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ulphI recovered my password for my old user ulfc but it seems like I now have two, users: ulfc-ef and ulfc. Is it possible to remove the old one?04:55
spivulph: you can merge them04:58
spivulph: https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge04:59
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jameshstub: do you still consider #57198 to be high priority, given that we won't be exercising that code at the data centre?05:20
stubjamesh: It is high - I need to prove it works like you say in the data centre by performing a dyson run, at which point I can reject the bug.05:23
jameshstub: I assumed the second bug you filed meant you'd tried it with ftp_proxy set05:25
stublifeless: Is there a simple way we can improve the PQM subject lines? Now we seem to have multiple Launchpad branches being maintained it will be rather confusing.05:25
stubjamesh: Yeah, but I didn't look closely enough to tell if ftp was working or if it just happened to do things in a different order.05:25
lifelessstub: mmm, possibly. 05:29
stubStripping most of the path from the 'in /srv/blah/blah/blah/blah/blah/actually_meaningful and sticking it at the front?05:31
lifelesssomething like that05:32
jameshbranch nickname maybe?05:35
jamesh(with sensible branch nicknames set, that is)05:35
lifelessI should apply matthieus patch05:37
jameshspiv: out of interest, what are your thoughts on using "deferred.addCallback" as a decorator?05:41
spivjamesh: It's cute, but I don't like it.05:42
spivIt's not really intended as a decorator, it doesn't really match the intent of what @foo syntax is meant to indicate.05:42
spivSo I think it's probably more harmful to readability than helpful.05:43
spivIn particular, it's pretty weird to do "@decorator\ndef foo(...)" etc etc, then never reference foo again.05:44
jameshthat's just because people don't do it all the time yet :)05:44
spivI think probably deferredGenerator solves that use case better05:44
spivParticularly with python 2.5's generators.05:45
jameshdeferredGenerator looks like it could have a much nicer API with 2.505:45
jameshget rid of the "you must do these things after the yield statement or your program will be broken" stuff from the docs ..05:45
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spivThere's a version of it that takes advantage of 2.5 somewhere already, maybe in the svn sandbox.05:49
spivradix knows, I think he wrote it.05:49
jameshif you really wanted to use the function when using "@deferred.addCallback", you could call the function "deferred"05:55
jameshsince deferred.addCallback() returns deferred05:55
jameshbut that might be even more confusing05:55
spivjamesh: I think so :)05:56
spivjamesh: or to put it a different way, the only person I've seriously heard advocate this idea is moshez ;)05:56
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UbugtuNew bug: #57391 in launchpad "Message column on branch summary list should honour newlines in log messages" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5739106:35
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UbugtuNew bug: #57394 in soyuz "Ubuntu replaces Debian maintainer by Ubuntu maintainer in changelog" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5739407:35
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sivangmorning sabdfl 09:23
sabdflhi folks09:24
Nafallomorning sabdfl :-)09:25
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YokoZarOk, I am completely confused about what to put for "Product" when I try and link a bug to an upstream bug in launchpad09:32
lifelessYokoZar: what package is it ?09:33
sabdflmorning robert. how's 0.10 looking?09:35
lifelessgoing to be small but on time09:35
lifelessnumber of good fixes, performance, ui and correctness09:35
sabdflsounds great09:35
YokoZarlifeless: I can't even figure out what the "Product" value even means in that form09:36
YokoZarIt seems to me like the only thing that should be there is the "Link to a bug in another bug tracker" option (which is a checkbox for some strange reason I don't get)09:36
lifelessYokoZar: launchpad tracks both distributions, which is where 'packages' live, and 'upstreams' which are known as 'products'09:36
sabdflYokoZar: a product is an upstream09:36
sabdfllifeless: small but regular releases are +1 from me!09:37
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YokoZarOk, so how do I add Wine as a product then?09:37
lifelessproducts that have their own bugtracker configure that in launchpad, so you can link to the product in malone, and it will know how to get updates from the remote bug tracker09:37
YokoZarSomehow I managed to add Wine's bugzilla database a while back without doing htat09:37
lifelesssabdfl: :)09:37
lifelessYokoZar: https://launchpad.net/products/+new09:38
