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Tonio_danimo: hey12:45
Tonio_danimo: that can explain the issue12:45
danimowhat issue?12:45
Tonio_sco0 ;)12:46
danimoTonio_: well, I looked on the wrong pc *blush* :)12:46
Tonio_does it work on the other ?12:46
danimoTonio_: so it's a pure SATA disk12:46
danimoTonio_: no idea, no edgy on there12:46
danimoTonio_: I was on there via ssh12:47
Tonio_hum, I'm quite certain the problem is because we have scd0 as cdrom drivez12:47
Tonio_the point is why did it work with dapper.......12:47
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Tonio_I suspect a udev change maybe12:47
Tonio_or hal........12:47
Tonio_or dbus ;12:47
danimoI doubt dbus12:47
danimoeither hal or udev12:47
Tonio_looks quite impossible to fix, here is the point12:47
Tonio_unless someone like aseigo looks at the error12:48
Tonio_bug only a kde expert can fix this12:48
danimowhy aseigo?12:48
Tonio_danimo: why not :)12:48
Tonio_danimo: who else ?12:49
danimoTonio_: I think a udev wizard or a hal wizard might suffice12:51
danimoTonio_: but you can help me on another domain maybe12:51
Tonio_danimo: ask !12:51
danimoTonio_: first of all: can we get a new lib into universe for edgy still?12:51
Tonio_danimo: I think yes, universe isn't frozen at the moment12:52
danimoTonio_: ok, because amarok 1.4.2 has a new dependency to handle more multimedia devices12:53
danimoTonio_: I upgraded amarok and want to build it now12:53
danimoTonio_: I did adjust the directory and patches12:53
Tonio_the target should probably by main then, but we need main inclusion report first12:53
Tonio_danimo: the package should be revu first12:53
danimoTonio_: that's the plan :)12:54
Tonio_3 approval, then uploaded12:54
danimoTonio_: I got upload rights there12:54
Tonio_danimo: great, so I can revu it quickly now, and ping riddell and raphink for example12:54
danimoTonio_: so how do I adjust the *.dsc file? simply rename it and add a new comment with dch -i?12:54
Tonio_danimo: use debuild in the source tree12:55
danimoTonio_: I've only done this once ot twice :)12:55
Tonio_did you get a source debian package ?12:55
danimoTonio_: that will adjust to automatically?12:55
Tonio_yes that should12:55
Tonio_but first, a little question12:55
danimoTonio_: yes, and I patched it with the patch tree12:55
Tonio_is the lib in debian actually ?12:55
danimopatch package even12:55
danimoTonio_: I didn't check, might not me12:55
Tonio_danimo: okay so just perform a debuild -S -sa in the source tree12:56
Tonio_that will adjust the package with debian folder informations12:56
Tonio_then upload on revu with dput revu ../*.changes12:56
Tonio_that should be okay12:56
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Tonio_danimo: is that okay or can I help ?01:09
danimoTonio_: I can't remember that I uploaded changes files the last time01:09
danimoTonio_: for now I think I have to wait for the build deps to arrive01:10
danimoTonio_: and then for debbuild to finish01:10
danimoTonio_: does one do dch -i before or after debbuild?01:10
Tonio_danimo: you cannot upload another than a changes file with dput :)01:18
Tonio_that's not possible01:18
Tonio_danimo: to build I would suggest pbuilder01:19
Tonio_do you use it ?01:19
danimonot atm, still waiting for upgrades from apt01:19
Tonio_hum, my dog need to pee...01:19
Tonio_sorry I'll be back in a minute01:20
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ryanakcaHow do I recommend a different icon set for kubuntu-desktop?  (I know I have poor chances of success)02:54
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omeowRiddell, I believe kwin just crashed and it involved the xinerama patches you did. http://omeow.ath.cx/kwincrash.log03:00
D4rklydoes anyone know where i can get compat-libstdc++, compat-libstdc++-devel from ?03:00
omeowMight be wrong though.03:00
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D4rklydoes anyone know where i can get compat-libstdc++, compat-libstdc++-devel03:09
nixternalsudo apt-get install libstdc++6-4.1-dev03:18
D4rklyi had to get compat-libstdc++ rpm from fedora then use alien do make .deb03:19
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Hobbseemorning all!04:49
freeflyingmoin Hobbsee 04:54
Hobbseeheya freeflying :)04:55
Hobbseehmmm.  new kmn didnt fix the bug i was hoping for05:02
=== Hobbsee removes the config file, and tries again
HawkwindHey there Hobbsee05:10
Hobbseehey Hawkwind 05:11
Hobbseeback later05:12
Hobbseeimbrandon_: ping?05:36
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Hobbseeheya lnxkde 05:55
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lnxkdehi Hobbsee :)05:56
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lnxkdeI have made 3 live cds following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization/6.06 06:36
lnxkde<lnxkde> and they work nicely for livecds, but when I want to install the installer crash almost when finishing the instalation06:36
lnxkdeI dont undestand the scripts and the guide is very easy to follow but I dont know why I cant get ubiquity to install my system like I want it06:37
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ubotupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto07:11
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SimeHobbsee: ping08:31
HobbseeSime: pong08:31
SimeHobbsee: did you package kde-systemsettings?08:31
HobbseeSime: i believe imbrandon did08:31
SimeHobbsee: oh, in that case I'll go bug imbrandon_ 08:32
Simeimbrandon_: ping08:32
HobbseeSime: he hasnt been around in a day or so, and i cant ssh into his machine, so i'm not sure what's happened there08:32
Simeok, I've just been looking at kde-systemsettings and trying to work out why some files don't get installed. (kde-settings-general.directory for example)08:33
Hobbseei fixed a bug in that, i know that much08:35
HobbseeSime: maybe as it's not listed in debian/rules?08:37
HobbseeSime: where is kde-settings-general.directory anyway?08:39
danimoHobbsee: are you about to do amarok packages?08:43
Hobbseedanimo: imbrandon_'s machine has screwed up -  i cant ssh into there, for some reason08:45
danimoHobbsee: I tried it yesterday and fucked up badly08:47
Hobbseedanimo: what failed?08:47
danimoHobbsee: if you give me some hints, I can do it08:47
danimoHobbsee: some of the kubuntu diffs08:47
HobbseeSime: ah.  found it.  do any of those .desktop files in that folder get installed?08:48
HobbseeSime: and where are they supposed to get installed to?08:49
danimoand who changed the adblock filter08:49
danimoit's got red circles everywhere now08:49
danimolooks more annoying than the actual ads08:49
danimo(plus it hides things that are not actually ads)08:50
Riddellryanakca: you suggest it to kwwii08:53
Riddellomeow: try reporting to seli08:53
Riddelldanimo: pong08:53
danimoRiddell: any idea who wrote kubuntu_02_read_kubuntu_config.diff ?08:54
danimoRiddell: it failed to merge, which is why I found it in first place.08:55
danimo(in amarok, sorry)08:55
danimobut it's just horribly wrong08:55
Hobbseedanimo: i suspect you can delete it?08:56
danimoHobbsee: why?08:56
Hobbseedanimo: depends what's in it08:56
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Riddelldanimo: changelog suggests I wrote it08:59
=== kwwii_ is now known as kwwii
danimoRiddell: sorry, it's not really your fault it seems09:00
danimoRiddell: the original code is wrong, you just adapted it09:00
danimoRiddell: it doesn't use kconfig to find keys :(09:00
danimowhy oh why09:00
Hobbseedanimo: might help if you pastebinned it09:01
Riddellyes, maybe kconfig was too much of a startup time for a splash screen09:01
Riddellhowever this'll be why you can't override the splash screen option :)09:01
danimoRiddell: poor excuse if you ask me. the real reason is probably that they wanted to spare the creation of an entire kapplication09:02
danimoHobbsee: issue settled09:02
Hobbseedanimo: cool :)09:02
Hobbseedanimo: are you uploading amarok, then i'm applying my changes later, or what?09:03
danimoHobbsee: I still have to compile it. if you are further already..09:03
danimoHobbsee: btw: can we get libmtp in?09:03
Hobbseedanimo: i'm happy to do it, i've already got some changes on it, but imbrandon's killed his machine, it seems, so i have no access09:03
Hobbseedanimo: i would expect so.  want to package it?09:04
danimoHobbsee: yes, it's a new optional dependency, but we would have to get it into main I'm afraid09:05
danimo(in the long term)09:05
danimoSo I'll first do it without09:05
Hobbseedanimo: true that.  package it first, then we can look at bumping it into main09:05
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Hobbseeah, here's imbrandon09:05
Hobbseedanimo: right, what did you find out?  i've got access again now :)09:05
danimoHobbsee: one of the patches needs adjustment09:06
imbrandonmoins all09:06
Hobbseedanimo: do you have the fix?09:06
=== imbrandon yawns
=== imbrandon slept in today
danimoHobbsee: working on it09:06
Hobbseedanimo: if you could send it to me, that'd be cool :)09:06
Hobbseedanimo: unless you want my source, adn to do all of it09:07
danimoRiddell: the kubuntu check supposed to happen in case the original file is not there, right?09:07
danimoHobbsee: what did you change?09:07
Hobbseedanimo: check the bugs assigned to me09:07
Riddelldanimo: it's supposed to override the original file09:07
Riddelldanimo: original file is splash on, kubuntu-default-settings turns it off09:08
danimoRiddell: not always, is it?09:08
HobbseeRiddell: apparently that's fixed in 1.4.2 ;009:08
danimoRiddell: but that renders the config file useless :)09:08
Riddelldanimo: why?09:08
danimoHobbsee: no, they restructured the file09:08
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danimoRiddell: because if you always use what's in your config file, the original file will never be evaluated09:09
danimoRiddell: I'd say it should only be read of the original amarokrc does not contain the key09:09
Riddelldanimo: the kubuntu amarokrc is ment to override amarok's amarokrc09:11
danimoRiddell: but that's wrong, because people will suddenly find that the splash option in amarok does no longer work09:12
Riddell/etc/kde3/amarokrc overriden by /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/config/amarokrc overriden by ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc09:13
Riddellis what we want09:13
Hobbseeah yes, i see09:15
danimoRiddell: ah09:15
danimoRiddell: but /etc/kde3/amarokrc is never evaluated anyway09:15
Hobbseewhy do we not copy  /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/config/amarokrc to /etc/kde3/amarokrc anyway, i wonder...09:15
danimoyes, me too :)09:16
Riddellbecause then you get the kubuntu settings even if you don't want them, the point of kubuntu-default-settings package is that you can uninstall it and return KDE to all its defaults09:17
Riddellin this case, it's probably not too important09:17
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James_CoxHello All09:18
James_Coxi have a problem with my kubuntu not loading09:18
Riddellhello James_Cox 09:18
danimoRiddell: it's really an upstream problem anyway09:18
Riddelldanimo: it is, but I suspect they don't care09:18
danimoRiddell: I will make them :)09:19
danimoRiddell: they just need a kinstance, really09:19
danimowhich is not too expensive09:19
James_Coxbasically, when it buts up and it shows the kubuntu logo and loads the dirvers but when it's finished loading the drivers the screen goes black, the kubuntu logo repair and it just hangs09:19
Riddelldanimo: do you know how well kontact supports openexchange using ldap?09:19
danimoimbrandon: kapplication = qapplication + kinstance + some more methods09:19
imbrandonah 09:20
danimoRiddell: well, kontact supports ldap for addressbooks09:20
RiddellJames_Cox: dapper? edgy?09:20
James_Coxthe latest one09:20
danimoRiddell: and has support for openexchange09:20
danimoRiddell: so I would suspect it works, but I really cannot rell09:20
danimofor sure09:20
James_Coxriddell: sorry quite new to linux, but been using now for a few months but anything past using it is beyond me @ the moment09:21
imbrandonJames_Cox: ok do this , are you on that computer right now ?09:21
imbrandonor using another one09:21
James_CoxIm using another computer @ the moment thats sitting next to the linux box09:21
imbrandonok then on the linux box press ctl+alt+f109:22
imbrandonyou should get a console login prompt09:22
imbrandonlogin with your username and pass , let me know when you got that far ...09:22
danimoThis package has a Debian revision number but there does not seem to be09:22
danimoan appropriate original tar file in the parent directory;09:22
danimoHobbsee: what can I do about that?09:23
Hobbseedanimo: you forgot to rename the upstream tarball?09:23
imbrandondanimo: make one ? heh09:23
danimoHobbsee: no09:23
Hobbseeyou probably forgot to change it from tar.bz2 to tar.gz, too09:23
Hobbseeoh ok09:23
James_Coxi'm now @ username@username-desktop09:23
imbrandonok James_Cox type this verbatium ( with no quotes ) ......09:24
imbrandon" sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade "09:24
danimoHobbsee:  amarok-1.4.2 and amarok_1.4.2.orig.tar.gz are the only files around09:24
danimoHobbsee: (the directory has all the patches)09:25
James_Cox1 sec09:25
Hobbseedanimo: i wonder if upstream really did fix that amarok bug, like they said09:25
danimoor rather _THE_ maintainer patch09:25
Hobbseehmmm okay, i dont know then09:25
danimoHobbsee: which one?09:25
Hobbseedanimo: the splashscreen one09:25
danimoHobbsee: what was the problem in first place?09:25
Hobbseedanimo: couldnt make the splashscreen not show up09:26
James_Coximbrandon: it's just running the server search now09:26
imbrandongood 09:26
imbrandonlet it finish09:26
James_Coxit has done09:26
danimoHobbsee: oh wait, it seems they fixed it09:26
lnxkdeanyone up?09:26
James_Coximbrandon: what now mate?09:27
danimoHobbsee:  they now look up  QStringList dirs = KGlobal::dirs()->findAllResources( "config", "amarokrc" ); and iterate trough09:27
imbrandonok type .....09:27
danimoHobbsee: so if the path I just pasted above is in the kde resource system, it should be cake and we can go without the patch09:27
lnxkdesomeone could help me with this ? http://wiki.oss-watch.ac.uk/UbuntuDapper/Remaster09:27
lnxkdeI need help in the last part..09:27
Hobbseedanimo: hopefully, yeah.  i just checked the changelog09:27
lnxkdethe 1.309:27
=== Hobbsee should write some c++ though. assignment is due on monday (eek!)
