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HedgeMagehi Burgwork 12:32
pygiHedgeMage, !!!12:33
HedgeMagehi pygi :)12:33
Burgworkhey HedgeMage 12:40
HedgeMageWhat's up?12:40
Burgworknot much12:46
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IlusionHI. :)01:28
Ilusionlooks crowded in here... 01:28
Ilusionanyone up for answering inanae n00b questions?01:28
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=== Ilusion is stumped with edubuntu cross architechture LTSP setup...
IlusionAnyone? Buhler?01:29
BurgworkIlusion, what is your issue>?01:29
Ilusionfollwoing instructions here:01:29
Ilusionget to the point where I try to mount the /opt/ltsp from the live cd booted machine01:30
Ilusionsudo mount <yourserverip>:/opt/ltsp /opt/ltsp01:30
IlusionI get ""mount point /opt/ltsp does not exist"01:31
IlusionI can ping the server and there are only 2 machines on that hub, so I know the server is up and ok...01:31
Burgworkyou need to run the live cd on a client01:31
Ilusiondid that01:31
jsgotangcogood morning01:31
Burgworkyou also need to install the ltsp on the live cd01:31
Burgwork"Install the ltsp-server package on the liveCD "01:31
Ilusionah.. more misinterpretation from me then.. I assumed the text meant the next example line would perform that task...01:32
Burgworkno, it would not01:32
Burgworkyou can edit the text to be better, however01:33
IlusionI think I may do that as there have been two areas on that howto that stumped me.. this being the second...01:33
Ilusionis the ltsp somthing I can install using hmmm whats the command... ap-get or somthing like that?01:33
Burgworkltsp-server is a package name01:34
Ilusionis the syntax in that doc somewhere?01:34
Burgworksearch for it in synaptic01:34
Burgworkor run apt-get install ltsp-server on the command line01:34
=== Ilusion is big linux n00b.. sorry for inane q's....
Burgworkno worries01:34
Burgworkthe goal of Edubuntu is to be make it easy for non-techy teachers to be able to instlal it01:35
Ilusionthats sorta me.. i just have the "wrong" tech background... 15-20 years of novell/windows... :)01:35
=== Burgwork has just proven that you need no actual Edubuntu skills to help people out, as he has never installed Edubuntu
Ilusionwoo! that worked.. its getting the package...01:36
Ilusioni had to use sudo beforre apt-get though.. (im making notes so i can update that page... :)01:36
Ilusionlast install i did was slakware in 1996... :)01:37
LaserJockhi jsgotangco 01:37
Burgworkhey jsgotangco 01:37
Ilusionof linux that is..01:37
Ilusiondone a few novell suse installs, but those dont count ;)01:37
Burgworkideally, apt shoudl undertsand arches, so that you could say "apt-get install i386:ltsp-server'01:38
Ilusionnutz. i didnt set a pri-dns in my dhcp so my client cant find the archive. can i set a pri dns using like ipconfig?01:39
Burgworkedit /etc/resolv.conf directly01:40
Ilusionok, i got resolv.conf up in nano, I added nameserver <ip address of my pri dns> and saved it... 01:44
Ilusionbut i cant resolv my name server domain...?01:45
Ilusionis the syntax like a hosts file?01:45
Ilusioni.e. <name> tab <IP>?01:45
Burgworknameserver IP01:45
Ilusionhmmm i did that...01:45
Ilusionlooks like maybe the default gateway isnt setup in dhcp either... dangit...01:47
Ilusionok, i just fixed the errors in the dhcp, is their a "ipconfig -renew" type command?01:53
Ilusionto force the client to renew its IP address via dhcp?01:53
Ilusionnvrmind.. found i could do this with the GUI tool... 01:57
Ilusionok, back to apt-getting now... :)01:57
Ilusioncool! it mounted and its building the clinet.. hmm in the doc it says to take a coffe break, as it will take a long time.. since my client is an old k6450 with 128m of ram.. i think i"m gunna go home and let it run over night. Thank you for your help!! :)02:05
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kwakhi, how do i refresh ltsp setup?03:32
sbalneavRefresh as in update the packages?03:35
sbalneavYou can respond either here, or #ltsp :)03:36
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kwakanybody knows how to install flash player, adobe acrobat, and java?04:01
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #edubuntu
gnomefreakkwak: is it 32 bit ubuntu?04:08
gnomefreakkwak: enable multiverse and universe repos and than sudo apt-get update than sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree sun-java5-jre and i cant remember acroread i think is the package04:14
kwaksorry newbie in ubuntu. how do i enable multiverse and universe?04:24
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and !easysource04:24
kwakoic. il try it and check also the docs04:25
kwakthanks ubotu04:25
kwaki've heard the the another version of edubuntu will come out in two months. im using 6.06, will i be able to upgrade it without wiping the disk?04:33
gnomefreakkwak: yes04:34
kwakok good. i got hit failed in updating repos. 04:38
kwakit's not block on my content filter. 04:39
kwakbut still failing.04:39
kwaki got this message as well04:41
kwakE: couldn't find package...04:41
