46
tseliotI'll change that06:46
tseliotAndreNoel: thanks06:46
Kamionanyway, yeah, I'm with mako on this - I do think you should be more forthright about contacting developers with problems rather than working around them sometimes, but what you've done seems pretty good06:46
Kamionso I'm happy for membership06:46
elmoexcuse me, I have to go and be human pack horse, brb06:47
Kamionwell, as well as working around them, depending :)06:47
tseliotKamion: I'd be glad to work with them06:47
frodoncongrats tseliot 06:47
tseliotinstead of working around them06:47
tseliotfrodon: thanks :-)06:47
matthew5congrats, tseliot 06:47
ubuntu_demontseliot: congrats :)06:47
tseliotmatthew5: thanks and good luck06:47
makotseliot: yeah, the general takeaway is that you should probably contact the maintainer responsible for every issue you've written scripts to work around because in some situations you'll find that there's an easier solution and in others you'll find that it's a bug or something that can be fixed in the package itself :)06:48
tseliotubuntu_demon: thanks.06:48
tseliotmako: ok, I'll do that06:48
makoAndreNoel: you are up06:48
tseliotI just didn't dare bothering them06:48
AndreNoelMy name is Andre Noel, born and living in Brazil. Graduated from Maringa State University in Computer Science in 2005. Married since 2005.06:48
AndreNoelBeen involved with Open Source since 2002, and more especifically with the Brazilian community since May 2006, thanks to incentive from OgMaciel. Started as a translator for the Brazilian Team and recently being appointed as one of the administrators of the team.06:48
AndreNoelI'm one of the administrators of Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team and I wanna help this team to grow in quantity an quality. To help in the use (and reuse) of rosetta, and in news improvements to it.06:49
Kamiontseliot: we normally don't mind :-)06:49
makotseliot: the same people will get bug reports when upgrades fail :)06:49
tseliotok, got it ;)06:49
makotseliot: easier to deal with the issue up front :)06:49
makoAndreNoel: why AndreNoel3?06:50
AndreNoeli don't know06:50
AndreNoelit was auto06:50
AndreNoelit's my login on wiki06:50
Kamionthe auto-import-everybody-we've-heard-of thing did that sometimes06:51
=== mako nods
CypherBIOSmako: it's the default sugestion of Launchpad for existent wiki06:51
CypherBIOSI wold like say some words about AndreNoel;06:51
CypherBIOSmay I?06:52
CypherBIOSHe is a active member of Brazilian Community, one of majoritaries translators that is working very hard to make the Ubuntu 100% tranlated for Brazilian Portuguese, and making a excelent job.06:52
AndreNoeltks CypherBIOS!06:53
CypherBIOSAlso, he works in the Brazilian Wiki <http://wiki.ubuntubrasil.org>, making some usefull pages and Faqs, with the Brazilian Documentation Team.06:53
GnuKemistmako elmo Kamion AndreNoel has become a very important part for the administration of the brazilian team as well as the community as a whole.  He is genuinely interested in bringing Ubuntu to the brazilian masses with a 100% translated system and has become extremelly active advocating Linux in his community.  I completely stand behind his candidacy.06:53
AndreNoeltks GnuKemist06:54
CypherBIOSYour work (AndreNoel) extends to the mailling lists, where he help and guide much users and new translators06:54
GnuKemistAndreNoel you deserve it my friend06:54
AlexRochaI agree with what CypherBIOS and GnuKemist said06:55
sfairas a member of Brasiliam Documentation Team +1 for opinions about AndreNoel06:55
makook.. lots of translations06:56
AndreNoeltks AlexRocha and sfair06:56
makoi'm happy with membership based on translations testimonials06:56
CypherBIOSAndreNoel: somebody forgot something? AndreNoel is a autor of Brazilian Ubuntu Planet06:56
AndreNoelrecently listed on topcontributors06:56
GnuKemistmako he goes beyond just performing translations, but also spends a lot of his time sharing his knowledge with volunteers06:57
CypherBIOSyep, one of Top Contribuitors in Launchpad too06:57
makoalright: Kamion, elmo ?06:57
Kamionseems to be well above the level we normally require from translators06:58
Kamionso +1 from me06:58
Kamion(and obviously coordination types are always welcome)06:58
Kamionthanks for your attested work there06:58
AndreNoelthank you06:58
GnuKemistKamion and he is really good at coordinating06:58
bit_doidaomako and all, i confirm the good job of AndreNoel :)06:59
AndreNoeltks bit06:59
makoLorenzoVillani Arbiter06:59