danimoHobbsee: hehe09:28
imbrandonJames_Cox: type " apt-cache show xserver-xorg|grep Version "09:28
danimoHobbsee: we have C classes this semester again, yay!09:28
lnxkdeit says to create a sed script...09:28
Hobbseedanimo: maths assignment is due tomorrow though.  i've done about half, and i really cant be screwed to do the rest :(09:28
lnxkdeI dont know how...09:28
danimoHobbsee: I've got to wrap up the kde news for linux user magazine today09:29
danimoHobbsee: same problem here :)09:29
Riddelllnxkde: it gives you the commands to use09:29
Riddellincluding sed09:29
lnxkdeI write cat09:29
danimoHobbsee: originally, I stumbed over doing the package because I wanted to take a screenshot09:29
lnxkdeand start typing all that is there?09:29
Hobbseedanimo: ahhh...09:29
danimoHobbsee: now isn't that investigative journalism? ;)09:29
Hobbseedanimo: you're on i386?09:30
danimoHobbsee: aye09:30
Hobbseedanimo: i'll throw some debs up if i get them to create09:30
Hobbseeand then you cang et screenshots09:30
danimoHobbsee: so I should just give up my stuff? 09:30
danimoHobbsee: since I think it works now09:30
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imbrandonJames_Cox: still there ? reboot that computer ( the linux one  ) and you should be golden09:31
Hobbseedanimo: *nods* - your stuff is helpful though09:31
=== Hobbsee is just setting it to build, and seeing what happens
Hobbseeimbrandon: i just changed edgybuild09:31
imbrandonyay \o/09:32
danimoHobbsee: I am just curious to learn why the hell it thinks that I am compiling 1.4.109:32
imbrandonyou fix it not to use pdebuild ?09:32
James_Coximbrandon: i ran that command  "apt-cache show xserver-xorg|grep Version"09:32
James_Coxi dont have the upright between xorg and grep09:32
imbrandonits shift and the key above enter on most keyboards09:32
imbrandoncalled a "pipe" key09:33
Hobbseedanimo: did you increment the changelog, and change the version?09:33
Hobbseeimbrandon: it now works with --use-pdebuild-internal09:33
danimoHobbsee: ah, there we go :)09:33
danimoHobbsee: so I have to do dch -i before? :)09:33
Hobbseedanimo: yes09:33
James_Coximbrandon: thing is i'm using an english keyboard under US settings on linux so it's one thing i can't get,09:34
James_Coximbrandon: is it imperative that it's there?09:34
imbrandonyes but just ignore that command, it was just a check anyhow, go ahead and reboot that box09:34
Hobbseeimbrandon: pdebuild is useful - but the option that we want in pdebuild, which is in pbuilder build foo.dsc is the --use-pdebuild-internal option09:34
imbrandonyou should be golden now09:34
Hobbseeimbrandon: i checked the man page :P09:34
danimoHobbsee: now it works :)09:35
Hobbseedanimo: yay :)09:35
=== Hobbsee is still waiting for it
imbrandonahh i just use pbuilder-edgy build foo so it will take advantage distcc and ccache ;) pbeduild dosent09:35
Hobbseedoesnt help that i canned the build partway thru to change teh script09:35
danimoHobbsee: how do you cope with all the automake conflicts?09:36
danimoHobbsee: configure.in and stuff09:36
danimoHobbsee: most of them shoduln't be relevant at all09:36
Hobbseeimbrandon: ah, fair enough.  i thought it would use both, seeing as they're mentioned in the config file09:36
Hobbseedanimo: havent found them yet.  which automake is it wanting?09:36
Hobbsee!find automake09:36
ubotuFound: automake1.4, automake1.7, automake1.8, automake1.909:36
danimoHobbsee: the point is that it tries to patch a lot of files just for the heck of it09:37
James_Coximbrandon: booting now09:37
imbrandoni dunno unless pdebuild uses the pbuilderrc from /var/cache/pbuilder/edgy/09:37
imbrandonif it does it should then09:37
danimoHobbsee: because the maintainer decided to run make -f Makefile.cvs with a different version09:37
Hobbseeimbrandon: well, edgybuild does - you can set the config file.  run less /usr/local/bin/edgybuild :P09:37
danimoHobbsee: so there's a diff for the output of two slightly different autofoo versions09:37
Hobbseeimbrandon: that's how i got it to behave at all - the differing config files09:37
Hobbseedanimo: ah, lovely09:37
danimoHobbsee: although upstream delivers a version that works just fine09:38
James_Coximbrandon: and it got to the same point and hangs09:38
Hobbseedanimo: what version did upstream use?09:38
James_Cox: (09:38
danimoHobbsee: I didn't have the patience to go through the diff file and remove the crap09:38
danimoHobbsee: no idea, but it doesn't matter. it will work with edgy and dapper09:38
Hobbseeodd that09:38
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@titoph.planetemu.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseehi Tonio_ 09:39
James_Coximbrandon: i logged in via command prompt and ran startx and it came back with a fatel error09:40
Tonio_Riddell: I will not ba available today since I'm going back to paris09:40
Tonio_Riddell: I should get me key back and will upload kio-locate toonight09:40
Tonio_hey Hobbsee09:40
imbrandonahh now that James_Cox needs to be taken to #kubuntu , lots of people in there to help with that one09:40
James_Coxam i in the wrong place09:41
=== kwwii_ [n=kwwii@p54A821B7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonJames_Cox: yea type "/join #kubuntu" here in irc09:41
Hobbseeimbrandon: how do you go up in a screen session?09:42
danimoHobbsee: failed to stat /debian/tmp/usr/share/config.kcfg/amarok.kcfg09:43
imbrandongo up?09:43
imbrandonjust like any other bash promt 09:43
imbrandonpg up should work09:43
imbrandonshift + pg up09:43
Hobbsee:( page up doesnt09:43
danimoHobbsee: I give up :)09:44
Hobbseegah.  it's wanting automake 1.7, and something else09:44
imbrandonRiddell: did you get to talk to anyone about .hidden yesterday ? can i add it to kds ?09:45
danimoHobbsee: who?09:45
Riddellimbrandon: lets do it09:45
imbrandonkk sounds great09:45
Hobbseedanimo: amarok09:46
danimowhy is that a problem?09:46
Lureimbrandon: .hidden works nicely also with firefox file selection - you can right click and Show Hidden to see everything as in KDE09:47
imbrandonHobbsee: pbuilder should grab 1.7  09:47
Lureimbrandon: so it should be safe thing to do09:47
Hobbseeimbrandon: not if 1.9 is specified :P09:47
imbrandonLure: yea i've been using it all day ;)09:48
imbrandonits quite nice09:48
=== Lure thinks that some GNOME users with kubuntu-desktop may be suprised, but they should be anyhow ;-)
Hobbseeimbrandon: didnt you already eyeball the control file?09:48
imbrandonfor amarok ? no that was your beaste , i havent touched it since 1.4.1 release09:48
imbrandon( at your request heh )09:48
imbrandonLure: for sure , heheh but i dont imagine many gnome users will have k-d-s installed , and if they do it will be a plesant suprise ;)09:49
Hobbseeimbrandon: point.  i thought you'd checked it to see if i was missing anything :)09:49
Hobbseeimbrandon: i just dont see the point in duplicate work - esp seeing as i found some bugs to fix in it anwya09:50
imbrandonHobbsee: nah i havent even opened the changelog tbh i just seen it on the hdd09:50
Hobbseeimbrandon: right09:50
imbrandonbefore the next release though ( post 1.4.2 ) and any other major apps we'll all ( or more than one ) will collaboate on thoguh i think its a good idea to post a bzr somewhere , you know you DO have ssh access to /people/~hobbsee so you could push bzr branches there ;)09:52
imbrandonapt-get source kubuntu-default-settings09:53
Hobbseeimbrandon: indeed.  i've yet to learn bzr stuff.09:53
Hobbseeimbrandon: i could have fixed a lot of these bugs in 1.4.1 - but i was being lazy.09:54
imbrandonits simple, next week when you have soem time away from classes i'll give you a quick rundown09:54
=== Hobbsee will be catching up next week, from all the classes she's missed *tihs* week
imbrandonLOL well you know what i mean, just ping me when you got about 1 or 2 hours to play with it09:54
Hobbseehehe okay09:55
=== Hobbsee hates being sick ;(
Hobbseehmm.  it says it's compiling witout libvisual support09:57
=== fritsch [n=fritsch@Ufcc5.u.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
fritschRiddell: ping09:58
Riddellhi fritsch 09:58
fritschRiddell: I want to join you this afternoon in Wiesbaden, is there some "space" for staying some hours?09:59
fritschRiddell: okay let` s see ;-) have to disconnect (never ending story of wpa_supplicant and network-manager) see you10:01
imbrandonheh the long journey home for the golden penguin .... looked like fun10:04
Riddellanyone know who fritsch is?10:06
imbrandonhrm just a user afaik , he said something about being close to Weisbaden yesterday when you guys was talking about it10:07
RiddellI guess we'll find out soon enough10:08
imbrandonwhy did mdz change bug #49187 to kdebase, its a xubuntu-meta problem 10:10
UbugtuMalone bug 49187 in kdebase "xubuntu-desktop configures xubuntu as default session in kdm, even if its wrong" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4918710:10
imbrandon** Changed in: xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu)10:10
imbrandonSourcepackagename: xubuntu-meta => kdebase10:10
Hobbseeimbrandon: i dont know, he's in -bugs though if you wanted to ask10:10
=== serzholino [n=serzh@fw.zaporizhstal.com] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
imbrandonomg Riddell / kwwii_ i could kiss you, you fixed kwin-crystal up well 3/4 of the way, hover over them still has the old gradient 10:16
imbrandonkwwii_: also did you know that the kdm screen but menu and > buttons are transparent unless hovered over ?10:17
=== serzholino [n=serzh@fw.zaporizhstal.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellimbrandon: he's working on both of those today10:20
Hobbseeright.  sources for amarok are on buntudot.  they're currently building10:20
=== serzholino [n=serzh@fw.zaporizhstal.com] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
imbrandonman i must say i hated kwin-crystal before but its fskin rockin now10:20
imbrandonRiddell: i'm kinda lost in this k-d-s thing10:22
imbrandongot a sec to spain it to me 10:22
imbrandonor can i just hand you the default .hidden file for / and you work the magic ?10:23
=== el [n=konversa@u40-30.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellimbrandon: make a new directory, put your hidden files in it, add commands to the Makefile to install them in the right place10:24
imbrandonahh ok i was looking in rules10:24
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Lurekwwii_: if you are working on login screen, is it possible to also address bug 40821?10:28
UbugtuMalone bug 40821 in kdebase "login dialog font is huge on 147 DPI screen" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4082110:28
alleeHobbsee: knemo 0.4.4-2 was uploaded.  But it's currently hidden somewhere between debians incoming and archive10:28
Hobbseeallee: cool, okay :)10:28
Hobbseethanks :)10:29
imbrandonheh yea mine is still in the new cue on ftp-master i think10:29
kwwii_Lure: hrm, that is a hard one10:38
kwwii_I think that answer would be to replace the button image with an icon with text next to it10:38
Lurekwwii_: :-( can we just reduce font a bit and increase the button a bit?10:40
kwwii_Lure: that is a problem with X, not the font size in the XML10:41
imbrandonRiddell: ping http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/temp/  <-- new k-d-s with .hidden10:41
seaLnethat was usefull, kde session manager remembered kwin wasn't running during previous login (it had crashed) and so didn't bother running it the next time :)10:48
=== Hobbsee notes that supertux is now just being painfu.
HobbseeOH YOU SODDING PIECE OF.....argh!10:53
Hobbseedh_installudev -pamarok10:53
Hobbseedh_install -pamarok10:53
Hobbseecp: cannot stat `./debian/tmp/usr/share/services/lastfm.protocol': No such file or directory10:53
Hobbseedh_install: command returned error code 25610:54
Hobbseemake: *** [binary-install/amarok]  Error 1  10:54
=== Hobbsee cries.
Lathiatneed to mkdir -p debian/tmp/usr/share/services ?10:54
Riddellimbrandon: only in / ?  not /media ?10:56
seaLnewhy does crystal have a special "on all desktops" button?10:56
HobbseeLathiat: no, they renamed it, and i forgot to fix it.10:57
seaLnecosmetically i don't like it and also think its a bit pointless button10:57
imbrandonhold on Riddell i for got the media one, did you upload already ?10:57
Lathiatah ok10:57
imbrandonok give me just a sec10:58
imbrandonsorry /me being dumb10:58
HobbseeLathiat: no, they renamed the file, and i forgot about it.11:01
Lathiatup-enter? ;p11:01
HobbseeLathiat: and i took the debian/ from 1.4.1 packages, not the 1.4.2beta1 packages that iw as using locally11:01
imbrandonok Riddell re-uploaded11:05
imbrandonsame place11:05
imbrandonseaLne: where do you see that button ?11:06
seaLnenext to the icon on the left11:06
imbrandonhrm i dont have that here11:07
imbrandonmight be my profile thogh11:07
imbrandonhrm yea i definately dont have that11:08
seaLneit only happened with the new crystal11:08
omeowOk, Riddell.11:08
RiddellseaLne: hmm, so that's not just me11:09
imbrandonseaLne: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss15.png but as i said i might be my profile11:09
=== Hobbsee goes invisible, and generally "not here"
seaLneadept thinks upgrading k-desktop will break hmm11:11
danimoHobbsee: is amarok still building though?11:13
Hobbseedanimo: yes11:14
seaLneis there not a kubuntu colour scheme?11:15
Hobbseegrrr.  all axioms suck11:15
HobbseeseaLne: it's purple11:15
seaLnesystem settings -> appearance -> colours -> color scheme11:16
seaLnenothing there11:16
Hobbsee"it's true because we all agree it's true, dont ask me to prove the damn things"11:18
HobbseeseaLne: ahh...yes...that.  i was going to bug someone about that11:18
imbrandonhehe bug kwwii_ ;)11:19
imbrandonmmm food brb11:20
RiddellseaLne: I see that too but I have no idea why, nothing has changed in kwinrc11:28
HobbseeRiddell: did you happen to figure out the autohell stuff last night?11:29
seaLneRiddell: i presume currently the colour scheme is just being set in default settings?11:29
RiddellseaLne: yes, it's in kdeglobal11:30
RiddellseaLne: but what we're seeing is custombuttons being turned to false, no idea why11:31
Riddellwhich is set in kwinrc11:31
RiddellHobbsee: no, internet ran out before I did.  I'm mostly out of ideas though11:32
HobbseeRiddell: ah okay11:32
Riddellimbrandon: k-d-s uploaded11:32
Hobbseesigh.  breathing is overrated.11:32
imbrandonthanks Riddell11:32
seaLneHobbsee: no ones forcing you :P11:32
imbrandonlol @ seaLne11:32
imbrandonarg i realy dont wanna reinstall my laptop today11:33
HobbseeseaLne: hehe11:33
imbrandonbut i botched the partition table soooo11:33
=== Hobbsee answers seaLne with another coughing fit
imbrandoni think i'm gonna just get rid of osx all togather on it and only run kubuntu + fluxbox11:34
=== imbrandon contemplates
Hobbseeimbrandon: oculd be smart.  why doyou want osx anyway?11:34
imbrandonbecouse i use photoshop ALOT11:35
imbrandonand its native in OSX ;)11:35
imbrandonnative in windows too but i refuse to run xp ;)11:35
imbrandonleaste osx is a *nix system11:35
imbrandonbut my battery does last ALOT longer in *ubuntu than osx ;)11:37
imbrandonlike osx == 2 hours battery , ubuntu == about 4.5 11:37
imbrandonhave NO idea why11:37
Hobbseewow, nice!11:37
imbrandonheh yea when i noticed that i was happy, i dunno how it does it but its nice11:38
imbrandoni dont think osx throttles the cpu like ubuntu11:38
imbrandoncuz the fans run full time in osx and rarely kickon in ubuntu11:38
Hobbseewoot!  amarok is finishing!11:39
imbrandonthat and media codecs for ppc linux kida suck, but no so for osx ( but i dont watch much media on the lappy anyhow )11:39
imbrandonwow you mean i get my cpu cycles back Hobbsee LOL11:40
Hobbseeimbrandon: hehe.  for a bit11:41
=== Hobbsee shoves the sources and binaries onto buntudot
Hobbseefeel free to test - http://buntudot.org/~people/hobbsee/amarok11:41
Hobbseei386 only11:41
Hobbseeor, when it's copied11:41
imbrandonheh you get a uvfe ?11:42
imbrandonme grabs it fro the pbuilder result instead11:42
Hobbseeimbrandon: nope.  gotta test to see if it works yet11:42
imbrandonerm /me ;)11:42
Hobbseeimbrandon: it's in ~/amarok/11:42
Hobbseenot in pbuilder result anymore (yay)11:42
imbrandonheh you can get a uvf without building it as long as you have a changelog THEN make it work ;)11:42
Hobbseeimbrandon: point.11:42
Hobbseeimbrandon: i found a nice changelog :)11:43
imbrandonnot in pbuilder result ? zouch , and i noticed it dident use the ccache either11:43
Hobbseeimbrandon: side effect of using internal pbuilder11:44
Hobbseeah ok11:44
Hobbseeshould probably check in the config file for that11:44
Hobbseewill check later11:44
imbrandonthe config is fine11:44
Hobbseeright, ok11:44
imbrandoni just tested with pbuilder-edgy build blh11:44
Hobbseethat works too11:45
=== imbrandon thinks pdebuild is evil
imbrandonheh and its /people/~hobbsee not /~poeple/hobbsee ;)11:47
=== Hobbsee wonders what a suitable response for that would be.
