PingunZ_hey how can I answer a mail of ubuntu-art so that everyone gets it ?12:22
PingunZ_cause when I reply I only send it to one person12:22
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PingunZhey, can someone tell me how I can answer a ubuntu-art mail ?01:43
PingunZcause when I try, I just reply to one person :s01:43
andreasnhi PingunZ01:46
andreasnwhat is your mail client?01:47
PingunZhey andreasn01:47
PingunZjust gmail on firefox01:47
PingunZthe site itself01:47
PingunZI dont use a program for my mails01:47
andreasnall you need to do is fill out ubuntu-art@lists.ubuntu.com in the To: -field01:48
andreasnas far as I know01:48
PingunZok I'll try :)01:48
PingunZthanks ;)01:48
PingunZbtw, Mark Shuttleworth is the ubuntu-founder right ?01:49
andreasnyeah, he kinds of own canonial01:50
PingunZnice :)01:51
andreasnif he would stay away from graphics design, yes :)01:52
andreasnnah, now I'm just trolling ;)01:52
PingunZhehe :)01:52
PingunZwith what can I help ubuntu-art the most ( right now )01:54
PingunZjust not icons, I hate icons :p01:54
andreasnPingunZ: I don't know about ubuntu-art, as I'm mostly just lurking here and can't keep up with the mailing list any longer01:55
andreasnbut we need a nice image for gnome.org for the 2.16 release, if you are interested in that kind of stuff01:56
PingunZWhat exactly do you mean with an image for gnome.org01:57
andreasnfor the front page, a big image to link to the release notes01:57
PingunZok : front page to what ? and release notes of gnome 2.16  ? and what should be on the image ?01:59
PingunZI'd like to make that :)01:59
andreasnthe first page on gnome.org01:59
PingunZyou mean that I can make an image for the index of gnome.org ?02:00
andreasnif you feel like it02:00
PingunZok :)02:00
andreasnnote that I have no idea how good you are ;)02:01
PingunZlike this one : http://www.gnome.org/img/flash/bug-hunt-wgo.png ?02:01
andreasnyes, something like that02:01
PingunZbut thats not really ubuntu-helpful ..02:01
PingunZbah, np I'll make one :)02:02
andreasnwell, considering ubuntu is part of the gnome ecosystem, perhaps it is02:02
andreasnafter all, it's just a distro :)02:02
PingunZwhat I need is : image size, .png ? , what should be on the image ?02:03
andreasnnah, that was a troll :)02:03
PingunZand can I use photoshop ?02:03
andreasnyou can use whatever you want02:03
PingunZyay :)02:03
andreasnas long as you provide me with a nice pic02:03
PingunZand the image size ?02:03
andreasnhold on02:04
PingunZk :)02:04
PingunZand  what should I put on the image ?02:06
andreasnfeel free to do whatever you like02:08
PingunZbut it is for gnome 2.1602:08
PingunZok :)02:08
andreasnperhaps something you think is THE coolest thing about gnome 2.1602:08
PingunZwhite background ?02:08
andreasnthis is what we did for 2.1402:09
PingunZok :)02:10
PingunZand I make it all myself ?02:10
andreasnsure, do whatever you want02:11
PingunZok :)02:11
andreasnand if it's good we put it up02:12
PingunZI'll draw a mockup on a sheet of paper :)02:12
PingunZany help for the text, my english isn't really great..02:12
andreasnpop by #gnome-art or #marketing on gimpnet and I'm sure someone can help you02:13
andreasnI'm not good with copywriting myself02:13
PingunZOk what do you think about : Simply Powerful02:15
andreasnsounds good to me :)02:15
PingunZI'll make it in photoshop so I can edit it :)02:16
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PingunZandreasn: you there ?05:38
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