YokoZarI still don't understand what the "product" information is being used for when the system is just tracking the remote bug tracker09:38
YokoZarNor why it's mandatory09:38
lifelessYokoZar: we track more than bugs from upstreams09:38
lifelessbugs is just the tip of the iceberg09:39
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sabdflYokoZar: once a product is registered in LP, they can use LP for translations, bugs, feature planning, support request management, code repository management...09:41
YokoZaroh well that's neat09:41
jsgotangcoits awesome09:41
YokoZarYou should have a nice little "what's this" next to "CHOOSE PRODUCT" explaining that :)09:42
YokoZarThanks for your help guys09:45
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lifelessYokoZar: np09:47
lifelessYokoZar: for instance: https://launchpad.net/products/wine/+distributions09:57
SteveAhmm, just missed stub10:00
UbugtuNew bug: #57406 in malone "Should map binary package names to source package names" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5740610:00
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sabdflmalcc: have some feedback for you on pool names10:33
sabdflkamion says it should be absolutely fine to futz with the filenames in the pool10:33
sabdflapt *should* only care about the pointer from Packages -> pool/filename.deb10:33
sabdflnot what the filename happens to be10:33
sabdflthat said, it's an untested not caring :-)10:34
sabdflanother suggestion was to use hardlink farms to get the apparent benefits of pool sharing on the server side10:34
sabdflthat doesn't help mirrors, who can't usually seehardlinks10:35
sabdflbut on our side it would allow us to offer a derivative a "complete pool" without copying tons of files around, and without overloading the ubuntu pool10:35
malccYes; we could even process removals in their pool so that they wouldn't see package versions still used in some release of ubuntu but not in their system10:36
malccOverloading our pool would give them an unnecessarily large pool to mirror10:36
sabdflso, you were right, the pool is entirely orthogonal10:38
sabdflfolks here like the idea of soyuz enforcing source package publishing before binaries are published10:41
malccYes, the popularity of that change is growing over here too10:44
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lifelesswe're going to hash based names or some such ?10:48
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luopiohi all. I'm trying to get my bzr branch into launchpad. I apparently got it pushed into bazaar.launchpad.net, but can't get it out with "bzr branch". What address should I use with it? The same as with push (sftp) or a http one? 10:52
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lifelessluopio: it takes a few minutes to copy across to the http copy10:55
lifelessbut you can branch from the SFTP one immediately, and so can anyone who has access to the user you uploaded it too... i.e.10:55
lifelessif you uploaded it to ~luopio thats just you10:55
lifelessif you uploaded to ~groupname, its the entire group10:56
luopiolifeless: ok. I used a group. How is the location formed for sftp in bzr? usin "sftp://luopio@bazaar.launchpad.net/~dd.team/dd/devel" with bzr branch ends up with bzr complaining about the missing paramiko module10:59
daniloscarlos: just let me know of the time jordi agrees on, and I am all for it10:59
lifelessluopio: that means your bzr is not installed correctly11:03
lifelessluopio: apt-get install python-paramiko11:03
daniloscarlos: have you seen the chinese (I think) email on rosetta experts list? I agree with all its points, how about you :)11:04
UbugtuNew bug: #57414 in malone "Two comment boxes are confusing" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5741411:06
carlosdanilos: jordi sent an email already11:06
carlosdanilos: 15:00 UTC11:06
carloswell, he said anytime after 15:00 UTC11:06
carlosdanilos: yeah, I was thinking the same about the chinese email ;-)11:07
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fschoepI'm sorry to ask, but can anyone help me remove two branches from Launchpad? I created them under my personal account and they should be assigned to a team instead.11:15
kikofschoep, please open a ticket on this.11:15
fschoepkiko: will do then, I assume it's not possible (yet)?11:16
jameshfschoep: one of the admins should be able to reassign the branches to the team11:17
fschoepOK, that's good to hear, I'll get in touch with them, thanks.11:18
jameshfschoep: it will be possible for branch owners to do this in the future11:18
jameshfschoep: if you file a ticket one of the admins should do the move for you.  I was just telling you that a move is possible so you don't upload the branch again as a team branch11:20
fschoepjamesh: OK, thanks - is filing a ticket the same as filing a bug?11:20