imbrandonwhine till i make an alias for both to work ;)11:48
=== Hobbsee didnt know that lack of air would make someone *quite* so light headed!
danimoHobbsee: cool!11:49
Hobbseedanimo: hehe.  not cool.  makes it damned hard to concentrate!11:49
seaLnethere is a kubuntuColours.kcsrc in k-d-s but it dosen't seem to show up11:49
danimoHobbsee: no I mean the packages11:49
Hobbseedanimo: ah :)11:49
Hobbseedanimo: no idea if they work yet11:50
danimoHobbsee: the url is wrong11:50
imbrandoni'll tell you in a sec ....11:50
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:/home/hobbsee/amarok$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb11:50
Hobbseeanyway, dinner time11:50
imbrandon(Reading database ... 157241 files and directories currently installed.)11:50
imbrandonPreparing to replace amarok 2:1.4.1-0ubuntu3 (using amarok_1.4.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...11:50
imbrandonUnpacking replacement amarok ...11:50
imbrandonSelecting previously deselected package amarok-engines.11:50
seaLneah the kubuntu theme is called O2 no wonder i didn't find it11:50
imbrandonUnpacking amarok-engines (from amarok-engines_1.4.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...11:51
imbrandonPreparing to replace amarok-xine 2:1.4.1-0ubuntu3 (using amarok-xine_1.4.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb) ...11:51
imbrandonUnpacking replacement amarok-xine ...11:51
imbrandonSetting up amarok-xine (1.4.2-0ubuntu1) ...11:51
imbrandonSetting up amarok (1.4.2-0ubuntu1) ...11:51
imbrandonSetting up amarok-engines (1.4.2-0ubuntu1) ...11:51
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:/home/hobbsee/amarok$                            11:51
Hobbseeimbrandon: nice :)11:51
imbrandonHobbsee: only if my music works LOL11:52
danimoimbrandon: where did you get the packages from?11:52
Hobbseedanimo: his hard drive.11:52
imbrandondanimo: hobsee uses my machine to build ;)11:52
danimoimbrandon: ah, right, since the url she posted was wrong11:52
Hobbseeprobably wise, else my laptop would blow up, most likely11:52
danimoHobbsee: so what's the url?11:53
Hobbseedanimo: http://buntudot.org/people/~hobbsee/amarok/11:53
imbrandondanimo: note the /home/hobbsee/amarok in the pwd ;)11:53
imbrandonwell it updated the db and rebuildt my collection 11:53
imbrandontime to test playback ;)11:53
=== imbrandon is listening to "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguliera, Lil Kim, Mya & Pink [Amarok]
imbrandonHobbsee , danimo : http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss16.png11:56
Hobbseehey, i know that song :P11:57
Hobbseehmm.  the purple got lighter11:58
imbrandonthe gradient changed11:59
=== imbrandon likes it now
imbrandonburger will have some stuff for UWN now lol11:59
=== Hobbsee hugs the old version
imbrandoni personaly like the blue better but this isnt terrible12:00
imbrandoni can think of worse things12:01
imbrandonkwwii_: ping .....12:01
Hobbseeoops.  i forgot some of the debs.12:02
imbrandonput the source there too and i'll compile for backport it to dapper for my repo ;)12:02
Hobbseedpkg - warning: downgrading amarok from 1.4.2beta1-0ubuntu1 to 1.4.2-0ubuntu1.12:03
Hobbseeyay for versioning wrong :P12:03
Hobbseeimbrandon: i put that there first12:03
imbrandonhahah 12:03
imbrandon1.4.1+1.4.2beta1 ;)12:03
seaLneor ~beta112:04
Hobbseeshould have done that12:04
Hobbseeoh well12:04
Hobbseeseems to work here12:05
imbrandonyea working fine here too12:05
seaLnekwwii_: is the welcome page for things like kmail and konq changing to purple aswell?12:05
kwwii_seaLne: I have thought about changing it as well, yes12:06
kwwii_it depends on how much time is left12:06
seaLnetoday i decided to switch to purple and i'm noticing how many other things are still blue :)12:06
=== kwwii_ restarts kde, brb
seaLnekwwii_: any thoughts on bug 5742612:07
UbugtuMalone bug 57426 in kubuntu-default-settings "the default kubuntu colour scheme has a non obvious name" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5742612:07
imbrandonyea alot is still blue , most noticebly the konqui start and the Kmenu button ( that should be a kubuntu logo like all other distros )12:07
seaLnei'd disagree i think it should be the kde logo12:07
seaLnebut not a major thing to me12:08
imbrandonwhy ? we are not kde default desktop, and name ONE distro that dosent unse a distributor logo , even ubuntu porper does for gnome 12:08
danimoHobbsee: where did you put the engines?12:08
imbrandondanimo: she's still uploading afaik12:09
danimogot it :)12:09
=== kwwii_ [n=kwwii@p54A821B7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seaLneimbrandon: i like having the KDE logo visible12:09
seaLneit also sticks with what a kde user would expect12:10
imbrandonnot realy , no other distr uses the default kde logo button, thats why its called a distributor.png ;)12:10
omeowimbrandon, if you have two monitors, the purple background does not span to the 2nd monitor, that one has a blue background.12:10
imbrandonomeow: strang i'll look into it but it does here on my dual monitor12:11
seaLneomeow: bug 57428 ?12:11
UbugtuMalone bug 57428 in kubuntu-default-settings "kdm background is still blue but has purple wallpaper" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5742812:11
imbrandonbut i dont have a default profile12:11
omeowThat sounds like it, seaLne.12:11
seaLnewell a result of it anyway12:12
imbrandonbut anyhow seaLne i would expect to see it in a kde proper desktop but as stated many times kubuntu isnt kde proper and even ubuntu uses the distributor logo not the foot12:13
imbrandonthats why the distributor logo is there ;)12:13
=== seaLne shrugs :)
kwwii_we are working on kdm atm12:14
kwwii_don't worry, everything will be fine :-)12:15
kwwii_more so after lunch :p12:15
seaLneyeah just aswell to point things out tho :)12:15
omeowI just tried to share a directory with samba using the kubuntu settings, I checked "writable" but my windows client can only view the files, not write to them or make new ones.12:16
omeowI want to share the dir without anyone having to log in.12:16
omeowSo far that seems to be going quite well. However, the writable setting does not seem to do what it says. Or perhaps I'm misinterpreting it?12:16
imbrandonomeow: i would file a bug i think you have to fiddle with the samba.conf to get it actualy to work correctly12:17
seaLnewhat are the perms on the actuall dir?12:17
imbrandonthats true too you need the dir perms set right also12:17
seaLnei presume all you are doing is the samba ro/rw setting which is still reliant on fs perms12:17
omeowimbrandon, that probably explains. I made such a fool out of myself spending time at a neighbor who I convinced to try kubuntu. I just couldn't "easily" share directories with windows clients.12:17
imbrandonyea but you need to cahnge the fs perms too12:18
imbrandonnot just the settings in the conf12:18
imbrandonas seaLne said12:18
seaLnewhich while perhaps non obvious shouldn't just be done by samba imho12:18
imbrandonseaLne: probably true 12:19
imbrandoni use nfs / nis anymore even for windows clients so it has beena  few weeks since i looked at smb stuff12:20
imbrandonRiddell: hrm where is the system menu applet , err what package is it in, it seems to need patched too for simes stuff12:29
imbrandonits using system:/ or media:/ every thing not / or /media12:30
Riddellimbrandon: in kicker package12:31
imbrandonRiddell: can we add a "Home Folder" or "My Comptuer" type thing to the default desktop ? other than the system menu applet there is not real konqueror-filemanager-profile link12:33
imbrandonor atleaste a link to filemanager ( aka konq ) the the kmenu12:33
Riddellno, blank desktop by default12:34
omeowperhaps the sharing menu should tell users to adjust the settings on their shared directories too. (Or maybe even do it automaticly)12:34
Riddellthe point of the system menu is to provide that12:35
imbrandonok Riddell how about a link on the kmenu for the file manager profile in konq then becosue you and me know we acn start it from the internet menu but new users dont12:35
Riddellomeow: the whole sharing stuff in kde is crap12:35
omeowRiddell, that I found out yesterday. =/12:36
Riddellimbrandon: we are the system menu, we're not doing to duplicate it12:36
imbrandonhrm ok12:36
imbrandonjust seems strange not to have a file manager by default12:37
imbrandonbut okies12:37
Riddellwe do.  it has a whole menu dedicated to it12:40
seaLnethe name system menu could be confusing tho with users thinking it was something system related rather than "my files" type stuff (my* is awfull tho)12:44
Riddell"My Computer"12:48
Riddellseems to be the suse approach :)12:48
imbrandonyea i agree my* is awefull , but system menu i think off settings and such like the kmenu->system , dont have a solution but i agree12:48
imbrandonyea My Compuer is Suse and fedora way12:48
Riddell"Files" would seem quite sensible12:49
seaLneyeah, seems good12:49
seaLnenow the icon... :)12:50
RiddellI expect imbrandon will send a patch soon :)12:50
imbrandonheheh yup ;)12:50
seaLneRiddell: was it you or kwiii that called the colour scheme O2?12:51
imbrandoneven O2 - kubuntu default would be helpfull ;)12:51
imbrandoneven "O2 - kubuntu default" would be helpfull ;)12:52
RiddellseaLne: kwwii's name, I put it in the file.  "Kubuntu O2" would be better12:52
seaLneimbrandon: colour-schemes/kubuntuColours.kcsrc if you are updating k-d-s anyway12:53
imbrandonlooking now12:53
seaLnenot sure if you can have spaces?12:53
seaLneah yeah others do12:54
seaLneName=Lipstik Standard12:54
Riddellname's are freeform12:54
imbrandonyup , changed one sec12:55
imbrandonugh it grabbed the old source12:55
seaLneimbrandon: if you don't mind waiting i'm trying to find where the background colour for kdm is set12:59
seaLnesomewhere in artwork/kdm-theme12:59
RiddellseaLne: there's a separate kdesktoprc file or something01:00
imbrandonk 01:00
imbrandonlemme know i'll cahnge that too01:00
seaLnesaves multiple uploads01:00
=== Riddell lunches
seaLneRiddell: ah not in k-d-s then01:00
seaLneimbrandon: so i'll sort that01:01
imbrandonok np01:01
Simeimbrandon_:  did you make the kde-systemsettings package?01:01
seaLneanyone know what purple it is?01:01
imbrandonRiddell: http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/temp/ for new k-d-s01:02
imbrandonSime: what one ? 01:02
seaLneimbrandon: ah the desktop backgroud colour should probably be changed aswell probably its in k-d-s?01:02
imbrandonyea afaik it is , i'll look before Riddell gets back from lunch01:03
seaLneits still dark blue01:03
imbrandonSime: no i dident make that package01:03
imbrandonSime: wanna patch the kicker systemsettings applet to use / and /meda not system:/ and media:/ ?01:04
imbrandonas part of your patches ?01:04
seaLneanyone know what purple it is?01:04
imbrandonseaLne: not i , kwwii does or look in te svg src01:05
seaLne/usr/share/apps/kdm/themes/kubuntu/kubuntu-wallpaper.png listed in kdm is blue01:06
seaLnethats the file in k-d-s where dose the purple come from?01:07
Simeimbrandon: I mean the systemsettings package in edgy? how is responsible for that01:08
Simeimbrandon: add that kicker systemsettings "issue" to the wiki.01:09
seaLneimbrandon: 183,171,21501:09
Simeimbrandon: I'm not sure if it will be used in the default settingsfor kubuntu....01:09
imbrandonand yea i help with the kubuntu-default-settign if thats what you mean01:09
imbrandonseaLne: ok01:09
imbrandonSime: infact thats what i'm working on right now01:10
imbrandonwhats up ?01:10
Simeimbrandon: I'm actually interested in the System-settings (read: our kcontrol replacement).01:10
imbrandonohh no tonio does most of that 01:10
imbrandonbut i can help etc we all kinda do the group thing ;)01:10
imbrandonseaLne: is that in k-d-s ?01:12
seaLneimbrandon: background colour?01:13
imbrandonyea you gave me the colur but not what to change ;)01:13
imbrandonahh thats forthe desktop bg ?01:14
seaLneyeah sorry :)01:14
imbrandonheh okie01:14
Hobbseedanimo: forgot to upload them.  they should be there now01:14
Simeimbrandon: ok. Some *.directory files are not getting installed, and I'm not sure if it is a packaging problem or something to do with unsermake.01:14
danimoHobbsee: you're famous http://www.linux-community.de/Neues/story?storyid=20689 :)01:15
imbrandonheh better tell her not to delete that dir as she normaly does after its uploaded01:16
danimoHobbsee: well, don't delete it, add a README with the new location or so01:16
imbrandonseaLne: is that for color 1 or color 2 or both ?01:17
=== Hobbsee quickly translates it
imbrandondanimo: i was gonna put a perminate link on imbrandon.com for the downloads lol01:17
Hobbsee(yay for learning german thru school)01:17
danimoHobbsee: hehe01:17
seaLneimbrandon: 1 definitly not sure what 2 is for...01:18
HobbseeAllerdings gibt es Version 1.4.2 noch nicht fr alle diese Distributionen. Fr Ubuntu-Benutzer hat Sarah Hobbs schon Pakete gebaut. Alle anderen knnen die Amarok-Sourcen von der Download-Seite des Projekt-Wikis beziehen.01:18
seaLne1 is the dark blue01:18
imbrandonits for gradients i think01:18
Hobbseeversion 1.4.2 is out for the ubuntu, i packaged it01:18
imbrandonHowever there are not version 1.4.2 yet for all these distributions. For Ubuntu users Sarah Hobbs already built packages. All different can refer the Amarok Sourcen from the Download side of the project Wikis.01:18
Hobbseeah.   the source for the download site is at teh project wiki page or something 01:18
Hobbseeimbrandon: haha, nice01:18
Hobbseei wasnt going to cheat01:19
Hobbseeactually, our german was never terribly useful - it dealt with things like salt mines - not actual conversation01:19
seaLnelike how being sent to australia wasn't as bad as the salt mines? :)01:20
HobbseeseaLne: hah.  i'm not natively german, you know01:21
imbrandonseaLne: okie changed and uploaded ready for Riddell when he gets back from lunch01:23
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
imbrandonheya \sh01:30
\shmoins imbrandon01:30
danimoheya \sh01:30
\shmoins danimo01:31
=== ryanakca wonders who pinged
Hobbseeryanakca: possibly me about my masses of email?01:37
ryanakcaHobbsee: well.... it's not my fault you've decided to subscribe to each and every bug....01:38
Hobbseeryanakca: hehe01:39
Hobbseetrue that01:39
=== Hobbsee considers the relative evil of having to recompile the binaries of amarok
imbrandonhahah if you had used pbuilder-edgy it would have cached it in ccache and only recompiled the changes ;)01:41
imbrandonimbrandon 1 pdebuild 001:41
Hobbseehobbsee@voyager:~/amarok$ linda *.changes01:41
HobbseeE: amarok; No manual page for binary amarok_proxy.rb.01:41
HobbseeE: amarok; No manual page for binary amarokapp.01:41
=== seaLne wonders why
seaLneAndreas Lloyd is going about changing kubuntu bugs01:42
HobbseeseaLne: who's he?01:42
seaLnesome french translation guy01:42
imbrandonask in -bugs01:42
seaLneimbrandon: you saw something there or just general suggestion?01:42
Hobbseethat reminds me, who's going and setting all the importances of the bugs?01:42
seaLneHobbsee: you and me?01:43
imbrandonthe ppl in the dev sprint , its bug day01:43
HobbseeseaLne: right...01:43
Hobbseeimbrandon: i meant before that01:43
seaLnemost were inherited, default was medium and users set there own01:43
imbrandonusers can set ther own afaik01:43
seaLnethey could before01:44
seaLnewell anyone culd change it to be more specific now only core-dev and qa01:44
Hobbseeand -dev01:45
HobbseeseaLne: nice, so you got -qa01:45
HobbseeseaLne: want to do me a favour?01:45
seaLnedoes it involve lots of mundane boring work?01:45
HobbseeseaLne: quite possibly01:46
=== seaLne hides :)
Hobbseehey cool, there's *lots* more bugs i can close01:46
seaLneso what was it?01:47
HobbseeseaLne: just going thru the amarok bug list, and seeing what's fixed01:48
Hobbseei think i'm okay :)01:48
danimoHobbsee: you missed daap support in your package :}01:54
Hobbseedanimo: indeed01:55
danimoHobbsee: can you add it?01:55
Hobbseedanimo: someone will have to figure out how to first01:56
=== Hobbsee is still fixing bits first.