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kwakwell, i already enabled all repos, and reload successful, but when i apt-get install, can't find the plugin. i also look for a guide in google and found one. but still cannot find the file. what could be wrong.05:11
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Burgundaviakwak: what areyo u looking for?05:21
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=== LaserJock_ is now known as LaserJock
kwaki tried to issue this command05:22
kwaksudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:22
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kwakim here05:43
sbalneavok, how did you add the repo?05:43
sbalneavdo this:05:43
kwaki used software properties and synaptic05:44
sbalneavclick on system->administration->Software Properties05:44
kwakyes did that.05:44
sbalneavWell, you didn't do it right, or it would have worked :)05:44
sbalneavSo follow along with me...05:44
kwaki even checked everythingk05:45
sbalneavWhat does the top one say:05:45
kwakwrong message05:45
kwakok i will follow05:45
sbalneavShould say: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (binary)05:45
kwakin the installation media?05:45
kwakyes it is ubuntu 6.0605:46
sbalneavUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Binary)?05:47
sbalneavok, read what it says underneatth05:47
kwakok. now i got it. i should click edit and check multiverse.05:49
sbalneavif you've got it right, it should say 4 items:05:49
sbalneavOfficially supported05:50
sbalneavRestricted copyright05:50
sbalneavCommunity Maintained (Universe)05:50
sbalneavNon-free (multiverse)05:50
sbalneavThen it should work.05:50
sbalneavLots of people in #ubuntu will try to get you to edit the file by hand...05:51
sbalneavThey're smoking crack.  Use the tool: it's much easier, and less error prone.05:51
kwakyeah. but i don't ind command05:55
kwakhave class. thanks sbalneav05:55
kwak7 students are using now. is teachertool installed in edubuntu?06:08
sbalneavThat I don't know.06:10
LaserJockI sure wish ogra was on :(06:31
kwakhi again sbalneav: do you know how to disable the shutdown button from client workstation.06:34
sbalneavthat one's a bug06:35
sbalneavhold on...06:35
sbalneavIt's something you set in the gconf editor, but I can't quite find it06:38
sbalneavstill googleing06:38
kwaki will try google also.06:41
kwaksomebody shutdown the server then i it does't bott anymore06:41
sbalneavUmm, are you subscribed to the edubuntu mailing list?06:42
kwaknot yet.06:42
sbalneavI'll look it up, and post something there tommorrow.06:42
kwakwell it's working again after reboot06:43
sbalneavIt's fixed in the next version already.06:43
sbalneavit's just a case of looking up what the fix is.06:43
sbalneavSearch the edubuntu mailing list archives.06:43
sbalneavI think it's been covered already.06:44
LaserJockI believe so, although I can't remember the fix either06:44
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magnonBurgundavia: ping08:39
Burgundaviamagnon: pong08:40
magnonDoes ubuntu have some support/service manager now?08:40
Burgundaviayes, support is lead by Jeff Bailey08:41
Burgundaviaout of montreal08:41
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Burgundaviahey rodarvus08:41
magnonso he's very much asleep now then :P08:41
Burgundaviamagnon: very much so, yes08:41
rodarvusgood morning08:41
magnonanyone in europe on that team?08:41
rodarvushey Burgundavia 08:41
Burgundaviamagnon: no, the entire support team is in montreal08:42
Burgundaviahowever, they report to Jane08:42
magnonl2go worldwide :P08:42
Burgundaviajane will be waking up and at work in about 2 hrs, I expect08:42
magnonsounds good :)08:42
jsgotangcohey rodarvus08:54
rodarvushi jsgotangco 08:54
jsgotangcohows things?08:54
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magnonmorning ogra :)09:03
ograhey magnon ! :)09:04
magnonglorious morning!09:04
magnonbtw, does anyone know of a mac terminal thas sucks less than Terminall.app?09:05
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=== RichEd [n=richard@dsl-146-183-05.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
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cbx33ping ogra09:25
kwakanybody uses edubuntu for 25 clients? i want to know the performance. I noticed that the response is a little slow.09:26
ograkwak, try turning the clients to 16bit colors, that speeds up a lot ... we default to 24bit currently (will change in the edgy release)09:27
kwakogra: how do i do that? and when is the edgy release?09:27
ograedgy is released in october09:27
ograyou create a file called: /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf09:28
ograput in the following two lines:09:28
ogra[default] 09:28
ograthen reboot the clients :)09:28
RichEdhi kwak - are you Edwardson Pedragosa from my inbox ?09:28
RichEdhi ogra 09:29
kwakhi RichEd.09:29
RichEdplease (as a kind note) reailise that I am not the best person to mail with your individual user queries :)09:29
kwaki did a first test of my edubuntu server this morning.09:29