fschoepI don't see the term "ticket" mentioned on Launchpad support.11:21
jameshfschoep: not quite: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+addticket11:21
jameshfschoep: it is under the "support" context11:21
jameshfacet, even11:21
fschoepAh, I see - thanks for pointing that out, I somehow missed that.11:23
UbugtuNew bug: #57418 in soyuz "Support debtags in Packages.gz" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5741811:25
luopiolifeless: thanks. works now. 11:27
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SteveAI'm updating our BeautifulSoup.py to the latest version11:43
SteveAwhich involves fixing up a couple of tests11:44
SteveAthere are some advantages to the new version.  it works better, consistently works with unicode and outputs unicode11:44
SteveAand is more supported11:44
jordidanilos: re chinese mail, I 'm not too sure. Have you thought about the long term implications?11:47
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jordicarlos, danilos: I got a mail from neil which 'll forward, but I'll reply to him11:50
carlosjordi: I already answered one email from him11:50
carlosis it the same?11:51
SteveAstub: hi11:51
jordinope, one just sent to me11:51
SteveAstub: chat about edge / ui-demo things later?11:51
carlosjordi: then it's the same11:51
carlosat least you were in the CC of that email11:51
jordi"Xara LX import reviews"?11:51
carlosoh, it's another one11:51
carlosI got it, not sure if due you redirected it11:52
jordiI just bounced it11:52
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carlosjordi: ok, just about the po import issue. Just tell him that we are going to give priority to that kind of uploads so they don't need to wait so much with a high load in Rosetta11:53
carlosand well, anyway, it only happens from time to time 11:54
carlosjordi: also, would be also interesting that they send us their UI complains so we get a chance to fix any problem11:54
stubSteveA: ok12:04
SteveAI'm doing some work on this test12:11
SteveAanyone familiar with it who can help me out by answering some questions?12:11
SteveABjornT: maybe you?12:11
kikoSteveA, uhh, I think I've looked at it once.12:12
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loko555i get emails every day with ubuntu-bugs but i am not assigned to them. what is this and how can i stop this?12:25
seb128any reason why bugzilla.ubuntu.com is password protected now?12:26
BjornTSteveA: did someone answer your questions? (i didn't see any question before my connection died)12:26
kikoseb128, not sure, check with karl or spads12:27
elmoseb128: yes, the code base was out of date and full of security vulnerabilities12:27
carloskiko: email with Edgy translations update is sent12:27
kikoloko555, are you a package contact?12:27
kikothanks carlos good work12:27
seb128elmo: could we get a redirection to the corresponding launchpad bug?12:27
SteveABjornT: I figured it out12:27
elmoseb128: is there a 1 to 1 mapping of bug IDs?12:27
kikoloko555, or are you a member of a team which is a bug contact?12:27
kikoelmo, yes, it's pretty easy to do so and I added a link to each page with the correct URL I believe12:28
loko555kiko: what is a package contact and how can i find out if i am a package contact?12:28
kikoloko555, what's your launchpad username?12:28
seb128elmo: https://launchpad.net/malone/bugtrackers/ubuntu-bugzilla/$BUGZILLA_ID12:28
elmokiko: yeah, I do - but we had to kill the bugzilla install - no one was maintaining it12:28
elmoseb128: ok, I'll get a redirection added for that12:29
seb128elmo: thank you!12:29
kikoloko555, are you sure?12:29
loko555kiko: sure with what?12:29
kikoloko555, that your launchpad username is loko12:30
kikobecause there's no launchpad person called loko12:31
loko555kiko: i can see on the website: "Logged in as loko"  12:31
kikoloko555, that's your display name; what is your URL? /people/XXX/12:31
loko555kiko: ok, its arph12:32
kikoloko555, what bug is sending you email?12:32
loko555kiko: many, but they all have the same "*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 32963 ***" content12:33
UbugtuMalone bug 32963 in xserver-xorg-driver-i810 "Xv movies on 810/i945 gives horrible color, Gamma" [Unknown,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3296312:33
kikoloko555, the reason is that you are subscribed to bug 42349.12:34
UbugtuMalone bug 42349 in xserver-xorg-driver-i810 "Dapper Drake - i810 - Video Color output wrong" [Medium,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4234912:34
kikoloko555, I suspect that bug should be unduplicated.12:35
kikoloko555, because it sounds like your bug is fixed but the first one isn't.12:36
loko555kiko: i didn't see that i am subscribed anymore, cause i clicked on "https://launchpad.net/people/arph/+subscribedbugs" but there was the message "There are currently no open bugs."12:36