makoyou're up06:59
Arbiterit's me06:59
ArbiterHi i'm Lorenzo Villani and I use ubuntu since version 5.04.06:59
ArbiterAfter trying Ubuntu I immediately loved it. Awesome community, awesome technical choices and clear development-model.06:59
ArbiterI'm now helping by doing some packaging stuff, translation work and I help new users to get into the Ubuntu (and Linux) world.06:59
ArbiterI'm also spreading the work about Ubuntu (and Linux in general) here in Florence.06:59
ArbiterPackages i've made: colorscheme, agave, kdocker - working: libgimp-cil, debian-servicemenu, attach-to-email-servicemenu06:59
ArbiterTranslation work is listed at: https://launchpad.net/people/arbiter/+translations06:59
ArbiterMy future plans are to become firstly an Ubuntu Member (that's why I'm here ;-) ), then a MOTU and (why not?) a Core-Dev :)06:59
Arbiter...and improve kubuntu and make the PackageCandidates list shorter and become part of the Italian LoCo Team (currently waiting for approvation) :)06:59
makoArbiter: how long have you been working on packages?07:00
GnuKemistmako, what is the outcome for AndreNoel?07:00
SeveasGnuKemist, elmo isn't back yet so still 'pending'07:01
GnuKemistSeveas gotcha07:01
Arbitertwo months as far as i remember07:01
makoGnuKemist: waiting for elmo?07:01
makoArbiter: that's the bare minimum of what i'd like to see for demonstration of a sustained contribution07:01
makoArbiter: for membership of course07:02
elmoack from me for AndreNoel 07:02
GnuKemistAndreNoel congrats!!!07:02
Arbitermako: my translation work is more than my packaging work07:02
AndreNoeltks elmo07:02
GloubiboulgaArbiter has done a good job on packages, and I really appreciate the fact that he wants to reduce the PackageCandidates page :)07:02
AlexRochaAndreNoel Congrats! :D07:02
AndreNoeltks friends07:02
Arbiteri've started making packages a short time ago...07:02
CypherBIOSAndreNoel: congrats my friend!07:02
=== GnuKemist back to work
bit_doidaoAndreNoel, very well! congrats!07:03
RiddellArbiter: what plans do you have to improve kubuntu?07:04
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== GnuKemist [n=omaciel@ubuntu/member/gnukemist] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
=== sfair [n=sfair@dma03.feg.unesp.br] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Aumentando]
bit_doidaoCypherBIOS, good work on AptOnCd! im just leraning python with it :)07:04
ArbiterRiddell: at first: there are a lots of packages in Kubuntu Candidates07:04
Arbiter(for universe)07:04
=== Gun_Smoke [n=daryl@c-68-85-72-195.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Arbiteri want to make them and get them into universe as soon as possible07:05
makoi'm not sure my personal threshold has been reached by the information linked to from the wiki alone07:05
makoare there testimonials here for Arbiter 07:05
RiddellArbiter: cool, give us a ping on #kubuntu-devel if there's stuff to be reviewed07:05
Arbitermy plan is to become a kubuntu-member too07:05
makoArbiter: membership doesn't need to proceed major contributions07:06
makoArbiter: and in fact, shouldn't07:06
makoit's the other way around07:06
makoArbiter: unless there are people we know here who will give testimonials, i think we should pass this week07:07
=== Kamion accepts kdocker into universe
makoKamion: :)07:08
=== bit_doidao is preparing some works and tutorials for candidate for membership. on the right time. :)
KamionI guess one of your links just became out of date ;)07:08
ArbiterKamion: heh :D07:08
makoArbiter: want to wait until for hte next meeting or so? we've go to wrap up07:09
GloubiboulgaArbiter, yep, I wrote a few words already :)07:09
makoi set this as a 1h meeting :)07:09
Arbitermako: Gloubiboulga is my only testimonial07:09
makowhich is now into its 68th meetiinute :)07:09
ArbiterHobbsee has gone to bed... so...07:09
KamionI don't really have a strong opinion - I think Arbiter's making pretty good progress07:09
=== mako nods to Kamion
makoin fairness to others, i'd really like to see a couple testimonials from people who have worked with him, reviewed packages07:10
Gloubiboulgamako, I did07:11
makoGloubiboulga: are you the only one?07:11
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DA3E2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Gloubiboulgamako, the only one present here I guess07:11
Arbiterothers were bddebian and sistpoty iirc07:11
Arbiterplus Hobbsee07:11
=== AndreNoe1 [n=noel@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makoGloubiboulga: i'm not ignoring you, i appreciate your comments :)07:12