RichEdyou will get better & faster reponses here in the channel ...09:29
RichEdi will also give you the mail lists in a sec ... those go to me and a bunch of other people, including the community ... who may be awake while others are sleeping09:30
RichEdhow's the server ? look good ?09:31
kwakdoing fine. i just experienced locked up this morning. The client clicked the hibernate button.09:31
cbx33Mr OG !!09:32
cbx33you got some time for your old buddy cbx33 to talk about SCP? :p09:32
jsgotangcohey you09:32
jsgotangcobribe him with wine09:33
cbx33ogra: can we get hibernate taken off the shutdown menu?09:33
cbx33RichEd: any news on the "pack" stff?09:33
cbx33sorry guys I know I'm being incredibly verbal today, but I may not be able to make the meeting, so I'm trying to get sorted all I can now09:34
cbx33hi jsgotangco how are you09:34
cbx33brb - 509:34
jsgotangcopretty good i had a haricut and bought stuff for myself09:34
RichEdkwak: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/edubuntu-users09:35
RichEdkwak: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/edubuntu-devel09:35
RichEdhs jsgotangco hi cbx33 09:35
jsgotangcohey RichEd how's the day09:36
RichEdcbx33: yep ... Will is taking the lead ... he digs organising information as a passion of his :)09:36
RichEdso you can expect a proj plan around case studies & info packs to emerge, probably by tomorrow afternoon.09:37
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kwakRichEd: thanks, i just joined that mailing list this morning09:37
willvdlwe can chat about case studies in the meeting. need to feel out some opinions09:38
RichEdjsgotangco: bit wobbly ... still shaking off a head virus that was fighting with me yesterday ... thanks for asking09:38
cbx33willvdl: Hi09:39
cbx33oh not again09:39
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33I hate working support09:39
kwakhow the question earlier: removing hibernate buttong?09:39
RichEdhi will ... we'll discuss in theedubuntu meeting today and again 1-2-1- tomorrow after NEPAD09:39
=== cbx33 is hoping he can get to some of the meeting
cbx33Lisa has to go to hospital today so I have to leave work early09:40
RichEdi need to do 1 year and 3 year plan for education ... all divisions have a task due 31 august ... i'll need your help with that09:40
cbx33the new minutes are up09:40
RichEdso we will have a big section on: targetted documentation & info for various audiences09:41
cbx33RichEd: w00t09:41
cbx33I hope ESA will help out there09:41
jsgotangcoRichEd: the GILAS project only aims internet access so I guess we're a good sell here09:41
willvdlcool. I'm uploading my planned activities around Africa in general to the wiki today09:41
RichEdcbx33: hope it is not serious ? 09:41
cbx33RichEd: nope09:41
RichEdjsgotangco: yep, i've done the reading and cleared my understanding. will offer directed help, not tangential :)09:42
jsgotangcoreduced cost of deployement because the platform is free is a good motivator09:42
cbx33bbiab guys09:43
cbx33currently network cabling in one room09:43
cbx33then running back here to speak to you guys09:43
willvdlfrom ubuntu-marketing09:47
willvdlhighvoltage, ping09:49
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highvoltagewillvdl: pong09:53
pygimorning highvoltage 09:56
highvoltagemorning pygi 09:58
cbx33mornin highvoltage 09:59
=== pygi is looking into libisofs rewrite today :-/
highvoltagemornin' cbx33 10:06
highvoltagehow are you all today?10:06
pygihighvoltage, good, good, will get libisofs rewrite today probably :)10:08
pygiwhat about you?10:08
highvoltagegoing good, we're preparing for a big meeting we're having with 120 schools tomorrow10:11
=== pygi_ [n=pygi@89-172-235-103.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
pygi_<pygi> highvoltage, good, good, will get libisofs rewrite today probably :)10:11
pygi_<pygi> what about you?10:11
highvoltage10:11 <@highvoltage> going good, we're preparing for a big meeting we're having with 120 schools tomorrow10:12
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pygi_highvoltage, oh, nice :)10:17
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RichEdogra : just checking if you will be attending the meeing today ? I'm presuming not10:57
RichEdhighvoltage: good luck for the meeting 10:58
pygi_RichEd, you've got another mail11:00
RichEdpygi_: will check in a few mins ...11:00
highvoltageRichEd: thanks11:05
=== willvdl [n=will@] has joined #edubuntu
ograRichEd, thats totally depending on connectivity over here ... my laptop is up and down ... but i'll try to attend11:08
ograbtw, sabayon works on ltsp with the recent version, even with xnest ;)11:09
ogra(got it running here currently)11:09
RichEdogra: i'm getting traffic crawl & disconnects & lookup failures my side as well ... problems not confined to your pipe today :)11:10
ograwell, for me its surely the line here :) our setup is a bit crappy and under heavy load11:10
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cbx33ogra: when do you think you'l have time for me and SCP? just asking so I can plan my day, I'll probably be unavailable from about 12 - 7 UTC11:23