kikoloko555, that's because the dupe bug is "not open". :-/12:37
kikoit's been fix released12:37
loko555kiko: thanks for your help12:38
kikoloko555, you're welcome. we have a proposed change for this12:38
kikotwo actually12:38
kikoone would be indicating why you are getting notified (in the also notified: section of the subscription portlet)12:39
kikoanother would be allowing you to unsubscribe from the bug and make it "just work".12:39
loko555that is a good idea12:39
kikoso you could unsubscribe from the dupe bug and then it would say "Actually, you are subscribed to bug XXX and that's why you're getting spam. <a href="">unsubscribe from that bug</a>"12:39
kikowhich do you think is the best idea?12:39
=== jinty [n=jinty@149.Red-81-34-246.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
loko555with the unsubscribe-option i think12:41
=== fschoep [n=frank@p54A821B7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #launchpad []
loko555<a href="">unsubscribe from that bug</a>"12:41
loko555is good12:41
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Keybukkiko, stub: ^ is there any way to remove that information from the DB?12:50
KeybukSPN 45393, SPR 94472, no SSPPH12:52
stubI can remove it I think, but need to confirm if there are non-db records that need to be updated too.12:53
kikolet me see.12:53
kikostub, no publications ever happened, so there should be nothing on-disk.12:54
kikoKeybuk, how did this happen?12:54
Keybukkiko: when we were testing some Launchpad security bug ages ago12:54
KeybukI forget which one it was12:54
Keybukit was allowing uploads that shouldn't have been allowed12:54
kikostub, should be fine.12:54
Keybukthat was a test case12:55
kikoKeybuk, I see. this would now get stuck in the queue, right?12:55
kikoKeybuk, at worse, I mean.12:55
kikoKeybuk, normally it would just get rejected unless it was uploaded by someone with the privs to do so.12:55
Keybukyeah, but it's kinda bad having a visible package saying "this hacks the archive and lets me do evil things", etc. :p12:56
Keybukit might encourage other people to try12:56
Keybukit's been there for ages, I just went passed it again in the list and thought "must mention that"12:56
kikoI agree we should remove it, just double-checking that the original problem was solved.12:56
kikostub, do it :)12:56
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Keybukthe original problem was that it didn't check signatures if the package went into NEW, that's definitely solved12:57
Keybuk(Kamion remembered)12:57
sabdflkiko: how's it going over there?01:02
kikosabdfl, going super! lots of cleanups01:04
kikosabdfl, we're cleaning up in order to start on the archive rework; should start this afternoon if we're lucky with the cleanups.01:05
kikosabdfl, how's it going up north01:05
sabdflkiko: the team is in the thick of a bug day, which is giving me plenty to observe about bug workflows01:17
kikocool, very very cool01:20
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carlosstu1: do you have time for a fast review?01:58
carlosstu1: I forgot to migrate POTemplate priority with the Edgy translations01:59
=== stu1 is now known as stub
stubcarlos: Looks trivial02:05
carlosso you think I should commit it as [trivial]  ?02:06
carlosI already did 3 trivial commits yesterday, so I wanted to be sure I'm not abusing of that tag ;-)02:06
stubr=stub if you want02:06
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elmohttps://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+tickets isn't paged at all and is growing at a scary rate02:42
elmois there an open bug about that?02:42
matsubaraelmo: yes02:43
matsubaraelmo: bug 3786502:43
UbugtuMalone bug 37865 in launchpad-support-tracker "Support listing could use a list similar to the bug listing" [Medium,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3786502:43
elmomatsubara: cool, thanks02:44
sivangmatsubara: wasn't +tickets supposed to be +questions ? 02:45
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matsubarasivang: I remember francis and kiko discussing about it, but don't remember if they agreed on changing that02:49
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daniloscarlos, jordi: ping03:05
carlosdanilos: hi, I'm leaving to lunch03:06
carloswhat do you need?03:06
daniloscarlos: uhm, ok, I thought we were having a meeting ;)03:06
carlosdanilos: 15:00 UTC...03:07
carlosthat's in two hours03:07
daniloscarlos: ugh, when have we started getting things scheduled in UTC, when all three of us are in the same timezone? :)03:07
danilosok, so see ya at 150003:07
carlosdanilos: well, since jordi sent the time with 'UTC' tag03:07
danilossilly jordi, he must have visited sitges again03:08
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=== danilos is out, brb