danimoHobbsee: I think you just need to add the required files to amarok.install01:56
danimoHobbsee: something like libamarok_daap_mediadevice.* and the respective desktop-file01:58
danimoHobbsee: can you see what libs the build system spits out?01:58
RiddellFor you help in your work, I compiled for you amarok 1.4.2 (i386).01:59
Hobbseeum, okay?01:59
danimoHobbsee: there are more mediadevices btw02:00
mornfallguess he meant it well :)02:00
danimoHobbsee: not sure if we can get it in02:00
danimothen in02:00
danimoi.e. if they have external dependencies02:00
danimoHobbsee: the install rules is what I hate most about the deb format02:01
danimoHobbsee: if an application installs something it usually does so for a reason :)02:01
Hobbseedanimo: true that02:01
danimoHobbsee: njb, whatever that is, seems to have no deps02:01
danimothen there is one for filesystems02:02
Hobbseeoh yeah...that's what i was going to enable...02:02
Hobbseelibnjb1 support02:02
danimoah, nomad support, yeah02:04
Hobbseedarn it, it's only in universe, so i can only add it as suggests02:04
danimoHobbsee: that should be alright though02:05
Hobbseei wonder if it would need to be compiled with libnjb1-dev to get the support though02:05
imbrandonheh Riddell where did that link come from ?02:07
seaLneanyone played with kdm before? backgroundrc is in debian/kdm.install but i can't find it anywhere in the package02:08
\shkubuntu default settings? 02:09
seaLnenope its provided by kdm02:09
danimoHobbsee: yes it does02:09
imbrandonseaLne: thats what you had me change in k-d-s02:09
danimoHobbsee: I just checked, it has a dependency on libdjb102:09
seaLneimbrandon: no this is for kdm02:10
Hobbseedanimo: what's "it"?02:10
seaLneimbrandon: or am i wrong?02:10
danimoHobbsee: oh, the mediadevice plugin02:10
danimoin amarok02:10
Hobbseewe cant compile it with libnjb1-dev support - it's in universe02:10
imbrandonseaLne: no its in k-d-s i chnaged that already02:10
ryanakcabrb, I'm going to see if I can finally get the default edgy theme back...02:10
Hobbseedanimo: not in ubuntu02:11
seaLneimbrandon: you changed the desktop background and the kdm background?02:11
imbrandonseaLne: afaik they use the same thing02:11
seaLnelook at /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc02:11
=== ryanakca [n=ryanakca@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonand ?02:12
seaLnethats where the colour is specified and that is provided by kdm02:12
danimoHobbsee: hmm?02:13
imbrandonand i just siad i cahnged that in kubuntu-default-settings-6.10/kde-rc-files/backgroundrc its waiting to be uploaded02:13
imbrandonseaLne: ^^02:13
seaLneand i said that kdm uses a file that is in the kdm package not k-d-s02:14
Hobbsee[22:09]  <danimo> Hobbsee: I just checked, it has a dependency on libdjb1 <-- libdjb1 isnt in ubuntu02:14
imbrandoni thought you said you couldent find it ?02:14
seaLnei can't02:14
seaLneroot@napier-01:~ # dpkg -S /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc02:14
seaLnekdm: /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc02:14
Hobbseedanimo: unless you meant libnjb1 :P02:14
danimoHobbsee: oh, yes, djb was something else :)02:15
imbrandonits likely provided by kds then02:15
danimoHobbsee: don't ask :)02:15
seaLneimbrandon: then how does it get there as kdm installs the file02:15
seaLneimbrandon: i'm confused, not arguing with you btw02:15
imbrandonumm if its not in the kdm package kdm cant install it 02:15
seaLnehow does dpkg -S decide which package a file is in?02:17
imbrandoni have no idea but its not provided by kdm 02:19
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:~/files/devel/k-d-s/kdm$ find kdebase-3.5.4/ |grep backgroundrc02:19
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:~/files/devel/k-d-s/kdm$                  02:19
seaLneimbrandon: do the same in k-d-s and do you see it there i don't?02:20
=== danimo considers cooking
imbrandonheh cook me some too ;)02:30
danimoimbrandon: potatoes, scambled eggs and spinach?02:30
danimoimbrandon_: they, that's the healthiest ingridient. haven't you ever seen popeye? :)02:31
imbrandonactualy i'm gonna go grab a bowl of fruity pebbles , hahahaha02:31
imbrandonand another mt dew ;)02:31
danimoimbrandon: honestly though, with a bit of salt and cream, it tastes awesome02:31
=== danimo wonders which so many people dislike spinage
seaLneall the heavy metals in it?02:33
danimoseaLne: that would be news to me02:34
danimoseaLne: tuna is far worse02:34
seaLneits unfortunatly very good at sucking up any heavy metals in the soil02:34
danimoand still everyone (but me) seems to eat it02:34
seaLnetuna is bogging :P02:34
danimoack :)02:35
imbrandonspinach == sour to me02:35
danimoseaLne: might explain why spinage is said to contain a high concentration of iron02:35
imbrandonthats why i dont like it02:35
danimotherefor considered healthy02:35
danimoimbrandon: that's why you add cream02:36
danimoimbrandon: nobody eats raw spinage (well, except for popeye)02:36
seaLnenegating being healthy02:36
=== fritsch [n=fritsch@Uffe5.u.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
fritschRiddell: sorry :-( my mother got me by going out was {very}^x (x->inf) for cutting grass02:37
danimoseaLne: point is: I have all ingredients for the meal available02:37
danimofor some more advanced or mediterraine meals I'd have to go for some shopping02:37
danimo(no and I don't mean pizza ;)02:37
=== imbrandon sticks to mt dew and fruity pebbles
=== Hobbsee sticks to chocolate :P
seaLnespinach is nice in soup and i occasionally will eat it just boiled02:38
=== fritsch has eaten 3 Pizza and now lays on his back
danimoHobbsee: talking about healthy, eh :)02:38
Hobbseedanimo: hmm.  does frozen bread count as healthy>02:39
fritschHobbsee: depens on what is on?02:39
danimoHobbsee: don't you work in a food store? :)02:39
fritschHobbsee: ontop (soory)02:39
Hobbseedanimo: indeed, yes.02:40
Hobbseefritsch: usually honey.  or just plain.02:40
danimoHobbsee: and yeah, it depends how much you prefer to keep your teeth02:40
Hobbseedanimo: i dont eat lollies at all - teeth get kept that way :P02:40
danimoHobbsee: but frozen bread isn't good for them either :)02:40
Hobbseedanimo: bah.  ice cubes are worse :)02:41
Hobbseeso are pool walls, for that matter02:41
Hobbseebut that's not specific to teeth - that's also nasty for foreheads too :P02:41
danimoHobbsee: you have an odd taste, girl...02:41
Hobbseedanimo: haha.  yes.02:41
danimoHobbsee: I think it's healtier for you to stick to packaging :)02:42
danimoHobbsee: talking about which... new amarok packages on the way by any chance? :)02:42
Hobbseedanimo: i cant eat packaging :P02:43
Hobbseesources are there, i'm building the fixed binaries02:43
danimoHobbsee: but it satisfies (others). eating is overrated anyway02:43
Hobbseedanimo: not when you're hypoglycaemic :P02:43
Hobbseeor partially hypoglycaemic02:44
Hobbseeor whatever.02:44
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ryanakca [n=ryanakca@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseedanimo: and eveyrone else: fixed amarok debs are now on buntudot03:18
Hobbseeimbrandon: i already installed them on voyager03:18
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
fritschHobbsee: build for edgy?03:18
Hobbseefritsch: yes03:18
fritschHobbsee: okay, so I have to rebuild ...03:18
=== Prezu [i=patryk@eu165.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeyou'd need xinelib,  libvisual, etc stuff for dapper too, wouldnt you?03:19
fritschHobbsee: wait, what the dpkg-build says ...03:20
=== fritsch is searching the orig.tar.gz and the diff
Hobbseelibvisual 0.4.0 isnt in dapper, although Riddell had some in his amarok 1.4.1 packages, iirc03:20
=== ryanakca [n=ryanakca@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakcayay! I finally got my kde reset to default kubuntu theme...03:27
Hobbseeyay :)03:28
fritschHobbsee: mmh cannot find the packages? searching wrong?03:28
fritschHobbsee: could you provide me a link?03:28
Hobbseefritsch: why not just dpkg-source -x the dsc, then have a look at the deps/build deps?03:29
fritschHobbsee: i`ll want to try this03:29
fritschHobbsee: but can`t find your new sources ;-)03:29
Hobbseefritsch: new sources are with the binaries03:29
imbrandonfritsch: if you wait a few hours i'll have it backported to dapper03:29
imbrandonin my repo03:29
fritschimbrandon: okay, I wait03:29
Hobbseefritsch: where will you get libvisual, xinelib, etc stuff from?03:29
fritschimbrandon: where is your repo?03:29
fritschHobbsee: I would backport them from edgy03:30
Hobbseetrue that03:30
fritschimbrandon: thx, if you need help, just throw something03:30
fritschHobbsee: "backport" sounds very "engeneering" though03:30
fritschHobbsee: :-)03:30
imbrandonnp , i've backported amarok a few times though ;)03:30
Hobbseeimbrandon: point.03:30
imbrandonsides if i wanna use it on my lappy i only have dapper ;)03:31
Hobbseeupgrade it :P03:31
Hobbseemind you, REVU machines are breezy.03:31
fritschHobbsee: mmmh, breezy was not so stable for me ...03:32
Hobbseefritsch: it's a *server* - it's likely to be mostly stable03:32
imbrandonlol i wont upgrade my lappy untill edgy release, all my other boxes are edgy but i need atleaste one stable one incase something major breaks03:32
ryanakcaHobbsee: how do you recommend a different default icon set for kubuntu? (I know it has little chance of success, but I find it nicer that default)...03:32
omeowwho broke wine? =/03:32
fritschHobbsee: installed debian sarge, so old, but running like hell on a server ...03:33
imbrandonryanakca: you get on the -art ML03:33
Hobbseeryanakca: for kubuntu?  talk to kwwii03:33
fritschimbrandon: same for me03:33
Hobbseeryanakca: which was it?  link?03:33
imbrandonfritsch: my server(s) are sarge03:33
fritschimbrandon: yes, same here ...03:33
=== patryk [i=patryk@dug.net.pl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
fritschimbrandon: but if you need a gui, etc. working multimedia etc. no chance :-(03:34
imbrandonHobbsee: there is talk about the icons on the ML from sab and such i would recomnd ther too not just kwwii ;)03:34
fritschimbrandon: "backport lis too long for apt to cope with ...."03:34
imbrandonfritsch: thus i'm a kubuntu dev ;)03:34
ryanakcaHobbsee: http://linux.softpedia.com/progScreenshots/kNeu-Screenshot-5497.html03:34
Hobbseeimbrandon: ah okay03:34
ryanakcaHobbsee: kNeu....03:34
fritschimbrandon: hehe ... don` t like the kubuntu installer03:34
Hobbseei know nothing, nothing at all...03:34
fritschimbrandon: i use always the alternate one ...03:35
imbrandonryanakca: looks a bit blueish for kubuntu03:35
ryanakcaimbrandon: well... it would have been better on dapper :)03:35
=== patryk is now known as Prezu
imbrandonok i'm off for a while to transcode this dvd and compile amarok for dapper03:36
imbrandonc yall in a few hours03:36
fritschimbrandon: have fun :-) one is waiting for you (at least)03:36
=== Prezu [i=patryk@dug.net.pl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonfritsch: watch my blog i'll post a link there when i upload it will be sometime today03:37
imbrandon( or just subscribe to the rss or that and/or planet ) ;)03:37
imbrandonryanakca: fwiw those do look nice i just dont think they will fit edgy as is03:38
imbrandoncrystal clear works much better with the purple imo03:38
ryanakcaimbrandon: hmm...03:39
imbrandonhave a look ... one sec03:39
imbrandonryanakca: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss17.png03:39
imbrandonthats crystal clear with the default edgy theme03:40
ryanakcanice... where d'you get it? it wasn't defaulted over here...03:41
imbrandonno the icons arent default i added those, the rest of the theme is default03:41
ryanakcaimbrandon: and how did you get a tree in konversation instead of tabs?03:41
imbrandoneveraldo is where i got the icons03:41