cbx33so I can either sqeeze it in now11:23
cbx33or later in the evening?11:23
cbx33if any of those times are good for you?11:23
RichEdpygi_: I've already been giving it some thought ... will mail or pvt you soon ...11:24
pygi_RichEd, thanks11:26
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RichEdping pygi_11:39
=== pygi [n=pygi@89-172-195-244.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdquestion on "public/private information" : Is the info that Ubuntu is being tested on HPC (High Performance Comuting) boxes public domain ? Can a comunity member delivering an Ubuntu presentation at a University in Hungary next month mention this as a high level comment. No specific vendor mention, just that is an area we are being called into ?11:52
jsgotangcowe do have kernels tuned for such and the server team are doing other platforms suited for HPC11:54
jsgotangcoas for sites we know, i cannot say11:55
willvdlRichEd, are we UTC+1 or +2? keep forgetting...12:07
=== highvoltage [n=jonathan@] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdwillvdl: UTC = GMT for all intents & purposes as South Africans12:12
RichEdUTC stays as is ... GMT shifts when daylight savings becomes involved ... that's how I have it in my brain ... we have no daylight savings here so equivalent to me12:13
willvdlyeah but I can never remember when daylight savings turns on12:14
willvdlhttp://www.timeanddate.com/ <- they have a meeting planner12:14
RichEdwillvdl: go into #ubuntu-meeting meet me there12:35
RichEdi'll show you some tricks ogra taught me12:35
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rodarvusI've just noticed we have Edubuntu meeting in one hour from now12:52
rodarvusogra and I have another meeting in one hour12:53
ogrado we ?12:53
rodarvusunless we just chose not to attend it :)12:53
highvoltagerodarvus: that is not an option!12:55
rodarvushighvoltage, right ;)01:01
ogralunchtime !01:01
pygihighvoltage, you shall soon drop mkisofs :)01:02
highvoltagepygi: really? can libburn make bootable cd's without mkisofs?01:03
pygihighvoltage, libisofs....but it doesn't support eltorito yet...I know how to do basic implementation tho (without multiple boot entries)01:03
pygisoon we'll have entire rewrite ready -- from 5k lines to 3k lines..and new implementation has new features :)01:05
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pips1hi all01:43
highvoltagehi pips1 01:46
lucasvoogra: how many times do I have to tell you?01:48
lucasvoogra: why the heck am I subscribed to the same ML twice?01:49
=== willvdl [n=will@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1hey lucasvo01:49
pygilucasvo, calm down pls :)01:50
lucasvopygi: well, I asked about 4 times...01:50
lucasvopygi: and its crap to get them twice01:50
highvoltagelucasvo: I get everything thrice01:51
lucasvopips1: got to go now... I'll be back and answer in query in half an hour01:52
pips1highvoltage hehe01:53
pips1lucasvo oki01:53
ogralucasvo, i told you 4 times now that we just copied the users from -devel t -users, if you dont want to be on one of them please usubscribe ...01:53
RichEd------ edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting ---- 1 minute ----01:59
RichEd------ edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting ---- now ----02:00
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lucasvopygi, ogra: And I told you a hunderd times that I am subscribed to edubuntu-users TWICE02:30
lucasvoand once to edubuntu-dev02:30
lucasvoI only need the -users once02:30
ogralucasvo, how should that work ? 02:30
lucasvoogra: I don't know02:30
ograi only noticed that your mails come in twice if you send them 02:30
lucasvoogra: but I know I get them twice02:30
ograbut mailman doesnt allow one address to be subscribed more than once to one list by design02:31
lucasvois there a majordomo?02:31
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pips1back here03:04
highvoltagejsgotangco: the biggest notable difference i could find in edgy was gaim203:04
highvoltageit's a *huge* improvement on the gaim in dapper.03:04
willvdlhighvoltage, does it handle irc better?03:05
jsgotangcohopefully this doesn't get borked03:05
jsgotangcoi have no machines at the moment except this laptop03:05
highvoltagewillvdl: i normally use irssi for IRC, I didn't like IRC on Gaim previously, irssi just works well, so I stick to it03:05
highvoltageirssi also works in screen, which is a big ++03:06
willvdlah. tarted off using gaim for irc until I realised I couldn't do pvt msg's03:07
jsgotangcoreally? im pretty sure you can03:08
highvoltageyou can03:08
willvdlcould receive them but couldn't send03:08
highvoltageyes you can :)03:08
jsgotangcodouble click on the nick you want to send a pvt?03:08
=== highvoltage-gaim [n=jonathan@] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcohighvoltage-gaim: show off03:09
pips1Has anyone ever seen hauntedpalace, toxictoadz, ulinskie in #edubuntu?03:09