UbugtuNew bug: #57458 in launchpad "oops.cgi crashes when entering a non-existent OOPS id." [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5745804:30
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Ubug2New bug: #57460 in rosetta "Add a new translation mode" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5746004:45
Ubug2New bug: #57461 in malone "AssertionError when we change tags ordering." [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5746104:45
lucasvowhy does it take so long to review the .po files?04:51
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salgadojamesh, around?04:57
jameshsalgado: yeah04:57
salgadohey jamesh.  I'm doing some cleanups on GPGHandler and I came to see bug 2547, in which you tell cprov to do a ".status & GPGME_IMPORT_SECRET != 0" to check if a secret key has been imported.  is that any different than checking result.secret_imported?04:59
jameshsalgado: status is a bitfield05:00
jameshlet me see05:00
jameshsalgado: it would probably be the same since we are checking that there is a single import05:01
jameshsalgado: I think it is clearer to check to see if the key we're interested in is not a secret key (by checking its status)05:02
daniloscarlos, jordi: reping05:02
jameshrather than looking at the overall statistics05:02
jamesh(what do you think?05:02
carlosdanilos: pong05:02
carlosjordi: ?05:03
carloslet's move to #cm, ok?05:03
salgadojamesh, yeah, I see your point05:03
jameshsalgado: ah.  I remember now05:03
jameshsalgado: if I do importKey() to import a secret key, secret_imported == 105:04
jameshsalgado: if I do importKey() again on the same secret key, secret_imported == 005:04
jameshbecause the secret key has already been imported05:04
salgadojamesh, ah, right05:04
jameshhowever the status bit will still identify the key as a secret key05:04
salgadothe only place where this method was used to import a secret key was when setting up some things for testing05:05
jameshso it isn't just for readability -- it is for correctness05:05
salgadoso I thought it'd be better to rename it to importPubKey() and import the secret key manually in the test setup05:05
salgadoI found it quite confusing that the method doesn't return the secret key but it is actually imported into the keyring05:06
jameshsalgado: this code has a crap interface -- it returns None on error05:07
kikosalgado, finally decided to clean up the gpg handler api?!05:07
jameshsalgado: read the "return None" bit in the secret key check as "raise DontSendYourSecretKeysToLaunchpad()"05:07
salgadojamesh, yeah, I'm fixing it to raise proper exceptions05:08
kikowow! salgado! you rock!05:08
jameshsalgado: so yes, it is only intended for public keys05:08
salgadokiko, somebody had to do it. :)05:08
jameshsalgado: if the tests are using it to import a secret key, then they are relying on a side effect of it failing ...05:08
salgadojamesh, okay, I've already done this change, the test setup is importing the secret key manually and I'm thinking of raising an AssertionError() on importPubKey() if the key is secret05:09
salgadothe problem is that even if I raise an AssertionError the key would still be imported05:09
salgadowould it be possible to revert that import?05:09
jameshit is possible to deleted the key from the keyring (ctx.delete(), iirc)05:10
jameshbut I don't know if it is worth it05:10
salgadojamesh, aparently, when importing a secret key, you'll always get len(result.imports) > 105:15
salgadois that true?05:15
salgado(always true, that is)05:15
UbugtuNew bug: #57464 in soyuz "Soyuz screws up in horrible ways if the Librarian is down" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5746405:15
jameshsalgado: I think so -- an armour version of the secret key includes the public key05:15
jameshsalgado: the secret key test doesn't hurt though ...05:16
kikostub, why does that bug make sense?05:17
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
stubkiko: So it doesn't drop off the radar05:20
kikostub, what should we do if the librarian is down? shut down uploads and publishing?05:21
stubSure. 05:21
elmokiko: not explode05:22
stubAnything is preferable to screwing things up and requiring lengthy manual repairs (or whatever happens - I don't actually know)05:22
kikoelmo, stub: it helps if we can define explode more appropriately05:22
elmokiko: I don't remember the failure mode - but I was told to entirely disable drescher before taking down the librarian05:23
elmoif you guys are confident that it'll work, I'm happy to test it later this week05:23
jameshbug 55795 was a bit entertaining today -- "someone changed the title of my bug and I don't like the new one so I'll close the bug and open a new one"05:23