makoArbiter: even emailed testimonials would be good07:13
Gloubiboulgamako, his work on packages was really good, and het get 3 packages uploaded quite quickly07:13
simirabddebian is online and active07:13
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Gloubiboulgahello bddebian :)07:14
bddebianHowdy folks07:14
makobddebian: hi, we're talking about Arbiter's application for membership07:16
makoi'd really like to touch on the other candidates07:16
makoi am already 15 minutes for another appointment and want to give everyone a chance07:16
makocan we move on for a second?07:17
makomatthew5: can you go quickly?07:17
Arbiterno problem for me07:17
matthew5I'll try07:17
matthew5Here's a short bil07:17
bddebianWell he has been active on REVU07:17
makoArbiter: cool, thanks for being patient07:17
matthew5I am a writer by trade, currently working on a self-funded research project in Morocco looking at Moroccan Arabic humor and how it reveals culture. I have a degree from the University of Arizona in Education and Social Sciences and have never worked in a tech-related field. I have been a teacher, a language school administrator, and done a ton of other stuff as well. I'm 36, married with 3 kids. My Ubuntu experien07:17
matthew5ce began in April 2005 when I bought a linux magazine with a Hoary cd in it. I set up a dual boot with WinXP and found myself using Ubuntu about 95% of the time within a couple of weeks.07:17
matthew5I had lots of questions at the beginning and got help for all of them in the Ubuntu Forums. As time passed I noticed others asking similar questions or questions about things I had just figured out so I started answering them as a way to give back to the community. I was asked to be a part of the forum staff, and while I was honored I turned down the offer the first time as I didn't feel like I had learned enough 07:17
matthew5to be really helpful. Time passed and I continued to try to help when and where I could feeling like I had received so much at no cost to myself I should give something back. I was asked again to join the staff and was convinced. That was in March 2006. The rest is in my wiki and launchpad pages.07:17
matthew5sorry, more than 3 lines...07:18
tseliotMatthew is a very active member and a very diplomatic moderator of ubuntuforums.org. He manages to keep the tension low and avoid flamewars (a great gift indeed). He is a real peace maker ;)07:18
ubuntu_demonmatthew5: has been really valuable to the forum staff. He also helps a lot of users on the forums. +107:19
Kamionmatthew5: in dapper you shouldn't need vga=771 any more, we hope07:19
makoany other testimonials for matthew5?07:19
matthew5I don't. I should update that07:19
Kamion(since we changed the default console resolution)07:19
matthew5I did for hoary and breezy, thoug07:20
=== givre [n=flo@APuteaux-152-1-58-155.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Kamionso the non-forums contributions are a bit light, but being invited to join staff clearly indicates you were being useful on the forums :)07:20
matthew5I freely admit the non-forums contribs are few07:21
matthew5I hope I've been a bit helpful on the forums, though07:21
matthew5I try07:21
tseliotKamion: he is an invaluable help on the forum07:21
=== AndreNoe1 is now known as AndreNoel
ubuntu_demonI agree with tseliot07:22
Kamionmatthew5: yep, not a criticism, just a comment07:22
matthew5Kamion, that's how I took it :)07:22
=== dudus [n=dudus@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makothe forums contributions are impressive07:23
makoyou've got my support for membershi07:23
matthew5thank you07:23
elmoyeah, ack07:23
ubuntu_demonI gotta go07:23
ubuntu_demonsorry guys07:23
matthew5elmo, thanks07:24
makoalright then :)07:24
tseliotubuntu_demon: bye07:24
bddebianmako: +1 for Arbiter from me.  He has several packages sitting on review.  I unfortunately have only had a chance to review a couple so far as we are behind on reviewing but seem to be well done.07:24
makoNealBussett ?07:25
Kamion+1 for matthew5, after following up on forums contributions07:25
matthew5Kamion, thank you07:25
makoAhmad Muammar ''y3dips''?07:25
makoalright then07:27
makothat's the list07:27
makothanks folks for showing up.. 07:27
makoArbiter: still around?07:27
Arbiterthanks bddebian && Gloubiboulga :)07:28
=== tseliot [n=tseliot@host206-249.pool877.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Kopete]