highvoltage-gaimi have seen toxictoads in #edubuntu only once03:10
jsgotangcoulinskie has been very busy at her work lately03:10
willvdl!seen hauntedpalace03:10
highvoltageat least, I have :)03:10
ubotuI haven't seen hauntedpalace recently03:10
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pips1(they are all listed in LP as members of edubuntu-website)03:11
pips1I am just trying to get an idea of who might be available to help :-)03:12
pips1jsgotangco: so you know ulinskie..03:12
=== pips1 reads LP page
pips1https://launchpad.net/people/loco-philippine-team wow!03:16
highvoltagepips1: that team needs some major re-form, really. all of them expressed interest to help03:19
highvoltagepips1: they just need some management and co-ordination03:19
highvoltagepips1: there are many people who would like to help, who doesn't really participate in IRC03:20
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pips1yeah, let's get them going :-)03:21
jsgotangcopips1: ive met her a few times already03:22
jsgotangcopips1: you will find her attractive03:22
pips1I would like to know who works for a school, or currently study in school...03:23
jsgotangcoshe does03:23
pips1ah, good to know03:23
pips1isn't there a plugin for firefox that opens all links from a page as separate tags?03:25
pips1ach, I meant ff extension, not plugin, of course03:27
=== pips1 is browsing addons.mozilla.org
willvdlinteresting, edubuntu installs on my new machine, but ubuntu  hangs on uncompressing the kernel03:36
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sbalneavMorning all!!03:45
pluto_night for me03:46
sbalneavogra: pingity03:47
pluto_hey does  anybody have problems capturing audi from mic?03:48
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willvdlwhat hardware?03:52
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DanielCHello everyone. I'm having a problem that is a bit hard to reproduce. If I boot up several (~5) clients right at the same time they all fail when trying to mount /opt/ltsp/i386.04:13
DanielCIf I boot up any one client (or two) they boot up fine.04:13
sbalneavDanielC: Do you get a message like: "Waiting for NFS?"04:13
DanielCThe error is "mount: PRC: Timed out; mount: nfsmount failed: Bad file descriptor"04:13
DanielC"RPC timeout" is similar to "waiting for NFS", right?04:14
sbalneavwhat do you have for networking hardware?  10 base T?  100 base T?  Switch or hub?04:14
DanielCUhmm.... dunno.04:14
DanielCThe cards are old.04:14
DanielCSo 10 base is a safe bet.04:14
DanielCSwitch most likely.04:14
sbalneavI'm willing to bet it's a hub04:15
sbalneavYou see that sort of thing on a hub: the clients start dropping packets, and it usually shows up as NFS timeouts.04:15
DanielCI see.04:16
sbalneav5 clients booting at exactly the same time will generate a lot of traffic.04:16
sbalneavif you don't have a switch in place to moderate the traffic, you'll get a ton of collisions.04:16
DanielCAnd the room should be able to boot 20 clients at the same time.04:16
DanielCIf we have a switch, but all the cards are old and 10-base, would that cause the same problem?04:17
sbalneavthen you'll definitely want to make sure you've got a switch.04:17
sbalneavNo, shouldn't.  The machines will be slower, but they should function.04:17
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavAnd if they've got 10 meg cards, it's unlikely they have a switch. :)04:18
DanielCWell, we're reusing the old computers but I *think* we installed the switch or hub ourselves.04:18
DanielCI'll go ask the other people and see what we have.04:18
DanielCThanks for the help!04:18
sbalneavNo problem.04:18
crimsunwillvdl: (btw, the patch for your speaker problem was submitted yesterday [https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2006-August/001033.html] )04:26
willvdlfor the record, running on travelmate 4220 series (4222WLMi)04:31
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pips1lucasvo: ping04:46
=== mhz [n=mhz@] has joined #edubuntu
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #edubuntu
mhzRichEd: hi there04:51
mhzhi all04:51
pips1hi mhz04:51
mhzpips1: hi04:51
pips1how are things in Chile?04:51
mhzpips1: well, in Chile, regarding Education?04:53
mhzor in general04:53
pips1in general04:53
jsgotangcohow's the moin scene in chile :P04:54
mhzjsgotangco: hey! you piece of hacker! :D04:54
mhzpips1: in general, interesting scenarios in economics, social, and politics04:54
mhzin education, Students are still forcing the Gov. to make serious modifications to education sys04:55
mhzjsgotangco: still smoking, drinking, and monitoring mobile porn?04:57
jsgotangcooh i will probably escape the shackles of the mobile porn industry soonish04:58
ograsbalneav, pong05:16
mhzogra: hi there05:18
mhzogra: do we get any Marketing/Stand Edubuntu material shipped with CD's upong 'special-request' ?05:18
pips1mhz: that would be nice indeed :-)05:22
mhzI know we could apply to stickers and some few tshirts for LoCo's05:22
mhzand panflets05:23
mhzor leaflets05:23
pips1mhz, oh right, there are student protests05:23