ryanakcaI like it... I'll go grab it off of kde-look03:41
imbrandonryanakca: use my nighly konversation builds03:41
ryanakcaimbrandon: link?03:42
imbrandonthen just change the "tabs" to be on the left in the config03:42
ryanakcakk, ty03:43
imbrandonalso fyi everaldo did the icons for default kde ;)03:44
imbrandonthey are crystal svg03:44
imbrandonhttp://www.everaldo.com/crystal.html  < click crystal clear for the ones i have03:44
ryanakcagot them, thanks...03:51
ryanakcaheh... $479 USD for an icon set... crazy... but, he's got to make a living :)03:52
imbrandonheh you realize how much time it takes to make a full set of 2000+ icons ?03:52
ryanakcatoo long :)03:53
imbrandonbtw ping me or #konversation about bugs in nightly builds not LP obviously ;)03:53
ryanakcalol, obviously ;)03:54
ryanakcainstalling konversation... now I can say goodbye to this nasty x-chat03:54
ryanakcait was getting annoying wondering... hmmm... is that #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-motu-school... or #ubuntu+1...03:55
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-69-210-207-5.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
freeflyingHobbsee: amarok-1.4.2 in edgy now?03:58
Hobbseefreeflying: waiting on mdz/kamion for approving the request.  i've got debs of it though03:58
imbrandonfreeflying: its built but no uvf yet03:59
freeflyingcool :)03:59
freeflyinglooking forward  03:59
ryanakcaimbrandon: you're a motu, right?03:59
Hobbseefreeflying: http://buntudot.org/people/~hobbsee/amarok/03:59
imbrandonryanakca: yea04:00
=== Hobbsee hides, seeing ryanakca's comment
ryanakcacan you review eqonomize for me please? I'll get a link...04:00
Hobbseeimbrandon: that was why i hid :P04:01
imbrandonsure as long i dont have to do it right now04:01
imbrandoni got 3 things compiling since Hobbsee gave me back my cpu and a dvd transcoding04:01
imbrandonbut i would be happy to later this afternoon04:01
ryanakcawow... I can just manage to have 1 thing compiling04:01
ryanakcaI need a new computer04:01
Hobbseeryanakca: he has a better build machine than my laptop :P04:01
imbrandoni will get better soon too i hope /me eyeballs a dual core intel box04:02
=== freeflying built everything on his poor ibook
ryanakcaaptitude dist-upgrade slows my machine down to the point that I type faster than the text appears on the screen... and I don't type that fast04:02
Hobbseefreeflying: ouch04:02
Hobbseeimbrandon: hehe...nice :)04:02
imbrandonfreeflying: ouch my ibook i dont use to compile at all04:03
Hobbseeryanakca: try ssh'ing into a machine on another continent, and then say that :P04:03
imbrandontoo slow 800mhz with 640 mb ram04:03
freeflyingfor I have not other choice :)04:03
ryanakcayou have more ram than I do04:03
ryanakcaI have 384mb ram04:03
imbrandonryanakca: thats my slow ibook04:03
Hobbseefreeflying: ask for ssh access to someone elses machine :)04:04
Hobbseethat works04:04
imbrandonvoyager has 2 gigs of ram04:04
DaSkreechHi all04:04
Hobbseehey DaSkreech 04:04
ryanakcahey DaSkreech 04:04
DaSkreechraphink: I think I figured out the X issue04:04
imbrandonand my xbox build cluster has about 4gigs total04:04
=== DaSkreech wavels back
freeflyingHobbsee: how about yours  heh04:04
=== ryanakca likes bash emulation... tabbing makes my life easy :)
raphinkDaSkreech: great04:04
HobbseeSysinfo for 'sarah': Linux 2.6.17-6-686 running KDE 3.5.4, CPU: MobileIntel(R)Celeron(R)CPU2.40GHz at 2394 MHz (4793 bogomips), , RAM: 905/994MB, 104 proc's, 11.18h up04:04
Hobbseefreeflying: - it's not so bad04:04
DaSkreechIt's Klauncher04:04
Hobbseei mean, it's tolerablle.  voyager is fater though04:04
Hobbseefreeflying: the bigger problem is that it likes overheating04:05
freeflyingHobbsee: hmmm :)04:05
Hobbsee11 hours up.  wow04:05
ryanakcaHobbsee: wow... nice :)04:05
Hobbseethat probably means i've been here for close to that long :P04:05
ryanakcabut then... I bought my computer for 300$... since that's all I could afford...04:06
imbrandonSysinfo for 'voyager': Linux 2.6.17-6-686 running KDE 3.5.4, CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.93GHz at 2933 MHz (5874 bogomips), HD: 44/184GB, RAM: 946/2003MB, 109 proc's, 7.6h up04:07
ryanakcaimbrandon: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=293904:07
ryanakcaos[Linux 2.6.17-6-686 i686]  distro[Debian testing/unstable]  cpu[1 x Pentium III (Coppermine) @ 997MHz]  mem[Physical : 375MB, 31.5% free]  disk[Total : 186.47GB, 75.90% Free]  video[ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200 SE] ]  sound[] 04:08
ryanakcasince when is edgy "Debian testing/unstable"?04:08
imbrandonouch i'm using 996mb of ram atm and you only have 384 heh04:08
imbrandon946 sorry heh04:09
imbrandonnot a bad deal for 300 bux though04:10
imbrandoni payed 300 for my ibook and its 800mhz ppc with 640mb ram and 30gig hdd04:10
imbrandonbut i wouldent use that to compile, too painfull04:10
ryanakcaimbrandon: 300$ had a 40gb hd and a i810 video card... the 200gb hd and the Radeon 9200SE are additions from my hardware bin04:11
fritschSysinfo for 'todesstern': Linux 2.6.15-26-686 running KDE 3.5.4, CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz at 1395 MHz (2793 bogomips), HD: 20/54GB, RAM: 750/755MB, 113 proc's, 2.18h up04:12
ryanakca80CAD for a 200gb hard-drive is the best deal I could find :) 04:12
imbrandonheh personaly i would have kept the i810 over ati anything ( or i would have picked up a nvidia ;P )04:12
fritschhappy IBM Thinkpad user ;-) since over 3 years04:12
ryanakcaimbrandon: with the i810 I was getting 7fps04:12
ryanakcaon dapper, with the radeon I was up to 300fps04:13
imbrandoni have a i810 in voyager and i /can/ play fps games with good framerates and i have setup xgl/compiz too that works fine04:13
imbrandonati has only ever given me truble , plus intel open sourced the drivers for the iXXX ;)04:14
imbrandonnvidia is nice when i want a good 3d card though04:14
imbrandonthey always are smooth and easy to config04:14
=== fritsch_ [n=fritsch@Ufc89.u.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonanyhow l8tr , i'm gonna go get this stuff done or i never will04:15
ryanakcasee yah04:16
Hobbseeimbrandon: unless i'm building something, of course :P04:16
imbrandonheh /me shuts off the ssh port04:18
imbrandonjust teasin04:18
Hobbseeimbrandon: sure, you can do my merges, and control everything.04:19
imbrandonheh give stevenk's machine a workout for the small stuff, i'm sure it needs it 04:20
Hobbseei dont know how to update the pbuilder on that.  and it's slower to get all the build deps. but i migth04:20
=== Hobbsee makes a note to get him to sign her key again
imbrandonpbuilder update 04:20
Hobbseehe's using weird scripts04:21
Hobbseei might get him to teach me some more of vi first :P04:22
imbrandonheh he probably does it the right way instead of edgybuild ( /me rm-rf's it )04:22
Hobbseefeel free to change it, it's your machine04:22
imbrandonheh i might this afternoon if i have time04:22
imbrandoni never use it anyhow04:23
Hobbseethen i cant be blamed if it goes wrong04:23
imbrandoni always use pbuild-{edgy,edgy-main,dapper}04:23
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
=== imbrandon tries a dry run with no mods first "pbuilder-dapper build amarok_1.4.2-0ubuntu1.dsc"
imbrandonheya \sh04:25
Hobbseei would think it would work04:25
imbrandonHobbsee: whats tunepimp3 ?04:25
ryanakcaHobbsee: learn vi?04:25
imbrandonE: Couldn't find package libtunepimp3-dev04:25
imbrandonW: Unable to locate package libtunepimp3-dev04:25
imbrandonE: Could not satisfy build-dependency.04:25
imbrandonE: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.04:25
Hobbseeryanakca: yes.  as opposed to nano.04:26
Hobbseeright, that's another thing you'll have to backport then04:26
imbrandonnano > *04:26
ryanakcaHobbsee: learn emacs...04:26
imbrandonHobbsee: maybe not , i might just remove it, whats it for ?04:26
ryanakcaHobbsee: or if your really picky, http://www.eng.hawaii.edu/Tutor/vi.html04:26
=== imbrandon /kicks ryanakca
Hobbseeryanakca: gui's half way around the world suck.04:26
Hobbseeimbrandon: something.  i dont remember.04:26
Hobbseeimbrandon: you built the previous versions of these, remember?04:27
imbrandonyea tunepimp3 is a new dep04:27
imbrandonit wasent there before before i only had to backport libvis and excalibur04:27
=== imbrandon looks into it
Hobbseei remember why i *dont* usually go near #ubuntu-women!04:28
imbrandonheh y?04:28
Hobbseei remember why i *dont* usually disclose my gender.04:28
imbrandonbah set them right , dont let idiots discourge you04:28
imbrandonif you wont no one will04:28
imbrandonrember they are likely 12 year olds that dont know better ( or have a 12 year olds mind )04:29
Hobbseeimbrandon: just did.  i dont think whoever it is liked it04:29
Hobbseehmm...maybe i read them wrong.04:29
Hobbsee[00:26]  <lipstick> any girls in?04:29
Hobbsee[00:27]  <Hobbsee> lipstick: yes, why?04:30
ryanakcaHobbsee: here... I'll give you a link to my ~/.vimrc04:30
Hobbsee[00:27]  <lipstick> Hobbsee, you female?04:30
Hobbsee[00:27]  <Hobbsee> lipstick: yes.  if you're about to hit on me, give up, it wont work.04:30
Hobbsee[00:28]  <lipstick> Hobbsee, hit on a girl through the internet, wtf04:30
Hobbsee[00:28]  <Hobbsee> lipstick: what, you're not familar with the term "to hit on a girl"?04:30
Hobbsee[00:29]  <lipstick> Hobbsee, I wanted to tell you a joke04:30
Hobbsee[00:29]  <lipstick> but never mind04:30
Hobbsee[00:29]  <lipstick> I am04:30
Hobbsee[00:29]  <lipstick> through the internet, you need help04:30
Hobbsee[00:29]  <lipstick> or wait let me grab your boobs :)04:30
Hobbsee[00:29]  <lipstick> wtf04:30
Hobbseeimbrandon: ffs.  indeed.04:30
ryanakcaHobbsee: http://rkavanagh.homelinux.org/~ryan/.vimrc04:30
Hobbseesorry for the incredibly long paste.04:30
Tm_THobbsee: err, someone forgot his medication04:30
HobbseeTm_T: so it seems.04:31
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seaLneany joke required to be told to a woman wasn't going to be good04:31
Tm_THobbsee: I have bad habid to make fun misleading my gender04:31
Tm_TseaLne: untrue in 0,1 % of cases or so ;)04:31
Hobbsee[00:31]  <lipstick> Hobbsee, let me guess, you married?04:32
Hobbsee[00:31]  <Hobbsee> lipstick: that's none of your concern.  leave me alone.04:32
Hobbsee[00:31]  <lipstick> sure04:32
Hobbseeit gets better lol...04:32
ryanakcait can get better?04:32
seaLneis this semi live?04:32
imbrandonseaLne: yea04:32
HobbseeseaLne: yeah, it's live.04:32
Hobbseeryanakca: well, if he tries much more, i'll just fully rip him apart04:33
=== Hobbsee shrugs
seaLneooh k3b 0.12.1704:33
\sh"/ignore <insert your fav annoying idiot here> all" works sometimes too good ,-)04:33
Hobbseei've done it before, i'll do it again.04:33
Hobbseealthough the last guy i did it to was in person.04:33
Hobbseehe was *very* red by the time i'd finished :D04:33
\shdon't start with kubuntu devs .. and not with kde devs, too04:34
Hobbsee\sh: i suspect it was just a user.04:35
imbrandonHobbsee: might have been better to leave the build dep of automake1.9 and change the cvs.sh to loog for the correct version fwiw that how we did other pkgs ( and older amaroks )04:35
Hobbsee\sh: besides, #ubuntu-women is common for such things, i suspect.   which is why i tend not to go there.04:35
Hobbseeimbrandon: ahhh...feel free to change it04:35
Tm_THobbsee: kick doesn't help?04:35
Tm_Tkick&ban <304:36
imbrandonHobbsee: no biggie i was just noting for future04:36
imbrandonanyhow food time while this transcodes and compiles04:36
=== Ubug2 [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeTm_T: it's one of the few places i dont have ops04:37
Hobbseeimbrandon: you enjoying this?  :P04:39
imbrandonheh eating while lurking04:39
Hobbseeoh FFS!!!!!!04:40
=== Hobbsee is trying so hard not to burst out laughing here.