UbugtuMalone bug 55795 in soyuz "+changelog includes misleading information related to package versions and authors" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5579505:23
kikowe'll see about that05:23
stubkiko: Sure. I think that the first part of fixing the bug would be to see what actually happens at the moment, at which point the description can be filled out and it moved to confirmed status.05:23
jamesh(it does indicate a usability problem though)05:24
stubMaybe a spec will be required too - too early to say.05:24
malccstub: I suspect attempted uploads would fail silently, as unexpected errors tend to do with Soyuz uploads, and that publishing would just not work05:24
elmomalcc: what about builds?05:25
malccelmo: Yes, build results would fail to upload silently too, I'd guess05:26
salgadojamesh, right, I'm just trying to find out what are all the necessary checks that I need to do.  it seems to me that the right thing to do would be to check if len(result.imports) is greater than 1 and inthat case inspect all imported keys.  if any of them is secret, tell the user not to import his secret key. otherwise tell him that he probably pasted the armour of two keys (or something like that)05:26
malccBuilds trying to start and unable to get their files should just go pfft05:26
elmomalcc: well and what happens to any ongoing builds05:26
stubSame goes for db outages too - I could have sworn there was already a bug open on that but I can't find it :-(05:26
elmothe other thing LP is awfully fragile for is internal DNS05:27
elmoif I take that out, matsubara cries05:27
jameshsalgado: that sounds like a good idea.05:27
jameshsalgado: or do the secret keys check before the len(imports) check05:27
malccelmo: I'd expect ongoing builds to be just fine, right up to the moment the final build results silently fail to upload and go missing05:27
salgadojamesh, but I have to look in all imported keys to check if any of them are secret or not, right?05:27
jameshsalgado: something like [fingerprint for (fingerprint, res, status) in result.imports if status & gpgme.IMPORT_SECRET != 0] 05:28
elmomalcc: hum, is the build log transferred at the end of the build then?05:28
jameshthen check if that list has non-zero length05:28
elmo(to the librarian I mean)05:28
salgadojamesh, I suggested the other because I was assuming I only need to do this check if len(imports) is greater than 105:29
jameshsalgado: doesn't hurt to do it always05:30
malccBut yes, we need to harden Soyuz, it's woefully delicate; software which works by coincidence doesn't tend to do well in unusual circumstances05:30
salgadojamesh, indeed05:30
jameshsalgado: in case there is some circumstance where you can get a single key imported and it is secret05:30
malccelmo: Yes good point, that will also break in some way I'm not quite sure of right now05:30
jameshwhich I don't know about05:30
salgadojamesh, there's one thing I forgot to mention... importPubKey() is only called with the result of _getPubKey(fingerprint).  can a _getPubKey() call return a secret key or concatenated public keys?05:42
jameshsalgado: I don't think it would under normal circumstances, but I don't know if it is worth trusting the keyserver more than we have to05:44
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daniloskiko: have you maybe thought off...05:47
carloskiko: that's fine for me. I added Rosetta stuff there just because Soyuz had its data there too...05:47
daniloskiko: ...reviewing bug-2237? fifteen minutes (if that much) work :P05:47
salgadojamesh, we'll always search on the keyserver with the fingerprint provided by the user, so I'm wondering if we really need to check whether or not the keyserver returned a secret key or multiple concatenated keys.  it sounds like WAGNI05:47
kikodanilos, it will help if you give me a link to the diff when you remind me :)05:48
jameshsalgado: I'd call it input validation.  Is the keyserver a trusted data source?05:48
daniloskiko: np at all: https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/danilo/launchpad/bug-2237/full-diff ;)05:49
salgadojamesh, it may be, but I don't think we should count on that05:49
jameshsalgado: so the checks should stay then :)05:49
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cprovmalcc: kiko: can one of you review this -> https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/file8McJPE.html ?06:30
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SteveAkiko: !06:51
kikohey SteveA!06:55
sabdfllifeless: ping07:13
sabdflanybody know what to put in a CVS import for module?07:13
=== Ubugtu [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #launchpad
sabdfland for branch?07:14
UbugtuNew bug: #57474 in launchpad "Passing a list as the query string in the product search field crashes ftq" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5747407:15