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p54AEFCDF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
mhzin Chile? yes05:23
=== neurogeek [n=neurogee@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1are they still going on? in santiago, or in other places too?05:23
mhzSantiago and regions05:24
mhzlastime, protests lasted about 3 weeks05:24
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
mhzno stdudents going to school for long time, it is not good05:24
ogramhz, thats a RichEd question ...05:25
=== ogra [i=ogra@conference/ubuntu/de/unlabeled] has joined #edubuntu
mhzogra: okis, thx05:27
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavogra: Hey!   How's the sprint!  Saw the update on the xnest bug!  rodarvus need any help with the nbd stuff, or is there something else I can kick in on?05:37
mhzping RichEd 05:38
willvdlmhz, I think he's feeling a bit ill05:39
=== ogra [i=ogra@conference/ubuntu/de/unlabeled] has joined #edubuntu
mhzwillvdl: thx05:39
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=== willvdl listens to the sad sound of his new core 2 duo overheating
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #edubuntu
ograthat makes a sound ? 06:16
willvdldoes in XP06:16
LaserJockogra: hi!06:16
willvdlcourse if it reallllly overheats then it makes an oozing sound06:16
LaserJockogra: I wanted to ask about edubuntu-dynamic-menus06:17
LaserJockis it dropped for Edgy completely?06:18
ograyes, unless you implement it before sept 7th 06:19
LaserJockI wanted to do a mockup this week06:21
LaserJockbut I'm not sure if I can make it very functional before the 7th06:21
LaserJocka question I had was if we wanted to us /etc/group for user->group mappings or use a seperate tool06:22
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #edubuntu
=== mhz prefers /etc/group but... he's a face in the crowd ;)
ograme too06:25
ogra/etc/group already has a GUI ;) 06:25
LaserJockalthough it might be a little odd to seperate out menu groups from other groups06:26
ograi just used it to add local device support for ltsp users as well ... by switching on/off the fuse group06:26
=== willvdl [n=will@] has left #edubuntu ["home]
LaserJockI figured the easiest thing to do initially would be install some .menu files and create some groups06:30
mhzoh, true too06:31
LaserJockand then figure out a way to get the .menu files to the users06:31
LaserJockeither somehow setting XDG_DATA_DIR or by having a update-tool that would drop the menu files in each ~/06:31
mhzand would that work for e.g. 200 users ?06:32
LaserJockI would hope so06:33
LaserJockthat's what we need to test06:33
mhzwhat kind of env. would it be ideal to test it?06:33
mhzI mean, can we emulate 200 users ?06:34
LaserJockhehe, an LTSP school lab06:34
LaserJockI can always create a bunch of users on my machine06:34
mhzyeah, i thought you'd say something like that06:34
mhzme too06:34
LaserJockprobably not 20006:34
mhzhmm, I can test it on a cibercafe with 10 clients ;)06:35
ograLaserJock, is there no way to not touch ~/ ?06:35
ograwe should urgently avoid touching it if any possible06:35
LaserJockthat's what alacarte does06:36
LaserJockthat's why I was thinking of it06:36
LaserJockbut I can look in the sabayon code and see how they do it06:36
sbalneavogra: OK, leave the mods to ltspinfod to me.06:37
sbalneavI'll do that tonight.06:37
ograLaserJock, ignore sabayon, look what xdg offers there 06:39
LaserJockwell, we still need to set XDG_DATA_DIR on a per user basis06:39
LaserJockmaybe kiosktool would shed some light on that06:40
LaserJockI'd like to keep it simple06:40
LaserJockthe thing is, as far as I can see, nobody thinks about this sort of thing06:40
ograthast why i thin a /usr/share/edubuntu-menus/<group> dir added to the system default would be the right way06:41
ograand then just drop per group .menu files in there  06:41
BurgworkLaserJock, sabayon drops a complete profile in a .zip file06:41
LaserJockBurgwork: over the user's ~/ ?06:41
ograand have a tool that starts in /etc/X11/Xsession.d that sets the variables right on a per group base06:42
Burgworkno, wherever you ant06:42
BurgworkLaserJock, talk with whiprush, he uses sabayon extensively06:42
LaserJockogra: ok, but how do I get that tool in. That seems like a pretty invasive change?06:42
Burgworkbuilding default sabayon profiles also allows end users to edit them via sabayon06:42
Burgworkrather than have to hack up our own tool06:42
LaserJockyeah, but sabayon is pretty much a no-go IMO because you cannot have a user belong to more than one profile06:43
Burgworkno, you can't06:43
ograLaserJock, not 1% as invasive as touching all users homedirs06:43
LaserJockXDG has some mergeing built in06:43
Ilusionmight I trouble you folks with a query or two? :)06:43
LaserJockogra: true :-)06:44
LaserJockgrrr, I sure wish edgy wouldn't mess up all my mounting06:45
LaserJockI booted this morning and now I have no /home06:45