Hobbseeright, change that to wanting to throw this idiot off a cliff.04:43
ryanakcalol, why off a cliff? that's not painful enough :P04:43
fritschryanakca: it depends where he "crashes" in04:44
Hobbseeryanakca: indeed.  did i forget that i'd hang draw and quarter him afterwards?04:44
Hobbseehttp://rafb.net/paste/results/eHv5TU23.html is the full log04:45
ryanakcaHobbsee: did you get that link to my .vimrc and to the vi/vim tutorial?04:49
Hobbseeryanakca: yeah, didnt look though04:49
Hobbseeit's in my logs 04:49
ryanakcagot to love logs04:50
ryanakcaI've got a pile of them sitting around... no clue why I keep them04:50
Tm_THobbsee: shame04:50
fritschwhat a log :-) oh my god04:50
Hobbseefritsch: you telling me that's not normal?  :P04:51
Hobbseewell, up to the rape comments, at least04:51
fritschHobbsee: it is not normal for me, i don` t talk to this kind of rude people04:51
fritschHobbsee: there is totall nothing funny about rape04:51
Hobbseewell now i'm *really* not going to be able to concentrate on my assignment.  or sleep, for that matter.04:53
ryanakcaheh... interesting... got to love k-lines04:53
Hobbseeryanakca: yeah, imbrandon thought of the quicker way - i kinda went into shock over what was happening04:53
ryanakcabrb, switching to imbrandon's konversation :)04:54
imbrandonheh "/stats p" rocks04:54
Hobbseetrue that04:54
ryanakcaimbrandon: except that half the time you have to go threw 4 ircops before you get a response... sleeping in ;)04:55
ryanakcaimbrandon: start up konversation, automaticly, sigsev :)04:55
Hobbseeryanakca: i have ops in most channels - its' usually not a problem04:55
imbrandonheh edgy ? wow me and about 10 others using it right now04:55
ryanakcaand another, and yet another...04:55
ryanakcayep, edgy04:55
imbrandonryanakca: yea 90% of the time i have ops in *ubuntu*04:55
imbrandonso no biggie04:56
=== ryanakca makes a mental note to stay away of Hobbsee and imbrandon
imbrandonand the other 10% of the time there is staff in the ircop team chan ;)04:56
seaLneRiddell: think we'll get a uvfe for k3b?04:56
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Hobbseeimbrandon: at least let me +i him again before you do that :P04:57
imbrandon+i ?04:57
=== verwilst_ [n=verwilst@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellseaLne: so long as there's no major new features04:57
imbrandoni wasent sure if he was awake ;)04:57
RiddellseaLne: what's the release schedule like?04:57
seaLne0.12.17 today04:57
Hobbseeimbrandon: why wouldnt he be?  he just responded04:57
=== ryanakca [n=ryanakca@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakcaheh, I was busy pastebining... didn't notice :)04:58
Hobbseeryanakca: hehe, fair enough.  did you see your quit message?04:58
imbrandonRiddell: didnt you already have the libvisual-0.4 and excalibur somewhere for dapper ?05:01
Hobbseeimbrandon: on kubuntu.org probably05:01
Riddellin kubuntu.org/packages I had whatever amarok needed at the time05:02
imbrandonnot in http://www.kubuntu.org/packages/amarok-latest/pool-dapper/05:02
imbrandonunless i missing something05:02
Riddellonly older versions needed it05:02
seaLneis -latetst actually?05:02
HobbseeseaLne: not for edgy (i dont think)05:02
imbrandonseaLne: for dapper it is 1.4.1 in -latest05:02
=== danimo [n=danimo@kde/danimo] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonRiddell: only older version ?05:03
Hobbseehey danimo 05:03
imbrandonahh ok nvm05:03
danimoHobbsee: how are the new packages ?05:03
Hobbseedanimo: they are alive05:04
danimoHobbsee: url?05:04
Hobbseedanimo: same as before05:04
Hobbseeon buntudot/people/~hobbsee/amarok05:04
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== OculusAquilae [n=oculus@pD9508858.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakcaHobbsee: yeah05:06
ryanakcaHobbsee: <sarcasm>you sure are harmless</sarcasm>05:07
ryanakcaimbrandon: http://pastebin.ca/14634405:07
Tm_THobbsee could not harm a fly!05:08
Hobbseeryanakca: well, if i ever met up with that other guy in a dark alleyway, i sure *wouldnt* be harmless.  anything else though, and i'm pretty harmless :P05:08
Tm_TI mean, that harmless05:08
ryanakcaimbrandon: that's the backtrace from the sigsev05:09
imbrandonryanakca: ok05:14
ryanakcahmmm... any reason why vt1-5 are disabled/nonexistant?05:16
seaLnenot just me then05:17
fdovinganyone buildt amarok 1.4.2 yet? 05:17
Hobbseefdoving: for edgy, yes05:17
Hobbseefdoving: dapper is being done sometime soonish, i think05:17
imbrandonyea i'm working on dapper atm 05:18
fdovingHobbsee: i was thinking edgy. told danimo i'd do it if it wasn't done by the time i got home from work today :)05:18
imbrandoni'll stick both online in a few minutes05:18
ryanakcahmmm... I'm soundless as well... .crim.sun and someone else where trying to figure it out... it's weird...05:18
=== rouzic [n=rouzic@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseeimbrandon: konversation is using a *lot* of cpu and memory - any ide awhy?05:20
imbrandonits in full debug05:20
ryanakcahmmm... anybody know if you can build a "compiling and building farm"? Kindof like for rendering, you hook up 5-6 computers... same thing for packaging?05:20
ryanakcaI have 2 P2 64mb ram computers laying around in my storage room... collecting dust...05:21
imbrandonryanakca: yes i ahve 8 xboxes and 2 celeron 2.9 building05:21
danimoHobbsee: hmm, still no daap or fs05:21
Hobbseedanimo: true that05:21
Hobbsee 4540 sarah     25   0  100m  45m  16m R 94.6  4.6  33:12.98 konversati05:21
danimoHobbsee: what did you change then?05:22
imbrandondanimo: after Hobbsee gets the uvf i'll look at sticking dapp and such in05:22
imbrandonif its not in universe05:22
danimoimbrandon: huh? daap does not need dependencies nor open any ports05:22
Hobbseedanimo: a few of the depends, etc - got rid of some of the erros05:22
danimoHobbsee: hmm?05:23
Hobbseedanimo: my changes05:23
danimook, I was wrong, daap depends on ruby05:24
danimobut that's in main, isn't it?05:24
Riddellruby is yes05:24
Hobbseeruby's already a build-dep, iirc05:24
Riddellit's jut broken05:24
Riddellon powerpc, it doesn't compiole05:25
Riddellbut that'll get fixed, one day05:25
danimoRiddell: daap specifically?05:25
=== omeoww [n=omega@co63471-a.olden1.ov.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Hobbseehehe.  one day05:26
=== omeoww is now known as omeow
Riddelldanimo: I don't see it at all05:28
Riddellwhat's the package nme?05:28
danimoRiddell: no specific package05:28
danimoRiddell: the daap mediadevice is a selfcontained directory in amarok05:29
Riddellwell what does it depend upon?  what's the upstream?05:29
danimoRiddell: only on ruby05:30
Riddellwell, that's fine then, do it05:30
danimoRiddell: I just need to add the files to amarok.install, right?05:31
Riddelldanimo: yep05:31
Riddelldaap is new in this amarok so I've not seen it at all05:31
danimoRiddell: I hate the install file05:31
danimoRiddell: well, and pc also has no external deps afaict05:31
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imbrandonheya bddebian05:38
bddebianHeya imbrandon05:38
Riddelldanimo: what's the status of the amarok package?  apparantly hobbsee sent a UVF exception05:44
=== fritsch [n=fritsch@Ufc89.u.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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(danimo/#kubuntu-devel) Riddell: recompiling05:47
(imbrandon/#kubuntu-devel) hehe its just where she sticks stuff05:47
(imbrandon/#kubuntu-devel) so we can all get it while she sleeps05:47
(Riddell/#kubuntu-devel) ok, it's not new, I just havn't noticed it before05:48
(imbrandon/#kubuntu-devel) right05:48
(Riddell/#kubuntu-devel) danimo: you're adding daap to hobbsee's package?05:48
danimoRiddell: aye05:48
danimoRiddell: I will push it to revu, since I'm not a MOTU. can you push it from there?05:48
Riddelldanimo: yes, give me a ping when you do05:48
imbrandondanimo: if you dont mind ping me too so i can rebuild the dapper one05:49
=== releaselogger [n=me@N825P024.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== releaselogger is now known as apachelogger
imbrandonRiddell: did you see my link for the kds with the o2 and bg color changes ?06:10
seaLnesomething has started automounting cds?06:11
Riddellimbrandon: nope06:11
RiddellseaLne: shouldn't do06:11
imbrandonRiddell: http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/temp/06:11
seaLneRiddell: its causing havoc with k3b06:11
Riddellimbrandon: thanks06:12
seaLneno popup media thingy and i definitly never told anything to automatically mount stuff as i rarely read cds on this machine only right06:12
Riddellthat could well be sime's patches at work06:13
imbrandonhrm it shouldent automount anything06:13
seaLnewhen were they yesterday? i restarted this morning after fully updating06:14
imbrandonseaLne: yea the first round was in before yesterday06:14
imbrandonhrm the popup still happens here but i only have a dvd to put in and test06:15
imbrandonit made an icon but not mounted06:15
seaLnesomething was even "mounting" erased cdrw06:15
imbrandonis there a way to reset that dialog and try it again06:16
seaLneerased cdrw pushed tray back in and it showed up mounted altho you couldn't do anything06:16
imbrandonor can you stick a blank cd in Riddell06:16
RiddellI have no CDs here06:16
imbrandonhrm all i have is this dvd superman movie i use to test libdvdcss 06:16
imbrandonbut it does make the popup06:17
=== Riddell corrects imbrandon's spelling of "colour"
imbrandoncolor ?06:17
imbrandonheh i guess that what i get for sending the patch to the UK ;)06:17
imbrandonhehe just teasin06:17
=== Riddell in Germany
imbrandonohh thats right 06:18
imbrandonnormaly your in scottland though right ?06:18
seaLneyou don't stop being non-us despite being in a diff country tho :)06:18
imbrandonheh Riddell isnt a US-ite ;)06:19
imbrandontbh i'm not sure where he is , just somewhere near UK afaik ( not atm but normaly )06:19
seaLnewow you really are american :P06:20
DaSkreechbddebian: hi06:20
imbrandonlol what makes you say that 06:20
bddebianHeya DaSkreech06:20
seaLnescotland is part of the uk06:20
RiddellseaLne, imbrandon: new kubuntu-default-settings uploaded06:21
Riddellit's the classy part06:21
imbrandonyea i know but i'm not totaly sure he is in scottland heh06:21
seaLnejust the famous american lack of knowledge of countries :)06:21
=== seaLne stays about 50 miles from Riddell
=== imbrandon is dead smack in the mid USA
imbrandoni need to come see / move to EU somewhere though sometime heh06:22
imbrandoni've only been to mexico and thiland outside the US so far06:23
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
bddebianimbrandon: I hear Iran is nice this time of year :-)06:24
DaSkreechIsrael! :)06:28
Tm_Timbrandon: you should come to finland in january06:29
Tm_Tit's light and warm and sunny in winter ;)06:30
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== fritsch [n=fritsch@Ufc89.u.pppool.de] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
=== seaLne wonders if it was more hassell including the k3b changelog in the changelog than it would have been to just include it seperatly in the uvf exception request :)
fdovingincluding the k3b-changelog into the changelog for the package? hum.. why? 07:03
seaLneit was quite short07:03
seaLnei mean the change between versions07:04
imbrandonmez was too bored with that one07:06
ryanakcaimbrandon: figured out konversation?07:10
nixternalkonversation ownz ;)07:10
imbrandonno honestly , i cant see a problem with it at all 07:11
imbrandonnixternal:  is running it to ryanakca07:11
nixternalor too07:11
nixternalbut who really cares, since we come from the ghettos ;)07:11
ryanakcahmmm... I'll uninstall and reinstall07:11
imbrandonif you uninstall --purge07:11
imbrandonjust to make sure07:11
imbrandoni got to run to the store and stuff , i'll be back in ~30min07:12
nixternali learned a new one with konversation as well...copy all your scripts to ~/.kde/share/apps/konversation/scripts    as updating konvo blows the old /scripts dir aways07:12
ryanakcakk, see yah... if it doesn't work, I'll hunt it down in #konversation07:12
nixternalit will work, don't worry ;)07:12
=== ryanakca gives nixternal some more cookies
imbrandonryanakca: you can ping me again also when i get back07:13
nixternalim sick of cookies ;)07:13
ryanakcafine then... 07:13
imbrandonor that works too , just be sure to let sho know where you got the deb from so he knows what he's working with07:13
imbrandoneither way07:13
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ryanakca gives nixternal a big juicy piece of steak
ryanakcasame problem :(07:19
=== DaSkreech hugs ubotu
danimoimbrandon: Do I have to do any magic to sign my package?07:32
danimoimbrandon: like importing my key into apt?07:32
Riddelldanimo: no, it just uses gpg07:32
Riddelldanimo: of course revu needs to know about your key07:32
danimoRiddell: it does07:33
ryanakcadanimo: debuild -S -sa07:33
Riddelloh yes, good point07:33
imbrandonyea it will use gpg with debuild -S -sa07:33
danimowon't it rebuild?07:33
danimoI mean the actual build went fine07:33
ryanakcadanimo: it will remake the source package07:33
imbrandonnah it will "fack" buld it and prepare it as a source package07:33
nixternalalso with the gpg keys and packaging..i have had issues while running gpg-agent and pinentry07:33
ryanakcadanimo: you then use "sudo pbuilder build package-version.dsc" to compile - build it...07:34
nixternalwhen you do the -S it will crash out with the gpg signing saying it didn't receive the right info about the secret key07:34
imbrandonno sudo07:34
imbrandonryanakca: you shouldent need sudo07:34
Riddelldanimo: debuild -S  is for source package, it doesn't re-compile07:34
Riddelldanimo: and -sa makes it include the .orig in the .changes file which is used to upload07:34
ryanakcaimbrandon: it runs in /var/cache/pbuilder/07:35
Riddellimbrandon: no sudo for pbuilder?07:35
imbrandonryanakca: yes i know07:35
ryanakcaimbrandon: at least that was the way it was default setup in dapper07:35
imbrandonRiddell: yea i NEVER use sudo for pbuilder07:35
ryanakcaimbrandon: well, no sudo, and you get "permission denied"07:35
imbrandonryanakca: thats becouse you ran sudo pbuilder create07:35
nixternalas i did as well07:35
imbrandonif you ran pbuilder create without sudo you wouldent need it later07:36
ryanakcayou can't access /var/cache/pbuilder, because it's root, isn't it?07:36
imbrandonryanakca: sure you can if you use it the first time without it07:36
ryanakcaimbrandon: so I can pretty much, just go "sudo chown ryan /var/cache/pbuilder" and no longer need sudo? 07:36
imbrandonpbuilder-buildpackage/i386 $Id: pbuilder-buildpackage-funcs,v 1.31 2006/05/30 23:45:45 dancer Exp $07:36
imbrandon$Id: pbuilder-buildpackage,v 1.126 2006/06/10 15:09:52 dancer Exp $07:36
imbrandonCurrent time: Wed Aug 23 12:36:22 CDT 200607:36
imbrandonpbuilder-time-stamp: 115635458207:36
imbrandonBuilding the build Environment07:36
imbrandon -> extracting base tarball [/var/cache/pbuilder/dapper/base.tgz] 07:36
imbrandonryanakca: yes07:36
ryanakcagood... save me... 5 letters :)07:37
imbrandonbrandon@voyager:~/files/devel/amarok$ pbuilder-dapper build amarok_1.4.2-0ubuntu2.dsc07:37
imbrandonW: /usr/share/pbuilder/pbuilderrc does not exist07:37
imbrandonW: /etc/pbuilderrc does not exist07:37
imbrandonI: using fakeroot in build.07:37
imbrandonpbuilder-buildpackage/i386 $Id: pbuilder-buildpackage-funcs,v 1.31 2006/05/30 23:45:45 dancer Exp $07:37
nixternal4 and a space07:37
imbrandon$Id: pbuilder-buildpackage,v 1.126 2006/06/10 15:09:52 dancer Exp $07:37
imbrandonmake sure you have fakeroot installed ;)07:37
imbrandonpbuilder and debuild use fakeroot if they are installed07:38
ryanakcachown didn't work... how do you delete it?07:39
imbrandonryanakca: and you probably wanna set the gourp too not just the user07:39
ryanakcadelete it as in delete pbuilder and create a new one...07:40
imbrandonrm-rf it and pbuilder create again works but you'll have to redo all the configs etc, becomes a pita07:40
imbrandonryanakca: setup a new one first07:40
imbrandonto test it07:40
imbrandon( good to have an edgy one anyhow )07:41
imbrandonwithout sudo07:41
imbrandononce you got that working then rm -rf the old one07:41
imbrandoni have dapper,edgy,edgy-main all setup07:41
ryanakcaI have an edgy... no dapper07:42
ryanakcahow do you get more than one setup?07:42