UbugtuNew bug: #57476 in soyuz "initialiseFromParent's helper methods should me moved out of distrorelease.py" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5747607:15
UbugtuNew bug: #57479 in launchpad "No way to link to product from package" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5747907:16
mptsabdfl, what exactly did you mean by "a page design for an 'admin' who could add bug contacts?"07:17
mptDid you mean a page for setting a product's/distro's bug contact?07:17
mptOr a page for admins to define the set of people who are allowed to set a product's/distro's bug contact?07:17
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SteveAsabdfl: clan wanted to check you're expecting a conf call with me and mpool tomorrow morning.07:25
UbugtuNew bug: #57485 in launchpad "Mail notification should mention added attachments" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5748507:26
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welshbytebradb: ping?07:35
bradbwelshbyte: pong07:35
cprovkiko: final patch -> https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileVo6heL.html07:35
welshbytebradb: sfllaw said i should bug you about the disappeared links to add links to other bugtrackers07:35
bradbwelshbyte: You can link to bugs in other trackers with the "Also affects:" links under the table on the bug page.07:36
welshbytebradb: we tried that, it said "Bonfire uses Malone as its bug tracker, and it can't at the same time be linked to a remote bug"07:37
welshbytebut bonfire uses the gnome bugzilla07:37
=== vagn [n=vagn@c-71-233-204-126.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #launchpad
bradbwelshbyte: ah, sounds like a config issue in LP perhaps. /me looks07:38
welshbytebradb: thanks07:38
bradbwelshbyte: hm. we might need to contact pygi, and ask him why he set bonfire as using Malone, if it's not supposed to be using Malone.07:40
bradbI'll email him.07:41
welshbytebradb: ah i see07:41
welshbytebradb: ok, thanks again :)07:41
bradbwelshbyte: no prob. do you want to be Cc'd??07:41
welshbytebradb: oh, yes please07:41
bradbwelshbyte: email?07:41
=== lfittl [n=lfittl@85-125-227-23.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #launchpad
bradbwelshbyte: sent07:46
welshbytebradb: received :)07:47
=== seb128 [i=seb@conference/ubuntu/de/unlabeled] has joined #launchpad
bradbwelshbyte: sorted, linking should work now07:54
welshbytebradb: great, thanks again07:55
bradbwelshbyte: no prob07:55
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bradbBjornT: ping?08:01
BjornTbradb: pong08:02
bradbBjornT: voip call time?08:02
BjornTbradb: yeah08:02
BjornTbradb: do you think there's some setting you could change to improve the sound quality (last time it was impossible to hear what you said time from time)08:03
BjornTbradb: otherwise, let's do skype this time08:03
bradbno time to check right now. skype's better.08:04
BjornTok, i have skype running now08:05
=== bradb calls
UbugtuNew bug: #57488 in soyuz "Soyuz scripts are too noisy" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5748808:10
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Nafallocarlos: ping08:49
Nafallocarlos: unping, forgot we haven08:50
Nafallo't had a meeting to decide what I was about to ask for ;-)08:50
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Mez=hey, have a couple of questions regarding bazaar branches08:55
Mez1) if I set the branch as abandoned - it wont try to mirror it anymore right (I'm going to be deleting the branches from my server)08:55
Mez2) If I import a branch from SVN... will it auto-scan svn for changes ?08:55
Mez3) is there a way I can grab a list through XMLRPC of branches for a specific product08:57
carlosNafallo: ok09:01
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UbugtuNew bug: #57497 in soyuz "Bad assert in pool.py breaks deleting symlinks during death row." [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5749709:05
UbugtuNew bug: #57499 in malone "Bugmail should have an explantory header/footer for why you're getting the mail" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5749909:15
Mezkiko, can you access the LP db and change/delete something for me? 09:19
Meznmap is NOT a part of katapult09:21
kikoMez, I can't do that yet. can you please add a +ticket on it?09:23
Mez+ticket on what product ?09:23
salgadoMez, launchpad09:26
jkakarSo, other than filebug, does Malone's XML-RPC provide any other integration with the system?  I'm looking for a way to get a summary when given a bug number.09:30
jkakarI'd also like a way to get at changes, more-or-less as they happen.  An RSS feed would be suitable, I think.09:31
bradbjkakar: not yet. just filebug.09:39
jkakarbradb: Ah, I see.  Thanks.09:40
bradbjkakar: But there are workarounds, like the +text page.09:40
UbugtuMalone bug 1 in ubuntu-meta "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed]  09:40