IlusionI installed a edubuntu amd64 iso on my amd64 3500 machine... I then tried to PXE boot the my 800mhz WS's and they complain they are not amd64s.. So I got pointed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPCrossArchSetup and followed those instructions, the system still complained about not be amd 64.. 06:46
Ilusionso, I got advice on the mailing list to do this: just do the following:  sudo rm -r /opt/ltsp/amd64 sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386  after the setup finished you have a running environment for i386 clients 06:46
Ilusioni did that, now the ws's get a DHCP address and then stop with "no os" at all :(06:47
=== pygi_ [n=pygi@89-172-225-161.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
ograthese instrctions are only for incompatible CPU versions 06:47
ogralike powerpc clients on intel or amd64 servers06:48
Ilusionok, so about the second advice...06:48
Ilusion"sudo rm -r /opt/ltsp/amd64 sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386 "06:48
Ilusionthat appeared to work, but its not giving it out to the ws's06:48
ograthat wont work06:48
ograthese are two commands06:48
ograyou cant issue them in one line06:48
ogra sudo rm -r /opt/ltsp/amd6406:49
ograsudo ltsp-build-client --arch i38606:49
PetarisI just wrote a mass user creation script if anyone is interested06:49
Ilusionah.. i know that.. i issued them on two lines as two commands... they worked individually06:49
Ilusioni now have an /opt/ltsp/i386 folder06:49
ogradoes /opt/ltsp/i386 exist and have a system in it ? 06:49
LaserJockok, how about this:06:49
ograare you on dapper (6.06) ?06:50
Ilusionyep (6.06 AMD iso)06:50
LaserJock1) create groups in /etc/group06:50
ograsudo ltsp-update-kernels06:50
ogratry that command06:50
LaserJock2) install .menus in /usr/share/edubuntu-menus/<group>06:50
ograand then try to boot a client again06:51
ograLaserJock, sounds good so far06:51
LaserJock3) place script in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/  that check what groups a user belongs to and checks if any of those groups are in /usr/share/edubuntu-menus/<group>06:51
LaserJockand then sets XDG_DATA_DIR accordingly06:51
Ilusiondid the sudo ltsp-update-kernels.. it seems to work (no discerabler errors produced) and then retried PXE booting the WS, still gets IP via dhcp then times out asking for OS..06:52
=== Petaris notes the script (as it is) is only usefull if you use generic users ie, elem1, elem2, ...
Ilusioncr@p. "worK" calling me... Be right back! :)06:53
Petarisbut you can specify the basename, the starting number, the total to create, and the password06:53
LaserJockogra: ok, should I rewrite the spec? I think that we can do that before sept. 7th.06:54
ograyou can rewrite the spac afterwards ;)06:55
LaserJockheh, ok06:55
LaserJockI have a much clearer idea of what to do06:55
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ajaycRichEd: ping06:56
=== ajayc [n=yogi@] has joined #edubuntu
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Petarismhz: hahaha07:12
mhzyup, just loved it07:13
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ggellerMy Edubuntu 6.06.1 install konked out in the middle.  Is there a way to restart it?07:25
ggellerCtrl-Alt-F2 doesn't bring up another console.  I just see a black screen.07:26
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cbx33ping the pygi_ 07:27
=== jinty [n=jinty@80.Red-83-50-208.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
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=== mhz is now known as mhz_off
mhz_offbye all08:09
mhz_offRichEd: please email me when you could be ok to meet on IRC08:09
cbx33hey mr ogra 08:12
cbx33I have 10 minutes before my sister comes to visit08:12
cbx33anychace you could squeeze me in?08:12
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=== kendrick [n=kendrick@64-142-92-64.dsl.static.sonic.net] has joined #edubuntu
kendricki'm lead developer of Tux Paint. someone emailed me today saying they were trying to install Tux Paint on a PPC Edubuntu install, and it claimed that Tux Paint isn't available for it...09:05
kendrickit's actually more confusing than that, he said it /installed/, but when he went to /launch/ it, it complained:09:05
kendrick"It went fine, all installed, but Tux Paint claims that it isn't available for that platform when I try to launch it."09:05
kendricki've got _Ku_buntu on an _Intel_, so i really have no idea what he's talking about.  can someone here give me a hand? :)09:05
IlusionHi kendrick! I can't help with the issue you describe but I wantedto say THANK YOU for tux paint! It is a wonderful program! :)09:07
kendrick:)  you're welcome!09:08
kendrickis there some kind of package list for edubuntu? (similar to packages.debian.org?)09:08
=== Ilusion is a n00b.. trying to get edubuntu LTSP to work.. not very luky so far
kendricki know for a fact that tux paint works on PPC ebcaus one of the developers uses it :)09:08
Ilusion4 months of linux experience after 15 yrs of netware/windows...09:08
kendrickfeels good, huh? ;)09:08
Ilusionso i'm just a leech here.. :)09:09
Petariskendrick: I would help you debug but no ppc here09:09