imbrandonfyi you can have it store the stuff in your ~/pbuilder too thats how the wiki tells you anyhow07:42
imbrandonpbuilder == personal builder , no root needed07:42
imbrandonryanakca: hold on lmee find the wiki page07:43
ryanakcawell well... if it can store in ~/pbuilder, save me the trouble of looking for it... wiki/PbuilderHowto is what I found... not very detailed though :(07:43
ryanakcaor wait... they updated it... nice... 07:44
imbrandonerm they say use sudo too07:44
ryanakcaimbrandon: sorry, bbiab... I'm going to go get myself a kayak07:44
imbrandonbut thats not right07:44
imbrandonok later07:44
ryanakcaimbrandon: feel like editing it? kk, see you in an hour or so07:45
imbrandondanimo: got the amarok stuff uploaded ?07:47
danimoimbrandon: any minutee07:47
imbrandonhehe okies just wondering ;)07:47
danimoimbrandon: RSN :)07:47
imbrandonrsn ?07:48
danimoryanakca: real soon now07:48
danimoimbrandon: ^^^07:48
imbrandonahh ;)07:48
=== apachelogger [n=me@amarok/rokymotion/apachelogger] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonhrm after i fixed the deps hobbsee's still failed on dapper ;(07:48
=== imbrandon go's to investigate
imbrandonapachelogger: wow just whom i wanted to see07:49
apachelogger:| battery still doesn't work properly07:49
danimoimbrandon: dputting now07:50
danimoimbrandon: (revu)07:50
imbrandondanimo: cool ok07:50
danimoimbrandon: what changes do I put? the sources or the i386 one?07:50
imbrandonapachelogger: any clue what this is , seems to build on edgy but dapper its failing with http://pastebin.ca/14652207:50
danimoimbrandon: I just put the sources one07:50
danimook, great07:50
apacheloggerimbrandon: libhal-dev is probably in deps?07:51
imbrandonhrm i think one sec07:51
imbrandonerm nope07:52
imbrandonBuild-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>=5), quilt, bzip2, automake1.7, libtool,07:52
imbrandon kdelibs4-dev, kdemultimedia-dev, kdebase-dev,07:52
imbrandon libgstreamer0.10-dev, libxine-dev, libtunepimp3-dev,07:52
imbrandon libtag1-dev (>> 1.4), libsqlite3-dev,07:52
imbrandon libmysqlclient15-dev, libpq-dev,07:52
imbrandon libsdl1.2-dev, libvisual-0.4-dev,07:52
imbrandon libifp-dev, libusb-dev, libgpod-dev, ruby07:52
imbrandonguess that would be needed huh07:52
apacheloggerthough I wonder whether it's not failing on edgy07:53
apacheloggerprobably another pacakge already depends on07:53
apacheloggerimbrandon: and remove gstreamer07:53
=== imbrandon headdesks i should have known that
apacheloggerit's not needed07:53
imbrandonyea we took out gstreamer support07:54
imbrandonok Riddell once that hits revu from danimo i got a few more cahnges it looks like07:54
Riddellimbrandon: we're about to turn off internet for the evening so I'll get it tomorrow07:55
imbrandonok 07:55
imbrandoni'll have it all ready by then07:55
jjessenooo!!!! don't turn off the internet :(07:55
=== imbrandon downloads the internet
jjessedoes it fit on a floppy disk still?07:56
imbrandonsudo apt-get install internet2.007:56
jjesseah so its gotten bigger since i last downloaded it07:56
danimojjesse: yes, if you don't download the pr0n07:56
imbrandonyea without the pr0n dep its only 1.2k07:57
imbrandonerr 1.2mb07:57
imbrandonstaticly links pr0n lib though makes internet2.0 only fit a dvd+r07:57
danimoimbrandon: and really DAAP works :)07:59
Riddelldanimo: what does it do?07:59
imbrandonlets you connect to DAPP music sources07:59
imbrandonlike iTunes 07:59
imbrandonor LimeWire07:59
imbrandonover a network07:59
apacheloggeror banshee ;-)07:59
apacheloggeror internet2.0 :P07:59
danimoRiddell: you can listen to music from iTunes or Banshee08:00
danimoRiddell: (and some other clients)08:00
Riddellso long as they're not sending weird mp4 format or something08:00
imbrandondosent matter afaik08:00
danimoRiddell: well, no, it's just a transport protocol08:00
danimoRiddell: and sharing08:00
apacheloggerit's going through the amarok proxy08:00
imbrandonits kinda like samba or nfs for music08:00
danimoRiddell: you won't be able to play AAC files without the respective libs of course08:00
apacheloggerdanimo: I guess you are08:01
danimoapachelogger: what?08:01
=== apachelogger wonders
danimoapachelogger: congrats to the release btw08:01
apacheloggerwould need trying, I'm not familiar with the DAAP protocol08:01
danimoapachelogger: same here08:01
apacheloggerdanimo: thx, too me some time ;-)08:01
danimoubuntu does not ship a DAAP server08:01
apacheloggerit does08:01
apacheloggerit does 08:02
danimohow is it called?08:02
imbrandonit does ?08:02
imbrandonohh yea08:02
danimoapachelogger: yeah, but that needs banshee08:02
danimoapachelogger: and banshee won't install08:02
apacheloggerthough I only know one real daap server08:02
imbrandonthere are other that are cmd line08:02
danimono matter what I tried08:02
danimothe mono stuff seems to be completely broken08:02
apacheloggerhehe, needed to get activate some update repos - I have a almost not up-out-dated system ;-)08:02
imbrandondanimo: monodevelop works here havent tried anything else08:03
apacheloggerdanimo: well, the mono aps have some dep problems08:03
apacheloggernoticed this for inofficial ifolder build08:03
imbrandonohh ifolder /me drools08:03
danimoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:03
danimo  banshee: Depends: libnautilus-burn3 but it is not installable08:03
apacheloggernow I think DAAP is not sending the music as codec08:03
danimoE: Broken packages08:03
danimoapachelogger: but?08:03
apacheloggerelse I wouldn't see a reason why to throw it through amarok proxy08:03
apacheloggerdanimo: no idea ;-)08:03
apacheloggersomething strange of course :P08:04
danimoapachelogger: because the world does not turn around amarok08:04
apacheloggerafter all it's a apple development08:04
danimoapachelogger: and DAAP is iTunes originally08:04
apacheloggeryeah, but I don't think apple would be that lame08:04
imbrandonDigital Audio Access Proto08:04
apacheloggerbut, as I said - no clue about daap :P08:04
danimoapachelogger: I bet it has some fancy DRM functionality and stuff08:05
danimoall optional of course08:05
danimojust in case ;)08:05
apacheloggerwell, no - and yes08:05
Riddellso the server decodes and DAAP sends it as what?08:05
apacheloggeras you said it's made for itunes08:05
apacheloggertherefore DRM would be processed by itunes08:06
apacheloggerso daap wouldn't need a DRM functionality IMHO08:06
imbrandonthe drm is handels by the DAAP server08:06
imbrandonRiddell: i THink its a stream on demand type thing08:06
apacheloggergotta point that out ^^08:06
danimoimbrandon: I uploaded sucessfully, but it doesn't show up at the webinterface08:06
imbrandondanimo: it takes a few for revu to process it08:07
imbrandonRiddell: i have iTunes on my laptop i'll enable the daap server in it and stream some protected content and try it tonight08:07
danimomodified HTTP protocol08:07
danimoand it announces itself through zeroconf08:07
Riddellok, internet going, bye all08:08
danimowhich is why it would be fairly difficult to set it up for ubuntu if amarok contained a server08:08
danimobye Riddell08:08
imbrandonthey dont list LimeWire / FrostWire as DAAP clients too but they are also08:08
imbrandonbye Riddell08:08
Riddelldanimo: we have zeroconf, you just need to tick the tickbox08:08
apacheloggerah, well08:09
danimoRiddell: yeah, and that's the point08:09
danimoRiddell: it's zeroconf for a reason08:09
apacheloggereither server was broken or zeroconf on dapper is dead08:09
danimoRiddell: and where is the tickbox to tick?08:09
Riddelldanimo: it'll be on by default in edgy+108:09
Riddelldanimo: in the zeroconf kcontrol modue08:09
Riddelldanimo: edgy only, not dapper08:09
apacheloggeranyway, zeroconf on kubuntu actually is zero conf ^^08:09
apacheloggercan't say that about suse08:10
danimoRiddell: will this be the time that cups' auto announce will be reenabled, too?08:10
danimo(afaik cups can also use zeroconf in more recent versions)08:10
imbrandoncups needs to die a painfull death and be reborn08:10
Riddelldanimo: yes (not final at all though)08:10
Riddellanyway, I'm off08:11
danimoimbrandon: you obviously never suffered through unix lpd08:11
imbrandongnight Riddell08:11
apacheloggersalut Riddell08:11
imbrandondanimo: i print very very little 08:11
danimoimbrandon: see? :)08:11
=== apachelogger doesn't print at all :P
danimoimbrandon: yes I gree it's not the greatest piece of software08:11
danimobut it has evolved08:11
apacheloggerdigital paper is lot cheaper08:11
imbrandononyl time i print something is if i have to physicly sign and fax it08:12
danimoapachelogger: if you write your diploma thesis or your first 450 pages book I'll remind you :)08:12
danimoapachelogger: because you _do_ want to print that stuff08:12
danimoimbrandon: how long does revu preprocessing usually take?08:13
imbrandonno way i would ever want to print a 450 page book, and then have to worry about changes08:13
apacheloggerdanimo: guess not :P08:13
imbrandondanimo: ~15 minutes08:13
danimoimbrandon: well, if you write your first Kubuntu book you will have to print each and every page08:14
danimoand not only once08:14
imbrandonajmitch: can you check on the amarok upload and make sure its not stuck in reject or soemthing please08:14
imbrandondanimo: print to pdf ;)08:15
imbrandonhrm ajmitch its probably asleep the more i think about it , not his time of day08:16
=== imbrandon heads to -motu to poke another revu admin
danimoimbrandon: no, really, reading text on screen and paper is different reading expiriences08:16
imbrandondanimo: maybe for some but i grew up in a digital world08:16
danimoimbrandon: so did I08:16
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
danimoimbrandon: and I didn't belive it before :)08:17
imbrandontrust me i've done my share of reading books sometimes that the only way to get them but i'd personal MUCH rather a pdf on my laptop08:18
danimoimbrandon: yeah, but you don't have to do errorchecking on books that you read online :)08:18
danimoimbrandon: plus pdf annotation support sucks (or rather: is non-exsistent)08:18
imbrandonhrm it should be there by now08:19
imbrandonyou sure you key is in the keyring ?08:19
imbrandonhrm do you have ftp somewhere danimo or would you liek me to set you up an account on buntudot.org/people/~danimo revu seems broke atm and i cant raise any admins08:22
danimoimbrandon: no prob08:22
imbrandonso you have somewhere to upload ?08:22
danimoimbrandon: sure, plenty of machines :)08:24
danimoimbrandon: http://developer.kde.org/~danimo/kubuntu/amarok08:25
imbrandonhehe okie , yea just poke it somewhere else if you dont mind so i can grab it and make a few last changes08:25
imbrandonahh done08:25
imbrandonyour fast ;)08:25
danimoimbrandon: nah, still uploading08:25
danimoimbrandon: 7 mins08:25
imbrandonkk poke me when tis done ;)08:25
danimoerr, even more, I accidentally also uploaded the deb08:26
danimoimbrandon: ok08:26
=== Tonio__ [n=tonio@vbo91-1-82-238-217-179.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Dinofly [n=dinofly@vbo91-1-82-238-217-179.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoimbrandon: notify08:36
danimoimbrandon: just not the source file08:36
danimoimbrandon: but you only need the diff, right?08:36
imbrandoni just need the orig.tar .dsc. and .diff.gz08:38
imbrandonerm i gues just the diff.gz and .dsc08:39
imbrandonbecouse i have the orig obviously 08:39
danimoimbrandon: right :)08:39
danimoimbrandon: so is it ok for you?08:39
imbrandongrabbing now08:40
imbrandongot it thanks08:42
imbrandonyou can delete it or whatever08:42
danimoimbrandon: it's ok, I passed it on to the amarok channel08:42
danimoimbrandon: not my bandwith anyway :)08:42
imbrandonheh well it will need a bit of changes for dapper ( and edgy optimaly ) 08:43
imbrandonthats why i'm rebuilding it yet one more time08:43
danimoimbrandon: what do you plan?08:43
imbrandonbut i'll stick it in a my repo too for edgy / dapper while we awate the uvf ;)08:43
imbrandonwell libhal-dev is missing dep and .... shit08:44
imbrandonwhat else waas it08:44
danimoimbrandon: libmtp08:44
imbrandonwhats that ?08:44
danimoimbrandon: support for mtp devices08:44
imbrandonis it in main08:44
imbrandonwhat package08:44
imbrandonprovides it08:44
danimoimbrandon: libmtp08:44
imbrandon!info libmtp edgy08:45
ubotuPackage libmtp does not exist in edgy08:45
danimoimbrandon: it's not in edgy08:45
danimothat's the point08:45
danimoit's only in the debian mentors repo08:45
danimoimbrandon: but it's quite important08:45
imbrandonahh then no go , heh it would have to be packaged then have a main inclusion rep08:45
imbrandonwth is a mtp device anyhow ?08:46
danimoimbrandon: since a lot of people have audio players that only does mtp08:46
danimoimbrandon: some microsoft protocol08:46
imbrandonahh well let me fix this up for edgy proper and dapper then i'll look at adding that for my personal repo since we cant put it in proper08:47
danimoimbrandon: inclusion in main would be awesome08:47
danimoimbrandon: but a recommendation and the plugin put into universe with the lib is ok08:47
imbrandonouch you uped the version08:49
imbrandonhopefully no one in #amarok will install it08:49
danimoimbrandon: the package version? sure I did08:49
imbrandonthat will botch it when it hits edgy proper or dapper backports or my repo08:49
danimowhy not?08:49
danimogrml, ok08:49
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoimbrandon: can't you just increment it by some more version?08:50
=== Mez [i=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandondanimo: COULD but it would look funny and not a normal practice to put something in as a new version with a revision of 3 or 408:50
imbrandonand i dont think Riddell would go for it 08:50
imbrandontbh ;)08:50
danimoimbrandon: it was always been like that08:51
danimoimbrandon: on suse I mean08:51
danimoimbrandon: onone cared. why should they08:52
imbrandon........ i'll explain after i get this fixed up ;)08:52
=== OdyX [n=Didier@22-185.0-85.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonit makes merges and syncs go ALOT smoother is the short story but i'll explain better ina bit08:53
abattoirRiddell: around?08:54
imbrandonabattoir: he is gone for the night08:55
apacheloggerswitiching to internet2.0 :P08:55
abattoirimbrandon: aah, ok, thanks :)08:55
abattoirimbrandon: any updates on trinity? ;)08:55
apacheloggerimbrandon: ya got a trinity as well? Oo08:56
imbrandonheh ye why ?08:56
=== apachelogger is owning a workstation called trinity
=== imbrandon wonders where apachelogger seen that
apacheloggerruns either xp, kubuntu or suse ;-)08:57
imbrandonhuh ? /me is lost08:57
abattoirimbrandon: nvm :)08:57
=== apachelogger hates lost
apacheloggerjust such a bad story08:58
imbrandonabattoir: ahhh 08:58
imbrandonabattoir: OUR trinity08:58
apacheloggerreally, can't deal with that series08:58
imbrandonhehe i was confused by apachelogger08:58
imbrandonabattoir: yea but they are on the lappy08:58
imbrandonhavent had much time for it the last few days alot of releases 08:58
abattoirimbrandon: np, whenever you have the time08:58
imbrandoni'll sync soon08:58
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #kubuntu-devel
apacheloggertalking about sync08:59
=== apachelogger fires up unison
danimoimbrandon: still nothing on revu09:03
imbrandondanimo: yea i dont think your key is syncd we'll have to poke a REVU admin later09:03
Mezimbrandon, revu admin?09:04
Mezwhatsup ?09:04
imbrandonheya mez  i was poke at your cheeseit site earlier , but anyhow danimo's upload never showed i'm asumming his key isnt syncd09:04
Mezlemme have a look09:05
danimoimbrandon: anyway, how do I make a changelog entry without bumping the package version09:05
imbrandondanimo: like this hold on ..... ( pastebins )09:05
Mezupload of what ?09:05
imbrandondanimo: http://pastebin.ca/14662509:06
imbrandonis how we normaly do it09:06
Mezimbrandon, last upload to revu of amarok was by hobbsee09:07
imbrandonhrm ok thanks09:07
Mezamarok (2:1.4.1-0ubuntu3)09:07
imbrandondanimo: are you sure you put dput revu blah09:08
Mezthat the right version?09:08
imbrandonnah we working on 1.4.2 now but no biggie09:08
imbrandonthats an old upload from long ago09:08
imbrandonhe finaly just ftped it somewhere else09:08
danimoimbrandon: I just said dput package, revu should be revu09:08
danimoprolly :)09:08
danimoimbrandon: ok, still I think it's silly :}09:09