jkakarbradb: That's workable, thanks.09:40
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Mezlifeless: ping09:46
UbugtuNew bug: #57503 in malone "Request: Assign bug to branch" [Untriaged,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5750309:55
UbugtuNew bug: #57505 in launchpad "Distro mirror freshness should be defined as the least-fresh of its DAR's" [High,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5750509:55
UbugtuNew bug: #57506 in launchpad "Code layout policy is not being enforced" [High,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5750610:00
UbugtuNew bug: #57507 in soyuz "Mirror display for distro should be full table that includes Mirror freshness summary" [High,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5750710:00
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aigariuscould a launchpad administrator please remove https://launchpad.net/products/sbackup/trash ? thanks.10:19
kikoaigarius, can you please file a +ticket?10:19
kikosalgado, are those bugs yours?10:19
salgadokiko, 57505 is a dupe of bug 5187210:20
salgadoah, no, I didn't file them, no10:20
salgado(if that was your question)10:20
aigariuskiko: I tried to find where to file a bug/ticked for that, but failed miserably10:21
salgadoUbugtu, how about bug 51872, eh?10:26
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lifelesssabdfl: pong10:55
lifelessMez: pong10:55
sabdfllifeless: morning10:55
sabdflin the source admin page for a distrorelease, for CVS,we currently list module and branch as required but we don't give any good examples10:56
sabdflmdz and i were left guessing about branch, in particular10:56
lifelessMAIN for branch10:56
lifelessmodule is the bit you give to the cvs checkout line10:57
sabdfllifeless: ok, please could you land a [trivial]  patch that gives examples of that, especially the MAIN bit?10:57
Mezlifeless: you can delete branches right ?10:57
mdzsabdfl,lifeless: it should default to MAIN10:57
lifelessmy lp tree is a little out of date, what with the bzr focus - but I'll get one in one way or another10:57
mdzmost CVS repositories have only one branch10:58
lifelesssabdfl: ^^10:58
lifelessmdz: what cvs command would you run to checkout this thing ?10:58
mdzlifeless: cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-doc co developers-reference10:59
lifelessit looks fine then10:59
mdzin fact s/would/did/10:59
sabdfllifeless: ok, i'm happy for this change to be slipstreamed in by anybody else, as long as you give them the wording10:59
Mezsabdfl, good evening 11:00
lifelessMez: no, I cant delete branches11:00
sabdfllifeless: please make it default to MAIN (visibly, i.e. that's what shows up in the input field when the page loads if there is no current value), and give an example for both11:00
Mezlifeless: darn, who can ?11:00
lifelessMez: branches, like bugs, dont have a delete option at the moment11:00
lifelesssabdfl: gotchya11:00
Mezlifeless: darn11:01
sabdfllifeless: thanks muchly. i'm very pleased with the freshness of imports generally, btw, seems much snappier11:01
Mezlifeless: you do the supermirror stuff right ?11:01
lifelessMez: yes, FSVO do11:01
lifelessMez: what's up - whats happened that you want to delete a branch11:01
MezI was wondering.. with SVn imports, does it just import, or will it keep checking.11:02
Mezlifeless, a few teething troubles, plus, mirrored branches I'm going to delete from my server11:02
lifelessMez: its ongoing, every day it checks. We'll make it faster than daily in the future11:02
Mezlifeless: but it will re-scan SVN ?11:02
lifelessMez: what do you mean by re-scan ?11:02
Mezsabdfl: you have a query11:03
Mezlifeless... when it imports something from SVN ... will it now and then check SVN and update the bzr branch with the new updates in SVM11:03
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lifelessMez: yes, daily11:03
Mezlifeless: sweel11:04
Meznow if only I could get it to work11:05
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laszlokjordi: ping11:35
laszlokjordi: when you get a chance can you look at the rosetta import queue. I have 19 POs and one POT that are stuck on needs review. thanks :)11:38
laszlokjordi: one more thing; those are for the Jokosher product11:40
kikodanilos, PEP-8 violation in POTemplateView.pofiles() call.12:06
kiko+        return POTemplateView.pofiles(self, preferred_only = True)12:06
daniloskiko: ah, I fixed one instance, and left the other, sorry about that :)12:08
daniloskiko: anything else, or good to go with [r=kiko] ?12:10
daniloskiko: or are you in the middle of the review?12:11
kikodanilos, don't use "\" -- use parenthesis12:12
kikoin the code I'm looking at you could use set().union()12:13
lifelessmmmm sets12:13

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