makoArbiter: personally, i'd feel better if we waited until the next meeting..07:29
Arbiterno problem :)07:29
makoArbiter: you've done lots of good work though, and i don't feel too strongly 07:29
makoArbiter: so if there's a rush, we can do it now07:30
makoArbiter: cool then, lets put you first for the next meeting :)07:30
makoArbiter: and see if we can scare up a couple more testimonials07:30
Arbiterheh :D07:30
makoArbiter: cool, see you next time :)07:30
makoelmo, Kamion: and you two as well07:30
Seveasmako, when will 'next time' be?07:31
Arbitersee you too mako :)07:31
makotwo weeks from today?07:31
elmotwo weeks from today - time to be determined07:31
Seveascan I suggest doing it a bit early07:31
=== tseliot [n=tseliot@host206-249.pool877.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makoearlier in the day?07:31
makothat's fine.. but if we go too much ealier, i won't be able to make it07:31
makolike more than 4-5h07:31
Seveasthe past few meetings have been unfair to nz/au07:31
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makowe can also go much later07:31
elmosabdfl won't be around07:31
elmoso it'll need to be us 3 again07:32
Arbitercan the CC be at the same hour of this one? :)07:32
makoif sabdfl doesn't konw he can be there, we should plan it so that i can be there07:32
elmobut anytime (up until about 1am UTC is fine by me)07:32
gnomefreakwhat about 1800 utc?07:32
elmo(and from about 5am UTC)07:32
Seveas@now melbourne07:32
UbugtuCurrent time in Australia/Melbourne: August 23 2006, 03:32:53 - Current meeting: Community Council07:32
makoArbiter: we could even do 20UTC07:32
makoor 21UTC07:32
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Kamionditto elmo although I'd find 5am UTC pretty unpleasant07:33
Seveaslate utc would be early AU, might work as well07:33
Kamion1am is fine as long as it doesn't go on too long07:33
makook. lets do 21UTC then07:33
gnomefreakim trying to think when the kubuntu meetings are i know they are right around 4pm est07:33
=== nalioth [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makoor even 22UTC07:33
Seveas22UTC would be 8am07:33
Seveasmight be better than 21 ;)07:33
makothat sounds reasonable07:33
makook, 22UTC two weeks from today07:34
=== Seveas will edit the wikipage
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makoSeveas: going to remove approved candidates?07:34
gnomefreakthe 5th at 22utc?07:34
Seveasmove to 'approved' ;)07:34
elmooh, talking of candidates07:34
Riddellgnomefreak: 21UTC usually07:34
elmowe should probably trim the LP list07:34
elmoand just remove anyone who's been on there > 2 months07:35
elmodoes that sound reasonable?07:35
Seveasit does to me07:35
gnomefreakRiddell: yeah and hobbsee complains its too early ;) lol07:35
Kamionthey can always reapply07:35
Arbitermako: i don't need to paste my intro next time, right? :D07:37
gnomefreakwhy not get the people to back you by emailing one of the CC07:38
KamionI'd prefer that just be a fallback option in case people can't make it to the meeting - it gets hard to track otherwise07:39
Kamionthough I don't mind it if people can't make it07:39
makognomefreak: they can email community-council07:40
makothen it goes to everyone07:40
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Seveasurgh -- wiki being dog-slow :/07:50
elmothere's a lot of people subscribed to cc agenda that slows it down07:50
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Seveasall pages are slow 07:54
Seveasanyway -- edit done. I alos added the date-people-added-themselves to all member candidates and locoteams07:54
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:Ubugtu] : Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 23 Aug 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 20:00 UTC: Technical Board | 30 Aug 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team
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profoX`@schedule Brussels08:41
UbugtuSchedule for Europe/Brussels: 23 Aug 14:00: Edubuntu | 29 Aug 22:00: Technical Board | 30 Aug 22:00: Edubuntu | 31 Aug 17:00: Ubuntu Development Team08:41
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profoX`Are the topics on the technical board meeting open for everyone to talk about? I added an item to the agenda and of course I'd like to defend it next meeting.09:10
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LureprofoX`: yes, TB is open for everyone09:38
profoX`Lure: ok, cool09:38
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