imbrandondanimo: afaik you should put dput revu *.changes ( becouse i have different stanzes in dput.conf like dput ubuntu blah or dput debian blah depending on where th upload is going )09:09
=== danimo wonders where he dputted it then
ryanakcaimbrandon: back09:10
imbrandonheh check your default in dput.conf09:10
danimooha. upload.ubuntu.com :)09:10
imbrandonerr /etc/dput.cf09:10
imbrandonhahaha it will get silently rejected ;)09:10
imbrandonno worries09:10
Mezimbrandon: not even in rejected09:10
danimoI hope so09:10
imbrandonyea he uploaded to the ftpmaster Mez09:11
imbrandonjust figured that out09:11
Mezfun :D09:11
danimoMez: sorry, nevermind :)09:11
imbrandondanimo: yea from now on dput revu *_source.changes ;)09:11
imbrandonthanks mez09:11
apacheloggerdanimo: or change the default ;-)09:12
imbrandonbtw nice site from when you got bored that day ;P09:12
apacheloggerCSI:NY on tv09:12
Mezimbrandon: lol09:12
=== apachelogger tunes on kdetv
Mezdanimo - whats your keyid ?09:12
danimoMez: I did upload things already09:13
imbrandonsince it changed to LP auth ?09:14
Mezit did ?09:14
=== Mez was gonna go through revu-key
danimoMez: yes09:14
imbrandonyea hold on09:14
imbrandonyou have to be a member of https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-universe-contributors09:15
imbrandonthe keys still have to be syncd by an admin though09:15
Mezwhich it seems I'm not anymore09:16
imbrandonMez: if you on ubuntu-dev or -core-dev09:16
imbrandonyou dont have to be09:16
danimoMez: C901C33E09:16
Mezno I mean - I WAS a REVU admin09:18
danimoMez: and now?09:19
MezI dont seem to be09:19
imbrandonMez: heh poke ajmitch later , probably when they moed to LP09:20
ryanakcabrb, going to check if sound is fixed09:22
imbrandonoh Mez can i poke you about something else while your arround ?09:23
Mezdepends on what it is :P09:23
imbrandonheh approve my kubuntu-team on LP i forgot to poke Riddell about before he got off for the night09:24
imbrandon( yea i made ubuntu-dev while you were on holiday ;P )09:24
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=== ryanakca [n=ryanakca@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #kubuntu-devel
SimeMy Dapper here has a "Default Power profiles" tab in System-settings->Power Management, but edgy doesn't. Is that right?09:27
=== imbrandon looks
=== fritsch [n=fritsch@Ufc89.u.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonSime: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss19.png09:28
SimeI'm going to chalk that one as the fact that I'm not on a laptop.09:29
Simeuserconfig is not loading in 3.5.4 too, nor in edgy.09:29
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonSime: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss20.png < edgy09:30
=== lnxkde [n=lnxkde@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
fritschimbrandon: amarok already online?09:32
Sime:-/ doesn't work in kde-s-s09:32
ryanakcaimbrandon: those really are nice icon sets...09:32
imbrandonryanakca: thanks , fritsch not quite yet, compiling now09:33
ryanakcait's almost like they "belong" to edgy... just like the ones I had earlier kindof "belonged" to dapper's blue...09:33
fritschimbrandon: okay, keep your time, just asked informational09:33
ryanakcafritsch? compiling what? eqonomize?09:33
imbrandonfritsch: yea i'd say about 1 more hour09:33
imbrandonryanakca: amarok for dapper09:33
ryanakcaoh, fritsch is a person, nevermind :)09:33
fritschryanakca: ah got it ;-)09:34
fritschfritsch is an <"KSmode">assimiliation</"KSmode"> of fridge09:34
fritschit comes from my bad ability to speak english ... is from school09:35
ryanakcaimbrandon: what's the konversation build number?09:37
SimeRiddell: I've just fixed up system-settings in SVN. A new package can now be made.09:37
=== OculusAquilae [n=oculus@pD9508858.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Simeuserconfig now wants to work ok... wierd.09:38
LureSime: all PM from system settings will go away/get replaced09:40
LureSime: this is klaptopdaemon stuff that will be dropped in edgy09:40
Simepower management09:40
Simeok then09:41
Simeshould I just remove the PM icon from k-s-s?09:41
LureSime: not sure, you would need to talk to Riddell (I would as guidance power manager is everything we have now)09:42
LureSime: unless sebas has some big plans...09:42
SimeI doubt that.09:42
Simehe's up to bug fixing I think09:42
Lureryanakca: did you package eqonomize? I would like to test this...09:43
LureSime: it is not much time anyway for new features. So I would expect it will be dropped09:43
LureSime: did you also change icon for accessibility?09:44
SimeLure: fixed09:44
LureSime: cool09:44
sebasI'm actually slowly back to feature adding kubuntu power manager09:45
sebasBut that's got my focus now09:45
=== pascalFR [n=Pascal@cha92-7-82-230-174-61.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Luresebas: is there a plan to have kcm module for guidance-power-manager?09:48
Luresebas: or is the only config from tray applet 09:48
sebasI'm considering it, input is appreciated.09:49
Luresebas: if no, Sime should remove power management from system settings , which is still klaptop09:49
sebasIt could well be done, but I'd leave that to someone who's skilled in UI design (and that's not me)09:49
imbrandonimho i think the tray applet is enough, not much "config" there09:49
Luresebas: not sure if we have any more config options than the one's we have in tray09:49
Luresebas: I would personally preffer to have it in sys.settings and click on icon would not open settings, but dialog with tooltip like content09:50
Simeif the applet is always there in the tray, then there is not much point in duplicating options in k-s-s.09:50
Luresebas: config will be rarely used and single click on tray should do most useful stuff09:51
sebasOk. I'm fine with not having to add it ;-)09:51
Luretooltip will become heavy if you have multi battery + multi CPU freq/temp/voltage info 09:51
Lurenot all in edgy, but sure in near future09:52
Lurethis is why a dialog window is imho more appropriate and config could move to kcm 09:52
=== Sime has just seen the PM applet for the first time. neato.
sebasThe refactoring I was planning for is mostly done, btw.09:54
Luresebas: btw, why do we have battery % twice in tooltip - in progress bar and as text?09:56
Luresebas: refactored code causes lid part to be shaded on my laptop - will check what is wrong09:57
ryanakcaLure:  Yep, go 'head09:58
insanekaneSime: PM Applet ?09:58
insanekaneSime: oh got it ... nm09:59
ryanakcaLure: want a link to my no-garantee no-warantee repos, or can you build it from the source on REVU?09:59
Lureryanakca: will pick the revu source - thanks for packaging!10:00
ryanakcaLure: kk, np... hope it works...10:02
=== doelman [n=doelman@dsl-46015.solcon.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== toma [n=toma@toma.kovoks.nl] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Luretoma: hi10:09
imbrandonheya toma10:10
=== pascalFR [n=Pascal@cha92-7-82-230-174-61.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Lureryanakca: nice work on eqonomize! only stuff (but probably for upstream) that it does not have app icon10:14
Lureryanakca: I am only contributor, so I cannot advocate on revu, but I am sure that you will easily get another advocate10:15
sebasLure: Yeah, the UI needs quite some work still10:21
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=== Dinofly [n=dinofly@vbo91-1-82-238-217-179.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Luresebas: lid issue needs small fix: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/2150710:31
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=== yuriy [n=yuriy@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Simeimbrandon: ping10:43
imbrandonSime: ^10:45
Simeimbrandon: I've added a line to the KubuntuKDEMedia wiki page about how to remove the "Open Medium System Folder" context menu item which you see in konq.10:46
=== pounk [n=pounkf@142-217-81-161.telebecinternet.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
imbrandonkool ok10:46
imbrandoni forgot to add the system menu stuff10:46
Simesystem menu?10:49
imbrandonsystem menu applet 10:49
imbrandonin kicker 10:49
imbrandondefault file mangement for kubuntu10:49
Simeyou mean the "Storage Media" applet?10:50
imbrandonSime: http://imbrandon.sytes.net/ss21.png10:50
imbrandonbottom left10:50
imbrandonof that pic10:51
imbrandonusers brings up system:/users and storage media brings up system:/media10:51
imbrandoninstead of /home or /media10:52
imbrandonsee what i mean ?10:52
Simeoh, the "System Menu Menu"10:53
Simeis that staying in edgy?10:53
fritschimbrandon: ping, compilation already finished?10:55
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DaSkreechimbrandon: It's the Microsoft transfer Protocol which is embraced and extended version of the PTP (Photo transfer protocol) for cameras10:58
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ryanakcaLure: thanks, yeah, that's icon set problem I think... isn't known enough that other icon sets have icons for it...11:22
ryanakcaLure: but I'll ping upstream for one...11:22
imbrandonfritsch ping11:29
fritsch_imbrandon: ack11:29
imbrandonfritsch_: amarok for dapper finished uploading , the rest havent synced yet so i havent posted on the blog11:29
imbrandonbut i can tell you how to grab it real fast if you want11:30
imbrandonwhile i wait for the rest to sync11:30
fritsch_imbrandon: okay ill grab11:30
fritsch_imbrandon: thx11:30
imbrandonok first add my key ...... 11:30
imbrandonwget http://www.imbrandon.com/packages/887D9FD2.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add11:30
imbrandon^^ type the , err paste that in console11:30
imbrandonthen .....11:31
fritsch_imbrandon: done11:31
imbrandonfor dapper add " deb http://www.imbrandon.com/packages dapper amarok " to your sources.list11:31
imbrandonyou know how to edit the sources.list ?11:32
fritsch_imbrandon: lol :-)11:32
imbrandonjust makin sure , some ppl dont ;)11:32
imbrandonyou can add deb-src line too11:32
imbrandonif you wish11:32
fritsch_mmmh, yes if the debian "collection" patch is not in ....11:32
imbrandonand / or you can add ......."11:32
imbrandondapper all instead off dapper amarok too ;)11:33
fritsch_I need a dist-upgrade, do I?11:33
fritsch_okay, getting it11:33
imbrandonyea dist-upgrade11:33
fritsch_imbrandon: ty very much for packaging11:33
imbrandoni'll blog as soon as the rest are syncd11:34
fritsch_imbrandon: what about the libvisual stuff?11:34
imbrandonso others can get it11:34
imbrandonits there too11:34
imbrandoni backported it all that it needs11:34
fritsch_imbrandon: gets not installed11:34
imbrandonsudo apt-get install libvisual11:34
imbrandonsee what you get11:34
fritsch_imbrandon: shouldn amarok depend?11:34
imbrandonit does11:34
fritsch_dist-ugprade does not install it11:35
imbrandonbut dapper has libvisual0.2 so i might not have gottent the replaces correct11:35
fritsch_libvisual though is not installed on my system11:35
imbrandonexactly listen to me11:35
imbrandonthats why i had you test this11:35
imbrandonok do this ;)11:35
imbrandontype ....11:35
fritsch_imbrandon: hehe11:35
fritsch_sudo apt-get install libvisual11:35
imbrandonapt-get update then ....11:35
fritsch_imbrandon: already done11:36
fritsch_imbrandon: apt-get dist-upgrade just finished11:36
imbrandonapt-cache madison libvisual11:36
imbrandonok so install did it ?11:36
imbrandonif so i can fix that11:36
fritsch_libvisual | 0.2.0-2ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com dapper/universe Sources11:36
fritsch_this it gives ...11:36
imbrandonthats all you get ?11:36
fritsch_amarok is installed, but not the visual one11:36
fritsch_yes that`s all11:36
imbrandonstrange 0.4 is uploaded11:37
fritsch_hehe, so errors while installing, wants to override files, etc.11:37
fritsch_i try --force-overwrite ...11:37
imbrandonlisten you have to be clear about exatly what your doing11:37
imbrandonand what i'm asking if you want this to be helpfull11:37
fritsch_i know, libtunepimp3 <- this one i have from czessi11:38
fritsch_so now there is a conflict11:38
imbrandonomg ok your not listning11:38
fritsch_imbrandon: okay, i dont do anything, expect what you say now11:38
imbrandonEXACTLY what have you done so far , 11:38
imbrandonsee if you would look at http://www.imbrandon.com/packages/pool/dapper/amarok/11:38
imbrandoni have those uploaded11:39
imbrandonthey SHOULD be installing and showing up in madison11:39
imbrandonif NOT11:39
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imbrandoni need to know EXACTLY what its saying11:39
Lureimbrandon: do you depend on >= 0.411:39
fritschsorry: paste11:39
fritschfritsch@todesstern:/$ apt-cache madison libvisual11:39
fritsch libvisual | 0.2.0-2ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com dapper/universe Sources11:39
imbrandonlure yes but 11:39
Lureimbrandon: it may be that offical repo has higher prio than yours11:39
fritschimbrandon: this is not there11:39
imbrandonLure: no its that dapper has libvisual0.2 NOT libvisual_0.211:40
imbrandonso i need to replaces/conflicts11:40
imbrandonso i need to replaces/conflicts/provides11:40
imbrandonhrm ok hold on11:40
Lureimbrandon: why not just install side -to side with 0.2?11:41
imbrandoni might be able to11:41
Luredo they not have proper soname11:41
fritschimbrandon: apt-cache show amarok tells me that only libvisual0.4 is "suggested"11:41
fritschimbrandon: not recommended11:41
LureI am concerned that some other prog may depend on 0.2...11:41
imbrandonno they dont the old was nasty11:41
imbrandonLure: 0.4 provides the same interface as 0.211:41
imbrandonfritsch: please hold11:41
Lureimbrandon: then it should be replaces/provides/conflicts...11:42
imbrandonLure: we did this last time with 1.4.1 i just dident use the same debian/11:42
imbrandoni just forgot it 11:42
imbrandoni was makin sure thats what it was when fritsch wanted to go off overiding stuff11:42
imbrandonfritsch: give me a bit to fix and reupload11:43
fritschimbrandon: okay, you want to hear what i discovered?11:43
fritschimbrandon: your amarok package  does not depen on libvisual, the only libvisual it suggest is libvisual_plugins0.211:43
imbrandonyes it does11:44
imbrandoni'm looking at the control right now11:44
fritschimbrandon: okay, the first error, with overwriting was in the libtunepimp3 package, which wants to overwrite my local installation of libtunepimp311:45
imbrandonwell libtune wasent in dapper so thats local to you11:46
fritschimbrandon: I rebuild edgy amarok11:46
imbrandonand to be expected11:46
fritschimbrandon: so not be a problem for the others11:46
imbrandonfritsch: huh ?11:46
fritschimbrandon: i used the latest amarok edgy version before ... rebuild for dapper11:47
fritschimbrandon: was not hard to get compile ...11:47
imbrandonfritsch: its not a problem i need to get it fixed anyhow 11:47
imbrandonbut do as you wish11:47
fritschimbrandon: adding libvisual to the depends will fix it, and adding libvisaul to the "packages.gz" of your apt mirror?11:48
imbrandonit is in the depends and packages its the other problem11:49
imbrandonand i';m fixing that now11:49
fritschimbrandon: just want to help, don`t want disturbing you in any way ... sorry if i did11:50
imbrandonyour not11:51
imbrandonyour helping but you jump the gun too fast is all11:51
imbrandonsee look11:51
imbrandonlibvisual is in the packages11:51
imbrandonand the deps11:52
imbrandonBuild-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>=5), quilt, bzip2, automake1.7, libtool,11:52
imbrandon kdelibs4-dev, kdemultimedia-dev, kdebase-dev,11:52
imbrandon libhal-dev, libxine-dev,11:52
imbrandon libtag1-dev (>> 1.4), libsqlite3-dev, libtunepimp3-dev,11:52
imbrandon libmysqlclient15-dev, libpq-dev,11:52
imbrandon libsdl1.2-dev, libvisual-0.4-dev,11:52
imbrandon libifp-dev, libusb-dev, libgpod-dev, ruby11:52
imbrandoni'm telling you it is something else with the conflicts etc11:52
imbrandoni will have it fix shortly ;)11:52
fritschimbrandon: okay, i belive you ... if another "clean" dapper computer here, shall i power on for testing?11:53
imbrandonsure if you want here in a few minutes when i get it fixed up ;)11:53
fritschimbrandon: i wait11:53
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danimoimbrandon: no libmtp? :)11:56
imbrandonnot yet, i'm gonna get this crap working first then i'll look at that tonight ;)11:57

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