kendricknot that i ever spent 15yrs doing windows, but... i can imagine *shudder*09:09
kendrickPetaris: heh09:09
sbalneavIlusion: What problem are you having?09:09
Ilusionkendrick - look here to see the classroom I'm supporting..09:09
Ilusionall of those have tux paint :)09:10
kendrickawesome :)09:10
Ilusionsbalneav- TIA :) Ok, heres the saga:09:10
Petaristux paint is really popular at the elementary  school here09:10
Petaristux typing would be too if it didn't suck resources like a blackhole09:11
kendricki thought they were working on that :)09:11
kendrickPetaris: was this ltsp?09:11
PetarisI think they are working on it, but I don't know that the problem has been solved yet09:12
Ilusion I installed a edubuntu amd64 iso on my amd64 3500 machine... I then tried to PXE boot the my 800mhz WS's and they complain they are not amd64s.. So I got pointed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPCrossArchSetup and followed those instructions, the system still complained about not be amd 64.. 09:13
Ilusionso, I got advice on the mailing list to do this: just do the following:  sudo rm -r /opt/ltsp/amd64 sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386  after the setup finished you have a running environment for i386 clients 09:13
Ilusion did that, now the ws's get a DHCP address and then stop with "no os" at all :(09:13
PetarisIlusion: sometimes you have to run ltsp-build-client a quite a few times to get it to actually finish and not just error out09:14
=== Petaris notes that this is just _his_ experiance with it
PetarisI run dual opteron servers here09:15
Ilusionwhen i ran ltsp-build-client, i didnt see any obvious error messages... it appeared to finish cleanly..?09:15
Ilusionhow would I check?09:15
Petarisdid you restart09:15
sbalneavI've never done a cross platform install before...09:15
Ilusionheh... <old windows guy> of *course*! ;)09:15
Petarisat the very least restart tftpd09:15
sbalneavMy immediate suggestion would be: install edubuntu on a ia32 platform, grab the /opt/ltsp/i386 dir, and rsync/scp it over to the x64 box09:16
Petarisogra: I noticed that some clients are still booting to tty1 instead of tty709:16
Petaris*on dapper09:17
Petariskendrick: I would just nix the /opt/ltsp/i386 dir and run ltsp-build-client again09:17
Ilusionso sudo rm -rf /opt/ltsp/i386 then build again?09:18
kendrickPetaris: Ilusion, you mean. :)09:18
Petarisoh, yeah09:18
PetarisIlusion: yep09:18
Petarisisn't it -Rf though?09:18
=== Petaris looks
Petarisoh, its either09:19
Ilusionthe weird thing is that the PXE station is getting an IP via DHCP, but its not getting offered the boot image...09:19
kendrickok, well, i told the fellow who asked about Tux Paint on PPC that Edubuntu _claims_ it's "in universe, for all three platforms", so i dunno wtf is going on :^/09:20
kendrickhopefully he can find someone in the edubuntu community who can help him. worst case, he can install from source. :)09:21
kendrickthanks and take it easy!09:21
Ilusionthanks again for your program ! :)09:21
Petarislater kendrick 09:21
kendrickyou're welcome! enjoy! :) :)09:21
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pygihighvoltage, poke, poke, good news!10:32
=== th1a_ [n=hoffman@pool-70-109-199-148.prov.east.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
Burgworkpygi, good news?10:33
Burgworkhey th1a 10:33
pygiBurgwork, yes, cdrskin (libburn-on-cdrecord layer) now 99% supports audio burning10:33
pygiwe just have some rough edges10:34
Burgworkdoes that replace cdrecord?10:34
=== pygi nods :)
Burgworkthe newly CDDL cdrecord10:34
pygieh, not in that way :)10:35
BurgworkI was referring to the actual thing10:35
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #edubuntu
pygiwell, cdrskin provides syntax same as cdrecord10:35
pygimeaning, you can use cdrskin to work with k3b without cdrecord :)10:36
Burgworkwhat are other distros doing about the cdrecord issue?10:36
Burgworkit strikes me that it would make sense to have a common thing10:36
pygiwell, everybody thinking about libburn & frontends (cdrskin && genisofs)10:37
sbalneavExcuse my ignorance, but what is "the cdrecord issue"?10:38
pygiBurgwork, ubuntu isn't using cdrskin :)10:38
pygisbalneav, most distros dropping cdrecord10:38
sbalneavOh?  Howcome?10:38
pygisbalneav, licence issues and "Joerg" issues10:38
sbalneavAh.  I've heard rumours he can be a bit of a bear.10:39
Burgworkhe recently changed the build system to cddl10:39
pygischilly makefileystem :P10:40
pygiBurgwork, I know I've got a lot of mails about libburn ^_^10:40
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
pygiBurgwork, you wanna burn cd's without cdrecord? I would be grateful :)10:43
Petarisanyone know if there is an IRC channel for PAM anywhere?10:49
Petarismore specifically for pam_mount10:49
sbalneavHeading home for the day.10:50
sbalneavBe on later tonight.10:50
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cbx33ping pygi 12:13
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #edubuntu

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